Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 318 - The Thing

Note : this is a post I wrote about 2.5 weeks ago. I was NOT missing from the gym... in fact, pls consider the past two weeks as me having gone to the gym EVERY DAY. I will post about the actual training and my actual RESULTS later... right now all I want is to SLEEP.

Okay, this is the post that will remain locked until a further unseen date. This will date back about.... 4 days ago. :) But it goes way back before that. As always, I've always thought about being an instructor, although to be honest, I had much erm... "easier" ideas of what they do. Teaching chorey, having fun with the students... it seems like second nature to them. I want to do that too! Especially the teaching chorey part! I just love it when you do something you like with a bunch of like-minded individuals, and you see the effort roll out in synchronized movement. Well, that's what I "feel" it would be like. In actuality - dunno lah. Hahaha.

So I always asked around, "Should I? Should I? Should I take up instructor training?" Of course people around me are very positive about it. "Go ahead!" they say.
Terence said - do it if you're passionate about it.
Swee said - what do you have to lose ... if you have money lying around, why not.
Adrian gave the thumbs up on Facebook. ;P
Su-Yee reacted very positively when I told her I wanted to sign up...

**these are all the "instructor" perspectives, so yes, I was very encouraged**

Most of my friends were also giving me the green light, although I suspect that I whined so much about it they thought that if I finally just got it out of my system then I would stop whining. So finally, this year, I decided to take "the great leap" and signed up for Body Attack training. In the words of Swee --- it could be the start of many "firsts" for me.... who knows. Well, I certainly had no expectations lah. I just expected that "instructor training" was "training someone to become an instructor". I had no idea it was basically "instructor testing"! Felt damn f*cked up once I heard that!

And most people who "know" me (@ the gym lah...) express shock / concern when I tell them I signed up. Cos..... they thought that I would end up doing instructor training for Body Combat or Body Jam. Sigh!!! Means my BA is not good enough la! :O

As for Attack... it's not to say that I'm so prepared or ill prepared for it. On the up side, I am at the fittest that I've ever been. This is not self-delusional grandeur... I really feel it. Although I'm not at 49kg (just weighed myself and I'm 52.5kg), my stomach is flatter, my quads are tighter, my arms are stronger and I can just go dancing / combat-ing / attack-ing straight for hours on end. So what next? I just wanted to challenge myself further. It's getting ridiculous spending 4 hours at the gym so I can feel "tired". I want to do more and more so that I tire faster and "torture" myself more. So I started doing Attack more and more... last week I went to Attack 4 times in a week, which is more than what I read "regulars" do (2-3 times), and it was at horrible times too.... Monday, Thursday, Saturday Sunday and then Monday again. So that's 3 classes back to back with no rest. Of course, got a big break between Mon and Thursday.

(This is all the "historical" data.... don't mind me, I'll come back to the present soon)

So I signed up for the Attack thing, and stupidly THEN only decide to tell people about it (other than Su-Yee who I signed up with... I don't really know that many Attack instructors. I would say I'm only 'close' to one... hahaha. I don't even really know what training entails, except that I read around that it's 2 days long, and there's a mix of presenting choreography and some training. I really thought it was "teaching how to become instructors" so I thought the bulk of it was correcting our technique, giving us tips, teaching us how to cue, kinda like hand-holding us through the process of presenting our own very first chorey. So kindergarten! :D

Anyway, boy was I shocked. Last Thursday, told Janet about my signing up and bam bam bam!
+ shot #1 : have to present chorey as early as first day of training itself (depends on what is alloted to you, this one I already knew, but I thought they were teaching us how to teach the chorey on the day itself, not having to learn all this beforehand!)
+ shot #2 : the "training" is in the form of one master class, and then one hell of a circuit training which involves push ups until the whistle blows, endless jump jacks, infinity kicks, high knees til you pass out, running back and forth the studio pillars before the bell rings, etc.
+ shot #3 : when other people are presenting, you still have to do on the floor. So if there are 20 people presenting, you are basically doing 20 body attack tracks - 19 on the floor and one on the stage.

I can cry!!! And the chorey we have to start learning immediately is from release #65 lor! You can call me a BA65 baby then! Hahaha! I swear, I didn't know we would be learning #65. Guess what? I thought that when we learn, we would be learning supa secret release #66!! Anyway, #65 is not a bad release to train for... honestly like the moves and the songs... so I guess it's fated. Although I would have been happy with #64...

I sent an email to Hazrin telling me what I did (Signing up, that is), and I expected to be met with scoldings ("Haiyah you what made u think u are prepared! Attack is for super hardcore people!!"), but he replied very positively, which made my lil heart sing... hahahaa. And then I got to meet this other guy who signed up for ATtack training and he's seriously SO nice and SO helpful. He's also a "newbie" in the sense that he's not another instructor collecting certs.. hahaha. So he helped me to study for the "instructor training" which is more like "instructor examination". FML seriously.

To prepare for the class, we went through so much.. seriously. A lot of self-evaluating fitness exams (thanks to this, I was able to pass at least 3 out of 4 benchmarks for my fitness exams... failing at the sit-ups only SURPRISINGLY... more on that next time), going for BA and BA only... (that explains the 4 classes in a week) and if it wasn't BA, it would be weight training. I was real afraid of going to any other class aside from BA because I didn't want to forget the choreography of BA65. I wasn't really sure what we would get for the track, but basically I practiced all from
1 - Everywhere
2 - That's Not My Name
3 - Baby I'm On Fire
4 - Tubthumping
6 - Rhythm of the Night
7 - Don't Want To Go To Bed Now
8 - True Faith
9 - Jump

During practice, had to be thick face and ask instructors to correct as much as possible. So many things about Attack that I didn't know before hand just from doing on the floor! Like, all this while, my arm lines for step curl is wrong! I didn't know it was cross and then return to BA set position at the hips. All the while, my hands were still in "blade" position as they reset to BA set position! Things like that! And you know all the while those "you are doing the knees like Body Combat!" statements? I now know what they mean! The armlines for Body Attack is actually a real pain!! But what to do? You have to learn it any way. :) It really makes the moves look MUCH nicer, seriously.

I also practiced "cue-ing" out the tracks after I was semi-sure about the chorey... At first, I kept mixing up the combo, like saying high knee back instead of high knee on the spot... and then the cues that I was giving was not "advanced" enough, meaning I didn't tell ahead one beat what to do next. And I didn't "fill in the silence" with the usual instructor stuff like bending lower, turning your knee out, and so on. Omg. So. Much. To. Work. On.

Today, went for Janet's class again, and she observed me and said my armline has to be stronger... and sigh.. even more to work on la. I am starting to mix up my left and right leg because I am starting to practice on the "instructor side".

For cueing, sometimes the wrong words come out. I panic when the music speeds up. I have a hard time sounding cheerful, I just sound stern, although sometimes the stern voice sounds cool, especially when urging someone on during the lunges. But when you're actually doing the whole song, it's a whole different ballgame from when you're just marking your steps and putting a voice to a SCRIPT you've written. In the end, I can only bark short orders. "High knees up here!", "Jump jacks!!!", "Come to me!", "Here's your option!"

I have no idea how the LM "gods" do it... and they sound so sincere, casual and spontaneous. In contrast, I'm stilted, stiff and I still get the holy-shit-I-f*cked-up look when I miss a cue.

