Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 421

I swear, I have been going to the gym pretty religiously, but I am too tired to blog nowadays. And I seem to have 230523958234823 blogs and things to do when I'm online.

I am still weight training, my left shoulder's rotator cuff is much better and I have increased weights for almost all the machines.
32.5kg steady for chest press, going to 35kg next round!
50kg for abductor & adductor
21.5kg steady for the pull-ups
26kg for fly
35kg for the low row
I can run for 20 minutes non stop up to 11.5kph
etc etc

I like floor exercises too. Usually I do 3 sets of these :
10 push ups on the toes
10 tricep push ups
20 "c" crunch sit ups

Then I do some Brazilian crunches.

Still not enough. Gotta add more. But seriously, doing those few push ups AFTER chest press and the fly machine is super killer.

I don't think I'm doing well enough for Body Attack. KY said that I'm not going all out enough. Sigh...

Today I nearly died doing Cardio Wave (Alex C's class) ... my first time doing his class and it's insane. I think it's me not exercising for the past 4+ days (CNY break mar) and then just jumping straight into his class. I didn't even plan to do Cardio Wave... planned to train running, but there was only one person in his class and I just joined in cos she asked me to join in, otherwise quite lonely, only one person. So I did... omg... I totally not used to his style of teaching. Alex, change your music lar!! I dunch like. Hahahaha!

Since Terence has been on leave, I have been going for Choong's Body Combat class instead, and it is quite good leh! He does old old olddddd tracks, like Tribal Dance, Shake Ya Shimmy, Power of Love, Addicted to Love, Full Metal Jackass, etc. I know a lotta regulars are skipping cos Terence ain't around, but you gotta give other people chance too... "you never know what you may find". Actually, something super duper funny happened in the middle of Choong's class about 2 weeks ago, but I gotta tell the story in person. You won't get the hilarity of it all if I write it out. =p

I got to go for Leonara's Jam class recently.. and just today --- Simone's class. Very nice leh! Can do all the old tracks like the "azi azi azi" track hahahhaa. And today we did La Bamba! Yay!

Mmm... aside from all of that, nothing much to say. I will continue to update this properly next time. =) Need to keep motivated. I feel like I've gained lots of fats!!! :( :( :(