Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 191

Body Combat on Monday, but of course. :)
Terence said, "Hopefully next week there won't be another clearance".
Clearance = Terence doing like, only 4 tracks and then passing over to a BC instructor trainee. I wonder what is the passing rate for BC instructors? What do they look for during the clearance? Does crowd participation / enthusiasm count? Cos I was damn slack today, hahaha.

Anyway, whether there's clearance or not next week doesn't matter cos I won't be around! When Terence comes back from his honeymoon or work or unidentified foreign outings, then I pulak gone. Sigh, damn disappointing. :P

For clearance, the instructor trainee generally does the new release... so we had stuff like Beat It, Let The Beat Control Your Body, the weird esquiva track, etc etc. I really dislike the esquiva track la. I don't really do it properly and Terence goes, "go lower! go lower!" and my legs are already burrrrrning. O_O And when the person next to you moves to fast (from esquiva to the lunge back) then you might get slapped in the face if you, on the other hand, move too slow. I am damn paranoid about getting slapped. O_O

Oh, I didn't know that Church was a conditioning track! But anyway, I couldn't really tell what was going on ffs because there was so much giggling going around. I also donno what the giggling is about, but kinda ruins the mood la.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 190

Sigh... woke up late for my Saturday marathon.. AGAIN. But since they swapped Body Attack and Body Pump, I figured that it was worth it to go in the afternoon and get at least 2 classes. 3 if I was still alive after Attack. Was sooooo glad that I went!

First of all Dance Mania class was super super fun. Danny did a track that I've done before ... it's Rhythm of the Night and I really love the choreography for that song. Kinda sexy, but still works up a sweat! :) I reallllllllyyy like this song, I can't help smiling throughout the class because I'm so happy!!! *cheesy*

Body Attack has a new time slot because Jason's no longer teaching. Instead, we have Hazrin! I was a bit doubtful about re-starting Body Attack with Hazrin because I've gone for his Step classes before (back in FF) and he's quite a strict guy... hehehe. Very different from Jason and his joke-y ways. Anyway, I guess I haven't gone for Hazrin's classes in a longggggg while because no, he's not super strict and no-nonsense. It was really fun and could see that he was really getting every single one of us in the class into the tracks, regardless of whether we are regulars or newbies. By the way, I term myself as "used to be a regular, but stopped for a very long while".

Since I'm not really into Attack as I am into Combat, I can't remember the tracks, but there were a few oldies there... like the "dong song" (is that correct?!!). And old moves like the basketball slide and jump shot. It was really fun lah.... but I kept taking water breaks and after the last song, was panting like a dog. Sigh... really no stamina. But still- --- proud that I managed to make it through the entire class despite temptations of walking out. Eh... new comers also stay all the way, takkan I so siasuey to walk out. :P

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 189

Cardio Wave again, way too late for any classes. Got up to level 13 though...!! But the speed (SPM) was still about the same as at level 11. Couldn't bring myself to push further and maintain all the way. Still, rather proud of myself as there was once upon a time that I would totally be unable to chalk more than 5km on the Cardio Wave machine, and now I chalk up 14km! :) Or is it miles? Whatever unit of measurement they use lah.

On a plus note, I found my "stamp" card already...
On the other hand, I might have to travel for work again. Zomg. So much for harping on why the launch will be on a weekday. Even if it's on a weekend, I can't make it... AGAIN.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 188

It was raining cats & dogs ... but I was determined to go to Jaya33. If not for the classes, then to eat dinner at D'Italiane Kitchen. :P

I managed to do both. :P

First was Body Jam with Shirlyn. Really nice class -- she did all these old songs that I haven't done in AGES. Mostly Latin stuff... I don't know the names. Come On Over --- most difficult recovery ever. She Bangs - super difficult. La Bamba - one of my FAVORITES... why do people not get the squat & turn thing??!! I honestly forgot the rest... but they were all really nice songs. The choreography was difficult too... *gulp*

After that was Body Step ... again with Shirlyn. Honestly, the Body Jam tracks that she did had a lot of leaping around, that I felt really tired. Didn't feel like going for Step, but was motivated to, just to collect the stamp for the Triumph voucher thingy. Step class was also nice... after the first few tracks, I thought, "I can do this! Not tough also!" But for the last 3 tracks, I was DEAD. Especially during the speed step... gosh. I could feel the soles of my feet BURNING up. O_O And then I became totally uncoordinated for the finale track... but pulled myself together for the twist knee thing. First time doing it, yo! :)

Anyway, I lost my card for the stamps. :( So in the end I didn't get a stamp for the Body Step class. :( But it did help motivate me to go for Step when I thought that I couldn't go for it, so it has done it's duty of getting me to move my booty. Sigh... I don't know if I should bother trying to get another card or digging through my stuff to find out where I have left the card. If I find it, will I still be as motivated to get the remaining SEVEN stamps??? O_O (Should be six la, wasted, couldn't get a stamp for Step... gahh!!!) COULD I get the SEVEN stamps in TIME?!!?

Oh, and the next release will be in Hartamas... on a weekday. Zomg... why such bad timing?!!? All the classes I like are at 8pm on a weekday. For me to reach Hartamas by then will require speed demon skills driving from the office. If it's Sat / Sun, I wouldn't mind. I was telling myself that I cannot miss another launch. Sigh... why lah TF is torturing me in such a manner...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 187

Left work late, arrived just in time for Body Combat. Replacement of James --- Joey, I believe. There were less than 10 people in the class, but I b-rought it... wtf. Was super full of energy and Joey's class was a pleasant surprise for me. We did a mixture of old and new tracks. I don't really remember the names, but the ones that stuck out for me were You Can't Stop The Beat, Call My Name (or is it Say My Name?), Party Non Stop, and this really erm.. old song. Like, an oldie, but remixed of course. Crap, the song was really nice but I forgot the name of it. Choreo was cute too. Lemme see if I can remember - something like Hook-Upper cut - Hook, sidekick x2.

Anyway, that was a nice track. I think it's my first time doing it? *Blur* It's really nice lah!!

Okay, and then we had the Rocky sit up challenge... omg, I really felt like dying because I ate a hugeee lunch and the cafeteria caterers gave everyone in the company a free treat today... :O~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 186

Went for a 30 minute Cardio Wave session by myself. Now up to Level 12!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 185

Forgot to mention that in my last BC class in November, I *finally* decided to grab this card thingy, whereby if you get 10 stamps, you will get an RM40 voucher for Triumph products. You get 1 stamp for each selected Group X class that you attend. Not like I want the voucher so much, but I thought it would be some kind of motivation. Alex said that it only ends in December, so 10 stamps should be achievable right? The old me could probably fill up the card within 2 weeks (generous estimate).

I only got my second stamp on the 1st of December. Ok, for one thing : they only chose 4 Group-X classes - Combat, Step, Balance and Pump. Out of these 4, I only do Combat the "most" and that's like "at least once a week, MAXIMUM also 3 times, and that's if I'm really shaking leg at work." I tried to do Step at least once a week, but the only Step class that I like to go for is Anthony's one on Fridays. Not to say that the others are bad, just that his class is at the most ideal time. Once I miss Anthony's class, there's no other class that I would go out of my way to attend. And I haven't done Pump in YEARS. Ditto for Balance.

So I'm going to solely depend on Step & Combat to fill up this card. Yeeshhh.. Why not include Jam and Attack!! Like that, I can fill up to 3-4 stamps in a DAY (marathon in Jaya 33, kekee!)

Anyway, Monday's class was replaced by Lorraine. Walked in late, during the 3rd song which was Shooting Star. She also did Jigga Jigga, Power of Love, ... sorry forgot the rest! :P I'm writing this late. But anyway it was a very awesome class... lots of energy from her! :D

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 184

Wow... haven't been blogging for ages. *dies*

Well, I haven't been going to the gym regularly either. Lots of working late when the Vietnamese colleague is around. She stays back til 7pm to the office. Takkan our "invited" special guest goes home at 7pm and we leave at 6pm to go to the gym? Sometimes when we are too "into" our coding, end up staying til 8:30pm... which I know for a LOT of people is still considered "not late". :P But for me that means I have to drive like speedracer back to Taipan in order to go for the "last class of the day" at 9pm. :O

Anyway, back posting. I remember working out on the Cardio Wave for 30 minutes. I can now go up to level 10, which is really good as you must keep in mind that I used to only go for 15 minute spurts at level 5. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 183

I woke up really late for my Saturday marathon classes! T___T And I had a "date" with an old college mate, so I couldn't go to Jaya 33. Decided to go for Alex C's BC class at Taipan instead. I love the schedules on Saturday. No matter what the time is, there's always nice classes and whatever location. Hahaha.

Saturday schedule = best.

Was still a little late for BC though... missed the warm-up track, which was Stuck on You.

Alex's class is always a little empty, which is a pity because I think people are missing out on a really good workout! I think it's because of the weird timing. 1:30pm = most people having lunch / just had lunch and don't feel like they want their burger to come out of their throats.

Did a mix of old and new tracks... I remember Livin' On A Prayer, Bagpipes, Bad & Sexy, and some reallly realllllly old tracks whose names I never found out anyway. It was really good... the only part I'm emo about is that Alex tempted us with doing I Would Do Anything For Love... but then decided against it because "it's boring". O___O Treachery!! Blasphemy!!! That song + choreo is so nice , ok!

Rushed off after that because I've not been feeling well recently. Upset stomach due to my own ministrations.

You see, I bought this box of "Dieter's Drink" when I was in US. Quite cheap - like RM8? My colleague laughed when he saw it because it's noted on the box "expect more bowel movement for 1-2 days after drinking". He said that I might as well buy laxatives. However, I'd like to think that this is gentler + more natural than laxatives.

On Friday, my boss & senior bought back these huge bags of fried bananas and currypuffs from the HQ... and all of us did the snacks justice. However, they were quite oily. What better time to break out the "Dieter's Drink" eh? After one cup, I didn't feel anything change... so I was quite disappointed.

On Friday night (or is it very early Saturday morning?) I had to wake up twice to visit the white throne. T_____T

Seriously, this drink is poison.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 182

Late blogging... as usual. :P

Okay, I'm going to say something MEAN about my Friday class...
I was walking up for Body Combat when I "sensed" that there was someone behind me. I glanced back just to spy... and I thought to myself, "Haih, just an uncle" and then continued walking slowly to the studio.