Tell me how am I ~ever~ going to pass this? Feeling so negative now, but it's ok because I'm not the only one in TF. :P Another person said, "Wah, just signed up today... can I cancel my credit card so the payment doesn't go through to Les Mills?" And today, found out that instead of the so-called total 6 people (3 from TF and 3 from FF) signing up, there is now 6 from TF alone. I was hoping that the training would get cancelled, but if it had a chance of getting cancelled when there was 6, it has vanished now that there's 10 and maybe even more from FF ....

The only thing I can do now is practice``practice``practice.. what other choice do I have? Today when I was feeling very depressed, I thought I'll just screw it up and NOT show up at all. But how can I do that when Janet and Hazrin have been so good and trying to help me? In fact, even though my earlier interest in the program is just so that I can make MYSELF better, I'm thinking... if I don't even TRY to become an instructor, it's like such a waste of their efforts. You see? This is the kinda crap that I think about, lol.

Happy enough today that one of the guys who did instructor training before (but donno whether he pass to become instructor) said that I am one feller with damn a lot of stamina (after Attack class), and Janet nodded along.. as did Ryan (muh new friend... hahaha). Ryan some more added, "She did BC before this some more!" Hahaha.. shy shy... but what's the use if I got stamina but I don't have
CUEING! and of course that elusive

Hahahaha! Hope to settle chorey and cueing by the end of this week.. I don't have much time left and praying for the master trainer to fall sick / training to be cancelled is not going to help la. That just wastes time. Cannot think this way any more!! Look forward to it!! Make yourself better!! *gung ho a bit*


The chorey and cueing is getting there... I was even excited to "pretend present" a track... :D But after one track, I totally "pancit" and from a 45 minute planned training session, I had to stretch it to 1.5 hours long. That's because after jumping around and talking for 5 minutes, I had to rest for another 5 minutes. Of course this is not helping me to become a better instructor / have more stamina... but I've been training so much these past few weeks... and the training is already this weekend. How can I continue!!! My body is sooooo weak already just before the training is about to start and we are supposed to be in tip-top condition. Praying that I can get warm-up track or "That's Not My Name" since these are two tracks that I know a lot about! Especially warm-up.. kekeke. Just hope it's not Tubthumping! Although I love Chumbawamba, I practiced the freaking 48 lunges twice EACH DAY in the past 3 days and that was really a bad bad idea ok! If you ask me to do during presentation time, sure cannot go as low as when I did during the launch of new release at TF. That time so energetic and was like, "Look at me Hazrin/Edmund/Janet! See how low my back leg can go!!" <--- so LOA, hahaha!

Where do I practice? I practice at the gym - women's only workout area or at my office gym! The office gym is actually just empty, no equipment... we usually use it to practice for dance presentations. Anyways, I got Ochen to give me the keys to the gym (gym is locked because at the moment there's audio equipment inside) and fuuh! Damn nice to practice there! Private and huge space to move around with mirrors all around. Not like women's only workout area where there's a lot of women... and I got caught practicing there.. so malu. There was one girl openly laughing at me wtf. Well, from this experience I learned how to be THICK FACE.

Quite gung ho about the practice already... accepted my fate... aim to pass with shadow also can. Just hope not to fail!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 317

Today's Attack class was one with a difference.. can't say why though. ;) Ttyl.. it was more educational and theoretical, that's all I can hint at... hahaha.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 316

Went to the gym for Jam and Attack, but Jam was replaced by MTV JAm instead... noooo.. I want to do new release Jam pls!! Actually, I want to do more new release Attack, but that's another story lah.

Attack was cool... I just loveeee doing track #4... cos you really feel the burn. Hahaha. :) Hey, Attack is a really good class despite many people saying it's a "killer". A not-so-long time ago, I couldn't even do 8 single lunges without dying... but now I'm going 16 lunges and 3 times within 5 minutes. And although I'm quite "killed", there's still another 35 minutes of the class to go through, and by the end of the class, if you asked me to do those 48 single lunges again... it's alright by me! (I mean, I won't be HAPPY about it.. but I won't die.. hahaha).

Some one found my blog by Googling for "How many Attack classes before I don't die doing Attack". Something like that. Fcuking funny lor! Well, if you died in the first class, how are you being resurrected for the next? However, I find it heartening in the sense that this person obviously liked Attack enough to want to go for the next class despite "dying" the first time around.

Always take the options if you find yourself "dying".. the instructors will show the options to you and this way, you can try and stay for the entire class. There is definitely no shame in doing the options because each one of us has our own fitness levels. We can't just go into the class and if you're bad luck enough to be in one with all the super hardcore regulars, then you're just going to faint if you try to be like them when you know you can't. So yeah, take the options, always aim to stay for the full hour, and if you do Attack 3x a week, it'll be less than 3 months before you find yourself thinking that this class is alright in your books. ;)

As for me.. sorry la.. I never died in an Attack class before. :P :P :P I've always stayed the full hour, although the conditioning was always my weak spot.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 315

WEnt in a lil late.. (like 15 minutes late.... f*ck work, srsly) for Body Combat on Friday... needed a break from all the attack. :( Well, it's new release, what can I say, hahaha. Alex C got shadow with him... hmm.. when was there BC training! Didn't know also. T_T Anyway, Alex asked me not to comment bad things about him on my blog. When did I complain about him la!! Some more praised him that he's one of the few instructors who can do the supa old releases...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 314

Haven't had time to blog, but there's nothing much to say about the tracks being done since all the instructors are doing the new release.

Went for Attack on Thursday... something happened which has changed my life! I will write an entry about it and password protect it. After the thing has happened, then i'll release the entry for all to read... because regardless of what is the outcome, that entry would be my TRUE feelings on what I'm going through right now...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 313

Went for Body Jam, Anthony's class. Still the new release (duh)... and I am liking the street jazz more and more. I like the hard beats and how 'irregular' our steps look to the beat, e.g: "par-ty-like-a-rock *pause* par-ty-like-a-rock-star" which is a 5 count *stop* 5 count kinda movement. Irregular lah! Hahaha.

Still trying to get a hang of the house performance at the end. I'm still doing my "cheating" version of the freeze and twist... but at least it looks better than just standing there and wondering where the hell to go. :P

Love love love the samba! Why are Ricky Martin songs so nice to dance to during Jam! :)

After class, worked on my triceps as promised. I think I'm getting a weeeee bit better at the push-ups, but I need to constantly monitor myself to make sure that the chest gets lowered first before the hips. Also don't seem to be consistent enough... I can do about 15 before I'm beat. If I torture myself with rotations between triceps push ups, chest push ups and planks... well, you can be sure I won't be able to do triceps again after that. :(

As for push-ups on the toes, I can only do about 7!

Need to train train train.

Did some like chest press (up to 25kg / 27.5 kg only) while talking to my friend... actually, I was dying to do a proper workout, but he kept talking... hahhaha. Well, I don't want to be rude, but an anti-social person like me doesn't like to talk when I'm supposed to be using time to work out. :P Then again, haven't seen this person since leaving high school, so must layan a bit la..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 312

I am so keng...
You wanna know how keng I am??? :P :P :P
I did 3 classes again today... and this was after Saturday's 3 classes. Hahaha!!

