Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 78

Oh my God... a bad day to start my RPM re-introduction. Reason? Find out more...

Yup, finally found a "good" day to start RPM again (David's class). :) Decided on today because I had PT (I usually have PT on weekends only) and I need the cardio workout anyway before pumping iron (ceh, macamlah sounds so great. :P). Also, I would miss Dance Mania, but I reckoned it's ok because I will still get my DM fix this Saturday (clear all schedules! must dance!).

Right... so I stepped into the RPM studio... my first RPM class in TF. Studio looks nice, with lots of bikes. Reminded me on why I hardly went for RPM back in Consplant. The bikes are lined up at the side, and there are limited number. They tried to "solve" the logistics problem by making people sign in for the classes 15 minutes before the class starts, but strangely, there were cases where we have pass but no bikes too... wonder why? -___- We = me and my friends who retold their sad stories to me as well.

Okay, so the studio was quite impressive... had a bit of trouble adjusting the bike and no kind gentleman rush to my rescue. *sob* Later, had trouble with the gears as well! During the warm-up track, I was wondering how the heck is it physically possible for those people to be cycling until their legs were a blur when I was finding it DAMN DAMN difficult to even cycle quickly, what more macam Speedy Gonzales. You see, unlike in FF where the Spinners have a gear like your normal bike, the adjuster for the ones in TF is like a dial. You have to keep turning anti-clockwise for less resistance, and turn right for more. Kind of an intuitive thing la. I didn't know! I thought just adjust a bit, then resistance will go down. Instead you have to give one full turn at least!

So I really suffered for the first 20 minutes of the class lor. What a bad way to begin my class right? I really should have dragged in an RPM-regular and make him/her teach me everything first!

Despite that, there were still 2 tracks that I really really liked. One is a song which has sounds something like "Pick Me Up". That one had a really good beat to it. The 2nd one is Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit - now that one I really liked cycling to. Also found out I really like cycling standing up much better than cycling sitting down. Fuuh! But when I imagine that I'm cycling up a really steep hill, I really start to *feel* the pain! (Actually, if I *was* cycling up a steep hill, what I'd do is get down and push the bicycle la.)

Cool down was a joy... don't know whether it's because of the music or because finally it was all over!

I'm gonna give RPM a 2nd chance... cos it deserves it! This time I know how to adjust the resistance properly. Hehe. Also because I'm a kiasu gymrat and when I see other people moving painlessly through the 50 minute ordeal, then I too must attain such stamina!

But I'm really glad I didn't vomit at the end of the class, hehehe. How did I feel? Well, how I'd feel after having a hard object between my legs for 50 relentless minutes. SORE. ;)

The reason why it's bad for me to start RPM reintroduction today. ...
Cos today's PT session was Fat Burn workout. Wtf. So more and more cardio after that.
A crazy total of 45 minutes on the crosstrainer!
Followed by 15 minutes on the threadmill. First 5 minutes at 5% gradient, then 10%
3 sets of abduction (40lb, 30lb, 30lb for 20 reps each)
3 sets of adduction (as above)
2 sets of torso rotation (12.5kg, 10kg for 15 reps, each side)

That's it! Actually, there was more ... supposed to have Cardio Wave and more CYCLING but full 1 hr was up and instructor asked me to do by myself. So I went back lor. Hehehe. Crazy ar... I think the RPM class made up for the rest of it. -___- Honestly --- I don't think my legs can do anymore repetitive cyclic motions ... hope I can still walk tomorrow because I'm going to go to Jaya33.

Oh ya, I watched a really nice movie while doing my entire cardio workout. Damn funny and sweet... it's called Aquamarine. It's a teen sorta chick flick la. Anyway, the guy in it is quite hot... hehehe. Too bad he's like 4 years younger than me. T_T Check out Jake McDorman here...

And the nice consultant is back from Pavilion. Nice seeing him tonight! Also collected my PLATINUM membership card. Hehehe. I have a red eye today! If I knew he was gonna be taking my picture tonight, I'd have collected it another day (I didn't know the card would be ready). Anyway, when he took my picture, another member was there, and I whined a little that it was gonna be awful cos of my red eye. Of coz, as front desk staff goes, he was nice and said, "No no, looks good. NIce smile." Then the other member said, "Sure or not?" and she went behind the counter and looked also. Alamak! She had an unreadable expression (somewhat doubtful) but said, "Yes yes... a cute picture." -____________- Sigh. One red eye and wet hair does not a good picture make.

Anyway yalah, I'm blogging about more random stuff than my actual workout. Very sleepy. TTYL! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 77

Today kinda no mood to go to gym la. Few sad things that happened...

Started off with Body Jam with Tina. She always does the "lesser done" performance tracks and songs, which is GOOD because you don't always want to do the same thing over and over again right? Mix it up a little. But today no mood to tell you what tracks she did because after like our warm up, there was this gal who just walked into the studio and stood right in front of me. -____- Not like there was not enough space, and EVERYTIME when I walk in late for a class, I go and stand at the back. I don't like, stand in front of someone and expect them to make space for me.

I dunno la. What do you think? Do you go and stand in front of someone? Some more not like she was damn good at Jam also so that I could follow her steps instead. -_____- Anyway, I didn't wanna make a fuss over it, considering that I wanted to concentrate more on the performance track (we did release #37, longggggggggg time since I did this) since I was dancing horribly. Was so happy that I have the excuse of skipping early since I wanted to get a good spot in BC later. =p =p

Went for BC... found out that Terence was MIA, replaced by Adrian. Oh nozzzzz... I knew I won't get my fix of old releases for today. ^^ But it's okay, as I mentioned, I skipped most of BC30 onwards, so in contrast to Jam, I need to catch up on the new stuff. Since it's all from recent releases that he did, I cannot remember the song titles, all sounds alike to me. Muwahhaha... Anyway, my mood improved slightly here cos got one girl talk to me in class today la. Why the heck I sound so happy over this? Cos she got potential to become gymrat-kaki... so I'm happy lor. And she said she notice me scurrying around TF very often... see? Got testimonial that I *do* work out often. =p =p Anyway, I hope she becomes a fellow Monday Combat kaki! =)

Ya... what more about today's BC class... Adrian gave me high hopes when he demo-ed the steps for the Muay Thai track. Thought he was going to do So What!... mana tahu turned out to be We Will Rock You. APALAH DEY!! Conned me!! :( :( :( :(

I'm in need for old tracks la. Need to find an instructor ASAP who will do the following (pwetty please with a cherry on top and lotsa caramel and chocolate fudge to boot!) :-
a) Sexy (French Affair)
b) Power Of Love
c) Addicted to Love
d) So What!
e) Full Metal Jackass
f) Livin' On A Prayer
h) Call Me
i) Kickin' Hard
j) Luv U More
k) Jigga Jigga
l) Sweet Child O' Mine
m) Genie in a Bottle
n) Bagpipes
o) Shake That
p) Bad & Sexy
q) Neck Breaker
r) Come With Me
s) Push It Again (Push It Good!!! YEAH BABY...)
t) Wasabi! (Can jump like a frog here)
... and others that I don't know the name. The "fcuked-up Greensleeves remix" as dubbed by Ben is pretty awesome too. Haha. Anyway, no need to think so hard for which tracks to do next time la... I gave you 20 tracks ady, just pick n choose baby! :P :P Guaranteed high response, superb energy, fun class!! GUARANTEEEDDDDDDD....

As promised, I went for Jazzercise, since it was Natasha's last class. *cue for tears* She did the same tracks as last week, really enjoyed myself. Got a lot of nice songs ler --- my favorite thus far is Candyman (the choreo for this is nicer than the Body Jam one...keke) and Apache Rocks The Bottom. Mmm.... so not really a good mood surrounding the class since it is our last one with her. Nik - a member with lots of initiative - came up with a petition to have TF retain night Jazzercise classes (the Tuesday mornings one is still around, not to worry!), but only got x signatures so far. So disheartening ya? Anyway, Natasha remembers me from last week... *sob*sob* I'm so forgettable that when pple remember me I'm really touched. Some more I don't have an English name... anyway, she gave all of us a "farewell" present --- a face towel...!! I hope that I will see her next time if the petition is successful....

See la how Cardio Defense will be like next week...

Other weight-training I did while waiting for classes to start :
a. Abdominals (22.5kg, 20kg, 17.5kg)
b. Chest Press (12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg)
c. Back extension (kinda fugged this one up... forget it)
d. Leg extension (for glutes) - 2 sets only @ 22.5kg, 17.5kg (somewhere there la, cannot remember ady)

Yup.. that's all. Tomorrow got training some more... *argh*

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 76

Sunday turned out to be the Marathon Day instead, since I had a social life to attend to on Saturday. :) Quite sad cos I had to miss Dance Mania, you donno me la, was thinking 300x whether I really want to miss Dance Mania or not. But I reckoned that if I didn't meet up with my friend on Saturday, then really I don't think I'll ever see her, cos she's only free on Saturdays!

So this whole week didn't get to swim, and didn't get to go Jaya33 even. What a waste!

Today's workout started with Body Combat with Jun Yin. He also had Emma to assist him (first time saw her, she's cool, tell ya why later). As usual, Jun Yin's favorite tracks are all from BC #30 and BC #32. It was nice also la, because those were the releases where I started skipping BC, so I had to relearn everything again. :P Also, Jun Yin let me punch him ler, another BC instructor who is willing to be my personal target. :) :) :) *heart*heart*heart*

Oh ya, the reason why I like Emma ... ! Cos thanks to her I finally figured out how to do the conditioning for BC #32 - Fergie's Here I Come. Muwahahhaa... "I know it sounds rude, but pretend that you're a dog..." =)

After that was Body Jam with Jason. Nice tracks as usual - started off with Canned Heat and Buttons. Followed that up with two Latin back-to-back tracks. The Hips Don't Lie and Boom Boom one, and then the latest one featuring John Legend Don't you Worry Bout A Thing and J.Lo's Let's Get Loud. We then did the performance track from Friday (Drop It Like It's Hot, etc etc). Very fun class! There are more regulars in Jason's class than any other Jam class in Taipan I THINK.