The "uncle" turned out to be the BC instructor himself. -___-"

Now I'm embarassed to write his name out. But his classes are really good. =p And erm... I don't think he looks uncle-ish. =p

We did mainly old tracks that day... was so happy.
We had Full Metal Jackass, Jigga Jigga, Call My Name, Power of Love (my timing for the switch is excellent... seriously. Drilled in by none other than Alvin), U R My Phantasy, We're Not Gonna Take It.. see how nice the tracks are? I can still remember the class even though I'm writing this on Monday! :P

For conditioning we did Let's Get It Started... soooooo old school. Lol.
I'm getting a little jiggly though... time to start weight training again! T___T

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 181

30 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. First 15 minutes at level 7. Next 5 at 8, up til 10. :) Great workout. I'm starting a salad-only dinner diet, and it's really not as "torturous" as my colleagues make it out to be. It's actually quite filling, although I do admit that I wake up hungrier than usual in the mornings. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 180

For the first time in the history of working out at Taipan's True Fitness... I finally paid for parking. -____-" And I'm afraid that I'm going to get too addicted to the convenience. Usually, I circle the neighbourhood a few times before grabbing the first spot within 1km radius of the gym. Yesterday, I was in a rush (leaving work late) and decided to park. Zomg.. so convenient! And only RM2!! But.. but.. if this continues, it'll add up to :
RM2 x 4 (times a week) x 4 (weeks a month) = RM32 = one shirt / top / tee shirt !

Anyway, yesterday was Terence's class, with Julian doing a few tracks for her clearance. I had no idea that Julian still needs to do clearance? I thought she was certified BC instructor ady!

I only remember two old tracks - Bagpipes and Sk8tr Boi, the rest were the newer ones. As usual, Terence found fault in the punching-downwards motion that I have, but I still don't get what he's trying to show me...

That's all for today... busy at work, can't blog much!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 179

I am dead proud of myself for starting my marathon Saturdays again... and the best part is that I've found something to continuously motivate me to go to Jaya33 on Saturdays!

First : how to get myself out of bed on a Saturday morning.
Solution : made a "gym date" with Pauline to go for Body Combat (Delon's class). Pauline can't say no to gym dates and Body Combat!

Second : how to continue staying on after feeling dead at Delon's class.
Solution : make another date with Pauline for a later class (Dance Mania - Danny's class), so I have to hang out at the gym until then.

Conclusion : went for BC, Body Attack and Dance Mania on Saturday! I was about 10 minutes late for Delon's class and the studio was PACKED! Insane! Therefore, didn't really enjoy myself much. The best part of the class was when he invited a member on stage to demonstrate "the perfect hook". Zomg, she was so awesome! Apparently she does kick boxing as well, and after 45 minutes or so of Combat, I feel like I can die, but she was filled with energy and kept on showing us her awesome hooks.

Body Attack --- it's been MONTHS since I went for a BA class. I seriously thought I would walk out, especially after BC. But I survived!! Yayness, although I believe I was 100% more gung ho last time. Oh, and I think I Believe is a great Attack song. Towards the end, I suddenly got more motivated, and was moving along as if my legs did not ache.

Finally, again, after MONTHS, I went for Dance Mania. Really nice song that we danced to, but I don't know the name. Gosh, was noobish after so long, but thank God the choreo felt very natural for the first 8 counts or so. It was a really fast and "aerobics" type of dance, so I felt dog tired after BC and BA, but I SURVIVED! Yay!

And for the final thing that will keep me coming to Jaya 33 on Saturdays:
I found a nice restaurant with some really tasty-sounding salads. :P
Su-Yee and Adrian kept talking about it on their blogs --- it's D'Italiane Kitchen. I didn't try any salads yet, settling on a pasta instead with some berry dream tea. It was very cosy and the service was impeccable. :P When I went home, my sister said that I should've tried the salads there because she had a chicken one that was really good.

Hmm... so I think I will keep going to Jaya33 on Saturdays til I've tried every single thing on their menu wtf.

Sigh, thinking about eating at nice places at a time when I should be watching my waistline and bank account! :P

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 178

Cardio Wave again for 25 minutes, up to level 8!
Strangely, my thighs felt like they were burning, but overall, I wasn't exhausted. Was quite disappointed, really. Was expecting to feel totally can't-even-walk-anymore-tired and could collapse into a deep slumber upon reaching home. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 177

Went for Body Combat on Monday, like I always do (er... unless I'm sick / out of the country / feeling under the weather / working late / blablabla). Replacement instructor today - Yili. I noticed that most instructors who replace Terence tend to be more torturous than instructors replacing anyone else or in their own class. Why? The breaks in between were minimal and the recovery track was hardly any sort of recovery.

It was a really REALLY good class though. Lots of old tracks, even I'm so Excited which I only remember Swee doing last time. =)

There was Jigga Jigga too. :) I would just like to say (for the record) that my muscle memory is awesome.

Okay, I think I'm slowly getting the groove back. Although I did feel like dying in the middle of BC, I didn't walk out, did I? And despite wanting to faint I didn't squat down and rest. Yay me! The possibility of 7 hour marathon classes await me! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 176

Went to Jaya 33 before I visited Simon's mom in Cheras. Yay weekend bazaar @ Jaya 33! Yay grocery shopping at Jaya 33! :)

But the main point of this post is to say that I did 40 minutes on this strider-like thingy. Again, wasn't going all out, but worked up a good sweat. :) Proud of self. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 175

Went for Body Combat --- but late because I forgot my darn shoes. What a pain. It was James class... not bad. Honestly, I forgot most of the tracks cos I'm writing this on a Monday (this was Friday's class). I just remember that I didn't go all out because I was still recuperating from the pulled calve muscle and I didn't want to injure myself again. :)

Anyway, I'm thrilled to report that I went through the entire class without any untoward incident. Yay!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 174

I'm back from my luxurioussssssss (not!) trip to the States ... the thing that I missed the most while I was there was working out! Well, I tried not to pig out as much and I did a bit of walking around (but to be honest : only walked for 1 day out of 16, hahaha!)... but I still gained a lot of weight. I can feel the extra weight sitting comfortably around my entire body. This pisses me off!

Anyways. So I was real eager to go back to my usual workout routine, y'know? Went to the gym pretty early since I'm on leave (the plane arrived in Malaysia at about 12:30pm on Monday, so I HAD to take leave). I spent 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine to warm up. Only went up to level 5, didn't want to strain myself to my usual level 7. :P

Next was Kit's Body Jam class, where she did most of the old releases. Yay! We did the Signs / Trouble With Me / I Like The Way / Fame block, after which I walked out because I wanted to "pa wai" in Body Combat class... :P

However, the plan to "pa wai" tak jadi because there were sooooo many people congregating for Terence's Body Combat class. Went back to doing the old releases, although to me they aren't old enough. Started with Angels and then to the Desert Storm thingy... after that was a Scooter track. Then this other instructor who was shadowing Terence took over and started doing the latest releases... and after the first song, I felt my stupid left calf tense up again. Actually, there were a bit of warning twinges during Body Jam and during the Scooter track, but I thought I could last the rest of the class. Sigh... so malu to be limping out of Body Combat class again.

What I'm really mad about is the fact that I know that I have the energy to finish the class and MORE but seriously, the calf is really starting to trouble me now. The last time it froze up in James class, I chalked it up to me overstraining myself on the calve extension machine. And then the personal trainer who I met (while I was limping out of the class) told me that I didn't do enough warm up, hence the calve freezing up.

But .... I NEVER do warm up!! Unless you count me walking from my car to the gym (running, when I'm late... :P). Plus plus plus, I did the CARDIO WAVE machine today... isn't that warming up!!?!?

What if I can't get rid of this strange malady of mine??? Then I'll always be walking out of classes because I really can't continue with a crippled leg. When I hobbled down to the 1st floor, I decided to rest my leg at the bench area outside the changing room. I made the mistake of prodding my left calve to see how hard it was and it was like I had hit a really raw nerve. The pain was BLINDING I tell ya. BLINDING!! I really thought I would just faint there, and even after a minute, the pain did not subside. I don't know how I had the willpower to continue stretching my leg and praying that the muscle would just freaking relax itself. Thankfully, it did otherwise I wouldn't be here typing this.

Anyway, enough complaints from me for today. I'm quite worried about myself... I want my leg to be better in a hurry cos my dad hinted I am fat by saying I should not eat so much Halloween candy by myself! Cis bedebah, this is the thanks I get for buying back so much candy for them! :( :( :(

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 173

Arrived just in time for Body Combat because I was too caught up with something at work, ended up leaving late and couldn't go for my 3 class marathon. Honestly, I am starting to feel bad if I leave work early... must be a good example to new team mates...

Poda la!! Who cares about them, next week I'll just leave if I feel like it! ]=)

Anyway, nothing much to say about BC class... it was good, nice, etc... hahaha, I think I'm getting tired of the new release. It's only the 3rd time that I've done it! A few songs that I can now remember and quite like :
- the warm-up (Summer of 69 and I Never Liked You)... nice!
- the chorey for Beat It
- How Far We've Come is a nice song, and it has alright chorey for it
- Let The Beat Control Your Body is a muay thai track quite unlike the normal Muay Thai tracks. I'm getting the hang of the downwards punch... My elbow is way above my shoulder before I pummel downwards now. Correct right?? Super macho now wtf.
- Our Solemn Hour is sooooooooo cool. I was TOO enthusiastic at the part where you suddenly sink down to the knee, so now I have a bruise on my right knee.


AND I STILL DO NOT LIKE SPEEDBALL. And the current speedball track is like, such awkward choreography la!! Speedball, then hooks starting with the back hand.... awkward, awkward. I think the whole upper cut and hook on the same hand is also awkward... bah!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 172

25 minutes on the cardio wave. Levels from 5 -7 ... normal la.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 171

Forgot to blog about Monday night Body Combat with Terence and Lorraine. But before that, did about 10 minutes on the stepper. I think I tried the thigh toner instead of the butt workout... either way it's only 10 minutes so I doubt it makes a difference, heh.

We're still on the new release... and found out from Terence that it *is* all about vampires and all that. He gave a more ... erm... vivid description on where the vampire parts come in. I'm only really feelin' it for We Will Survive and Our Solemn Hour.

Anyway, a really fun class, really started getting the groove of the tracks. Heck, we were even encouraged to sing along for "How Far We've Come". Nice track! Easy to follow chorey too.

I really don't feel very tired after a BC class, even though I swear I go "all out". :P Which is good!! I still have a long way to go before I achieve my target weight... T___T

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 170

Ran on the strider for 40 minutes... not bad, stamina level still there. Did 6.6 miles.. or is it km? I never figured out which metric system the machine is using.

