Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 184

Wow... haven't been blogging for ages. *dies*

Well, I haven't been going to the gym regularly either. Lots of working late when the Vietnamese colleague is around. She stays back til 7pm to the office. Takkan our "invited" special guest goes home at 7pm and we leave at 6pm to go to the gym? Sometimes when we are too "into" our coding, end up staying til 8:30pm... which I know for a LOT of people is still considered "not late". :P But for me that means I have to drive like speedracer back to Taipan in order to go for the "last class of the day" at 9pm. :O

Anyway, back posting. I remember working out on the Cardio Wave for 30 minutes. I can now go up to level 10, which is really good as you must keep in mind that I used to only go for 15 minute spurts at level 5. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 183

I woke up really late for my Saturday marathon classes! T___T And I had a "date" with an old college mate, so I couldn't go to Jaya 33. Decided to go for Alex C's BC class at Taipan instead. I love the schedules on Saturday. No matter what the time is, there's always nice classes and whatever location. Hahaha.

Saturday schedule = best.

Was still a little late for BC though... missed the warm-up track, which was Stuck on You.

Alex's class is always a little empty, which is a pity because I think people are missing out on a really good workout! I think it's because of the weird timing. 1:30pm = most people having lunch / just had lunch and don't feel like they want their burger to come out of their throats.

Did a mix of old and new tracks... I remember Livin' On A Prayer, Bagpipes, Bad & Sexy, and some reallly realllllly old tracks whose names I never found out anyway. It was really good... the only part I'm emo about is that Alex tempted us with doing I Would Do Anything For Love... but then decided against it because "it's boring". O___O Treachery!! Blasphemy!!! That song + choreo is so nice , ok!

Rushed off after that because I've not been feeling well recently. Upset stomach due to my own ministrations.

You see, I bought this box of "Dieter's Drink" when I was in US. Quite cheap - like RM8? My colleague laughed when he saw it because it's noted on the box "expect more bowel movement for 1-2 days after drinking". He said that I might as well buy laxatives. However, I'd like to think that this is gentler + more natural than laxatives.

On Friday, my boss & senior bought back these huge bags of fried bananas and currypuffs from the HQ... and all of us did the snacks justice. However, they were quite oily. What better time to break out the "Dieter's Drink" eh? After one cup, I didn't feel anything change... so I was quite disappointed.

On Friday night (or is it very early Saturday morning?) I had to wake up twice to visit the white throne. T_____T

Seriously, this drink is poison.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 182

Late blogging... as usual. :P

Okay, I'm going to say something MEAN about my Friday class...
I was walking up for Body Combat when I "sensed" that there was someone behind me. I glanced back just to spy... and I thought to myself, "Haih, just an uncle" and then continued walking slowly to the studio.

The "uncle" turned out to be the BC instructor himself. -___-"

Now I'm embarassed to write his name out. But his classes are really good. =p And erm... I don't think he looks uncle-ish. =p

We did mainly old tracks that day... was so happy.
We had Full Metal Jackass, Jigga Jigga, Call My Name, Power of Love (my timing for the switch is excellent... seriously. Drilled in by none other than Alvin), U R My Phantasy, We're Not Gonna Take It.. see how nice the tracks are? I can still remember the class even though I'm writing this on Monday! :P

For conditioning we did Let's Get It Started... soooooo old school. Lol.
I'm getting a little jiggly though... time to start weight training again! T___T

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 181

30 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. First 15 minutes at level 7. Next 5 at 8, up til 10. :) Great workout. I'm starting a salad-only dinner diet, and it's really not as "torturous" as my colleagues make it out to be. It's actually quite filling, although I do admit that I wake up hungrier than usual in the mornings. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 180

For the first time in the history of working out at Taipan's True Fitness... I finally paid for parking. -____-" And I'm afraid that I'm going to get too addicted to the convenience. Usually, I circle the neighbourhood a few times before grabbing the first spot within 1km radius of the gym. Yesterday, I was in a rush (leaving work late) and decided to park. Zomg.. so convenient! And only RM2!! But.. but.. if this continues, it'll add up to :
RM2 x 4 (times a week) x 4 (weeks a month) = RM32 = one shirt / top / tee shirt !

Anyway, yesterday was Terence's class, with Julian doing a few tracks for her clearance. I had no idea that Julian still needs to do clearance? I thought she was certified BC instructor ady!

I only remember two old tracks - Bagpipes and Sk8tr Boi, the rest were the newer ones. As usual, Terence found fault in the punching-downwards motion that I have, but I still don't get what he's trying to show me...

That's all for today... busy at work, can't blog much!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 179

I am dead proud of myself for starting my marathon Saturdays again... and the best part is that I've found something to continuously motivate me to go to Jaya33 on Saturdays!

First : how to get myself out of bed on a Saturday morning.
Solution : made a "gym date" with Pauline to go for Body Combat (Delon's class). Pauline can't say no to gym dates and Body Combat!

Second : how to continue staying on after feeling dead at Delon's class.
Solution : make another date with Pauline for a later class (Dance Mania - Danny's class), so I have to hang out at the gym until then.

Conclusion : went for BC, Body Attack and Dance Mania on Saturday! I was about 10 minutes late for Delon's class and the studio was PACKED! Insane! Therefore, didn't really enjoy myself much. The best part of the class was when he invited a member on stage to demonstrate "the perfect hook". Zomg, she was so awesome! Apparently she does kick boxing as well, and after 45 minutes or so of Combat, I feel like I can die, but she was filled with energy and kept on showing us her awesome hooks.

