Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 297

Went for Body Attack.. couldn't gym the whole day even though I planned to because I had to go for this thingy with my sister... help her prepare for her wedding, although we were more like observers than anything else. The only part we (my parents and I) were useful were when my parents insisted on having the wedding invitation printed with mandarin characters as well (how would we know if anything got printed wrongly? Lol!) which threw my sister's initial plans into a frenzy. :D

After we got back home, I rushed out for Attack. I would've been late 5 minutes... but they had some pajama theme class for Body Balance, so Hazrin had to delay starting the class. Yay! Anyway, there were only 4 people in the class today! So few! Wonder why!?

As usual, I don't really remember the tracks for the class, I know the movement, but I don't know the name of the song. One of them is I was Made For Loving You and I only know that cos Hazrin cornily announced the name of the song.

Honestly, I felt like dying during his class because my legs are in soooooo muchhhhhhh pain now. I don't know what's the cause... it could be because of the Wasabi track yesterday, simply too much gymming.. or because of my high heels. Honestly, I never thought that the shoes I wear were soooooo high, but of late, a lot of people have been commenting about it. People who usually don't talk to me about my shoes, like my mom, a random colleague at work, a manager from another floor, my director... hahaha. So maybe it's 4 inches and now 4 inches feels like 2 inches to me, but in reality, there is still too much pressure being applied on the back / legs? Anyway, I should give up my high heels! Learn to accept being short! X_X

I was going to blog about the songs I like in Attack, but I got a headache from so little sleep + travelling the whole day in the car and then going to the gym. I need some time to relax! So I will "analyse" the BA tracks next time.. hahaha.

Oh monthly weigh in session: I seemed to have gained a whopping 2kg since last month! WTF!?!!? How did that happen!!? For the love of God, pls be muscle ok because I keep thinking to myself this entire month that I feel the fittest that I've ever been is now. I feel like I have more stamina, I can do things higher, harder, stronger, better.... why can't I be 47kg and do all that!! *sob sob*

Is it because of water retention (about to get period)?
Is it because of the holidays (I gymmed less this month compared to past months)?
Is it becasue of eating so much (now that I gym more, I get hungry at night and a bun after gym -- even if it's already 11pm -- is what I turn to)...?

Haih... I really must push myself further...

But next month... cos right now my legs are super freaking painful.... T____T And my Counterpain is in the office. (Don't ask why).

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 296

Fridays were supposed to be my new Attack + Jam days, but I think for the next one month, I will go back to BC... cos my friend said that after the Jaya One shopping mall collapsed, traffic to PJ Central has become insane. The traffic jam is caused by the rush hour + residents being forced to take another route back to their houses as the entrance to the housing area has been cordoned off following the building's collapse.

BC today was Alex C's class... quite packed.. had to stand at the side. Blehk... I hate standing so far to the side because feels so lonely and I can't see the instructors without turning my head so far around... freaky isn't it, almost 180 degree turn, hahahaa.

Class was okay today... started off with this warm up track that I feel like we've NEVER done before... other tracks that I was more familiar with came later, like Bagpipes, Full Metal Jackass, The Roof Is On Fire, Tempo, Sound of the Underground, WASABI.. omg! Can't believe that I got to do this track again so soon. My legs seriously are sooooo tired now, cos I really went all the way, didn't miss a single jump hahaha. Also got to punch Alex... hahaha.. why do I feel so happy whenever I get to hit people? :D He said I was trying to kill him... hmph...

The people in this BC class are so funny! They were requesting for Muay Thai tracks, and one guy asked for "Money is Nothing" or something like that! I had no idea there was such an MT track, but then again he was the one who requested for Tempo last time, and I hated that song at first, but now I quite like it! I can even do the "te-te-te-te-te-te-tempooooo!" at the start of the song. You'll look like a retard, but it's funny, hahaha. Anyway, after that, another lady requested for a MT track that is "slow and has the downwards elbows.. lots of it" and Alex said so many tracks are like that. :D

After the class was over, Su-Yee remarked that I must've liked the cooldown track a lot cos I was singing along to it. It was Blaze of Glory, and I honestly don't like it! Hahaha! And not only that, I don't know the lyrics to the song except for the 1 part where he mentions the blaze of glory... hahaha. This means I must be quite psycho in class... can be singing to songs I don't know the lyrics to. T_T

