Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 34

Managed to go for Body Combat (Jack's class) after an extremely long hiatus of non-gymming. Jack's class was pretty fun and we had a few old tracks, which was good. Can't remember them now as I'm blogging pretty late, but I definitely remember doing YMCA and Bagpipes. His class was so intense that he ended up scaring away one newbie. :P After that, I had to go for my personal training with T... erm, don't remember much of what we worked on except for the TRICEPS PULLOVER which was freaking insane! The lightest amount you can put is 9kg or NOTHING... and even though it was NOTHING it was damn difficult. Trainer kept laughing and saying that it's because I have totally NO muscles at all for my triceps, malu or what. Hahaha. Anyway... whatever la... I will just do the (easier) triceps extension until I feel that I can handle the darn pullover. Gah! I hate not having a car and being unable to just drive to the gym after work. :(

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 33

Arrived just in time to do more running. Now I'm 100m away from completing 2.4km within 15 minutes! And I can run up to 10kph!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 32

Okay, I'm back at the gym. Please don't blame me for being a lazy arse or whatsoever. You have no idea of the HELL I have been going through since my last day at the gym (Pyjama Jam). The next day, I remember I was so gung-ho about gymming, I felt like my gym mojo was back for good. I can still remember, I packed so many extra t-shirts cos I planned to go for SOOOooooOoo many group-x classes. You know what happened in the end?

I got into a freakin' car crash. Super saiyan serious one, I'm not lying. 5 car pile-up, I was car #3. Luckily I am not compounded, so my NCD won't be affected. But it's been about a week and now only we are submitting the insurance claims form. Sigh.. the slowness that is getting your insurance claims. You know how much the workshop estimated the repairs for? Rm10,000. That is like, 33% of what my car was worth originally and about 48% of what it is actually ensured for now. :\

Ya, so I have no car for about A MONTH.. can die. I have been super stressed just figuring out HOW to get to work daily, thank God got many nice colleagues who stay near my house. Of course, it's too much to ask them to drop me off in the gym. ~_~ And besides, I don't really know when they go back (cos they might be busy, then I have to wait for them, or vice versa). So now, I have to go back home, and then brave traffic again to drive back to the gym. Super sienz! For a while I was too scared to drive, had neck pain & back pain from the accident and too lazy to gym also (plus I got my period la.. crankiness). But today I finally dragged my ass up and drove my dad's Proton Wira to work (I can only drive it to gym and not to work becuz my dad and mom are BOTH still working... I think they plan to work til they are 60, lol).

The main reason why I'm so semangat today is because I had PT. ;P This time I decided to save time before T teaches me, so I did my warm up by myself. Ran for 20 minutes, but timed myself to see if this time I could reach 2.4km in 15 minutes. I couldn't. This time I reached 2.2km. ~_~ Well, got a 100m improvement, and now I know I can run til 9.5kph for a long while. ^^ However, was supremely dizzy after that.

When I tried to go for PT, found out that Mr T was on MC... poor thing. I could've done the good thing and gone for more exercises, but to be honest I'm really lack~of~sleep because I have to wake up earlier each day to tumpang my colleague's car. Sigh...

It's true... you don't know what you've got til it's gone. In this case, it's my beloved car and the flexibility of going to gym after work.

People who still have all that... cherish it!! Go to the gym everyday!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 31

Guess what I wore to the gym today?
Erm, not my ratty oversized tee + shorts combo. Nuh-uh!
No, I did NOT buy any expensive new threads from Nike / Adidas / Puma. =) I would like to though (such a labelwhore).

I wore...


Muwahhahaha! True Fitness was has recently started having theme classes for some of the Group-X classes. Like they had "Cowboy" for Line Dancing sometime last month, and this month, they had "Pyjama Jam". I had been thinking and thinking about going for it and talked about it here, but it seemed like I wouldn't be able to go for it in the end. You know why?

Cos I stupidly schedulled my personal training (it's free! I thought today was the last class, but my PT told me that I still have more.. muwahhaha... that's goooood. More is goooood) for 7-8pm and the Pyjama Jam class starts at 8pm. Yalah, can make it, but damn bodoh if you rush in late to a class in your pyjamas right, just looks darn weird.

