Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 55

I'm proud that I'm kinda getting back into the gym groove again. This September's total amount of times I went to the gym is high --- my original target actually, and what more, I am slowly starting to ENJOY more and more of my classes. I enjoy the whole gym experience, from working out alone in the women's area, or doing cardio on the machines, or going for classes. I no longer get bitter like I used to when I missed classes because there's so much more for me to do. =) So yes, I'm very proud of my effort this month.

Just that the darn weight doesn't go down! I don't even PIG OUT that much anymore. Actually with reference to my last post, I actually want to complain more about the ASSUMPTIONS the trainers made about me, but more on that another day. I don't like to dwell on things that I don't want to think about.

Today's work out --- Body Attack with Jason + Brian + Prudent. Why so many instructors!?! Damn intimidating, especially when I - first time doing the new release for BA - chose to stand at the back, and mana tahu, Prudent was standing at the back. -___- Well, at least that meant that if I couldn't catch up, I could just look to my side and can be 100% sure that the choreo is correct. =)

I really felt like fainting in Body Attack! So long since I have done Body Attack, what more with a new release. It's not like the new release is ultra difficult, it's just that when you're familiar with a certain release's choreography, you know when to really go "all out" and when you need to lay off a little because you know the next track is going to be more intense. Had to go for water breaks after every set, even after warm up! I like the latest "conditioning" track though - no tricep push ups! :P :P

Anyway, a really enjoyable class. After that, I chillaxed at the lounge for a bit, reading my Agatha Christie crime novels. A guilty pleasure since young. It was a bit intimidating chilling there though, because there were consultants and potential new gym members ALL around the area. There were no other gym members relaxing there. Where do these people go? It is so unlike my old gym, FF @ Consplant. I was so confounded that I actually had to ask the receptionist if the area was for everyone's usage or only for the consultants to use. :P I was only there for about 30 minutes anyway, before heading back for more working out.

I did 15 minutes on the cardio wave machine, and sweat was pouring out from every crevice. I don't know whether because it's more intense than my usual crosstrainer machine, or if it was the hot sun pouring in through the window, but I don't care. =p After that was weight training :
a) 100 situps (50 normal style, 50 butterfly style)
b) 3 sets of leg press
c) 3 sets bicep curls
d) 3 sets tricep extension
e) 50 grasshoppers! But I don't think it really works the glutes. I'll try something else next time...

Fearing a more intense weight training in the evening (training session with PT), I then went off to bathe and go home to watch StarCeleb. I watch this show because I sorta know (but they dunno me) 3 of the contestants (one of them is none other than our Body Jam instructor). My god, but some of the other contestants were really embarrassing themselves on TV. @_@ Even my mom tak tahan to watch the show any further, so I really don't know if I want to make any further efforts of cutting my gym-ming short just to watch another crappy reality TV show. @_@

Anyway, I went back to the gym at 8pm for PT. As usual, I did the crosstrainer by myself first... 15 minutes and now my heart rate doesn't shoot up to 200 anymore. This means better stamina, yo! Bad news is that the trainer then came and said today's session is cancelled. My God. During the "counseling to add more training sessions" talk on Friday, he said that he cannot help me if I don't add in more sessions, but is this commitment when he is the one who always cancels classes? Ok la, if within reason, I can still accept. BUT WHY YOU DIDN'T CALL IN ADVANCE TO TELL ME CLASS IS CANCELED? I am quite disappointed lor.

But as usual, I just swallowed my anger and just let it go. If this continues, I'm really not going to pei meen the next time. I worked out a bit more after that --- 3 sets of chest press, but really no mood already. You know, it's about 5km from my house to the gym. Maybe not far to you, but driving back and forth and back and forth is craziness. I would not have done so if I knew there was not going to be any training session.

Clearly I have made a mistake deciding to go for personal training. I will tell you more next time.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 54

Went for Body Jam again --- Jason's class has a lot of supporters! I left work early just to ensure I would make it for his class. Very the model employee. Anyway, it was fab, told you I love this new release! Am sad though cos it's the end of the month, which means he's going to revert back to a mix of old and new after this. Sigh! At least there's still 2 more days left to the month...

After Body Jam, I walked for about 10 minutes on the threadmill, watching Dancelive (some Jennifer Lopez reality tv show on MTV), which was really nice to watch. Damn, I really like watching all these dance-related shows. Even though I don't really pay attention to their music, I like watching Big Bang as well because those Korean boys can really dance up a storm, omg!