Stop for lunch, followed it with Body Attack with Jason. Since I'm not familiar with Body Attack tracks, just have to say that this time he didn't do all the new releases .. *sob* The first few tracks were from either 1 or 2 releases prior (not so sure), the only new releases he did that I recognised were Apache Rocks the Bottom! and Layla. Oh ya, we did Jamelia's Beware of the Dog --- triceps friendly workout! Ok, I know I still suck very much at triceps pushups, but I think I'm really getting better. Seriously! At least I could do something like 60% instead of 10% this time. =p *unnecessarily proud of self*

Self-done personal training after that : -
1) 20 minutes on Cardio Wave machine @ level 6. Moved 7.14km, if machines can be believed!
2) Lunges using bodyweight. 16, 18, 20 reps on each leg
3) Hip adduction (50lb,40lb,30lb)
4) Hip abduction (as above)
5) Chest press (12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg)
6) Pectoral fly for deltoids (10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg)
7) Back deltoids row (10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg)
8) 50 situps
9) 50 butterfly chest lift
10) Bicep curls (10kg,7.5kg, 5kg)
11) Triceps extension (as above --- couldn't increase weights for biceps cos triceps still struggling)

Quite a thorough workout today! =) BTW, so far I have seen two people faint while working out at TF.. hahaha. What drama for the gym! :D

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 75

Was damn damn damn sleepy yesterday so I finally took a day of rest off gym! :) Was still tired today, left work on-the-dot so that I could get in some time on the Cardio Wave machine before Body Jam, but ended up falling asleep in my car @ Taipan. :^)

When I woke up, was still tired! Oh no, what happened to my wonderful stamina? Anyway, I dragged myself up, and was happy that I managed to do so in the end, because Jason's Body Jam class was AWESOME as always! Liked it even more today because he (as he puts it), "did his homework" and did some older performance tracks with us! Yay! Haven't done them in such a long time (for me at least), felt great to relearn the choreo.

Today's track listings :

1) Warm up : Boogie Tonite by BootieLuv
2) Follow up : Buttons by PCD
3) Salsa : Cha Cha by Chelo (Yes, finally found the name!) which goes into Gasolina (Daddy Yankee). I think this is perhaps the 2nd or 3rd time I'm doing this track... it's quite nice! Should do it more often!
4) Cardio Rock : Do It Again by Mega NuRave Styles which goes into One & Only (Fall Out Boy & Timbaland). One of my favourite tracks! High energy, super stylin'!
5) Recovery : Drop It Like Its Hot (Snoop Dogg) which goes into ....
6) Final Performance Track :
- Can't Get No Ooh Wee (Tyra)
- Lean Back ( Terror Squad)
- Pon De Replay (Rihanna)
- They Don't Want Music (BEP)
- The Boogie That Be (BEP)
- Humpin' Around (Bobby Brown)
- We Run This (Missy Elliot)
- Mo Money Mo Problems (Notorious B.I.G feat Mase)

The performance track is SOOOOOOOOO fun! Gosh, it's been AGES since we last did this perf track, the music is AWESOME, energetic, fun, COOL... hahhaa.. Can't stop raving about it. Choreo is pretty funky as well. Damn nice la!! Gosh! See, this is why I love Jam! The music, the moves, everything about it! Can't never give it up! :P

After that it was time for PT. *frowny face*

-> 30 minutes of crosstrainer. Put at level 6 (up one) and tried to keep the speed up. Managed to do 4.14 miles (km? Can't tell) which is about the same as at level 5. Of course, the strain was there, but I didn't give up! No sirree! Must upgrade oneself. ;)

-> 3 sets of lunges with the trainer. 16, 18, 20. Lunges are like, easy for me. Not to be action la...

-> 3 sets of abduction (50,40,30lb)
-> 3 sets of adduction (50,40,30lb)
-> 3 sets of shoulder press (25lb, 10lb, 10lb)
-> 2 sets of lateral raise (10kg, 7.5kg)
-> 3 sets of shoulder raises with weight in hand. Start @ 10lb for 15 reps. Then @ 5lb for 20.
-> 60 sit ups
-> 50 butterfly chest lifts

That's about it. I really can't do lateral raise, not even at 7.5kg, that's why left only 2 sets. I don't think the trainer should let me do lateral raise the same style as for bicep curls, chest press, etc. Cos I cannot even lift properly at 5kg, what more you put it at 15kg and ask me to lift 16 times? Sure die la! And what's the point "helping" me if in the end the trainer is lifting it all the way? I think I should work on it low weights, then slowly built up. Otherwise, it's ridiculous. Shit, I was making so much noise @ the second floor over the lateral raise, what an embarrassment!

Anyway, as usual, this feller try to make me buy more sessions again... really cannot give up. Trying to teach me to go into credit card debt and all. You know, I'm a really egoistic person and I like people to admire me cos I can afford stuff. Yalah, it's a terrible thing, but of course people like to be admired right? For having a good job, can afford nice car, good food, etc. BUT!! Never in my life have I tried so persistently to convince someone that I am poor and destitute as I have today! "Oooh... you think my credit card limit is so high ar??" "Aiyoo.. you think my company still wanna give me year end bonus after they gave bonus in June?" etc etc.

Then that feller tried his usual "technique" of getting me to sign up, which is PSYCHO-ing me to believe that I will balloon up once I stop PT! Pls la, don't make me laugh! The PT results only started showing after I started intensively going to the gym again. PT was useful to learn about how to use the machines, how to correctly work out the muscle groups, how to do weight training etc. That was my MAIN purpose of joining PT. Honestly, I'm a very self-motivated person, not that I'm boasting. It's the fact! Cos when I think about PT, I get DAMN DEMOTIVATED!!! Then how dare he say that after I stop PT I will start "eating and sleeping all the time". WTF man.. I kinda sounded him then. I didn't sound harsh, I just snorted and said, "PLEASE! You don't even know what I do how dare you say that." But with his kinda attitude, I doubt it will get into his head!!

Anyway, I don't care la.. at the end of it, he still had the time to be sarcastic. Saying that if I didn't top up session, then he is like "wasting my time" because I'm going to get fat after this right. So at the end of our session he said, "Ok, thanks for letting me waste your time." So I just said, "With that kind of attitude and the things you say, you still dare to ask me to top up?" Seriously. What kind of business acumen do they teach the trainers here? If it is soooooooooo "not enough" to just have 12 sessions, why don't the gym just forget about offering 12 session packages and focus on the 24 sessions? I mean, if you are as results-oriented as that and keep on saying 12 is not enough?

I tell you, this is just the 1% of the things that I really wanna blast out about the personal training sessions... but that's enough for today. Piss me off some more la, then you will see...

P.S: After I finished my shoulder raises with the weights, he asked me if I'm going back straight after. I said YES because I didn't want him to bring me to the office and talk~talk~talk nonstop about buying more sessions! Then you know what? The PT session just ended there and then! I had to check the "work out plan" to find out that there was the situps and other abdominals work out to be done! Then he left me to do those stuff BY MYSELF. What a responsible trainer right?

He cancelled our PT this Sunday because he "balik kampung". No problem with me, I told you, 75% of the lessons cancelled are due to HIM. But he dare to say, "Ya, I'm sure you're very happy cos it get cancelled right?" as if I BEG him to balik kampung la!

Ya! Very happy no need to see your face!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 74

Today is my day to relax... since they are having Halloween Thriller Tour at Jaya33, I couldn't go there for Wednesday-Combat. Decided to shift Hot-Yoga-Thursday to Hot-Yoga-Wednesday instead. ;) Am feeling really good about myself, all relaxed and ache-free, slightly sleepy. Hot Yoga on Weds is much more popular than on Thursday! Class was packed to the max. I think its because Kishore's enunciation is much better than Sony's. Perhaps the best out of all the teachers! (So far that I have encountered, and I have encountered maybe 3 - 4 only, haha!). Kishore is also an expert yoga teacher, taught some really strange stuff that I didn't get to try before. Like rocking on the mat using my belly (legs and arms in the air) and then holding my ankles and then rolling left and right on my belly again. Hahahha!

Think he could tell straightaway that I'm a n00b. At first I thought he asked that because of my n00b looking face, but perhaps its because I didn't bring a towel and I wore shorts! =P Ya ya, I should get some proper gym clothes. One of these days lah.

Some things I found funny while doing Hot Yoga today:
a. Kishore took a look at the floor after I've dripped sweat all over it and said, "You can cause an accident with this." OKOK I will bring a towel next time. :P
b. Was doing a back stretch when instructor came and said, "Straighten your shoulders" and proceeded to twist my back! I tell you the ::crack:: sound that came out, I think the whole class can hear! I was also damn mortified, didn't know I was so "not loosened up".
c. Instructor looked at me and said, "Stop arching your spine." How to arch one's spine?? I have a naturally arched spine? Hahaha. I couldn't stop cos I didn't even know how I started.
d. After helping me to stand on my shoulders, he sees my stressed face and says, "And can we smile as well?" Hahaha! I beamed cheesily. And you know what's so humiliating? My shirt came down la because I wear those huge shirts of mine. And he helped me tuck my shirt into my shorts since I was standing on my shoulders. Huhuhu... thank God this is Yoga. Any other instructor try to tuck my shirt in for me will get s-lapped.
e. When doing the warrior pose, he says to me, "Stretch in front, don't crease your forehead." HAHA. My God, really feel like I was doing performance... the right expression must be there...

Damn nice la his class! Wish I can go for it! Should it be Hot Yoga Wednesdays or Body Combat Wednesdays now?

Oh my God, I'm so impressed with mycoffee's weekly workout! Serious, you are superb! I felt so zhi bei after reading about your schedule. RPM 3 times a week? Body Pump 3 times a week? I WILL DIE!! I want to feel tired so that I'll sleep easier, but I don't want to die! It's so possible that althought we were both home members, we didn't see each other much, cos I always avoid those two classes! Hehehe! Seriously, the more I reread your comment, the more astounded I feel... really curious to start BP and RPM again.... see how! Yup yup, Body Attack is so-called the most challenging, but I still think BP and RPM is even more challenging!

After your comment, I feel like going for RPM tomorrow! Will update and see how it goes! =)
And 90 minutes cardio? Woman, you are really a hardcore gym-mer! :D I do 45 minutes also praising myself endlessly already.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 73

Hehehe... I am about 80% exhausted at the moment. Guess I managed to almost hit my target of COMPLETELY exhausting myself. Seriously, I'm falling asleep at the PC, but I gotta blog this just to keep track of my exercise schedule.

As planned, I went for Dance Mania --- even though I knew it would be Ms My-class-is-non-stop Meei. :P Seriously, it was 45 minutes straight of non-stop dancing to some pop tunes. She said it was not as strenuous compared to last week, but I can't really tell! Still quite complicated, hope can challenge the Australian ladies she used to teach. =p

Here's the choreo:
-> Skip 4 counts to the front, left arm goes up twice. Skip back 4 counts, right arm goes up twice.
-> 4 jumping jacks
-> 4 alternate knees
-> 4 alternate punches
-> Speedball to the right 4 counts. Speedball to the left 4 counts. Repeat.
-> Jungle arms! 8 times. (seriously my arms damn sore now cannot even demo to myself)
-> 3 step side-step, 4 times
-> Boogie on the spot for 8 counts.
-> Lunges 4 times, then spin to your right. Lunges 4 times, spin to your left. Repeat twice.
-> Side swing 8 times.
-> Walk to the front, kick out left leg. Walk to the back, kick out right leg. Repeat twice.
-> [[getting blur at this point]] Sidle to the front 4 counts with right arm waving, switch to left side for four counts, go back 8 counts. Repeat twice.
-> Throw your hands in the air for 4 counts, chest pump 4 counts.