But yeah, I don't like that track la! Cos it's toooooooo slow. My fav cooldowns are :
~ Bohemian Rhapsody (only Swee liked to do this track last time)
~ When Love & Hate Collide
~ Because We Believe
~ It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Baby ! Baby ! Baby!!!!!!! --- the drama! :D )
~ Our Solemn Hour (Sanctus! E spiritus! )
~ World In Union 95
~ I'll Stand By You
~ Purple Rain (only because I like the song, I don't really remember the chorey cos I've done it less than 5 times)

Wow, this is so cool.. I'm looking at BC track listings and there were sooooo many songs that I've never ever done before. I started BC in 2004, and the earliest tracks I remember doing date back to merely 2003 and two lonely 2001 fellers (If Ya Getting' Down --- Alex C did this recently... like early this year or late last year?? and My Sharona -- if you go for Alex C's class, you'll surely have done this before, hehe) .

I wonder how many instructors that are around who knows the choreography for stuff from the very first release? Should be a lot since BC doesn't have as many releases as the other Group X exercises right? And what's weird / cool is that Calling From Tokyo, which I always thought was a RECENT release, is actually from way back in BC15! What's wrong with me? All the while I thought it was a recent release. Why ah! I think it's because so happened an instructor taught it after I had come back from my long stints overseas, and when I hear a totally unfamiliar track, I think it's new...

And Tubthumpin', which I heard is going to be in the upcoming BC39, was in BC#6! So does that mean they are thinking up new chorey for this track or are they reusing it? Same for Cum On Feel the Noize which was from BC#8, it was in BC38! Wah! Old becomes new again? Circle of life?

Oh wow .. okay now I see that there's even older stuff that I've done before..!! Call Me was from BC#6, Jump and Freestyler from BC #7 , Kungfu Fighting from BC #9 and Du Hast from #2!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! All these courtesy of Terence Tan, except the last one which was from Alvin & Calvin I think...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 295

Was a weeee bit late for Janet's Body Attack class... I blame work. Today just before I wanted to run back, my boss started talking to me about work problems... I think she wanted to rant to me.... release her stress. After listening diligently, I let out my work stress back to her pulak... hahahaha. So I don't think she felt better after talking to me. :P But I sure felt better...

Today, was happy doing Janet's class because she practically did everything from release #56 (are you impressed?? I am slowly starting to know more about the previous releases... :P :P) and thanks to that, I managed to come home and find out the name of the track that I was talking about earlier! The one we do for Attack is called "Nowhere Fast" by Southern Light.. but the original is by an 80s band called Fire Inc. Here's the Youtube video for it :

Damn nice right? I swear, this is a really really good song to do Attack for! The only non-56release that she did was ... probably Tricky.. unless it's listed as a different name in the Les Mills website...

Actually... I asked Janet for the name of the song, but she forgot! She offered me something that I should not have refused, hahaha, causing jealousy to the other peeps in the class... muwahahhaa. *cannot tell what it is here* Anyway, after the class, I met her in the changing room and she asked me whether I had considered going for instructor training. *gasp!* I am so flattered wei... I seriously am touched.. hahaha. That she would consider me good enough, and some more said that she thinks that I have the stamina for it. :D :D Cos I was saying I don't think I'm good enough for instructor training, don't think I have the stamina... wah.. she make it seem like I'm comparable to these other 2 guys that have also expressed interest in going for the training.

Honestly, I always thought my Body Combat is better than my Body Attack. After all, Body ATtack, I've only done *seriously* starting this year, and Body Combat was something that I really loved since I joined the gym! If you want to talk about "passion", I thought I had passion for Body Combat, but not so sure about it now since I'm only doing it once a week. I only really like doing BC when it's certain instructors, and that shouldn't be the way right? I should be "passionate" to do BC no matter who is teaching right? For Body Attack, I attend practically everyone's BA classes... I don't discriminate, hahaha. But I'm scared that the love I have for Body Attack will fade... then again, can we all be so certain about things in life, and say that something is forever?

Anyway, back to BC vs BA... I think I'm better in BC than in BA, but there are soooo many more people doing instructor training for BC and no instructor ever said to me, "Have you thought of doing your Combat training?" The most I ever got (highest praise ever.. kekke) was, "You've only been doing Combat for 1 yr? You're really good already!" --- and then the instructor proceeded to refer to me as "The Machine" for the rest of the class cos kononnya got high stamina... hahahaha. (Ironically, this instructor teaches at FF and CF and not TF and I only attended his class ONCE... kakaka. So it's not nepotism ok.)

