Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 226

Well, I woke up late for my Saturday marathon, so I winded up going for Alex C's Body Combat class again. Don't worry, I am not a stalker! Don't have to look so shock ler, next time I'll go to Jaya 33 on Saturdays again ok! :P

Anyway, most of the tracks were the same as yesterday's... except we started with Apache Rocks the Bottom, had a different track instead of the rock n roll circle track (Thank you Alex for giving me a choice NOT to do it again) and a different finale track. One of the more recent ones. Still a great class though and honestly got a great workout.

Can I make requests? I like :
Shake Your Body
Crashed the Wedding
Sweet Dreams
Power of Love
Take a Break
Jigga Jigga
Livin On a Prayer
Come With Me
So What
Move Your Ass
Full Metal Jackass
Ludwig is Alive (There! I found the name of the technofied classic song we did yesterday!)
[Actually, the whole of combat #25 except for the cool down]

Only making requests since the uncle yesterday could request for Tempo...!! :P

There's another song that I really like, but I have never found out the name. When I started doing Combat 4-5 years ago, almost all the instructors in FF were doing it, so it has to be something rather new then... There's no lyrics... but the song is remixed from one of those classics --- Green sleeves. Ben called it the screwed up version of Greensleeves because that was the one and only time he went for BC with me. I was all, "Eh, ya, that's Greensleeves that we were punching and jumping to just now!"

It is just so unbelievable. Hahaha.

Day 225

Went for Body Combat even though I didn't work and could've gone to the gym earlier. Meh... I was feeling tired and decided to go for only one class instead of 2. If I can only go for 1 class, I prefer to go for BC instead of going to Jam + Body Step. So I guess I am wrong for hating that they shifted BC to 6:45pm instead. Actually, there are pros and cons... and at times like these, I do appreciate that there's an earlier class in Taipan... :P ((But I still miss my 9:05pm BC!!!))

Well, one thing about Alex's class is he does really realllly reallllllyyy old tracks. Super old. Like My Sharona, Fire (I've honestly never done this track before.... although I downloaded the song because ... heck I have a shamefully large collection of Scooter tracks), Jump... got more lah but I cannot remember. Too old already. :P We did a circle track... don't know the name.. something about rock n roll. Again, something that I've NEVER done before. Anyway, circle tracks like that are damn dangerous wei... you can see halfway that no one is running properly because their aim is just to not get boxed in the face by the person next to them. T__T Thankfully, there were only 5 of us, so we could do that track SOMEWHAT safely. HAhaha. But it's a really nice track though... with nice chorey. :)

One dude in the class requested for Tempo for the MT track. Zomg... why ?!!? Super confusing chorey and not even veryyyyyy upbeat to me. We ended with a really nice final cardio track. ERm.. one of those super techno remix of a Beethoven classic. I think.

All in all a really nice class. Hehehe.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 224

Hazrin replaced Prudent for Body Attack again! Haih, seriously this guy's Body Attack classes are mad intense and grueling. You can see a lot of people who came for Prudent's class walking out / not even daring to come in because they cannot even survive the first few tracks wtf. After class, one lady told me that after Hazrin's class, she will be active all night because the class was too "aggressive". See!!! I'm not the only one who thinks so!!

Did some tracks I'm not familiar with. At one point, totally kelentong until the guy behind me was laughing at my tragic-ness. Hahaha. No wonder after the class the same lady who complained to me asked me if I'm a newbie. T_____T Am I that bad at Attack?! I think I was just sad, tired and depressed after work today. Even my mom asked me why my gym classes are so late nowadays. The fact is that the classes aren't suddenly late... it's that I can only go for the later classes cos I leave work later. And when I arrived at the gym today, I saw the IT director leaving the gym, fresh from his workout. T____T

Finally, I told Hazrin that he won't see me this Sat since he has already tortured me once this week. I can't be tortured into doing Body Attack twice! He said, "If I can do it, so can you!" Well, there's a lot of things he can do (e.g: tricep push ups ... the bane of my life) that I cannot do la, haha.