That is always the formula --- REPEAT TIL DIE! This time we can go for 45 minutes non-stop, according to Meei, is a wonderful achievement considering this is only her 2nd class with us! To be honest, I thought that the class would be pretty empty because not many people showed enthusiasm for the non-stop moving that we did last week. But today was quite crowded! Good on ya, mates!

After that, we repeated the same choreo, but different styles! We did ultra-feminine with Stars Are Blind, then robotic with Sexy/Back (I LOVED THIS, SO AWESOME! SO COOL!!), then reggae with Umbrella. Was a wonderful class!

Since I got quite fond of Meei's classes, I decided to go for the Halloween Thriller Tour class that they were having today @ Taipan instead of heading home / weight training. Well, the style of the class is like the Dance Mania, but with less steps, but they are MUCH more technical and more DRAMA! Also NEARLY non-stop movement, only got 30 second drink breaks! Like two of em! Anyway, it was quite fun.... as usual, not many of the members took part in the theme! In fact, there was only 2, and of coz they won the prizes. YES PEOPLE, THERE ARE PRIZES TO BE WON. Are you enticed now?

Actually, I *did* want to take part in the theme, but donno la, felt so kiasu if I do so since I already won before for another theme. If I took part, I really wanna go all out and really dress as something gory that will seriously scare the shit out of the huge guys that are benchpressing, perhaps even make them wanna stop benchpressing and try to kill the monstrous being that has infiltrated the gym. It's not about winning a prize, but about DRESSING UP. Anyway congrats to today's winners for daring to actually show up in a costume!

I really wish that the theme was something easier. Ya know, it's already difficult to get people to theme (at the moment), so to encourage them you need to take baby steps! Scary costume to the gym is a bit daunting right? If just plain Halloween theme, then you can see me in my nurse outfit. Mwahhahaha...

I'm not kidding, I do own a nurse outfit:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No full length unless you pay me money (wtf).
Actually, no full length til I modify it to proper levels of decency.

Back to the story - sweated so much in the gym that my t-shirt became two tone (one dark with sweat, the light part because there was my pants underneath...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thus ends todays workout. Was thinking of going to Jaya33 for Body Combat, but it has been replaced with the Halloween Thriller Tour. Should I go there again? :P Don't want la unless I'm actually theme-dressing and now there's no time to do so. Sigh sigh sigh, why do I always leave things to the last minute! Guess I'll just go for Hot Yoga and some weight training tomorrow at Taipan... =]

Very sad because I cannot marathon this Saturday. Have to meet up with friend for something important. Well, can't neglect friends just because of gym right? Friends must still have a higher priority. =)

By the way, I think that we should not just keep having theme dressing for DANCE classes. So far it's been Line Dance, Body Jam and Latin Fusion Dance that have themes! How about Body Combat or Body Attack? Won't the guys feel left out if they don't get to play dress-up as well? HAHAHHAA! And no, the themes during launches doesn't count because that one is too easy already (usually just a color theme).

Lastly... found out what Jazzercise is being replaced with. It's a new class called Cardio Defense, and will start from 1st November onwards. They've also started a new class called Boot Camp Training that will replace BLT. Interested? Definitely to cater to the male members of the gym! To be honest, Taipan is seriously one of the more female-friendly gyms around. We have our own workout area, and most of the group x classes are dance classes. Heheheh. That's why I love it here.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 72

Psychotic! I went for my 3 back-to-back classes after all! *grin* And again, I'm sitting here feeling completely RESTLESS and still not tired enough! Maybe I didn't go 'all out' enough... but I have 3 shirts completely soaked in sweat... not good enough an indicator? @_@ What is wrong with me? I wanna work out til I get back home and just pengsan onto my bed. Don't wanna think about anything, don't wanna do anything. Just wanna speed the days up until its 2008...

Started my workout with Body Jam (Tina). To be honest, I left after 40 -45 minutes, tell you why later. We had Move Your Body as a warm-up, followed by RanKanKan. Loved it! Had Lolita as recovery, and then did the performance block from BodyJam 38. :( :( :( See my sad face? I really don't like it. I still remember --- think this is the first time they introduced "cardio club" into Body Jam. Dance movements damn complicated and it's damn difficult to find a member who can do the dance perfectly. In FF there were a few la, in TF there are none! Hahaha. The choreo is damn tricky too... Anyway, my new motto is to learn anything and everything, no walking out of the class! I only walked out BECAUSE I wanted to get a good place in the next studio for Body Combat. Yalah, damn kiasu! Unlike 2 weeks before, Tina didn't finish early! In fact by 7:30pm we were just taking a break before Incredible came on. Legged it. =p So that's why I left BodyJam early...

And arrived at the top studio... which was nearly empty! Hahahhaa... my kiasu-ness came to nothing. But at least I got my fave spot in the studio. Dunno why, in FF I loved to stand on the right side, now I'm always on the left. Hmm hmm hmm.

As usual, Terence's class... burned the house down. Hahaha. He had 2 fellow instructors on stage with him --- Adrian & Lorraine. Was a really high-energy class! Loved it! Started with Listen To Your Heart and Trouble... one of my fave warm-up tracks. Then we brought it up a notch with Final Countdown! =) After all that legwork, was afraid that he might do Jigga Jigga or Bagpipes or worse still, one of those new ginga-crazy tracks! Thank god he did Tribal Dance instead! Although still a lot of legwork, there's no jumping kick! Hurrah! Maybe that's why I don't feel that tired out.

Haha, next we have the "split the class into two" track --- Sk8tr Boi. Ahhh.. this one simple choreo, but can be quite intense also. Lots of running up and down. Terence stood in front of me to "encourage" me to punch him... (this is why I always go for his class! Cos only he will entertain me. =p). You know the combo is something like grab-head + punch face + 2 sucker punch to the stomach? He said if I aimed any lower than the stomach then I will kena from him. Muwahahhaa!! Please la, I'm not the "monkey stealing the peaches" kinda person, unlike HIM! Kept on bullying Adrian! XD

Recovery was Call Me (Spagna). This is only my 2nd - 3rd time doing it. It's a really cool song, quite complicated chorey (at first) but then you get the hang of it. Although I won't be doing cross jacks and turnarounds as YET. Buat malu saja!

Muay Thai --- forgot the name of the track. One of the popular recent ones. Happy because I got in a few jumping MT knees. =) My favourite is still "So What!", the most attitude bringin' track! =p Forgot the name of the last track as well. Coincidence? Maybe was a little out of it after that. Conditioning was Sound of the Underground, another triceps-friendly track! Argh! Can't do more than 2... hahaha! And the cool down was one really weird song that I have never done before. Donno what the hell I was doing at this point already.

The next few minutes were horribly embarrassing for me. Was looking around for some machine to work out the abs because all the mats in the floor exercise areas were taken up. Wasted time looking around and around and then finally decided to work out on the 2nd floor since there was going to be Jazzercise there later. But all the machines were like .... freaking broken or something. Couldn't adjust them properly, so why bother doing something that might injure you if you can't get the correct posture and position? I spent my time tinkling away trying to adjust the seats and then walked away. TWO TO THREE TIMES OK! The bloody uncles and kids were looking at me like I was retarded. Perhaps I am!!

By the time I was done, Natasha was already in the studio preparing for Jazzercise. So in I went. =)

I really like Jazzercise! The choreo is simple, and it's damn easy for you to catch on. Perhaps you can brush up the techniques later, but you can get like 85% of it on the first time hearing it! Natasha switches songs quite often, depending on what's popular I guess, and you can really get a good workout if you b-ring it (must say it like the girl in 'Bring It On'). We had LOTS of songs today... among them Watchin' (Freemasons), Everything (Michael Buble... *swoon*), In Your Eyes (Kylie Minogue), Crazy Frog (Axle F), Apache Rocks The Bottom (Scooter)... those are the more identifiable ones for me. Thing about Jazzercise is that for the last 20 minutes or so, it's purely conditioning, and Natasha can get pretty creative in her conditioning exercises! My legs are aching quite a bit now. =\ Anyway, class ended at about 10:25pm... 20 minutes over schedule! But it's good la, we get to learn more right?

But the bad news comes now....
Next week will be Natasha's last class in TF.


I so regret not giving more support to Jazzercise! I was really into it when it first started, but then I veered off the path that is straight because I got influenced by Neopets! HAHAHAHA! So tragic! Now Natasha says that they might be replacing it with a class that appeals more to the men (our class only had 2 guys today). =( Those who miss her will have to join her classes at Sports Barn near the Rothman's roundabout at section 19 instead.

So support Jazzercise next week! Last time you get to see Natasha around! I talked to her a bit after the class was over... and one of the other members said she remembered seeing me those donkey years ago when they first introduced Jazzercise! Hahaha! See? My dancing terre leh? HAHAHA. To be honest, it's GREAT when someone recognises you because you can get the choreo down pat. This is only my 2nd time kena praised. :P 1st time was by _________ (name not disclosed to protect his famous identity) for Body Combat!

Not bad huh, this Leech!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 71

PT cancelled today, due to trainer being ill! Seriously, that guy gets ill more times in 3 months than I do in a YEAR. The number of MC I took this year is about 3 only ok! And it's almost the end of the year! I'm not saying that I'm so damn healthy or whatever, but this is like... what the hell are you doing that makes you keep falling sick? Aren't you in the industry that promotes healthiness and eating & living well? Anyway, I'm not angry la, just wondering, and I sincerely hope he gets well soon... As usual, I'm the one who sms him and found out it was cancelled, he didn't notify me first. Wonder if any of his other trainees end up at the gym waiting for him, then only found out he isn't working?

I woke up damn late again today, with the dissatisfied feeling that once again I missed the chance to go swimming. And since PT got cancelled, I could've marathoned again ... this time in Taipan! But I ended up stoning at home, washing clothes... told you my pile of laundry is never ending ever since I started going back to the gym religiously!

But by evening my butt was damn itchy and restless already. Couldn't stand the fact that I didn't work out at all for the day. No music, no adrenaline rush, no happy feeling of sweat running down my face (wtf). So I quickly changed, packed my bags and rushed to Taipan! Hahahaha!