Sorry to sound like I'm bragging because I'm NOT... I'm just erm.. thinking out loud. I feel quite "zhi bei" to do instructor training because I don't think I even LOOK like an instructor. If I do instructor training, I want to have.. hmmm... super tight abs + super toned arms + super fit legs that would not look out of place on a horse wtf. Then when you step into a class, your students already feel super inspired already to jump like frogs and work out properly, kekeke. If you look like a joker like me, when you step into the class, the students also think, "Haha, yes, I am going for this class because this instructor will let me 'tou kai'..." Cannot lah , like that!

Wow, I'm thinking damn far ahead right! Doing the training doesn't equate to becoming an instructor anyway. Maybe I should just sign up just to see how far I can push myself. And why decide between BC and BA. I can do both what, if I choose to. If people think I'm wasting money because I plan to do training without becoming an instructor, it's anyhow my money mar...

Since I can sing and do BC / BA at the same time, see whether I can talk and jump at the same time, hahaha. Want to "push" myself to a higher level... anyway super secret thanks to Janet for planting the idea into my head and giving me more confidence. :D Cos I was standing at the back of the class (late mar) and didn't think she even noticed me... T___T I feel so touched today... kekeke...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 294

Went for Anthony's dance class today... hmmm... didn't enjoy myself as much as last week, maybe because I was quite lost today, hahaha. The songs were nice, and stuff that we haven't done in a long while...

Warm up : Watchin' -> Beg For It
1st performance track : Old Skool with Get On Up Off The Dancefloor and Fergalicious (nice track, but I never did like the pop & lock)
Latin track : La Bomba (long time didn't do!)
Cardio track : Good Luck (was lost a couple of times, but pulled it together towards the end...)
Recovery : Long Way To Go (wow, today I cukup "fatt hao" to do this track nicely, hahaha.... I don't know why, sometimes the steps come naturally, and sometimes I am totally lost for this track. Luckily for me, today was a "natural" day. :P)
Final performance track : Freakin' Fakin' House... I totally was lost at the part just before they do the B-boy stance. Why ah! What's so difficult! I kept telling myself, "LEFT HAND first. Cross then LEFT HAND first" , but the right hand naturally comes out first. Geeze!!! I think I only got it correct for the final "3 in a row, from the top", hahaha. Felt so malu getting it wrong...

Before dance, did 20 minutes on the strider and I did the chest press. Confirmed it's two sets at 25kg and 1 set at 27.5kg! Raymond doesn't believe I can lift that much la. That's what you call jealousy. ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 293

I am super-duper-triple-looperly AWESOME... I defy anyone to deny that! Hwahwahwa!! I am mighty chuffed about surviving yet another crazy back-to-back Body Combat and Body Attack class, by two instructors who I will always try my best-est to go all-out for. (For one, it's because he will surely 'hina' me if I don't.. T___T)

Body Combat (Terence)
-> One and Only for warm-up, which goes to Calling All Lovers --- good tracks to get you pumped up for the next hour
-> Bad ... which was quite good.. hahaha. (This is so corny)
-> Addicted to Love ... yes yes yes! Thanks for doing this super old track, but this guy went and change the "additional chorey" to something more difficult! I tell you mister, it's left hand up, right hand up, left hand to butt, right hand to butt and then you shake your ass!! Hahaha.. okay, I think that's the easier option... instead he did the cross jack and turn around which as I have always said... if you try to imitate him without practicising in front of a mirror first, you're going to end up stumbling over your own feet. Hmm... maybe I should practice in front of a mirror first, but for godssake, not like he does this track very often! I feel quite syiok already being able to do the minor add-ons... more people should follow along! Then lagi syiok! :D
-> did some track which goes on to Cold as Ice...
-> did Wasabi! Omg! Long time haven't done this track and this one will seriously test your stamina. I am proud to say that I jumped like a mad frog (like the one in Axel F's Crazy Frog video, wakkakaka) all the way. Hahahaha! After this track, I was telling myself, "No way are you going to be able to do Attack after this... I will forgive myself if I walk out of Attack halfway..." Anyway, I cannot stop extolling the virtues of this track ... I don't know why I like doing this one, but I balk at the idea of splitting the class into two and attacking each other. I think this one uses way more energy...
-> Hung Up for "recovery"... yeesh.
-> last two tracks I've done before many times, but don't know the names. Some very feng tau stuff... hahaha.

