Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 371

It was the oddest Body Attack class I've ever attended, 'nuff said!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 370

Weight training day @ Taipan again... nothing much to say, same old same old. Just that I wasn't really in the mood, so I didn't really keep track of the reps or anything. I just did whatever weights I felt like and however many reps I felt like. Hehehe. I know, this is so undisciplined, but dun care la. At least doing some kinda weird weight training better than none... I think.

Told myself to train for marathon by running on the threadmill, but if I had no mood for weight training, I lagi had no mood for running. I blmae my shoes. :P Can't wait til I get new shoes from Thailand!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 369

Wheeeee! I'm so happy whenever my back-to-back classes are f'awesome. Today was one such day, and I'm so happyyyyy that I was in the right mental health (hahaha) for class. Did Terence's BC class and Jason Y's BA class after that. :D Terence kinda tortured us during Body Combat #25 (all releases from #25... hahaha, easy to "catat" this workout).

Did I mention before that I thought BC #25 is one of the nicest releases? Hahaha... this brings back memories of FF days... :P Forgot how nice Kickin' Hard is, Jigga Jigga was considered sooooo challenging back then because of the 8 jump kicks... how we have advanced since then. :P Of course, never forgetting my Power of Love track, which Terence tried to make me sing into the mic but I skillfully avoided for the sake of everyone's eardrums. :P Next time if he persist I will say something instead of singing. Say, "this is the power of Leech!!" Hehehhehe. Oh, and he shouldn't have made us all laugh so hard during Electro Violence.. gosh, from no stitches at the side til cannot move at all. -___-"

After that was Jason's class... and it was one BA class that I really enjoyed.... it brings back memories of when I first started BA seriously in TF... all the old old songs. :) Happy songs! Made me miss my classes with Jason Low... hahaha. Last time I only went for his & Hazrin's classes. :P Started with Paul McCartney and Whenever, Wherever, followed by a track that Jason refers to as the "crazy people" track. :D That one was so much fun. Thankfully the plyometric track that followed didn't have lunges. Just a lot of squat and jumps. ("Tricky"), Beware of the Dog for conditioning (crazy amount of tricep push-ups!!), Forever Young for running track --- my fave! So happy, can sing in such a "zhao nyam" manner in class. :P Followed by Chelsea Dagger for agility (I realise I SUCK at agility tracks), forgot the interval track, but Nowhere Fast was for the finale... thank God!! Love this track!!

Haih, such a crazy, happy class today... feels sooooo good, and guess what? MY feet don't hurt as much doing BA, so perhaps I have started to get the form right for the jumping jacks? *hopeful* Despite having wrong shoes? Which I will replace in November. :P But I know the rest of my form quite lari, was so aghasted when I realised I was not having the 100% correct hands for pec decs... hmmm...

Oh well, this is a great motivational boost for me.. hehehe. And today I reacquainted myself with "Everywhere" ... small steps! Hopefully by end of this week I can re-learn my 7 tracks from BA65. Hahaha!!! Then we finish all 22 tracks, can be prepared for the last quarter release! Pls remind me to sign up!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 368

Trying to get back my stamina by increasing classes + weight training + getting proper amount of sleep. :) Imma be a good girl from now onwards.

Went for Simone's BC class this morning... the only way I can make it for her early class is if I ask Pauline to give me a wake-up call. Seriously, I am the only one benefiting from the "gym buddy" arrangement because if she gives me a wake up call and I don't go, I feel like a right shit. No doubt, after she calls me, I'll still go back to sleep for another 15 minutes or so.. but because she has called me, I won't be in deep sleep after that... and can naturally get to the gym in time.

Anyway, enough naggings... went for BC and it was mostly from BC #41, except for the recovery ("U + Ur Hand"), final peak (don't know the name...) and conditioning ("Switch" --- which means no push ups! yay! :P).

