Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 126

Body Combat night, are ..... you..... readyyyyyyy... wtf. No theme tonight, had Terence as the instructor and Loraine as the shadow-er.

~ warm up : Stuck On You (you know, I was listening to this on my iPod and thinking how long it was since we last did this track, and then I tried to remember bits and pieces of the choreo to myself. Like the punch-step-back thing... muwahhaha... it was great to do this track again and see how much I actually *did* manage to remember)

~ We're not Gonna Take This (??) for the lower body track. Quite like this for a new release track, especially the lunging kicks.

~ Forgot what we did for upper body... I think it's something we've done quite often... *don't remember*

~ Push It for the jump kick track. Mmm... ok track I guess.

~ Sk8tr Boi for the circle track... do not hate or love this track. I do not hate / love most of the circle tracks. *boycott*

~ Behind the Cow for recovery ?? It's a damn dumb song if you listen to the lyrics carefully, then again it's Scooter. The part where it sounds like they are loading a gun (right before the ginga starts) is damn cool, but that's it! I sent the mp3 to my colleague to listen, and now we go, "this is the legend.... BEHIND THE COW!!!" whenever we are stuck behind a slow car when we're on the fast lane. HAHAHAHA. Damn irrelevant / bodoh.

~ Electro Violence for Muay Thai. FINALLY I HEARD THE WORDS "electro (electric??) violence" being mentioned... omg. This MT track is damn damn damn damn difficult. Ok, at this point, I was already dying / fainting / dizzy because I have been dealing with horrible sinus problems for 1 week +, and dahlah all the tracks today are stuff I'm not used to. Not to say I've NEVER done them before, just that I prefer not to, hehehe. With the exception of "Stuck On You" of course. ANYWAY... Terence just HADDDD to restart the track. Now I have a new theory on the restarting of tracks (previous theory = "He can only restart twice MAX" has been disproved last week"). It's a simple theory - "He will NOT restart when he's running late". Duh!! Otherwise it's fair game. I swear, even if pple are gung ho, he will still sadistically restart tracks.

~ Final track... forgotten!! I think I was just going through the motions because I really felt like puking.

~ Conditioning - - - Here I Come / one of my most hated conditioning tracks. Ok, remember the move where Emma taught us, "to do it properly, imagine u are a dog" wtf? Yeah, Terence grabbed my leg and was like pushing it to show me how to do it properly, but damn scary la ok. Suddenly only grabbed my ultra muscular calf (wtf) ... and my right calf is semi-injured so it was @#%@#%@#$!@$!@ painful. The more he push the more I did not budge a single inch, hahhaa. In the end I realised he was not trying to kill me and then persevered to ignore the calf injury to do the kick. Sigh. Why am I so calf-injury-prone. AFter the class, another one of the participants asked me, "You injured your leg issit? I saw you limping all the way down from the class." T_____T Yesssss.... poor me....

~ Because we Believe for cool-down, always a favorite. =p I like "when love & hate collide" too. =)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 124

Backdated entry #2 - Body Combat at True Fitness, Jaya 33 with Delon.

Yalah, I can only wake up for his classes when I have tennis lessons in the morning. =) Fuuh, damn crazy, I had to wake up at 6:30am to make it to Bangsar Sports Center, and even then I ended up about 5-8 minutes late. T_T

BC was good, can't remember most of the songs we did, except for Power of Love. Delon asked another class participant to go on stage to do the song with him. Excuse me, but I really tak percaya that there's another participant who can do the choreo as well as I can. You might think I'm bragging baselessly, but that's only cos you haven't seen me in action wtf.

P.S : I'm not comparing myself to instructors / people who have or ARE doing instructor training, I'm comparing myself to other people IN THE CLASS ok.

I'm great!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 123

Backdated entry #1 - gym @ TF, Taipan on Friday.

What else is there but Body Jam with Jason. Let me try to remember the songs we did --- the first 3 tracks were from the latest release - warm-up, isolations, and then Impacto for Latin. Did the "old skool" performance track - not bad since Jason has 'trained' us for this track almost consecutively for 3 weeks. For recovery we did this really weird song that I have NEVER done before. He said that it was very jazzy ... guess which song? Whenever You did "something jazzy" it would definitely be Geri Halliwell's Look at Me. This one was the Hello Moto theme song, hahaha. I don't know the name of the song! Anyway, it is quite confusing, only got the hang of it in the last quarter part of the song, hahaha. Did Scandalous, then did Safri Duo again, love it! It's one of my favourites, cos you can really sweat like mad for this song. Ended with Good Luck, another high energy track!