Anyways... that's all. Gotta conserve energy for tomorrow. (Monday night BC! Yeay!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 169

Aloha everybody! I'm back from my working trip in Laos. I loved it there! Seriously, I'm now thinking about the feasibility of living & working in a different country every month. :O Thing is, I like money too much to just forget about commitments and travel around the world. Sigh... but living in Laos was really good! Better than my last trip to Cambodia!

I had serious doubts about being able to complete my usual Friday 3-classes-marathon, but I surprised myself when I did manage to do so! Of course, was dog tired at the end and I am *so* going to have a good sleep tonight. I could even feel butt and calve muscle pain like last time, but luckily it wasn't serious and it was towards the end of the class, so I just worked it off. ;)

Started with the new release from Body Jam with Jason and Clarissa (sp?). I really like the new releases from this quarter! For all 3 of the classes that I went for. Anyway, back to the story about Body Jam.... I can't remember ALL of it, til I do a few classes, but I super loved the choreo for Beautiful People, it is so awesome that we can dance to ROCK tracks, not just the club and house type. :) The tracks seem to require more and more stamina at each release... there's one squat and switch movement (macam Russian "Kalinka" dance) that works your thighs and ass like nothing else. T____T Oh, and one more new move that I like is the one where you jump in the air and attempt to click your heels together. I forgot what it's called, but that one is awesome too. I like jumping! Hahahaa.

Next was Body Step with Anthony. I was sooo lucky to stand at the back, behind these two other members who I think did Body Step training before. One of them, I have seen shadowing Anthony before, the other I tak kenal la. Anyway, so I could easily follow them whenever I got too confused (especially during the "round the world" bits) and I swear, if you looked at our class from outside, you wouldn't believe that the people inside are doing NEW releases. Everyone looks so pro, ok!!!! :3 I really like all the tracks for Body Step... really no complaints. The first track "Here I Come" already gets your heart pumping, and the "Live your Life" track towards the end is just so inspiring. I used to be avid Body Step member, then dropped out because of the "I don't want to make my calves any more muscular than they are" thought. Then joined back because it's honestly and truly one of the better Group-X classes for you to lose weight... I was really scared that I won't get into the groove again because seriously, Body Step ain't easy. But with new releases like these, I think I will definitely be going to Step classes more frequently! :b

Last, but not least, was Body Combat with James. He is so lucky, today he got many new female students, hahaha! Anyway, I was really dog tired at this point, but I was just too curious over how the new release would be. I watched the Les Mills preview before I left for Laos, and I think I must've watched the wrong one or something. They were talking about the theme being vampires, but doesn't seem very vampirish to me also. Maybe I'll go study the tracks later.

Warm up started with "Summer of 69", original by Bryan Adams in case you didn't know. Awesome! I didn't really like the second half of the warm up, but it's still ok. Next was "Beat It" by Fall Out Boy... erm.. it was alright.... ok I don't remember the rest. :x But I know that the choreography was pretty simple.... straightforward... ok la. I didn't really like the whole incorporation of Capoeira into BC, but not like it's a humongous turn-off. (The main reason being that Capoeira really needs a lot of floor space in order for you to do everything properly. It's damn not fun to do this on a crowded floor.. then again most of the jump kick tracks are like that too).

Really no complaints la.. it was a great workout day. It's always good to do new releases for the FIRST TIME with really good instructors... then you feel like you won't mind doing it for the next month or so. If it's not a good class, you end up avoiding that particular class for the next month or so. So thanks all for giving such a great introduction... hehehhee. (Ya ya, today's not the launch, but seemingly a launch to me)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 168

Gangster Challenge at the gym! Basically, just 1.5 hours of Body Combat with some of TF's top BC instructors (*drumrolllllll*) - Terence, Lorraine & Nicholas!

The class tarted with Lorraine & Nicholas taking one "team" each and then discussing with the members for the gang name and gang cheer. Hahaha, I think Lorraine prepared way beforehand (hey, it's not cheating - Nicholas should do his homework. :P) and our team name was "Gang Bang" and the team cheer goes something like "You Bang, I Bang, We Bang, We Bang Bang Bang, Go Gang Bang!!!" Wtf!!!!!!! Some more then I ditarik to lead the cheer which I have to say ... I did with too much enthusiasm. I started out quite malu to shout gangbang gangbang but in the end semua kinda combination of gang and bang also fly out. O_O"

Nicholas's team is called Mamak Gang and got no cheer (I think).
(Only a short sentence dedicated to him, haha!)

At first, I didn't think I would enjoy the class... I came for the sake of doing as much Combat as I can before I go to Laos for the next 2/3/4 weeks (my managers cannot make up their mind) and even though my flight is tomorrow, I just *HAD* to go for this class lah. Hello, they had been promoting it like one month in advance, and getting me all hyped up for it. :P Anyway... yeah... in the end I really enjoyed myself! Generally I don't like all those "hardcore" music, but it was a good mix... we had Somebody Told Me, Bad & Sexy ("You're so bad ... it's SEXY!!!" HAHAHAHAHA), Behind the Cow, Tribal Dance, Don't you Want to Feel, Good To Me (??), Crashed the Wedding, We're Not Gonna Take It (??, So What, etc etc. Actually, some of the songs are repeated from the "war" theme class previously. :) Gosh, can't believe that we did TWO circle tracks, TWO Muay Thai tracks and an unbelievable amount of tracks in general. :D And the best part? Don't really even feel exhausted at the end of the day. :3

At the end of the class, they gave away presents for most violent (???!!), best dressed gangster and something else I forgot la. Oh you know what? I think I should get most violent la, I'm sure I'm the only one who punched Terence in his stomach wtf. O_O Actually, I do feel really bad about it, but I'm also laughing like hell. In the first place, we were doing the Don't you wanna feel track, and there's all these punches to the ribs right. Then he go and stand in front of me, to be target practice. Then as my hand was going to punch him, I was like, "Why is Terence like, not even guarding his stomach. Is he trying to be like Houdini!!" Then I didn't want to be like the dude who caused Houdini's death, so I didn't punch so hard la, wtf.. but still. O_O WHAT ARE YOU DOING TERENCE!!

He said it's ok, just don't hit below the belt. O_O"

After that, we took pictures. This time, I purposely made some weird face since my pictures always come out weird anyway for group pics in theme classes. Hehe. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 167

Went for Body Combat ... and Alex C is back! :) Yay!

The trouble was... there was only 2 other pple in the class. T___T Okay, later another lady came so there were 3 of us, but the other lady was a BC instructor too. T____T

Alex asked us to face the back of the class and then he was on the floor as well to lead the way. Eh, damn not used to starting with the left leg first! O_O Totally made me all confused. And if I thought that Jack & Terence loves doing oldddd tracks, Alex C totally dug out some reallyyyyyyy old-time songs that had me beaming from ear to ear. Well, I don't remember all, but I LOVEEEE 5ive's If you're getting down. OMG! That is such a nice cardio track for the finale. Pleasseeeee do this one more often! :O

We also had Power of Love (AHEM), I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)... yeah , as Alex says, macam Valentine's Day theme class!

Okay, I gotta go. Great class!! Next time don't make us start left leg first please! Hahahha.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 165

The past few days, I have been a real sloth! Waking up way past noon, having "obligations" at home so I can't go out (obligations = looking after my virtual village, wtf). On Monday, I was supposed to visit Simon's mom... and after staring and staring at all the gym holiday schedules, I decided that I would just go for a quick weight training round. However, when I realised that I would be able to go for Body Combat, I sms-ed his mom to tell her that I would not be able to stay over at their house for that long after all, kekeke. Damn terrible.

Jack was teaching, and as I've written previously, he's one of the few instructors who does the old releases. Some of the songs he did : Stuck on You, Wasabi, Addicted to Love, Neckbreaker. *don't remember the rest* Well, guess what he said! X_X As he was doing the chorey for Addicted to Love, he said, "That's all there is to it, last time BC is that simple." Wahhhhh, he's insulting "old time" BC! How can!! *true supporter of older release BC comes out*

First of all, BC, whether old release or new release, to me is still erm... combat performance. It isn't real combat. If someone tries to knife you for your wallet / purse, you can't "combat" them to protect yourself. I just think that MOST of the newer release takes itself way, wayyyyy too seriously. "Old release" combat was more fun and had nicer tracks to listen to and work out to. If you ask anyone who has been doing BC for more than 2 years, they will definitely prefer "old release" combat to "new release" combat.

And no offense again, but I don't think old release combat was like, super easy. If it was super easy, then there should be no problem for new instructors to teach old release tracks as well. They would be able to learn the steps like that *snaps fingers*... to be able to teach a variety of tracks, not just the latest ones. But they don't... I wonder why. Maybe it's too boring for them since they don't do it with all the funny actions as well...

(Btw, yes, some of the steps in "newer releases" are harder... like the evasive side kick, the switch knee (which is not difficult, just confuses pple actually)... but some of the people in BC haven't "eased" into these moves... it's nice to teach them more basic (and fun!) tracks instead of just jumping to the difficult stuff... IMHO... who am I, just a participant ranting. No instructor qualifications also)

Anyway, this little rant was not targetted to be against anyone... no offense meant at all!! Just had to defend old release BC tracks since most of the newer instructors don't do it, and now the old timers are saying it's too simple. ;(

Before class : did 20 minutes on Cardio Wave. Hehehhe. Level 7 all the way, babeh. :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 164

What satisfying workouts I always have on Fridays. :) On Fridays, my typical routine is Body Jam, Body Step and Body Combat. I was a little late for Shirlyn's class, but only missed the first warm up (Kelly Rowland's Work). She did a lot of really random old tracks.. really never done before type. Like She Wants to Move, er... I don't even know the names of the others! However, she did the performance track from the latest release. This is the 3rd - 4th week in a row I've done it... damn boring already. I remember the first time I did it I felt that it was so difficult, but now I think it's ma - ma- dei only. Hahaha!

Body Step with Anthony was next... he has reverted to old tracks ala Toxic, Candyman, 9 to 5, Independent Women, This Love, Tribal Dance, etc. Wah! Really syiok! :D Oh, and I found out where Anthony works.... I saw him at MY workplace! Hahahha! :D He came for training!