Training today was concentrating on burning fat, so this was what we did today :
a) 15 minutes on the cross-trainer
b) 3 sets (16, 18, 20) of abductor at 30lb
c) 3 sets (16, 18, 20) of adductor at 30lb
d) 15 minutes on the cardio wave. THIS WAS HELL.
e) 3 sets (16, 18, 12) per leg for lunges
f) 2 sets (10 + 10) of squats that work your lower back

That's it. =\ The trainer then spent more time trying to convince me to top up the amount of sessions that we have left. Damn sien. When talk about $$ they can really spend a lot of time. Oh well, I understand they have targets to meet and all that, but training is not cheap. I only took training because I wanted to learn how to use the machines more, and to learn how to lose weight effectively, yet remain toned. But I had bonus then! Now I got no money... and they are teaching me how to go into credit card debt... -_____-


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 53

I really love the crosstrainer machine. I can do it for quite some time now without getting too tired like how it was the 1st time. =) But I still keep at 20 minutes because I'm not blessed with a lot of time to workout. You should know that it is a daily struggle for me - Tired From Work Leech vs Eager to Lose Weight Leech. Sometimes I'm sneaky and I say, "Ok la, I'll take the route that passes the gym, but I'll only circulate the area ONCE for parking. If no parking then I'm going home, mwahaha!" But guess what? I think "someone up there" really wants me to lose weight because I've been getting real good parking spots in Taipan .. FOR NOW. This is considered amazing (you'd know if go there often).

Anyway, after the cross training for 20 minutes, I decided that was enough for the day. Yes! Wednesday's have no good group x classes EARLY. I hate classes finishing at 10-something and me arriving home at 11-something. @_@ Gym *really* tires me out, and I need my beauty sleep. As it is, I ALWAYS wake up late for work on days that I work out. Damn scary.

Back to the story --- I thought that was that for the day, but I winded up working out on my abs (Again!). 50x normal and 50x "butterfly style". Then still felt gung-ho, so I worked on my leg extensions (oh yea, the previous day, I worked on my leg curls. =p Forgot to mention).

Then did my bicep curls and tricep extensions, thus feeling thoroughly worked out. =p And guess who I bumped into? My prefects juniors from high school - erm.. Aaron F and Ong JS. It was cool to meet them... been bumping into tonnes of people from high school and work here. College crowd flew to god knows where. Heh.

It was great to see those 2 again! They look really fit, must suss out what their workout-style is like...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 52

Skipped gym on Monday because of heavy workout the previous day + work. So I definitely had to go on Tuesday, although I hmm-ed and haw-ed over it quite a lot because there's not much group-x classes that I like on that day. =\ But how could I have forgotten? There's Body Jam. I don't know whose class it's supposed to be originally, but Farah took over, and on this particular day, Tina took over from Farah. =p The takeover of the takeover.

Before the class started, forgetful me was going, "Why am I here? Do I like the new release? This will be my second time doing it... erm... did I say I like it? I remember writing that I like it." So on and so forth. @_@ But once the music started playing, I DEFINITELY REMEMBER LOVING IT. Gosh, one of my favourite releases (but not of all time). I'm really loving cardio club now. =)

I found this girl's really nice write up on the latest release. I don't like the warm-up because it's TOO simple, Tambourine is really nice but some of the heel turns can get quite complicated. Sometimes I act aunty-ish and wonder if I could twist my ankle dancing to this choreo. :P I REALLY love the Latin track, I like it when it's slow and romantic, and I like it when Jennifer Lopez gets loud and our movement becomes bigger and more dramatic. =) One and Only (the OTHER fall out boy track in the latest releases) is great to dance to when you're more familiar with the steps, otherwise beware of accidents galore in the class! I really like this track because you can really get a good work out here. Still need to get a hang of the chest pumping action during Do It Again though.

Jam De Podium is a cool performance track, I wish I could get a hang of the bounce though. If you can't, don't just stand back and drink your water, just jump along, everyone has fun in this track.

And lastly, although I do not like Shakira & Beyonce's Beautiful Liar, I think the choreography for our cool down is very sexy - great to dance to. =) You should've seen how everyone persuaded Tina to do the cool down (she thought of skipping it because she came in a little late - which is understandable when you're the last minute replacement instructor). Heh!