I decided to do my own personal training since I was supposed to train on Sunday anyway. Fat burn workout, starting with :
a. 30 minutes on the crosstrainer (supposedly went 4.33miles, burned 269 calories, lol!)
Had great songs lined up on my ipod, here are some good songs to work out to :
i. Love U More (DJ Paul Estak)
ii. Nobody's Real (Powerman 5000)
iii. Who I am Hates Who I've Been (Reliant K)
iv. How Far We've Come (matchbox twenty)
v. A Public Affair (Jessica Simpson)
vi. Love In The First Degree (Bananarama)
vii. I Believe In A Thing Called Love (The Darkness)
viii. Filthy - Gorgeous (The Scissor Sisters)
Hehehe... if you think the song choices are bad, too bad for you hun, I'm the one listening to them, not you. :P
b. 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine (burned additional 87 calories here... hah!)
More songs lined up:
a. Fighter (Christina Aguilera)
b. Do Something (Britney Spears)
c. Er... this one is odd, but I really like it --- Zhao Zi Ji (David Tao) --- hahaha!
d. Sexy (French Affair)
That's it!

After the amazing legwork, surprised to find that my legs are not ACHING! In fact, did not feel tired AT ALL!!! Amazing isn't it? And my heartrate doesn't climb sky high anymore, it is stable at 159, didn't even cross over to the 160+ range. OMG!!!!! Yay!! Stamina level going higher and higher!! **sorry for the over-enthusiasm, but this is like peak physical Leech condition, and I intend to only get better & better** Even for the Cardio Wave, I used to have to tone down to level 3/4 after 5 minutes? Now I can go all the way at level 5! Ok don't laugh at me!! Hahaha, you have to start somewhere right? So now I think I should further increase my resistance. For crosstrainer, start at level 5 instead, and for Cardio Wave, start at level 6...

Weight training after that :
a. 3 sets of leg EXTENSION. Damn 9 painful, 3 sets at 20kg, 15kg and 10kg. 20kg, barely managed to do. Don't know why la.
b. 100 sit ups (50 reps normal, 50 reps butterfly style)
c. 3 sets of bicep curls (10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg)
d. 3 sets of triceps extension (as above)

I think I have also plateaued for bicep curls. Need to start at 12.5kg in order to feel the resistance again. But for triceps, I'm just barely there. Should I wait til triceps plateaus before increasing weight or should I just go ahead with the biceps first? Oh ya, and Raymond tells me that he can lift more for triceps than biceps! Why so weird one? I thought people generally find biceps easier to work out? He says otherwise, and claims that even on a day-to-day basis, we work out our triceps more (based on the way we carry stuff, etc). Wtf!!! True ah? He hasn't even heard of the underarm-dingle-dangle syndrome!

Tomorrow will work out on chest and back again if I have the time. Plan to marathon 3 back-to-back classes @ Taipan. Join me! :P
Body Jam with Tina
Body Combat with Terence
Jazzercise with Natasha


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 70

I am tired, breathless, aching, worn-out, somewhat-slightly-disappointed, but most importantly.... I HAVE SURVIVED! :) Nope, my marathon didn't turn out as what I had hoped and outlined yesterday, and on top of that, there were instructor replacements, which kind of threw my schedule out a bit. Not to say that the replacements are not good, but... you will find out later la!

Okie, I woke up late, so that's why I didn't go for swimming or Body Combat. Was a bit jealous when I finally went to the gym, cos BC looked damn happening... studio was packed. Considering that it's an early Saturday morning, I really the dedication that the students have to wake up and EXERCISE first thing in the morning. Hoping to change myself too. One of the reasons why I signed up for TF was because I imagined that I could "pop by" the gym in the morning before heading to work. The total amount of times I have done this since signing up is zero. ZERO!! Anyway, I really wonder if I have the stamina and lung capacity to work out in the morning and then work out at night as well. I'm a real unhealthy kid, have an unhealthy job as well (sit in front of PC and code til brains fall out) ... I really wanna be healthier!

I can see from my sidebar that for the month of October, I only skipped gym 5 times. That's pretty good, but I wish to be the type of person who goes to the gym EVERYDAY. Maybe you think that's really "no life", but truth is perhaps I memang no life unless it is certain months. If I'm not "no lifing" at the gym, I'll be "no lifing" at work or at home! It's really a sense of me having to be on the move and doing something... I feel it's really wasted if I just spend the day sleeping in my bed ALTHOUGH that is good some days! :P

Back to the main story. Oh ya - I fell UP the stairs in TF Jaya33. Think no one saw, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY. Luckily didn't injure my beautiful face either wtf.

Started mini-Sat-marathon with Body Attack with Jason. Got one lady in the class, super high-energy gila ... my God. It was her 2nd class for the day, still full of energy after BC. There's one track, the one where you have to "run round" the studio, later run inwards and out of the circle. My god... she went and grab the weights from the corner of the studio and run with it as well. Memang was changing the style a bit here and there for HIGHER IMPACT. Really RESPECT lor! Already Body Attack is so ... energy draining that we have members walking out halfway through and she really goes all out! I wanna be like that! Hahahaha. I just did like normal, sweat like mad... was a wonderful workout. Jason did the latest release again, have no beef with that at all. The only track I dislike is the one with all the lunges. I just did lunges yesterday! Memang screaming in pain.

After that, went for my must-go-class... which is Dance Mania with Danny... gosh, his class is really different from Meei's one, each got their own positive attributes. Choreo is superb, nice to see (if done properly), nice music as well. This time we did some more sexy ass-shaking steps to a song which if you are a Body Step enthusiast, you sure find it familiar as it is from the speed step track that goes Everybody do the cha-cha~~. Sorry don't know the name of the song ... Anyway, it's a really nice class.... more people join the class please! The more the merrier... =P =P Guess what? Before I went for Dance Mania there was this dude who I saw a fortnight ago in Danny's 1st DM class in Jaya 33... he was practicing the dancesteps to the SPice Up Your Life! song we did !! My gawd... so hardworking. I think I forgot the steps for that song. I don't want to forget the steps to today's class. It's so nice.... *sincerely saying this* I'm thinking about writing it down, but 2 weeks down the line, my 'instruction on paper' will look like Russian language to me! XD

[stop for lunch since I don't do Body Pump ... too challenging!]

After that was Body Step, replaced by Raymond. I went for his classes when he was shadowing before... he was doing a mix of old tracks. Somehow quite tired, not really up to it, although I gained back my energy after recovery track (Dance, got the nice hip shaking move).... hehehe. Quite sad cos he did Heatwave, but I did badly in it... don't think I can catch the beat, don't know if I'm tired or whut. Hard to explain...
Anyway for speed step I like Heatwave, Chihuahua, I Want Candy, Everybody do the cha-cha~ (again I donno the name of this song). Ended the class with This is How A Heart Breaks. My God, I used to be SOOOOO good at this track. I'm not boasting ok! I mean, I knew EXACTLY when they switch from the side taps to the squats to the knees to the over-the-boards. Now semua hilang already. Sumbang balik kepada instructor. The reason why I'm kinda avoiding Body Step now is in fear that they'll make my calves big again.

But then I decided I don't care la. I'll just do 1 hour on the crosstrainer to even things out. @_@

Finally, ended the day with Body Jam, which was supposed to be Su Lin's class, replaced by Jason. Jason's class again! I was sked that he would do the same stuff as he did yesterday, and indeed the first half of the class was so! Never mind la, I stood in front, so can action AS IF I am a regular Body Jam-mer, hohoho! And now I remember, that disco-ish song that he mentioned is to the tune of "Celebration" (by Kool N The Gang, I think!), but they changed the lyrics to "Let's Get Down tonight.. yeahh!!". Now that I know the choreo, I really like this song! It's really happy, bouncey, somewhat sexy also, especially at the chest pump part. Looks cool! And guess what? Raymond and Shirlyn joined his class also, they were behind me! Felt so zhi bei lar! But good also cos if I am not sure of the step, can just look in the mirror and got 2 "gou sou" behind to check. Muwhahhaha...

2nd half of the class was taken over by Shirlyn... who did the "Beyonce arms" block, aka Ring The Alarm, Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, What Comes Around Goes Around... ah I'm sure you regulars are familiar with this performance block already. =D "High-octane" is what they use to describe it... and it is, especially with the "5 step running" bits. Fuuh. How did I survive? Pure love for Body Jam... (koff)!

Oh yah, we did Lolita by Prince for recovery... damn the steps are hard. I remember when mr you first did it... I hated it! But him and the regulars in his class freaking love it and he did it almost every week. >=( Anyway, thanks to him.... I got the hang of it (somewhat) already. Darn, wish we had Umbrella again! We all crowded to the center and became backup dancers for Jason, haha! So it'll be cool to do that for Umbrella instead. =)

In between classes, I also managed to do some light weight training:
a. 3 sets of tricep extension (10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg) ... can't seem to find bicep curl machine in TF Jaya 33!! Maybe that's why the one in Taipan is so overused (the cushion sudah berlubang)
b. 3 sets of abductor (25kg, 20kg, 15kg)... Was not bad!
c. 3 sets of vertical traction (15kg, 10kg, 7.5kg)... not bad at all man! I used to think 10kg is super heavy already!
d. 3 sets of chest press (15kg, 10kg, 7.5kg). Again, I have improved! Previously can die at 10kg!
e. 20 abdominal crunches... not enough time --- had to run off to book good spot in studio for Jam

Went home after that.... been pigging out the whole day. Am actually compiling a list of nice restaurants around gym area. Will post it up after I have scouted the ENTIRE area (within walking distance), which means long time before it'll be up. Don't have to hold your breath waiting for it. =p

P.S: Am very upset that I didn't get to go swimming cos woke up late! Now I'm in a quandary over what to do tomorrow. I have PT in Taipan, but that's at 7pm. I can still go swimming in the morning in Jaya33! And then I can go for BC! Then relax somewhere and go Taipan in the evening. But Taipan has much nicer classes on Sunday. Got BC also AND Body Jam in the morning! What to do?

I'm upset because the night before I stayed up late digging out a more suitable swimsuit for the pool! Less skimpy than what I wore before ahhahahaa! Anyway, it was a swimsuit I bought about 4 years ago... and it is looser on me now! OMg... so happy. I'm thinner now than I was back in college, whaddya think about that! =)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 69

I forgot to mention yesterday that during Hot Yoga, when I started sweating, all the Counterpain that I had generously applied to my legs also sweated off, resulting in very slippery legs. Hahaha! Most tragic thing ever. Do you know how difficult it is to hold a pose, and then when you try to brace yourself against your limb, you freaking slip off? @_@ No wonder got uncles laughing at me. -___-

Today, I gingerly went for Body Jam (Jason's class --- it is a must go!) despite my legs still feeling achey and my butt and lower back still feeling sore. I have been complaining non-stop to office-pantry-gym-buddy Raymond. "How the hell am I supposed to know it's not a good idea to start my leg extensions set @ 50lb la!" Raymond : "Try 40lb next time lor, what to do."