Cool down was so-called everyone's "favourite cool down track".


I got it right!

Can't guess?

It's I don't feel like dancing lor. ;)

Rushed back without weight training to celebrate my sister's birthday. *heart*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 122

Tuesday night is my random cardio night, since I'm nearing my "original weight before I went to California", I will be doing weight training on Tuesdays and Fridays as well. I can't weight wait! (Freudian slip?)
I went on the strider for 25 minutes yesterday... while listening to David Tao. Before you laugh, I just want to say that he's so relaxing la... and some of his songs are actually good to pump up the pace! Like "The Chase" and "Walk On". Everytime he starts to rap, I feel like rapping as well, but since my mandarin is soooooo bad, I can only get in like 10 words before he completely loses me. :P During his emo-jiwang songs I lagi want to break out into karaoke in the middle of the gym. Especially for "Forever"...
This is so not about a workout, hahaha. Yeah, and I watched the last episode of "Amazing Race Asia"... I liked Rovilson and Marc... too bad they didn't win! The stupid hourglasses at the sand dune was such a cheat, allowing trailing teams to catch up... argh. Damn la, I don't even think the Malaysian team should've gotten 2nd. Shame shame.
Tis all for today...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 121

BC on Monday was pretty cool - Terence had a "theme" for the tracks which we did for the day. Mystical something-something (forgot liaw), which meant that the tracks were the ones with the Asian-ish influence - kungfu movements and what not. I so knew that the jump kick track would be Jigga Jigga. :P *action*
There was another guy shadowing him (Soo I think??) and Lorraine. The warm-up track was Shake That, follwed with Bom Bom Suenan (after SO many years of BC, I finally realised that oh THIS is the weirdly-named "Bom Bom Suenan"... nyek nyek nyek). Soo then presented TWO tracks which doesn't follow the theme, but whatever lar.. hehe. One was quite difficult, I was totally lost. Is it a new release track? Was confuddled to the max. Then we had Genie in a Bottle, where the choreo seems different from last time, I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway I like that song too. =)
Back to Terence for Jigga Jigga, some circle track which he restarted twice (can die... one of the participants in the class actually let out an unearthly scream when he proceeded to restart for the 2nd time wtf... gave me a shock), Kungfu Fighting for recovery (this is actually a really nice track, why don't we do it more often?), Shake Ya Body for Muay Thai and the last track is a really old one that I really like but til now can't figure out the name. Hahaha. Conditioning is Bite the Dust (not really a fan since it has the circular push-up) and some kung-fu-ish track for cool down. =D
Oh yah!! During the circle track, Terence allowed us to "punch" his hand as a target... this is my fave part of any Combat class hehehe (sadly only a few allow me to do this!! Am I that untrustable? There was Terence, Swee, You & ... not sure if Alvin also, I think not!) Anyway since I was really tired by circle track, I simply aimed only, landed a punch on his wrist wtf... hahaha! He said, "What is this?!!?" I think got a lot of people simply aim la, he kena punched from behind also. Sigh... this is what you get when you restart a track more than once!! Boycott! :P

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 120

I think I'm crazy! I went for a tennis lesson in Bangsar Sports Complex, and then spent another 3 hours at the gym! Nuts!! Yeah I know I'm fat, doesn't mean that I should work like freaking so much in a span of a day right. I got even more sad when I went out with a new colleague recently, and she's 164cm tall, but wants to weigh 45kg! She's currently 47kg!! When I asked her why she wants to lose more weight, she said, "Cos I'm still plump now." Then stupid Mr AIP said, "Ooh.. now you have insulted LeeCheng..." WTF. Actually yalar, how to not feel insulted? I'm only 158cm but I'm over 50kg ler. Now you know.

I think one of the main reasons why I like tennis is because if you're freaking 45kg and 164cm you probably won't be able to return the serves powerfully. Does Maria Sharapova / Venus & Serena Williams / Martina Hingis look like anaroxic people to you?

