Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 94

Argghhh.. so darn tired right now. After 3 days of working late at the office, I decided to work-out-without-stopping all the way today. =) Darn tired to the point that I'm thinking of not going to the gym tomorrow. Guess I was a bit shocked after weighing in today and seeing within the 3 days I have ~gained~ weight again.. boohoohoo.

Started the day with Body Jam with Jason. He's so happy, tappy, flappy and clappy today! The happiness is super infectious. He told us that Rihanna's Please Don't Stop the Music is one of the tracks in the new release. I really can't wait! Love that song! Anyway, today he did so many cardio tracks.. totally the opposite of last week ok! It's like punishing me for the statement I made about how no-feel it was doing latin track after latin track. This time it was :

~ Boogie 2Nite + Tambourine warm-up + isolations
~ Escapade (long time didn't do this track... so awesome!)
~ Safri Duo's Played Alive (is that the name? Forgot liow)... omg I loved it whenever KH You did this track... missed it so much. Although I've forgotten the cross step & chest pumps to the front bits. Kinda tou kai here. Hehehe.
~ Geri Halliwell's Looooooook At Me! another KH You favorite. I remember him and his, "This track is very ~~~~*DRAMA*~~~~". Was fun doing it today!
~ Ugh. The My Love recovery track. Ok la... improvement of 5% la. Despite Jason laughing madly when I got it wrong. -___-
~ Performance track...!! He said, "We will be doing a very very old track" which had me praying that it was going to be the J.Lo performance track. Mana tahu it ended up being the latest release's performance track. -____- Ok la, it's true though, it's been very long since we last did it. And so ngam! Today only I was listening to Groove Armada's Get Down in Raymond's car and I said, "Don't play play man, the dance step for this song is damn difficult." Yalah, damn tiring to keep doing those skippy-steps what. =) I love the performance track anyway.

So I really had a bloody satisfying Body Jam class today. =) After that was weight training. 20 minutes on the strider while listening to my ipod. Only kept at level 5 since higher levels make my legs *gasp* more muscular. Followed by :
a) lunges. Did 20,25,30 per leg. Body weight.
b) Chest press. Topped it up a notch. Started at 15kg, then 12.5kg, 10kg. Feel quite proud of myself la! 15kg is also quite alright for me. I forsee I can go up to 20kg even. What a long way from my time of not even being able to do 5 chest press at 10kg!!
c) Back extensions - 40kg, 25kg, 15kg. I MADE A MISTAKE STARTING AT 40KG! CAN DIE LA! I thought it was 40lb, that's why!
d) Tricep extensions. Started at 15kg also. Struggled but made it through!

Ugh, then this trainer and his student fcuking took up the space at the bicep machine and like chat 80% of the time and did sets 20% of the time. Damn fcuking selfish ok!! Even last time when I had a trainer, my trainer was always on the lookout for other people waiting to use the machine. He didn't fcuking act like a dog in the manger by just chatting there with me when there's OBVIOUSLY other people waiting for a turn. I tell you ah, damn pissing off! So I went to do push-ups instead since that is the bane of my existence. Did 16, 18 and 20 push ups. Of course I was doing "upper half" only by the 3rd set! When I finished, the trainer and his student were still there! WTF betul! Anger!!

There should be a sign obviously saying "DO NOT HOG THE MACHINES!"
But I guess people assume that others HAVE BRAINS and HAVE COMMON COURTESY. Wtf.

Went for Body Combat after that. :P They had another theme class which was erm.. "Snow White Boys". @_@ The Snow White Boys were none other than Adrian, Alex C and Jack. As usual, Adrian took the first 3 tracks, followed by Jack and Alex "taking it home" with the remaining 4. Let me try to remember what we did today. :P
~ Apache Rocks The Bottom
~ Somebody Told Me
** warm up tracks from recent release*
~ dunno the name of this song, but it's got a nice tune.

Seriously, by the third track I was dying already ok!!!!! Dunno what track that is, got damn a lot of travelling back and forth the room and round house kick and cross and dunno what. @_@ Arrgggh.... was regretting doing so many lunges earlier. T_T Seriously dying, and started to simply do without following the rhythm. =p

~ French Affair's Sexy
Haha, it's been a while since I last did this track. I didn't know that it was a "protect" and then "kick". I thought it was a low kick and then a high kick. Then it matches with the song where they sing, "No no no ... higher baby higher". Cos low kick then high kick mar! Anyway the protect and kick chorey was introduced during Tribal Dance whut. Am I right or is my memory failing? Never mind la, maybe he mixing and matching.

FOOYOH!! MY FAVORITE-ST OF MY FAVORITES!!! So long since I last did this track you have no idea ok!!! But somehow once the music starts, my body remembers all the choreography! Seriously!!! If you ask me to write now, I have to think for a bit, and I can't tell you when the moves change. But just press play and I can start doing all the jab & cross and what not straightaway without cues also ok!! :D Not boasting la, but I even remembered it was a punch & hook ok, not a upper jab & hook *hint*hint*hint* to someone.

Anyway, super thanks for doing this track !!! XD XD XD

~ recovery track --- dunno the name, don't think I did before. @_@

My mind is a blank now... hahaha! I know he did some pretty old tracks here. Both had a lot of jumping. I'm gonna guess that one is "Jump", forgot what is the other one. :P Then he did conditioning - Sound of the Underground (crazy push ups!) and omgomgomg When Love and Hate Collide for cool down. Did I mention this is my favorite cool down? Well one of it anyway, the other one is Bohemian Rhapsody which for me, only Swee does it. =)

Today's class was darn darn fun lor. You have no idea, I saw so many of the class participants praising the instructors after today's class, hehe. But Adrian said that this might be the last theme class cos Jack has to go to Pavilion. ;( ERm... why can't Alex & Adrian continue team teaching? @_@ But must do old tracks la which I'm sure they can.

Ok la, that's all from me for today. Dying ady as I'm writing this. Energy levels soared during Power of Love and slowly died from then onwards. Maybe I shouldn't do weight training anymore before Combat...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 93

I am soooooooooooo happy today. =) =) Body Combat with Terence was mucho excellent as usual. That dangerous guy that I blogged about from the last class moved super far from me, maybe he reads my blog? @_@ Anyway if he does --- sorry about the 'graphic' description on your movements but I still think you're super dangerous lor. But keep up your fighting spirit... just do it when I'm 10m radius away from you. :P :P

Had 10 minutes on the strider before the class started. Nowadays got a lot of restless energy la. Cannot sit still, 10 minutes also must do some form of exercise. Went into class, and the class was packed as usual. There was a new lady (Joey) who shadowed Terence today. Anyway, she didn't present any tracks, and I couldn't really see her movement since she stood nearer to the other side of the class... but she looks very friendly and approachable. =) Who knows maybe will be a permanent instructor in TF one day...