In the end, I told my trainer (who has the name like this guy) about the class that I so-so-so wanted to go for, and could I please skip cool down at the end of the class? Then he agreed (I knew it! A guy who enters a shuffling competition would surely understand the need to go for Pyjama Jam right!) and not only that, he let me do most of my exercises on the machines located just outside the studio so I could spy on how many people had already arrived for the class and how many were wearing their pyjamas. =p

At 7:45pm, people were already trickling into the balloon-decorated studio, but they all weren't wearing pyjamas! Thought I got the dates wrong, but there was this guy who was taking pictures of the participants (macam avid blogger, but he's working for TF la...). ANYWAY. Of course I was demoted la! My pyjamas are damn nice ok... and I felt sad that I would end up not wearing them because I like to follow the flock and would feel very paiseh if I ended up being the only one wearing my jammies.

I kept on spying until 7:55pm, when finally there was this lady wearing a maxi (by that I mean the dress, not the bra ok) with leggings into the class. Bingo! The kiasu me ran downstairs and quickly changed into my pyjamas for the class. Muwhahhaha!! Ok, my pyjamas sorta look like this, only they were bright green, silk and I didn't unbutton them like that. Ok bf, pls don't scold me at this point. I know the pyjamas was special gift for you and I do have nice memories wearing it. I even wore it when I went to Shanghai and got to sleep in it in Shangri-la Pudong! I was trying to create even nicer memories with this pyjamas! And... and... the other alternative was to wear my La Senza stuff, I think you wouldn't want that would you! Ok, now I continue talking about the class.

The class was real fun in the end, there's something real liberating about wearing your pyjamas to the gym. There were some people wearing giant oversized shirts (more oversized than what I usually wear.. hehe), the maxi+leggings lady, a girl wearing a singlet + boxer shorts combo and some wearing mismatched jammie tops & bottoms. It was quite cool la! Ken & Simone were the instructors for today and they were also wearing their pyjamas AND brought their teddybears along, damn cute k!

Happily for me Simone did the Signs + Trouble With Me + Stupidisco + I Like The Way You Move + What A Feeling + Don't Cha block, which is one of my FAVOURITE blocks! Nice tracks, nice to dance to in pyjamas, muwhahaha! =) Unhappily for me, after that was cardio club arrrrggghhh. It was the one with Temperature & 1,2 Step... heh, forgot the name! I am real bad at this block because I remember after it was launched, I started to boycott Body Jam. =p Too difficult to do. But it was alright today, Ken's a good teacher. ;P Ended the 1 hour of hilarity with Scissor Sister's I Don't Feel Like Dancing.

Oh and guess what? I did the entire class BAREFOOTED. Don't ask me why I'm such a dingaling, it's because I thought my Skechers look weird with the pyjamas, so I dance barefoot lor. Before the class started, Ken asked me if I was sure, and I was so ashamed I wanted to run downstairs and quickly wear my shoes, but I was kiasu and didn't want the class to start without me. *adush* Anyway, it was not bad la, wasn't even THAT dirty at the end of the day. I think my feet has very thick skin (like my face, apparently).

In the end... I won a prize! They gave away 2 prizes for the "best dressed", so I got one and the maxi+leggings lady got the other one. I think it's more difficult to dance in a dress, so she oughta win. :) For me I was really just loving dancing in my pyjamas. I am tempted to do it even without a theme, wtf. The moral of the story is ... people should all join in the themes next time because it's fun to dress up once in a while, and you can win prizes too!! Count me in next time!

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Gym bag, bottle and table clock! I already have the clock in RED... they gave it to me when I first joined. ;)

Oh, and I am really hoping that this is a good indication that when I dress up for the annual dinner 2 weeks from now, I can win a prize then too! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!! **kiasu lady here** But if I don't win, its ok also la. Cos I didn't spend too much on my outfit this year and this year a lot of my friends are also taking part so it's going to be fun sitting at the theme award table. ;)

P.S: I got picture of myself in pyjama and the instructors, but I need kind, helpful, nice, pretty instructor to send it to me. Ahhh.... I email her tomorrow! (Don't want to look so kiasu, although I am). Erm, and ALEX (the guy helping TF take pictures of Pyjama Jam)... I want your photos too! How come you are taking pictures? I didn't know TF got member newsletter also. Where you going to publish it? Why you take it in first place? All my pics with me looking stupid must be deleted! Nice pics only keep and publish ok! Sexy pics must be blown up some more... nyahhahahaa..... *continues insane rambling*