I really feel superb! The stamina level is definitely increasing! It's after Attack now, and I still feel fab. Now I want to know what else I can do to torture myself. Will try to give myself circuit training tomorrow at California Fitness... but anyway, talk about my 3 classes today first. Fine, you can even say it's actually 2.75 of classes because I walked out of Body Jam early in order to make it for Combat, which in the end I don't need to because BC started late... *sob*

Okay, so I can feel myself improving in Body Jam... although not quite there yet. Really loving the Sandcastle Disco, Shake Up The Party and Loaded.. can go these 3 tracks non-stop. Then it's the street / jazz performance, which I improved by 10% ... hahaha... now I can do that knee & jump thing... although the hand movements and the leg coordination can be further improved (of course). Don't really like the REturn the Favor recovery track... think the movement is weird weird weird. It's like you're limping and this is worse than the usual "limping" move ok.. this is like you're really dragging a dead leg... hahaha. The other one "pops" more, so it looks cool. This one... you're dancing as if you broke your leg... so not nice looking lor. Hahaha.

Anyway, felt happy because got regulars around ... so can copy them when not copying Shirlyn, haha. But one regular suddenly didn't wanna stand next to me and moved away. WHY. Am I like, the gym pariah or something. T___T I swear I didn't hit her when I did a pirouette or anything like that!! T____T

When I left to go for Combat, Shirlyn was like, "hmph!! huh!!" aiyooo...
Offended Shirlyn liow. Hahaha.

For Body Combat.. hmm.. I think I shouldn't have listened to the Youtube versions of the song at home yesterday. To be honest, I don't quite remember the which chorey goes with which song... hahaha... cannot tell the difference. I still like the warm-up and the lower body warm-up to Hot & Cold. Wah, forgot to mention that there's now jump jacks in BC.... incorporated something from Attack ady. :)

I Know Kung Fu is a nice track... I don't think the roundhouse kick challenge is as much of a challenge as the Jump one. That one was like, non stop for sooooo many kicks! 16!? This one is just two and then you can put your foot down already. Where got challenge lah! XD
Sweetheart and Power of the Mind.. I honestly don't remember how these tracks went. I think SweethearT is the one with tonnes of upper cuts. I thought it was alright... I like the song, so it makes the track+chorey nicer.

Erm, no need to mention la... Tutti Fruitti is still my fave... but I swear, I'm not going to shout at Terence's class anymore. It's not a matter of losing my voice or whatever... but that feller will make random statements like, "All the girls in the class... shout!" and "All the guys in the class.. shout!" and I don't know how many times I couldn't hear him properly and shouted at the wrong cue. Wtf. I think especially for the in-between or gay or whatever also I shout. So for the sake of my image.. I think I'll just keep quiet next time.

Erm... Burn it to the Ground is a Nickelback track, and I really don't like Nickelback. I positively wanna throw up when I listen to most of their songs on the radio. The only one I like is Gotta be Somebody, and I suspect that's only because I'm being emo lately.

Speed is a nice Muay Thai track... I don't know what I'm doing wrong for the punch downwards again. Some instructors say I have it down pat... but the tai kor keeps saying I'm doing it wrong. Kill me lah. Anyway, I got to release tension & aggression on Terence again with all the Muay Thai knees... omg , I feel soooooooooooo happy now. Soooooooooooooo happy. Wow, I'm damn bad right.. complain about getting beaten by him, but damn happy when I get to use him as target practice. :D

Set You Free... nice cardio track for the end... nice nice nice... although I miss Back in the UK now. Hahahaha.

Okay, had lotsa trouble with Let It rock... sweat too much, the floor was too slippery! There was actually a pool of sweat after I was done... I was wondering what was up!! Terrible! Sweaty creature! Actually, make that SWEATY CREATURES because after BC was done, all the Body Attackers who trooped in were damn sad + mad when they saw how SWEATY the studio was after the Combatters had left... hahahaa!

Since I was one of the dual creatures (contributed to the sweat + now have to deal with slippery floor)... felt quite bad lah. Hahaha. Kept my guilty feeling inside... hahaha.

Janet did the new release for Attack.. and I'm starting to like this release more and more. Can you believe that I'm actually looking forward to Tubthumping now!!? I want to do those lunge & shuffles!! I WANT to do those damn single lunges ALL~DA~WAY. Just want to push my body to the limit! In contrast, the Baby I'm on Fire track just doesn't put me on fire anymore. It's very doable already...

Of course, still struggling with I Don't Care. I swear, by the end of next month, I want to be able to do triceps push ups properly AND do push ups on my toes. PROPERLY. I will start training tomorrow!! GAHH!!

Love the finale Jump... can keep the high knees all the way to the end... fuwah! Filled with pride and joy now. :)

For some reason, can't remember one bit of Sneakernight... think it's because once Poker Face comes on, we are all just relieved that we can lie down. Hahaha!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 311

Whoaaa.. I'm super pumped up about the new releases from Les Mills for the 2nd quarter of 2009! And not just for the classes that I went for... I'm now interested in trying BODY PUMP again... and even Body Vive! Hahaha... maybe you will see me at the gym more and more often after this! And with good reason, because I need to get in shape by August... you will see why. Hahha. Or maybe you won't "see" literally, but just "hear" from me on this. Hahaha. :P

Actually, was super sleepy and not in the mood for exercising this morning. It was super rainy and I was sleepy due to late nights before and an early morning (this is related to that addictive computer game that I've talked about before... but no fear, this Sunday afternoon will be the end of that game for me, so I'm sooooo going to have a lot of free time after this. Hahaha!). Also was quite emo because I found out recently that a combat instructor I like (my fave in FF last time) is no longer teaching BC. I was telling this sad story to Pauline when I got beaten by Terence out of no where. You see! This is why that instructor was my fave in FF last time and not Terence. That instructor never physically abused me! :P

Anyway, after a couple of beatings (wtf), it was time to start Body Combat #40. And boy was I not disappointed! It is a really upbeat release with tracks that I like from start to finish! Just as good as BC #39... so I wasn't disappointed in any way. :D There are some combos which are a bit... odd, but they can easily be ironed out within the next 3 weeks. Don't really like the esquiva Tubthumping track... but hey, it's Tubthumping. If I have to do esquivas to this funtastic track, then so be it. :P

But my favorite for this release has got to be Tutti Fruitti. You might think that it's super repetitive, but it's really fun and upbeat lah... peeps, you totally have to put your hands up in the air during this track. Fun fun fun ok!! :D
(Also, thanks to Tutti Fruitti, that means we have no circle / split class into two track!! Yayyyyy!)

During Let it Rock which I think is a super track to do conditioning to, I realised that all Hazrin's efforts in trying to teach me the tricep push up has shot to hell because I still don't know how to do it. Hahaha! Okay, granted I haven't been practicing, but I really don't have the time to do so. Maybe tomorrow! I will set aside one hour to do weight training which I have been sorely missing.

Oh, and we got a "prize" for this class... damn weird thing. It's a "flag stand"... I plan to write "I am now in a meeting" on the flag and put it up on my cubicle whenever I'm away. On the other side, I will write "I am in the toilet" and flip it around whenever the situation changes wtf.

And actually I didn't know got prize to win ya. I saw Pauline taking a prize from Terence and then I damn thick face said, "Oh got presents ah! I want!!" I thought everyone who attended the class got presents la! Mana tahu there were only two. Sigh... unintended tak malu person. :P

After a one hour break, which me and Pauline spent scouring PHARMACIES, we then went for Body Jam. Now this is one release that I have split feelings about ... (btw, Shirlyn looked damn pretty that day. It's a combination of the eye-popping colors of her outfit + her MAKE UP + naturally she's pretty larrr hahaha... oh and Zariena was teaching also! Fuuh! I think she should teach more often in TF!). Anyway, about the release...

It starts off really nicely, with Sandcastle Disco... I think most members would have no problem with the warm-up track. Then comes the "Latin" / salsa one which is really nice to dance to! I was starting to really like release #49! I had a bit of a problem with the flipping back part, but the key is just to remember to face the RIGHT side first each time, hahha. Basically the performance track with Loaded is a nice one!