Jason's class was superb as usual --- despite him always threatening, "you all do la, I just watch!" he will definitely join in the fun. Loads of energy - his Jam classes are the noisiest in Taipan, TF! And seriously, his class is ALWAYS the most packed, even at the not-so-peak-hour of 6:30pm - 7:30pm. (Peak hour is 7-something onwards right, do you agree?) He started the class off with the warm-up track from the latest release (including Tambourine), and for the rest of the class he did "singles" instead of performance tracks. Awww.

We had Scandalous (I missed this one! But doing this reminded me about Sexy which has really nice choreo as well), Candyman (freaking difficult! But at least I can get SOME of the parts right now instead of EVERYTHING wrong), Hips Don't Lie (awesome! love this!), I Need To Know (this is like a signature song for Jason to do... he really likes this track! The box step takes some getting used to, but the choreo is very nice for this song, I really hope I can learn it and learn it well in time), did part of the performance track from the previous release (the one with the step that looks like ginga but ISN'T), we did a song that he classified as "disco" (it's a very popular song, cute choreo -- the name escapes me!) in anticipation of the next release in mid-Dec which apparently has HUGE emphasis on disco (I'm excited!!) and another track which involves lots of kicking... this one I haven't do before. Needs huge stamina and high concentration! Finished the class with Beautiful Liar... *phew*

Oh we had Umbrella for recovery, thanks Jason! =) It's the best recovery track ever. (getting more and more kua cheong)

Had PT after that, and again, this time the trainer was v. nice to me again. So I feel semi-bad for all the grouses I have up here. But I need to re-read those grouses lest he makes me feel bad and makes me think that I should purchase more PT sessions! No more PT! I will keep my reasons to myself (and bitch with Pauline and Raymond), but don't want to spread it out to the whole wide world.

Started the workout with 30 minutes on the crosstrainer. Yay, I can really last quite a bit on it! Travelled 4.15 (miles? kilometers?) according to the machine, which is really much more than previous outings. Usually I can't even hit 4! My speed is now from the 8 - 9 (mph? kph?) levels... really feel quite proud of myself! After that, we had :
a. 3 sets of leg press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg). This was easy peasy for me
b. 2 sets of lunges (17 reps and 20 reps, both legs)
c. 3 sets of adduction (50lb, 30lb, 15lb). This was alright for me! How come hip adduction I can do 50lb but for leg press cannot do 50lb? This is preposterous!
d. 3 sets of the arm row thingy. (10kg, 7.5kg, 5,kg). The first set was tough, the rest was alright.
e. 3 sets of some back pulldown thingy. As above, but this was too easy. Should've started at 15kg instead of 10kg.
f. 3 sets of yet another back extension thingy. As above.

And thus ends another PT session! I don't really feel like I'm pushing myself enough. That 50lb thing for the leg extension was really pushing myself. The above exercises were alright, but ... I felt like I have started to plateau.... must increase the resistance!

Tomorrow is Saturday Jaya33 Marathon day. Join me? The outing won't be as tough as my first marathon there. The plan is :
8.00 - 8.45 am : Swimming!
---- break for light shower, change + breakfast! ----
10:15 - 11:15am : Body Combat with Delon
11:30 - 12:30pm : Body Attack with Jason
12:45 - 1:45pm : Dance Mania with Danny
---- break for lunch and adventuring, wtf ----
3:15 - 4:15pm : Body Step with Roland
4:30 - 5:30pm : Body Jam with Su Lin

Actually, I'm not so sure if I can make it for BC and Body Attack. If I don't feel up to it, I'll just take a longer breakfast and then work out on chest, abs and arms. =B

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 68

Grr! I forgot to set my blog to send me e-mail alerts when I get new comments, so I had no idea that people have been commenting here. =) Sookie, thanks for sharing your TF signing up experience, one of my friends also told me that the consultant who tried to sign her up used bad words when trying to get her to come over to the gym. Anyway, I updated my reply to you here. Haha, what were you doing in Coffee Bean Jaya 33 anyway? That place is pretty much dead. The only stores that are open there are : the Japanese and Chinese restaurants (forgot the names), Coffee Bean, Subway and GNC. @_@

Anyway, I was tired today --- actually tired since I went for Dance Mania. Put on Counter pain twice and the next morning, was still aching. Slathered on some more Counter pain before leaving for work. Could barely walk up and down the stairs at work, and silly colleague kept laughing at me. -___- *beef*

As I've mentioned before, nowadays I cannot skip one day of gym without thinking constantly about it! It feels like thousand years without gym if I don't go to Taipan / Jaya 33 for a day, wtf. So I decided the best thing to do when my leg muscles are aching like crazy ... is to... go for yoga. =) Thursdays are now synonymous with Hot Yoga.

Let me clear up some stuff I've mentioned about Yoga in Jaya 33 first. :)
The Yoga area which consists of 2 studios are located at the furthest furthest end of the 1st floor (the highest floor. The one below I'll call as "ground floor" ok?). It is quite a big area, the waiting area is humongous, and decorated tastefully. Indeed the sounds from the workout area outside are muffled at the waiting area, and inside the studio, the outside noise is totally non-existent. The waiting area is larger than the studio, or just as big, Pauline said that it was a waste of space. But in the first place, Jaya33 is still a new place, so they don't have as many classes. 2 studios is enough for this place at the moment, cos the classes aren't packed yet.

(I'm not a yoga expert, I'm just speaking in layman's terms on the area and what not. For classes or who is a better yoga instructor, pls don't look at me. I cannot give any comments. It's good enough that I can even follow 20% of what the instructor is saying. )

For Taipan, this is my first time FULLY utilising True Yoga. Before this, when I went for Gentle Yoga, I left my stuff in the main building, then walked over to True Yoga. The 2nd floor waiting area is large, and I think they have 2 studios in the 2nd floor. On the 1st floor is the Hot Yoga studio. Yes, it is separated from the other studios, this is a really good idea. As I mentioned before, after Hot Yoga, you will seriously be SOPPING wet from your sweat. As you step out of the studio, it will be freezing cold and you will be shivering like a leaf all the way back to the changing room. In Jaya 33, you have to walk a fair bit in the air-conditioned gym before you reach the changing room, with your wet & stinky clothes sticking to your body. For Taipan, the Hot Yoga studio is located on the same floor as the changing room, so you don't have to walk as far. Also, the waiting area for the Hot Yoga studio is small BUT nicely heated (heat permeating out from within the studio??), so once out of the class, it is cooler than inside the studio, but still warm so you don't feel cold. It's a short walk to the changing room. Nice!!

So my conclusion is that I prefer the workout area for Hot Yoga in Taipan compared to Jaya 33. But Jaya 33's one does have its perks as well... I think that by having the yoga area in the same building, it encourages one to try yoga more than if it was separated into another building. That's just my laziness talking. After all, I tried hot yoga when I joined Jaya33, but had no inclination before in Taipan! Maybe that's Pauline's influence...

Anyway, Hot Yoga has helped my left leg regain conciousness, but my right leg is still screaming in pain. The yoga instructor twisted my body into shapes it has not known before. I heard my bones creak twice, but he still persisted. T_T

That's all for today. Must get loads of rest in anticipation of torture (training) tomorrow. Perhaps I will go for BC as well!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 67

Do. Not. Underestimate. Dance Mania.

I know, I know. I said I needed a day of rest. I swear, I told myself to take it easy. But as I was walking to the car park, I didn't feel like I had any muscle aching. No strain on the joints. I said to myself, "Leech... we must maintain that 20.7%, hopefully go even lower. We don't feel the pain now, so lets exercise until we really feeeeeeeeel it!" Okay, I don't usually talk to myself like that, but the point is that I really start to appreciate going to the gym after the -horrible- incident in July/August. It made me realise that sometimes, when you WANT to go to the gym, you CAN'T. So when you CAN, then GO!!!

Erm, my platinum card still not ready. The asst. manager told me it takes 2 days to kau tim! But the staff at the front desk said minimum 3 weeks. -____- Apalah dey, lucky I'm a nonchalant kind of fellow. (Ya right)

Started the workout with a light 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. I think my stamina + endurance is increasing because I used to start at level 5 and then go down to level 3. Now I can maintain at level 5 longer and then decrease to only 4. *beams* Of course, not as keng as those people who go for Cardio Wave classes... I think the max there is 7 and above. I only went once, I can't really remember. Regardless, I need more practice before I dare step into Cardio Wave territory again.

There were a lot of people using the machines today, don't know whether its because of the timing, or because the holidays are over and people are eager to work off the rendang and ketupats of yesterday. So I waited for Dance Mania to start, while doing some leg curls. Did 3 sets, at 50lb, 30lb and 15lb respectively. 16, 18 and 20 reps. Fuuh. I barely finished the 50lb one. That's like, a little less than half my body weight! Somehow squeaked through. Some light stretching, and then it was time for Dance Mania!

Now I've only gone for 2 classes before this - one with Danny @ Jaya33 (my first!) and then one with Ernest @ Taipan. Today's class was replaced by Meei who usually teaches Latin Mix. From my first two classes, I thought that Dance Mania was basically like Cardio Dance, which was basically one performance, consisting of many different movements, which you basically learned by the end of the class. It could be Latin, HipHop, Pop, etc, and every week it would be something different. The reason why I decided to go for Dance Mania despite being so beastly tired was because I was half-hoping that they would do something simple so that I could happily tou kai at the back of the class while shaking ass. :P

Not so my friends!!!

From the get go, warm up consisted of non-stop jumping and prancing and leaping about the class... my God... after 10 minutes I was staring at the clock and willing it to move faster! Around me, more and more people were leaving the class because beh tahan, and this was just the warm-up!!!! Somehow I managed to stay for the entire class, and let me tell you... the moving NEVER ENDS. Even when Meei is switching tracks, she will keep us doing some repetitive movements (of course you can choose to take a break here la). Our class was supposed to be "Hip Hop" but is 80% aerobics.