Quite lazy to write out all the songs that we did today (actually it's been 3 hours since class ended at time of writing and I'm really sleepy, can't remember anything now) so I'll just quickly outline my top reasons why the class was awesome today :

  1. We had Shake Ya Body for Muay Thai. !!!!!!!!!!! Cannot express how awesome this muay thai track is. Yes, definitely my favorite MT track of ALL. And gosh, it's been ages and ages and ages since I last did this track okay! But once the music starts, the choreo seems so familiar. My favorite part is of course the knee & guard part. That's when you really ah shake ya body! XD

  2. I will do anything for love, but I won't do THAT for recovery. Hahaha, this Meatloaf song is quite famous for making people ask, "What is THAT?" Haven't done this track in ages upon ages also so it was a happy reunion. :P

  3. Come With Me for the upper body workout. Again, long time haven't done this track! Eh, not boasting ok but I used to be SUPER good at this track. So good until XXX from CF told me that I was good at combat considering I only had been at it for 1 year (at that time). And he called me "the machine" wtf. That time very ber-stamina la. Again, it was a happy reunion to do this track again. =)

  4. Jack (another BC instructor, upon many other GX classes that he is an instructor for) joined Terence's class... as a participant! So that means he was on the floor with the rest of us... and he was just next to me!! Eh, please before you misunderstand let me further explain! I just absolutely love it when an instructor or a super awesome regular is standing near me because then I get to spy on their movements and correct myself or use them as a gauge on how high I should kick, etc. And if you forget any steps, you can be guaranteed that if you look at them, you can catch up on the steps you missed. AND you push yourself to go harder, stronger, faster (erm... yeah kinda stealing from Kanye's song here) because they are motivating you. So yeah, I loved it wey!!

    This is not to say that if he wasn't in the class, you can't use the instructor as a gauge, but it's different ya know? For one thing the mirror thing can get confusing some of the times, and the super active instructor could be running all over the class and then who are you going to refer to la? The person next to you! So isn't it awesome if the person next to you is also a BC instructor? Hehehe.

Mmm yay... happy combatting day. =) Only problem is my specs of course. I really hope they can give me my new lens by this Saturday... I'm really tired of dealing with my unstable spectacles that keep slipping down my face / bouncing on my nose. Sigh sigh.

And Terence!! Thanks for nearly kicking off my head!! I'm quite attached to it y'know? Maybe some warning before you do that next time? :P
And thanks (genuinely) for doing the awesome-est Muay Thai track ever today. Muwahhaha... =)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 92

I like my weekends to be like me... lazy! =) Such a happy, easygoing day today. Had to go to Paramount Gardens today to visit my optician, it is so near to Jaya 33, so it was really convenient. Had a good breakfast after my appointment, had time to tapau lo mai kai for lunch too. :P Hehe, it's been AGES since I last ate lo mai kai. =D

Anyway, reached the gym in time for Body Attack with Jason. I met a newcomer who was had only done RPM and Body Combat before this. She was a bit hesitant on joining the class, I think I conned her into staying by saying that the choreo is damn easy, just need to have lots of stamina (and I did tell her she didn't need to go "all out", just pace herself). Mwhahaha. After the 4th track or so she was giving me dirty looks. =p But she stayed til the end of the class and she looked happy... and glowing! :P

The track listing... just about the same as the week before. The class was really really fun, and I love it that the cool down track is now Twista ft Faith Evan's Hope instead of the Robbie Williams song.
1. Don't like Robbie
2. Hope is a really uplifting and positive song, more meaningful for a Saturday morning, haha.

Yes! Danny is back for Dance Mania. =) He asked me if I was sure I could dance with spectacles on. -__________________- Don't discriminate me, yo! Anyway, it was a good class... a Latin track! We danced to Conga (Gloria Estefan). Ok la, I still prefer the bellydancing class he did and Chelo's Cha Cha. This conga one had too many of those twisting leg movements, the one where one knee must be placed in front of the other... ya, one of my most hated steps (2nd after bodyroll.. lol). Perhaps one day when I'm feeling industrious I'll actually go and practice. =p After all, I *used* to hate grapevine and a lot of other steps that are now sap sap sui (*actions*)...

Drove back to Taipan for Anthony's Body Jam class. My first class with him! He seems like a friendly guy, an excellent dancer who adds his own flava to the choreo. Sadly for me he did the performance track from Body Jam 38, My Love for recovery (this track's choreo is damn 9 difficult, how to 'recover'?), and the warm-up + Latin from Body Jam 37. Incidentally, it's not to say I'm unfamiliar with all these 3 items, but I'm like, damn mediocre in all of it. So took the chance to "learn up" a bit more on these steps as I usually just don't bother when I don't like something. I think I'm getting better at the performance track for #38 and the Latin for #37. But My Love is still super killa (to me la)!

The only thing I have to say about Anthony's class is that sometimes I think he is looking too much at his own reflection at the back of the room, and he's not really addressing any of us. Maybe there *is* someone beautiful standing at the back of the class that I didn't see la, but otherwise it can feel really... like an outsider looking in on the class. No offense meant with this comment, just something I felt la. T____T

That's all for today... went home and been chillaxing since! Take care, still one more day of relaxation. =)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 91

Yahooo.... I finally changed the layout of my page. :P Not done by me of coz (already had a hard time designing around my main blog), just got a customized one. =) Yup, I've been a real lazy girl, not been going to the gym as frequently as I did last month. Period, eye problems, lack of sleep etc... some of my excuses. Choose the one you think is best.

My eye problems... caused by a faulty contact lens (I think there's scratches on it). I have to go to Seksyen 20 tomorrow to see the family optician and order a new one (it's semi-permeable - permanent lens, that's why have to susah-payah get a new one instead of buying from random eyewear store). Anyway, because of all this, I had to wear my glasses to the gym. Damn not comfortable lor!

I really don't know how people who wear specs do it! All I know is that I keep worrying that my specs will fly off and get stomped on by another class participant. Thankfully for me, Body Jam was quite tame today. For some reason, Jason decides to do everything Latin (something to do with the new release having a complicated Latin track), and some more I was 15 minutes late for the class. Memang hardly sweat at all! FYI, I don't really like Latin tracks in my Body Jam class. :P There's only a few I like, which is the Ran Kan Kan performance track (we did that today! yay!), Hips Don't Lie and La Bamba (not Ricky Martin's La Bomba ya!). So I was really... just going through the motions but no "feel". Some more I was standing at the back corner of the class. Really no "feel" la. :P (And with the stupid specs on my face.. lagi no feel. How to feel sexy doing Latin track when I "feel" damn 9 ugly!?)

The funniest part about Body Jam class was halfway through, the kakak who cleans the gym suddenly came in. At first I thought she wanted to wipe down the weights or something. (This was during the recovery track - Umbrella btw) Suddenly she kicked off her slippers and started dancing along! Of coz not like very good la, total newbie style, but damn cute lor! I was so surprised, hahaa! And she tried to ask Cindy to teach her how to dance but Cindy ignored her .. damn bad la you. ;p ;p Someone "alerted" Jason about his new student and he said, "Is she for real ah?" Aiyo yam kung, people already dancing so happily in his class some more ask if she's for real?? :P I think she cannot help but be attracted to
the song, the dance, the INSTRUCTOR. Hohoho...~~

Did my weight training by myself after that. Simple la.. tried to top it up a notch here and there:

~ level 7 all the way for 20 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine (my favorite work-out song for the moment is Mason vs Princess Superstar's Perfection Exceeder. Damn catchy!)

