Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 410

Weight training day... forgot what I did though. :p

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 409

New releases new releases new releases!

Body Combat with Terence Tan, Body Attack with Ryan after. Thought it was gonna be Jason Y! **the superstar Monday back-to-back classes!**

Before BC, members were going, "Is Terence gonna be coming?" and looked like gonna walk out if it wasn't gonna be Terence. Aiyoh... support other instructors also la. :P Anyway, he did show up in the end and it was an explosive introduction to the new release... but for me... ok la, it's my 4th time doing it already. :p Used to the movement already. Although Terence keeps saying my push kick is like a step kick. I really cannot get my leg to "mengcangkul" for the push kick la. Isn't that a weird kinda movement. Why so weird one!

But I'm veryyyy happy that he said "good job Leech" for my push-ups. Hahaha. Push ups on the toes babeh!! :P So far I've been doing push ups on the toes all the way for this release. =D Can't say the same for Attack though. :P

During Attack, gosh, kept thinking that I couldn't do anymore because I was already fried from Combat, but you never know what your body & mind are capable of til you push yourself to the limits. Somehow could still finish strong at the end of the release, though of coz my upper body conditioning is still lacking.. *sigh* But I could still tuck jump all the way for the power track and at the end of the class, a member told me, "How come you're so energetic wan ah!" I am starting to think that I am more of a motivator on the floor than when I am on the stage. Hard to explain this... haha. Basically, when I'm on the floor, a lot of members think that I'm energetic, strong, etc... but when on the stage, I start to quake. T____T

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 408

I had lofty ambitions of working out in both Pavilion and Hartamas today, but woke up late, so Hartamas it is. As mentioned before, it's not convenient for me to go here, so why did I go? Hahaha... because I saw in the schedule that there's someone called "Jeff" teaching there. I haven't gone for his classes before, and I was curious, so sue me. :P

Saw Adrian and wife there as well.. what a coincidence. He wanted to try the new release.. this would be my 3rd time doing it. Hehe. Anyway, we were gossiping outside the studio about who was teaching the class because the time table showed "Jamie" when the online schedule wrote "Jeff". Ok, I was disappointed ok. Cos I came there to "pat" who is this instructor, and though Jamie's class is nice, I went for her class few times already mar... good if I can try someone else right. :P

Turns out the Jeff feller was seated nearby only and heard everything. -___-

Anyway, his class was quite good... but quiet. Most of the time I'm making noise again... I'm such a good member hor? Always support support support. :P The only part I didn't like was when he didn't split the class into 2 for the The Anthem track. Much more fun if we did split the class right? Hah.~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 407

Body Combat - Alex C
Body Jam - Zarina

Both awesome classes... but I'm writing this differently because I want to talk about the new release songs instead. Hahaha.

Body Combat
Warm up - awesome song, Numb and I like the travel back and forth with the block and punch. Really gets you pumped up for the fight.
Lower body warm up - I do not hook up... nothing much to say about it. I don't find it exceptionally good, or an exceptionally good song to do kicks to.
2nd track - I Was Made For Loving You... hahaha, my Scooter song! A must have for every Combat release... well, almost every release. Anyway, I really like the song, and if you do the guard and cross jab properly it looks VERY stylish. Not a fan of the backfist and roundhouse kick, but it seems like the trend nowadays for stuff like that (e.g: hook and roundhouse in the previous release).
3rd track - Poison... I loved this song in Attack and I'm loving it in Combat, although I think it's got nicer chorey in Attack. ;P The main reason being I do not remember what the chorey for this is. Am confusing it with the next track (Use Me). I think Use Me is the one with the weird chorey right? The sweeping motion thing?
5th track - a very simple track for the "split class" track. I really like it. Very simple, and lots of high knees. Huh, you think you can tire me out with simple high knees? If my high knees were any higher I would knee myself in the face WTF.
6th track - Warriors Dance - not very recovery at all. Like Alex C said --- do it properly and your legs will be reallllllly feeling it at the end of the track. I think it's pretty difficult for a supposed recovery, isn't it?
7th track - Excalibur --- new Muay Thai track is very nice. I like the 12 knee transition to the pull knee thingy. It's like no break at all, from the elbows to the knees to the drop punch to the whatever la, don't know all the terms. Anyway, it's all very non-stop hardcore, love it love it!
8th track - Miracle --- this will kill your arms. Actually, a very ... simple track choreography wise. I think the instructors will have a hard time motivating the class on in this track. Cos it's too simple already. No challenge. Just constant demands for "bring it to another gear / level!" Eh.
Fire Burning - nice core & upper body conditioning track! Really like it though I hate Sean Kingston (but not so much anymore)
Second Chance - not a very nice song for cool down, but the movements are quite nice...

Body Jam
Scared of Me // Freeze --- interesting warm up... harder than average actually. I like the way Zarina kept going "What!!" whenever a weird move came out, because that was seriously what was going through my mind, hahahaha.
Shut Up and Let Me Go --- whoa, damn difficult. Hope to be able to get it later, it's just too complicated, and I just look like a freak when doing this track.
Bucci Bag --- erm... alright recovery , nothing much to say
The last performance track (aka the "Leave the World Behind" performance track) is kinda boring actually. I don't really like it TBH.
Cool down was very nice though! I really like the song! I'll Do Anything For You... :)

One more - did Body Attack (Hazrin's class) after all that. Fuuh, after Take Me To The Clouds Above, was already very fatigued, but I can always depend on my '9 tail demon fox' for Zombie. Zombie Finish everyone! Hehehhee!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 406

My first time doing the new release (aside from the workshop) was at Ryann's class... hahaha. ACtually, there were only two of us, one was me and another was a tried-BA-before-but-not-really-regular lady, so it was a small and cosy class wtf. :P

Before that, I went for Dance Mania which was supposed to be Danny H's class, but he cancelled last minute, and Caprice came 30 minutes late, so we did like, damn simple steps for Shakira's She Wolf. The simple steps were already quite nice, so felt quite sad that I didn't get to do the whole thing. Must be damn nice wan. T_T

Ok, so since it's officially released in True Fitness, I can talk about each track in BA67.. hehehe.
Warm-up : Closer
The transition from the walk forwards & backwards to step curls with blade arms and step curls with arm reaching overhead is a bittttt tricky, but it works out in the end. I really like the build with step touch before walking forward. It really sets the anticipation going before "exploding" with the walk forward. Tell you something --- at first I was quite blah about learning this track for warm up because I *thought* Closer was by Chris Brown. When I found out the original artist is Ne-yo, the song became 300 times nicer to listen to hehehhee. Les Mills, pls don't ever use Chris Brown's songs anymore!!!!!!!

Mixed Impact : Release Me
Another song that I didn't really like because of the song INITIALLY, but now I really like it. I think the members will like the travelling inside this song.. all the grapevines and gallops. Apparently this song is a big dance hit.. somewhere. And a lot of the BA peeps loved this song from the get go, but somehow maybe my brain processing speed is a little bit slow. After multiple listenings only start to really like it.

Aerobic : Gimme More
Damn damn love this track! I like the chorey for it, the French accent that Amandine has in the video (wtf), the way when the "ooohs" come on it means SHUFFLES, the turns, the crossovers... great song also. "You want more? I'll give you more!" what a great line to use to motivate the members, eh?

Plyometric : Rock It
Another song that I didn't like on first listen, but it grew on me. When I first did this track during the workshop, I thought, "Hey, this plyo track is not as difficult as the others", but I think I must've been on drugs or something. Running forward, high knees, repetitive single lunges, jump jacks and bouncing across the floor... omg. And it's NON stop. Just when you think it has ended, you go back to the step knees. Madness! I love all the build ups in the song.. all the winding up and the sirens. Wooh. Rock it!!!

Upper body conditioning : Boom Boom Pow
This is probably the weakest link in this release. I am getting sick of BEP and I don't like this song that much in the first place. Stupid lyrics, and upper body conditioning is my weakest track, so yeah. It all culminates together to make me feel really meh whenever I think of it. -___- But I suppose it shouldn't be THAT tough since there's a mixture of triceps and chest push ups, instead of totally triceps like other tracks, just that there's so many 3-count pulses... -____-

Running track : Number One
OMFG, one of my favorite tracks in this release! (There are so many, but if I *had* to choose one it would be the power track at the end). I like the lyrics, and if you don't know it, let me just give you the chorus :
"I don't understand why you're number one
When it was just a fling before, now you're the one
See all I did was blink twice,
From my homie to my only
number one!"

Agility : Put a Donk On It
I *really* like the song for the agility track, and it's very fun, with soccer-inspired moves in this track! The song is very funny, with the singer going, "Baseline! Wicked! Now put a donk on it!" What's a donk anyway and how do I put it on? Anyway, it's seriously one of the harder tracks to teach, because it's very confusing, but I suppose after a few tries, it will be ace. It's also one of the more tiring agility tracks (I know members usually use running & agility to catch their breath again... after all, the queen of tou kai aka ME is the one writing this), with drop squats. It's quite relentless actually. :O But still, a very fun track. Try it, love it! :P

Intervals : Take Me To The Clouds Above
In contrast with the previous song, this is probably an easier to coach track, very simple movements, members should have no problem with this. I like the "burst of energy" forward after the spring. Anyway, kick kick kick all the way, should be no problem for you all. The lyrics are quite nice too.. very uplifting.

Power : Zombie
DAMN NICE SONG. LOVE IT! Even though I'm mad tired after the intervals track, somehow will dig deep to find the energy to do this song. Like the video says --- you are fighting with your mind as well as your body in this song to finish STRONG. From the tuck jumps to the knees and the jump jacks... whoa. Just whoa. Plus the song is really really nice and rockin'... absolutely the best track in this release! :P

Lower body conditioning : Wherever
It's actually quite tough to teach this track because the transition from left side to right side doesn't have any particularly outstanding beat / lyric for the instructor to hook on to. Hahahha. But yeah, once you find your balance in this track, it's alright lower body conditioning. 3.5 minutes only anyway. :P

Core conditioning : Goodbye
What's there to say about core conditioning, should be no problem for most. It's quite a long one though, and Ryan claims that by the end of teaching this release he will have 6 pack already. So, quite hardcore also lah. Heehehe.