The choreography is simple, something like :
2 turned in knees, 2 "Superman to the left". Repeat to the right. (x2)
8 "running man" slow motion with arms flapping outwards, macam "I believe I can fly".
4 jumping jacks.
8 punches alternate sides (ie.: 1 to the left, 1 to the right, etc etc)
8 knees alternate sides (i.e: 1 left knee, 1 right knee, etc etc)
8 counts speedball
8 squats (can do all kinds of funky movement here, if you choose to)
8 punches to the side (different from earlier punch because this time your leg must move as well, like 'ginga' a bit... hard to explain, must show you)
Move 4 steps to the front, kick with left leg. Move 4 steps behind, kick with right leg. Repeat twice.
4 hops on left leg (right leg up). 4 hops on right leg (left leg up). Repeat twice.
8 counts swing
Sashay to the left, kick out left leg. Sashay to the right, kick out right leg. Repeat twice.
8 counts hop on left leg (right leg to the back). Repeat on right leg.
Throw your hands up in the air (count to 2), then molest thyself. Repeat 4 times.

Forgive me if I forgot any steps... this is just roughly from what I remember...

Anyway, the reason why I stayed til the end of the class was because once the choreo started, it seemed very much a mix of Body Combat + Body Attack to me... and the music was damn fun and funky. Just had to stay la. And Meei... fuuh I really admire her! She can do all these steps and with her own individualistic style and TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK all the way. Encouraging us. Giving us advise on the steps. Motivating and praising us, etc etc. My god. I could only use my mouth for one thing during the entire 1 hour ---- breathing heavily. @_@

We danced to a mix of Who Let The Dogs Out, Can't Get You Outta My Head, Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, The Trouble With Me, etc etc. Can't really remember. My favourite was Kylie's of course. The dance movement can be so sexy, especially to the first few "la la las...." . =)

So that's Meei's interpretation on what Dance Mania is. As she puts it - Mania means like "maniac", so dance non-stop for one hour!! @_@ "The choreo is simple, but the #1 thing you must have is STAMINA." She says this is how she teaches Dance Mania in Australia, and I confess --- I had this image of a lot of healthy and robust Australian women moving effortlessly to her class. I kiasu and die-die also had to stay til the end. =X At the end of the class, I felt so happy and satisfied that I *did* have the stamina to go all the way, and I have to praise myself and say that my steps were ok... =p =p =p But guess what? Meei then said that today's class was just "level one Dance Mania". What the..... !!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for today, I will be very very WARY of entering Dance Mania next time. Thought it would be a filler class, but ended up super energetic until my entire shirt was SOAKED with sweat. What a disgusting picture I paint.

But will I still go for this class in the future?
Of course!! :-)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 66

It's great having friends who know you so well.... it means that you don't have to waste any time explaining yourself!! Ya, I woke up late for Body Combat with Alex C today. ;p ;p ;p So much for my marathon again ya! I had half a mind to skip because I felt sooooo punctured from all the gymming of late. Yes - I feel great - undeniably so - but what's the point of going for more classes / running / etc if my legs are screaming in pain?!?!

But I dragged myself off to the gym anyway. You know why? Cos the previous day Pauline sms-ed me asking me what nice classes there were at the gym and I replied arrogantly, "BC with Alex C at 10am. Come early and join me swimming @ 8am!" Wahpiang...

In the end, I woke up at 8am shivering like mad! Was raining the night before, and that made leaving the cosy bed even more difficult. =p I kept resetting my alarm until I woke up with a start at 9:50am! Late for BC!!

If you review the time-tables for Monday's classes, you'd notice that Alex C seems to have invented a travel portal of some sort in order to enable him to go to Taipan from Jaya 33 in less than 15 minutes. However, I can attest that it can be done... if you drive like the devil and traffic is light and easy. Like, say during a public holiday? 0:-p

I was still late though, but by 15 minutes or so! They were already in the middle of the horrendous ginga-crazy track. I was wondering if I should go in or not because the class was pretty darn crowded (not 6 people only like in Taipan) and I was scouting to see where Pauline was. Then Alex came out of the studio and asked me to go in, never mind that it was quite packed. :P :P :P

So I completed the rest of the 40 minutes in the class, which wasn't that tough because I had already missed most of the power tracks. =p We still had the circle track (forgot the name already, one of the popular ones), did We Rock (yes, again!), had the "jump" song for recovery (how it can be recovery when you are jumping around, I'll never know), did the same final power track as on Saturday. Alex keeps promoting it as the "shortest final track ever, at only 3 minutes and 40 seconds." Did I get that right? Anyway, it has insane speedball la, dun care whether its 3 minutes or 5 minutes, my arms think it is 30 minutes! Conditioning and cool down was same as Saturday's one. *phew*

After that, Pauline suggested we trail him to Taipan to do another BC session? Girl are you crazy?!!?!!? I wanted to die already, its a miracle that I even showed up in Jaya33. My main motive, aside from the ego from boasting to Pauline was to get my coffee maker. =p

I *did* go swimming after all. =) After BC and a light shower, went up to the pool and it was gloriously empty. 4 of us (3 girls and 1 guy) dominated the pool, and all of us were super serious in our swimming. Well, earlier there was one aunty who hung by the side of the pool trashing like a fish out of water. Made doing laps a bit difficult, but she went away soon after. In total, I swam up and down the pool 10 times. That makes it... 5 laps? in 35 minutes? HAHAHAHA. YA, there was a horrible lot of resting in between. For goodness sake, I forgot how difficult it was to do laps. The last time I swam SERIOUSLY was when I was 10 years old, and only because I had to take swimming lessons.

In case you're interested, my swimming lessons ended prematurely, me only having learnt :
a. the breast-stroke aka frog kick
b. freestyle
c. backstroke

But I can only do (a). I never did get a hang of the other two, especially not (c). My instructor said that I had an innate lack of trust in him because I couldn't even float on my back for more than 20 seconds before sinking like a stone.

If you're still impressed by the number of laps I did, don't be. The swimming pool is not Olympic size. It is 20m short of being the normal length of an Olympic size swimming pool. =p But it's ok la, if I can't even swim 30m without being out of breath, for what harap for an Olympic size pool. Either way, it was damn nice and relaxing to swim in the pool in the 11:30am sun. Fooh. Love this gym. =p

That's all for today. *REALLY* need to rest tomorrow because I have run out of gym shorts. Wtf.

P.s: Thanks to ST for the coffee maker... you really kept your promise! :) And no thanks to Giggs for trying to steal my coffee maker away... grr!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 65

I confess! I woke up late again today, and missed Body Attack with Jason. But never fear because he will be teaching at Jaya 33 tomorrow! And guess what? I think his class in Taipan was cancelled la. Cos I went up 15 minutes before the class ended and there was no one there! :P So I guess the extra minutes of sleeping were worth it after all. :P

While waiting for Body Jam with Shirlyn to start, this industrious Leech went around trying various machines. I worked out :
a) 3 sets bicep curl @ 10kg
b) 3 sets tricep extension @ 10kg
c) 1 set shoulder press @ 10kg (stopped only because I realised with horror that I didn't do any cardio before doing weight training. I only did it anyway because I had time to waste).

It was then time for Body Jam... mix of old and new. The only new stuff we did was the last performance track (the one with the heel-toe jumps... erm... the Sexual Healing one) and the Beautiful Liar cool down. Otherwise, everything else was from the 2nd last release. The one with "James Brown hands", Fergalicous, Cassie's Long Way To Go, etc. I am looking back and wondering why I ever thought of Body Jam as a "filler" class. You know, the kind of class that you can easily go for after Body Step / Combat / Attack because "it's not as high impact". Rubbish! The crazy steps nowadays take a hell lot of stamina. And what's this cardio club thing, has you jumping around like a jackrabbit. @_@

It was a hella enjoyable class anyway. Shirlyn is a super smiley person.

Then it was time for Personal Training with my illustrious trainer. It was 30 minutes on the crosstrainer for me before seeing him, and this was our workout today :
a) 3 sets of hip adduction (22.5kg, 10kg, 5kg for 16, 18 and 20 reps)
b) 3 sets of hip abduction (as above)
c) 3 sets of squats (16 reps each)
d) 3 sets of chest press (10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg for 16, 18 and 20 reps)
e) 3 sets of pectoral fly (as above)
f) was supposed to do biceps and triceps again! I told him I already did in the morning so we reverted to 50reps x 2 of sit ups and lower abs workout.

He then tried to convince me to take on more pt lessons. I gave him my politically-correct reasons why I didn't want to anymore. Then I said that Sundays were the day to do the body fat analyzer thing. He said, "Buat apa saya nak measure bila you tak nak ambil lebih session?" (what for I wanna measure when you not taking extra session). Damn wtf right! Maybe that's his knee-jerk response, so I said, "Eh, I still paid for the existing one ok and I intend to keep measuring every Sunday until my session ends." So of course he had to concede.

Then he kept saying that sure I gained fats and what not because the past week I had skipped two of his PT sessions. One was because I had my period ok. 2nd reason was because it was my birthday and I had no intention of seeing his make-me-buy-more-sessions face. Anyway, I was superbly confident that I did NOT gain weight, mainly because --- heck, look at this blog la. Although I skipped two of his PT, I went to the gym hella lots of times. And I even did that 5 class marathon. AND I did not neglect weight training even when I was taking lots of classes. Or maybe its the hot yoga sessions that are helping...

So guess what? In the end of cos the results showed that I LOST WEIGHT and LOST FAT and my fat percentage is now 20.7%. Apparently athletic level is 18%, so I registered as "low fat mass". Even lower than the recommend levels for ladies, which is 21-25%. AND I lost FAT (not muscle) from my trunk and legs. I am now less than 2kg away from my dream weight... =) =) =)

You know what that illustrious trainer of mine said? He said, "This shows I'm a good trainer." Wtf. After he was sooooooo convinced that I had gained fats from skipping two of his classes. I just didn't say anything la. Anyway, not to say that he hasn't helped me at all. I have learned the importance of weight training with him, but above all, all his politically-incorrect, sometimes bordering on rude comments motivated me MORE to work out on my own. Going for training with him makes me count the days until the training ends so that I can work out on my own.

Today to further "convince" me that I should take more personal training, he pointed out some random girl running on the threadmill. And he said that "you know this girl? She always go for classes only. I like her body better last time, when she first join. She was big, but toned. Now she's flabby." I was like... -_____- "Did you train her last time?" Answer : "No, I just observed her cos I always notice her." Yalah, mata always wandering around one. I think in the future after I have dropped training with him, he will point me out to his future customers and say, "See her? Damn flabby after dropped training with me." I can foresee his kinda actions already. -___-

I was going to say, "THIS FURTHER MOTIVATES ME TO WORK OUT LIKE CRAZY AND BE SUPER FIT AND TONED." But then I know he will still point me out and say, "See? She is toned because of me." Yalah, can foresee. I am clairvoyant, wtf.