After that comes the troublesome street jazz performance ... but even so... still think I caught the hang of it towards the end, but of course it didn't look as beautiful as what the instructors are doing. The bit with the kick and then swinging the head part was a bit .... awkward looking for me. For the final performance, we had house (again.. yes.. Les Mills is going on a house kind of kick now) and at the beginning it was all good. You just need a lot of stamina and craziness to keep going with those kinda steps. :P However, what KILLED me was the freeze and twist part. O-M-G. And Anthony can move soooo fast I can't even see where his feet are going. And when they topped it up to freeze, twist and spin, aiyah, I just gave up at this point and did a little march around in a circle hahha!

I am SOOOOOO going to practice and get that whole freeze and twist thing down pat! I don't want to keep doing my "tou kai" version for the next 3 weeks! That freeze and twist thing pisses me off so much because it screws up the entire dance chorey for me and I'm so hung up about those 16 counts that I start forgetting the earlier steps and something simple like a step back and turn , step front and turn becomes majorly difficult for me. Sigh!!!

So yes, I think the latest release of Jam #49 is super difficult!!! Hahahha! Out of the entire release, only feel comfortable with 3-4 songs wor!! :D

During the next hour break, went and had makan.. at Lorong Seratus Tahun. :D I was thinking that eating + after sitting for one hour and having my legs go NUMB ... I wouldn't be able to go for Attack. But boy was I wrong. Maybe it's because the food I had was light (kangkung + sotong salad.. hahaha), or maybe because once they hit "play" for Body Attack release #65 I go nuts... but it was another fantastic release from start to end.

Warm up with Everywhere and That's Not My Name was simple and nice... not too repetitive. I like the box - gallop thing for That's Not My Name... hehehe. When everyone moves in synchrony, it looks really good! Baby I'm On Fire really makes you feel you're on "fire"... and then there's Tubthumping (yes... again! I will be hearing so much Chumbawamba remixes for the next 3 weeks!) ... which really KILLS you. How does it kill you? Think... lunges + shuffles non stop before going into single lunges all-da-way! OMG! How to survive 3x a week for the next 3 weeks of this! Hahahaha! My legs will die! Honestly, I have no idea how I managed to finish this track and continue! Don't really remember the rest of the tracks, but the final peak was good too... jump jacks and air jacks... can jump like a frog = good for me already. Hahaha.

The midway conditioning track is torture for me though... again, like Combat, it's a good track to do your push-ups and TRICEP PUSH UPS to --- I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy... but boy, I really cannot do tricep push-ups for the life of me! T____T

Must practice, must practice!

Anyway thanks to :
Terence (Ryu), Nicholas (aka DJ Blanka... hahaha, sucks to be you... why Terence gave you such a horrible character la! Still got Guile mah.. more suitable for Nicholas than Blanka for sure), Alex C (Ken), Simone (Chun Li) and Lorraine (Sakura... my fave character in Street Fighter... would use her character whenever I play the video games actually).

[Off topic a bit on why I like Sakura... Sakura's background is that she saw Ryu fighting, and is fascinated with him. In order to "catch up" to him, she fights a lot of other people to gain information on his whereabouts and also to train herself up so that she can be worthy of becoming his disciple. Super dedicated lor. But the ending for the video game after she wins the match with Ryu is a bit sad la... after she has defeated him, he still doesn't want to train her and then walks away with her shouting after him. After that she just vows to train even harder... wah! Anyway, that's Sakura's background... video game version hahaha.]

Shirlyn + Zariena + Anthony who were damn semangat today with full neon cartoon get ups!

Hazrin + Edmund (last minute replacement for Jason Y) + Janet ...

for the superb launch of all the abovementioned classes today...
without you all, where would we members be. ;)

The best part about today? I don't even feel tired after the last Attack class... sure, got some muscle fatigue, but nothing serious. THinking of going to BC tomorrow.. if I can wake up early, lol. :D

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 310

Alex C class cancelled due to "conservation of energy before launch tomorrow".

Yes! The launch is tomorrow peeps! I'll be going for
= Body Combat
= Body Jam
= Body Attack
so jumpa di sana sana sana...

Meanwhile, Julian took over the class... and did BC #39. Our last chance to do #39 for the next month or so... really like this release... going to miss it! And it's been sooooo long since I last did Whatever you want. Sigh, these catchy Scooter songs!

Had to leave the class early for a very stupid reason which I will blog about later. Clue : to play games on the Internet... hahahaha!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 309

Body Attack with Janet on Thursdays... with a nap before class starts.. hahaha. The thing about my working out schedule is that I have soooo many late nights. When I get home and I ought to just crash, I end up staying up late to play computer games instead. REally horrible time management.

Today's class was tracks from Body Attack #51. We just did Baby Baby, Krabbuckit and Jump with Hazrin last Saturday, so it was quite memorable.. ahhaa. Baby Baby is the one with the "lasso" action which most people are shy to do. :P The track that I really like from this release is Put Your Hands Up In The Air.. I think I'm a closet feng tau queen... cos songs with the random chanting of "Put your hands up in the air!!" really makes me feel like shaking bootayyy. Same with the Something Good 2008 track... my favorite part is when the guy in background starts saying "Put your hands up in the air!". Ok, enough with that random phrase...

The best part about this release would have to be the cooldown though... really like Hope.. as mentioned before, it really is a nice, uplifting song... makes you look forward to the rest of the day. Too bad it's already 10pm+ so there's not much day left to be hopeful and to look forward to. :P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 308

Wednesday dance night with Anthony ... dunno why, I think as the days go by, I get worse and worse at Body Jam. I think it's because too much Combat + Attack... hahaha... became more aggressive and less erm... flexible when dancing. Maybe it's just a mindset thing... hopefully...

We did the whole of Body Jam #47... I think I'm nuts lah! I keep mixing up 47 and 48... in fact, if you ask me "the last release", I would think it was 47. I haven't done the Minnie the Moocher performance track since the 1 month limit for the new release was over and done with. I think this means that the Jam instructors hate that track. :P Ditto for Krazy! I don't mind not ever doing UF-Oh! again lah. Hahaha. :)

Anyway, #47 is the one with Waters of March which we just did last week. Found out that Caroline actually gave us an "easy option" whereby we didn't do the samba de janeiro... super fast samba steps... crap! No wonder I didn't really like this release after all. HAhaha. I just like the song. I saw a Youtube video of some instructors in NZ doing this track... they looked great though. Sigh... want to practice more and look like that too...

However, really like the performance track in #47... the "freaking fakin' house" track... nice. Love doing barrel rolls. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 307

Gosh, it's been so long since I last blogged... been very tired and approaching "end game" for two online games that I've been playing so I've been playing games and not blogging. My bad!

As always, Monday night was Combat + Attack night, both high-impact cardio classes... (options available of coz). We did a lot of old tracks... Terence was very layan of coz. Erm... started with Angels I think... had the Eye of the Tiger track, Kickin Hard, Call Me for recovery... I forgot the rest because of the last cardio track which I think is a damn damn damn damn funny Scooter song. Hahaha! It's called Back In The UK and the lyrics are quite ridiculous. There's one part where he just goes "I wanna check the microphone I wanna check the microphone I wanna check I wanna check." W-T-F. That's why I say that this guy is a lyrical "genius"... he can make a song out of wanting to check his mic.

