Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 145

Arrived at the gym a little too late for Body Jam, so I worked out for 20 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. Standard at level 6, really pushed myself and it felt great! Also because there was this girl next to me who is damn high stamina one, so I kiasu-ed and didn't want to lose out to her also, hehe. :P

After that was time for Body Combat. Don't know why got people wanna stand sooooo near to me when they come late when there's so much more space in the middle of the room. Like me issit??? -___- Anyway, got to try the new BC 36 --- really enjoyed it but I don't think I can do the "split the class into two" track for a very long time. Forgot to write yesterday that I did 50 lunges on each leg on Sunday. HOW was I to know that there's a CRAZY lunges track in BC? BC is really becoming like Body Attack already! -_______-

Started with Walking in Memphis, which I liked so much last time that I blogged about
Scooter's version here. I thought this would be Scooter's version as well ("I'm Raving, I'm Raving"). It goes into James Bond Theme at the end of the warm-up. Alright warm-up, nice songs, the movement is quite typical and nothing new... so no complaints. :P

I like Born To Be Wild, can't really remember Magic Touch and Zombie for the jump kick track was quite difficult. Wah, training BC enthusiasts to become like Wolverine. The scratching is a bit like the elbow down movement in Muay Thai in the sense that your back leg definitely has to go down for the crunch for maximum impact. It's more difficult in the sense that after doing that, they still expect you to go jumpkick in front. Haih... really losing stamina at this point...

... but what comes next is even more horrible! It's the "split class" track - Don't You Wanna Feel. If this doesn't make you sweat buckets, I don't know what will.

a. jump & jab, skip backwards WHILE avoiding people from the other side which has crossed over. I KENA BANGED INTO LOR...

b. high knees running

c. LUNGES zomg.. some more SINGLE LUNGES... and you should see the way Terence does it ... he goes almost all the way down and damn fast and as if his thighs don't feel any pain at all. T___T This is supposedly how he does lunges when he's "not feeling well" some more. T____T

Was almost dead by this point, but persevered to recovery (have to get used to the quick back kicks), Muay Thai (crazy amount of knees! but it was quite fun) and the final track (speedball and CRUNCH!). Haih, the 1 hour passed by very quickly indeed. Oh yeah, for those who loved it, the switch-knee makes an appearance again. ^^ I find it easier if I keep bouncing on my toes ("speed step!" according to Prince of Tennis, ahhaha), but I have a feeling that if I keep doing it like that I'm going to make my calves more MUSCULAR than ever. T_T Oh, and Muay Thai track has the "punching down" motion thingy... I DON'T GET IT! And I think Terence tried to break my arm trying to manipulate it into the correct position zomg. T_____T

Conditioning is all about the abs (yay!), "I am Rocky Balboa" yo. And I really like the cool down track at the end. =) It's different, that's all I can say.

Should I go for BC tonight? I can't wait to do all the tracks (EXCEPT for the split class track) again! ^^

P.S : Nahhhhh, think I'll just go for Gentle Yoga. Going for Beauty and the Beast tomorrow, so Wednesday's Hot Yoga session has to be replaced today. Tuesday is kinda free for me. I can alternate between Jaya 33 or Taipan or just veg at home. :P

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 144

WTF, did I really not go to the gym for 2 weeks?!
*checks entries*

Ok, lessee --- was pretty busy from June 17 - June 20 due to work issues.
June 21 - June 24 was in Batam
June 25 - June 27 was sick after trip to Batam (how unfortunate)
June 28 - Mom's birthday celebration : ate too much so couldn't exercise after that (after vomit then how)

So I guess it's true! Didn't exercise for two weeks and ate-ate-ate, no wonder I still haven't lost my vacation weight. Thought I would lose weight from being sick, but looks like those are just pipe dreams.

Somehow dragged myself to the gym on Sunday, and even then the main reason was because I needed to get my shoes fixed by the cobbler in Taipan and not because I felt like losing weight. I have a problem whereby I can think of 101 reasons why I needn't go to the gym. I'd try to eliminate all these bad excuses one by one, but a new one always sprouts up. If I do wind up going to the gym, I end up saying things like, "BOY WAS I GLAD I WENT. IT WAS SO AWESOME!" So why can't I keep that feeling of awesomeness inside me and keep driving myself to go more often? The spirit is weak indeed.

Anyway, they have launched the new releases for the 2nd quarter, so I'm quite hyped up to try them all out. Didnt get a chance to on Sunday because I went for MTV Jam with Meei (its a bit like Danny's Dance Mania, except Meei will definitely do more hip-hop-ish moves). I think I'm pretty stiff when I'm dancing, but Meei said that I had the stamina and steps, need to be more flexible and "enjoy" the music though. T_T (tears of gratitude). :) Really enjoyed myself even though hip-hop isn't my thing and I think I managed to do some poppin' and lockin' of my own... *perasan* Hahahah!

Weight training on my own after that : 20 minutes "total body workout" on the strider-lookalike,
abductor, adductor (now increased to 30lb, 25lb, 20lb), chest press (still stuck at 15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg), calve extensions, MTS rows (still stuck at 12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg), sit ups (total 60 situps, 20 of them butterfly-style), biceps curls, triceps extensions...