Anyway, do I sound bitter and angry? I'm not... just like I said... this guy doesn't know how to retain customers. Even after the chart was printed out and showed so clearly that I lost body fat, he still like tak tau baca and insisting that I gained. After like 3 years only conceded. I suggest to the managers of any fitness center to ensure all their trainers know how to read charts and such before letting them train anyone. I will not forgive the two morons from FF and TF who called me obese wtf. This blog should be called ''.

And guess what? When I signed up that time, they say give free session, free session. Poda la! When the session is coming to an end only they inform that the free sessions are the same as the "free training" given when you sign up to the gym. Meaning the sessions will be for you to familiarise yourself with the machines, and not following the fitness program tailored for you to achieve your goal. -____- Ya, they tell you that when they want you to sign up for another round of personal training.

At point of writing, the trainer has conveniently forgotten that he owes me free session, whether it's to familiarise self with machines or otherwise. But you know what? I don't care la. I just don't want to go for training WITH HIM (or any of his friends) anymore.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 64

My good intentions of going for back-to-back Combat + Attack + Step was shelved in favour for FREE FOOD with my fren's father. :) Don't worry, since it was not family members I had to maintain my manners and didn't completely pig out and ruin my wonderful image wtf.

So I just went for Body Combat with Adrian + Alex C today. All old tracks, and I notice that instructors in general seem to keep doing the same tracks. I mean, there are like 35 over old releases, but they keep doing the same songs! Why do they like those songs so much? Do guys have the same taste in combat music? Is the choreography easier to remember (I don't think so cos some of these songs have damn complicated choreography)? Are they all practicing together, and therefore practice using the same songs? Is this a conspiracy?

By the way, this is not any sort of criticism, it is just my mind wandering as I do Tribal Dance, We Rock, that song which has the lunging kick instead of a jump kick... again. It's not like they are the only songs but they are the ones which we will be likely to do. Eh I bloody miss Power of Love. Can we do that? I'm awesome at it wtf action babi.

Anyway, today's class was quite fun --- only 6 people but that just means more space for yourself. Alex did She Bangs which I personally haven't done in ages! He says its a track that he loves but dunno why nobody else likes. Er... cos we have to do that track thing on all fours in the beginning? :P It's one track that requires hell lots of stamina, has rather confusing choreo (four jabs to the front, 4 uppers, 4 single jabs again before moving back), has you moving front to the back and side to side. OMG. But you know what? It's refreshing to do this track cos most instructors won't do it.

We also did Vogue for recovery which I also haven't done in ages. Ya this one is pretty new though. Confusing choreo again but very fun track. =)

Was a really fun class. And Adrian is so serious! He really did the 10 push-ups that Alex said he had to do as punishment. Some more so yeng, one leg in the air kinda push ups. O___O Oh oh oh and we had When Love and Hate Collide for cool down. Damn nice la that song. ;) But why tricep push ups again for conditioning! Nice song (I think it's Here I Come by Fergie) but hate tricep workouts! :(

(Oh and had time before class to do 40 sit ups with abs machine. =) Yay!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Day 63

Surprisingly, the trainer didn't cancel our PT despite it being Raya! Selamat Hari Raya to all gymrats, eat more at open houses and come back to the gym with loads of energy. :))

Training this time was dedicated to floor exercises. Started training with 30 minutes on the crosstrainer. I think I'm getting really good at the crosstrainer. After 30 minutes, energy levels still high and heart rate peaked at 160 only. Didn't go up to 200+ and scare me like last time. @_@ Its also fun to watch MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, but I won't tell you what its about because I seem to end up talking more about dumb MTV programs than about my workout. ;)

After the crosstrainer, these are the floor exercises :
a. hip reduction - hold on to the bar and lift your leg out, up to about 90 degrees if you are flexible. about 60 degrees if you are me. Lift slowly, lower slowly. Repeat 20 times for 3 sets on each leg.
b. lunges - 20 lunges, 3 sets per leg. First set without weights, next two with a 4.5kg weight in each hand.
c. push ups - 17 x 3 sets. I surprised myself that I can do 17 push ups continuously! Thought my max was 10. :P It was only about the 3rd set that my hands started shaking madly.
d. bridges - hold bridge for 30 seconds, 45 seconds then 60 seconds
e. squats - 3 sets of 20 squats. Very difficult, but while doing this I was admiring the slimmer outline of my thigh. I do believe I'm getting thinner! :P
f. sit ups - 50 situps only!
g. lower abs - this one was funny. I had to hold on to my trainers CALVES (he stood above me), and then raise my legs up to his hands (together). When my legs reach 90 degrees, he will push my feet downwards. I have to then lower my feet BUT NOT rest it on the ground. Repeat x 12. 2 sets only cos I am weak.

(g) was funny because when he was standing over me, he said, "You pull on my leg" but I heard as "Open my leg" so I said incredulously, "Huh? You want me to open your leg???" and then another guy and his trainer nearby sniggered happily. T_T Don't know what they are thinking, but probably something perverted.

Thus ends my training for today. As promised, here is PART OF Taipan's schedule for Raya. The parts that I miss out, assume it to be Body Balance / Body Pump / RPM. :P Sorry la, for my reference only mar. Nobody reads this anyway.

11:15 - 12:15pm : Body Pump with Alex C
12:30 - 1:30pm : Line Dance with Sharon L
2.00 - 3.00pm : Body Combat with Alex C
3:15 - 4:15 pm : Body Attack with Barney
4:30 - 5:30pm : Body Step with Barney

11.15 - 12.15pm : Body Attack with Jason
12:30 - 1:30pm : Body Jam with Shirlyn

11:15 - 12:15pm : Body Combat with Alex C
12.30 - 1.30pm : Line Dance with Sharon L
4.30 - 5.30pm : Body Step with Anthony

Have a good holiday peeps!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 62

I hate working in KL (I work @ Bangi), but it does have its plus points. Now that I'm a TF Passport member, I can swing by Jaya 33 on my way home from the Federal Highway! It sure beats struggling all the way back to Subang and then struggling some more to USJ to go to Taipan! By the time I'm done with my workout, traffic would have eased and I'd be able to drive home with peace~of~mind. Seriously one of the HUGGGGGEEEEE perks of becoming a passport member!

It's a pity though that Thursday classes at Taipan are nicer than the ones in Jaya33. ;p But beggars about to be stuck in traffic jams can't be choosers. So I just went for Hot Yoga today. Was quite semangat about going for BOdy Step after that, but I forgot how WET Hot Yoga gets you, and I didn't have a change of shorts. :P

Please remind me to buy goggles!

By the way, here is PART OF Jaya33's revised schedule for Sat, Sun and Mon due to the Hari Raya holidays. The reason why it's only 'PART OF' is because I only noted down the classes that I would be LIKELY to attend. So if you see an empty slot between classes, it's most likely Body Balance / Body Pump. =p

2-3pm : Body Combat with Su-Yee
3:15-4:15pm : Body Step with Roland
4:30-5:30pm : Body Jam with Shirlyn

11:15-12:15pm : Body Jam with Sharon T
2-3pm : Body Combat with Adrian
3:15-4:15pm : Body Attack with Barney
4:30-5:30pm : Body Step with Barney

10-11am : Body Combat with Alex C
2-3pm : Body Attack with Jason Y

Note : Above classes is for JAYA 33. I will update Taipan's one tomorrow.
Also, reminder to self : swimming pool's opening hours are 8am - 10pm!

Take care of yourselves gymrats. ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 61

Guess what? I finally did it! People of Jaya 33, get ready cuz whether you like it or not, a slimy creature called Leech will be joining all of you. =B

Yes, yes, I finally upgraded! The total plan was not totally beneficial to me, but I guess it's somewhat fair also la. *sulks* I got lots of free stuff though, so that's good. Anyway, the important thing is that I can start gymming tomorrow at Jaya 33 also if I choose to do so. Omg, why am I so stupid, I forgot to take the October schedules!

The reasons why I decided to upgrade :
+ over the long haul, it's cheaper. MUCH cheaper
+ free parking also, like Taipan
+ on the way home from work, toll is cheaper by RM1.60. ;p
+ schedulling differences. I usually skip Tues - Thurs because there's a lack of classes that I like / can make it in time for. Now I can gym practically EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, omg!
+ certain classes being available there e.g: Dance Mania, MTV Jam (I know they have it in Taipan too, but the timing is totally out for me)
+ schedule for weekends is nicer at Jaya 33
+ the swimming pooooooooool!!!
+ the people!

Good enough for me la. Especially the cheaper part! Anyway, I will probably start Jaya 33 workout tomorrow.

Anyway, remember me saying that there's no Dance Mania in Taipan? Well I just found out today that Body Jam (before this was with Farah) is now replaced with Dance Mania with Ernest. Haha... so now I can do Dance Mania on Tuesdays and Saturdays! *happy* I don't know why I'm so into dance anyway since I'm not good at it. But I reckon that at least I have somewhat a sense of rhythm. I get quite annoyed with people who seemingly don't even bother keeping count (or at least, sense the beat in the music) when dancing. I don't mean to sound like a picky person and when I dance, I do aim to have fun and I don't care about the "itty bitty" perfectionist techniques. But keeping count isn't itty bitty! It's like, a main component in dance! Otherwise why go for class to learn choreo? Dance in the room also can lose calories what. Then you can move to whatever beat it is that you're hearing.

But I digress, the class was quite different from Danny's one. Not saying which is better, though. :P Ernest's class had stronger movements ... more hip hop I reckon. The songs that he played ... sounds Korean / Japanese, I don't really know. When we're learning the steps, he would play Play That Funky Music , White Boy. Hahah, that's a really nice song to dance to actually.

Too many face-offs though. I hate face-offs because I can't look at myself in the mirror. And people get confused because the instructor is no longer their mirror image. Etc etc etc. Hell breaks loose.

But it was still a very fun class! I really enjoyed myself, really got a good workout there. Eager to come back next week and see what's next.

Did 15 minutes on the cardio wave, listening to my ipod. Realised that I have to update my workout playlist, as I used to choose songs suitable for running. Apparently even Enrique Iglesias's Escape is good for running. (Actually, if you think about it, during the chorus, it's a very run-nable song! Try it before you diss it!) A really good song for the cardio wave is Welcome to the Jungle by Guns & Roses. You do your usual thang on the cardio wave, and during the chorus, you can lean forward (butt jut out) and then squat lower to work on the thighs. Fuuh! Another super good workout here. After 15 minutes I'm perspiring all over, like I just came out of Hot Yoga...