During conditioning, not enough mats and had to share mats with someone. Don't know why this lady felt so 'kam kai' to share a mat with me. Hmm.. and after the push ups, we had sit ups and she said I could have the mat to myself while she does on the floor! I was wondering WHY because you can still share the mat when doing sit ups! Hmm.. maybe she really doesn't like me. *paranoid* Why ah! Why ah! Why do you think so ah!! I kept thinking about this all the way, felt like the most awkward time ever doing sit-ups, and willing Terence to finish up quickly. Just my luck that he was doing Freestyler which is one of the longest conditioning tracks ever. Thanks ah, my triceps are shaking like jelly, even now.

Final cooldown was No One by Alicia Keys, where Terence showed off his drunken kungfu again... actually, I thought he was about to fall down... hahaha. Okay, you know what he did today? Luckily didn't try to hit me during the high-five session... but he called me fat after the class was over. FAT! I think he saw the tears springing to my eyes, so he said, "Just joking lah!" Omg... you can't joke about something like that with someone who has a blog with the titles "To be thinner and fitter! And beyond!" I'm super paranoid now. Is it my pants? Maybe I should only wear my super awesome long black pants on Mondays.... T__T

And FYI... it's not that I hit you like I didn't eat lunch okay... I pitied you after all the times you said I purposely hit extra hard when you're in front of me! :P

After Combat, we Attack! Jason Y's class... and although he said we were pretty quiet today (at the start of the class... we are still shy mah...), I thought it was pretty noisy towards the end, and the class was filled with the regulars. (They know who they are). Thank goodness he did most of the new release (barring "Bad Day" for the running track, "Whine Up" replaced "Hot & Cold" and "Layla" for the finale instead of "I Need a Hero"), cos the new release doesn't have consecutive lunges. I did those damn consecutive lunges last Thursday and my thighs have never been the same again. It needs a longer period to recover, what the deuce.

Hahaha, during the "Bad Day" track, Jason Y was trying to get me to do the spin-around part but I was so blur, I was wondering why he was lunging at me. Hahahhaa! Haih... memalukan diri betul. I did so many wrong stuff today .... did the turn around with kick backs one count earlier, missed the cue for the Crank Dat track, not sure how to turn around during "Bad Day"... okay, ignore me because I'm just being extra nit-picky with myself. Still... I think all around I did okay lah... really did with my knees up and heels back and all that... *proud* Especially during Layla, I don't know where I got my second burst of energy from, but I was damn damn happy to do this track and finally be super sure about my knees and all that. Some instructors do the hand movement when turning 360 different (hands up in the air), but Jason asked us to hold it near the chest because "it's prettier". Hahaha, I have to agree with that!

Okay, enough going on and on about my gym stuff. I'm just extra excited over my Monday night workouts! Really can sweat a lot lor! :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 292

Body Attack again! 3 days in a row... I really wanna die liow! Hahaha... some more it's Hazrin's class.. wanna slack off also cannot. I stood at the side and he asked me to stand in front of him.. siow! HAhaha... but it's good lah.. to push my body to the max. And also, thanks to him I finally realise what is wrong with my knees! Why all the Attack instructors keep telling me "stop doing your Muay Thai knee!! This is not Combat!!!" In the end, the only difference is that the arm movements for Attack are straight... that's all I can tell after Hazrin corrected me. Hmmm.. am I right?

I forgot what tracks we did already, but there were some really old stuff, mixed in with things like Everytime we Touch (I seriously think this is a favorite with all Attack instructors)... and for the running track, it was a track where we switch directions suddenly. He asked me to lead and I gave him a look of fear so he asked another dude (the one who is seriously thinking about doing instructor training for Combat / Attack... ) instead. TQ TQ... hehehe.

Rushed home after that ... had family event to attend. :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 291

Following Su-Yee's advice, I went to Jaya 33 to try out their Friday night classes. :) Was not disappointed, but as always, I hate driving to Jaya 33 on the week days because it takes longer than me driving back to Taipan. Not too much traffic jam, but got a lot of goons on the road lah. Damn scared.

Tried Peter's Body Attack class... which is damn fun lah! Hahahha... loved it! The songs that he chose are all very upbeat, fun to do Attack to and fun to listen to as well. There's one particular song that he did for the final track which is really cool, but for the life of me I don't know the name. The choreo :
- there's one part where you are just running with high knees, and then at a certain point you clap with your hands above your head (the song at this part has this guy singing at in a very high voice)
- during the jump jacks, when you jump, you have one hand up, then you bring it down to clap, then when you jump outside again, the other hand goes up. Repeat ad infinitum... very fun.

The song is damn nice!! I'm going crazy trying to find the title on Youtube. Do you think if I describe (with actions) the choreo to the other Attack instructors, they will know? I wanted to ask Peter, but shy lah... hwahwahwa...