~ Adduction and abduction (35lb, 30lb, 25lb for 25, 30 and 35 reps respectively). Think this is too much, will lower down next week

~ Leg press (40kg, 40kg, 30kg)

~ Chest press (12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg) --- getting there. Almost time to top it up

~ Back extension (19kg, 17kg, 14.5kg) --- too heavy. I think I must've jotted down wrongly when I said I started at 19kg. It's damn fcuking heavy. !!!! Should start somewhere around 15kg in fact.

~ Triceps and biceps (12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg)

No abs because I suspected we would be doing it later for BC Conditioning.

Yup, next was Body Combat. Usually I don't go for the 9.05pm slot because of Project Runway hahaha! But since it has ended (and the feller who I had been rooting for from the beginning has won), I can now gym for as long as I like. :P :P The new BC slot in Taipan is being done by Alex C, but today got a pleasant surprise as he tarik in Adrian and Jack (previously this slot belonged to him) as well. What's the occassion? Some more got matching outfits all.

The class was pretty darn enjoyable, oh man I so loved it when they did Shake Ya Shimmy for recovery track. Not because it's easy (it ain't!) but because it's such a fun song! My god, why no one else bergembira also? :D The first 3 tracks were all from the recent release, the new-release-expert Adrian taught those tracks. Hehe. After that was Jack with I'm So Excited (happy! Long time didn't do this one either), Bagpipes (lovely!! never done in a long time either!) and Shake Ya Shimmy. I didn't know Jack likes the old tracks... if I knew I would've gone for his class ages ago. :P I think I only attended one class of his. :P

Alex C took over for the last 2 tracks. Muay Thai was a rather old track... I remember Swee used it for a Halloween Theme class before. Not sure of the name. Last track was Ride on Time which is damn fun track, but everyone in the class like no energy already, no clapping also. Cis bedebah. Conditioning was Sound of the Underground (horrible push ups but I love the sit ups!) and one very very very weird song for cool down that I have never done before, or at least done it the way Alex taught!!

Su-Yee was also in the class, stood in front of me. Was so happy because that means I could go and tail her movement instead of straining to see the 3 guys in front. :D One thing I miss about BC in Consplant is that there were so many regulars there that it didn't matter where you stood, you sure will be able to see someone to follow his/her movement! :)

Anyways, that's all from me today. I know I sound damn arrogant / elitist sometimes, but I'm not ok? I'm all for helping new comers and I know I myself have hell lots more to improve on. But I just hope everyone can ... bergembira in the group X classes la. Don't be so serious can? We're all out of the office already what. X_X


Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 90

=) Mondays are the best. Even better when my boss is on holiday, so I get to leave work on~the~dot and drive like a madcow to be early for Body Jam with Tina. =B In the end, my "hard work" at skipping work went to waste because Tina was late. XD Anyway, we started the class with Canned Heat, moved on to Mundian To Bach Ker and Power of Bhangra (been a while since I last did this! DAmn fun! Spun until my head also hanging to one side) and straight on to Latin (Hips Don't Lie).

Recovery was Lolita, and then we had the final performance which was Dance 4 Life. I really really like the songs for this performance, but since didn't have much time left (have to go and 'book place' in Body Combat, keke), I only did until London Bridge. Gosh, it's been so long since this track you have no idea. I know regulars for her classes did it two weeks ago, so they're dab hands at it. For me, I was just happy that I FINALLY got the choreo for Sexy/Back hehehe. You know, I really love all of JT's latest songs, but the choreo for his songs are not easy in Body Jam ok! :(

Yup so I left to "book place" in Body Combat with Terence.. was surprised to see not many people there after all -___-. Therefore, class today less "oomph" (only can hear one or two guys with damn loud voice shouting away. My contribution is lost in his screams, seriously) in the shouting department. But seriously the tracks that Terence did were all awesome! Erm.. we had If I Were You (warm up), Livin' On a Prayer (omg omg omg awesomeness!!!!!!!), ... *memory lapse*, Jigga Jigga (oohh! nice! but today cannot do many proper jump kicks reason being .... tell you later), Full Metal Jackass (hahhaa, nice! Come on la everyone, do the salute bit too), So What (and so what? nice nice faveee Muay Thai track, erm maybe sharing that title with the "shake your body" song). The last track and the circle track were stuff that I have not done before, song also not familiar.

OMG DRAMA in the circle track, I moved to the back of the class k. No offense to "the guy" I am going to mention here (if he ever reads this unknown blog of mine)... but YOU ARE DAMN DANGEROUS LOR WTF. There's one guy who when he does BC right, he's in a world of his own... I mean, that's ok la. I know some of us are like all decked out in bandanna and handwraps and imagining they are going to war or something, got the game face on and all that. But this guy is like.. really the way he does combat is as if everyone in the class is a potential ninja waiting to kill him.The way he moves shows he has martial arts background. Let me tell you why... when the instructor says "roundhouse" or "back kick" his movement is totally different from the BC's "roundhouse" and "back kick". When I checked with my colleague who did Taekwondo, he said the dangerous guy in my class actually has the move correct la (for Taekwondo / Karate / whatever), who ask BC to go and change the name and its corresponding movement.

ANYWAY... so this Dangerous Guy's like always high in class (thinking he is Jet Li fighting unseen enemies), he got MARTIAL ARTS background ... and he is new to Body Combat!! So do you see where I'm going? This means that since he's new, he's not so familiar with the choreo, one mistaken step and his flying Jet Li fist is going to whack you in the face WITH FULL POWAH. Dangerous or whut! The first first time he came into class, he started stretching like damn pro ... then he raised his hand to say he's a first timer. I quickly switched my position in class man.

So this guy, I think he must've injured lots of other participants since then... so he also tahu sendiri la... he goes and stands at the furthest end of the class where the only one he can injure is the barbells and weights. But today during the circle track (it was a "split the class into two" track), he became his usual high self again... and when we are supposed to run to the front and aim at the "enemy", he was damn high la. Shit, when he did that right I know already sure something will happen. Look at his high face and super powah movements... thank God I was not on the other side! In the end he memang like super whacked a gal from the other side. Omg.. I totally stopped and screamed ok. (Why am I screaming?! :p ) Then I moved the way way way way way way way back of the class. And I observed him from behind right... he like really cannot control himself lor. He really gives like 3000% in the class, so after that he whacked the girl again. Wtf.

Anyway my conclusion is.. we wanna be "high" in class --- go ahead!! Just don't go and injure other people la. After end up you're the only one in the class wtf. Some more I admit la... I don't get my choreo 100% correct 100% of the time. I did whack into other people before. But my god, I don't do it again and again and like, keep on moving more and more so that the chances of me hitting the same person again is still there.