Oh yeah, there's one song which apparently goes "Rockin' , Rockin'!" which ALL THIS WHILE I thought said, "PUmpkin, Pumpkin!" HAhaha! I thought it was some kinda Halloween theme song. Sigh... thank God I never sang along whenever the instructors started whooping and karaoke-ing... :)

Referring to my last entry... ZOMG I JUST FOUND OUT JEREMY WON'T BE TEACHING ON WEDNESDAYS AFTER ALL!!! He'll be swapping slots with Anthony, which means his only class will be in Taipan at 2:45pm. Argh!! I won't be able to make it for his class.. cos that's my Sat Body Attack / Body Step / Body Jam class. If I go to Jaya33 for BC + Dance Mania and then drive back to Taipan for Body Jam, then I'll feel like there's too many dance classes in a row. Hmm... this sucks. Just found a class I would like to keep going for and then discovering the schedules have changed. Sigh sigh sigh! :P

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 223

Finally... after weeks and weeks of replacement and a change of my own workout schedule, I finally got to go for Jeremy's Body Jam class! His class is full of uncles and aunties, kekeke. And probably the only Body Jam class I've ever attended where the number of guys and girls are almost the same. Why ah!?

Anyway, it was a really good workout... although he didn't do those long block performance tracks. Mostly Latin tracks, like Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing / Let's Get Loud, Impacto, and another one whose name eludes me. Also did Bollyjam, heh. Rich Girl for recovery, which is something I really haven't done in the longest while. Oh, and Fly Me To The Moon for cool down, again something I haven't done. Did the Good Luck track as well... that was fun.

Jeremy layan-ed us a lot, so now I'm going to CUT Hot Yoga classes and go for Jam instead. YeaH! I really feel much better about this. Hehehe.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 222

Weight training day. Left work sooooo late. Work is getting ridiculous, but I must persevere. I *have* to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Can't keep thinking that things are never ending. Remain positive! I am my own cheerleader! :D

25 minutes on cardio wave.
3 sets of leg curl (25kg, 20kg, 15kg)
3 sets of leg extension (as above)
3 sets of squats (50lb, 40lb, 30lb)
3 sets of chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
3 sets of seated row (15kg, 10kg, 10kg)
50 sit ups

Managed to do 20 overhead triceps @ 9kg in a row! And I managed to actually lift the bloody thing @ 14kg, so I'm damn proud of myself. But somehow, I don't reallyyyyy feel it working my triceps. How lah? I think the exercise that really makes me feel like it's doing the triceps any good are the tricep push-ups, but I'm lousy at it. In fact, I'm not even sure what is the correct way to do it. T___T

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 221

Haih.... wasn't feeling 100% during Body Combat today. A fun class though, just didn't have enough energy in me. Slept at 4am the previous night... never going to do such screwed up things again. Slept too much on Sunday afternoon, that's why. T__T Anyway, it was Terence & Lorraine on the stage... and they always make an entertaining duo. ;P

Bunch of old / older tracks :
~ Stuck on You (warm up)
~ this Scooter song... it's one of the earlier ones... *Blur*
~ Tribal Dance
~ You Can't Stop The Beat
~ U R My Phantasy
~ ...

Can't remember most of it. Actually, I can remember the lyrics, but not the song title. Lazy to write everything out. Should turn in early, really. G'night! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 220

Woke up really late on Saturday, and then became lazy.... and crazy... doing my housework and stuff. Ended up going to the gym 5 minutes late for Step... but had chores to run (it was my sister's birthday), so I skipped that as well. Ended up only going for Body Jam (Su Lin's class).

When I went in for Body Jam, Hazrin asked me, "YOU! Where were you!" and I replied, "Haha, sorry, couldn't wake up in time for your class." HAhaha, his classes are from 2 - 4:15pm. Lulz. I am full of lulz.

Anyway, the Body Jam class was really good... although Su Lin overworked us. ;P Started with just Canned Heat, moving to Buttons for the warm up. Instead of doing Latin tracks, she skipped to the Sexual Healing block, zomg. Straight away performance block! After that, it was her "special guest" Zarina (who is this Taipan member who is super good, like srsly. Noticed her for the past 1.5 years already!) who did the latest freakin' fakin' house performance block. I like the way she teaches! The cues & explanations were really helpful... so I hope she really becomes an instructor. :) *support support*

After that, had to dash to celebrate sister's birthday, so this is one of my most-unworked-out Saturdays... T_T

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 219

Pauline followed me to Taipan today, so had to reshuffle my schedule around a bit to fit her bad knee. Instead of doing Body Jam + Body Step, we did Body Combat (Alex C) and Belly Jam (Brancy). Mainly decided to *finally* do Belly Jam because of Cindy... who is one of the "seasoned regulars" who stand in front and shimmy so much that Personal Trainers ogling outside think that she's the Bellyjam instructor. ;)

