Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kickstart Day 10

Cardio Wave machine for 25 minutes! The first 10 minutes were seriously the hardest. Contemplated fainting and giving up at the 15th.... caught the wind after that and the last 10 minutes were a breeze. I remember how much I love this machine last time... perhaps will make Cardio Wave a weekly thing again. :)

Stayed mostly at level 5 for 10 minutes and then 7 for the rest.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kickstart Day 9

Hello! Happy new year!!!

I bet you thought that I had given up again! Well... what actually happened was the holidays. :P I went for a trip to Bangkok, where I swear.... it's like 500m walk to the BTS station from my hotel. I was there 5d 4n, and I walked sooooo much. Seriously, my right leg was in pain for a few days after I arrived in Malaysia. Til today, I am a little afraid to go to the gym because of this reason... especially when I did a little extra walking when I was back at work last Friday... and the pain came back. Sigh...

I thought that with all that walking in Bangkok, I would come back lighter, but hells to the no... Turned out that I gained so much weight that I at the heaviest I've ever been in my life. For the first time ever, my MIL said that I'm fat (not in such a blunt way lah.. but still). T___T And did I mention that before I left for BKK, I actually LOST 1kg, through all the exercise I was doing?

Now, hubby and I are going to eat healthier (maybe he has no choice cos I'm the chef), and I'm definitely going to exercise more. The leg is better, but I didn't want to stress myself so much. To kick off 2013, I went for a swim at the condo... did only 5-6 laps today because it wasn't so syiok swimming today. A dad and his daughter were goofing around in the pool. I kind of do not like it, cos kids horsing around don't care about horsing around in only one area. Plus the dad was doing a lot of weird things to impress his kid like walking on his mofo hands IN THE SWIMMING POOL. It's distracting lah... it makes me not want to swim but see what other things he can do, lololol.

Not really tired after the swim, but let me post here for my own records: takes me 25 kicks to get from 1 end of the pool to the other. I must decrease this count!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kickstart Day 8

Forgot to post this yesterday, but on Tuesday I managed to go for Yili's "Express Body Combat" class. A sweet and short introduction to the new release - BC 54!

I don't have the tracklists yet, so just off the top of my head, I would say that the warm-up is pretty ok, nothing new. By the 3rd track, there's already major complications --- so many kicks! I didn't know by track #3 gonna be so hardcore already. Honestly, I didn't know if I could make it. And right after that, we have the usual jump kicks track... it's really a HORROR-FILLED moment. There's new combos as well to mix things up a bit... a lot of us got confused. Something like two back knees, step back, side kick, step back again and then a lunging front kick. Halfway through, you would forget about stepping back, or forget the side-kick!

This whole class will tend to make your limbs feel very tired because it likes to concentrate on one part of your body ONLY, like the roundhouse kicks without putting the leg down (balance.. balance!!) or after that, single jabs on only one arm for like .... countless times.

The Muay Thai track was not that difficult. In fact, for the whole new release, there is also a lot of concentration on stamina and cardio. Lots of running on the spot, and I love the jumping and running! It brings me back to my happy Attack days, haha.

Ok, that's all that I remember, about 17 hours since the last class. Happy holidays people, will post whenever I can!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Kickstart Day 7

Made it for Sulin's Body Jam class in J33 today, and it was the new release! Wheeeee!! Body Jam 63!!  I haven't gone for new releases in a long~~long~~ time, so it was challenging to me. How fast can I catch on to the new dance steps? Am I still as "alert" as before to be able to memorise totally new chorey? Thankfully, Sulin is a great instructor as always, and probably have not started the tough options yet... the new release is pretty easy to follow!

I don't have the actual track listings yet, so .... basically starts off with a pretty simple warm-up, although I found the heel pumps a bit tooooo long. Boring lah. The first block is supposed to be really hardcore... I found it tough to do because I pulled a muscle in my inner thigh after all the swimming on Saturday. :X It is really painful for me to do that kick up and sink down kinda movement. However, had lots of fun with the reach out, hand swing, hips a' circling' routine.

Not a fan of Bieber's Boyfriend, so didn't really like the recovery track. Dunno is it my inner thigh problem or what, but I don't look so cool doing the walk, bump, hip shake thing. I just shake my ass anyhow... donno if correct or not, hahaha!