I forgot what the "Split the class into two" track was... but it was quite fun la. Before we started the track, I wanted to talk crap to the uncle in front of me. Like, "You think you can beat me? You don't know me!" whahaha.... orang yang suka cari pasal.

Oh after the class was over, Terence "challenged" me for something which I won't write here, but no way in hell I can take up his challenge la. Hahaha!

After that was Attack with Jason Y... was very happy because Adrian & wife joined also... so it was very "yuet lau". :P I don't remember the first warm-up track, but I never really liked it cos it's really slow and darn long. I think it's "Paul McCartney" by the Scissor Sisters. The song itself is upbeat but gosh.. the movements quite boring lor. It cuts to "Whenever Wherever". Don't really remember the rest of the class, but I remember I danced with Jason for You Can't Stop the Beat. Hahaha! The running track was Paradise & Dreams which is always a great track to run to. Mmm... that's about it.

Super great workout... love my Monday nights! :) It makes my colleagues wonder when I say that I LOVE Mondays! :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 306

Went to Taipan for Body Jam and Body Attack today, with Jeremy and Hazrin respectively.

Body Jam was fun! Although as Jeremy says... our Taipan class is quiet... sigh. We did New Day and Conga for warm up, followed up with Bring Em Up and Feedback (so familiar... hahaha.... just did it on Wednesday!), then it was Latin track with Hips Don't Lie and Boom Boom. Cool down was Flashing Lights, then performance track was Jam 46's Miracle House track.

Talking about Miracle, today was also the Miracle 09 event at the Curve. I was actually planning to go, but I only found out on Friday itself! And then when I tried to find more information about it, like what GX classes were being held and at what time, I couldn't get one single detail out from the blogs online... and since I was busy on Friday and finding out quite unexpectedly (found out from an instructor whose blog I read... saying that she was presenting at the event)... couldn't go lor... quite sad... I wanted to go and try the Combat and Jam GX classes like before... and ATtack this time! Kekeke. And get the Miracle 09 shirt!! Hahaha.. it's a fun event... couldn't go the year before because I was in Cambodia.

Anyway, because of Miracle, ended up only 2 people showed up for Attack today! And Hazrin was soooo dying because he's doing so many GX classes nowadays, I felt quite bad for him lah.. that he have to teach us 2 so-called regulars just because we showed up. Hahaha.. but of course he thought us cos he's a pro like that. ;) Almost for every track he would ask me, "Do you know what song this is?!" or "If I don't do, do you know the next step?" What is this!! Ujian sekolah ah! Hahaaha. I can say that for most songs, regardless of whether BC or BA or Jam or whatever, I don't know the steps til the instructor says. Except for a few, like Power of Love, Whatever You Want, Bagpipes... oops , those are BC tracks, hahaha. :P

Then he was shocked because I said I never do the Bad Day "grab someone and turn around" bit before.. actually I lied... I did it before, but I didn't know what I was doing, and whenever the instructor tries to do it with me, I am wondering why they are running after me... (in the heart I'm thinking : "weirdo..." hahahahaha). But I'm sooooooooo happy because the final track was Nowhere Fast, my ultimate most fantastic, beloved, most wanted... Body Attack track... and after today, I'm going to memorise the steps.. hahahaha... we must do this track more often ah! :D

After class, Hazrin was so kind to teach me the correct way to do triceps push-ups as well.. well, if you really do read this blog of mine, I always say that I suck at it. Well, Hazrin demonstrated the way I supposedly do triceps push up... let's just say that if I'm a guy, I would be accused of attempting to fornicate with a mat. -___- So anyway, now I know the ~proper~ way to do triceps push up and boy is it difficult... but at least now that I have the method in place, I will practice privately during my weight training sessions til I can macho-ly do it without the option too. Right now, Hazrin suggest that I do half with option and half without since my upper body strength isn't there yet. ;(

After class, me and the other regular (new found friend.. hahaa... she is so funny.. she asked Hazrin what's my name... in front of me. T__T and said I'm super gung-ho during Attack... why is that the common description for the way I do attack ah. Should say I'm super skillful la... hehehe) ... were talking about Attack in general. Got a lot of stuff being said that is really... hmm.. gives me something to think about. One thing of interest that this other regular said that interested me was that she said that most instructors do not know their stuff about muscle groups and all that... she said should recommend all LM instructors to do some certification so that they become more knowledgeable.

I guess it's true also.. if you want to teach, you have to be knowledgeable on all things, not just about the program and the steps. You really have to care for your members, teach them how to do things so that they don't injure themselves, increase their knowledge about their own body by telling them how each step is helping them... this sounds really cheesy.. and maybe not everyone appreciates that. They just wanna dance! Or move! And they don't have much time to hear all the yakkety yak... but still, it's something that the instructor ought to know... just in case. ;)

And also... Hazrin said that out of 20+ people who sign up for Attack training, only 10 or so will pass. So I think I don't think I'll sign up this year la.... hahaha. See? Cannot even do triceps push up properly wor. :(

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 305

Before I begin my usual dreary recounting of the daily exercises, I want to tell you about this gym entry I read recently! It's from one of the famous bloggers, fatboybakes... he was talking about how you "never forget your first time"... in Les Mills Group X classes that is! Damn funny entry, and me and my other gym-enthusiast colleague laughed and laughed over the descriptions he gave. Well, as for me... I must be a total slut cos I don't remember my first time at all. ;P I don't even remember who it was with! :P But it must've been good since I kept at it right. Hahahaha!

So I dug out my ancient blog archives... when I was blogging about life at Fitness First. So funny, this was my first entry there (my new comments in bold pink):

Anyway, my point of writing this is to tell you about my first day at gym. Was quite paiseh at first, but everyone is minding their own business, unless you have trouble starting the machine. In which they will kindly help you. Did about 15 mins of that weird ski machine thingy... too complicated kind of machine to start the workout with. Or maybe, too tough for a tofu like me. Was sweating like mad after 15 minutes. (Yes Leech, you *were* a super duper tofu.. that ski machine thing is no where as difficult as a cardio wave machine!) Decided that I would do something that I'm good at - walking. Had a total of about one hour of fast walking (6-7km) and running (8.5km) on the threadmill (I must've been damn free to spend one full hour on the threadmill.. siow!). Was inspired by the aunties and uncles next to me who were running at 10km without breaking into a sweat. Meanwhile I'm huffing and puffing and silently willing for the torture to end. In between, did some cycling... for about 25 minutes. And that's it. I tried to go for body combat / body jam, but all the classes were filled up damn fast. Kinda disappointing, but according to Aaron (that's a good man!), it's just the beginning-of-the-week enthusiasm. I HOPE. I'm going back tomorrow and I'm torn between going for the RPM class or the body combat class tomorrow. (OMG! I used to consider RPM classes?!! Hahaha!) Fun fun fun!

It's an overall great feeling la --- having your worries melted away while you're exercising. And then having a nice shower at the end. ^_^ Aaaahhhh... so happy with the workout. My legs are in that 'pleasantly sore' kind of stage. Meaning that all the dance practice has been giving me enough exercise for this kinda activity. Ok la, you gym buffs will say that I didn't strain myself enough, but you want me to die ah? Start slow slow first laaaa.