Alex C's class was really energetic and a lot of noise from the 10+ or so of us there. Muwahahhaa... did a lot of old tracks. Like the Angels/ Desert Storm warm up, Kickin' Hard, Luv U More ... can't remember the rest. :P

For Belly Jam... well it is totally different being the newbie and standing at the back of the class and looking enviously at everyone else who seems to be natural at isolating their upper body and lower body. T___T Brancy actually asked everyone to fold up their shirts (according to Cindy it's so she can see whether we are doing the moves correctly or not, based on how the belly moves). Sigh... maybe when I have more confidence la. :P As I was telling Pauline.. even when I stand sideways, I look bigger than a frontal shot of Cindy. T_____T

But Belly Jam is quite fun la... of course I'm totally crap at it (I just remember the sequence of the dance steps, but all that shaking & shimmying is really PAINFUL after a while) but I might give it one or two more shots. Erm... I think I'll only go if Pauline goes! Hahahha.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 218

Rushed like mad home from work because today there's PRUDENT!!... or so I thought. In the end, the class was replaced by Hazrin, who makes my legs shiver in fear at the thought of jump jacks and lunges that are endless. He did the same tracks as he did last Saturday, which is alright by me because I've grown to like tracks like Listen to your Heart, the "hello... good to be back" song, Pretty Vegas...

Seriously felt like walking out halfway man... this guy is relentless. So happy when one of the regulars in the house asked him why he's always so angry and fierce. Hahaha. Actually he's not (I think)... that's his way of motivating us. But seriously I get heart-shocks when he shouts. :P

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 217

Was a little late for the 7:30pm Hot Yoga class. Thinking that the next class was an hour later, I rushed through weight training in order to arrive at the adjoining gym in time.

Rushed weight training :
a. 15 minutes on cardio wave at level 10,11 and 12. Can still burn about 140 calories, not bad. Hahaha.
b. Abductor & Adductor (30kg, 25kg,20kg)
c. Chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
d. Lat pulldown (27kg, 20kg, 14kg)
e. 30 sit ups, 20 situps butterfly style
f. Triceps extension (15kg,12.5kg, 10kg) <--- amazing! Last time when I had PT, I remember I was struggling at 15kg. Maybe my triceps *are* getting stronger... *hopeful*

By then it was 8:20pm! So I rushed off to True Yoga... only to find out that the next class is actually at 8:45pm. @#$@#$ Like that I could've done more squats or shoulders or something... hahaha. More sit ups!

Anyway, Hot Yoga is bloody torturous. After more than 6 months of not doing it, everything seems super unusual to me and I really can't bend to save my life. Everytime I think that I'm giving it all I've got, the instructor (Mahesh) always found a way to twist me that much more.

I'm still hating the triangle poses and the warrior poses that merge into "Flying pose". T___T I was ready to die then. Once he started the sequence of bend back -> to the front -> downward dog, etc.. I became calmer because this was more familiar ground. Not that I suddenly became a yoga master, but I made less of a fool of myself, hahaha.

There's one pose I think is madness... stretch out your leg 90 degrees to the front and then hold on to the toe with the arm on the same side... then you slowly turn your body so that the leg is 90 degrees to the side instead of to the front.. sigh..

No doubt you can sweat a lot in Hot Yoga... I'm determined to make this a weekly thing, and despite all my suffering today... I think that I *have* increased flexibility despite not going for yoga all this while. I think the key to doing yoga properly is to have a flat stomach wtf. Cos then you can bend more... without rolls and rolls of fat blocking your way. Hahahaha!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 216

Still keeping to my promise of gymming 7 days a week. But boy am I tired.

Drove to Jaya33 for Body Combat (JonLow's class)... hate driving to PJ from Bangi cos the drivers are all maniacs. Managed to make it to his class in the nick of time and I had to stand at the back cos the class was PACKED to the maximum. Don't encounter this in Taipan, maybe cos Taipan has SUCKY timeslots for BC, barring Monday night's slot. Sigh... and standing at the back, I had the joy of being behind this total ahpek uncle who is uber n00b and does kicks like he is doing ballet. Damn sucky.