That's about it. Looking forward to BC tomorrow! New release!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 143

Went for Body Combat today... stood at the back of the class to get a "different perception". Anyway, sometimes I look at myself in the mirror too much that I don't look at the instructor (too vain, haiyoh), so by standing at the back, at least I can see how others and the instructor himself also does. =) Aside from that, I personally dislike some people who are "regulars" who go in to the class late and then just stand in front of the other people who are already there. Hmmm... I kena this from someone in _______ before. What can I say... you are a regular and you're not FANTASTIC (you know I know everybody knows), so pls don't perasan and block people.

Today's class quite syok also, especially towards the end... managed to find some reserve energy and "throw all out" for Ride On Time. :) That's another track that I missed doing. =) Warm up of Angels / Dancing Up A Storm. Followed by The Roof is On Fire (which turns into "my feet is on fire!"), a track that I kept thinking was Come With Me but isn't, so I've quite forgotten what it is. :P After the circle track, I don't know the rest of the tracks except for U + Ur Hand and Ride on Time. :\ We had Switch to work on the abs, I'm so thankful for that (no push ups! yay!) and then cool down was Blaze of Glory which I always identify as the "cowboy" song. Don't you think it sounds semi cowboy to you?

Ok, rambling, very sleepy, need to go to work EARLY for once. :) Take care and goodnight!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 143

Had to work late the whole week, so I *had* to squeeze in some time to work out on Saturday even though I woke up late (crying session the night before wtf) and then had a wedding dinner to attend at night. @_@ In the end, I was 30 minutes late to my friend's house, but thank God they were even later than me. :P

15 minutes on the Cardio Wave, some leg extensions and leg curls, some triceps extensions, some chest press, some calve extensions and I'm good to go. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 142

Gosh, this is really backdated. But this is just for recording purposes, want to see how many times I actually go to the gym a month. So : I WENT FOR BODY COMBAT on the 9th of June, thank you very much.

Can't remember much about it except that we did Friends for the circle track and Terence said that I "pancit" very fast wtf. T_T

And he said that he hates the "ghosts are coming to get you" Muay Thai track, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it! I think the choreography is awesome and fits in well with the whole build-up of the song. Damn nice la. Creepy lyrics, but still nice. Heheh.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 141

Haih, I forgot that I would miss my most beloved "marathon Friday" workout because I had to celebrate my paternal grandma's ("amah") birthday. Have to make up for it on Saturday (my beloved 5 class marathon...!!) but today is a public holiday! Hence, I could be more sociable and meet up with old friends instead. =)

Right after our meet up, I some how ended up lost and was on the Federal Highway... so I decided to drop by Jaya 33 after all. =) Somehow ended up in time for Jason's Body Jam class... fated to go for dance class today! :D He had two other instructors with him --- Caroline & Stephanie. I think Caroline is damn geng la! Especially when she was doing the final performance trackGet Down. O_O Impressive la! Til today I don't know how to do that jumping bit.. but never mind la, as long as got jump. :P

Jason "forewarned" us that it was going to be a dead-tiring class, and he didn't lie. We started with Buttons, then Let's Get Down Tonight which is a damn nice disco track which so far I only have the chance to do in his class, then Chaka Khan omg! HAhaha... was just talking about it in the last few entries... well, this time I got to do the full track. Nice song la... almost becoming one of my favorites even if I can't do the fast leg movements wonderfully. B-u-d-d-y was next, followed by the performance track from Jam #42. Long time haven't done this track ~~~! Totally forgot most of it. Come to think of it, #42 had a lot of nice stuff. A lot of the instructors still like doing Don't You Worry Bout a Thing / Let's Get Loud, and even Umbrella for recovery. But what happened to Do It Again / One & Only! I really miss doing those tracks! :D

After that, I had to do my weight training :
+ 20 minutes on the cardio wave machine
+ 3 sets of abductor
+ 3 sets of adductor
+ 3 sets of chest press
+ 3 sets vertical traction
+ 3 sets squats
+ 3 sets of calve extensions
+ 3 sets triceps extensions
+ 3 sets triceps pulldown
+ 5 minutes on the Stairmaster

I might do more weight training tomorrow... see the mood! :P

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 140

I'm gonna start doing RPM again, semi-inspired by a certain gym instructor who swore he lost damn a lot of weight doing RPM!! **no prizes for guessing who**

Went for RPM Challenge with David... one hour of pure cycling. Met a nice dude there who taught me how to adjust my bike. *grateful grapefruit* Yeah... I didn't make the same mistake I made last time (ie : didn't adjust the gears on the bike at all), but thanks to knowing how to adjust the gears I slacked more. Didn't really push myself at all, except for certain parts here & there, and for the 2nd last track. O_O Well, it was quite fun, and I did enjoy some of the tracks, like I Want You To Want Me, I really like the version they used in RPM!

See ya'll next week in RPM. (Feel quite sad that I'll be missing Dance Mania, but nowadays the classes are so packed that I can't really go all "mania" anyway. :c )