Kinda not going into any particular workout regime yet. I WANT MY 2 FREE 45 MINUTE SESSIONS WITH PERSONAL TRAINER! (How come it was 45 minutes only ah? Most gyms offer 1 hour pt session what!)I will bombard him / her with a gazillion questions as to how to turn me into a mean, lean fighting machine with chicken legs! No use running and cycling and all that if it's not helping me combat my problem areas right? End up with muscular legs, then I cry! :O (Too late babeh, ended up with no chicken legs after all and supremely muscular legs if i may say so myself. ^_^)

Anyway, scanning through my entries, I still cannot 'trigger' who I had my first time with (wtf, there's no way to put it in a less cheeky manner). My journal starts somewhere at the end of February, but I didn't mention whose classes I went for during the one week trial, and sometimes I didn't even bother to mention whose class it was. Lol. So I'll just list the one where I wrote the instructor's name... hahaha :

Body Combat : I didn't write down whose class I went for, but apparently Jon Low was team-teaching and I went with my friend Albert. One excerpt from the blog that I found funny was this : Body combat class is just as, if not more, vigorous than body step (I disagree now... Body Step is definitely harder on the lower body). I don't understand how people can shout and scream in the class. I'm huffing and puffing already, and if I shout, I'm just going to make my myself completely out of breath. What's the secret mahhhhn (Oh I know the secret now hahahaha!). I turn to my right at the end of the class and I find that Albert hasn't even broken into a sweat. Nor was he breathing heavily (if breathing at all!). Amazing! Then he asks me, "How come you so pink one?" -___-

I was also damn obsessed with the Shake Your Body Muay Thai track. After doing it once in Terence's class, after that it was always mentioned, "Today I went for so-and-so's class, but why did I bother, he didn't do Shake Your Body also." or "I went to Alvin's class today... it was fun, even if he didn't do Shake Your Body." or "I went for his class again today... why no Shake Your Body." HAHAHAHA. By the way, today Alex C did Shake Your Body. The Leech of 2005 would be veryyyyy happy. :D

Body Jam : Riyo (oh...!!) apparently the first class I did with her had tracks from Body Jam 30 and 31. Say whatttt!! Omg, I can't even remember ever doing those tracks! (I listed California Dreamin' - which I only remember as a Step song and Outkast's I Like the Way You Move).

Body Step : Riyo also! Haha. Funny, I don't remember going for thaaaat many of her classes back in FF last time... :)

Body Balance : //can't seem to find the entry, but I can tell you that in my whole FF / TF life, I only did this class once... :D So whoever did the first class with me... sorry but you made me hate it for life. :P I was never the same after that... hahaha!! //

Body Pump : Some guy called Steven, and during the class:

I can honestly tell you that I'm the weakest member in his class. All the ladies in his class are like Amazonian women, who pump more than the average male. I see also I scared. My minimum weights was 4kg, and max at 7kg only. =p Even then, by the time it was the last song, I was wondering why the floor was moving... and then found that my legs were shaking uncontrollably! However, the good news is that I don't feel the awful shoulder-aching / "cannot move at all" rubbish that happens to me when I try to outdo myself. =)

RPM : a guy called Jon who I don't remember but apparently he's very nice cos he adjusted my stationary bike for me. Hahaha! Yalor! How come the TF instructor never adjust for me wan ah!!

Cardio Dance : I think I only went for this class once or twice, but the first time it was taught by a guy called Sunny who taught us Ciara's 1 2 Step. I remember I really liked the steps for this class!! And I was fumbling a bit cos I couldn't see the instructor in front (I liked to hide at the back last time... hehehe)...

Body Attack : Barney (this was in True Fitness, and his class is the only one I truly remember my first time with... mainly because I was really looking forward to my first Attack class in TF after being told we couldn't have Attack in Consplant because the studios were too small.)

Anyway, I guess I don't remember because I already had the intention to do certain classes, so it wasn't like I stumbled into the studio, suddenly met a fantastic instructor who made me fall in love with the program instantaneously... I'm not saying the instructors are bad, far from it! It's just that ... when you are new, you are already struggling to catch up on the steps (while enviously looking at the regulars who are prancing away in front), really hard to remember the instructor as well when you're struggling with public humiliation.

Hmm.. good times in Les Mills classes.... :) Truly, enjoyed all my classes and all instructors except for one particular Balance instructor back in FF... felt that she was not 'professional' because she came late for her own class, and then when her hour was up, she just 'makan-ed' into the next class's time slot, which was Body Combat. The BC instructor and the students were all waiting outside the studio already and when the BC instructor signal to her to get out, she came out angrily and told him she have to take his time cos she was late 15-20 minutes, so she can only end her class 15-20 minutes late. ?!?!?!? Then why should us BC students pay for her mistake?! Damn stupid... Some more last time the time slots didn't have those 15 minute break in between like in TF... so really eat into our BC time slot and the BC instructor couldn't replace for US because there was another class after ours... sighhhhh....

Ookieeee.. back from time warp, and I was late for Friday's BC class because there was an accident on KL/Seremban highway... important enough to appear on the Hitz Traffic report ok! Hehehe... it was raining and as always, when it rains driver ability shoots down 80%... people become more moronic on the road.....

So I ended up late 15 minutes... and was shocked to see that Adrian was team teaching with Alex C! Hahaha.. I tell you Adrian is a FAKER. :P You know why?

Cos he said that he's gotten fatter in Dubai - Lie #1

Said that he out of shape... won't be teaching in TF when he's back (will join us on the floor) - Lie #2...

It's great to see him back on the stage.. and he did his 'classics' la.. hahaha. I don't even know what those tracks are, but they are from his 'era' of combat lah. Some of them include Amadeus, Don't You Want to Feel (Crazy!!! Lunges should be left to Attack and NEVER be incorporated into BC tracks EVER AGAIN!!! I did lunges on Thursday with Janet and then unexpectedly have lunges here too... gosh.. there's a reason why I went to Taipan instead of Jaya 33 for Peter's class!!), erm.. I don't remember anymore. Alex C did If Ya Getting Down (I just mentioned recently that he does this supa olddddd track... it's fun!) and Shake Ya Body. Damnit, I love Shake Ya Body... damn nice Muay Thai track lah!!

Okay, do you want to know something funny? During the conditioning track which is also an old track (I remember Swee kept doing it in FF to purposely torture tofu me) , this super muscular guy who is Alfee aka Body Pump instructor said he wants to challenge me during conditioning. *fainted* Hello??? Why would you challenge me in something like that! It's like me challenging him to dance to Don't Cha in Body Jam lor! And then he asked Kress to challenge me also? Fainted x 2...

But it's good also lah... doing that means that it prevented me from tou-kai-ing... and also encourage me to tone up and be STRONGER so that next time, no matter who wanna challenge me, I will just say, "BRING IT ON!" ahhahaa...

So wait for me guys.. next time I will be more enthusiastic about the idea. :P

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 304

Went for Janet's Body Attack class... it was super high impact from the beginning to end! And she did everything from Body Attack #48... haha... one thing about her classes is that its easy for me to learn the Attack track names because she tends to do entire releases together, muwahaha... so based on song names that I recognise, like 'Poison', 'Hungry Eyes', 'Footloose' and 'ABC'.

Super loads of lunges... haha.. not everyone could last all the way. I'm surprised I could too lah.. hahaha. Cos I haven't gone for Attack in a while, so the "power" has been "building up" for the past few days. Now I'm broken and contemplating whether I could be well enough for Peter's class on Friday... hmm...