Did a lot of tracks that I totally do not remember... except for We're Not Gonna Take This, Come to Me and Behind the Cow. Hahaha. The rest were from later releases? Oh, and there waS Jump, not that I remember the chorey very well. I thought there was some jump-jump-kick kinda chorey? *blur* And as usual when I'm in Jon's class I always memalukan diri by not having the correct direction during the circle / face-off track. :D Happy enough that Jon let me whack him although he said I'm dangerous wtf.

Anyway it was a good class... and there was a new comer next to me as well.. who asked me how long more it was til the class ends cos she was dying, hahaha. And that time we were just about to do recovery, so I said, "no worries, here comes recovery, then only we worry about the next 2 intense tracks." Then recovery turned out to be the not-really-a-recovery Behind The Cow. Hahahaha. Zha dou...

Like the class and like the instructor (;P) but don't know whether I want to come next week since it's soooooo packed. Like seriously packed! And I'm grumpy whenever people take over my favorite spot. Hahaha. By the way, about "favorite spots" right... I'm not like some whores who when you stand in their "favorite spot", they will go and stand like 2 inches right in front of you, hinting to you to move away from them. Those people can seriously go and kill themselves la, because that is fcuking selfish. If someone takes a spot I'm used to standing at, I'll just fcuking move away la. Why make a big deal out of it. I don't mind standing anywhere in the classroom as long as it's not next to Dangerous Guy and I can see myself in the mirror (which is why I'm so annoyed when someone stands RIGHT in front of me).

Anyway, just because you're good at a certain Group X class (whatever it may be) it doesn't mean you can stand in front of other participants. Whether it's your favorite spot or you want to shine or whatever.... if you're so starved for attention, go do the training and become an instructor so that there can be all eyes on you lah!

This is not aimed at anyone in particular today because this didn't happen today... it happened NUMEROUS times on OTHER occasions. Srsly, I don't care if it's your spot or not.. if I'm early then it's mine. You didn't pay the gym extra to permanently book that spot for you right? Hah!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 215

The start of my new 7-day-regime. I hope I last this week! I'm already feeling really exhausted. Zzzz.

Monday night is Body Combat night, with Terence leading the pack. :D Loads of old tracks and FUN movements in the class... not super serious although I do notice that Terence too is getting very heavy handed with the "Put your guards up!" comments. Ok ok I geddit I geddit. *cowers in fear*

The tracks!
~ walking in memphis (warm up)
~ kickin' hard (for the lower body / legs workout)
~ addicted to love (arms) --- zomg, so long haven't done this track. And Terence upped the ante with a jump in the middle of the chorey. But it kinda fits, and is apt... good improv! :P
~ take a break (just when I said that this was a track which we haven't done in a long while...)
~ I forgot the name of this circle track. Chimes? Something very church-y sounding. It's the one with 3 jabs and then the cross-jacks... (??)
~ leave me alone (I'm lonely)
~ let the beat control your body
~ my heart beats like a drum (??? is that the name???) --- this is the only track I didn't like for the day. Should've done What Hurts The Most! Considering he said that it was a post-Valentine theme class and all that.
~ Sound of the Underground
~ Because we Believe (yay.... cos the other day Yeong did like 45 seconds of this and then said thank you and goodbye. :O So potong stim!)

[I am glad that he didn't do Power of Love though and went with Addicted to Love instead. Nyehehe. ]

After class, did some light weight training (light because although I am very glad that I'm no longer DEAD after BC, I still don't want to push my luck) :
~ leg curls (20kg, 15kg, 10kg) <--- see, this is the lighter option. I usually go for 25kg
~ leg extensions (as above)
~ glute workout (22kg,17.5kg, 12kg) <--- not so sure abt the exact weights, but thereabouts.
~ chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg) <--- yay!!
~ seated row for the back (19kg, 17.5kg, 12kg)
~ overhead triceps (9kg) --- there's no set for this... I just do as many as I can, whether in sets or not. I can only do about 13 in a row before dying. And altogether do about 25 of this. Trying to slowly level up...
~ plank for... 1 minute!! YIPPPEEE!!~
~ cycle for 7 minutes to cool down

Yup ... a light weight training session to wrap-up BC. I like my new work-out routine!

Oh, and I am soooooo happy that I got to bitch rant about something to Terence after class.... hehehehe. Ok, pls don't think I'm being evil or anything... I was just being a concerned BC enthusiast... muwahhahahaa!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 214

Whoa, post 214 and today is 14th of February... happy Valentine's Day!