Shit la, now you know why I need to "book place" in classes. Because dare not stand next to dangerous people.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 89

Was debating between Boot Camp Workout or Body Combat to start my Saturday workout with. Stayed up til 1am still debating, hahaha! On one hand, BCW is new and I can only attend one class a week (the other time slots I will be at work). On the other hand, I've missed BC for the ENTIRE week! On Friday I was supposed to go but I had a gathering @ the office. -___- In the end, no Boot Camp Workout OR Body Combat for me because I woke up late. :P :p :P

Started the day with Body Attack with Jason instead. A really great workout, and I'm so happy to see that I was full stamina ahead for all tracks, from the warm up until Kiss The Sky at the end. I didn't falter during the lunges track although it was one of the "peak" tracks - had a lot of running back and forth, shuffle and lunges. @_@ Okayla, I didn't do too well for the triceps track (Beware of the Dog as usual) but I managed to do 8 tricep push-ups in a row! Ok that is like a supreme achievement for me la.

Jason said that Body Attack is 'known' for being one of the best "calorie burners" in the Les Mills programs. Apparently one session can burn up to 1000 calories... if we do "like him". =P

After that, was eagerly waiting for my Dance Mania class with Danny which I have been looking forward to the entire week (since I missed last Sat's one). So bangang when I found out that it has been replaced with Funky Line with Ronicia. At first I was quite mad because if I knew his class was replaced then I wouldn't have gone to Jaya 33 at all, would have stayed in Taipan the whole day. But then I remembered how fun Ronicia's class for Dance Mania was last Weds, and I thought what the hell, just see how Funky Line is la...

And it was damn bloody good fun! Ronicia was her usual hyper, funky, funny self she really knows how to make us participants enjoy ourselves. We did a few songs - from El Impacto (Daddy Yankee ft Fergie), Everybody Dance Now (Goleo) and some others I forgot. :P About 3-4 movements only. As usual, her cool down track (Almaz) was super dramatic ... damn nice la. Macam ballet dance movements only.

In her own words, Funky Line has nothing to do with the Line Dancing that we know. The only thing that connects the two of them is that Funky Line is "inspired" by Line Dancing's movement from wall-to-wall. The choreo is MUCH simpler, MUCH easier to remember and it's ... funkier la! Not so much on technique like Line Dancing, simple movements but stompin' it out. :)

Thing is now I like Ronicia's classes, and she asked us to "bang Alex's head against the wall and tell him to give me a permanent slot". I DO want Ronicia to have a permanent slot for Funky Line AND Dance Mania, but not at the cost of not having Danny's Dance Mania at Jaya 33!!!!!! All also I want!!! MUWAHAHHAHAHAA.

How la. =[

After that, I drove back to Taipan for Anthony's Body Jam class. Truth is I've never been to his class and I do so enjoy Su Lin's class at Jaya 33 BUT I cannot stand doing nothing for 2.5hours. So I decided to just wrap up my workout quickly by going back to Taipan. Taipan's undergoing some kinda 'renovation' traffic is HELLISH there, so hard to find parking. Some drivers are really stupid and selfish, they suddenly just stop in front of you and you think they are waiting for someone to reverse out but you know what? THEY ARE ACTUALLY JUST PARKING RIGHT THERE AND THEN. WTF. Stupid ah?

So despite having ONE HOUR between the end of Ronicia's class and the start of Anthony's class, I arrived for the start of Body Jam just in the nick of time. Was actually quite curious to see how his class would be like since as I stated above, never went for his class before. But turns out (as fate would have it) it was replaced with Farah. It was an alright class for me... we did :
~ Boogie 2nite + Tambourine (warm up and isolations)
~ Don't You Worry Bout a Thing + Let's Get Loud (Latin Track #1)
~ La Bomba (Latin Track #2)
~ Hip Hop performance track (Drop It Like Its Hot until Mo Money Mo Problems)

Which are all tracks that I like and am VERY familiar with already. But a little TOO familiar lor! I did the hip hop performance track almost 3 times in a row already! At first it was so novel, like meeting an old friend I haven't seen in a while. Now it's like, "Oh it's you again ah!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 88

Started the day with :
a. 20 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine (yes! success achieved! and at level 7 for 10 minutes STRAIGHT)
b. leg press (40,30,20)
c. hip adduction
d. hip abduction
e. MTS Row (10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg) - I'm damn weak la ok
f. chest press (12.5kg, 10kg,7.5kg) - getting there with these weights. Soon can increase to start at 15kg! Wow! How I've progressed! :D
g. biceps & triceps
h. abdominals (50,40,30) - altogether 100 reps.

Wanted to go for Jam, but found that it was replaced by Dance Mania with Ronicia. At first I was blur, cos it was supposed to start at 8pm.. I went down at 7:50pm, and people were already dancing frantically! Thought that it was an extension of Funky Line that Ronicia was teaching earlier, and so I waited patiently. Ronicia motioned for me to go in, but damn shy. Saw two other gals outside, and we started chatting. Since the class not yet supposed to start, we convince ourselves that couldn't be Dance Mania... but since Ronicia had no signs of stopping and the dance looked so interesting and attractive... we went in lor. :P But about 10 minutes late!!

Anyway the class is DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN nice! Seriously! Everyone seems to have a different style in teaching Dance Mania. I.e:
** Danny is one dance performance, taught step by step for one full hour to ONE song.
** Meei = crazy-ass non stop dancing for 45 minutes, and like a 30 second break before continuing the next 15 minutes. Super aerobics inspired, guaranteed to make you sweat, or break your legs doing it.
** Ernest is one dance performance (but much shorter than Danny's), repeated multiple times to different songs (about 3-5 different songs)

Ronicia's style is to have different dance steps for different songs. And we did MANY MANY MANY different songs and the dance steps are all simple, she doesn't have to cue us or anything. Well, in the end she did 16 songs, from pop (Whine Up, Give It To Me) to Latin (Objection, She Bangs) to Russian! (we did Kalinka! hahah). All different styles, a lot of chest shaking, booty shaking fun!

Loved the class la. :P Too bad she doesn't have a permanent slot in Taipan. =(
But she's such a lovable instructor, seriously feel like joining her for Funky Line on Sundays. Have NEVER had an inclination to do so because I thought it's like line dancing, but she said it has NOTHING to do with line dancing. =)

Not this Sunday though.. me going to watch Stardust. Finally! :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 87

Total Lack of Updates because I got my hair rebonded and coloured. :P Generally after rebonding, you can't wash your hair for 3 days, so of coz I don't want to get my hair smelly and sweaty @ the gym and NOT wash it right!