Before Body Jam, I worked out for 20 minutes on the crosstrainer, and after the class, I did my 100 sit ups. 50x normal and 50x "butterfly" style. Mmm... I think that's all for that day. Was a pretty good workout. =)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 51

More training today! I actually went to the gym after I came back from Midvalley. I did 20 minutes on this crosstrainer machine, but it had more of an incline than the one that I'm used to. So it's kinda a mix between crosstrainer and stepper. Anyway, I watched this hilarious MTV show called "Wanna Come In", and it's DAMN F*CKING STUPID. Omg. If you've never watched it before, let me tell you what its about. It's about two "duds" aka hopeless-with-girls guys, who will be coached by two "studs" aka playas on how to get a girl. The studs will each find a really hot girl (debatable sometimes) and match them up with the dud. From the dud calling the gal up for a date til the date itself, the stud will guide them all the way through.

Of course, nothing goes so simply for this MTV show, and to earn money (for both stud and dud if the challenge is performed successfully), MTV will throw them some hardball by asking the dud to perform some weird task DURING the date. If they perform correctly, they can earn a sum of money for both stud and dud. But if they don't get asked to go into the house at the end of the date, then they earn NOTHING. The challenges are designed to make the guys look stupid and psychotic la, so it really will make the girl think twice before asking him into the house. Gosh, I wonder if any dud ever succeeded? This round one had :
a. cough continuously for 20 seconds
b. ask the waiter to change chairs for you... TWICE
c. reenact a play with the salt and pepper shakers for 20 seconds

Anyway, one of the "hotties" was a real bitch anyway. Geez... the way she acts and the way I act on a first date is totally different, didn't know that girls like that existed. Damn funny to watch anyway.

Damn bodoh! Anyway, why am I talking more about this show than the actual gym experience? Hahhaha...

Went home JUST to catch Star Celeb on tV, and it was real boring. Don't know if I want to bother next week. After that, had to drive back for training. This time, concentrated on the back and biceps. It was quite cool, got to try different machines this time around. Erm, I suck big time at the arm curl. Although it's supposed to be working out the biceps, I could only do it at 2.5kg... and barely even then! For the bicep curl, I can lift 7.5kgs. =\ Anyway, for the fat loss program, we are doing things with many reps but with low weights.

Finished the day with 50 situps and 50 butterflyz. =]
Where's my 6-pack!! :X

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 50

A very sad day for me... emotionally unstable, wtf.
Anyway, I went to the gym
Seriously I had the **heart** to gym
But I was late for all the classes
And stayed for all of 2 minutes on the Cardio Wave.

I shouldn't even blog this here, since it 'doesn't really count'.
But I want all to know that...
The "heart" was there. =p

Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 49

Training today was good! Trainer was v. friendly and nice again. =) *happy* Today, we had focus training, which basically means we train in only one area of our body and that area only. Today was the chest & triceps, which is also known as my weakest areas. Fuuh. Writing this on Sunday and I still feel the ache. =\

After that, we did 50 sets of normal sit-ups and 50 sets of the butterfly.

Feel the abs burnnnnnn.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 48

Finally... got to try Body Jam's latest release! Today we have Farah as our instructor, and later Tina joined in as well. Fun times. =) I was feeling a bit scared because EVERYONE ELSE in the class had apparently tried the new release before. Seems like I'm the only slacker who takes like 3 weeks before she goes for group-x classes. =p Well, I have reasons ok. One is the training, the second is the puasa month results in insane traffic around Taipan. I'm seriously contemplating actually PAYING for parking so I won't have to cruise around aimlessly looking for places to slot in my poor Kleptotron. =\

As it is, today I parked illegally. And traffic hadn't eased an inch at 9:30pm when I finally went home. Seriously sien lor. I went on Monday as well (tried to go for Body Step --- yet another class I didn't get to try new release!) and I drove around for 20 minutes and still couldn't find a parking spot! Drove to the bank instead to get $$ and the bank atm machine also had to give me attitude by not accepting my card. Seriously am one stressed out mofo.

Anyway, back to today's workout.

Before the class, I spent 10 minutes on the "strider" machine. I really cannot tell the difference between the strider and crosstrainer. Is there? @_@ The only thing I see differently is the display. The crosstrainer shows how fast I'm going, the strider shows "Strides Per Minute". Just 10 minutes gave me a good warm-up before the class started.