After that was Jeremy's Body Jam class... before I went for his class, one other member told me that they didn't enjoy his class and that there were very few people. Lies!! The class was super packed! Just as packed as his other classes are in Taipan. In fact, I saw a few Taipan regulars there that day. :P

The class started with Canned Heat and Buttons, where I stamped on the foot of this guy who, before getting his leg stamped by me, was dancing in a very syiok manner. Whoopss!! Sorry, I also very syiok when dancing and my leg extends way further than I intend, keke.

After that was the Bollywood jam again... gosh. Jeremy just lovessss doing this track for some reason. I'm okay with it until they ask you to turn and turn until you're dizzy, and then continue the chorey from the top. Madness!

Then we did this superbly old song... gosh.. from 'way back when'. It's the Beautiful People track with the "voodoo drop". Wow, totally forgotten about it! In the first place, I don't think I did this track a lot last time, and with the super crowded room, I don't think it's the best choice for a song to do. But it was fun... and I totally had to look at the regulars around me to figure out what was happening. :P

After that was cool down... Umbrella (damn long didn't do...) and then it was the final performance track with UFO. Although I don't like that track, me thinks I'm getting slightly better at it, especially the "running away from UFO part". Yay, not so kekok already! But still suck at the body ripple... Jeremy said, "put some strength into it, girl". Any more strength into it and I would've physically ripped my spine into two. -___-"

Final cooldown with I Will Always Love You, super drama... love this song!! Hahaha.. damn fun to do until the Uncle next to me nearly ram into me and once again I had to scream in class... sigh... hahahaha. You get what you give! :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 290

Body Attack with Janet this evening! She did most of the release which has Chealsea Dagger / Layla / Heat of the Moment... fun times! However, I was soooo out of breath very early in the class.... after the lower body "lunges" track. We did Apache Rocks the Bottom. Gosh, so long haven't done this track. It's a killer! High knees to the front and back, then there's step knees which turn to double lunges and then single lunges for 16 counts! !

Was seriously broken after that, I really don't know how I continued. Want to mati wei! I don't know how I'm going to survive Attack after this. I plan to go for Attack on Friday, Saturday and Sunday too! Madness!

Hopefully today's lack of stamina is due to lack of sleep / the heavy Indian food I ate for lunch / the stomachaches I've been having since Monday.... I can't imagine this is how low my stamina has dropped after just 4 days of not exercising. What happens if I go to Colombia for 2 weeks after this? Come back looking like Jabba the Hutt!?!!?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 289

Yesterday's Body Jam class with Anthony was AWESOME-AWESOME-AWESOME! I'm really starting to look forward to my Wednesday night dances... it's been a long while since I feel so happy and carefree to dance. For some reason, can pick up his cues easily... love it when instructors make us peasant students feel like we actually have talent in dancing, but actually it's them giving the cues right on the dot so that we naturally move into the next step.

I think I'm extra happy because for ONCE I wasn't soooo kekok during the Waters of March Latin performance track. I've always liked the song, but for some reason, can't really catch the steps. During his class, suddenly it seemed so easy. Of course, I'm no expert, but better than before lah. Now I'm hoping that I get to do this track again soon! Sigh... new release is coming out. As always, I semi-dread it in case it sucks and we have to do those songs for 1 month... then I won't be able to do stuff I wanna do, like Waters of March now, ahhaha.

Even the This Ain't Sex recovery track which is sooooo difficult for me suddenly came to me in a moment of inspiration (it's the drop and heel move, and you're switching from side to side). Seriously, I couldn't do this at ALL previously. I don't think that I'm perfect now, cos it looks cooler if you keep your legs closer together for the drop, but I can only do those quick steps if I stand with feet slightly further apart. Hmm... my own style, kuakuakua.

For the final performance track, did an old song - the Ring the Alarm / Put Your Hands Up For Detroit / What Goes Around Comes Around release. Super energetic! I love doing the 5 step run + toe / heel / jump + hip roll + step & drop + turn thingy... ahhh.. see!!?!? I've been playing that choreo through my mind all day. :D

Anyway, here's a video of Waters of March. I'm liking this song so much that I even Wikipedia-ed it. Apparently it's voted as Brazil's all-time favorite song by journalists and other pop stars in the country. The original is in Portuguese and translated to English by the original song writer (Jobim). The funny thing about the translation is that in Portuguese, it's known as "The Rains of March" and in Brazil, it means the end of summer and the beginning of the cold season. So in Portuguese, it's the end of something. However, translated to English, the waters of March indicates the melting of winter snow, so it becomes a song about hope instead, about new beginnings instead of an end of something.