Seriously la, I felt like dying the past few days! Pining and pining away for gym! And spending hours on to fill in the emptiness. @_@ And now that I'm back at the gym, the stupid site goes down. @_@


Wednesdays are always Hot Yoga Wednesdays because of Kishore's 7:30pm class in Taipan. :P Seriously, go for his class, his enunciation is the best, his poses are unique and slightly more advanced than the other HY classes I've gone for and most of all, he is superbly friendly! :) Even when I see him OUT of HY, he always waves at me. :D

But today I'm really feeling paiseh. You know why?
Firstly, let me tell you that exercising is not the ONLY component in taking care of your health. Like duh! No need me to teach you that. Just writing this down here so that I *remember* the hell I went through today.
You must EAT healthily as well (which I try to do, but still can't resist KFC, McDs, Chipster, etc) and also GET ENOUGH SLEEP.

Today I seriously like, nearly fainted in Hot Yoga class. I think it's due to lack of sleep. Takkan just 4 days didn't gym then I wanna die already? I memang only go for Hot Yoga once a week, so it's not like I haven't gone in ages. Since last week already I was not feeling very comfortable in the class.
I should really get more sleep!

What happened was at the start of the class, I was quite comfortable. I just felt like it was more hot than usual, wondered if Kishore secretly puts the temperature higher in his class so we *feel* it more (me and my conspiracy theories). When we started the poses, I was still alright, it was only during the "triangle" which I ALWAYS have trouble in that I really started feeling dizzy. This is the triangle pose:

After each pose, I would immediately sit down, panting, drink water, try to relax. But the instructor kept us at the poses, shifting from left, center to right. This is NORMAL ok, not to say that he was abusing us. :p But because I was feeling so unwell, I just really couldn't take it anymore. Despite stopping for water so many times, I could feel my heart beating so quickly, and my head getting heavier and heavier.

So I cepat-cepat grabbed my water bottle, and in the words of Terry Pratchett "tried to win the award for the fastest most nonchalant walk". In other words, walk damn fast yet try to pretend that nothing is wrong with me. It was scary ok! Cos as I was walking, I started to feel that the vision in front of me was fading to nothingness! Swimming in and out of blackness, and just as I was about to reach the front door of the studio, I suddenly couldn't see anything! At this point, if I'm not the totally "oi meen" (want face) person that I am, I would probably just collapse right there and then. But I try to maintain and just SQUATTED for a while. At this point kind Kishore saw me and ask me if I'm ok. I quickly got up (and wonders! No more blackness! Just needed a BIT more rest I suppose) and said, "Just a little dizzy!" Ran out and collapsed onto benches outside. @_@

Thankfully after the triangle poses, we memang get a break, so after talking to instructor, saying that I'm okay... I went back in and finished the class! The second half of the class is memang more of my favorite poses. Rolling on the abdomen, rolling from side to side, bending backwards, supporting entire bodyweight on shoulders, "the twist" which is my FAVORITE pose, which despite how much I twist, Kishore can still come behind and give my shoulders another yank and I hear bones cracking! Personal chiropracter!

That's all for today... at the end of the class, Kishore did ask if I plan to go for the next one. :P I said yes, but to tell the truth, I really do feel scared!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 86

Guess who's back. Back again. And again. And again.
I have Something Important to do tomorrow. Which means I'll have to skip gym. But wait for it. It's something that would make me unable to gym for *gasp* THREE DAYS! And those three days being my most active gymming days! How can!! But this thing has been put off again and again, I really have no choice...

I hate missing Dance Mania again. =( It's such a pity that I can only go for it ONCE a week. @_@ I hope Danny will re-do a previous song. >=p

For today, I went for Body Jam with Jason. Superbly crazy, high energy class as always. A quick run-through:
~ 1st performance block from BJ39. One of my faves cos I attended the launch with Fuzzy, crazy!
~ Recovery with Umbrella ~ella~ella~eh! Couldn't really "feel" the coolness of doing this track MTV-style because of the lady in front of me who dance until DAMN energetic but SEMUA SALAH.
~ 2nd performance block from BJ41, also went for the Miracle 07 launch for this! We did the "Old Skool" portion, which I did yesterday too. :P
~Latin track (someone said , "Finally!" thinking she was gonna get some rest... unluckily it was ...) - Hips Don't Lie. ANOTHER high-octane track!!!
~ Beautiful Liar cool down.

After the class was over, I bumped into my super-talented colleague Cindy (who some pple in TF know as the line dancing + belly dancing expert + can become instructor ady level)... even she said she was tired after the Body Jam class and said, "Siao hor today's class? Usually not like that one right?" Lol!! She tried to get me to go for Bellyjam with her, said it was a different instructor who also like the high energy kinda movements. She 'promoted' it to me that way cos she knows I only like to go for classes that "sweat like crazy". I declined cos needed to do weight training, but my interest was definitely piqued.

Turned out the replacement instructor for the day was Meei! Hahahha! Ya, definitely can sweat like hell!

My weight training for today:
~ 25 minutes on the crosstrainer... back to level 5 because I don't want my legs to become more muscular. Just cardio is good enough la. I'll only raise levels for Cardio Wave cos when the level goes higher on that one, it's not resistance that is being increased.
~ lunges using body weight. 16, 18, 20 reps. 3 sets per leg.
~ abduction and adduction. 20 reps for 3 sets. At 25kg and 20kg (2x)
~ seated row (at 19kg, 17kg, 14.5kg). Donno why it was so difficult today! Think I adjusted the seat wrongly!
~ chest press (12kg, 10kg, 7.5kg)
~ triceps extension & bicep curls (12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg) --- yes, I finally increased the weights!
~ 50 sit ups
~ 50 butterfly chest lifts

That's all for today! Had to rush back because I wanted to watch the finale of Project Runway Malaysia. Yay, my old-time favorite Felix won! Hahaha! I'm damn tulan though because there was a police road block on my way back from the gym, so I was late for 30 minutes. I totally missed Felix's runway show! @_@ But I got to see Alex's, which was quite nice. Her first outfit was totally WOW --- so sexy! But so unwearable. Even if I become 49kg I won't be able to wear that. @_@

Anyway, @#$@# to the police road block la! Turned 3 lane highway into 1 lane. WTF was that about!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 85

Woke up late today, planned to go Jaya 33 for the entire day, but since I was already late and I didn't want to forego Body Combat, went for Adrian's class. So glad that I went because although he did mostly new tracks, he did the NICE new tracks that I like, hehehe. Such as Wasabi, Amadeus (now I know the name of the ginga-friendly track!), Vogue, and this Scooter song for the final track. I think it's Back in the UK? Not sure. Anyway that track is DAMN fun to do. Super high-energy, but I just love how the choreo goes with the music! :)

I know I said I wanted to do Wasabi, but I forgot how difficult it is! Hahaha, after that track, a few people left the class! Hehehe. Btw, I'm damn proud of myself because I can jump damn 9 high for this track. Seriously, like the frog that I am. @_@ The trick is to use your hands to flail about and gain air. You don't look super yau yeng, but boy, it really ends up looking like you can land on your opponent's shoulders. And of coz, bring your knees and feet up! Muwahhaha...