When the class began, Farah asked who hadn't tried the new release before. That's how I found out I'm the only n00b. Then she further scared me by saying that this new release is super tough. @_@

However, I ended up quite enjoying myself! Yah, there are some steps that are really confusing. And I don't really take to the song choice this time round, nothing really identifiable except for Rihanna's Umbrella (it's the "catch your breath" song for this release) and the choreo for it LOOKS simple but damn tough to do. But aside from that, everything else was okay... The robotic dance thing requires high stamina, but the steps was easy enough to catch on. The latin track was REALLY nice. Simple choreo and I liked how from easy-swaying the tempo changes to more stomp-like with Jennifer Lopez's Let's Get Loud. The final performance track requires an insane amount of energy. Jumping like mad all the way. I don't even know the correct way to jump, but jump only la. As long as burn those damn calories. Of course the two instructors jump also damn stylo.

Looking forward to the next Body Jam class... must try this release again! (Although in my mind I still miss the whole Put Your Hands Up For Detroit cardio club routine!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 47

Today was the maddening day whereby I thought I had training, but it got cancelled. *copy and paste from main blog* : When I asked to cancel, he refused and insisted that I go. *long story breathe in and breathe out* Anyway, the point is that I am ultra-pissed at the cancellation for today because :
a. leaving me alone in Taipan with lots of time on my hands = pigging out. Especially when I have a fat novel on hand;
b. if I know he was going to cancel on me today, then I wouldn't have gone to the gym at all. I would've stayed at home and watch Star Celeb;
c. I would've SLEPT at home... done my laundry. All the menial things that should take place instead of going to the gym!

For point (a), I don't know about you passionate readers, but I can't think of anything nicer but reading and eating at the same time. Or drinking, I'm not partial. Reading in Starbucks with a frappucino in one hand and a delectable slice of cake in front of me? Sounds wonderful. Reading in McDonalds with a stack of french fries, one hand holding my book and another hand absent-mindedly dipping fries and popping them into my mouth? Great, when can we go! You get the idea. And for your information, I loveeee to read. No wonder I've been gaining weight religiously as well (that answers your question x!). Anyway, I knew the lure of going to McDs was strong because I had time & Thief of Time on my hands. Told myself, "Just get fries. Less sinful. Just the fries!". Ended up finding out that there's now a FISH FOLDOVER in McDonalds... *_* Of course I must try! XD And erm... I still want those fries! Erm, I might as well get the whole set!

Before I realised he cancelled on me, I spent 20 minutes on this stepper like machine. Was damn emo because I couldn't cycle (left book in my car accidentally and cycling for one hour without MTV or book is boredom personified). Then spent 20 minutes on the crosstrainer thinking it was warm-up for the training session. After 20 minutes and no one to take my heart rate (and I swear, this time it went up to 202... is my arteries clogged or something??), I went over to the fitness center and asked for the trainer...

He is sick! I mean, seriously, he has a stomachache + headache. I should pity him, but I'm pitying myself first. =p

Ok la, get well soon trainer. And not just because I'm steadily growing heavier and need your help desperately.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 46

Training again! Grr... today a bit angry with the trainer. Why can't I have a good relationship with my trainer ala Pauline with hers? I think mine wants to kill me too.

I arrived early at the gym, but still too late for Body Jam (which I was hoping to go for). Ended up cycling for an hour on level 3, 7-8mph. Reading Mort by Terry Pratchett. Finished the book, and Mr You was right! This is one of the nicest nicest Pratchett books that I have ever read! *happy*

After that I did the "warm up" cardiovascular exercise for the trainer. Again, 20 minutes on the damn crosstrainer. I'm getting quite used to it. But because I had been cycling for so long, my legs were a bit tired. I allowed myself to dip below 7mph.

This was the workout for today :
a. 3 x 15 leg curls (7.5kg)
b. 3 x 15 chest press (10kg)
c. 3 x 15 lateral lift (for shoulders - 10kg)
d. 3 x 15 back pull?? for back la. - 10kg
e. 3 x 15 overhead triceps
f. 3 x 15 bicep curls (7.5kg)
g. 30 + 30 + 20 sit ups . (I did this alone cos trainer went to see boss. Since he was away I did 20 extra sit ps)
h. 30 + 30 butterfly sit ups. (Hard to explain this one, but it really works your upper abs!)

Today while I was attempting to do a grasshopper (to work the glutes) saw the side profile of my calves. Omg, more muscular than ever.