Also funny is that if you read the lyrics, it is just words tumbling one after another - a series of images, a so-called "stream of conciousness". The songwriter was just basically naming things that he feels / sees during the rainy season of March in Brazil.

That's all I have to say for now... for once talk soooo much about a song instead of exercise. Hahaha!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 288

Back from Bangkok! Fab trip, can't wait to visit that city again. :D However, all this means that I will probably not lose any weight... (maybe even GAIN.. *sob*) by the end of the month!

Came back and was very sore that I missed Body Attack & Combat on Monday! (Air Asia changed the schedulled times... T___T) I'm going to make up for it by going nuts with Attack this week! Going to go to every single Attack class that I have an option to go for, hehe.

Anyway, did Cardio Wave classes (Hazrin) today... was late for the first class, so I only "waved" for about 10-15 minutes? Then did the full 20-25 minutes for the next class. For some reason, felt like my legs were not moving enough... sigh. Just 4 days and already lost my "waving" capability? :D Weight training was next, worked on the chest press (can do up to 27.5kg now *chuffed*, but 25kg is more comfortable. Either way, I have upped the ante again!), fly (still at 19kg, struggling to go up to 21.5kg), back row (19kg all the way), chest incline (still at 27kg), forced myself to do a plan for 1.5 minutes (shaking all over for the last 30 seconds), push ups (30), butterfly push ups (30) and obliques (20).

Need to start back on the legs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 287

Went for Anthony's Body Jam class today... he did a lot of old tracks. Sadly, I never really knew what the names of the track were, hmm.. Hahaha. But it was a whole lot of fun... especially when he did the oh-so-sexy Rich Girl for recovery. The performance track for the finale was Please Don't Stop The Music, which is surprisingly still fresh in my memory... so really enjoyed dancing to that as well. Really liking the barrel roll. Ended with Signed, Sealed, Delivered, which I don't really like. Hahaha. But all in all, a super fun class.

Was very syiok but surprised also when one of the ladies who I talk to (actually, the one I talk to the most, lol) said that I danced very well and kept punching me playfully wtf. Then another instructor said I dance well too (it's a Step instructor, haha)... I feel so blur and paiseh... I think I look action also cos I didn't know what to say except, "is it? no la... maybe cos it's old tracks." Hahaha... sigh... but seriously... my Body Jam where got soooo good lah.. sampai praised by others. I feel more syiok if you praise my Body Combat & Body Attack la... :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 286

Today, had to go Midvalley to change money for my impending trip OUT OF MALAYSIA... the rates there are seriously better (whether you go to Wawasan Sentosa or whatever... it is much cheaper than ANY money exchanger in Sunway Pyramid). Anyway, the point is I couldn't go to Taipan to workout, had to go to Jaya 33.

Arrived just a little too late for BC, and WAY too late for Cardio Wave, so I wound up just doing the strider for 30 minutes. Not bad, can work off at least 230 calories that way. HAhaha. Something better than nothing. Didn't feel like doing any weight training, arms still sore after the double-conditioning yesterday. Besides, I memang don't like the weight training area in Jaya 33. No doubt it's huge, but it's also packed and got damn a lot of guys. A shy girl like me dare not venture into overly-dominated territory. Hahaha!

Anyway, I freaked out the guy next to me on the strider because I kept turning to his direction to look at the Body Combat class going on (it's either turn almost 90 degrees to the right to stare into the studio or stare ahead at the restaurants opposite Jaya 33... wtf). He kept wondering why I'm looking at him... then when he realised I was looking at the class, then he also turned 90 degrees to look at the class. We both kept 'striding' like that as if we were watching a movie.

Sigh.. weird people at the gym... (myself included).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 285

Monday night... most torturous gym night.. haha. Oh yeah, thanks to Su Yee who recommend a new "routine" for me. Ever since there is no more Jason Low Body Jam and Anthony Body Step, I have been only going for Combat and Combat only on Fridays. I tried to do Belly Jam, but seriously I don't enjoy it as much as the other ladies there and I also don't foresee myself liking it more and more... so I might as well spend my time doing things I like la right. Anyway, apparently Jaya 33 has some new classes now, and I can go for Body Attack and Body Jam back-to-back. Body Attack is being taught by a "sifoo" called Peter and Body Jam is taught by Jeremy. Hmmm... should I ? Hahaha. I don't usually like driving to Jaya 33 on a weekday, but let's see how! :D