All in all, really liked the class. But instructor said that we are no fun? :( :( :(

After that, drove to Jaya 33. Was determined to swim! Went for Jason's Body Jam class beforehand though. Another super fun, high energy class. We did the warm-up & isolations from the latest release. Followed up with the Old Skool performance (Get Up On The Dance Floor, Fergalicious, Long Way To Go), performance track with Fall Out Boy & Timbaland ("One and Only"), "Let's Get Down Tonight", "Good Luck" (This was request from participants in the class... can't believe they request for this!) and one last track which was also supposed to be an open-request track. Some one requested for Chelo's Cha Cha but got shot down by Jason, haha! Think he memang wanted to do this really difficult track, sorry donno the name, only remember that the choreo is damn difficult because you go from one movement to another, the timing is a bit tricky. *rambles on*

What would happen if I requested for JT's What Goes Around Comes Around? Hahaha! That is even more can-die than "Good Luck". ;P

Changed to go swimming, but by the time I was done it was raining!! Grr... been so long since I went swimming! So I changed to go laze in CB instead. But after I had bathed and kept all my stuff, ... it had ceased raining! Geram betul!

Guess what? I also lost my lock & key in Taipan today. Going to go tomorrow and see if anyone found it and kindly gave it to the Lost & Found. I really want that lock back la. My dad gave it to me and it's so cute and small and has a green-like gem on it that all my frenz recognize and can therefore tell whether I'm in the gym or not (cos I keep taking back the same locker). Now I bought this HUGE padlock from Jaya 33 (temp solution) and it's SO big... I cannot pin the keys on me as I usually do for my old lock.

Just a lock... but I feel really disturbed that I lost it. For one thing, I def remember dropping it back into my gym bag....

No where to be found...

Sad. :(

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 84

Hot Yoga Wednesdays, with Kishore! So happy, he remembered me from his class 2 weeks ago. I must be so obviously n00bish! But he helped me more than the uncle who was even more n00bish than me. Must be my pretty face *koff*wtf*koff* . =) No la, it's cos I smile cheerfully in his class and soldier on, so perhaps I look different from my serious yoga compadres.

Anyway why am I talking about how I look!

It was a fun class, and since I kinda know the structure of Hot Yoga classes, and this being my 2nd Kishore Hot Yoga class, I was more prepared, knew how to pace myself more. The first 30 minutes are always hellish for me, but I get more pro during the next 30 minutes. Somehow, think I didn't do enough warm-up, or perhaps I'm getting tired, I felt my heart beating damn fast in Hot Yoga. Later in the shower room, still felt dizzy and wanting to faint. Imagine fainting in the shower room! @_@

I think I missed RPM-Tuesdays. Hahaha. Anyway tomorrow is Deepavali, happy celebrating to all our Indian friends! :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 83

Late to work, so had to make it up by going back later as well. Hence, I missed Tina's Jam class. By the time I reached, she was doing the performance track... think it's the Dance 4 Life one. Quite a great track, but too paiseh to go in already. Instead, did 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine... level 7 this time! Muwahahhaha!! I finished it, totally sweating but feeling good! Another 5 more minutes and I can brave the Cardio Wave class again. :P :P

After that was Terence's Body Combat class. Saw the BC kaki there as well... glad that she's new but has taken to BC like duck to water. She damn 9 likes Terence's class, and also Lorraine because Lorraine "looks hou yau yeng". Hehe. =)

Terence made us switch sides in the class... you know I mentioned before I always stand at the left hand side? Now I found out the reason why I like standing there! On the right hand side when I switched over, I was facing one lovely pillar right in front. Damn boh song at first, cannot see myself. Yalah, I'm vain what to do. When I do Jam / Combat / Jazzercise / Attack / whatever, I MUST MUST see my own movement mar. Otherwise I simply do, no motivation at all also. But whatever la, the whole time I looked at Adrian only wtf. Pretend that he is my mirror image wtf.

Anyway, was damn damn damn happy with today's tracks, really have NOTHING to complain about. Old tracks all the way, except for the Muay Thai track --- I dunno the name of it... all noise only. Rather recent, I THINK. We started with :
-> Shake That! (Yay for Scooter! And I forgot that this track is actually quite tough for a warm-up track, what with the weave + hook combo and all)
-> Thunder! (How come no one else remembers the "thunder" hands for this track? It's like so popular la! Paiseh only do alone)
-> Luv U More (Nice track, love it!)
-> I Need a Hero (I forgot about this track, quite a fun one as well)
-> There You'll Be (for the split class into half portion of the class. This is a really fun track to do as well... and I'm so happy that I can jump damn 9 high for the back fist... hehe. BEWARE THE LEECH. Oh I'm satisfied here as well cos got to punch Terence, hehe. Nearly slipped and punch his face though. BEWARE THE LEECH. At least he said I kuat not like Feynman and his bored "punch me harder" face... lalala~ *sour*)
-> YMCA (no need to say la, this one damn super fun track, if you don't like it then I make you dress up as one of the Village People)
-> the unknown MT track
-> Ride On Time by Blackbox (yeah! Finally hardworking enough to source for the song name. This one is a super cool, high octane track...)
-> Pump It for conditioning (argh! Triceps! Dear triceps - please grow)
-> Because we Believe for cooldown... most inspiring cooldown track evAr

After that went home. Boycott cardio defense.. hehe.
(no la, just don't like going for damn late classes, I'll go for his classes on Saturday. Even then, not sure if I wanna spend practically WHOLE of Sat in the gym) .

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 82

Finally the day has come ... the last last absolute last that I have to see of the personal trainer. Not because he "tortures" me so much during each session, in fact, I would have nothing to complain about if he does that. More of personality issues I suppose... well, I don't want to go into that so much, not good to upset someone else's ricebowl right? But I definitely will NOT be recommending him to any of my friends!

Regardless of whatever has happened, my body fat percentage has gone even lower now. It's now at 20%... which is RIGHT IN the range for "athletes" level according to good ol wikipedia. I suppose that's why the trainer had nothing to say when he gave me my final reading? I suppose the percentage could be even lower, I'm about to get my period, so fat % in the body generally goes higher, AND I had a hearty lunch. Anyway, it's a great feeling that despite doing all that, it was still a low reading. ;) But guess what? From the last reading (taken in Oct 14) til today, I didn't lose any fat. What happened was that I GAINED PURE MUSCLE. HAHAHAHAHA. How the fcuk did that happen? I did so much cardio! So now I weigh even further from my desired 49kg. But it's still ok, cos when people look at me, they DO think I am under 50kg. Hahaha! (It's all the gigantic t-shirts I wear la).

For our final PT, this is what we did :
-> 45 minutes on the cross trainer (I arrived early, so that's why I went on it for so long, but not very high intensity. Just kept it around 7-8 at level 6. I think I should DECREASE intensity on the cardio machines if I want to lose fat... hmmm...)
-> did a circuit training for (Total 3 circuits):
a. lunges
b. seated row
c. chest press
d. shoulder press
e. triceps extension
f. bicep curl
g. cardio wave
Each circuit, decreased in weight, but increased in reps. For lunges, started at 15, ended with 20. Seated row started @ 19kg, decreased 2.5kg each time. Chest press started at 15kg, decreased 2.5kg. Shoulder press started at 10kg, triceps & biceps @ 15kg. Cardio wave intensity at level 6 throughout. First round for 4 minutes, ended @ 6 minutes. Was a good workout... seated row was definitely less than what I put for myself when I train alone, but everything else was higher than I'm used to. Regardless, I stepped up to it and I think I didn't suffer too much... except for the shoulder press! Think my deltoids need working out on... totally suffering, even at 10kg!