I'm quite sad today because I was too slack and arrived 5 minutes late for Delon's BC class. Note : for Delon's Saturday classes, you can't be 5 minutes late. You have to be like, 10 minutes early to "pa wai". :P The class was so packed, and the way that the people were kicking... let's just say I don't trust my beautiful face to be in the same room as these enthusiastic buggers. :P Ended up 20 minutes on Cardio wave and then went for breakfast. :P

Dance Mania - did this Beyonce song that is also being used in one of the Body Jam releases... the one with the hip hop performance track featuring Chris Girlfriend-Beater Brown. Danny H was very happy because there were more than 10 people in the class today, hahaa. Feel happy for him although I didn't help him. Tried to get Pauline to join, but she said that Dance Mania is too difficult. I asked her how she knew when she didn't even try. She said, "Neh... that time when I join you and then left halfway." I was like... wtf you joined us during the warm up la!! Takkan warm-up also too difficult!?!

After that was Body Attack, and seriously felt like I have been attacked. Hazrin's classes are super intense la... I think he's crazy, hahaha. After 4 tracks, you can see some new comers are dying already and for once in my life I heard him give the easier option. :P :P :P After his class was over, he asked if anyone else is going for Body Step (also taught by him). I said no because it's two intense classes back-to-back. He retorted, "What about me!?" Well, not my choice that this maniac choose to teach 2 difficult classes back-to-back eh! Hehehe. Maybe I'll try it next week... this week I have some partying to do!

Okay, happy valentine's day to all gym goers and hope you all had a fabulous day! :3

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 213

Traffic jams are so unpredictable. Jam towards Sunway spilled over to the LDP and a 25 minute journey home from work turned into nearly an hour. :( So I missed my fave Body Jam class and went for Body Combat instead. Ironic, isn't it? Just after I complained about having BC at 6:45pm instead of 9:05pm. Though Julian was doing the class, but it turned out to be Yeong.

Most of the tracks today were new stuff, felt like the first time I was doing most of them. The only old tracks I recognised were stuff like Amadeus. :\ I swear, the rest were all from the latest release. ;P

After being gagged from shouting on Wednesday, felt damn good to release all tension and stress in his class. At least an instructor that appreciates the noise, kakaka.

However, I think he's super overly excited and he moves faster than the music some of the times. Or maybe the rest of us are just slow, lol.

Since I stayed til the end of the class, I ended up missing Step. *sigh* Did weight training instead since it's been sorely missed :
1. cardio wave for 20mins, up to level 11.
2. abductor 3 sets (now up to 30kg, 25kg, 20kg)
3. adductor 3 sets (as above)
4. the squat machine (50lb, 40lb, 30lb)
5. chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
6. chest incline (27kg, 20kg, 20kg)
7. lateral pulldown (20kg, 14kg, 14kg)
8. sit ups (30 normal, 20 butterfly style)
9. plank for 40 seconds, hahaha. (Cos we had this insane long session of planks during BC... enough is enough kua)
10. overhead triceps... did a few half-heartedly cos I wasn't sure if I was moving my arms correctly. If memory serves me right, I could barely do even 1 last time when I had free PT. Now I can do up to .. erm... 10 with 9kg weights??? Did I improve that much or am I doing something wrong? Regardless, this machine is nice to play with when the tricep extension machine is being hogged... will do it properly next time.

That's all for today. :)

Check back on my old posts because I was trying to get some ideas on how to diversify my workouts and I seemed to enjoy working out so much more last time. Looking back, I can't believe the nonsense that I did... like freaking almost every day going to the gym?!? And when I'm there, I can do up to 3 classes, with all these mini-weight training things in between. Siao!

Sigh.. but I have to get that "siao" spirit back... some how!! By the middle of the year , for I have a very important event to attend! *serious face*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 212

*shiny eyes!*

Today I found a handsome instructor's class. Nyehehhee...

[At this point, if I still had Chiau Ling around, I'll be hammered with curses of 'sei hao poh!' for the next ... month or so.]