Anyway, today's class was very torturous, but energetic too. It's quite late now, so I've forgotten the songs. Hahaha. Okay, Body Combat (Terence)... he even named some of the tracks, but I've forgotten them already. One of them was Guitar something... that track was quite nice. Warm up was Stuck On You... very nice song. Erm... there was U + Ur Hand, Sweet Dreams (haha, I am always afraid of doing 'split class' tracks, but I think the way I acted today, I am more likely to injure someone than to end up injured), that My Heart Beats Like a Drum track which I think is so not nice, don't know why all the instructors like it, Calling from Tokyo (I'm mistaken, Alex C didn't do this track last week...), I think that's about it. :)

Yeah, Terence also has this thing about not high-fiving me (maybe cos I run so slowly + stop to take the mat) and instead tried to kick me today. What a murderous instructor. Punched me last week, and today tried to further trip me up. Sigh... why do I attend his class. T____T

After that, went for the sweet Jason Y's Body Attack class. Haha, I think that's a good adjective for him! As what another member and I talked about later, his class today was especially enjoyable, don't know why! Maybe because there was more shouting, more booty shaking (we did You Can't Stop The Beat and Tricky ). The running track is also the one from the latest release, which is seriously one of the best running tracks in my humble opinion... and his class was quite torturous, with all the jump jacks and lunges... but somehow I managed to tahan my way through, and yes, I really didn't tou kai ok! Although I did quite badly at the Beware of the Dog track because I was already sooooo fatigued from the conditioning track during BC, and then had to do more push-ups and triceps push ups for Attack. T___T And the floor was soooo slippery, I think I have to eat my words and start wearing those hand wrap thingies for BC.. even though I think it's so poser... hahahhaa.

Oh yeah, for the finale track.. I don't know the name.. but there's a part where you do high knees to the front and then you lift the knee up for 2 counts. Anyway, I didn't know that there was 'leveling' during that part, whereby you can do just a run to the front, and later on you up the ante to the high knees. So I did HIGH KNEES ALL THE WAY. And I was wondering why Jason Y was not doing it.. and he said, "sometimes it's good to take a break." I was thinking ??????? and out of nowhere he goes, "HIGH KNEES NOW!!!" and I felt like something inside me died... hahaha.

I think I smile too much during classes la... so much so that many instructors commented on it... but I don't know whether they are worried for my sanity or they think it's good cos it means I'm happy during their class... anyway, I smile so much that when I don't, they think that I'm in pain or I'm not okay.. hahaha. Oh, I'm definitely still up and running after these two torturous-Monday classes. :)

Good in mind, body and soul. :)

Won't be exercising as much in May because there's a lot of things going on... too many trips + holidays + family commitments. Hahaha.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 284

Body Combat (Alex C)! My prediction didn't come true... the class is not super packed as I anticipated... but maybe because there's Wesak Day tomorrow... haha. Anyway, it was all good... lotsa old tracks. Too old... I don't know most of them, except for Jump (Van Halen) , Calling from Tokyo... *blur*

Anyway, really happy today cos Alex said, "Leech, where do you get your energy from!" Or was it stamina? Yup... feel really proud about that... hahaha. Cos I memang want to increase my stamina mah!! My dream is to be able to do my (IMHO) 3 toughest classes back-to-back : Attack, Combat, Step... and not "tou kai" in any of the classes. Heehhehehehe.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 283

Went for Body Attack... it was Janet's class. Hehe... I love trying out Attack classes by different instructors. Of course, we have our favorites, but the more different 'styles' you try, the more songs & choreo you get to learn. Since I still consider myself a n00b in Attack, I am greedy and "thirsty" to learn more of the songs. Janet didn't disappoint... it was practically my first time doing 60% of the songs today. :)

At first I thought she wasn't going hard enough for us, because even though I was making a conscientious effort to do the higher options and to make sure my jog "is really a jog", high knees, pointed toes when kick / flick , etc, I still didn't feel too tired. But by the last cardio track, I was dying. Those squats were really cheating squats and those jump jacks could've had more punch in it... sigh. *disappointed in self*

Oh well... Imma blame it on the fact that I've got my period.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 282

Went for Body Jam today... seriously my legs cannot move today after yesterday's torturous Cardio Wave back-to-back class. Like I said yesterday... I love it because it's rare to be able to get this level of "tiredness" in just 40 minutes of exercise. Raymond says if I like it so much, I should do Cardio Wave back-to-back classes everyday. Die man!! Hahaha. So I tried to take it easy with Jam... but Anthony's class was super energetic..