When I reached Jaya33, I had BREAKFAST at Subway... then went for Body Combat. Delon was 30 minutes late, triggering speculation that he's stuck in the oh-so-stupid police block on the Federal Highway. Seriously, just let people protest without making a big show of force... you just make yourself look lamer by trying all these tactics to stop people going to the demonstration, and then failing to stop them! Have you people NOT read 48 Laws of Power?

Delon did 12 tracks to "balas balik" his lateness... damn tiring!! Don't know why that aunty thought of such a "punishment" for him... gosh! But it was a really cool class, he's another instructor that likes to do a mix of old & new tracks... this is a rare thing in True Fitness. Some of the old tracks include :
~ Bagpipes (my favorite ler, I think I know 95% of the chorey already)
~ Hymns
~ I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
... I kinda forgot! Hehehe, but it's a really good class, and he did Welcome to the Black Parade! The cues were right on time, wonderful! Er... he kept calling me instructor... donno whether he's being sarcastic or what... T___T What did I doooooo??? :( :( And he even updated us all on Adrian's condition... aka he is currently exercising his fingers on video games, kekeke. Pooooor Adrian, btw my sister is really impressed that you are now a BC instructor... hehehe.

Delon actually went to another studio to teach his "extended BC" lesson, so I could only attend 30 minutes of Jason's Body Attack class after that. When I went in, they were already doing the "conditioning" track - Who's Your Daddy? Another good class, although my legs could already barely move after BC! Think Jason was already really tired as our cool down track (Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) consisted of : lying on our backs for 45 seconds, then stretching right leg, stretching left leg, the end. Wtf. :P :P

Final class for the day was Dance Mania with Danny... before that did 3 sets of triceps extension (must not neglect my triceps!!!). Wanted to beg him to do something simple & sexy, mana tahu he came in saying he gained weight from CNY, so he wants to teach a track that "shakes everything". !!!! Anyway the dance had damn nice choreography!! Me likes!! We danced to mostly Dance (Fatman Scoop & Goleo), but for the final "performance", we danced to Calfornia Dreamin' (Benny Benassi mix).

Thus ends today's workout... wanted to faint already during Dance Mania class because I was so so so tired & sleepy & HUNGRY. I don't understand why I was HUNGRY when I had already eaten at Subway for breakfast?? Sheesh.... appetite of a lion, and I wonder why I'm over 50kg. *sobs*

Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 119

Hmm... I weighed myself AGAIN today and I seem to have magically gained another 1kg out of nowhere. WTF is happening, I'm damn scared ok. I think I need to stop eating or something. @_@

I went for Body Jam with Jason... pretty good class today. The energy was there!! :P Let's see...
warm up : Canned Heat & Buttons
1st performance track : Old Skool - Get On Up Off The Dance Floor, Fergalicious
latin : Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing, Let's Get Loud
recovery : b-u-d-d-y
performance track : latest release again Please Don't Stop The Music, The Way I Are, etc.
cool down : signed, sealed, delivered

Tomorrow going for tennis lesson AND gym... better see the weight dropping! Must be those damn mandarin oranges.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 118

Valentine's Day was spent at the gym, 2 hours with Ronicia! Most of the songs she did for Funky Line were ones that I had learned before - What Time Is It?, Sexy Back, Girlfriend... yay Leech the expert! I so love the choreography for all of it la.. this is why I leave work on-the-dot on Thursdays and speed to Taipan...

There was a distinctive chinese song trend for Dance Mania, and despite Ronicia saying, "this is my grandmother / grandfather time song..." don't believe her! Unless you think her grandma and grandpa like to "feng tao" also.. kekeke. Dance Mania is really crazy, you can sweat truckloads here because you NEVER stop moving.

In other news, I'm aching all over, thanks to Hot Yoga. Unbelievable, Yoga can cause me joint aches when Combat doesn't! @_@

Over the period of a DAY I seemed to have gained 1kg, I really don't know if I should do weight training now... ish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 117

Went for Hot Yoga after... oh... a lapse of 4 months? After the nearly-fainting incident? And surprisingly, Kishore still remembers me. Hehehe. Well, I suppose you would remember the weaklings that go about fainting all over the class.

I was in really bad shape.. from the first moment I was already aching and feeling like lying on the mat because of the ... LOTUS position! My calves are still not A-OK and I canNOT rest my foot on my thigh (what, you think I'm made of plasticine?), so it rests on the calve instead. And a foot resting on an injured calve is just ... damn fcuked up painful.