That's all for today... here's to more decrements in my body fat percentage! Cheers!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 81

Today was a horrible, dreary day at the gym! Boo! But I'm still quite satisfied with the overall workout because I got to try everything that I told myself that I ought to do. :) Today I'm including more pictures on the blog... make it a little bit more lively here. :P

Started with Boot Camp Workout - new class that's replacing BLT. What is Boot Camp Workout? I allow the poster @ True Fitness to describe it :

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If you cannot see clearly / don't wanna strain your eyes, here is the description:

It's called Boot Camp Workout for a reason! You work your heart and muscles by going from one exercise to another with NO rest. The work out includes calisthenics like jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, and other body weight exercises at different intensities - guaranteed to burn lots of calories! This effective and efficient workout class challenges your body to its limits and taking it to another level.

Sounds interesting ya? Just for this class I went to Taipan at 9:45am instead of heading directly to Jaya 33 as I'm wont to do on Saturday. Alex C is the instructor --- I was there early and at first he thought I was the only student. And he said, "If you're the only one, then can die one you know." @_@ Of course I wasn't the only one la! After such a warning, if I *was* the only feller, I would have walked out of the class. :P :P We started the workout with 5 minutes on the strider outside the studio. Strider @ level 5 was easy peasy for me... normal only. :P *action*

Went back to the studio, and saw that Alex has arranged some weight training equipment around the studio. Basically every few steps or so there is a "station", and at each "station" you are required to do a certain form of exercise. We start with 6 stations, and then add on to 8 stations. For each round, we do 2x of the circuit. Spend only 2 minutes at each station... so basically plenty reps but low intensity. Can be quite interesting as you won't get bored with one type of exercise for too long. KIND OF LIKE BODY PUMP la, but since the weights at each station is pre-prepared, you kind of don't have a choice but to use something that is too light or too heavy for you. Maybe next time will go in to class earlier and place my own 'special' weight resistance at each station... huhuhu.

ANYWAY. Yes, the 1st circuit was something like this :
-> squats
-> chest press
-> dunno what is the term for this. basically you pull the weights down to your knee, pull back up to waist, repeat 3x. Works the lower back? I also donno.
-> tricep extension
-> lunges
-> biceps

2nd circuit :
-> squats
-> squat jumps onto a step board
-> chest press
-> the thing I don't know the proper name for
-> tricep extension
-> tricep extension again, but instead of lying on board and using weights, use body weight.
-> lunges
-> biceps

Like that la. I found this more fun than Body Pump because you get to move around a lot more... perhaps so happen there were about 6 of us, so the studio wasn't too crowded, and while doing you can observe other people around you... hehehe.

Perhaps next round I will choose heavier weights! Don't feel the strain on the upper body at ALL. Only feeling it at my thighs at the moment because of the lunges, squats (for squats of course we use heavier weights) and the jumping squat thing. But must be careful not to strain self too much, got one guy got woozy towards the end of the circuit. Boot camp workout, don't play play! :P Ended the class with another 8 minutes on the strider. =)

After that, I hurried and drove over to Jaya 33 for Body Attack with Jason. Thanks to the construction and the shitty drivers at Taipan + lack of parking at Section 14 (due to morning market aunties) I ended up 15 minutes late for the class. But in a way I was fortunate too... the class was INTENSE! There was only 4 of us (and then 3 because one gal left after Beware of The Dog --- ya, beware indeed!), so Jason could give his full ~concentration~ on us. Making us do lunges ~all the way down~, running ~faster and faster~, etc etc. For Chealsea Dagger, he was on the same side as me (by now only 3 of us left, so when we face each other 2 against 2, he had to join us on the floor)... so I really felt the "tension" of doing the choreo next to the instructor. Why tension? Scared if I don't move fast enough for the 3-step knee then he might knee me in the back instead, muwahhaha. So ya... thank God only 45 minutes of Attack, else I might really pancit tayar. Some more for Grace Kelly (conditioning track) he kept saying "lower... lower" during the squats. And then came over and pressed my shoulder to go lower. Nearly collapsed la! (actually I did.. hehe)

Was thanking God when it was all over... and headed to my main reason for always going to Jaya 33 --- Dance Mania with Danny. Gosh, did I ever mention that Danny really looks like my colleague Binz? Anyone who goes for Danny's class and reads my blog? Hehehe... maybe you'd agree with me. Those who don't, this is how I think our instructor looks like :

Binz is the 3rd from left

For Dance Mania we did bellydancing, but not authentic one (as described by Danny) --- added in his own flava to the mix. Quite fun also la, and not as intense as the other Dance Mania dances (Spice Up Your Life, Cha-Cha) done by him. Don't really remember the song that he did ... it's one of Shakira's earlier hits. The dance move is nice though, and I loved it when he arranged us in "formation" so that the class could see our own dance moves when we are close to each other. =) I love the movement where you are leaning back and then still shaking the hips upwards. Sexy! I sms-ed my boyfriend after the class to say that next time I will show him the dance moves... mwuhahaha. Sure he will give me some BAD comments. >=\ Hahhaa, and I kena commented by Danny again for giving weird facial expressions while dancing. Hmph! Not all the time what!

Had time off at this moment to go for lunch, etc. Gosh, sadness to the max. Was planning on walking around section 14 and scouting the good food around the area. But it was raining! No wonder the gym was so cold! Freezing! Ended up had to eat in Jaya 33 itself. After that, was still antsy, wanted to go walk around, but since raining went back to the gym. Found out that there was a water shortage of some sort. No one allowed to use toilet or bathe, and the swimming pool was also closed. T_____T The day I have time to swim, it's closed... you tell me tulan or not. By this time it was just drizzling lightly, so I somehow walked around section 14 until I went into Jaya supermarket... blablabla... then went back to the gym for BOdy Step, but because my handphone DIED on me (battery ran out) I missed the class and it was packed... haih. Sat in the least-coldest area of True Fitness and ... read storybook. :P :P

I also took a picture of this to show you yet another new class being introduced in True Fitness. Got some drama involving this thing, I'll tell you if I encounter it PERSONALLY:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

FYI, coincidentally Alex C walked past just as I was snapping this photo. He came to me and ask me how come so "yuk shuen" (disgusting) kinda picture also I want. T_______T Omg, so malu. At first I thought it was Giggs talking to me (typical Giggs behavior to go and comment on my actions). As I was explaining the purpose of me taking the picture, Alex C continued with, "Not yuk shuen meh? That guy is like, in his underwear only." T_______T Please la, don't make it sound like I'm trying to pervert on the yoga master. T_________T