P.P.S : Other boring details on my workout today with PT :
~ he challenged me to run 2.4km in 15 minutes. Ended up 2.1km in 15 minutes. Not bad hor? I can run up to 9.5kph now! Must push myself for the last 300m. Sweat like mad though.
~ we worked out the calves (finally! btw, when I tip toe I can see my super calves bulging like mad... I think the only way I can lose all that muscle is by CUTTING it out.. O_O
~ worked on the leg extension, leg curls and glutes
~ worked I dunno which part, but it's the arms and it looks like you are clapping. (hard to explain, pls dun laugh la)
~ worked on lateral pulldown... this one damn lawak. 1st set was easier than last time, and since we are supposed to progressively work out HARDER, I wonder why he gave me an easier time this round. So I looked damn hard at the weights and I accused my PT... "wei! Why you put the weights at 0!?!?" then he marah back, "who say! 13.6lb la!" Then he oso stared at the weights , then started laughing because it was indeed at 0 and I was dumb enough to complete the entire set without wondering WHY it was so f'ing easy. See? This just shows how weak my arms are la. I thought I was pulling 5kg or something. ;-)

Ookay, that's all for today. But I'm feeling damn pumped up to work out in the gym la. Hehe. I think it's a mixture of me not being so scared of my PT anymore (he used to be quite intimidating) and also because I've stopped neopetting INTENSIVELY and am going to sleep earlier, so I feel more energetic in the evening. =) Good on me. :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 30

Training with T again. I haven't gone to the gym in what seems like ages, because always had something on at night.
Thursday - promotion lunch with teammates + dad's birthday
Friday - promotion lunch with office colleagues @ night
Saturday - meet up with Kim + Tony Romas omg humongous portions (reach home at 8pm only)
Sunday - Jogoya lunch with colleagues in the afternoon, but because of all the previous day eating, really got no energy to go work out in the evening. XD

We started the training off with 10 minutes on the crosstrainer. I think T loves it, or maybe likes to see me suffering on it. But this time I was much better. Once I got on the crosstrainer, you can't even guess that I haven't been working out for 4 days. It was so natural for me. =p Then we did the toning exercises. Still two sets, but now increased to 15 reps instead of 12.

Worked on the leg press.
Worked on the glutes (next to leg press machine).
Worked on the chest press.
Worked on the back.
Did push ups for the biceps.

Doesn't look like a lot after all. He informed me that the next PT, we will do another weigh-in to see how much we have improved. Confessed to him the 4 day pigging out and he sat me at the stationery bike for 20 minutes. T_T It was so boring, and I told him the bicycle levels were a bit crap. You don't even feel any resistance til level 10. He said if I insist on doing things at "full resistance" level, then I must not complain when my legs get bigger. T_T

After that, went home because I had LAUNDRY to do. Gah. Pyjama Jam is this week! Heh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 29

Started the workout session with a 25 minute run on the threadmill. Yes! I made it to 9.4kph again! Sweat like mad, and I hafta say I felt like giving up many a time, but I persevered because this time I had my ipod run list. :D Rammstein is surprisingly NOT good to run to, but My Chemical Romance stays as a "good run" song. Their latest song - Teenagers is especially good for warming up before the run itself.

Got to work 3 x 12 for leg extensions AND leg curls. Only a few sets because I then had to rush off for Body Jam. But it was replaced with Line Dancing with Sharon. I truly felt that it was *fated* for me to go for Line Dancing that day, having rushed for Mei Ling's class, but ending 30 minutes too late. :P (Hence the threadmill). So I went in... foooh, loads of regulars in the class, so I was seriously intimidated. Especially when they insisted on doing "Rudebox", which from the preview first 2 eights was FREAKING DIFFICULT.

Luckily, Sharon decided to do I Don't Need a Man (which she calls deal or no deal..??!), which was simpler, but line dancing being line dancing, still confuses me loads. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy my first Line Dancing class, but you simply couldn't compare the two experiences. For one, my first class was at the end of the month and was specially for regulars to repeat all the songs they had learnt throughout the month. Sharon could coach us n00bs many many many many times , and in fact, she split the class into two - the ones which can do "4 walls" and the ones which couldn't. So it was a sweet deal, managed to get the hang of it by the end, although I would miss a step here or there, and I'm sure the technique is all outta whack.