Cooldown : People Get Ready
Not a very famous song, and my all-time favorite cooldown for BA has to be The Best Is Yet to Come. Didn't really like this song at first, but it's very meaningful and relaxing actually. "You don't need no ticket, to get on the Body Attack train". So get going with BA67! :D

All in all, another great release with great songs and great moves. Except for the upper body conditioning, hahahaha! :P

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 405

Launch of fourth quarter release at True Fitness! Sorry, didn't manage to announce earlier on my blog, as you can see, I've fallen quite behind in updating stuff. Anyway, did you manage to go? Hahaha.. heard it was a blast.

It was held at Sri Hartamas, pretty inconvenient for me to go there, especially on a workday, so I went for Body Combat at Taipan. Jaime was teaching... did a lot of old tracks, including "Full Metal Jackass", but was sad she didn't do the saluting part. *cry* Other stuff include "Crashed the Wedding"... and I don't remember. Anyway, she's always very appreciative if you make noise in her class, so show your support by haiyak haiyak hiaahhhhhhkkkk all the way. :P

Body damn pain from my friend's torturous weight training session the day before, so couldn't continue...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 404

My friend came to True Fitness Taipan with me in order to give me a good workout in the free weights training area. I was quite interested in his workout regime, and I think after reading this blog, he thought I could lift a lot. Well, I *did* prove to him that I *could* lift what I said I was lifting on this blog.. but only on the machines!! For free weights, the amount that I can lift is like, half of what I can do. E.g: machine chest press I can do @ 35kg. For free weights, it's about 15kg only. So that's actually less than half!

The weight training session was very informative, and he taught me a lot of weird exercises.. different ways to attack your body. Did deadlifts (@ 80lb.. damn low right? Considering I have one mad friend who does it at 185kgs... madness!), reverse push-ups, Brazilian crunches, shoulder raises, triceps dips, attempted pullups (totally dangling there like a fool), etc. Wah, it was all very challenging.

The strange thing about the training is the delayed reaction my body had. Throughout my sister's wedding on Sat & Sun, I didn't feel fatigue. Suddenly on Tuesday, my arm started aching. Wtf? And my back feels sore!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 403

Team teach Body Attack with Janet... wow, I don't know what the hell I did, but I was so tired. It was a shame and an embarrassment for me... sigh. I did "Wild Wild West 08"... lots to improve. Good news is that new launch for 4th quarter release means that I will have 2 weeks to improve myself before I start TT again. Apparently not allowed to do TT while new release is going on. Hmm.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 402

Did weight training... no time to dance, so I didn't! Don't remember the exact weights but it was my normal ones la.. hahahaa.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 401

Wow... what a tiring day today. And I made such a mistake... didn't even drink any supplements to give me additional POWAH. Only drank Redbull... which tastes like bubble gum, don't even know whether it works or not. But hey! It's 1am and I'm wide awake, so it probably is loaded with caffein.

What happened was.... we had Body Attack tuition today. -___-
I found out on Sunday. -____-
I had to present two tracks. -_______-
One of them is the power track. -____________-

Usually, there are 3 slots for tuition --- and we can pick and choose. Last round, the slot I picked only had 3 people, so this round I was determined to pick a popular slot. You know, cos I enjoy public humiliation. Haha, no lah, because there's more "sharing" if you do tuition with more people around. So yeah, I really need more hammerings. I was wondering if I should blog about it or not cos .. I don't see other people mention their mistakes. But somehow I think I learn better if I mention out my shortcomings.

Started with Body Combat in Taipan. Tuition only at 10pm in Jaya33. So I didn't want to miss BC since I already missed it last week. I didn't go as all out as I would go since I was "conserving energy" for tuition. Hahaha. There is definitely less vocal output from me today. :P Anyway, there were times even the squeaks that I emitted were louder than the rest of the class. Quite paiseh to continue.

Ok, we go straight to the tuition since I have more to say there. I was presenting the power track and lower body conditioning... as mentioned I found out about the tuition on Sunday, and if I had a choice, I would've taken a later slot so that I could have more time to prepare. But my sis is getting married this weekend, so here's no way I'm going to miss her wedding dinner so that I can go for tuition ok. Ahaha. This weekend will be a busy one for me! All weekend long in super high heels!

Luckily in a way I was given track 9 to do because I personally love this track the most out of the current release. Seriously, it's a great track.. full of energy. I like this track and also the "speed on up" (Take It To The Limit") track from last release. I think the power tracks are all amazing. Of course, I feel doubtful doing power tracks because I feel like fainting doing track 3 and 4 and MOST of the time I'm doing agility. (Btw, the agility track from latest release is SUPER nice.) Anyway, because I really like this track, I was already learning the chorey for it from the day of the workshop. Still, I was not fully confident on this, so all of Sunday and most of Monday was spent learning track 9, cos I didn't want to force all my friends to do, like 64 jump jacks at the end if I missed out some steps. =p

For the other track (the lower body conditioning one), I mistakenly thought it was gonna be easy peasy so I left it for the end. Later, found out there's a new move being introduced, and then I started sweating (Monday afternoon in the office only started learning, sei mei) and then I found out that the switchover from one leg to another leg has some really weird timing transition. I REALLY REGRET NOT PRACTICING EARLIER. It is not to say difficult... but just a bit tricky, and really have to be on the "hear out" for certain bits.

In the end... haih. I also donno what to say about my presentation. I think I took the "you must precue" thing a bit too far and end up cueing a bit early... and then there was one tuck jump where I suddenly felt my leg gave way (I got a cramp somewhere around track 6 which is strange cos damn long never have cramp ady) ... which was a pity cos earlier we were doing the tuck jumps all together, it looked damn nice ok! Everyone can jump so high, in sync! Other than that, all the beautiful scripting that I came up with earlier... all just went outta my head and I think I was just repeating stuff. Hahaha. What I find funny is that I can even talk to the other people in the class like damn casually, but I feel out of breath and panic when I have to give instructions.

Still... it was better than my presentation for track 10.. which was... really bad. Hahaha. Once the sides were switched, I totally lost the beat for the whole track and had to hazard a guess as to where we were. T_T I felt so bad... sigh...

Anyway, it was a great learning experience la. I felt bad cos I had to torture my friends thru my presentation (this is why I am not team teaching so often... hahahaha). After that, the head teacher gave us some comments... and he was really kind to me. I was damn scared he was going to yell at me for screwing up the choreography, but he said something strange to me, which was "I think you are too used to doing the cardio tracks, so when it's a slow track, you lose the beat." Hmm... I think what I did wrong was that I underestimated the track, and didn't spend enough time to learn it up. Bad bad bad. Everything needs time for the skill to be nurtured, so don't play play. Even warm-up tracks and conditioning tracks have a lot of choreography involved. :)

Other than that, I definitely still need to work on my precueing and scripting.
Definitely need to work on my knees out positioning, and also my heel jacks! Not forgetting triceps push-ups! Gosh! So many things! How am I ever going to dig myself out of this hole.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 400

Weight training at the gym.

Some improvement :
Abductor & adductor @ 50kg now.
Shoulders can start comfortably at 40lb
Other things, still pretty standard.

I can do push ups on the toes again! But a far cry from my glory days of 32 in 60 seconds. Hahaha!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 399

Went for 2 classes today - Body Combat with Alex C, followed by Body Jam with Zarina. Actually, felt damn tired, especially after going all out during Body Attack yesterday, but I'm now in "the zone", whereby I feel really weird if I skip gym even for one day! Yes, it's very hard for me to go out on dates now. >=(

Body Combat was quite stressful cos Alex asked the newbies to follow me if they couldn't get a hang of the mirror image concept. Dot dot dot. Few tracks I remember from today : Whatever You Want, Elevator, Shut Up N Drive...

Body Jam ... Zarina said she taught us tracks which will help us prepare for Body Jam 51... always appreciate the heads up! I think most of the instructors will be doing that.
We had
- New Day & Conga for warm up. I think doing "New Day" really gets the class warmed up! I used to dislike it because I couldn't get the direction & leg movement correct, but once you get the hang of it, it's a really great song to dance to! Agreed?
- Bring Em Out "four corners" "line dance" lol.
- Shake Up The Party / Loaded for Latin
- This Ain't Sex recovery
- Freakin' Fakin' House for performance track. Super energetic!!!!!
- Spotlight cool down

Fuuh... when I blog right after the classes, I usually remember the tracks! Better take care of this blog properly.. hehehe.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 398

My first team teach... with Jason Y. :P
Long story as to why I started so late... but I did give myself an ultimatum.. start again once the last quarter release comes out, and now it's out.
Actually, I was quite afraid to do team teach... I asked Hazrin if I could shadow... but he asked me to try 1 track. So 1 track it is.

I find it quite dishonest to say team teach when I'm only teaching one track. Hahaha. Technically only 1 out of 12 tracks.. that's not even 10%! Anyway, it was a good learning experience... I think I was quite bad, but a lot of people have been supportive and kind, so I'm encouraged to go on. Hey, I'll make sure the next one will be even better. :)

Challenging myself by teaching something from BA66 in the next round. On Friday, I did Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now, which Jason said is so weird cos most people will do track 6 (the running track) or do both track 6 & 7 during TT instead of doing track 7. Hahaha. Well, that's cos I passed my BA certification with agility mar.

Actually, my happiest moment during the TT was when Jason helped me put on the belt for the mic and he said "You are so thinnnn!" Hahahaha!

Ok thanks to all the participants for the happy faces & encouragements & kind words.... *mwahhhh*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 397

Went for Janet's Body Attack class on Thursday... hahaha, she really gave us something to "thank for the memories" for the final track. Jump jacks all the way! Omg!! Hahahhaa! But it's good --- she's preparing us for the next release. :D

Somehow, also really loved the way she did I Believe for the interval track... really felt ~magic~ in the class during that track. :D I think this is one of my favorite interval tracks for Body Attack ... almost feel the ~magic~ whenever the instructors do it. Also helps that Fantasia Barrino was one of my fave Idol contestants. :P

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 396

Weight training day. Mostly on upper body as there was not enough time.
I'm now starting at 35kg for chest press, 26kg for fly...
The rest I don't really remember. Sucks that the pulldown machine is spoiled...