Erm.. last but not least, we have BOdy Combat, where everyone seems to be in mourning because there are no sounds unless you yourself start shouting first. Which reminds me, during Anthony's class, one lady said that his class was very quiet, and Barney's class is usually very lively. I felt very puzzled, because to me, there's not much sounds to be made in Body STep. Maybe that's because I'm not as into Step as I am into Combat. (I only started Step again because PERSONALLY, think that it is the most exhausting & toning-up aerobic class for me) I feel like the opportunity to make noises and "actions" in Combat are so much more plentiful. For Step.. ok la... I will do the funny dance movements and the clapping and all that... but no "hiyakkk!!" sounds la of coz. So I really don't know how to be noisier in Step. :P

Anyway, the point is... UNLIKE STEP, there's so much opportunity to erm... be lively in Combat! But anyway, I don't want to dwell on it since once upon a time I was silent too and I wondered how the creatures who would be shouting away had the energy to do all the movements as well as shout along. Hahhaa... well I guess now I'm one of 'em.

James' class today - We're Not Gonna Take This, The MAgic Touch, U R My Phantasy, You Can't Stop The Beat... more recent tracks, but I'm damn happy regardless because I like The Magic Touch and U R My Phantasy... and of course, this is the 2nd time I got to do You CAn't Stop The Beat... yayyy! I might start liking this more than Power of Love soon, kakakakaa!! But Power of Love more "yeng" la.. esp the switch sides for the speedball part. Hehehe... I am damn kung fu in that part. :P

Hmm... I'm boasting a lot today... guess I will sign off before I irritate too many pple. :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 163

I really don't know where I get my energy for BC, I'm done with the class which I felt like dying in halfway, and was getting disoriented to the max towards the end, but right now I still feel super energetic and feel like I should've stayed back in the gym for Hi-Lo as well. T___T

Terence is back. :) However, most of the tracks he did... I don't know the name. There was Jump for Muay Thai which I'm beginning to realllllyyyy like for an MT track. There was Sweet Child O' Mine which for some reason, I think the choreo is damn difficult. I think it's because I'm used to doing faster back kicks thanks to tracks like Bad, but in Sweet Child O' Mine, it's still very erm... following the beats. Hard to explain. There was Sweet Dreams when he split the class into two which I kinda don't like because it's an accident waiting to happen. Hehehe. Although I do like "Crashed the Wedding" and "Girlfriend". For the jump kick track we did the lunging kick track instead, which is Tribal Dance. Eh, I really like Tribal Dance too. :3 Aside from that, don't really remember the rest of the tracks.

The conditioning track is difficult, but it's good la... I won't do all these complicated conditioning exercises by myself, so let's save the simple stuff to do on our own and have the difficult stuff in the classes. Hehehe. And cool down was When Love and Hate Collide. Wheeee!! I think everyone loves the "kata" for this track.

That's all for today... oh and before the class I did 10 minutes on the Stepper... didn't really feel anything. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 162

Felt a slight strain on my calves, and yes, the muscle there is like "hardened" so that when I walk around I can actually feel a LUMP shaking about inside my calves, wtf. Went for just a simple 20 minute round on the strider on Sunday before heading off for shopping! Hehheh. No recurrences of the "frozen calf muscle" incident, so I should be okay. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 161

Strange workout day for me today... hear me out...

Have been finally getting my bum off the office chair and going to the gym more frequently, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I discover I don't faint right away after one class. Since it's a Friday, I'm always up for my Friday marathons, which consist of Body Jam, Body Step and Body Combat.

Body Jam with Jason & Clarissa was quite fun, I *think* Jason said to me, "I haven't seen you around in a long time!" I think he said it to me la. For all I know I'm perasan and he was saying to someone behind me. But anyway, he is the one who cancelled the past few classes in Taipan what! And was replaced by Kit. Hehehe. We did the latest release... zomg.. don't like. Sienz already. But the final performance track (the one with "With Every Heartbeat" - Robyn) is good because it *really* makes you sweat. Since I wanna lose weight, should do more high impact Body Jam right? Right!

Body Step was next, with Shirlyn at the helm. Again, all the latest release. Why ah! It's way past the launch, people!! XD But again, no complains because I think the latest release for Body Step has really good songs. I especially like "I Got It From My Mama", "Hot Stuff", "Like This Like That", "Shut Up N Drive", "Let Me Think About It"... too many to name! But I agree with Shirlyn --- don't like the speed step track for this release, way too confusing. Pity, cos it's a nice song ("Footloose"). During the final parts of the class, I started to feel some strain on my calve, but I didn't think much about it because I just brush it off as a bit sore, maybe strained it after doing calve extensions yesterday...

Body Combat time with James, and I surprised myself by still being super energetic. I did contemplate skipping class after the grueling Body Step, but I already missed Friday BC twice! Anyway, James did a mixture of old and new tracks, but more new than old. Hmm.. everyone liking the new releases, hehe. Started with "Thank You" (Dido), which went into "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Forgot what the first track was, but it's one of the newer releases. Then we had erm... something that sounds like "Shooting Star". Erm erm... then there was "Zombies" (gahhh!!! enough with this track!!! I suggest doing "Sexy" - French Affair or "Bagpipes" or "Take A Break"). Geez, it's just 2 hours, but I've forgotten most of the stuff! Guarantee to you it's all the newer releases la! Okay, anyway at the end of the muay thai track, I started to do that "punching down" movement when suddenly my left calve "froze" and I nearly tipped over. It was excruciating! Seriously... tears sprang to my eyes. I thought it was temporary, so I stopped moving, but the pain was quite intense. It was so painful I cannot even put even 1g of weight onto my left leg. T_____T

After a while (30 secs?) then it became better, so I finished the Muay Thai track. Was about to start on the final track when suddenly the left calve froze again. T______T So painful until I cannot even punch properly, sigh.. I had to SHUFFLE out of the room I felt so malu ok. It's not like I can't finish the class... I have the energy! In torrents!! But I don't want to stress the poor calve. When I went out, I met this personal trainer who friendly-ly asked me, "Your class finished?" and I, usually a private person IN REAL LIFE (in blog like blabber mouth only) just blurted out, "I can't...!! My calve... it .... " and I think he could see the pain on my face and he was quite worried ler. So he asked me to do some stretching exercises. At first, stretching the calve was crazy painful. It's like, my mind actually blanks out when the pressure on the calve is too intense. And at one point, suddenly my RIGHT calve also became crazy painful too. T_____T

I was really wondering how I could drive back that night.

But the personal trainer was really nice and he gave me lots of tips... said that I probably push myself too hard on Thursday, and when I started my exercise for today, I didn't do enough stretching. I think the problem is mainly on Thursday... I didn't go and stretch properly between my calve extension sets. :\ Because I didn't know how to. STUPID!

Hmm.. anyway now I'm worried over whether I can go to Jaya 33 for my usual marathon of Body Combat + Body Attack + Dance Mania. According to the trainer, I can feel free to do so, as all I need is a warm bath and some cooling lotion on the affected area to "loosen" up the muscles again. Well, I've already done so and so far, no problems. But should I really go and "stress" it out again so soon? He also said that stress on muscles in one area can affect in other areas too. E.g : stress on calve can cause back pain also.

HAIH... why am I so unfortunate!

See how la... I'll just go for BC tomorrow... if I feel ok, then I'll continue with BA and Dance Mania... *sigh*...~~

Anyway, thanks a lot MANI for helping me out today. You didn't have to, but you were a really sincere & helpful individual... haih.. feel so touched by humanity today. T______T

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 160

More cardio for me! Also, was late to the gym, couldn't go for any of the dance classes.

Had to be satisfied with just 20 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine, and then did 3 sets of calve extensions. Sigh, calves. Why must u look like they belong on a footballer? -__-

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 159

After a very long time of not doing my own weight training, I decided to resume. I remember at one point I look very "fit" and toned... now not anymore. Sigh... all the muscles covered by fat again. -___-

Started off the workout with :
+ 40 minutes on strider
+ 3 sets abductor
+ 3 sets adductor
+ 3 sets leg extension
+ 3 sets leg curl
+ 3 sets leg squats
+ 3 sets of chest press
+ 3 sets of low row
+ 3 sets triceps extension (Didn't do biceps cos machine was taken up, besides chest press already works the biceps, I think.. either that or low row la.. hehehe)
+ 30 sit ups, 20 butterfly style sit ups

Took almost 2 hours for me to complete everything... hahaha, I work out sloooooowly. :(

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 158

10 minutes on the Cardio Wave before going for Body Combat. Level 7 all the way, baby! :P Thighs felt so sore after that, was a bit worried that I cannot make it during BC.

Lorraine was the instructor replacement today, her class was really full of energy!! Kengzz! :) Some of the tracks we did Bad, Power of Love, the "You stood by me and I stood tall" song... actually, I don't really remember. Only remember the tracks that I enjoy doing, and those are the ultimate 3. :P Oh, I prefer Terence's version of the Power of Love choreo though, no offense. :P

Apparently there are a bunch of pple who are doing instructor training already... hmm.. I envy you guys. :(

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 157

This is a backdated entry, been lazy to keep up this blog... and also to go to the gym. But after enough "motivation", I decided to step it up!

This is just a note to say that I went for Jack's Body Combat class two Saturdays ago. He's awesome, he did lots of old tracks. And when I say old, I mean circa "Addicted to Love" (!!!!), Sexy and so on. Gosh, "Addicted to Love" brings back memories!! First of all, it's a darn corny song, and I remember that Swee used to slide across the floor on her KNEES in the finale. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 156

“Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the BATTLE is started, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance.” - Robert Collier

On the 6th of August, there was a BATTLE in True Fitness, Jaya33... a battle within ourselves to achieve new levels of fitness in Body Combat! Haha, so corny! But the above quote rings true - being mentally prepared to stay all the way is all that you need. Don't worry about your stamina levels or whatever-excuse-you-may-have... somehow somewhere you will be able to reach into your reserves and blaze through the warfield!

The "Clash of the Titans" refer to "Titan" Nicholas and "Titan" Terence. Originally schedulled Alex C to be presenting and I asked him, "Eh, what are you doing here! I thought you are not presenting because you can't make it today." Turns out that he couldn't present because of health issues... zomg. T___T So kesian, hope it all turns out well la. Even a non-health-freak like myself will feel damn itchy-butt if I'm banned from the gym, what more a person like Alex C who makes the gym his second home. :\ Regardless, he also joined in the fun and although he did not present, he was on the floor with the rest of the members for some of the tracks.

Started with Angels - DesertStorm for warm up, before going to Final Countdown. After which was ??? (forgot) and Zombies for the jump kick track. Right after that, we had ANOTHER intense track - Hymns (I think) before going to "not a recovery" Behind the Cow. Omg, so cute, Simone, Alex C, Nicholas and Terence all with the horns on their head (er, their fingers la). Why so comel wan. Anyway, Simone & Alex were right in front of me for a couple of tracks which was GREAT because can copy them and try to emulate them as much as possible. :P Macam having personal BC training. Nyek nyek nyek. Oh yesh, Su-Yee was also there --- but taking photographs for the event. Ohayo Su-Yee, you should've joined us as well!