The 2nd block is dunno-ninja-dunno-kick-what... it's very fun! A bit confusing with the kick-step-back, move to right, move to left, and left hand sinks down with a lean to the right... Ok, you can't get what I'm saying here, this is more for my own memory, haha. And omg, all the hands movement and jumping right and left like a frog... I felt like some internal organs are going to drop out! :O

The cool down track was quite nice, a lot of drama with the hands, which the performer in me was revelling in. :)

All in all, not many new moves, and the really high stamina part is the frog jumping mentioned earlier. I still don't think it's as tough as the earlier release with the Beyonce countdown... Then again, maybe they haven't gone with the harder option yet! I don't really like the music selection for this release either. I don't like the remix for Rita Ora's How we Do. The only catchy song I like was the one with the "Reach!" arms. Sigh...

Still, will do it again, cos I really like some of the moves, especially in the 2nd block! However, find all the body "Wave" very tedious and boring ... hmmm.. decisions, decisions. :P

Friday, December 14, 2012

Kickstart Day 6

Didn't manage to wake up in time for BC Release!!!!! *crying* To comfort me, my husband took me for big breakfast at Backofen, wtf. So going against my "getting fitter" strategy. :( So in the afternoon, when it didn't look *that* hot, I went swimming at the condo gym!

And achieved my own personal record....

Of 8 laps!! Muwahahhaa... 8 laps = 16x the length of the pool! Last time I told myself 7 laps, but it was actually 7x the length of the pool = 3.5 laps only. Omg! I don't know why today I can swim so much?! Maybe because the condo pool is not as crowded as J33 swimming pool... there were only two little Japanese boys playing, and although they annoyed me at first (cos they are kids... and they don't give a damn about staying in their own lane, and I have to swim around them), they were not that much of a nuisance 90% of the time. At the end of each lap, I would do high-knee runs for 30x before swimming next lap. High knee runs in water is damn easy la, like nothing. But makes me feel extra sporty, lol lol lol.

I thought I swam for barely 30 minutes, but when I came back to the unit, my husband said I'm gone for more than an hour! Looks like I swim really slowly, but hey, a least exercised for more than an hour!

Now am thinking of making Saturday swims a permanent thing, but gotta get more suitable swimming suit! Right now swimming in my bikini from VS which looks really pretty when you pretend to be suntanning (pretend cos actually slathered on lots of sun block + sitting in the shadiest area + umbrella), but actually wanna show how cute your swimsuit is. Aih, what do you expect when it's VS la. Should get something from Speedo or the ilk next!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kickstart Day 5

Another day, another day of combat! I know, I know... so much Combat! I'm starting to remember more tracks now.. and my stamina is back! Now, I can consider going for Body Attack soon... hahaha! Not my fault that there's so much BC... it's really the most convenient class to go to, though I will try to alternate more in the future. Thinking of either swimming or going for Zumba tomorrow. Haven't done weight training in quite a while too... only squeezed in some chest press after Yili's class on Tuesday before rushing back to cook for the hubs. Just to record, on the chest press machine, I'm currently at resistance level 7. I do about a total of 50 chest press only, and then I stop. Already I can feel my arm muscles becoming taut again. :-) But I would need to start downing protein shakes again if I want to make them big... hahaha!

Anyway, went for Body Combat, Terence's class at SH. I got some extra storytelling to do at the end of my post, so just go to the track listing first. Same as last week, he started with No Easy Way Out and Are You Gonna Go My Way? The first track after warm-up was the very fun "THUNDER!" song.. just that too bad most people don't do the arms.... aiyah, it's because of small things like that that I like Terence's classes anyway. :P Next up was Bagpipes, another oldie track that I love, and then back to the new track listing with True Believer. Hmm, True Believer is one of the newer tracks that I don't mind. :P For the recovery track, he went with Shake Ya Shimmy, which nobody shakes again... so ... blah.. Don't want to be the only one shaking my ass.

Muay Thai track - back to the new track called Blade, which I specifically told Terence I don't like.... please don't do again.. hahahaha. **demanding member** Reason is because there are too many downward elbows... sometimes feels like swimming in the air, but most importantly, makes me feel like puking. Now that my stamina is back, the puking feeling is not there anymore, but I don't want to risk it, especially when I really go all the way and elbow down in my most gaya style wtf.