After that was Body Jam with Shirlyn. Trying to remember what songs we did... *quite blur as blogging this late*

Can't remember the tracklists, but we did the performance tracks from "I Decided" /"Shut Up and Let Me Go"/"Tomorrow Can Wait", and also the performance track from "Sexual Healing" (Body Jam 42). Quite a workout! After that, I practiced for my team teach track on Friday... woo hoo...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 395

Weight training day.... somehow I still feel very flabby after weight training. Usually everything feels "tight" after finishing. Maybe because I didn't go all out... today there were weight increments, so generally by the 3rd set, I'll be "pancit", even though the first set (with heavier weights) was easy going. Will see how... tomorrow I'll be weight training again. Hahahaha.

After that, went for back-to-back Cardio Wave classes with Hazrin. After a long while of not doing cardio wave, it's suddenly very syiok! Maybe because all the songs were so nice... :) And guess what? For the first slot of cardio wave, the entire class was PACKED. Like, every single machine was taken up. Lucky I was early.. lucky I got to leave work early.. hehehee.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 394

My first Les Mill's Super Workshop.

Blogged about it :

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 393

Saturday Body Attack quickie as I had to rush off to fix my friend's PC....

Hazrin told me to "hurry up" if I wanna continue teaching.

Duly noted, boss!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 392

Alex C's Body Combat class...
Weight training again. Mainly upper body as I was rushing home for something.

Sorry, lack of updates. Totally have not been updating gym blog. :(

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DAy 391

Short weight training session. The usual suspects! :P

Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 390

Super Monday night!! Hehehe. Am on leave again, so I got to do 3 classes again! Yay...!

Went for Clarissa's Body Jam class. Debated between this or Pump... and I decided to do this because my arms are usually killed even after BC's conditioning track, so I didn't wanna push my luck that Jason Y would not do a triceps track. The most I did was worked out the triceps on the triceps extension machine while waiting for Clarissa to start. Looking back, I even regret doing this, hahaha.

Anyway, the class was fullll of old songs... quite syiok to dance to although they were a bit toooo cardio. I am still recovering from the hen night last weekend! (Happy to say that there was no vomitting involved because I'm good and trying to cut alcohol out from my diet already. ;p So I didn't drink that much!)

Warm up : Sandcastle Disco (long time haven't done this song, totally forgot about it and was wondering whattttt track she was doing, hehehe)
1st performance : the One and Only performance... dang! havent' done this in ages!
2nd performance : the "Voodoo drop" performance track (think it's from Jam #45)
recovery : Blame It (my most hated recovery track at the moment)
3rd performance : Ring the Alarm / What Comes Around /Put Your Hands Up For Detroit performance tracks
Cool down : See You In My Nightmares (this song sucksssss)

After that was Body Combat with Jaime... replacing TT's class. Actually, the class quite energetic and power also.. but dunno why everyone so silent. Haih. Have to support a bit... so I buat bising as usual. After the class was over, SOMEONE said that I was so syiok sendiri wtf?? I think it's his first time seeing me in Combat? I'm so-called "syiok sendiri" EVERY WEEK ok. Scratch that, I'm SYIOK SENDIRI EVERY BC CLASS. Hahahahahhaa!!

Anyway, I don't remember ALL the tracks done, because some are really really old. O_O I only recognised a few. I was wondering whattttt warm-up track that was, macam tak pernah buat! :
Blow Your Whistle, Power of Love, California, So What, Here I Come (TRICEPS PUSH UP!!!!!) and Because of You.

SOMEONE also said that I suddenly smiled for no reason at the power track in BC. The honest-to-God truth is that suddenly some guys at the back started shouting towards the end and I felt happy and proud of them.. hahaha. Cos that means the onus not on me to start. They too contribute and "led" the way so to speak. So I smiled. I am such an innocent creature, kept getting dissed pulak for my innocent actions. Hmm...

Finally.... Jason Y's power Body Attack class ... fuuh. Can't remember life before going for BA after Combat. Hahaha. I'm glad that I have Attack in my life now. :D He did a lot of old tracks! I think he did the first 3 tracks from BA 57 (All Over The World, A to the B, Little Don), then did the "Tricky" track (I know it's not Tutti Fruitti cos I have done Tutti Fruitti before and that's not the name for this track!!). Continued with another 2 tracks from 57 - Beware of the Dog and Forever Young. Tian ah!! Beware of the Dog is the most torturous upper conditioning track! Wait, I think Get Shaky is worse, but this one is quite bad also. Sooooo many triceps. And I'm so weak! I am so pissed with myself. Towards the end, my arms totally gave way when I was doing the chest press and I my whole body crashed onto the mat wtf.

I don't get it? So much weight training and I still can't do track 5 properly? Haih, what else can I do but WORK EVEN HARDER!!!

For agility we did Mercy, which was a fun track. Forgot the intervals track, then it was Nowhere Fast for power. I Feel Free and Do It To It for conditioning and ended with It's All Coming Back To Me.

Very fun class lah! Yay... can't wait for BA class again. Hahaha... I'm loving it~~

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 389

Couldn't make it for Wednesday or Thursday classes because of work. I told you that it's taking up all my time, gosh. -___- Had to work extra hard because Friday is a public holiday, so I had to clear up some stuff... lots of problem logs, etc. T____T Was so exhausted....!!! And then on Friday I couldn't even exercise the wholeeee day as planned because my sister's friends were planning something for her hen night, and asked me to go along "because I'm the sister" lol. Hahaha. Anyway, I didn't do enough for them la.. they were really gung ho and the true organisers. All I did was teman shopping (not really helpful also since I don't know where to buy the stuff they required) and then help to sew the sash. For the hen night itself (whereby I missed gym on Sat and Sun too.. T___T) I donated / sponsored my alcohol stash (including my brand new Moet). :B

Knowing that I would be missing from gym for so long, after the shopping trip to get my sister's hen night stuff, I did the class which I thought would burn the most calories... what other than Body Attack! Hehehe! Thankfully managed to make it for the class at Jaya 33... which is actually the only Body Attack class in TF that day. :D

Edmund did BA#64... very happening class that day. Lots of energy from everybody. Hehehe. Anyway, I missed doing Bridge Over Troubled Water, Don't Give Me Your Life and Something Good 08. Of course, always loved Crank Dat and All I Ever Wanted, by Jason Y does that quite often. :D

Woooh.. damn happy. After class, my friend asked me why I always say "Thank You" to the instructors at the end of the class. Do they know me? She asked. Erm... I think it's just polite to say thank you to the instructor lor. No doubt they are paid to do the job, but in school last time you also said thank you to your teacher after class right. They don't have to know me for me to thank them for teaching a great class, a class where you feel like you really enjoyed yourself. :) Anyway, that's just what I think lah. Feel free to disagreee...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 388

Weight training day... I think work @ the office is taking over my life... I keep going to the gym late (this time starting at 9pm) and work out til 1030pm. By the time I get home, dog tired... online til late.. then start the cycle again. Gosh.. this is horrible. Thing is, I kinda do enjoy my work, but I just wish that I wasn't so busy!

Today I increased some of my fave machines, trying to push harder .

Chest press : Now starts at 35kg, 32.5kg, 30kg. Struggled towards the end, but amazed self at being able to complete it
Vertical press : Maintained at 35kg, 27kg, 21kg (the machine has weird increments)
Fly : 28.5kg starting, but this was not really good. Will try again next week. Think was totally broken after the chest press
Abductor & adductor remains
Leg press now starts at 80kg

I'm still doing 100 single lunges a day. Really kills. Next weight training might increase to 150 single lunges. It comes in sets of 50, so that's why the next increment is so high.
Bicep curls & shoulders , increased to 4 sets instead of 3 sets. (Realised at this point that the Benny Benassi mix for California Dreamin' is EXCELLENT for lifting)

Did BA65 for lower body conditioning , core workout and cool down. Hehehe.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 387

Wah, today's classes were all awesomeeeee. Felt such a rush and sense of accomplishment after finished 3 back-to-back classes. :P

Started with Leonara's Body Jam class... haven't gone for her class since my Wisma Consplant days, but now she's back, yay. She did a lot of Latin tracks, I loike.
Warm up : dunno the name of the track... hahaha. Too old already?
1st performance : Hollywood meets Bollywood (the Church, Pump It performance track)
Recovery : Long Way To Go
2nd performance : Ran Kan Kan
Random track : Adrenalina (from Body Jam 31... zomg!)
Cool down : Lollipop

Cool... haven't done Adrenalina in a long while. But I think Jason Low used to do it... heheh. Usually I walk out a bit early from Jam to "pa wai" for Body Combat, but since it's Leonara's class, I stayed to the end. :P By the time I walked up, Jayson was just about to start Combat, cool, I am so on time. :P

Got a lot of funny things happened during the class, but don't know if I can write it hear or not since I kena forced into revealing my blog address to him. Anyway, I don't think he'll read it since erm... this is just a boring blog. Keke.
Warm up : Man in Motion
1st Track : [wasn't paying attention because at this point, a guy walked into the class that looked like my colleague! and this is a colleague that i don't like. and he was doing... quite badly. i was so excited i actually ask pauline to look (disturbed her in the middle of combat.. which is bad, i know! but i couldn't help it!). in the end it wasn't my colleague also.. just an ALMOST lookalike, hehe]
2nd track : don't know the name of the track, but 3 jabs to the front, 2 to the side (L-shape).. erm... I think you can say I was still blur at this point. :P
3rd track : You can't stop the beat.. nice! Long time haven't done
4th track : Cold As Ice
Recovery : Vogue
MT track : Ravers Paradise
Finale track : Back in the UK (hahahahahaha! I love this track, but Jayson didn't do the finger pointing ala Saturday Night Fever pose like Terence!)
Upper body conditioning : Dancefloor Anthem... gosh.. 3rd time in a row doing this for BC
Cool down : Think it's Use Somebody

Anyway, one part that is damn funny is when there's the 'downward punch' for Ravers Paradise, this Jayson actually allowed himself to be a "target" for me ler. It's a total shocking moment for me because no instructor ever lie on the floor to allow me to hit them before... hahaha! I didn't even know am I supposed to hit him or not, but I hit anyway la. Hahahaha! Gosh.. this is great.

Finally, it's Body Attack with Jason Y... and I convinced Pauline to continue going for the class even though she was saying that she's hungry, on fruit diet, no energy, etc. I said that after exercising, won't feel hungry already. And I said she can always do the option and if really cannot tahan, can walk out la. Nobody will "see u no up" (in other words: look down). So she gamely went, and I am proud to report, she stay the whole class. :) Good job!