After that, went swimming... long time haven't swam, and after swimming, I always feel, "why don't I do this more often?" I only swam 10 times the length of the pool, but towards the last two lengths, I was feeling like I was going to drown at any second. And I'm not so pro like those water babies who were swimming laps after laps ... once I reach the end of the pool, I am huffing and puffing. Pauline so relax.. after 3 lengths she went and sunbathe. :P Envy her, can sunbathe... I don't want to get any darker! ;(

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 367

Saturday... went for BA (Hazrin's class)... hehehe. Super low stamina despite sleeping soooo much the night before. I wonder why? Maybe next time I shouldn't eat 30 minutes before the class WTF. Really felt like torture.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 366

Went for Alex C's Body Combat class... started with the Walking in Memphis / James Bond Theme.

Followed by Sweetheart
Erm.... one Scooter song... I don't know the name but it has a weird line in the song - "Nostalgia is not what it used to be". Zzzz. Scooter songs memang best. :P
... Don't remember, writing this on Sunday. Kekkeke... sorry!!

Was feeling really dizzy throughout the class.... went home and slept by 10:30pm. Best!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 365

Wow.. day 365... a year's worth of exercising. :)

And I did weight training + cardio today... feels good.

Weight training (LWHR)
chest press - 22.5kg, 20kg, 17.5kg
leg press - 50,50,40 (dunno kg or what)
abductor & adductor - 40,35,30
fly - 19kg, 17kg, 13.5kg
shoulder press - 15lb, 10lb, 10lb, 10lb (only 10x each... my shoulders tak boleh pakai one)
back extension - 19kg, 13.5kg, 13.5kg
some back thing - 19kg, 17kg, 13.5kg
lower back row - 20kg, 15kg, 15kg
triceps extension - 14kg, 9kg,9kg
crunches - normal situps and c-crunch (20 + 50)

Met BAHT halfway... he show me sourface when i said i dowan to team teach, only shadow. Hahahah. Actually, I didn't say I dowan to team teach, I just said that I want to start SHADOWING again cos right now I'm doing nothing. :P

Ran for 25 minutes.... start at 8kph, end at 10kph... could go faster next time. First 10 minutes are always the hardest. Easiest is the next 10 and then a LOT of motivation to pant through the last 5 minutes. I think I should run for longer periods of time? Maybe up to 35 minutes next time? Hmmm... my main concern is lack of time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 364

A day to torture myself --- I didn't work, so I had time to go for THREE classes on Monday! Yay!

Body Pump (Su-Yee)
--- this is, I think, the first time I'm doing Body Pump in True Fitness! WAhhhhhh!! Hahahha. And yes, I know there's other Body Pump classes, but it always clashes with something I wanted to do. I always thought that I was "getting there" with my weight training, meaning that I could lift more.. but in Body Pump, I was lifting sooooo little and I was shaking all over. :O Sorry, this is one class that I really cannot comment at all about the track listings because I really was just concentrating on the reps til the song finishes and I could put my weights down. Hahahhaa!

Anyway, I thought it was sweet of the auntie in front of me to tell me that I put too much weights when I started off... it's not that I was "action", but that I thought the first move was squats or something, so I thought heavier weights was "tahan-able". Forgot all about warm-up. :P

After class, Su-Yee told me... "Your deadlift tak boleh pakai la, Leech!" and I said, "Oh? Which one is the deadlift?" Hahahaha. Yeah, that's how blur I am! After saying that, I also felt quite paiseh, but anyway, it's great... SY taught the right way and now I feel quite excited to try Pump again so I can do the deadlift properly. :P See how lah hah..

Body Combat (Terence & Cheng)
Whoa.. this is the first time that I got to see Cheng in action, after hearing about her from Pauline, who said that she is one of the few instructors in FF that she likes (last time when she was still with FF lah). Anyway, I am quite blur, so I don't really remember what are the tracks that we did that day! The few that I remember are : Zombies, Ballroom Blitz, Shake Ya Shimmy and U R My Phantasy.

Oh, I am so excited that Terence did Shake Ya Shimmy, but sadly all the shy people in TF dowan to shake their shimmy. :O Since when you all are so shy wan... hehehhe.