Thank God not too many triangle poses today.. those are the death of me. During break time, another yoga enthusiast saw me staring at the clock and said, "Eh, don't look at the clock when you're doing yoga... time will seem to crawl by! If you don't look, then it passes by quickly!" Tee hee.

Ok la, giving it another shot next week. =)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 116

One week without going to the gym really makes me appreciate exercising *that* much more. Although I said earlier this year that I'll stop being so obsessed with going to the gym --- the truth is that it is now ingrained in me to stop by the gym directly after work. If I don't do so, I just feel like I'm wasting my time at home! Besides, after nearly a year at the new gym, I still haven't done what I swore to do once I started gymming at TF ---- go to the gym before going to work. Hahaha! It's like physically impossible for me to wake up at 6am and get in a good workout and shower before going to work. It sounds damn inviting though... (although I know for a fact that at 6am in the morning, a warm bed is even more inviting).

I was supposed to organise a gathering for a good friend who has just returned from UK... he'll be going back on Thursday, so he asked if I could organise a meet-up on Monday. HAHAHA. I reschedulled to Tuesday just so I could go for Body Combat class wtf. Of course I didn't tell him the reschedulling was due to BC... I think he'll keeeeeelllll me. :D

Anyways. BC today was unique.. in the sense that there were only 6 of us! So weird.. I keep thinking that CNY is "so over", but I guess some lucky few are still enjoying the holidays. *sob* I was walking around Taipan before class and bumped into old-accounts-tuition-mate-now-become-famous-entrepreneur Joel, and he was also on holiday. *double sob* Am I the only one who only had the 2 days off and nothing more? -___- (better than those who had to work through the festive season, so I should really not complain)

Erm... my memory is really bad...
The warm-up track was something I am 99% sure I've not done before. It was alright... it flows into the 89'ers rendition of Kingston Town.
Most of the tracks today are from the more recent releases.. of course, I'm not familiar with them! Nyek nyek nyek...
Tribal Dance was done instead of a regular jumpkick track.
Jump! for Muay Thai... hehe, I like this track.
U R My Phantasy for the final track... nice song. Really er... romantic song to punch, upper cut and hook to.
Stop the Rock for conditioning.
Some weird song for cool down. Don't like the song, but like the movements. =)

Hmm.. my memory is really getting worse! Anyway, Terence said we all run like rats wtf. HAHAHA! How do rats run la!!

Oh yeah.. before the class, I was on the Cardio Wave for 20 minutes... at level 6 all the way!! :D Supposedly travelled for 7.1km, not bad huh!! Feel really energetic today la, must be all the CNY calories dying to get out.

Weighed myself obsessively today too... another 1kg to go before I resume my weight training... =) Sheesh, 3 weeks of holiday, and more than 1 month of penance to get rid of the excess!! And I'm going to go on another holiday at the end of the month... tian ah....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 115

Hmmm.. I think I'm quite slack in my Monday evening Body Combat class today. Can't help it, I feel damnnnnnn sleepy. @_@ And what am I up here blogging some more? Tomorrow boss won't be in so if I come late, there'll be no one to catch me, muwahhaha. =)

I also just realised I'm damn pin sam ... I only go for one instructor's BC class! :P What to do, there's no other convenient BC slots in TF. Even though Jon says his class is at a convenient slot, that's a lie ok. I'll have to leave work on the dot and drive like a maniac and I might still be late to his class thanks to the parking situation in Taipan! There used to be Alex C's class on Friday evenings, but nowadays I'm damn unmotivated to stay back so late in the gym without doing anything. There's > 1 hour of free time between Jason's class and his! And thus, from being an avid BC-er, I've ended up ... doing dance classes all the time. :P Seriously on my way to aunty-dom. Especially with Cindy asking me to go for Line Dancing wtf wtf. Tak tahan.