And Body Attack was greattt.. so full of energy.. even though there's just 5-6 of us in the class. Wah... started with first 3 tracks from BA65 (Everywhere, That's Not My Name, Baby I'm on Fire), then Crank Dat, then had a pretty easy upper body conditioning track.. Thank God... cos I keluarkan all my tenaga for Dancefloor Anthem already. So it's amazing I didn't collapse on the mat here. Hahaha. Running track was All I Ever Wanted which is a damn good running track, one of my faves... and agility was You Can't Stop The Beat. Pauline turned to me and say, "Why both the Jasons do the same song wan?" So ngam...

8th track was I Believe (super inspiring song for an intervals track) and finally... don't know the name of the last power track, where FINALLY all the lunges we have been avoiding suddenly emerged. But ok la.. I have been practicing my lunges! Like Kevin G, he do 200 a day, I started at 100 a day... maybe will raise to 125, 150 and then only go up to 200. See how lah. My quads damn big already lah. T___T

And after class... Jason said some stuff to me that made me very ... T____T (emotional). But he's so nice... a lot of pple been very nice & inspiring & motivating to me lately. So I'm very T____T ... hahaha. Really hope I can make it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 386

Weight training day... everything same as before... but some breakthroughs ...
a. can do shoulder press @ 40lb again! And properly, one full set, not like 5 and then kantoi
b. my chest press @ 32.5kg is quite steady ady... can go higher next week, sadly my abductor & adductor is stuck @ 45kg (Start) and 35kg (end)
c. my tricep extension can start at 27kg now!
d. my vertical chest press can start at 35kg now! Remember the time when I said I was stuck at 27kg and no way I can suddenly "jump" 8kg (cos machine is weird like that)? It's amazing what you can do with more and more weight training
e. my dunno what chest press machine which I was stuck at 22kg... now can go higher already. Wah.. feel so powerful. All these chest press.. good for pushing. :D
f. got one damn cute guy at the gym (nothing to do with breakthrough, just felt like saying it)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 385

Two classes today. Gosh, I really sleep in like mad during the weekends. Think there's something wrong with me. When Ben sleeps too much, he attributes it to "thyroid problem". Maybe I have the same thing? Wtf?

Went for Body Jam which was Zarina's class. *sob*sob* Miss her so much, lol. Actually, I miss jam a lot a lot a lotttttt. I think I don't do enough Jam classes nowadays. My body isn't so flexible. The "body roll" thing... just when I thought I'm making headway with it... now it looks so robotic! :P The best part is that Zarina did some tracks that I was thinking we hadn't done in a while, haha. Namely Closer and Dance Wiv Me for warm up, then the Calle Ocho performance track, then Shake Up The Party / Loaded performance track (I know, all very Latin today!). Recovery... I forgot what it was, but then it was UFO performance track and Be My Baby Tonight for cool down.

Love it when there's lots of Latin tracks. Any excuse to shake booty. :P

After that was Hazrin's Body Attack class, but taught by Ryann... did the whole of BA 65. Quite a long time since I did BA 65 IN A CLASS (practice by self... got la, many times. :P) ... and I realise that I still like the whole release even though I keep saying I'm sick of it after training in it. No way... getting to know the nuances more and more... I still think it's an awesomeeee release!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 384

Went for Body Attack (Janet's class, with Sam TT). As promised, Janet did tracks from BA 48, with Sam teaching two tracks from BA 66. Mix of old and new!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 383

Finally, after two weeks of no dancing... went for Shirlyn's Body Jam class tonight! Wah, she did a lot of tough tracks. I didn't feel in the groove at all until the recovery.

Warm up :
Speed Up and Party People
1st performance : Pa Kum Pa! and Krazy
2nd performance : Shabang Shabang... the performance track from Jam 50. I only like the last song ... although Voice of Freedom ain't bad... but I *really* like Set It Off
Recovery : This Is How We Do It Round My Way... my absolute favorite-st recovery
Final performance : final performance from body jam 46... Love Shake It Up... sooooo much! :D
Cool down : Rockstar

**Starting to like the cool down track too even though I hate Nickelback! ACtually, I don't even hate them anymore.. started to like them after Gotta be Somebody. Feel like they have a sensitive side to them also. :P**

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 382

Did weight training, again, everything same as before. The shoulder press machine was taken so I did the pulldowns. Think it was 26kg, 24kg, 21.5kg. Also did the same shoulder raises and bicep curls free weights set. Raymond told me not to do so many reps, and instead use heavier weights. Hmm.. the problem is that there wasn't anything heavier than 8lb weights available that day.

On Sunday I felt so tortured, but today everything was alright again! So one more weight training with these weights set, and then I'll increase the weights.

Did push ups on my toes too... good to see that I can still do it, though doing 32 in one minute (like for BA training) seems like a lifetime ago. Gosh...

Didn't do cardio because I was actually doing weight training, and was walking to the women's only workout area when Hazrin pulled me into doing cardio wave class. Hahaha. He has a whistle to teach cardio wave! Why so fierce!? Anyway, I only did the last 15 minutes of his class.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 381

Body Combat with Terence kinda was not so enjoyable today... blame it on the floor. Donno what happened... maybe it's a combination of the floor + my new shoes, I was slippin' and slidin' all over the place. Super not syiok to do decoys when you keep wondering if you're gonna wind up flat on your face the next.

So ... really, don't feel like writing about today's class... I wanna go all out! Instead, I couldn't... and I wound up not going for Attack for the same reason. Sigh... saved up all my energy for Monday night some more! Blehkz.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 380

Weight training... same thing as what I did on Wednesday, but for some reason :
=> got very tired on the chest press... last week @ 30kg for the lowest reps was alright for me. This time, I was suffering! And I think I grimaced so much that I made a spectacle of myself. -__-
=> couldn't do the shoulder press @ 40lb anymore. So I stuck to 25lb. Hmm.. even then it was a bit of a struggle.

Other than that, everything else remained the same. I will continue at this weights for at least 2 weeks, before raising the bar. Was proud that I did 10 x 5 sets of bicep curls and 10 x 5 sets of shoulder raises with 8lb weights in each hand though. I know it's not much, but these are prob areas for me and anyway, I rarely do free weights. Was forced to do it only because the other machines are all taken up! Boo! :P

Ran on the threadmill.. 10 minutes only at 10kph... trying to get used to the speed before going for longer distance... hahaha. Anyway, I was bushed. :P How to catch up to Kevin like this? Feller runs for hours and does 100-200 lunges a day wtf.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 379

Saturday, woke up sooooo late that the only thing I could go for was Body Attack in Hazrin's class.... Sam was team teaching. He did about the same tracks that I did on Tuesday, except that Sam did the running track and agility track from BA66. All in all, quite a fun class la... I really liked Tuesday's tracks anyway... :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 378

Went for Body Attack (Janet's class) today... wah, it was damn damn fun!! I think Janet is superb when she teaches those super old releases... love the way that she taught today also.. *admire admire* All the pre-cue and visual cues... just wow! Anyway, she did all the tracks from BA46... next week, will be doing BA48. I have NEVER done any tracks from BA 46 before! But it's really fun... especially like the 3rd track Brother Louie and the final power track No Limit. Damn power!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 377

Bad day at work... so much things to do.... planned to do weight training and then have an awesome Jam session for cardio. But wound up leaving work at about 9:30pm... so by the time I arrived at the gym, it was already 10:15pm.


I lost my chorey notes for BA 66.
Curse the feller to hell who took it and didn't return it to the gym lost and found.
I keep saying... whatever I have found in the gym throughout the years... I always gave to lost and found. Whether membership cards, WATCHES or lock & keys... but whatever I have lost, NEVER been returned to the gym.

I've only memorised about 75% of the stuff... and what pains me is that BA66 is the one with the bonus track, so I can't get the chorey from the video (cos it's not there). I know... the chorey is same as the interval track for "I Kissed a Girl", but it's slighttlllllyyy different. Well, I wouldn't know now would I. Gotta cari kawan to photostat the book again but it's soooo not the same as having the original ok. I feel like ordering another DVD set just to get the book back again. See?? This is what I get for being studious and reading & practicing chorey... just left the booklet around. I know la, I'm careless but I can't help being negative and thinking that if I was just a lazy bum, I would still have my chorey notes with me. :P

I can't stop thinking about it, because this is something so valuable and useful to me... and to any other ordinary member.... who found it... or THREW it away... gosh... it's like nothing to you... but for me it's a precious commodity... *whine whine whine*

Anyway... I'm watching the video to write down short chorey notes of my own til I get my own back. Grrr... *marah*

Weight training today :
- chest press 6,8,10 @ 30kg, 27.5kg, 25kg ** increased **
- incline press 6,6,6 @ 13.5kg (I know, that's soooo little compared to chest press, but the movement is different, and we all gotta start somewhere. After comfortable @ this weight, will increase for sure)
- fly @ 26kg, 24kg, 21.5kg ** increased **
- abductor & adductor (still @ 45kg,40kg,35kg)
- leg press (@ 70, 60, 50).. **increased **
- low row @ 35kg, 30kg, 25kg ** increased **
- back extensions @ 25kg, 22.5kg, 20kg (I got back problem... don't wanna stress it)
- some kinda back dunno what ... forgot the name (26kg, 24kg, 21.5kg) --- as above
- leg curl & leg extensions @ 35kg, 30kg, 25kg **increased **
- did 3 sets of triceps extensions (free weights, 8lb each hand) --- the usual triceps machines was taken up by great hulking guys... blehkz

For cardio + other conditioning, I did a few tracks from BA... hahaha.. so I can remember the chorey as well. Did BA66 tracks 1-5 (I must admit, it's very good punishment when you forget the chorey, cos then you'll feel the pain when you are doing endless number of squats when you could've been doing an easier movement) and then randomly did # 7 just cos I like the chorey for it. ;p Then jumped to "Right Round" to work the abs...

Was about 11:40pm when I finally finished everything... productive day... but still damn sad over the loss of my booklet. And when I asked the frontdesk if anyone found this thing.. she didn't even bother to check and just said no. !@#@#%#$^)$#%(#@$ Pretend to check also cannot ah. WTF!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 376

Since I missed out on my usual Attack + BC yesterday, I was determined to do it today! Of course, there was not just one club having Attack and BC back-to-back, so since I was on leave, I went to Hazrin's BA class in Taipan, and then drove over to Jaya33 for Jayson's BC class. Hehehe!