After class, kena criticised from Terence for apparently doing some weird movement when I run ahead... hahahaha.
Terence : "You lift your back leg up when you run in front... I dunno what you are doing, I cannot copy, hahahaha!"
Me : "Ohh.. that one. Hahahaha! Yalah, the back leg propels you forward.. looks nice what! Looks so energetic, fuuh!"
Terence : "Err.. whatever you say la, ok? "
I will show you the propelling backleg motion next time... looks nice ... *insists*

Body Attack (Jason Y)
Wah, I really didn't know whether I could make it to his class because I was shaking all over by this point, but there were so many gung ho people there that night - the usual suspects la, Olivia, Francis, Sam, Ryann, etc. HAhaha. I stood at the back just in case I memalukan diri by having to walk out of the class halfway wtf! :P

Anyway, it was a great class... awesome energy from Jason Y as usual... some of the tracks we did are Knowing Me Knowing You, I Need a Hero, Hot & Cold, Crank Dat, I Can't Get Over + Right Round + I'm Yours... and .... Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now. WTF.

For that track, these people kept asking me to go in front... in case you dunno.. that's the track I had to present during my training. Hahahaha. Honestly... I forgot all the moves liow. :O After the training finished, I couldn't bear to even listen to that song anymore. I think if Jason Y thought I can remember everything so clearly, then I sabotaged him lor. Cos I really don't remember even one single movement. Except for the ice-skate lah. Hahaha.

OMG, not good to simply announce all this out. Okay, dear all.. I am trying to memorise my choreography again... and to sharpen my techniques. Especially need to brush up on my visual cues. Pls wait for me... I am trying my best.... I still wanna teach ...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 363

Still not feeling 100%, so went to Body Jam again... this time it was Shirlyn's class.

Trying to remember the tracks :
** New Day and Conga
** 1st performance track : Bring Em Out and Feedback
** 2nd performance track : In The Ayer performance track
** recovery : This Ain't Sex (this is the one where there's the drop knee and then switch heel one right?)
** 3rd performance track : the Green Light performance track --- long time didn't do!
** Spotlight for cool down

Nice tracks eh.. this is why I like Body Jam. :p

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 362

After BC on Monday, the next time I went for a workout was on Saturday! A long break, not because I was on holiday or because I was lazy... believe me, I was dying to work out! However, the cramp in my left leg became INSANE and then I got cramp in my right leg as well. Raymond said that I walked around the office like I just gave birth to twins the night before. WTF. Kept on trailing me and saying 'virgin mary virgin mary' wtf wtf.

Halfway through, things got even worse for me, because then I fell sick on Friday... had a fever and horrible sinus / flu. The guy sitting opposite me went to the doctor for flu earlier, so I just took his medicine and it kept knocking me out. Splayed Leech on the office desk for 40 minutes, awaken only be VOIP calls.

Anyway, on Saturday, I was not feeling 100%, and I still had slight cramps, but I thought --- fuck it all, and I went for Body Jam. :P Took two panadols, and after lunch, felt slightly better. During the class.. oh my god.. I really felt like I was dying. Cos.. not to praise self.. but even when I don't feel 100%, I still try to do my best... so I was pushing myself too much. The songs that Anthony chose that day were super cardio too.. T___T

In `honor` of Deepavali, we had :
Canned Heat and Buttons for warm-up
Power of Snap performance track for 1st performance
Pump It / Beautiful People / etc for 2nd performance track
Rich Girl for recovery
UFO! performance track for finale
Be My Baby Tonight for cool down

Those who know... know la, how cardio those tracks are. :P FYI, I rather hate the Bollyjam performance track, and I also kinda hate the Pump It / Beautiful People performance track as well... sigh.. only cos Anthony is teaching la! Give face! Stay in the class all the way. ;p

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 361

Wow, today I felt damn freaking weak in Body Combat class. Never have felt like walking out of the class after a mere two tracks? Few reasons :

a. I spent the weekend drinking... like binge drinking til vomit like a puking machine kinda binge drinking. Not good for your health, ladies and gents. Sometimes I wonder why I do things like this to myself. And why I write it here for posterity. O_O"""
b. I had "Black Belt Corporate Culture" training at work, which involved a lot of sports-related activities like running laps and playing this game which resulted in me getting a cramp in my left thigh. It's not super serious like the cramps up and down my legS I got when doing BA training, but I got it during the end of the day, and after constant massaging, still didn't solve the problem. I reckoned that a good dose of Combat would cure it. Ya right. HAhahhaa.