The Muay Thai is from the latest BC36 release, and I forgot the name of the last cardio track we did, but I remember the song! Conditioning was A Little Less Conversation and we had May It Be for cool down. All in all, it was a really great class, was feeling woozy halfway because there was no air-conditioning at all and the room was PACKED! Sometimes, don't even know what we're doing, just following "muscle memory", hahaha.

Before I went for this class (was convinced to go by Pauline), I was telling her, "Theme class ar? But the them is just 'all black', sure no prizes to give away wan." But there were prizes!! It's a tumbler, a table clock and a nifty notepad thingamajig. Each instructor can give away one prize la... I don't know what's the judging criteria. I think it's er... whoever is in front and who they know wtf. After the first two prizes given away NOT TO ME already, sour grapes Leech said, "Haiyah, never mind la, I think I won all those before la." Pauline was :( :( :(, lol. Then the last prize was given away by Terence and he THREW it at me...!!!

Thank you very much! But I think his present-giving skills is bad bad BAD!!! Hahahaha, did he not see how Alex & Nicholas give the presents away? And some more after that when Su Yee ask us to take photograph he was like wandering away across the stage. I swear, the photo will look like I'm the one giving Terence a present.

Okayla, the end. I love True Fitness! Ever since I join, I got so much free stuff! :P So much free stuff until I can give away to my friends. (I gave the present to Pauline since I already have all the prizes... can give away new gym bag next time? The zip to my current bag BROKE. :c ).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 155

Went for Body Jam with Kit yesterday. I am really starting to like Kit's classes...!! And I'm really glad that she has taken over the Monday evening slot. Walked in a bit late for the class because of work, missed the beginning parts of the whole The Trouble With Me performance track. :( Luckily could catch up easily as that is one of my favorite tracks! Pauline walked in after that to PCD's Don't Cha, and then we did the same performance track we did the last week, ie : Dance Floor / Get Busy. Glad that Pauline also enjoyed herself, said that she felt great that she was able to follow even though she hasn't been gym-ming for the past month. (Her house undergoing renovation... long story).

After that was Body Combat with Terence and Lorraine... hmmm... Pauline told Terence that she had a friend who is worried he will stop teaching BC after _______. And he suspected that the friend is myself... instantaneously wtf. And he said that he has been ________ for more than 1 year and not stopping. :3 Well, it's not like I made it up about instructors who are ________ and stop teaching... I have a colleague who after _______ became the #1 "loh foo" in the office. Cannot do this, cannot do that, cannot even go for company annual dinner because of _______. O_o It's not like his case is so uncommon, I am just wary of all males who have _________ after that to stop all social life wtf.

Warm up and the first track were from the latest release... felt quite zzzz, thought that Terence was going to do more new tracks than old. After that we had "the remixed Greensleeves", Power of Love (as Terence said... I'm very lucky, kekeke), Black Parade, Bagpipes, Jump for Muay Thai, YMCA for recovery, Sound of the Underground for conditioning and Because we Believe for cooldown etc. Yay! I especially liked YMCA and Black Parade... mwahahha, now I know the correct way to punch someone in the ribs! :D

Oh, and the "remixed Greensleeves holds dear to my heart because I remember going to the gym for the first and last time with Ben and he did this track. I was saying, "Eh, I just realised this is Greensleeves."
"Now only you know? It's the f*cked up version" <--- Ben Hahahahah... so even though I found out the name of the track, I still call it "the remixed Greensleeves".

After class, went to McDs cos Pauline wanted to collect the Olympic glass that they are giving away with their "Gold Medal Meal". Met some other Combat enthusiasts there... who recognised me and were so happy to recognise me .. hwahhaha... What does that even mean. Anyway, they have this realllly cute baby boy... so cute! Want to cuddle him! :D

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 154

Started the day out with my usual 3-classes-in-a-row on Friday. :) Happy to say that I don't feel tired at the end of it all, a little sore in the muscles and feet, but otherwise it's like I could go on and on. =) Friday's Body Jam class was replaced with Kit again, and she's another instructor who likes doing old tracks and not just latest releases, so what can I say, I'm in love. =p Actually, there was one track which I think is from the latest latest release - Run It. I swear, it's my first time doing it! It's quite difficult la, all this pop&lock stuff. Haih, but at least we got to do this pretty old performance track that has Sean Paul's Dance Floor, Get Busy along with Bobby Brown's Humpin' Around and all. I LOVE THAT PERFORMANCE TRACK! Dance instructors, please do it more often, it really gets the crowd goin'. :)

After that was Body Step with Anthony & another shadow-er. I think Body Step has a lot of new trainee instructors, every week Anthony has someone new shadowing him! Again, we did a mix of old and new... and he did Do Somethin' as the finale track again. Hehehe, I'm so familiar with that track that I even know when the "throw glass" action comes in. :P

Last of all was Body Combat - James class again. OHAI Mr Dangerous Guy... you see when I come in late to the class I freaking stand at the back when my "regular" place is taken up. I don't freaking stand 1 foot away from you.

I don't wanna bother about that DG guy already la, I don't know why he irks me so much! See him in the class makes me feel T____T already. Did I mention that his DG antics also made him stamp on my foot recently. I am so unforgiving, once I kena I cannot even feign a smile and say "that's alright" because it's NOT. Cos I know that he wouldn't have hit me if he had a sense of rhythm and was following the timing and not trying to show off by punching fastER than the choreography. I mean, that's not the point! !!! ! ! ! ! !

Anyway, class was really good, James does all the old tracks. *heart*
You know how rare it is to find such an instructor. And he *doesn't* forget the chorey?
Cue another instructor : "Cannot remember the chorey then don't do that track lar, do something else." Nah, not I say one, your own sifoos also say so.

But not James!! Support his class!! The tracks we did that day (some which I still can remember la):

~ Full Metal Jackass (great song! hahaha)
~ Bagpipes (haih, the days when the class members yelled along with "LISTEN TO MY BAGPIPES!" are gone gone gone)
~ Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Ehehe, I can't remember anymore.

Anyway my gym entries are getting bitchier and bitchier... sorry la, looks like gym is not a good place for a stress reliever for me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 153

Monday's exercises - Body Jam with Raymond. He does some pretty old & unique songs, like La Bamba, which I absolutely adore, but he always gets confused with the direction. I think it's because he's more used to dancing with us on the floor than on the stage. ;)

After that was Body Combat, replaced with Lorraine. She "announced" Terence's reason for not showing up, and all I can say is... CONGRATS! Hehehe... I hope he won't end up like my colleague who upon _____, starts hibernating at home only and ceases all sporting activity. :( Binz, I am talking about you, wtf.

Lorraine's class was uber good, she did a few tracks that I missed doing, like Shut Up N Drive, that one's really good. Anyway, I'm blogging this on Thursday, super forgetful about the tracks that we did. But I remember enjoying myself a whole lot though... except for..

..the part where this n00b in Body Jam totally stamps on my freaking leg because she doesn't know which side we are headed towards. Sigh, if you want to pretend that you are dancing in a field full of faeries and not looking at the instructor's movements at all, then I suggest you buy a bag of shrooms and twirl about in your bedroom instead of endangering MY life. My leg fucking hurts ok!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 152

Went for Body Combat in Taipan since I was unable to wake up to go to Jaya33, haha. Anyway, there was a instructor replacement... er.. okay la, we did a mix of old tracks and the latest release... well... only two comments, which is :
a. "Bad" from the latest release starts with a switch knee. I am sooooooo certain of that ok. I keep missing out whenever we do Bad because the switch knee starts IMMEDIATELY ... so this time when I heard the music, I straightaway oh-so-certainly started with a switch knee. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?!!? THe instructor didn't!! And all the way for the first sequence, he just did the knee and punch. No switch knee! Boy did I look like an idiot, but u know what? I persisted... cos I was so sure that sooner or later he'd realise it's a SWITCH knee and then change, but he didn't, until the second set! WHY!! Wasted my effort to remember choreo.

b. I was happy when he did U R My Phantasy, because that's like, one of my favorite final tracks. Just to note, the final combo is 2 jab, 2 cross, 1 slow upper on each hand, 2 right hook, 2 left hook. End ~ of ~ story!!

Skipped Body Jam, not really in the mood for it, besides Anthony didn't show up, hehe.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 151

Today... I outdid myself... *pats self on back*.
Could've gone to Jaya33 for the "Funky Friday Night" theme, but I knew that there would be tonnes of people, couldn't be bothered. But wait for the "Clash of the Titans" Body Combat... packed also I will squeeze myself inside. Hohoho... and if the Dangerous Guy stands next to me, then I'll be fcuked.

First up... Body Jam. Since Jason would be doing FFN, Kit replaced him. First time in her class, not bad. Did a mix of old and new tracks. Starting to like Work for the warm up track. Then we went to Latin (Don't You Worry Bout A Thing / Let's Get Loud) before going back to the new release for Feedback. Super simple movements, but with attitude, it's a super stylish dance. For recovery we had Anita, and we ended with the latest release's performance track and Beautiful Liar for cooldown.

Honestly, I wasn't feeling very upbeat for gym today. I haven't been getting enough sleep the past few days, and then today I forgot to bring my water bottle. -___- Halfway through the performance track, I felt like fainting!! And I know it's not due to lack of stamina, but because I was still drowsy. Zzz. Anyway, am proud that I managed to finish the class and didn't walk out early. Heh heh.

The old Leech would go home at this point, but since I'm going to the gym less & less, once I'm in I decided to go for Body Step. Same as last week, Anthony was teaching, and he did old tracks! I'm not a frequent Body Stepper, so I don't remember the names of the tracks. There was Superstar, Red Blooded Woman, Pour Some Sugar on Me (one of my fave Body Step tracks) and Do Something amongst the old tracks that Anthony did. I really had fun!

Again, old Leech would go home after Body Step. But I thought, what the hey, I already "tahan" my drowsiness for 2 hours +... let's see how long I can last in BOdy Combat. Besides, James is the "new instructor on schedule" after Adrian left, so I was curious to see how it would go. Honestly --- I didn't have high expectations because I thought he was going to do the entire BC #36 release again. Zzzz.. not that I don't like it, but I have grown afraid of Zombie and Don't You Wanna Feel.