We ended with what she calls "money money" (or is it mony mony) which is an "oldie" song. For the life of me, it's very famous but I can't remember the name or the singer. Anyway, she said it was easier because this was only a "1 wall" song, (which means you don't turn around and go in a circle repeating steps,because at the end of the count, you're facing front again).... but there were a LOT of counts in the song. However, it was much easier and more enjoyable compared to I Don't Need a Man because there was more "feel" to this song. It's easier to grasp the steps for this one because it was more intuitive for us to know what the next step was going to be. Wah, it was so nice, and to think I nearly walked out of the class seeing the number of regulars! :)

I really wanna go for the next line dancing class now... =p

Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 28

Went for Personal Training session #2 with the Trainer. Hmm... I think I'm probably the most easygoing person he has ever trained because I'm soooooooooo obedient and accomodating. *smug* He asked to run on the crosstrainer when he wasn't there and I just went right ahead. Anyway, what's the point of having the trainer there when I'm just running right? Well, anyway now I've discovered the loveliness of the crosstrainer... like, I'm seriously good at it ok. I can easily swap between the threadmill and the crosstrainer now. I used to be pretty scared of the crosstrainer, so don't mind me while I rave about how good I am at it now. (actually, I sweat like mad and feel like dying... but...!!! I can finish the set. :p)

Today we worked more on the upper body compared to last week. The only lower body exercises we did was the leg extension and leg curls, which as usual, he is surprised that I used to work out at 25kg! Now the trainer just sets me at 7.5kg which to me is soooooooo easy (I'm not boasting, you should see my thighS!), and got mildly reproached for over-exercising my legs, and then complaining that they are too muscular.

For upper body... *dies* Memang I'm sooooo weak. We worked on the tricep extensions, the abdominals (I'm pretty good at this one too), the back, the deltoids and the shoulders (again, the weakest point).

Sigh... personal training is quite nice, too bad it's so expensive. My boyfriend is against it too, saying I don't need to work out MORE than what I'm doing now. But that's just what he SAYS because he's afraid I'm going to ask him to help pay it for me. >=p Some girls have their bf pay for their monthly gym fees, what does mine do? NOTHING.

But it's ok la... cannot depend on a guy for everything. Besides, he's in US, how is he going to pay for my monthly anything?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Day 27

Rushed like mad to the gym on Sunday, but because it was RAINING, everyone drove 50% slower, as per usual. So I ended up 10 minutes late for Body Step and too shy to go in (it's an instructor I'm not familiar with also.. what if he HUMILIATES me in front of everyone!!). Anyway, the class looked kind of full.

So I just ran... but didn't have much motivation to run anyway, body aching from not enough sleep and rest. Only ran up to about 7.8kph, then walked the rest of the way. Also, MTV was showing some real boring stuff, nothing good to run to. This is what I get for not preparing my ipod running list fast enough. Ya, imagine running to MTV Cribs and MTV Pimp my Ride. WHAT IS THERE TO RUN TO!

Again, left after that instead of going for yoga because... *excuse of the month* have to go home and work on annual dinner costume! :D

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day 26

Saturday, was filled with lots of motivation to do many many classes, but nowadays my sleep schedule is so screwed up that I only ended up going for one class, which was Body Attack with Barney. He introduced a new shadow - Jason Y who will be a full-fledge instructor soon, not just shadowing people. He's pretty good... and good looking, hehehe, sure will be a popular instructor. :D

Body Attack was alright, felt like dying, but that's usual. In fact, after the first half of the class, a few newcomers got "scared away" and walked out of the class. Whoa.. this is how hardcore Body Attack is! But seriously, if you pace yourself, and if you naturally have a high stamina, there's no reason why you cannot stay for the whole class. I remember, for my first Body Attack class, not only did I stay for the entire class, but I went for Body Step after that as well. *action*

We did a mix of old tracks and new tracks... and according to Barney, it's the exact same tracks as he did last week (when the battery died). Fuh. After that, went home to work on my annual dinner costume. That's going to be my excuse if anyone thinks I don't gym enough. Need time to work on costume dei.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 25

I missed Capoeira on Thursday because I couldn't find a parking space, and there's really no point going to the gyms on Thursdays if not for Capoeira. Ended up going on Friday to make up for things with a Body Jam & Body Step back to back class. Body Jam was Jason L's class, while Body Step was Roland's (with Annie shadowing).