Terence did mostly old songs from Shake That, Bom Bom Suena, Livin' on A Prayer, Shooting Star, erm. I think it's We Will Survive from BC 37 or from BC38... one of the "newer" tracks, then we had a split class track that I don't remember what the song was, just that I hate split class tracks so I just willed it to end faster, erm.. then Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely). Don't know what Terence said about me during this track because I was having a wtf face cos he was commenting after EVERY SINGLE LINE IN THE SONG.
Like :
I don't wanna, wake up with another, But I don't wanna always wake up with you either
[Terence : then what do you want to wake up next to?]
No you can't hop into my shower
[Terence : oh, I bet you will like that (or was it 'I'm sure I will like that?')
All I ask for is one fcuking hour
[Terence : oh I cannot say that word out loud.]

Wah.. seriously great lung capacity lor.

Continuing with the track listings, after that was Raver's Paradise and "an old track" for the finale. Don't know what it is called... but remember doing it last time and the choreography seems to have changed since then. :P

Pump It for conditioning, and Girl's Aloud I'll Stand By You for cool down. Nice!

Due to the aforementioned cramp, cannot go for BA today. Damn sad lah! Even for BC, when I did any kind of knees with my left leg, I cannot point my toes because my leg will feel funny. I generally couldn't put much weight on the left leg cos it felt like it would fold at any point, and so I thank God that there was no jump kick track. Hehehe. :D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 360

Went for Alex C's Body Combat class... v. good. Had a lot of old tracks - stuff like Shake That, the James Bond theme, Tribal Dance, this old Scooter song.. don't remember the name ... I think it's Move Your Ass. Anyway, my brain is kinda fried, so I can't remember the names of the songs, but it was a really good class. Alex C full of drama on Friday. Hahaha!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 359

Whoa! Body Attack today was AWESOME! Janet's class, and Ryann was team-teaching. Don't know why I feel it's so nice... I think because there's a lot of people in the class and the participants were gung ho! Or maybe because after doing the new release for so long, I feel so syiok doing the old stuff again. :B Even BA#65 is considered old release ok! :D

We had stuff like Rock It, True Faith, Jump, Cherry Bomb, etc. I like...~~

Still can't do the triceps & push-ups properly... arms felt like wet spagghetti towards the end, and I was doing halfway push-ups only. Sigh.... don't know whether it's because of weight training yesterday or that I'm just not strong enough. Sigh... want to get stronger, but it seems so hard. Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 358

Today is my birthday, and I celebrated by doing weight training at PAVILION. :) I'm not very used to the weights and stuff there, but I did what I could lol. Actually, I tried to rush there to go for Su-Yee's BC and Rapid Abs class, but by the time I arrived, everything was over! What to do, when I'm on leave, I move like a snail... took my time rolling out of bed, packing handbag, packing gym bag, la la la~~

Nothing much to talk about weights :
- abductor & adductor : 40kg, 35kg, 30kg. Still with LWHR (ie : 16,18,20)
- leg press (50kg, 40kg, 30kg)
- leg curl & leg extensions : 30kg, 25kg, 20kg
- chest press : 22.5kg, 20kg, 17.5kg
- shoulders : 10kg, 5kg, 5kg
- triceps pushdown : 15kg, 15kg, 15kg
- back pulldown : 22.5kg, 20kg, 20kg
- fly : 19kg, 17.5, 15kg

After that, I did 20 minutes on the strider... really tried to motivate myself to go faster or longer, but when exercising in Pavilion, the main concern is PARKING PRICE wtf. At the end of the day, it cost me RM12 to park there, even though I already got 2 1st hours free discount. WTF. But I *really* love shopping here! :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 357

Went to Jaya 33 today, and it is my fren's class... hehehe. He did old tracks and new tracks together... I'm quite blur because still very sleepy and I stood in the corner of the class. But he still announced out my name damn loudly to correct me. Damn paiseh lor.. :P After that, had to scold him on FB for doing that... hahaha. He said then I should stand in front so that he can correct me without announcing my name. Like I'm the worst student in the class already!