Started talking about today's class and ended blabbing on about something else. Yeah, today the class was quite quiet, don't know why also. Not to say that the regulars aren't there, and some more there are two other BC instructors in the class (I think) on top of the lady who was shadowing Terence. Damn scared whenever there's a shadow coz I'm afraid it's gonna be new tracks and new tracks only! But it was a mix as usual...
~ warm up was from the latest release (I think)
~ Final Countdown for the legs.... hehehe.. Terence said I got a nice roundhouse kick ler (**kembang**) Damn lawak, whenever he says , "Leech" I wonder what the other pple in the class think. Since I don't know anyone else there and everyone else there doesn't know me. :P :P :P
~ one of the Scooter tracks for jumpkick... Take A Break... hmmm.. I still prefer Bagpipes :D
~ Crashed the Wedding for circle track ... got damn confused here because I couldn't hear the instructor's cues and because the fellers in front of me were newbies... so I also followed the newbies.. hahahaha...
~ I forgot what track we did for the arms, but I liked it
~ I don't know the name of the track for recovery, but I also like it
~ I don't know the name of the Muay Thai track, but it's also very nice
~ I don't know the name of the last cardio track.. crescendos of whatever. It's actually got a really nice choreo!!! I likey!!
~ I forgot the name of the conditioning track... it's quite difficult... Swee used to do it just to torture me coz I hate it. The lyrics is something like, "You need somebody to love.." and it's good for toning jiggly thighs... wtf.
~ Purple Rain for cool down. Damn drama mama kinda song. I likey.

As you can see, my head is not really in the class, I can't remember anything. Or perhaps it's 1 hour past my bedtime... better head in else I'll be damn 9 cranky tomorrow. =p

HAHAHAHA ... I just remembered this and have to add this in...
Just one statement from Joey (the lady shadowing Terence)... made me like her soooo much.
Got one guy who was shouting like mad, even after the track ended, he was still shouting (yea yea, when Terence turned off the speaker why didn't you shout then la...). Joey said, "Wow... ok... that's really ... nasty."


She probably meant it like erm.. ooh, that's really intimidating.
But I prefer her to mean it as that was GROSS.


Shit la, why do people at the gym make me so .... ((blood boiling))
Don't feel any calmer after releasing stress at the gym also. Hmph!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 114

AGAIN... despite good intentions to go for BC on a Saturday morning, I decided to sleep in a little more and skip it. :P

After getting the saman-that-I-don't-intend-to-pay-for I decided to be good and park in Jaya 33 and make the people there richer instead of collecting samans. Seriously, I think the pple in Jaya 33 have been calling up the police to saman those parking at the residential areas so that they can get more money from collecting parking fees. #@$@#%@#%#@ My theory that is EXTREMELY logical.

Went for Body Attack, Jason's not around, replaced by Eric Y who is someone who has SUPERB stamina. Seriously, at the end of the class, he doesn't even look tired! (Not to say that he Jason always looks tired, he just likes to act like he's all out of breath and dying). Again, did a mixture of old and new tracks. Since I'm not an old-hand at Body Attack, cannot comment on what the tracks he did were. :P

Dance Mania after that ... Danny was super happy because there were so many new comers for his class. So dramatic!!! Us familiar faces not enough for you issit wtf.

Don't know the name of the song he did .... since there were lots of new comers, he just stuck with the same "slowest beat" song so that they won't feel rushed. I DAMN LOVE THIS CHOREO!! For once in my life I actually didn't struggle to remember the steps because each 8 count of steps seem to flow naturally into the other one. Hard to explain, it's like the body wants to move in that direction, and is already moving in that direction before the brain remembers what the next step is. So intuitive!!

As usual, he picked the "dance a bit better than the rest" to dance in a pyramid... erm... acknowledging our needs to become performers. ;) And DAMN we looked good!!! Seriously lor... shit, I love dancing la. Can you imagine doing a "performance" with like Body Step / Body Pump (no offense).. it's just not the same.

Come on let's dance! :D :D :D :D :D :D D: D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 113

Friday's are always a weird day for exercising for me. I can leave work earlier on Fridays (4:45pm!!) but there's never any earlier classes that I want to join. Maybe I should start going for Body Pump! But I'm currently not doing any weight training until I get all the excess US pigging out fats completely rid of. So I'm currently doing cardio-cardio-cardio...

Body Jam with Jason was fun... half-heartedly cycled for 15 minutes before the class started. Was watching this program called "Pirate Master" which looks like Survivor. I dunno...

We did a mix of old and new tracks... had Don't You Worry Bout A Thing / Let's Get Loud, Escapade, Scandalous... and then one aunty said she wanted to do the performance track from the latest release. WTF!!!! Damn difficult ok! Anyway, it was only my second time doing the release. It's damnnnn confusing, but it's cool that we did it anyway cos I think I'm getting a hang of the steps!!

Hmm... I missed dancing. :( :( :(