At least not fat. Just damn muscular. Compared it to this uncle's calves (he was on the mat next to mine doing sit ups too)... I totally pwned him. Scary huh? I'm so macho it hurts.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 45

Body Combat new release! I mean, I didn't go for the new release, just went for Terence's class on Monday. I'm a hero because right up from the warm-up track I've already managed to ram into someone ala American football tackling! Wonderfully embarassing. The girl was a champion about it though and when I tried to apologise to her again after the 1st round, she saw me coming and already said, "It's okay... just an accident.. :)" What a benevolent lady! Can I be as forgiving towards others? I always refer to others as noobs, but we all have our days, right? =p

Anyway, the new release started off very promisingly. Loved the tracks. All very upbeat. Despite not being a fan of the 'ginga' movements incorporated into BC (I generally don't like ginga because it's very hard to do in the studio, especially when there are loads of people, and ginga is very hard for some people to get because they tend to step back diagonally and hence, take up more space... etc etc *rant rant rant*), but this track was one that I looked forward to... because they used Fall Out Boy's "This ain't a scene". Fuuh! From the "marching" like ginga movement in the beginning it held a lot of promise. Only complaint is that it's tooooo long. X_x

Ok, forgive me for this less than comprehensive chat about the new release. I'm writing this on Friday. =P I just remember really liking all the new tracks until it was time for the circle track (or in this case - 'face off' track). They used Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend, but to me the song tempo seems to be slower. It would be so much cooler and hard-hitting if it was faster. Movements more sharp, packing more punch. Sigh. It just didn't fit la, to me. After that, everything else was just ... so so. The muay thai track was short and sweet, just the way I like it. Lots of mt knees. =) The last track didn't live up to the previous release's one (My Chemical Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade) ... and I didn't expect it to top the awesomeness of MCR. So ... that's that.

Definitely will be going for lots of BC after this cos the new release has such promise. I think I can really grow to like it. =p

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Day 44

Some compassion la pls!! Today my trainer and I actually had sort of an argument which was.. erm.. quite LOUD at the 3rd floor of the gym. What happened was this... I ate like, just 2 hours before I had training. And boy was it a large meal. =p Anyway, then I went to the gym. Walked on the threadmill (6.5kph) for about 13 minutes and then ran (9kph) for the last 2. I still felt good! I reckoned my digestive system decided to be a bit efficient today.

Then I went for 20 minutes on the crosstrainer. Still felt good! Heck, I'm supposed to remain at 7 - 8 kph on that thing, but I was up to 9 with no problems. As arranged in previous meeting, trainer arrived when there was 5 mins more to go and got my heart rate...

He said, "today we will do some floor exercises!" Fine by me. Started with altogether 15 x 3 sets lunges per leg. Omg. Started to feel dizzy, what more the floor exercises area is cordoned off, so there isn't much ventilation there.

Then we did this chest press "fly" thingy. Basically your arms are extended out like, 180 degrees, then you move your arms in while pulling on the weights until your hands meet each other in the middle. Yeah they call this the "fly". Anyway... I did one set, and then started feelin damn not good. Not to mention that yesterday I was helping Pauline at "the factory", so I was standing the whole of yesterday with my head bent down to stick labels on their products. Anyway, my neck got some kinda stiffness. So in the middle of the second set I really just gave up la. I said I really cannot do it and can we move on to the next machine. And he shouted at me ... T_T He said, "What's wrong with you?? Which part is pain? If you cannot tahan I can help you, don't just give up." So I said, "I feel like vomitting ok! You know.. puking?!?!?!" And all these muscular men around the area looked scared. Hehehe.

After some further explanation, he understood.... anyway, I still felt bad about the whole thing la. I just hate that he thinks that I'm such a slacker to just simply wanna give up and not do something because it's tough. Have I shown that kinda behavior throughout the whole time I have done training? In fact I think I'm probably the easiest and most take-initiative trainee ever... cis...

After that floor exercises... nothing much to explain here, so let me just list out what we did...

3x15 back pulldown...
3x15 shoulder with 5lb weight while sitting on the ... ball.
3x15 bicep curls with 5lb weight
3x15 tricep extension with 5lb weight
70 sit-ups
20 sit-ups with legs crossed (hard to explain, but I think it's way cool, can't wait to try it out myself)
3x15 glute exercises. Hard to explain how to do this one but you kinda end up looking like a mermaid waving her tail on a rock. ~_^

After that I felt energetic enough to finish the remaining two sets on the 'fly' machine. So all wells that ends well right?

Ended with 15 minutes on the stationery bike. =) I was feeling real sien at this time and I thought, the trainer will never know if I just sneak off and go for a well-deserved shower right? But somehow I hung on. Never cheat yourself, ladies and gents.