Waited until it was time for Body Jam with Su Lin. Su Lin is one super duper hype, cheerful, happy lady. Even if you're feeling down in the dumps, you can't help but be infected with her craziness and go crazy yourself. Jam was not bad, started with :
~ Watchin' (Freemasons) - warm up
~ Beg For It (Omarion) - isolations
~ old skool performance track feat James Brown, Fergie, etc
~ hip hop performance track feat Bobby Brown, BEP, Snoop Dogg (the one Jason has been doing previously)
~ recovery track (Long Way To Go)
~ cool down (Beautiful Liar)

Hehee.. Su Lin said she going to introduce really old performance track, scared me for a while there. Luckily did it twice in Jason's class! =)

And lastly, finally, damn a lot to say... went for Cardio Defense. Again, if you can't see what was written on the poster, here's the description:

Learn the art of self-defense in this fun and interactive training program. Cardio Defense develops your physical fitness and burn calories while showing you the fundamental self-defense techniques so that you are fit physically and mentally

The instructor is Feynman... first time I heard this name I ask Raymond to guess what nationality the guy is. I said could be Brazilian like the trainers in Celebrity Fitness or our Capoeira instructors. Raymond said, "Certified is a chinese guy...".

He was right. :P

Anyway, the starting quite scared me... we had to take off our shoes. -__- And then for about 20 minutes we were doing things which was some what like YOGA. Stretching here and there... holding positions, learning the basics, breathing techniques, etc. Then he made us partner up to do "response" or "reaction" training. Damn scary ok! Asking us to hit our partner! Also damn paiseh to hold my partner cos I just did like 4 classes? Damn smelly la ok! Shy betul!

Some more, after all my "accidents" in Body Combat classes, I am damn afraid of hitting some one now. =p And there's huge potential for injuring your partner ok. And if you don't go all out, then feels like you're not really training pulak. I ended up laughing hell a lot during this exercise, don't ask me why! This instructor must be boh song with me by now.

After that, we learned some basic punching techniques. He insist we should aim towards our opponent's solar plexus (middle of the torso, between the rib cage). Maybe because I'm used to BC when we aim for people' face (damn brutal), ended up punching at face level. To "train" me, the instructor stand in front of me and ask me to punch him in the solar plexus... omg.... T___T Damn scared for few reasons:
a. He guide my hand down so low at first I thought he wanted me to punch him in the crotch. Damn scary ok!!! Why would I want to punch someone in their crotch!
b. When I punch him, he like, didn't move away. And said, "Harder..." in this bored voice like omg, not pain at all!
c. When I punched him for a few times, the sound that comes out is like "piak piak piak" macam slapping someone's backside only. Hard to explain la. I was hoping for a "booooof!!" kinda sound. Drama a bit, you know.
d. After punching him few rounds, my knuckles damn pain, wtf.

Lots of random exercise after that... we learned 5 stances also.. on what to do when facing an opponent. Block -> elbow him to the face -> back elbow secret opponent sneaking behind -> lunge and side elbow earlier opponent -> elbow him in the spine when he has fallen -> right side elbow again to sneaky opponent again. Hhahaa.. this one was quite fun. Funnier when Feynman insist on Adrian helping him demonstrate the "real usage" for these stances. Adrian had to hug him from behind for damn long (kononnya trapping Feynman). Hahaha!!

Some fun stuff we also learned today:
-> walk like a duck
-> walk like a crab
-> walk like a bear
-> hindu push up (??)
-> dolphin push up
-> rolling on our back
-> perfect 5x45degree opened feet ideal kung fu

Oh ya, there was some ~*drama*~ in the class... Feynman split the class into two sides, and then each side got one person who has to hold a "target" for the other person to kick. Adrian was the target holder... and then when Alex saw Adrian holding it, he had to go and kick a few times (I mean, kick the target, not Adrian). Super intimidating lor! Alex's kicks all hit the target squarely and perfectly. @_@ The first time I kick, I think... I hit air! But thankfully didn't end up kicking Adrian's face, that would be mortifying!

Anyway... got one gal (incidentally, my partner from earlier) who when kicking the target, fell down. Aiyo... damn dangerous la! SEe la, this is what happens when you don't wear shoes in the studio!

Damn funny la... I was wearing my Figo #7 shirt, and then Feynman calls me "Figo" when "encouraging" me to do my push ups ("come on Figo, go lower") ... wtf.

Well, that was a pretty INTERESTING class all in all... but don't think I'll do it on Monday. Will only THINK about going for it in Jaya 33 since it's more convenient... it's held at 9:05pm in Taipan... I want to go for Dance Revolution Para Para in Jaya 33 at the same time. =p

Thankfully by the time I wanted to go home, the water was back @ the gym, but DAMN low pressure. Not only was the water barely enough for me, it was ICE COLD!!!! OMG!!!!!! But I rather freeze for 20 minutes than to go home sweaty and smelly. TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 80

The symptoms is all there --- laziness, boredom, constantly thinking about FOOD and EATING the food that I think about, short fuse, moodiness, worrying, restlessness...

Think I'm going to get my period soon. -_____-
Which means no gym for a few days. -_______-

Today's Body Jam class got replaced by Funky Line which I've never done before and was in no mood to try. Damn sleepy la... think all my working out is catching up on me, and I'm sure that I'm not even doing 10% of what other people are doing. Sigh... I want to be 18% bfp which is a personal trainer / instructor (female) level... possible with this kind of attitude? Sigh sigh sigh...

I just did "my own" personal training since my REAL pt got cancelled... yes, again.
20 minutes on cross trainer @ level 6. Didn't go too fast, around 7-8 mph
3 sets abductor (40lb, 30lb, 30lb)
3 sets adductor (40lb, 30lb, 30lb)
3 sets chest press (12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg)
3 sets of seated row (19kg, 17kg, 14.5kg)
50 sit ups
50 butterfly chest lift
3 sets biceps (10kg, 7.5kg, 5kg)
3 sets triceps (as above) --- think I can raise up to 12.5kg starting point already. Yay! Level up!

That's all for today... must conserve energy for the marathon! :P And tomorrow will be my FIRST boot camp workout class. Hahaha. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 79

To be honest, I'm getting a wee bit lazy. Was supposed to go Hot Yoga yesterday but skipped when I saw the horrendous traffic going into Taipan. They're doing some crappy renovation works around the area so things are SUPER HECTIC around 7pm. Totally no mood to work out, missed Kishore's class. Told myself to Be Good and not miss Sony's class tonight as well.

But reviewing my performance @ Hot Yoga... I think it's better if I had skipped! I was so sleepy that I was yawning almost 30% of the time, and whenever I held a position, I would think, "So nice if I could fall asleep like this". I think Sony also tulan seeing me cos he didn't fix my positions at all, and all the yoga instructors can so clearly see I'm a n00b, and they always help the n00b. But I was totally ignored! Good also la, cos I really couldn't be bothered much....

Sigh... very sleepy now. Better get a good rest cos got lots of nice classes on Fridays... ttyl. ;p