And I have to say... I'm damn happy la. :D Cos my stamina is back! Maybe because BA class was only 45 minutes long (when BA is 45 minutes long, they take away the running and agility track, go straight to the intervals & power track), so it was not as "killing" as it should be. But I'm really loving my new Nike shoes, cos after tokkok yesterday about how it will help me jump higher... I really feel that it helped me jump higher during the Tricky plyometrics track! :D

Track listing :
~ This is the world we live in
~ S.O.S
~ the "Crazy people everywhere" BA track. (Donno the name la... hehehe)
~ the "Tricky" track (Donno the remixed name)
~ don't know the name of the track for conditioning, but it sounds like remixed Ghostbusters and something else. Never done it before, but it's NICER to do this than other ones because it's chest push-ups all the way... hahahaha. That and some slight walk and the pointer.... erm, ok la. It's always the tricep push ups that kill me
~ Everytime We Touch for intervals
~ don't know the name of the last track, but the lyrics are very fai wan. I *think* it's Music Maestro
~ Get Down On it and then very short cool down (lack of time) - Breakaway, which I think is a very nice cool down!

For all the tracks I donno the name, wanted to ask Sir Hazrin for the names, but he was caught by another member, and I was rushing to J33, so next time only la!

In the end, was so shocked that I reached J33 45 minutes before BC class slated to start. Hmm... so I went shopping for stuff in the supermarket... hahaha. That's bad, I know I shoulda gone for a jog or whatever... but the stuff I got was necessities yo!

Saw my friend Siaw Peng at the gym... so we stood together... quite near the front but not in front because I know the people standing in front are the enthusiastically salah type. Er... not talking bad about them, just that I don't want to get injured. The one that I wanna talk about... I will save for the end of this post. Never have I felt such hatred for someone I don't know anything about. Really make me feel like my blood boiling, blood pressure, wanted to walk out of the class, etc etc.

Also, before the class started, Jayson actually asked me why I came for his class. T____T

Do instructors always chase people out of the class? Sigh... felt so teruk after that. Hahahaa... yeah right. Don't know what's his issue also, he said that he felt pressured if I'm in the class. -___-"

Track list for the class :
~ Dragostea Din Tei (aka the Numa numa hey song)
~ My Life Would Suck Without You
~ Beat It
~ Sweet heart
~ Jigga Jigga
~ How Far We've Come
~ **dunno the name of this "recovery" track which is not really recovery since it has sooooo many lunges and esquiva.... you can see people doing halfway and just stopping because they aren't used to the lunges **
~ Desolation Row for Muay Thai
~ Dunno the name of the last power track... but it's an old one
~ Dancefloor Anthem for conditioning
~ No One for cool down

So many tracks same as yday one! Why so fated to do these tracks twice in a row... -__-
And after the class, Jayson said he would do a special performance. But tak de pun. -___-

Now for my complaints....
Nothing to do with the instructors... hehehe. It's this guy at the class who is "famous" among some members already for being totally LACK of rhythm, LACK of concerned for other people in the class, LACK of technique and worse off, doesn't seem to know it. -____-

I was already quite pissed off because just because there is SOME space in front of me, doesn't mean you can squeeze in front. Because he squeezed in front ANYHOW when he is already LATE, I had to move back. When I cannot see my beautiful face in the mirror, it pisses me off. Some more, because he is standing in front of me and he has LACK OF RHYTHM, LACK OF TECHNIQUE AND LACK OF CONCERN for others, the possibility of him kicking me is higher. In fact, one of my friends did say that he had kicked her before, and didn't even apologise. -____-

I donno what to say la... if you come late for the class, why must u squeeze in to a place where others are standing. I didn't want to squeeze in into that place he deemed as "empty" because the two people standing near the front are also new comers (I think) so I tend to give them more space because if the timing is a bit off, someone would get kicked. But this guy is like .... so biadap. I really felt like scolding him.. and I never ticked off anyone at the gym before.

The WORSE WORSE WORST part about all this is ... at the end of the class, he gave me one bitchy look, as if to say, "Why you come so near to me".


By the way, I know for a fact that I'm not the only one pissed off with this guy. As mentioned before, he kicked my friend before. And in another separate case, one girl who I DONNO AT ALL AT THE GYM actually told me later, "the guy next to me... he doesn't know what he's doing at all." And someone else told me he like to show off the moves, like teaching new comers how to do the technique when he himself doesn't know. -_____-

When you inspire random strangers to talk bad about you... gah. Donno what to say.

*zips mouth*

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 375

Guess what??? :D :D :D

I just came back from a 4D3N trip to Bangkok! :)
That's why I've been missing from the gym since Thursday... which pained me ok! I planned to work out til I collapsed on Thursday so that I could sleep all the way on the plane. In the end, I worked til 12am, so I did sleep all the way on the plane, but it was a different type of exhaustion - caused by too much CRT. :P In Bangkok, we WALKED allllll the time. Walking in Suan Lum night bazaar... walking in Chatuchak... walking in Siam Paragon... walking in MBK.... I guess it's a form of exercise, but it's not the type I like. :P Too much endurance training. Besides, the rest of the females on the trip had their own "slave" to carry their bags for them, but I had to be my own mule. T____T

So when I got back to Malaysia, I was very antsy to start exercising again! The timing was excellent... I arrived home, had time to shower and unpack a little bit before going to the gym, which is (as always) Monday "Fight Night" with Terence Tan! Sadly.. found out that just 5 days of not gymming and pigging out (er... found out the national specialty of Thailand .... the chili dog in 7-11! 4 days there resulted in 3 chili dogs consumed... always a night time snack fave. And I haven't even gone into the alcohol, the grilled squid, etc etc) had resulted in a total lack of stamina. *grim* I actually planned to go for Attack after that, but sorry la... the fact is that even shouting and doing Combat for me was horrible. The thought of going for Attack after that made my feet scream at me...