Thursday Body Attack class... hmmm.. will consider going for this class more often. Usually don't go for it because I prefer Ronicia's classes, and after 2 rounds of dancing, the legs would curse me if I go for intense Attack as well. Due to work commitments, I'm starting to go for later and later classes at the gym... so I'm quite happy that Attack is available for me now. I'm also happy that I'm getting used to the class, and no longer feel like dying everytime. :)

Anyway, this instructor is super energetic and erm... very gung ho about everything. Got a great workout today, and the tracks that he chose were also fun stuff. Like Bad Day, this choco-latte (?????) song... erm.. can't remember anymore. :P

Loadssss of regulars in the class, and there can be nothing more cool than seeing a group of us together oh-so-synchronized. :)

Peace out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 211

Today, I decided to leave work early-ish and go over to Jaya33 to work out instead. A spin on the usual routine. Had to get back into the groove after wasting precious work out days during the long weekend, which was actually spent pigging out in Asia Cafe. :P Called Pauline to join me, tempted her by telling her that there was going to be BC. After ffk-ing her in the 2 previous Jaya33 classes, felt bad about not joining her too. :P

Anyway, I thought I saw that it was Lorraine replacing the class today, but it was another instructor whose class I've never gone to before. Hmm. I won't write his name here because I want to complain about two things... but pls don't take this the wrong way. I'm not bitching, and pls read this in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Seriously, there is nothing horrendous about his class or anything of the sort. I have to say that I was enjoying myself for the first-half even. :P

Okay, the main reason that I'm kinda peeved is because he forgot the chorey to Bagpipes which is UNFORGIVABLE to me. Hahaha! Cos even a n00b like me can remember the steps, so an instructor like you can't make a mistake that a n00b doesn't make. :*( The four-steps-punch-to-the-front, knifes, etc continues until the "eerrnnggggg" part in the music. That is totally normal and expected lah, because during the "eernnnngggg" part, you're supposed to sink down and rise up again what! Sorry if you don't get what the "eerrnnnggg" part means because you have to listen to Scooter's Bagpipes to get what I'm saying.

Anyway, it's still ok if he cued wrongly, but still corrected himself, but he just persisted with his missed-out tempo, which means the knees started on the "eerrrnngggg" part. Unforgivable! How do you even follow the beat for that? O_o

Okay, and then for the second part, he doesn't let us have any fun with the "YMCA" track. Errrr... not to compare, but the other instructors who did this track last time danced to it as well. Sure, like only 5% of the class follow along when they do it, but it's still supposed to be a FUN RECOVERY track. When I added in my own flava to the routine, he asked me to keep my guards up. T_______T FYI, I keep my guards up most of the time, unless the song is a fun one and you can have erm, more style when you do the steps.

Sorry if I offend you in the next statement, but Why So Serious? Everyone knows that Combat is not seriously seriously something you're going to use to defend yourself, nor do I think that if I should ever be mugged, I'm going to put my guards up and start doing jump jacks (haha, yes like THAT advert on TV). It's more like.... a fun way to do cardio and maybe learn some BASICS about martial arts, but not anything that I think I could use in a fight. JUST MY OPINION. Anyway, so if the participants in your class are enjoying themselves and not harming themselves by doing a step wrongly... I don't know la. Instructors who say, "Keep your guards up" then are so... spoil sport.

Just my very HUMBLE opinion. (Not that there are many people reading this. Evidently)

Last of all, this was not directed to me... but to another class participant (I'm sure you can guess who). The instructor asked her not to shout so much. Okay.... this whole shouting-in-Combat thing. I used to be a non-Shouter because I didn't even have enough wind in me to survive 1 class, what more do the steps and shout like a wilderbeest throughout. I think I had my lips pursed shut to give myself this serious warrior face wtf. And then one day, one instructor said, don't keep your breath in to yourself, huff it out, and if you choose to vocalise, then go ahead. Slowly... slowly... the vocaliser in me was awoken wtf wtf.

Seriously, I think punctuating a punch with a "HAAAAAAAA" is bloody stress-relieving. But I won't go gila like Dangerous Guy and go on a screaming rampage. That is just not me, hahaha!

Next, I shout to SUPPORT an instructor, especially when his / her class is really quiet. And I thought instructors like some noiseeee in the house. So I don't know why the instructor asked the other class participant not to shout? Maybe he's concerned that she won't have enough energy towards the end of the track? Let me just say now that if you ask me to shout from the start of the track to the end, I can do it. :P (cocky face... if you could only see me now). Anyway, of course I know my own limits... if I can shout earlier on and I think I'll be able to shout til the end, then that's my business ler...

Fine... next time I know, I'll be silent in this instructor's class...