But!! I'm so happpppppyyyyy in James class because he did old releases! And not like #35 or #34.. like way back to the Sweet Child O' Mine and Power of Love days! T3T Okay, I was beyond tired at this point, so I just went through the motions. Lagi don't remember the stuff that we did, but I remember there was also Tribal Dance, Pump It, Trouble for warm up... hehe.

Support James class!! More BC members next week plz. Felt lonely shouting by myself.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 150

Another day, another day of Body Combat! I think the latest release is really good, not sick of it, so despite them still doing the new releases, I don't get irritated like last time. I started going off BC when there was this horrible horrible release... I don't even remember which one it was. Anyway it was super demotivating. Wanted to go for my Jaya33 marathon, but due to my screwed-up sleep cycle, I totally overslept. Had to go to Taipan instead, and walked in late to Alex's class. Hehehe. He said, "Where have you been? Long time didn't see". Or something like that. O_O Wah, how you know me wan.

Still on the new release, the only old song he did was Power of Love. Yeay!!!!!! So happy to be doing this track, especially since he did it instead of the new release "split the class into 2" track. I don't think I can do single lunges anymore! Did I mention that went I went for Step + BC yesterday it was total torture for me to do the lunges? Cos they have lunges by the truckload in Step as well! For this quarter's new release, it's dangerous (haha!) to do Body Attack + BC + Step back to back due to the high amount of concentration on the lunges. T_T

After that , went for Anthony's Body Jam class. Did the new release for the second time, and I'm really getting to like it more and more! Fun class, but super tired. My friend invited me out to KLPAC that night and had to decline. Beauty sleep comes first, heh heh heh.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 149

Just found out that Adrian will be moving over to Abu Dhabi for work, so he won't be teaching at TF anymore for x number of years. :( So sad, whenever I get used to an instructor's class (ie : tracks he teaches, his cues, his teaching style, etc), then they leave!! (Or I leave).

Anyway, his "last class" on Friday was great! Except for "We're Not Gonna Take This", everything else was from the latest release. Eh, and he had this thing of pulling a member of the class on stage to shadow him. I was quite reluctant to do this because I don't think that pple who are not certified instructors should be on the stage. Elitist la. But it was all for fun, anyway I can see why people want to be instructors!! Feeling the energy of the class participants from the stage, pushing yourself to be faster and stronger, everyone's movement together like one single machine... unbelievable! :D Thank you for the opportunity Adrian. :P

Before Body Combat, I went for Body Step - Anthony's class. Was pleasantly surprised to find that I could totally follow all the new tracks for the new release with no problems. :P I guess all that mountain and step climbing was good for my legs after all. :P I'm now back to being a Step fan, totally want to do Step at least once a week. :) :)

Well, that's all for Friday classes, it's great to be back! Been overseas again - been in Hong Kong & Macau. And next week I'll be in Genting for an IT conference. Missing out on too much gym! :(

P.S : Adrian, you should have done the 3rd track with your fiancee instead.. the lyrics are perfect! "You stood by me and I stood tall, I had your love I had it all..." Better than Walking in Memphis!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 148

My calves were aching the whole day, funny place to feel pain right? I climbed 3,264 steps in Batu Caves on Sunday to train for the may-or-may-not-happen KK expedition. Thought my thighs would be dead, but my calves are totally frozen now. @_@ Weirdness! Anyway, I put some Counterpain onto it and it was still pain, was thinking whether I should-or-should-not go for Body Combat today.

The whole "It's Terence's class, so you must go!" logic went through, wahliau, typing it out here makes me seem like so "pei meen" to him. Guess what? He didn't show up! -___- Purposelyyyyy went some more because next week I'll be going to HK so I'll miss classes again. I always end up missing other people's BC classes, although one of my favorite GX classes, end up doing it once a week only. :\ Anyway, his replacement was James, the dude who last time Terence did a clearing test / assessment / whatever with. Hmm.. ok la.. pei meen, don't walk out of the class... wtf. :P

It was a really good class, just a bit quiet. I totally slacked during the "Don't You Wanna Feel" track except during the lunges. I did the lunges properly... and was surprised that I didn't keel over and die. I've been doing too many lunges dey!! Since I'm more familiar with the tracks (sendiri praise sendiri), I can pinpoint more clearly which ones I like.

As before, still like the warm up of Walking in Memphis - James Bond theme.
Still like Born To Be Wild.
Think I'm all kinds of awesome in "Magic Touch" (Sendiri praise sendiri again).
Think Zombie is still pretty difficult, because of timing issues. The chorey just doesn't feel right to me la.
LOVE "Bad". I think I was super recovered by this point, dunno where I got the reserve energy from, hehehe.
Party Non-Stop is an AWESOME Muay Thai track! I love the whole kick-and-ginga sequence, even though the beginning has the punch-downwards thing which I'm still not sure whether I'm doing right or not. James didn't try to break my arm showing me like Terence. Anyway, I look macho.
Good to me is ok... a bit boringzzzzz towards the end because I'm not a fan of trying to make my arms fall off my doing speedballs and then punching non-stop.

And I adoreeeee the World in Union 95 cooldown track. =)))))) It's sooooo nice. It's sooooo uplifting. =)

Ok, I'm happy, there's a new instructor who I don't hate now. =)

[[ hahaha, not like I hate any instructors la, disclaimer disclaimer ]]

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 147

Okay, I ended up waking up late and missing Combat + Attack. My legs really cannot take it anyway. T_T Had to go to Desa Kepong to get my camera back as well... so that's why. I have good reasons! Not simply wanna miss classes... hehe.

But I went for Danny's Dance Mania classes... omg.. so long didn't go for it. T_T So glad I went. It's classes like todays one that make me sooooooooo addicted to Dance Mania. :) He did Rhythm of the Night. LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY.

Haih, I wish he repeated the "entire performance" a few more times. ^^

Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 146

I skipped 3 days of gym ... due to work I think. And watching Beauty & The Beast. :)

On Friday, was thinking of going for Body Jam in Taipan, but because of work, I would be late. So I thought, why not go to Jaya33. They have Body Jam too at a later time. The slots for GX classes in Jaya 33 is not bad either... maybe I'll start coming here on Fridays next time. :)

Ended up late for Body Combat in Jaya33 as well, but thank God (more on that later). Did just Cardio Wave for 20 minutes at level 7. Gradually getting back the stamina levels. ;P

Went for Body Attack with Kim. OMGZZZZ new Body Attack tracks are killer. SO MANY LUNGES some more. If I went for BC, definitely cannot take it for Body Attack. T___T There's only one track that I realllyyyy like for BA, and it is You can't stop the beat. Hahaha, I just love the songs in Hairspray! This is my first time in Kim's class, and she's a really good instructor. Hmm.. wonder where else she teaches.

Finally .. it was Body Jam. Got to try the new release... and it's not bad at all! Lots of very aerobic and strong movements, so you really get to sweat a lot in this new release. Sorry to those who like salsa / latin.. none of that! I don't like the warm up (Kelly Rowland's Work), but everything else after that until the performance track (gila babi difficult) was quite nice. The "voodoo drop" track is very high-energy, but once you get the hang of the movements, it's damn nice when everyone performs in sync. Oh, and the "line dancing" like track is also fun , hahha. I think I'll be able to do it better after a few more classes. :P

Legs aching like mad now.
Contemplating Combat / Attack / Mania on Saturday... :P

Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 145

Arrived at the gym a little too late for Body Jam, so I worked out for 20 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. Standard at level 6, really pushed myself and it felt great! Also because there was this girl next to me who is damn high stamina one, so I kiasu-ed and didn't want to lose out to her also, hehe. :P

After that was time for Body Combat. Don't know why got people wanna stand sooooo near to me when they come late when there's so much more space in the middle of the room. Like me issit??? -___- Anyway, got to try the new BC 36 --- really enjoyed it but I don't think I can do the "split the class into two" track for a very long time. Forgot to write yesterday that I did 50 lunges on each leg on Sunday. HOW was I to know that there's a CRAZY lunges track in BC? BC is really becoming like Body Attack already! -_______-

Started with Walking in Memphis, which I liked so much last time that I blogged about
Scooter's version here. I thought this would be Scooter's version as well ("I'm Raving, I'm Raving"). It goes into James Bond Theme at the end of the warm-up. Alright warm-up, nice songs, the movement is quite typical and nothing new... so no complaints. :P

I like Born To Be Wild, can't really remember Magic Touch and Zombie for the jump kick track was quite difficult. Wah, training BC enthusiasts to become like Wolverine. The scratching is a bit like the elbow down movement in Muay Thai in the sense that your back leg definitely has to go down for the crunch for maximum impact. It's more difficult in the sense that after doing that, they still expect you to go jumpkick in front. Haih... really losing stamina at this point...

... but what comes next is even more horrible! It's the "split class" track - Don't You Wanna Feel. If this doesn't make you sweat buckets, I don't know what will.

a. jump & jab, skip backwards WHILE avoiding people from the other side which has crossed over. I KENA BANGED INTO LOR...

b. high knees running

c. LUNGES zomg.. some more SINGLE LUNGES... and you should see the way Terence does it ... he goes almost all the way down and damn fast and as if his thighs don't feel any pain at all. T___T This is supposedly how he does lunges when he's "not feeling well" some more. T____T

Was almost dead by this point, but persevered to recovery (have to get used to the quick back kicks), Muay Thai (crazy amount of knees! but it was quite fun) and the final track (speedball and CRUNCH!). Haih, the 1 hour passed by very quickly indeed. Oh yeah, for those who loved it, the switch-knee makes an appearance again. ^^ I find it easier if I keep bouncing on my toes ("speed step!" according to Prince of Tennis, ahhaha), but I have a feeling that if I keep doing it like that I'm going to make my calves more MUSCULAR than ever. T_T Oh, and Muay Thai track has the "punching down" motion thingy... I DON'T GET IT! And I think Terence tried to break my arm trying to manipulate it into the correct position zomg. T_____T

Conditioning is all about the abs (yay!), "I am Rocky Balboa" yo. And I really like the cool down track at the end. =) It's different, that's all I can say.

Should I go for BC tonight? I can't wait to do all the tracks (EXCEPT for the split class track) again! ^^

P.S : Nahhhhh, think I'll just go for Gentle Yoga. Going for Beauty and the Beast tomorrow, so Wednesday's Hot Yoga session has to be replaced today. Tuesday is kinda free for me. I can alternate between Jaya 33 or Taipan or just veg at home. :P

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 144

WTF, did I really not go to the gym for 2 weeks?!
*checks entries*

Ok, lessee --- was pretty busy from June 17 - June 20 due to work issues.
June 21 - June 24 was in Batam
June 25 - June 27 was sick after trip to Batam (how unfortunate)
June 28 - Mom's birthday celebration : ate too much so couldn't exercise after that (after vomit then how)

So I guess it's true! Didn't exercise for two weeks and ate-ate-ate, no wonder I still haven't lost my vacation weight. Thought I would lose weight from being sick, but looks like those are just pipe dreams.