Yeah, and there's something wrong with my foot after all that walking in Bangkok. Perhaps I *should* rest a bit before going back to the gym. But I can't help it! I loveeeee my GX classes! :D :D Today's tracks were really nice too, lemme see if I can remember :
``` Stuck on You
``` Surrender
``` Beat It
``` Whatever You Like
``` Mangas Verde (Green sleeves, hahaha!)
``` Crashed the Wedding (usually, I really like this split class track, but I am soooo tired today!)
``` U + Ur Hand
``` Party Non Stop
``` Back in the UK
``` Dance Floor Anthem
``` No One

Hmm.. I think I missed a track listing there, but whatever la... the brain is not functioning correctly. :P Think I'm gonna crash after this. Sorry to say, but since I was feeling tired, I didn't feel like shouting that much during the class, and today a lot of regulars not around... so not much sound. When Combat doesn't have much sound... feel like something's missing in the air. Kekeke.

Oh, another reason why I wanna gym some more is because I got new Nikes!!!!!!! I don't LOVE them, but I like them more than the Reeboks I bought previously just because my shoes had torn and I wanted to get something cheap ASAP. The shoes wound up being 1/2 size too big and they are chunky things. I didn't even realise how chunky my shoes were til I carried my new shoes in the shoe bag and realised... WOW.. they are light! Performance wise... I cannot say lah, cos of other "environmental factors" that makes it harder to have a fair judgement... but after wearing shoes 1/2 size too big for 1 year + ... wearing shoes that are my size makes me feel like my legs are being bound. Not used to it la... but I think after 1 week, when fully broken in.. you will see me jumping so high that I'll hit the pipes on the ceiling WTF.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 374

Weight training day... + Body Jam! Usually I don't do weight training on Wednesdays, but because I'm gonna be on holiday soon + missing out on weight training yesterday, terpaksa-lah. I ended up staying in the gym til 11:30pm! *sigh* I had to work late, by the time I arrived, it was just in time for Shirlyn's Jam class. My God... and it was all the very cardio tracks as usual.

Warm-up : Work
1st performance track : Waters of March
2nd performance track : Robocop / Party Like a Rockstar / One Night Only / Turning Me On
Recovery : Livin' a Lie (loveeee this song)
Last performance track : the Harder Better Faster Stronger performance track... *Dies*
Cool down : Somebody Else's Guy (sad song, but it's really nice, easy listenin')

Had weight training after that. I decided to go back to HWLR because I feel really bored doing LWHR and also because I feel myself not getting stronger doing LWHR. Back to HWLR ... see what happens. I decided I don't care if my arm looks bigger than usual la. I'll just wear long sleeve tops foreverly forever from now on. :P

Chest press : 27.5, 25, 22.5 for 10, 12, 14 reps
Fly : 26kg, 21.5kg, 19kg (the machine rosak sikit) for 8,10,12
Abductor & Adductor : 45,40,35 for 8,10,12
Squats : 70,60,50 for 16,18,20
Shoulders : 25lb, 25lb, 25lb for 10, 10, 10. I tried 40lb... and could only do 5. But that's getting somewhere! Before this I was doing only 10lb, remember? So after a few weeks of weight training, can already lift more. :)
Triceps extension : 19kg, 14kg, 14kg for 8,10,11 (couldn't make it)
Back : 26kg, 24kg, 21.5kg for 8,10,12

Random free weights @ 8lb in each hand for bicep curls and er... I don't know what the movement is called, but supposedly works your shoulders. Yes, I am suddenly very concerned about my shoulders. :P

For abs, I did the chorey for BA65 Pokerface, hahaha. At least it will help me remember the chorey. And the cooldown for BA65 also for light stretching. Perhaps I shouldn't have 'cooldown' because I tried running after that (extra cardio mah...) and I wanted to train for marathon, remember? Crap lah... I can't run for nuts. I think I can JOG for long periods of time, but I started at 10kph and was dying already. I stopped after 5 minutes! Kekeke!! Really no motivation as well, since it was really late but really, no excuses lah. How can I run quickly for marathon if I can't even last 5 mins @ 10kph? And btw 10kph is really slow, cos that means I will take exactly 1 hr for a 10km marathon, and that's at CONSTANT speed. Sighhhh.

Anyway, for chorey I have finished all the BA65 and first 8 tracks of BA66. A lotttttt of polishing up to do. *fearful*

Guess what? Tracklists are out. I'm only putting my faves, haha:

Body Attack 67

1 Closer Chris Crew (Warm Up)
2 Release Me Agnes (Mixed Intervals)
3 Gimme More Mandy Brewer (Aerobic)
4 Rock It Bhuvan Brothers (Plyometrics)
5 Boom Boom Pow Beat Factory (Upper BodyConditioning)
6 Number 1 Beat Bandits From Outer Space (Running)
7 Put A Donk On It Northern Accelerators (Agility)
8 Take Me To The Clouds Above Global Nation (Intervals)
9 Zombie Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockers (Power)
10 Wherever Stafford Brothers vs. Hoxton Whores feat. Frank Stafford
(Lower Body Conditioning)
11 Goodbye Jessica Friendly (Core Conditioning)
12 People Get Ready Seal (Cool down)

I'm not really looking forward to doing upper body conditioning to BEP... I kinda find their songs annoying. O_O Anyway, I'm kinda excited about the new release... hahaha. Especially since I have familiarised myself with the old release already. So I am cocky again... otherwise I will be dreading this. :P

Body Jam 51
1 Scared Of Me Fedde le Grand feat. Mitch Crown
2 Freeze T-Pain feat. Chris Brown
3 Shut Up And Let Me Go The Ting Tings
4 Da Latin Bomb Filip Le Frick
5 Oye Gloria Estefan
6 Oye Como Va (Filip Le Frick Remix) Tito Puente Jnr feat. India
7 Oye Como Va (Love Assassins Remix) Tito Puente Jnr feat. India
8 Oye (Pablo Flores 12" Mix) Gloria Estefan
9 One Minute Man feat. Ludacris Elliot, Missy "Misdemeanor"
10 Bucci Bag Vandalism
11 My House Kids Of 88
12 Leave The World Behind (Dabruck & Klein Remix) Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke feat. Deborah Cox
13 Leave The World Behind Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke feat. Deborah Cox
14 I'll Do Anything For You (Original Mix) Lee McDonald
15 Breathe Into Me (D.O.N.S & Menck Club Mix) D.O.N.S. feat. Luke Parkin & Moira

*Gasp* Fedde Le Grand, Ting Tings!! Not familiar with the rest, except for Oye Como Va, and I hope it's had the shit remixed outta it.

Body Combat 42
1 Numb (RainDropz! Mix) Jan Wayne vs RainDropz!
1 I Do Not Hook Up Kelly Clarkson
2 I Was Made For Loving You Scooter
3 Poison (Al Storm Remix) Groove Coverage
4 Use Me Hiroshi Free
5 The Anthem Good Charlotte
6 Warrior's Dance The Prodigy
7 Excalibur 2000 (Radio Mix) F.C.B
8 Miracle (SAD Remix) Cascada
9 Fire Burning Sean Kingston
10 Second Chance Shinedown

What's with the Kelly Clarkson songs for the lower body warm-up? And Cascada songs for the final cardio track? Hahaha!
I'm already curious / excited about the Scooter song for the 1st cardio track.
And The Anthem!!!! Very nice song.. I had it as my wake-up call tone for the longest time ever. What is this track for? The split class / circle track?
Eeehhh... I hate Sean Kingston songs.... and I cannot imagine doing push ups or crunches to this. Anyway, Sean Kingston is not a good role model for push ups or crunches. *bitchy

Siow!! I'm looking forward to new release, and it's one month away! :O

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 373

Supported Jayson in his Jaya 33 class after much naggings and scoldings... ahaha. Not bad! He did old tracks... from the Angels / Desert Storm era. :P The class in Jaya 33 is very quiet ... so not very syiok to shout... sigh...

Why ah... why are you all so quiet? :P Or maybe I am too bising?

Weight training tomorrow... miss my weight training. :D Hate the incline press btw... chest press much nicer (Read: easier lol)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 372

Went for Terence's Body Combat class... but he only did the first and last track because there was a clearance for this guy called Wayne. Who is supposedly Jayson's older brother, but I donno la. That guy likes to con me. Hmph!

Anyway, it was a fun class lah... don't know why, I was so energetic also. :P Wayne should pay me for making his class noisier.. at least got some support mar. Hahaha! Well, hope he did well.

After that, Jason's class was replaced by Kah Yin who did the entire BA 66 again, although her cool down and conditioning is a mixture of 65 and 66. :P *sshh* It was fun la.. I'm really starting to like the Take It To The Limit track... love it!! Tuck jump all the way! :)

Someone kinda annoyed me today, but hmph... *brush dirt off shoulders* Otherwise, a really good workout Monday. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 371

It was the oddest Body Attack class I've ever attended, 'nuff said!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 370

Weight training day @ Taipan again... nothing much to say, same old same old. Just that I wasn't really in the mood, so I didn't really keep track of the reps or anything. I just did whatever weights I felt like and however many reps I felt like. Hehehe. I know, this is so undisciplined, but dun care la. At least doing some kinda weird weight training better than none... I think.

Told myself to train for marathon by running on the threadmill, but if I had no mood for weight training, I lagi had no mood for running. I blmae my shoes. :P Can't wait til I get new shoes from Thailand!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 369

Wheeeee! I'm so happy whenever my back-to-back classes are f'awesome. Today was one such day, and I'm so happyyyyy that I was in the right mental health (hahaha) for class. Did Terence's BC class and Jason Y's BA class after that. :D Terence kinda tortured us during Body Combat #25 (all releases from #25... hahaha, easy to "catat" this workout).

Did I mention before that I thought BC #25 is one of the nicest releases? Hahaha... this brings back memories of FF days... :P Forgot how nice Kickin' Hard is, Jigga Jigga was considered sooooo challenging back then because of the 8 jump kicks... how we have advanced since then. :P Of course, never forgetting my Power of Love track, which Terence tried to make me sing into the mic but I skillfully avoided for the sake of everyone's eardrums. :P Next time if he persist I will say something instead of singing. Say, "this is the power of Leech!!" Hehehhehe. Oh, and he shouldn't have made us all laugh so hard during Electro Violence.. gosh, from no stitches at the side til cannot move at all. -___-"

After that was Jason's class... and it was one BA class that I really enjoyed.... it brings back memories of when I first started BA seriously in TF... all the old old songs. :) Happy songs! Made me miss my classes with Jason Low... hahaha. Last time I only went for his & Hazrin's classes. :P Started with Paul McCartney and Whenever, Wherever, followed by a track that Jason refers to as the "crazy people" track. :D That one was so much fun. Thankfully the plyometric track that followed didn't have lunges. Just a lot of squat and jumps. ("Tricky"), Beware of the Dog for conditioning (crazy amount of tricep push-ups!!), Forever Young for running track --- my fave! So happy, can sing in such a "zhao nyam" manner in class. :P Followed by Chelsea Dagger for agility (I realise I SUCK at agility tracks), forgot the interval track, but Nowhere Fast was for the finale... thank God!! Love this track!!

Haih, such a crazy, happy class today... feels sooooo good, and guess what? MY feet don't hurt as much doing BA, so perhaps I have started to get the form right for the jumping jacks? *hopeful* Despite having wrong shoes? Which I will replace in November. :P But I know the rest of my form quite lari, was so aghasted when I realised I was not having the 100% correct hands for pec decs... hmmm...

Oh well, this is a great motivational boost for me.. hehehe. And today I reacquainted myself with "Everywhere" ... small steps! Hopefully by end of this week I can re-learn my 7 tracks from BA65. Hahaha!!! Then we finish all 22 tracks, can be prepared for the last quarter release! Pls remind me to sign up!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 368

Trying to get back my stamina by increasing classes + weight training + getting proper amount of sleep. :) Imma be a good girl from now onwards.

Went for Simone's BC class this morning... the only way I can make it for her early class is if I ask Pauline to give me a wake-up call. Seriously, I am the only one benefiting from the "gym buddy" arrangement because if she gives me a wake up call and I don't go, I feel like a right shit. No doubt, after she calls me, I'll still go back to sleep for another 15 minutes or so.. but because she has called me, I won't be in deep sleep after that... and can naturally get to the gym in time.

Anyway, enough naggings... went for BC and it was mostly from BC #41, except for the recovery ("U + Ur Hand"), final peak (don't know the name...) and conditioning ("Switch" --- which means no push ups! yay! :P).