Not that I plan on a next time. I think I'll go back to Taipan on Wednesdays... Attack!!! At least the instructor there appreciates some well-placed exhalation/shouts... buwahhahahaa.

Having said all that, I'm not dissing this instructor or anything. I'm just sharing opinions. If you think I'm wrong, that shouting is not good (BTW: I'm not shouting for the sake of shouting ok. But sometimes when I feel extra ganas in the class, then I'll be shouting more. It's a scare-tactic when fighting your invisible opponent. Muwahhahahahhahahaha!!!), if you think that your guards should always be up.. then fine. Take it as a learning point for me ... perhaps I should take BC more seriously ... even though I think it's just for fun. ANYWAY. It was still a good workout - and my friend told me that she thinks his class is the most intense BC class that she has ever gone for. (She's been doing BC for a year, but only goes to Jaya33 on weekdays, and mostly to Pavilion. The BC instructors she's familiar with is this guy and Nicholas).

I think this guy has a lot of fans too... his class was quite full. Did a mix of old and new tracks, so he should be an old hand at this stuff too. Anyway, he entertained the right side of the class more, so blueekkk... entertain you by writing this long stuff. Oh..!! He allowed me to punch him 4 times during class... not bad... I like instructors who allow the students who do that. It shows erm... trust. Cos if I get the chorey wrong, the instructor is gonna get hurt,right? Hahahahaha.

P.S.S : This is like. my longest entry ... ever?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 210

Missed Body Combat (Pauline officially knows me as the Combat FFK-er), only went for Dance Mania (Danny H's class) and Body Attack (Hazrin's class). Yayness, Hazrin recognizes me as a "regular" in his class, padahal I only re-started Attack again recently. :P

Dance Mania --- did an old track, but really old - really cannot remember any of the steps. It was It's Raining Men, and it's a super cardio track because there are so many squat and star-jumps (jump jacks) towards the end. Quite fun, and I have to say that the few of us dancing closely together looks erm... quite professional. Hahahhaa. *syiok sendiri*

Anyway, as Danny says --- if you're interested in dancing, pls pls pls go for his classes @ 12:45pm - 1:45pm in Jaya 33, True Fitness. I think I'll seriously cry if they replace his class. I really don't think they should because it's not a "prime time" slot anyway. Most people take the opportunity to go for lunch during this time... so I reckon that it's not because people don't like his class. Just that they want to eat. T___T

Body Attack was super tiring, even though Hazrin said he was not feeling well and wouldn't be able to do the jumps. Sigh... let me tell you that whenever instructors say things like that, it's all lies. They are superhumans who, apparently when ill, can still trounce us mere mortals. Did that awful running track again, and that "I wanna jump jump jump..." song from the latest release that is guaranteed to make your kneecaps falter. Haha. Haih, got a lot of different songs, can't remember them all. Oh, thanks to Hazrin, finally realise that the legs conditioning track song is called I Can't Speak French. Hahaha. Nice! I love Girls Aloud. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 209

As previously mentioned, there has been a change in schedule for Friday classes at Taipan. James is no longer doing BC from 9-10pm. There's a new slot for BC - 6:45 - 7:45 and it's going to be taught by Alex C instead.

Man, it's quite cruel to make us choose between going for Body Jam with Jason or to go for Body Combat with Alex. I think Imma go with Body Jam (which is what I did today!) and I'll go for BC on days that I'm running late and the studio looks Jam-packed already. :P Or on days when Jason is not around wtf.

Jam today was all kinds of awesome, even though I've totally "sumbang balik" all the years of Jam practice after slacking off from the gym. We started off with this warm-up track that Jason has been quite fond of... I just can't get the name. But it's very upbeat and catchy!! Crap.. I'm gonna look for the track name later. Followed up with Where My Party People At which I've only done once or twice before this? Then it was the Ran Can Can Latin performance track. Wow.. damn long since I've done this! I can never do the double turn for this track, so I do a slow half-turn instead, hehee.

After that was Lolita, which is now one of my favorite recovery tracks (used to be one of my most hated ones because it was confusing to me!), and then it was the latest release's performance block. Honestly, still not used to it, but kinda can get the motions, but it's definitely not perfect or anywhere near it. :P

Ended with Lollipop which I really do not like because erm... I just dislike songs with overt sexual innuendo, hahaha. Then again, I like Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing and Color Me Badd's I Wanna Sex You Up. Hehehe! [These are quite old songs, eh?]