After class, this lady next to me said that I'm "Good" (with thumbs up some more.. *shy*)... :P I asked her if she was new and she said this was only her third class... I think that for her 3rd class and the effort she put in, she is way more impressive than me. :) Kudos to all Attackers.... let's all work harder & harder... :)

(Oh.. the muscular guy next to me Body Jam was next to me during BA too! And he was lost again... and I thought it was so funny when this regular who usually stands at the back of the class asked him to stand at the back instead. Haha! I wonder why! Was it :
a. "Come stand at the back la... easier for you to copy people standing in the front!" or
b. "Come stand at the back with me lar... I will teach you" (I saw him helping the guy... so sweet) )

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 303

Anthony wasn't around, but Caroline was there to whip our asses into shape last Wednesday with a high-impact cardio Body Jam workout! Arrived at the gym earlier, and since I skipped weight training (worked even more OT than Anthony, I believe... :P I stayed at the office til 2:30am!), did some weight training.

Was a little bit late (5 minutes? Which is a lot for this type of class) for Cardio Wave with Annie. Her class is a different style from Hazrin's one... but not to say which one is better. It's different and I loved it! Got to try something new! First of all, she pushes the level of the cardio wave machine up to 25... and I have never ventured into that territory before. The highest I've ever gone is 10? I don't think that the higher it is, the more resistance there is though... cos if the 'steps' are easier to move, it definitely makes the squats easier because you can bounce right back up. If you're doing running, you will "move" wider, but there's less resistance. So I really can't say ... maybe an expert can enlighten me here. :)

All the songs that Annie did for the day were ones that I have NEVER tried before either, so that was good too...

After that was weight training... very fast one because I was afraid of being late for Jam :
- chest press... have declined --- now can only do 20kg and 22.5kg. Sigh.. the perils of missing weight training for 1.5 weeks.
- chest incline - declined again. Used to be at about 24kg? Now dropped to about 20kg.
- fly - still at 19kg, didn't attempt to go higher
- lat pulldown - 19kg
- low row - about 15kg?
- about 50 sit-ups, 40 normal ones and 20 oblique curls
(all weights indicated = 3 sets)

I think I should start weight training for my legs again. I stopped because I didn't want to 'bulk' up down there... (you should see my quadriceps, hehe), but now I think my legs are starting to look soft. Hmm...

Body Jam started with some old songs... the warm-up track was Shine, I'm not so familiar with it, but Raymond did it on Monday, so it was easy to follow. It continues with Chingy's Dem Jeans (sexy warm up track). We did some really random tracks, from Janet Jackson's Feedback, Bring 'Em Up, then Waters of March (we were given a choice between this and J Lo's "Let's Get Loud", but I am glad that Caroline choose Waters of March instead because I'm quite familiar with the latter, but not so for this later release... and also because I loved it when Anthony did it a few weeks ago!), recovery with Dream & Rihanna's Livin a Lie (a beautiful song, but the movement is soooo confusing!) and then the final performance track was also from Jam #45.. Harder Better Stronger Faster ... hehe. I like that track solely because it's so cardio.... really can sweat a lot, but other than that not really a fan of the moves.

Cool down was Be My Baby tonight.. nice! :)

Got a new guy standing next to me during the class... super muscular feller... but kesian he couldn't follow. Sometimes when there's a new person in the class, do you feel like 'coaching' them as well? But it's not my business right? After the instructor think that I am penyibuk pula.. haha. Anyway, I'm not good at Jam... so even when Caroline told him to "follow the person in front of you" I felt like laughing... after he follows my mistakes also then how? :P :P :P

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 302

Went to Taipan with Pauline, and a bitchy attitude, haha! Earlier in the day, she told me, "Good news! I can follow you to the gym!" and I answered, "How is that good news? It's not like I won the lottery." HAHA. Fcuk, it just came out without brain filtering. Okay, I'm very happy when my friend follows me to the gym... cos she's good in BC too... so it looks nice when people standing near you do the same action and in synchrony. :D Also, she makes me laugh like hell with her gung-ho-ness, cos she shouts ALLLLLL the damn way without stopping. Tee hee.

The day started with Body Jam, which I usually do not go for, what more with the replacement instructor. However, Pauline much prefers back-to-back Jam + Combat (Jambat... lol) to Combat + Attack (BatAttack... which was incidentally the theme for a toy display when Batman Begins was premiered, which Edy pronounced as 'Ba-ta-tak' much to my amusement). Raymond did the Please Don't Stop the Music performance track, which he invited Shirlyn on stage for as well. TQ so much Shirlyn! Hahahhaa. After that we had Lolita for cool down and then the UFO performance track. Left during cooldown to prep for Body Combat.

Well, I was happiest in Combat during the Margas Verde track (Yeah... so smart right? Finally found out the name of the track, thanks to Terence who even SPELLED it out so that I can DOWNLOAD it... whaahahhaa... as if any of the P2P sites will even have such an obscure song). This track is the one previously known as "fcuked up version of Greensleeves" by Ben and I. The funny thing is, "Greensleeves" is listed as the artist on Totally Les Mills...

Anyway, I so malu during combat class lah...!! Couldn't do the moves properly because ... er... my shirt was thin, I sweated until the whole shirt was wet... you get the idea??? So see through lor!! Like this, except less sexy, hehe:

So erm... the lesson of the day is... wear thick shirts for classes, arigato gozaimasu! Cos otherwise you will be like me... praying for class to end when it's just been 20 minutes, feeling very sien when the moves call for speedball or basically anything that exposes the chest. :D Didn't go for Attack after that because I had no more shirts... hahaha!

Oh, and greedy me asked Su Yee whether there's any prize for wearing cartoon shirts during the launch... hahaha. Classic kiasuness! She said nooooooooooo for so long kekee. But everyone gets freebies (doorgifts I think)... so come one come all!! I already have 3 cartoon shirts for each launch class I plan to attend, haha. You will know when you see... :P

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 301

Went to TF Pavilion for the second time ... eVER! I was looking at the gym schedules the night before, and was pretty interested in Jaya 33's holiday schedule (Combat - long break - Attack - Step), but Pavilion's holiday schedule was nice too... and without that long break (read : eating eating eating non-stop) in between. Besides, me likey the shopping there! :D In the end, I decided to leave it to "fate" --- see whether I could wake up in time for Alex C's 10am class.

In the end... I woke up at 9:58 am... hahaha, so Pavilion it is. (Attack starts at 1pm).

Arrived, did a lot of crap that I'll put into my main blog, so I'll just leave the workout story here. Jason Y was supposed to come for the 1pm Attack class, but up til 12:55pm, there was no one around, so I decided to go on the strider, while all the while kept looking behind me to see whether there was any instructor entering the studio. It was only about 1:15pm when some TF people opened the studio and switched on the lights... and I asked them if the instructor was coming. They said Jason Y cancelled, and it was very "rushed", so the instructor replacing him was also late.... sigh...

Surprise surprise.. in the end it was Kah Yin's class...! The last time she taught at TF Taipan, I told her she had a great class and she said, "Support my class in the future ya!" but she got no permanent slots in TF! Dush!! So when I saw her, felt like it was erm... fate lah, hahaha. She said, "Everytime I see you, it's because Jason fong fei kei you.. hahahah." Yaloh! Haih... anyway, she did the same tracks as on Monday, but she skipped about 4 tracks because we were running out of time. Didn't do the running track, didn't do the "interval" track... (really got no rest), no conditioning and then the "No Air" finale was also cut short. But did that mean we got off easy? No way!! Don't know what's with her class, but always feel like dying afterwards... think she's too tough on us already, hehehe. Anyway, there were only 2 of us... so kesian, she rushed to Pavilion and only 2 members to teach.

And seriously, during "No Air", I was really "No air", felt like I was going to black out! Told myself, my workout for today is DONE... how to go for Combat after this?