Somehow dragged myself to the gym on Sunday, and even then the main reason was because I needed to get my shoes fixed by the cobbler in Taipan and not because I felt like losing weight. I have a problem whereby I can think of 101 reasons why I needn't go to the gym. I'd try to eliminate all these bad excuses one by one, but a new one always sprouts up. If I do wind up going to the gym, I end up saying things like, "BOY WAS I GLAD I WENT. IT WAS SO AWESOME!" So why can't I keep that feeling of awesomeness inside me and keep driving myself to go more often? The spirit is weak indeed.

Anyway, they have launched the new releases for the 2nd quarter, so I'm quite hyped up to try them all out. Didnt get a chance to on Sunday because I went for MTV Jam with Meei (its a bit like Danny's Dance Mania, except Meei will definitely do more hip-hop-ish moves). I think I'm pretty stiff when I'm dancing, but Meei said that I had the stamina and steps, need to be more flexible and "enjoy" the music though. T_T (tears of gratitude). :) Really enjoyed myself even though hip-hop isn't my thing and I think I managed to do some poppin' and lockin' of my own... *perasan* Hahahah!

Weight training on my own after that : 20 minutes "total body workout" on the strider-lookalike,
abductor, adductor (now increased to 30lb, 25lb, 20lb), chest press (still stuck at 15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg), calve extensions, MTS rows (still stuck at 12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg), sit ups (total 60 situps, 20 of them butterfly-style), biceps curls, triceps extensions...

That's about it. Looking forward to BC tomorrow! New release!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 143

Went for Body Combat today... stood at the back of the class to get a "different perception". Anyway, sometimes I look at myself in the mirror too much that I don't look at the instructor (too vain, haiyoh), so by standing at the back, at least I can see how others and the instructor himself also does. =) Aside from that, I personally dislike some people who are "regulars" who go in to the class late and then just stand in front of the other people who are already there. Hmmm... I kena this from someone in _______ before. What can I say... you are a regular and you're not FANTASTIC (you know I know everybody knows), so pls don't perasan and block people.

Today's class quite syok also, especially towards the end... managed to find some reserve energy and "throw all out" for Ride On Time. :) That's another track that I missed doing. =) Warm up of Angels / Dancing Up A Storm. Followed by The Roof is On Fire (which turns into "my feet is on fire!"), a track that I kept thinking was Come With Me but isn't, so I've quite forgotten what it is. :P After the circle track, I don't know the rest of the tracks except for U + Ur Hand and Ride on Time. :\ We had Switch to work on the abs, I'm so thankful for that (no push ups! yay!) and then cool down was Blaze of Glory which I always identify as the "cowboy" song. Don't you think it sounds semi cowboy to you?

Ok, rambling, very sleepy, need to go to work EARLY for once. :) Take care and goodnight!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 143

Had to work late the whole week, so I *had* to squeeze in some time to work out on Saturday even though I woke up late (crying session the night before wtf) and then had a wedding dinner to attend at night. @_@ In the end, I was 30 minutes late to my friend's house, but thank God they were even later than me. :P

15 minutes on the Cardio Wave, some leg extensions and leg curls, some triceps extensions, some chest press, some calve extensions and I'm good to go. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 142

Gosh, this is really backdated. But this is just for recording purposes, want to see how many times I actually go to the gym a month. So : I WENT FOR BODY COMBAT on the 9th of June, thank you very much.

Can't remember much about it except that we did Friends for the circle track and Terence said that I "pancit" very fast wtf. T_T

And he said that he hates the "ghosts are coming to get you" Muay Thai track, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it! I think the choreography is awesome and fits in well with the whole build-up of the song. Damn nice la. Creepy lyrics, but still nice. Heheh.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 141

Haih, I forgot that I would miss my most beloved "marathon Friday" workout because I had to celebrate my paternal grandma's ("amah") birthday. Have to make up for it on Saturday (my beloved 5 class marathon...!!) but today is a public holiday! Hence, I could be more sociable and meet up with old friends instead. =)

Right after our meet up, I some how ended up lost and was on the Federal Highway... so I decided to drop by Jaya 33 after all. =) Somehow ended up in time for Jason's Body Jam class... fated to go for dance class today! :D He had two other instructors with him --- Caroline & Stephanie. I think Caroline is damn geng la! Especially when she was doing the final performance trackGet Down. O_O Impressive la! Til today I don't know how to do that jumping bit.. but never mind la, as long as got jump. :P

Jason "forewarned" us that it was going to be a dead-tiring class, and he didn't lie. We started with Buttons, then Let's Get Down Tonight which is a damn nice disco track which so far I only have the chance to do in his class, then Chaka Khan omg! HAhaha... was just talking about it in the last few entries... well, this time I got to do the full track. Nice song la... almost becoming one of my favorites even if I can't do the fast leg movements wonderfully. B-u-d-d-y was next, followed by the performance track from Jam #42. Long time haven't done this track ~~~! Totally forgot most of it. Come to think of it, #42 had a lot of nice stuff. A lot of the instructors still like doing Don't You Worry Bout a Thing / Let's Get Loud, and even Umbrella for recovery. But what happened to Do It Again / One & Only! I really miss doing those tracks! :D

After that, I had to do my weight training :
+ 20 minutes on the cardio wave machine
+ 3 sets of abductor
+ 3 sets of adductor
+ 3 sets of chest press
+ 3 sets vertical traction
+ 3 sets squats
+ 3 sets of calve extensions
+ 3 sets triceps extensions
+ 3 sets triceps pulldown
+ 5 minutes on the Stairmaster

I might do more weight training tomorrow... see the mood! :P

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 140

I'm gonna start doing RPM again, semi-inspired by a certain gym instructor who swore he lost damn a lot of weight doing RPM!! **no prizes for guessing who**

Went for RPM Challenge with David... one hour of pure cycling. Met a nice dude there who taught me how to adjust my bike. *grateful grapefruit* Yeah... I didn't make the same mistake I made last time (ie : didn't adjust the gears on the bike at all), but thanks to knowing how to adjust the gears I slacked more. Didn't really push myself at all, except for certain parts here & there, and for the 2nd last track. O_O Well, it was quite fun, and I did enjoy some of the tracks, like I Want You To Want Me, I really like the version they used in RPM!

See ya'll next week in RPM. (Feel quite sad that I'll be missing Dance Mania, but nowadays the classes are so packed that I can't really go all "mania" anyway. :c )

Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 139

Superhuman Fridays:

Body Jam
Jason's class was replaced by Shirlyn, who told us that she understands if we're disappointed that Jason didn't come. Awwwww, but we love Shirlyn's classes too, right? She did a few of my favorites : Mundian To Bach Ke / Snap, Please Don't Stop the Music, Hips Don't Lie, Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Haih, dance classes nowadays are getting sooooo packed in Taipan, barely any place to really "let go" without threatening to kick someone. Especially for tracks like Please Don't Stop the Music. When I first joined Taipan, they told me that the studios are so ridiculously large that they will never be at "maximum capacity", but I see this more and more often.

Please solve this problem, True Fitness!!! :( :( :(

Weight Training
Macho Leech did :
- 20 minutes on the strider
- 16, 18, 20 leg extensions (25kg, 20kg, 15kg. But I think 25kg is too steep to start with. Will lower next time)
- 16, 18, 20 leg curls (25kg, 20kg, 15kg. As above).
- Lunges, 30 per leg, body weight only
- 16, 18, 20 chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
- 16,18,20 High MTS row (12.5, 10, 7.5 kg)
- A horrendous amount of calve extensions at about 20kg. Cos I was so frustrated at the state of my calves that I just kept on with the extensions while frustratingly thinking about how my legs resemble tree trunks wtf.
- 20,30,40 Abdoniminal crunches
- 16,18,20 tricep extensions (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
- 5 minutes on the thigh burner workout with the step machine (can faint wan!)

Body Combat
Adrian said that he would be doing all the new releases, which made me very happy... until he missed out You Can't Stop the Beat. >=( At least there was Jump but I kinda screwed up the choreography, heh heh. AND ADRIAN : WHEN THE DANGEROUS GUY IS IN THE CLASS, DON'T ENCOURAGE DEATH BY DOING A CIRCLE TRACK LIKE Don't Stop Me Now. WTF.

Adrian said something was missing, maybe because the class of 10 people was not loud enough for him. =( But I think it's because he missed out You Can't Stop The Beat. And Piece of Heaven. And boy is the new Muay Thai track horrendously difficult or what? Swing the victim left and right la, knee him la, then elbow him down some more. Wahseh...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 138

I'm so lazy nowadays. Lazy to go to Taipan and look for free parking space, lazy to go for one hour classes when it's so much easier to go home and veg in front of the PC. I keep telling myself not to go for classes because I lack sleep and doing a class half-heartedly and looking at the clock, willing time to go faster is a far cry from enjoying the class and wishing it'll never end.

I only went today because my boss asked :
"Leech, still not going home yet?"
Me : "Er... no." (Sounds hardworking, but I was watching a BB match live which was quite a nailbiter!)
Boss : "No gym?"
Leech : "Lazy to go nowadays la boss!"
Boss : "You must've lost weight recently, that's why you don't want to go!"
Leech : "Actually, I didn't lose any weight..." *is guilt-tripped* *starts packing up bags*

Anyway, I really have to lose as much weight as possible cos I'm going to 3 weddings within the next 4 weeks... and one of them hasn't seen me in about 3.5 years. I don't want the first words out of his mouth to be, "Leech, you have gained weight again!" T___T And I'mma be pigging out in Penang this coming weekend, so I have to negate the pigging out by losing more weight first, hahaha. Craziness.

Well, I just went on Cardio Wave machine for 20 minutes, did all 4 positions (as indicate on the machine). Went up to level 8 already, and didn't feel much stress / pain. Too macho already. I'll try to go up to level 10 and maybe for 30 minutes next time. *brave face*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 137

I am so extremely, superbly, proud of myself! I really feel like my stamina level is back to normal! All hail Leech! Wonderwoman indeed! :D *kononlah*

Teman-ed Pauline again to Taipan... although she has a passport membership she rarely comes here, and she insist on coming to Taipan on Monday for ... *drumroll* Terence's Body Combat class lor. Why so "mm pei meen" to the other BC instructors in Jaya 33?? :P She said that Jaya 33 BC not so much "noise"... sememangnya budak yang suka menjerit. :) Why am I speaking so much BM nowadays? Kerana budak baru di dalam team kami di opis budak Melayu. Jadi, saya pun mula campur BM ke dalam conversation harian saya. Sah bahasa pasar!!