By the way, I am in the September 07 Group Exercise schedule booklet. To see the wonderful Leech, check out the GX Pyjamas Jam THeem Class. I am best Dressed #2. Kawaii ne?!? :D

Friday, September 7, 2007

Day 43

Training! But I wasn't sure if there would be training since the instructor was sick the day before. So I was all prepped up to go for Body Jam instead. Arrived, ran for 20 minutes on the threadmill. Then I walked downstairs and asked if the trainer was in. And he was!

So this was training for day #1 :
++ 20 minutes on the cross training machine. I negotiated that next time I will start this part by myself, and he will be around for the last 10 minutes. I don't want to waste precious training time doing warm up, although he says that this is to measure my heart rate. FYI, so far it's always maxed out at 168 - 170. Does this mean like, I'm weak and therefore my heart needs to beat more than others when exercising? I don't know la. Damn dumb blonde when it comes to exercise.

++ 3sets leg press
++ 3sets back extension thingy
++ 3 sets bicep curl
++ 3 sets tricep extension
++ 3 sets chest press
++ 3 sets shoulder press
++ 60 sit ups.

I think that's it. An hour seems to just fly by so fast, doesn't it? *sigh*

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 42

Halfhearted cycling for 20 minutes at the gym. I think I'm overdoing it. I should at least rest for a day in between gymming right? But I've been away for so long that I can't help trying to make up for lost time...

Anyway, I have a headache. @#$@#%

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 41

I had only gotten in 1 set (12 reps) of leg extensions when it was time for Body Jam with Farah! She's so nice ok... she was not feeling well (I think she's down with a cold) but she took over Leonara's class. All the songs that she taught today was also oldie's but goodies. With the exception of the performance track, which was from the most recent release. The "Beyonce arms" (Ring the Alarm, Feddle Le Grand's "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit"... damn cute song) and all. =) It was really a great workout!

Talking about new releases, I can't believe the next one is coming up already. Has 3 months really flown by that quickly? I'm still debating over whether I should go to Jaya 33 for the launches. =\

Monday, September 3, 2007

Day 40

The good thing about blogging about my fitness routine on blogger is that I can see at a glance how "active" I have been at the gym. Just look at the amount of posts per month to your left. Gosh! I only went to the gym 4 times in August. That almost beats my laziness record in Fitness First. In all fairness ya... pls remember my sudden demise of something known as 'transportation'...

But I vow to be a gymrat back in September! See. Here I am today. And ... I think I got my stamina back!

I cycled for 25 minutes, ensuring that I kept at abouts 90 (is this kph or rpm?). It was pretty tricky considering that I'm trying to read Equal Rites (Terry Pratchett) at the same time. =p *tak malu*

After that, I went for Body Combat, which I thought would be Terence's class, but there's a new instructor! Called Nicholas! He's pretty good too, and the class was damn semangat today. I love all the tracks that he did, which included Living on a Prayer, a few of Scooter's tracks (tak ingat nama ady), So What (the best muay thai track, after Shake Your Body... =-p). Serious I was so semangat throughout the entire class, the total opposite from yesterday's Body Attack session.

I had enough energy to go for Jazzercise after that, but I didn't want to stay out too late. Had some stuff to do at home. But as luck would have it, after I had shower and all... it was raining cats and dogs outside. Ugh! Hate to drive back in the rain, hate to wade through all the rushing water (like a river) and can't go home to go online either! Serious lightning going on there.

Anyway... I'm feeling real energise and upbeat now. I've lost that extra 1kg that I gained NOT going to the gym (serious, it's so easy to gain weight, damn scary actually. What if one day I had loads and loads of stuff to do and really cannot go gym for like a few months, will I end up like the starring character in 200lb beauty? :p). So for the weigh-in this Friday, I think I'm going to be at a very respectable weight. =)))

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day 39

My gawdddddd.

I'm so out of shape.

Damn ashamed of myself.

Total kalah after Body Attack with Prudent today. And I was already dying two songs before the class ended. Somehow my immense ego forced me to push myself all the way through, but it was still an embarassment. Ish ish. Why is my stamina so low? My cough is almost gone anyway. Heck, it's practically non-existent.

Excuses : Aiyah, all the tracks also I never do before. At least I can still follow the choreo. And I think I was still quite gung-ho during the "Bad Day" track. =)

Tried to cycle again, but got stomachache. Serious! Anyway, best not to eat before exercise... ! That should go without saying.