Started with New Day -> Conga , moved on to the hip hop block (the one with "Getting Bodied", "Wall to Wall", etc), had cool down - Flashing Lights, and then moved on to the finale which was the Sexual Healing performance block. Ended with Beautiful Liar.

Very tired now... and hungry... meow!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 281

Tuesdays are my weight training days, but as I mentioned previously (2 weeks ago to be exact), I am no longer doing cardio alone, but will be doing the cardio wave class! Extra bonus points because it's Hazrin who is teaching the back to back classes from 8pm - 8:20pm and 8:30pm - 8:50pm. By the way, don't believe the time stated, the classes usually last a good 5 minutes extra. Haha.

Starting to really like doing the Cardio Wave classes! I think it's a real challenge, and I love how I don't have any feeling in my legs now. Do you think I can still dance tomorrow? Hahaha.

After that was upper body workout, I don't think my legs need any more hardcore toning up. My colleague especially was horrified to hear about my abductor / adductor @ 45kg. Hahaha.

Chest press : 19kg for 3 sets, don't know why, this machine is harder to use compared to the other one where I lift at 26kg.
Incline press : 27kg for 2 sets, 35kg for 1 set.
Fly : 19kg for 2 sets , 21.5 kg for 1 set. :) Yay! Upgrade!
Lat pulldown : 19kg for 2 sets, 26 kg for 1 set
Triceps extension : 20kg for 2 sets, 22.5kg for 1 set (Upgrade, upgrade!)
Plank for 1.5 minutes
Total of 30 sit ups only. (Very tired.. I think I'm losing the energy to do weight training because I think I end up doing soooo much conditioning during the Group X classes anyway. SEriously! Especially for Body Attack...)

*sets = 6 - 7 reps only

After CW class, Hazrin asked me if I signed up for any instructor training... hahaha.
Do you think I should? :D
For which Group X class? Body Combat? Body Attack? Kekekeke....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 280

First day of gym for May!!! Couldn't gym the past few days due to my freshly rebonded hair... hahaha... I felt like I was being held captive at home! Oh well, at least it helped me catch up with my relatives (could visit my grandparents ... kacau them... play mahjong with them...) and spend more ~quality~ time with my parents. Sometimes I think that my life is soooo boring, but if my life was so boring, that would mean I have a lot of free time. I think I'm filling my life up with too much mundane stuff, that's why I feel bored, and yet don't have free ~quality~ time. Anyway, this is my fitness blog, so I'll cut the navel gazing and go straight for the erm... recording.

1) Body Combat (Terence)
Don't know why, but I felt quite sick after leaving work, so again wasn't 100% there. Hehe... the proof is in me not remembering most of the songs. The ones that I remember are :
~ mundian to bach ke (warm up)
~ tribal dance
~ how far we've come (where I swear.. I SWEAR... Terence HIT me... T____T and he insist he didn't. You know how? cos he took off his headset cos he wanted me to sing ... HAHAHA. And somehow through the scuffle that ensued (more like me ducking) I got hit! Poor Leech. Poor, poor Leech with a bad voice. If I can sing like a nightengale then you'd have to hide the mics cos I'm that attention-lovin', but there's a reason why I don't karaoke... )
~ some esquiva track. the one where you can hear someone shouting "esquivaaaaa!" in the background, or maybe that's my imagination.
~ "So What!" for Muay Thai... which I used to really like, but now not so much "feel" for it already. Maybe because no one goes "So What!" at the beginning of the track in a gangster-ish manner. T___T
~ this really really nice SCOOTER song for the finale... haha.. I must go and d/l it.. :D
~ Bites the Dust for conditioning
~ some weird song for cool down... (what a good description)

Okay! That's it for Combat today... haha. A lot of people in the studio today, very syiok!

2) Body Attack (Jason Y)
I recommended his class to someone who was looking for a class to replace her regular classes with Barney. After weeks of not joining (because his class is after Terence's class, where she's also a regular), she came and she really enjoyed herself! Her only complain is that she's afraid that after his class, she will be "too active" to sleep. Hahaha! Got such thing ah! I loveeee exercising to the max and then just collapsing into a dreamless slumber. :)

Anyway, his class was great, I'm not sooooo familiar with the tracks, only recognise a few by sound, but not by title, except for Duffy's Mercy.

Who says Leech is action in the gym! After the class I spoke to TWOOOOO new people. I'm friendly! Hwahwhwhahahaahahahaha....