And he also said he notices that I use BA technique in BC.
And during BA, fellow friends and instructors say I use BC techniques.

I think I'm going crazy already.

Day 356

Went for Body Combat before meeting up with my friends to celebrate my birthday!! Yes!! Monday is not my birthday, but today, as I am writing this, and the clock has struck 12am... is my birthday! :D :D :D Actually, make that :( :( :( because I don't like getting older! They say you are only as old as you feel, but nowadays I do feel old as well because I think that I'm soooooooooo logical and sensible... I rather be an immature brat again! :P

Anyway, BC was a mix of old tracks again... *phew* started with Man in Motion (?? did I get the title right? Late at night, can't think straight) which follows up to the 2nd part of the warm-up... forgot what it's called. After that, we had the Call My Name song, Final Countdown, Bagpipes, Power of Love, the "California" song, some weird old MT song, Ride on Time, etc etc. Very tired that day, totally lack of sleep. Slept at 3am only... thank goodness got meet up with friend, otherwise I don't know how I could survive BA after that...

After class, still got technique drill again by Terence T. Hahhaa... I said ady... I am practicing more BC technique than BA technique. Yes yes, many people keep asking me when I'm going to TT. Good question! I don't have faith in myself, how to ask the instructor to have faith in me? Anyway, just had a chat with another instructor just now and I feel more ... fired up I would say, to do a better job than I have been doing. Kept saying I will train more, but still haven't. Perhaps, I'm kinda afraid of pain. WTF.

Anyway, after thinking about it, I told Terence I didn't wanna do BC tecnique practice so seriously because "I'm not doing BC training anyway!" and he said, "Don't care. Just do." HAhaa... actually, I do appreciate it la... and you're right. Just do it. Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing WELL.

Oh yeah, and he did dance on Monday! Abracadabra by Brown-EYed Girls... hahaha!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 355

Friday had to work late... sucky production issue. My last week had been horrible. I was sleeping at between 1am-3am or being woken up during those hours for deployment issues. I'm the type of person who, when finds out something went wrong during work, gets really screwed up. I will not be able to sleep properly, and I when faced with the prospect of going to work, I will feel like I'm marching towards my death sentence. So it's been really horrible week for me. So I missed my usual BC class on Friday, and on Saturday, although planned to workout before and after meeting my friend, I ended up sleeping til late (cos too tired from the rest of the work week), woke up to meet my friend, and then worked in the office from 8pm til 5am.

On Sunday, I worked from 8pm til 3am.
On Monday, production no issue, but another long story there. I was supposed to be on leave, but went back to work to settle the outstanding issue. I keep feeling like "diu yu" (fishing, aka nodding off) during work, but thank goodness my good friend RayRay came back from Laos so when there's someone to bitch with, life is 50% better. :)

Thankfully, before going in to the office no Saturday, I had a chance to go for Sam's Body Step class. This is my first time going for her class, but I already knew she's a good instructor from when we did Body Attack training together... :p Feel so shy when Sam said, "Good, Lee Cheng!" to me hahaha. What to do, I'm a Body Step n00b mar... :P

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 354

Went for a short, 30 minute run. I found out why earlier, when I claimed I can run up to 10kph, I couldn't do it anymore... someone set the machine to calculate miles instead of km already!! Omgzz... thinking that I should start at higher speeds, I started at 8mph (I thought it was kph la) and then felt out of breath very quickly. When I went up to 10... my god, I couldn't even last one minute! Hurriedly went down to 5mph, but even then it was really difficult. In the end, I lasted mostly at about 6.5mph... I miss the km display! Someone pls switch it back!!