After that was Body Step with Anthony... less than 10 of us I think, but it was a great class. I'm not good with Step songs, so I'm not gonna list all of them out. Just did some favorites like Chelo's Cha Cha and Britney Spears's Do Somethin'. I'm very happy that I managed to survive a Body Step class, so I'm going to be congratulating myself over this for some time. ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 208

Body Jam with Anthony ... how long has he been replacing Jeremy for! Hahaha... ever since I started late Weds nights Jam, it's ALWAYSsSSsSS been Anthony. Not that I mind, cos Anthony ALWAYS rotates the songs that we do (after we've passed the 1 month of new release). For all his previous classes, I don't think I've done any repeated tracks! Amazing huh? :)

This time round, we did the performance track for Chaka Khan / No More Tears and then Sexual Healing / Rain Down Love / that Groove Armada track with a lot of jumping around...

Super fun! I forgot most of the steps, so it was a joy to be able to reunite with the tracks again, hahaa.

Weighed myself today and found out that I've already lost 2kg since the start of January 09! I'm back to my "regular-but-still-need-to-lose-weight" weight before I left for Laos. Sigh... I foresee a tough climb to get down the next 3 kg - which will then be my weight AFTER I went for personal training. And then another 2kg more which will be my lightest-ever-weight-and-my-ideal-weight. Hahahhaa. So many hyphens. Hope you get what I mean. ;)

Anyway, at the moment I'm already happy enough that I lost the 2kg. :D :D :D

Does this mean that I'll pig out again? Let go again? Nope... this motivates me to lose even more! My goal is to see that darn weighing scale needle keep getting lower and lower each time I step up onto it. *psychotic eyes*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 207

Had a good weight-training session today... :) Feel the burn, but not burnt-out. Just the way workouts should be. ;)

a. 20 minutes on the cardio wave machine (I now usually start at 8 and work upwards til 11 or 12 depending on the mood. And yes, I stay to the recommended SPM!)

b. Leg curls & leg extensions. 3 sets each. 25kg, 20kg, 10kg.

c. Lunges - altogether 60 lunges per leg!

d. Leg squats - 30kg, 20kg, 10kg. Since it was so light for the last one, I went realllyyyy slowly, yet maintaining control of the weights. Could see in the mirror how the muscles were moving...

e. Incline press - 20kg, 14kg, 14kg. I can't go above 20kg! *sob*

f. Seated row - 19kg, 14.5kg, 12kg.

g. Triceps extension - 12.5kg, 10kg, 7.5kg

h. Total 45 sit-ups and 40 oblique curls (?? simply came up with a name for it)

That's about it. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 206

After all that "planning" in my last entry, I wound up not going to the gym during the weekend. My calve / ankles were aching terribly, I couldn't even walk properly. Sigh. I think there is something wrong in the way I do my jumping jacks. I try to land heel first, as what the instructors say, but it's kind of a hit - and - miss there. :( So there I was, wanting to exercise so badly, but still couldn't. :(

Oh well, went for Body Combat today (Terence's class)... it was super packed! Either people are really enthusiastic on Mondays (start of the week - time to burn burn burn them calories!), really like his class (you can see certain people in his class that onlyyyyy appears for his BC class and none other) or ... it's the CNY aftermath guilt! :D

He said it was a mix of old and new, I think there were more old tracks than new tracks. Then again, my perception of "new" is very skewered now.
Warm up - If I were You
1st Track - We're Not Gonna Take This
2nd Track - *forgotten*
3rd Track - Amadeus (hahaha... there was 1 part where Terence stopped, so the entire class also stopped doing jump kicks. We all looked like this :

4th Track - I'm so excited! I just can't hide it!
5th Track - one really old song that I swear I've never done before - She's a Maniac on the Dancefloor
6th Track - Electro Violence.... was suffering terribly here. :( And those hooks to the ribs and the elbow bits are damn punishing to your legs. T__T
7th Track - erm.. that Ludwig remix thingy.

Cardio - Dancefloor Anthem ... er.. that Good Charlotte track lah. I was doing well for the first half!! Was almost praising myself to the high heavens til Terence said that we had to do all those push-ups all over again wtffffff. T____T And When Love & Hate Collide for cool down. :)

I think I might've missed a few tracks here and there... memory is not as good as it was, kekeke.