Finale track is Summer Rain, another new track that I don't mind... lots of arms, but somehow (maybe because stamina is back), I don't feel the pain.... but it really made me unable to do the conditioning track after that. :P Which was Do It Again, a very old conditioning track with tripod push-up... which not really is a tripod push-up IMHO... just a Superman lift.... Ended with Silence by Alexandra Burke. I just found out the name for this song!! It's really nice, and a lot of people are calling her the new Whitney Houston. Whaddya think?

Anyway, it was an awesome BC class... and nothing beats the tired, smelly, sweaty feeling after the class... and then going for a refreshing shower. Somehow you feel much cleaner than ever. Also been saving a lot of $$ on water bill since I bathe all the time at the gym now. My toiletries at home remain unused!

Okie, now time to story you... as we all know, the parking near the TF SH branch is really havoc. What to do, it's prime area. Usually, I park illegally (like this also can admit), but today even the illegal parking was full. I decided to park behind the gym, which is the "clubs" area... and I thought I was so lucky that I had a parking right in front of this shop that appeared to be closed down. Once I had parked, two guys suddenly appeared and they hung around my car. I just asked.. er... there's parking rates to pay meh? They said yes. I was like .. huh... ok... how much? They asked me where I was going and I blurly (stupidly?) just said the gym. They replied, oh, the gym... well usually we charge people RM10 to park, since this is the pubs area... but since you are just going to the gym, you just pay whatever you feel is right lah.

WTF!! I hate it when they say that! I really feel like just paying RM1, if even that! But I am afraid that they will steal my tires if I do that. I really was in a dilemma... and ended up, I just fished out all the RM1 notes that I have, which amounted to... more than if I paid for normal parking at USJ. Is there some legal parking nearby? Sigh... damn stupid lah. I was also afraid that they will be nearby when I come out from the gym, and indeed they were... and they were talking to a guy who just parked behind my car .. talk damn long and cannot even see I'm reversing is it? Shit lah... FML... moral of the story is I need to open up my small eyes and see where got legal parking nearby already that is not filled up all the damn time!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kickstart Day 4

Another day, another day of Body Combat! Sigh, I really can't wake up early for the 7am BC class. This time it's getting better though --- I can actually hear my phone ringing, hahaha! Other times, I sleep through the entire thing going off! Today is a Selangor public holiday, but the team at work is so "lucky" that we have major production problems today! Sigh, couldn't even go for a long weight training + BC workout. Could only make it for Yili's BC slot in SH, and when I came out of the class, there were so many miscalls. :S

Wasn't aware that Yili's class on Tuesdays is an express class -- there's no "circle" track (er... I call it circle, but it's the track before recovery! Not sure what is the actual term) and there's no conditioning. Quite sad, cos was looking forward to that Brazilian twist push-up thing! Anyway, her class is always nice & well pulled off cos she does older tracks... hahahha...  Got no complaints la... except that the class is too quiet! (probably that is what an instructor complains about the students? :P) But I notice that generally SH people are quieter. Even Jon Kin's class considered senyap already...

Started with "Listen To Your Heart" and "Trouble" for warm-up... followed by Love Drunk and Send Me An Angel. Long time haven't done Love Drunk! I really like it, though I find the jab-jab-cross-hooks-roundhouse combination a bit slow for a 3rd track. Should be faster! Send Me An Angel is awesome torture for the shoulders... I remember feeling like dying the first time I ever did it! You will really hope that someone up there sends you an angel...

Had Jigga Jigga for the kicks track, followed by U & Ur Hand for recovery. Muay Thai track was Hyper, Hyper... and ended up with What Hurts The Most for the finale. Wah, the shoulders are really feeling' it now! With no conditioning, we ended with cooldown... the only track which I forgot the name! Hehehe...

Yeah, when it's old tracks, the ol' memory is back in action, aye? New release is this Saturday in J33... who's going? I am thinking of going for either BC or for Jam, one or the other only. Been doing toooooo much Body Combat, maybe will switch back to Jam for a few days! :)