Finally, time for conditioning. Not much because I didn't have much time.
a. 100 sit-ups (50 normal, 50 butterfly style)
b. 30 push-ups (no tricep push-ups, mainly because I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT)
c. 3 sets of bicep curls
d. 3 sets of tricep extensions

Tomorrow I'll try to work on the chest and back. =)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 60

No more infiltration for me! Sucks that I had a one week pass and I only got to use 4 days out of it! Well, I had a good reason not to go yesterday. It was my birthday! I don't really wanna make a big fuss out of it, so I just wanted to go and have a rest. I definitely didn't feel like seeing the trainer's face (we have appointments on Sundays - and Fridays). On Friday I cancelled our PT session because I got my period (long story). Anyway, he replied back rather rudely. I was quite taken aback. You know, this feller has cancelled PT for me few times, I never say anything also. When I cancel then he makes a fuss la? And then today asked me to sign up for more sessions. Sorry mate, I have NO $$$.

*releaseeeeeeeee stress*

I'm still contemplating upgrading to passport membership. Erm... consultant oh consultant, when are you free? Please give me a reasonable quotation! XD XD XD

Today's classes were quite kickass. I managed to make it in the nick of time for Body Jam with Tina. She had a mix of old and new release ... phew! Was getting scared if it was all-the-way new release again. And the numbers she did for the new release were the ones that I absolutely love and have no qualms doing for the rest of ... the year. :)

We started with stuff from release #36. Namely:
~ Gadjo's So Many Times
~ Mousse T vs Hot 'N' Juicy's Horny
~ Basement Jaxx's Romeo
~ Champion Sound's Warning
~ Whildchild's Renegade Master
~ Da Hool's Meet Her At The Love Parade
~ The Puppies's Funky Y2C
~ Klubbhead's Kickin' Hard

I loved Release #36! I remember going for the launch in Consplant with Fuzzy last time. =) Surprised myself by still remembering all the steps. Haha! I'm such a showoff. :P From the new release we had:
~ Rihanna's Umbrella (for recovery --- omg, now my favorite recovery track ever. Surpasses PCD's Don't Cha)
~ John Legend's Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing and Jennifer Lopez's Let's Get Loud (Latin fever!)
~ Mega NuRave Styles and DJ 'Little' Rippa's Do It Again and Timbaland ft Fall Out Boy's One And Only
~ Shakira & Beyonce's Beautiful Liar for cool down

Surprisingly the class ended a few minutes early and I was able to make it for Body Combat! Usually the classes end back-to-back and to rush to the upper studio after changing and all that makes me fatigued just thinking about it. And then I skip BC. Since I was early, I pushed myself to go for BC even though I'm a lazy arse. Hehehe, I guess Jon was right because it seems like ages since I went for Terence's class! As usual, super high energy from him and the class. Was damn fun! Haven't enjoyed myself like this in a BC class for ages.

I am not so familiar with the tracks, but I'll try and remember. We had :
~ Ultra-Sonic's Angels (warm up)
~ Tim Belly's Dancing Up a Storm (desertstorm remix. You know desertstorm don't you?) (warm up)
~ Brooklyn Bounce's Kickin Hard
~ Scooter's Jigga Jigga (gosh I hate this track, got stamina also will pancit after this track)
~ we had a track supposedly from BC #5! See, that's why I say you only get to do old tracks with Terence! Support a bit! Ask him for more of those tracks! :P
~ a really horrible circle track from circa 2006. I forgot the name! Anyway, was damn tired here, and I forgot that doing the hook the whole body also must twist (I thought leg only need to twist, damn stylo la like that). Wahlau.. this Terence twisted my shoulders (wahhaha, I make it sound damn dramatic). @_________@ So malu~~. But I will remember from now onwards!
~ forgot the Muay Thai track too! But it's one of my favorites as well. Erm... a bit confusing regarding when to change sides, but all in all, high energy MT track. Love it!
~ was hoping that he'll do Black Parade for the final power track. Instead, we got the "my heart beats, like a drum" track. Arrgghh! Speedball!!!
~ Conditioning had triceps. 'Nuff said. Me no mood to talk anymore
~ But!! We had the lovely Because We Believe track for cooldown. Great choreo too.

That was all for me today. Tomorrow I will find that consultant and try to upgrade. Not much classes tomorrow, so I'll be able to work on my conditioning as well. Triceps!! Abs!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Day 59 + 4th Day of Infiltration

Ahhhhhhhhhhh... my body is sooooooo sore at the moment. A great kind of tired soreness! I can't believe it, I planned it and I thought about it, but didn't think I could execute it. Once again, it is time for GYM MARATHON!

The plan was to do 5 classes :
>> Body Combat
>> Body Attack
>> Dance Mania
++ break for lunch ++
>> Body Step
>> Body Jam

How does that schedule sound to you? Insane? I managed to do it!! Only because there's two dance classes to break up the intensity, but let me tell you, I still sweat like mad for all five classes. It was insane! In the words of Jason, "Sweat like you've never sweated before!". Wtf wtf wtf.

Anyway, I'm so loving this gym la. It's located in a convenient place, and once again - FREE PARKING! (I don't park in Jaya 33 itself). And damn, some of their class line ups are quite good, better than Taipan. It'll be great to switch between the two, maybe spend 3 weekdays in Taipan, 1-2 in Jaya33. Then weekends if I wake up early will be Jaya33, late weekends will be for Taipan. OMG good plan or whut! Some more passport membership is cheaper (in the long run).

Dunno how long my enthusiasm is going to last though. I mean, I used to freaking love Taipan right. Also damn convenient and all. Too bad both these places are missing a HYPERMARKET. -___-

Right right... anyway, back to my marathon today.

Started the day off with 3 sets of my tricep extensions before Body Combat with Delon. This is my first class with him, he seems to be very talkative and very pro-eating fast food to compensate for calories burnt during classes. Hmmm... anyway, he did a mix of old and new tracks. Damn nice tracks, like the full metal jacket one (is that what's it's called? I really like it), tribal dance, . . . don't remember most of the feng tau music. Also did one of my favorite cool down tracks ever - When Love and Hate Collide. Good class all in all, although for the first 15 minutes my legs felt damn sore (wonder why? The last class I did was hot yoga & swimming for chrissakes!), so I was thinking about scrapping the whole 'marathon' idea.

After I had changed for the next class, saw that Jason was already in the middle of warm-up for Body Attack. I love it when classes are quite empty (although the instructors don't like that, of course). I sooooo enjoyed myself in the BOdy Attack class, could press on full speed ahead and jump and run and all that. I quite like the latest release of Body Attack after this class! :) I also like how Jason calls everyone his "brother" and "sister". Lol. During the circle track, we were supposed to end the track with a jump (and a punch in the air), but I thought it was ending with a knee (because we were doing high knee runs). So bloody looked like I was going to knee Jason in the chest, muwhahaha! Who ask him to force me to run til the knee was up to his waist! :P (Of course he had to add, "Wah. You try to kick me ar. Why? I'm so good.". @_@

I loveeeee Body Attack! XD

But do you know what I loveeeee even more? Dance Mania! It's a new class being conducted by Danny, previously was Funky Line. Pauline came just in time to join me for this class, yay. Anyway, the class started out pretty scary, because even for warm-up, Danny has a very unique way to warm-up la. Stretching more than normal people. But the warm-up track is quite cool, I forgot the 1st one, but the 2nd one is And I'm Telling You... (Jennifer Hudson? Or Jennifer Holiday?). The entire class is like MTV Jam / Cardio Jam. One whole hour dedicated to learning the choreo for one song. But each week there will be a different song. And he will do a mix of Latin, pop, hiphop, etc. He's a man of many talents la, basically. *kofF*

Today, he did erm... a mix of Latin and pop I guess. I am damn scared whenever people do Latin because the movement is damn sexy and like I've said time and again- I don't do sexy! But it was too the Spice Girl's Spice up Your Life, which is so kitschy and upbeat, who can hate dancing to it? It was very nice choreo --- if you can follow la. I die-die also tried to remember everything, but as usual, got some parts where I nearly run into someone else because I'm going in the other direction. ^^ Got lots of body rolls also... totally cannot do, I had to cheat by replacing some steps with others, otherwise I'll still be stuck at the first 8 counts. Anyway,I really enjoyed the class la. Really feel like going for it next week (means I'll have to upgrade to passport, wtf). Pauline said the instructor was looking at me whenever I did my usual nonsense... ehehe, sorry to be such a brat in the class. ^^

Had lunch after that, and when I was eating in this restaurant opposite the gym, I saw XXX who I got to know in FF walking into the TF gym. XXX is a rather prominent person in FF, so I really couldn't believe my eyes. I actually ran out of the restaurant to question him on why he's stepping into TF. :P But that actionpot totally ignored me, asked me a random question ("Aren't you late for class?") and then like went to the consultation area. WTFFFFFF. I am damn p.o'ed. I don't know if he's doing some kinda espionage or he don't remember me or whatever la. Next time I also actionpot back to him la. (sour)

Lunch was surprisingly light, shabu-shabu! Anyway, it didn't hurt my performance in Body Step class, although I was not as fast on the quickstep track, and I was reallllllly starting to feel soreness in my legs. But the ego in me refused to let me quit. Roland did a mix of old and new tracks as well, including my favorite power track at the end - Tribal Dance (yes - again!). Also, nice conditioning and cool down tracks - I believe In a Thing called Love and Stickwitu.

Ended the day with Body Jam with Su Lin. My first class with her! Saw Jon in the class as well, surprise surprise. Anyway, he talk crap la, said that he stand at the back because he's not good but as I had suspected, he memang has had lots of practice in Body Jam already. ^^ Again, nearly langgar other people in the class, but that was in the warm up. *bleh* We allocated the first half of the class to the new release (which meant the warm up track, Tambourine, Let's Get Loud, One and Only and Umbrella). Yay for One and Only! I'm damn obsessed with this song, want to find the -uncensored- version. :P

Oh yes, the instructor is perfectly lovely! She is so freaking enthusiastic and when she says, "Go crazy!!" she herself goes quite mad and frantic and her attitude is just so infectious. We did the performance block which has Hollaback Girl, Shake That Thing, Gossip Folk, etc. One of my favourite tracks, thanks to all the jungle arms, ass shaking, salt-and-pepper shaking etc. Wahhhhhhh although just underwent 5 classes, was super stamina and jumping around everywhere during her class.

Told you her attitude is infectious. ;)

And that ends my marathon for today. :) Know what else I like about working out here? It's just another 15 minutes drive to Midvalley so that I can go for evening-shopping. Lovely.... :) Bought new ipod headphones after I accidentally laundered my original ones. :( Expensive mistake. RM119 down the drain - literally!