After resting for 15 minutes and lots and lots of stretching, went for Combat after all... Simone's class! And I so do not regret it man! Simone is a great Combat instructor (can give the cues, can joke with us...) , and she does all the super fun Combat tracks which I haven't done in a long long while! And of course, she adds in all the "fun" options too, like when she did "Shake Ya Shimmy" (oh my god, so long since we last did this!!) she totally does the shimmy too! Hahaha, even if Terence does this track, he won't look as good as Simone shimmy-ing lah.. hahaha. :P :P :P

Other "old but gold" tracks :
-> "If I were you...." warm up
-> Final Countdown
-> Come With Me
-> the "monkey" lower body workout track.. hahha. I call it so because it goes, "Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh..." (monkey sound).. hahaha.
-> Crashed The Wedding
-> Shake Ya Shimmy
-> don't know the name of the Muay Thai track
-> know the final cardio track, but donno the name, hahaha.
-> Here I Come for conditioning again.. dengzzzz!
-> All Coming Back To Me for cool down.. nice track... had me humming all the way back to the locker room

Anyway, it was really fun.. although like previous day, the participants were all "silent like lambs"... sigh! And guess what!? After class, Simone still remember me from the Pyjama Jam class! Hahaha!!! Felt so touched and flattered lor... :) :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 300

Was really mad because I was working late at work til I missed Body Attack... so I left work early to make sure I wouldn't miss BC. Thought I would be going for Alex C's class, but it was replaced by Choong (sp?). Hmm... there's something weird about the class, but I'll briefly go through the track list before I say.

We mostly did the latest release (e.g: "One and Only" for warm up, "Cum ON Feel The Noize", "Johnny B. Goode", etc), exceptions include "Tribal Dance" and Muay Thai (forgot what track we DID do), conditioning ("Here I Come") and cool down I think...

Class was pretty good ... the class was silent like lambs lah... not syiok enough. Feel like a moron if I'm the only one shouting although most of the time I'm thick-skin enough to not give 2 shits about it since I really feel more ganas if I do shout, haha. Anyway, as I said, I will "support" the instructor teaching by shouting if they are the type who like more noise in their class.... there's only so far one instructor (or maybe 2) who will ask us to keep quiet.... I have to say that I don't go for their class if I can help it. He he he!

Anyway, that's the first weird part la.. how quiet the class was considering there were a whole bunch of regulars there... the second part was .... the instructor knows my name, gosh! And not my real name, the "Leech" name... wtf. Damn scary lah... how he know la... I'm not friend friend with him wan... hahahaha. Must be either through this blog (gasp!) or thru all the times Terence mentioned my name.... although whenever he does it, I'm convinced the whole class is feeling too weirded out by the name to wonder who it is. :D

Ok lah.. that's all for today. Choong didn't do the "sins" I said he commited when I saw him at Pavilion so I'm happy lor, hehehe.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 299

Anthony's Body Jam class... did a lotta old tracks, but ended with new ones... :)
Started off with the Signs warm-up, which leads to the first performance track --- I Like The Way You Move, What a Feeling, etc. Good times with those tracks. :)

Recovery was Don't Cha, which led to our final performance track, which is from #46... I just love it when "Shake It Up" starts playing.... most "feng tau" moves for a performance track IMHO because of the "Swing your arms side to side" but most of the people "feng" the heads as well like they are in a club, gettin' high. Hehehe.

Anthony realised that he went "too fast" so he threw in a bonus track for us in the form of La Bomba... great practice since we did it last week too. (Although a week ago feels like a life time since I'm now doing Jam once a week only... :((( )

Ended with Rockstar for cool down, and this is really weird, but I feel like this is the first time I'm doing this cool down. Which is fine by me since I totally hate Chad Kruger's (sp???) voice... as I told Raymond, "This guy sings like he has cancer of the throat..."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 298

Happy June to everyone! May the hot and sunny weather continue because I hate monsoon rains! :D Anyway, I'm all pumped up for my goal to lose 3 kg this month.... more to lose since my last weigh-in which signified that I apparently have gained 2 kg out of nowhere.... *Grr*..

Monday's are always the same ... Body Combat, followed by Body Attack. I don't know why, but even after 2 tracks in BC, I already felt like dying. Was wondering how I could survive until Body Attack? But anyway, I persevered...

The tracks, as I remember :
a. warm-up : Summer of 69, I Never Liked You
b. Thanks for the Memories
c. Bagpipes
d. I'm so Excited! (I didn't know this was a circle track... what the hell.. usually we can just stay in our usual places and do this track lah... )
e. the "Jump" track for recovery (Pauline actually told me before class, "I hope Terence does this..." so she was super syiok when he did lah... hahhhaha)
f. dunno the name of this Muay Thai track but it's not bad... simple... :D
g. Black Parade for the finale...
h. Twist & Shout for conditioning
i. Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.... cooldown.

Hmm.. was quite happy to do Bagpipes today.. and generally most of the tracks today because everyone was super pumped up. Hahaha... and especially the left side of the room... which always feels lonely because we have the super ayu and cute girls who don't shout ... or the super ayu boys who don't shout either. Today got a few super hardcore regulars who gave the right side of the room a run for their money, muwahhahaha... (like that also got something to fight... left vs right side of the room... kkekekeke). The "Jump" track would've been cooler if there were more people dancing... but most people don't wanna. I danced til I felt like I was doing Body Jam already.. hahaha. (Not quite lah... you haven't seen my slut body jam moves, hahahaa) And I loved the last song lah... that one is a given. I like the Celeb Fitness instructor who waves his hands in the air during the double high knees... cos it looks really nice lah! Especially if the whole class does it together... hmmm...

Twist & Shout must be a super old track... but I remember Terence doing it before this too... and bleh to the "Blue" cool down.. hahaha.

Oh yeah! I accidentally kicked Terence during the Bagpipes track. I feel so bad!! Why do I keep injuring my instructors..... T___T But where got people use themselves as target practice during a jumpkick track wan!! I was super mortified lor! And after the class, I apologised to him... and he like wanna kill me.... hahaha... but turned out he wanted to see what was written on my super cool, RM10 from Bangkok tee shirt....

Which btw, because he was so interested in seeing what was on the shirt, a few mata keranjang guys in the class also went and stare at my chest.... wtf...

it says, "I'm ninja... (you can't see me)" okay!!?! Next time I wear don't go and stare stare until so syiok....

Terence said, " wear all black in the daylight and then you think no one can see you ah!" Hahahaha.. I still think it's a cool shirt... :D

After that was Body Attack... which was replaced by Kah Yin who is a hot female Attack instructor (very few female Attack instructors hor?? I wanna attend all their classes... 'pai ching zhou si foo...' hahahaa). At first I thought she was new cos she got the chorey a little wrong during the new release's Bridge over Troubled Water and Don't Give Me Your Life (nice song!)... but wah... after that she totally revved up and tortured us for the remaining 55 minutes. She really didn't take any easy options, didn't do "easier" songs... chose all the freaky songs like The Question is (What is the Question) which has sooooo many lunges... I really don't know how I survived that track. My thighs were trembling after that... and for the final track she did the "I wanna jump jump jump" song... omg.... more jump jacks, more air jacks, more squat jumps... crazy woman.. hahahaha.

Seriously "layu" after her class... wanted to tou kai also cannot because when you see someone going all out as much as she does, you also feel more motivated... haih...

On the up side, I am secretly happy because except for one other person, those who came for Attack didn't go for Combat earlier and vice versa... syiok leh??? We got the power!!!