After that, went swimming... long time haven't swam, and after swimming, I always feel, "why don't I do this more often?" I only swam 10 times the length of the pool, but towards the last two lengths, I was feeling like I was going to drown at any second. And I'm not so pro like those water babies who were swimming laps after laps ... once I reach the end of the pool, I am huffing and puffing. Pauline so relax.. after 3 lengths she went and sunbathe. :P Envy her, can sunbathe... I don't want to get any darker! ;(

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 367

Saturday... went for BA (Hazrin's class)... hehehe. Super low stamina despite sleeping soooo much the night before. I wonder why? Maybe next time I shouldn't eat 30 minutes before the class WTF. Really felt like torture.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 366

Went for Alex C's Body Combat class... started with the Walking in Memphis / James Bond Theme.

Followed by Sweetheart
Erm.... one Scooter song... I don't know the name but it has a weird line in the song - "Nostalgia is not what it used to be". Zzzz. Scooter songs memang best. :P
... Don't remember, writing this on Sunday. Kekkeke... sorry!!

Was feeling really dizzy throughout the class.... went home and slept by 10:30pm. Best!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 365

Wow.. day 365... a year's worth of exercising. :)

And I did weight training + cardio today... feels good.

Weight training (LWHR)
chest press - 22.5kg, 20kg, 17.5kg
leg press - 50,50,40 (dunno kg or what)
abductor & adductor - 40,35,30
fly - 19kg, 17kg, 13.5kg
shoulder press - 15lb, 10lb, 10lb, 10lb (only 10x each... my shoulders tak boleh pakai one)
back extension - 19kg, 13.5kg, 13.5kg
some back thing - 19kg, 17kg, 13.5kg
lower back row - 20kg, 15kg, 15kg
triceps extension - 14kg, 9kg,9kg
crunches - normal situps and c-crunch (20 + 50)

Met BAHT halfway... he show me sourface when i said i dowan to team teach, only shadow. Hahahah. Actually, I didn't say I dowan to team teach, I just said that I want to start SHADOWING again cos right now I'm doing nothing. :P

Ran for 25 minutes.... start at 8kph, end at 10kph... could go faster next time. First 10 minutes are always the hardest. Easiest is the next 10 and then a LOT of motivation to pant through the last 5 minutes. I think I should run for longer periods of time? Maybe up to 35 minutes next time? Hmmm... my main concern is lack of time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 364

A day to torture myself --- I didn't work, so I had time to go for THREE classes on Monday! Yay!

Body Pump (Su-Yee)
--- this is, I think, the first time I'm doing Body Pump in True Fitness! WAhhhhhh!! Hahahha. And yes, I know there's other Body Pump classes, but it always clashes with something I wanted to do. I always thought that I was "getting there" with my weight training, meaning that I could lift more.. but in Body Pump, I was lifting sooooo little and I was shaking all over. :O Sorry, this is one class that I really cannot comment at all about the track listings because I really was just concentrating on the reps til the song finishes and I could put my weights down. Hahahhaa!

Anyway, I thought it was sweet of the auntie in front of me to tell me that I put too much weights when I started off... it's not that I was "action", but that I thought the first move was squats or something, so I thought heavier weights was "tahan-able". Forgot all about warm-up. :P

After class, Su-Yee told me... "Your deadlift tak boleh pakai la, Leech!" and I said, "Oh? Which one is the deadlift?" Hahahaha. Yeah, that's how blur I am! After saying that, I also felt quite paiseh, but anyway, it's great... SY taught the right way and now I feel quite excited to try Pump again so I can do the deadlift properly. :P See how lah hah..

Body Combat (Terence & Cheng)
Whoa.. this is the first time that I got to see Cheng in action, after hearing about her from Pauline, who said that she is one of the few instructors in FF that she likes (last time when she was still with FF lah). Anyway, I am quite blur, so I don't really remember what are the tracks that we did that day! The few that I remember are : Zombies, Ballroom Blitz, Shake Ya Shimmy and U R My Phantasy.

Oh, I am so excited that Terence did Shake Ya Shimmy, but sadly all the shy people in TF dowan to shake their shimmy. :O Since when you all are so shy wan... hehehhe.

After class, kena criticised from Terence for apparently doing some weird movement when I run ahead... hahahaha.
Terence : "You lift your back leg up when you run in front... I dunno what you are doing, I cannot copy, hahahaha!"
Me : "Ohh.. that one. Hahahaha! Yalah, the back leg propels you forward.. looks nice what! Looks so energetic, fuuh!"
Terence : "Err.. whatever you say la, ok? "
I will show you the propelling backleg motion next time... looks nice ... *insists*

Body Attack (Jason Y)
Wah, I really didn't know whether I could make it to his class because I was shaking all over by this point, but there were so many gung ho people there that night - the usual suspects la, Olivia, Francis, Sam, Ryann, etc. HAhaha. I stood at the back just in case I memalukan diri by having to walk out of the class halfway wtf! :P

Anyway, it was a great class... awesome energy from Jason Y as usual... some of the tracks we did are Knowing Me Knowing You, I Need a Hero, Hot & Cold, Crank Dat, I Can't Get Over + Right Round + I'm Yours... and .... Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now. WTF.

For that track, these people kept asking me to go in front... in case you dunno.. that's the track I had to present during my training. Hahahaha. Honestly... I forgot all the moves liow. :O After the training finished, I couldn't bear to even listen to that song anymore. I think if Jason Y thought I can remember everything so clearly, then I sabotaged him lor. Cos I really don't remember even one single movement. Except for the ice-skate lah. Hahaha.

OMG, not good to simply announce all this out. Okay, dear all.. I am trying to memorise my choreography again... and to sharpen my techniques. Especially need to brush up on my visual cues. Pls wait for me... I am trying my best.... I still wanna teach ...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 363

Still not feeling 100%, so went to Body Jam again... this time it was Shirlyn's class.

Trying to remember the tracks :
** New Day and Conga
** 1st performance track : Bring Em Out and Feedback
** 2nd performance track : In The Ayer performance track
** recovery : This Ain't Sex (this is the one where there's the drop knee and then switch heel one right?)
** 3rd performance track : the Green Light performance track --- long time didn't do!
** Spotlight for cool down

Nice tracks eh.. this is why I like Body Jam. :p

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 362

After BC on Monday, the next time I went for a workout was on Saturday! A long break, not because I was on holiday or because I was lazy... believe me, I was dying to work out! However, the cramp in my left leg became INSANE and then I got cramp in my right leg as well. Raymond said that I walked around the office like I just gave birth to twins the night before. WTF. Kept on trailing me and saying 'virgin mary virgin mary' wtf wtf.

Halfway through, things got even worse for me, because then I fell sick on Friday... had a fever and horrible sinus / flu. The guy sitting opposite me went to the doctor for flu earlier, so I just took his medicine and it kept knocking me out. Splayed Leech on the office desk for 40 minutes, awaken only be VOIP calls.

Anyway, on Saturday, I was not feeling 100%, and I still had slight cramps, but I thought --- fuck it all, and I went for Body Jam. :P Took two panadols, and after lunch, felt slightly better. During the class.. oh my god.. I really felt like I was dying. Cos.. not to praise self.. but even when I don't feel 100%, I still try to do my best... so I was pushing myself too much. The songs that Anthony chose that day were super cardio too.. T___T

In `honor` of Deepavali, we had :
Canned Heat and Buttons for warm-up
Power of Snap performance track for 1st performance
Pump It / Beautiful People / etc for 2nd performance track
Rich Girl for recovery
UFO! performance track for finale
Be My Baby Tonight for cool down

Those who know... know la, how cardio those tracks are. :P FYI, I rather hate the Bollyjam performance track, and I also kinda hate the Pump It / Beautiful People performance track as well... sigh.. only cos Anthony is teaching la! Give face! Stay in the class all the way. ;p

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 361

Wow, today I felt damn freaking weak in Body Combat class. Never have felt like walking out of the class after a mere two tracks? Few reasons :

a. I spent the weekend drinking... like binge drinking til vomit like a puking machine kinda binge drinking. Not good for your health, ladies and gents. Sometimes I wonder why I do things like this to myself. And why I write it here for posterity. O_O"""
b. I had "Black Belt Corporate Culture" training at work, which involved a lot of sports-related activities like running laps and playing this game which resulted in me getting a cramp in my left thigh. It's not super serious like the cramps up and down my legS I got when doing BA training, but I got it during the end of the day, and after constant massaging, still didn't solve the problem. I reckoned that a good dose of Combat would cure it. Ya right. HAhahhaa.

Terence did mostly old songs from Shake That, Bom Bom Suena, Livin' on A Prayer, Shooting Star, erm. I think it's We Will Survive from BC 37 or from BC38... one of the "newer" tracks, then we had a split class track that I don't remember what the song was, just that I hate split class tracks so I just willed it to end faster, erm.. then Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely). Don't know what Terence said about me during this track because I was having a wtf face cos he was commenting after EVERY SINGLE LINE IN THE SONG.
Like :
I don't wanna, wake up with another, But I don't wanna always wake up with you either
[Terence : then what do you want to wake up next to?]
No you can't hop into my shower
[Terence : oh, I bet you will like that (or was it 'I'm sure I will like that?')
All I ask for is one fcuking hour
[Terence : oh I cannot say that word out loud.]

Wah.. seriously great lung capacity lor.

Continuing with the track listings, after that was Raver's Paradise and "an old track" for the finale. Don't know what it is called... but remember doing it last time and the choreography seems to have changed since then. :P

Pump It for conditioning, and Girl's Aloud I'll Stand By You for cool down. Nice!

Due to the aforementioned cramp, cannot go for BA today. Damn sad lah! Even for BC, when I did any kind of knees with my left leg, I cannot point my toes because my leg will feel funny. I generally couldn't put much weight on the left leg cos it felt like it would fold at any point, and so I thank God that there was no jump kick track. Hehehe. :D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 360

Went for Alex C's Body Combat class... v. good. Had a lot of old tracks - stuff like Shake That, the James Bond theme, Tribal Dance, this old Scooter song.. don't remember the name ... I think it's Move Your Ass. Anyway, my brain is kinda fried, so I can't remember the names of the songs, but it was a really good class. Alex C full of drama on Friday. Hahaha!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 359

Whoa! Body Attack today was AWESOME! Janet's class, and Ryann was team-teaching. Don't know why I feel it's so nice... I think because there's a lot of people in the class and the participants were gung ho! Or maybe because after doing the new release for so long, I feel so syiok doing the old stuff again. :B Even BA#65 is considered old release ok! :D

We had stuff like Rock It, True Faith, Jump, Cherry Bomb, etc. I like...~~

Still can't do the triceps & push-ups properly... arms felt like wet spagghetti towards the end, and I was doing halfway push-ups only. Sigh.... don't know whether it's because of weight training yesterday or that I'm just not strong enough. Sigh... want to get stronger, but it seems so hard. Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 358

Today is my birthday, and I celebrated by doing weight training at PAVILION. :) I'm not very used to the weights and stuff there, but I did what I could lol. Actually, I tried to rush there to go for Su-Yee's BC and Rapid Abs class, but by the time I arrived, everything was over! What to do, when I'm on leave, I move like a snail... took my time rolling out of bed, packing handbag, packing gym bag, la la la~~

Nothing much to talk about weights :
- abductor & adductor : 40kg, 35kg, 30kg. Still with LWHR (ie : 16,18,20)
- leg press (50kg, 40kg, 30kg)
- leg curl & leg extensions : 30kg, 25kg, 20kg
- chest press : 22.5kg, 20kg, 17.5kg
- shoulders : 10kg, 5kg, 5kg
- triceps pushdown : 15kg, 15kg, 15kg