Body Attack --- it's been MONTHS since I went for a BA class. I seriously thought I would walk out, especially after BC. But I survived!! Yayness, although I believe I was 100% more gung ho last time. Oh, and I think I Believe is a great Attack song. Towards the end, I suddenly got more motivated, and was moving along as if my legs did not ache.

Finally, again, after MONTHS, I went for Dance Mania. Really nice song that we danced to, but I don't know the name. Gosh, was noobish after so long, but thank God the choreo felt very natural for the first 8 counts or so. It was a really fast and "aerobics" type of dance, so I felt dog tired after BC and BA, but I SURVIVED! Yay!

And for the final thing that will keep me coming to Jaya 33 on Saturdays:
I found a nice restaurant with some really tasty-sounding salads. :P
Su-Yee and Adrian kept talking about it on their blogs --- it's D'Italiane Kitchen. I didn't try any salads yet, settling on a pasta instead with some berry dream tea. It was very cosy and the service was impeccable. :P When I went home, my sister said that I should've tried the salads there because she had a chicken one that was really good.

Hmm... so I think I will keep going to Jaya33 on Saturdays til I've tried every single thing on their menu wtf.

Sigh, thinking about eating at nice places at a time when I should be watching my waistline and bank account! :P

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 178

Cardio Wave again for 25 minutes, up to level 8!
Strangely, my thighs felt like they were burning, but overall, I wasn't exhausted. Was quite disappointed, really. Was expecting to feel totally can't-even-walk-anymore-tired and could collapse into a deep slumber upon reaching home. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 177

Went for Body Combat on Monday, like I always do (er... unless I'm sick / out of the country / feeling under the weather / working late / blablabla). Replacement instructor today - Yili. I noticed that most instructors who replace Terence tend to be more torturous than instructors replacing anyone else or in their own class. Why? The breaks in between were minimal and the recovery track was hardly any sort of recovery.

It was a really REALLY good class though. Lots of old tracks, even I'm so Excited which I only remember Swee doing last time. =)

There was Jigga Jigga too. :) I would just like to say (for the record) that my muscle memory is awesome.

Okay, I think I'm slowly getting the groove back. Although I did feel like dying in the middle of BC, I didn't walk out, did I? And despite wanting to faint I didn't squat down and rest. Yay me! The possibility of 7 hour marathon classes await me! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 176

Went to Jaya 33 before I visited Simon's mom in Cheras. Yay weekend bazaar @ Jaya 33! Yay grocery shopping at Jaya 33! :)

But the main point of this post is to say that I did 40 minutes on this strider-like thingy. Again, wasn't going all out, but worked up a good sweat. :) Proud of self. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 175

Went for Body Combat --- but late because I forgot my darn shoes. What a pain. It was James class... not bad. Honestly, I forgot most of the tracks cos I'm writing this on a Monday (this was Friday's class). I just remember that I didn't go all out because I was still recuperating from the pulled calve muscle and I didn't want to injure myself again. :)

Anyway, I'm thrilled to report that I went through the entire class without any untoward incident. Yay!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 174

I'm back from my luxurioussssssss (not!) trip to the States ... the thing that I missed the most while I was there was working out! Well, I tried not to pig out as much and I did a bit of walking around (but to be honest : only walked for 1 day out of 16, hahaha!)... but I still gained a lot of weight. I can feel the extra weight sitting comfortably around my entire body. This pisses me off!

Anyways. So I was real eager to go back to my usual workout routine, y'know? Went to the gym pretty early since I'm on leave (the plane arrived in Malaysia at about 12:30pm on Monday, so I HAD to take leave). I spent 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine to warm up. Only went up to level 5, didn't want to strain myself to my usual level 7. :P

Next was Kit's Body Jam class, where she did most of the old releases. Yay! We did the Signs / Trouble With Me / I Like The Way / Fame block, after which I walked out because I wanted to "pa wai" in Body Combat class... :P

However, the plan to "pa wai" tak jadi because there were sooooo many people congregating for Terence's Body Combat class. Went back to doing the old releases, although to me they aren't old enough. Started with Angels and then to the Desert Storm thingy... after that was a Scooter track. Then this other instructor who was shadowing Terence took over and started doing the latest releases... and after the first song, I felt my stupid left calf tense up again. Actually, there were a bit of warning twinges during Body Jam and during the Scooter track, but I thought I could last the rest of the class. Sigh... so malu to be limping out of Body Combat class again.

What I'm really mad about is the fact that I know that I have the energy to finish the class and MORE but seriously, the calf is really starting to trouble me now. The last time it froze up in James class, I chalked it up to me overstraining myself on the calve extension machine. And then the personal trainer who I met (while I was limping out of the class) told me that I didn't do enough warm up, hence the calve freezing up.

But .... I NEVER do warm up!! Unless you count me walking from my car to the gym (running, when I'm late... :P). Plus plus plus, I did the CARDIO WAVE machine today... isn't that warming up!!?!?

What if I can't get rid of this strange malady of mine??? Then I'll always be walking out of classes because I really can't continue with a crippled leg. When I hobbled down to the 1st floor, I decided to rest my leg at the bench area outside the changing room. I made the mistake of prodding my left calve to see how hard it was and it was like I had hit a really raw nerve. The pain was BLINDING I tell ya. BLINDING!! I really thought I would just faint there, and even after a minute, the pain did not subside. I don't know how I had the willpower to continue stretching my leg and praying that the muscle would just freaking relax itself. Thankfully, it did otherwise I wouldn't be here typing this.

Anyway, enough complaints from me for today. I'm quite worried about myself... I want my leg to be better in a hurry cos my dad hinted I am fat by saying I should not eat so much Halloween candy by myself! Cis bedebah, this is the thanks I get for buying back so much candy for them! :( :( :(