Started with Body Jam in ***'s class. Mm... nice song selection... but I think that *** is new in teaching... so er.. no comments. No doubt he is a fabulous dancer, just that... mmm.. maybe can help teach us to become as fabulous as him also? Otherwise we're all lost?? Hmm.. okie. End-of-story. We had some nice stuff la, like Chelo's Cha Cha, Gasolina, Chaka Khan (damn nice, esp with the finger wagging stuff) , Good Luck (long time didn't do!)... left early to "pa wai" for BC (as usual).

Body Combat with Terence was really fun! He had this dude James to shadow him... oh wait, he was doing his clearance which is different. I think this dude James will make a good instructor... he can speak well... er... and he looks macho... and ... his cueing is good... and he makes corny jokes to make the class laugh. Sorry, at the moment cannot remember what corny stuff was said... I just know that I remembered at that point, "eh I must blog that this dude says corny stuff."

Maybe I'm biased, cuz he did 5 tracks from the new release and zomg, I like the new release veryyyyy much!! :) :) :) :) :) :) So regret going to Cambodia and being unable to do the tracks for 1 month!! That's how much I like it, usually I get sick after doing the stuff for a while, but now I wanna go and find out which instructor likes doing new releases and then stalk them all over Sri Hartamas / Pavilion / Jaya 33 / Taipan. Muwah-haha-hahaha-hahaha!!!

The 5 tracks are :
01a Amazed (Pascal mix) – Dancing DJs feat.Croline Griffin
01b The Hives – Tick Tick Boom
02 The United Vibe – Scooter
03 Piece of Heaven – Wave
04 Jump – Group X
05 You Can’t stop The Beat – Nikki Blonsky
(This is so stolen from the Fitness-Fever forum... :P )

For 01a & 01b (warm up track), I don't really remember much about it. Tick Tick Boom was alright, only because of the synchronisation between the kicks and the beats. Favorite warm-up track is still Stuck on You .T___T

02 is also erm... ok. I think this is the track which has the crazy amount of round house kicks? And then despite not being able to do the kick-and-rest (repeat ad infinitum), Terence thinks it's a good idea for us to challenge ourselves and kick-do-not-rest-just-fold-thy-leg-back-in-kick. T_____T Anyway, it's SCOOTER ok, so I always support Scooter tracks. :P

03 is damn nice!!! I really like the music, and I like the choreography - simple but energetic and easy to work up a sweat! Adrian did it on Friday and Saturday, so this isn't really the first time I'm doing this track. Heh heh heh. I like it!! :) :)

04 is reallllllly cute. And I like the lyrics of this song (oldie! It's a remake of Van Halen, duh. I like Van Halen since I was a kid in the 80s wey!). The whole step-kick-jump back twice - set up again chorey is so cute la. Haih... I love Van Halen I bought their cassette !!! :D :D :D

05 is the best ever, I think I like it as much as Power of Love! I'm sememangnya a fan of Hairspray, so I really like this song. And the choreography is so fun and why isn't everyone as semangat in doing the switch-punch thing. I think they should stamp harder then only got impact wtf.

After that, Terence took over the class. T___T No more new releases for me to try. T___T Anyway, he didn't do old tracks also (boycott). There was Behind the Cow (again, Adrian did it on Friday & Sat also... sigh, I think I can sing the whole song already. Even with the whole, "Alright crew... Introducing... Mr Fatman Scoop... Scooter what's up what's up what's up!!!!") I know la, I should be learning the choreography, not learning the song lyrics, but you know, you can really er.. perform better when you listen to the lyrics. That's what I don't understand, or maybe I'm the weird one here... I know you're supposed to have a "game face" when you're doing BC... like hello, you're supposed to be fighting someone?? But how can people look all sick sad serious when they hear all these kinda lyrics?? Or hear a niceeee song that brings them back in time or makes them feel like dancing yeahhhhh?? Anyway, Pauline doesn't understand why I am smiling all the time in BC, so maybe I am the weird one! I'm only serious / grumpy when :
a. I'm out of breathe / tired already
b. The song is boringzzzzzz
c. The instructor forgets the steps and the weird chorey makes me angsty. (WTF. Anyway this doesn't happen often la.)

Ok, enough about lyrics, I'm rambling.

For Muay Thai, we had Super Trooper??? I don't know, that's what Terence said. Anyway I kinda like this track for all the descending elbows and ascending elbows and elbow to the left elbow to the right and what not. Song wise.. meh.

Conditioning... some weird tribal song... tak tau.
Because we Believe for cool down. Before we started this, Pauline said, "This is my favorite cool down". Eh, I thought it was Breathe Easy? :P :P

Anyways.. after class Terence said that I should work on my upper cut. Honestly, I think my upper cut is very macho already, but he said that I should loosen up my shoulders, then it can work the entire body, not so stiff. Haih, I am afraid I'll end up looking like I'm dancing, but of coz I must listen to the boss. Just don't laugh when I try it out in the next class! :O

Haha, and Adrian & Terence are both obsessed with doing stuff that tones up the butt. Adrian describes it as "Do until the butt like cement" (ROFL) and Terence er... I'm going to ad lib here, said, "Do until you slap one time, it shake 3 times only then will stop." SO DESCRIPTIVE. O_O"

Supa long entry.... going off to watch The L Word now. Thinspiration!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 136

Teman-ed Pauline to Body Combat with Adrian in Jaya 33. She said that she kinda lost motivation to go to the gym ever since she switched from FF to TF and I'm like "NoooOOoooo..." The whole plan was that once she switched, then LT & husband, Pauline and myself can gym together, syioknya. Never really had any gym kaki, so the idea was pretty appealing la.

That's why I insisted she go for Adrian's class that morning. As luck would have it, I woke up 30 minutes before the class starts, then rush like a madwoman to Jaya 33. :P Luckily I was EARLY! The magic (and scariness) of my driving! :D

Adrian's class was pretty good... as usual, mix of the latest release and stuff from BC 33. He did the Here I Come track again... omg, again couldn't lift my leg properly. Think that I am doing something wrong la. Cos for the right side, it's always A-OK. When it comes to the left leg, cannot tahan AT ALL. T___T One-sided work out for me. :P

After that, was aching all over from over-exerting self on Friday, so I went back. Aiyoh, I'm psychotic la. I felt soooo bad for missing Body Attack and Dance Mania that I crept around the gym stealthily. As if takut to bump into any instructors who might catch me cutting class wtf. Bodoh!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 135

Wow, I'm so impressed with myself *praising self to high heavens*... my stamina is back... for sure! :P

Body Jam with Jason. His class is also super packed... and I was unfortunate to be surrounded by n00bs at the back... totally don't know how to dance and don't know how to "zhao wai". Cannot dance freely, cannot really go all out also. :( But I'm still really happy because I got to do the performance track from the new release! High impact aerobics, but simple movement. Ok la, not one of my favorites. :P We also did the Safri Duo song again... damn I love it! Can really sweat a lot there. Jason really did a lot of high impact tracks today. Kononnya he ate a lot and wants to shake it all out or something. Oh yeah, and we had Scandalous too. Who doesn't like Scandalous!!

No choice but to spend the next hour doing weight-training. I know la.. people say that after weight training you cannot go for cardio again. But due to weird schedulling, I'm forced to do it now or never. Started the weight training with 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. Damn I love this machine! I can really feel all the fats in the thighs being shaken out wtf. And toning the butt as well (when you lean forward, almost 90 degrees). Anyway, it's my favorite machine of the moment (beats the strider). I feel like doing 15-20 minutes on Cardio Wave ~every day~!!!

Weight training -
a) Adductor (25kg, 20kg, 15kg)
b) Abductor (25kg, 20kg, 15kg)
c) Chest press --- omg, so malu! I thought I was setting the weights at 15kg, but I didn't see that someone had put an extra 5kg weight on top! So I was pressing 20kg and wondering how come I'm suddenly so pathetic? I could only push once... then tahan for 10 seconds... push once ... tahan 15 seconds, etc etc. When I realised my mistake, I could only stare at the weights and feel like killing myself. Thanks to the "strain" of working at 20kg, later even at 10kg I was feeling miserable. Hahaha, and then Su-Yee saw me suffering. T____T
d) Low back row (something like 26kg, 24kg, 21kg).. I don't think I can do this in the future. It leaves my lower back feeling really painful!
e) MTS High Row (for the back) - 15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg... ok la. But didn't work my back that much. More on the biceps!
f) Calve extensions (50lb, 45lb, 40lb) - my calves which used to be so muscular now look purely FAT. Oh how I have degenerated.
g) Abdominal Crunch (50lb, 40lb, 30lb) - gone were the days when I can do 100. Now I did about 50 only.
h) Bicep curls, shoulder extensions (front & side) - I WAS SO ANGRY OK! Some guys took over the bicep & tricep machines and they weren't even working out! They were just sitting there watching FOOTBALL. @#$@#$@# So I used the free weights in the women workout area --- 3kg only la. Not much impact, but the next choice was 8kg which is just too much... !!
i) Another 5 minutes on the new Stepmaster before Body Combat starts... it's a pretty cool machine. Can tone the thighs and butt!! Maybe I'll try this for a longer period another day!

Lastly but not least:
Body Combat!! Heh heh heh. This is only my third class since I came back... I'm an embarassment! I thought Adrian will take-it-easy since there were so many n00bs in the class... yeah right! All the songs so high-energy and wtf...we did the evasive sidekick track. Until now I'm not sure of the chorey! But damn cool la, we had Behind the Cow (the track that always makes me geleng kepala because Scooter is soooo random), Girlfriend, The Roof is On Fire (hah! Who says Adrian doesn't do old tracks ah!), U R My Phantasy (whoever gave this special request, I thank yer!), Here I Come (damn difficult!! my leg cannot move at all also! Cos doing the lower back extension, it works your glutes already, and the abductor (or adductor, can't remember) also works your glutes. This was like, yet another glute workout?!?! My butt also like just wanna curl up and die la.

Anyway, cool class!! Makes me love Body Combat again. Now very hyped up to go for Saturday's class in Jaya 33 (usually taught by Delon, Pauline told me Adrian is replacing, kekeke if I go for it it's like stalking wtf).