- back pulldown : 22.5kg, 20kg, 20kg
- fly : 19kg, 17.5, 15kg

After that, I did 20 minutes on the strider... really tried to motivate myself to go faster or longer, but when exercising in Pavilion, the main concern is PARKING PRICE wtf. At the end of the day, it cost me RM12 to park there, even though I already got 2 1st hours free discount. WTF. But I *really* love shopping here! :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 357

Went to Jaya 33 today, and it is my fren's class... hehehe. He did old tracks and new tracks together... I'm quite blur because still very sleepy and I stood in the corner of the class. But he still announced out my name damn loudly to correct me. Damn paiseh lor.. :P After that, had to scold him on FB for doing that... hahaha. He said then I should stand in front so that he can correct me without announcing my name. Like I'm the worst student in the class already!

And he also said he notices that I use BA technique in BC.
And during BA, fellow friends and instructors say I use BC techniques.

I think I'm going crazy already.

Day 356

Went for Body Combat before meeting up with my friends to celebrate my birthday!! Yes!! Monday is not my birthday, but today, as I am writing this, and the clock has struck 12am... is my birthday! :D :D :D Actually, make that :( :( :( because I don't like getting older! They say you are only as old as you feel, but nowadays I do feel old as well because I think that I'm soooooooooo logical and sensible... I rather be an immature brat again! :P

Anyway, BC was a mix of old tracks again... *phew* started with Man in Motion (?? did I get the title right? Late at night, can't think straight) which follows up to the 2nd part of the warm-up... forgot what it's called. After that, we had the Call My Name song, Final Countdown, Bagpipes, Power of Love, the "California" song, some weird old MT song, Ride on Time, etc etc. Very tired that day, totally lack of sleep. Slept at 3am only... thank goodness got meet up with friend, otherwise I don't know how I could survive BA after that...

After class, still got technique drill again by Terence T. Hahhaa... I said ady... I am practicing more BC technique than BA technique. Yes yes, many people keep asking me when I'm going to TT. Good question! I don't have faith in myself, how to ask the instructor to have faith in me? Anyway, just had a chat with another instructor just now and I feel more ... fired up I would say, to do a better job than I have been doing. Kept saying I will train more, but still haven't. Perhaps, I'm kinda afraid of pain. WTF.

Anyway, after thinking about it, I told Terence I didn't wanna do BC tecnique practice so seriously because "I'm not doing BC training anyway!" and he said, "Don't care. Just do." HAhaa... actually, I do appreciate it la... and you're right. Just do it. Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing WELL.

Oh yeah, and he did dance on Monday! Abracadabra by Brown-EYed Girls... hahaha!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 355

Friday had to work late... sucky production issue. My last week had been horrible. I was sleeping at between 1am-3am or being woken up during those hours for deployment issues. I'm the type of person who, when finds out something went wrong during work, gets really screwed up. I will not be able to sleep properly, and I when faced with the prospect of going to work, I will feel like I'm marching towards my death sentence. So it's been really horrible week for me. So I missed my usual BC class on Friday, and on Saturday, although planned to workout before and after meeting my friend, I ended up sleeping til late (cos too tired from the rest of the work week), woke up to meet my friend, and then worked in the office from 8pm til 5am.

On Sunday, I worked from 8pm til 3am.
On Monday, production no issue, but another long story there. I was supposed to be on leave, but went back to work to settle the outstanding issue. I keep feeling like "diu yu" (fishing, aka nodding off) during work, but thank goodness my good friend RayRay came back from Laos so when there's someone to bitch with, life is 50% better. :)

Thankfully, before going in to the office no Saturday, I had a chance to go for Sam's Body Step class. This is my first time going for her class, but I already knew she's a good instructor from when we did Body Attack training together... :p Feel so shy when Sam said, "Good, Lee Cheng!" to me hahaha. What to do, I'm a Body Step n00b mar... :P

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 354

Went for a short, 30 minute run. I found out why earlier, when I claimed I can run up to 10kph, I couldn't do it anymore... someone set the machine to calculate miles instead of km already!! Omgzz... thinking that I should start at higher speeds, I started at 8mph (I thought it was kph la) and then felt out of breath very quickly. When I went up to 10... my god, I couldn't even last one minute! Hurriedly went down to 5mph, but even then it was really difficult. In the end, I lasted mostly at about 6.5mph... I miss the km display! Someone pls switch it back!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 353

Forced to give up gym yesterday due to sleepiness, so today, even though I was sleepier than before, I dragged myself for weight training.

[fill in da blanks]
-- end with 10 minute run at 10kph... felt damn dizzy had to stop

[Will continue this entry tomorrow because really effing sleepy at the moment.]

-- continuation --

Probably a bad idea to leave this alone here for a week, because I truly forgot what kinda weight training I did. It had all sorts, and it wasn't any marked improvement from previous weight training, so I'll just assume that it was the same WTF.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 352

Body Combat - Terence's class. Last BC with new release! Feel a sense of relief as well as a sense of loss. :P After doing the release for so long, no doubt we are all familiar with the moves, and now we go back to mixing the tracks up. Haaha.. okay la, at least no more "push kick". After class, Terence asked me to demo the push kick and drill it til I got it.. hahaha. Then again, not really a drill. Just kick a few times til I got it. I think I practice Combat moves more than Attack moves, tsk tsk tsk!

Since it is the "last time to do new release", I definitely had to go for Body Attack - Jason Y's class! I think that I did the BC new release more times than BA new release... tsk tsk tsk again! :P Well, it was a very enjoyable time with Jason Y, who says he will still mix BA 66 tracks with the old tracks, not just purely doing old tracks next week. Participants from the floor requested no more Track #4 and #9. Hahaha! Killer tracks! I think my quads grew doing this new release... super torturous lor.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 351

Body Combat , Simone's class at Jaya33. Usually don't go for her class because it's at 10am and I can't wake up in the morning. Felt like BA today, but no BA in any of the outlets on Sundays. Come to think of it, number of BA classes have been dropping... but I'll still aim to do 3 BA classes a week ler.

I think on Sundays I'll come to Jaya33 instead... after BC, can go swimming! Yay! Long time no swim. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 350

Went for Body Combat and Body Jam today... was debating between Taipan or Jaya 33. Usually go to J33, but had to go for some dim sum thing with my parents and grand-uncle, so since I would be missing Dance Mania, decided to go Taipan lah....

Alex C's mp3 player ran out of battery after ermm... the 2nd cardio track, which is the 4th song all in all. Just about to start Enter Sandman. Wah, potong stim betul. Worse still, the final solution for this was to do... yoga instead. T______T So I left the class lah. No offense to the instructor (whether the combat one or the yoga one wtf) but if I wanted to do yoga, I would've gone over to the True Yoga side and done Hot Yoga instead.

After that, rejoined for Simone's Body Jam class... body still superbly tired after weight training on Thursday... went home after that. Body Jam, a class that I used to go to to "catch a breath" and for fun is getting too cardio-intense. :P

Friend told me a story that Delon related to them this morning. Apparently got one gung-ho gym member 'in full Nike outfit' went to his class. Since she was dressed so well and was quite active he thought that she was a regular... but he said after half way through, she went behind a pillar to puke. Zomg... and the rest of the members also couldn't continue the class because of the smell...

So I think in relation to that, my BC class today is not bad at all. Hahahahahaa!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 349

Did new release for Body Combat in Alex C's class today! Wheee!! Stamina is definitely back and I'm starting to enjoy the new release more and more. :)

Think my favorite parts are
~ the kicks during Enter Sandman
~ the finale track --- love the song!
~ the turn to the side for the knees during the MT track
~ the kicks during "My Life Would SUCK without you"
~ the high knee runs!
~ the whole fun factor during "Let Me Entertain You"

There's a lot more... the only part I don't like is the push and kick. Hahahhaa. Think the chorey doesn't look elegant. :P

My happiest moment of today is doing the push-ups on my toes for the Right Round track. Yeah babeh.... from now on always on the toes!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 348

Okay, thanks to a friend of mine, he told me I should stop doing high weights and low reps otherwise it's gonna make my arms BIGGER. I only started doing high weights because I wanted to increase strength. Someone told me, higher weights for strength, higher reps for endurance and this is what I have been holding true like it's written in stone. Besides, when I was doing low weights high reps (LWHR, lazy to write so long), I couldn't go beyond a certain amount of weights. Like, I couldn't push myself to lift more because I would know I have to do like 20 reps of the same thing. With HWLR, I could "tahan" for a while and would seemingly progress faster.

I am not good at explaining stuff, so if this doesn't make sense to you, just skip it. Sometimes I even re-read emails that I send to my boss and I think WTF was I talking about? But the reply from the boss will be something very encouraging like, "Good work Leech!! Keep it up!!" so maybe I *do* make sense after all.

(Sorry for digression.)

Anyway, today is weight training day and I decided to go back to LWHR lah... cos the more I look at myself, I'm psycho-ed into believing that my arms are GIGANTIC. HAHAHA. Of course it's not super muscular like the guys in the Animal posters or whatever. But if you compare to your average ah lian then I'm a monster lar. Bakemono... wtf. New list of things that I cannot wear : pls add on anything with sleeves shorter than 3/4s to the existing list.

(Existing list from this entry :
List of things I won't try : tube tops, anything with fishnet whatever, anything super short, tops that are too short, anything with bubble hem, skinny jeans, leggings, cigarette pants, shorts, sleeveless tops NOT for work (because cannot hide under blazer, hehe)... ERM... that's about it. -___-")

LWHR workout today:
a. chest press (20kg, 17.5kg, 15kg for 16,18,20 reps). High reps are always gonna be in those numbers, so I'm not gonna repeat it)
b. fly (12.5kg, 10kg, 10kg)
c. abductor & adductor (30kg, 25kg,20kg)
d. leg curl & extension (20kg, 15kg, 15kg)
e. shoulders (25lb, 10lb,10lb) --- I also did a lot of random free weight exercises that are not worth mentioning. Basically I'm damn frustrated with how little I can do here and I was just simply hentaming everything, and praying the shoulders will suddenly become damn strong tomorrow , hehehe)
f. leg press (50lb,40lb,40lb) <--- actually, not sure whether this machine is in kg or lb...)
g. some overhead thingy to work the back (27kg, 20kg, 20kg)
h. low row (15kg, 12.5kg, 12.5kg)
i. sit ups ... about 60... I just need to do 40 crunches in 1 minute to pass my fitness assessment next time.... (note : this does not mean i did 60 crunches in 1 minute... )
j. 20 triceps push-ups... hahaha.... with proper form and "really going down" (imagining my instructor nagging in my ear... "Leech!! Chest to the floor!!!" Of course, 20 is like nothing la.. but when I think about the times I couldn't even do 1.... this brings a tear to my eye.

I think that's about it... thanks to LWHR, my usual 60 minutes weight training became 90 minutes, and after that, I had to do cardio as well. Ran for 30 minutes, up to 10kph, for about 4.25km. At first, I thought I'm so great, but then I realised that if I ran a 10km marathon, it would take me more than an hour. :O So I think next time I will just start running at 10kph instead of slowly increasing it. After I stepped off the threadmill, I felt like the whole floor was moving and I swayed my way down to the changing room. Hahaha... really dizzy. Guess I'm really gonna have a good sleep tonight. :3