We're back to the old tracks with Jason L (Raymond shadowing), only did 1 new track from the new release. Did the Ran Can Can performance track, which I used to love but have now forgotten most of the steps. And when he announced that he was going to be doing CANDYMAN, wanted to slit my wrists, because that's the #1 track that I cannot do, the #1 track that I've labelled as "gila babi hutan kalimantan" level of difficulty. However, seeing the rest of the class being able to twist and turn their way across semi-inspires me (maybe its the ego) and now I'm determined to get the steps right! By the way, on JULY 19th, there is going to be the first evAr themed class for Body Jam - which is PYJAMA JAM. Sounds good? Then see you there... IN THE DRESSCODE! I can't wait to show off my jammies. =D They are so old school it'll make you laugh.

On the other end of the scale, Roland still stuck to all the new releases, which is fine by me because I think the new Body Step release is really nice (despite what Jacky from FF says!), especially for the cool down.

That's about it for Friday... I remember walking out of the class feeling dead proud that I finished two classes, but wondering when the day will come that I can finish THREE classes back-to-back. Even after Body Step, Roland said he couldn't imagine doing Body Combat after that. Been ages since I did BC. =\

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day 24

I know , I know. I haven't been updating this page for quite a while. The reason being that after I came back from Singapore, there was the back pain issue, which I only discovered 3 days later, could be cured by going to the gym. Yeah, no kidding! When I told my friend, he said, "Everything also you cure by going to the gym - lethargy, headache, migraine, and now back pain." :) After that, lots of my friends overseas have been coming back for summer holidays, so I've been hanging out a lot, and yes, EATING... so I haven't been working out.

On Monday, I was supposed to have personal training, but when I reached there, I realised that I had forgotten to bring my gym shorts. HAHA! So I went to cancel my PT session, only to find out that the trainer had RESIGNED. O_O That kinda cheesed me off even more, because there I was stuck in the gym at 7pm, ample time to do all kinds of cool Group-X classes, and I had no pants. Takkan I exercise in office skirt right!

On Wednesday, they assigned a new trainer to me (or assigned me a new trainer, whichever you prefer). I won't write his name here, but here's a clue :

Basically, he's a nice guy, very forgiving and he didn't call me obese (this is a HUGEEEEEE plus, you have no idea how GREAT he is to not call me obese). He also agreed that I couldn't be obese, even if I was at my fattest 56kg last time. ^^ See? Clever man! We started off the day by taking my fitness levels first ... this one is a shocker. Not because I was 1kg heavier than I thought I was (no biggie here, cos I ate bread like mad before going to the gym - the bread gonna expire soon mah), but because at the end of the analysis, he said I shouldn't be concentrating on fat loss, but on weight loss. The difference is that fat loss concentrates on fat (duh), while weight includes losing muscle mass as well. Apparently I have low to normal fat mass (20.2%, the normal one is 21-25%), but I might be too muscular, especially around the legs region. T_T Yes, I want to have slim legs! But anyway, there are other good news for me, like that the muscle distribution throughout my body is equal, like muscle mass in right arm is 1.8kg, and the same for left arm. Ditto for legs. =)

He explained that the free sessions is not really for him to design a new workout plan for me on how to attain my goals, but for him to introduce the various machines around the gym, and how to use them. In the end, he convinced me that we should concentrate on weight loss, not just fat loss, as I was unhappy about my bulky calves and such... which is due to my calves being MUSCULAR not FAT. :D

Here are some funny parts I remember about the personal training session:

a. breathing in and out also I confused.... I remember apologising profusely because I don't get when I'm supposed to inhale and when to exhale. Trainer was very nice about this, but I can see he thinks I must be a bit daft. I mean, who needs to be trained how to breathe!!

b. during the leg press, he adjusted "5" for me. I thought, "Hmph! THis guy really looks down on me huh?" Then I adjusted it to "15". Then I did the 2 sets he asked me to (struggled a bit towards the end, but that's cos he asked me to hold the weights for 15 second count. After that, he told me, "Erm.. your quads are quite big ah! Your legs are strong..." T_T Then he said he was surprised to see me shift the weights to 15. I was "15lb only mar..." and only then did I find out I was actually pressing 15kg. T_T Apparently Trainer's previous client was a guy who only did 4.5. Seriously, my legs are way outta control.

c. We then did the bicep curls... here he said " *something something * tough". I replied, "Hmm?Nah, this machine is ok, not that tough." Then he said, "No, I said YOU are tough." MUWAHAHHAHA... Leech the Amazonian woman!!

Ok la, it's not like I'm damn hero all the way. Ended up struggling a bit LOT during the shoulder press. In all fairness, Trainer agreed that we work our shoulders the least, so its bound to be difficult to do. And I found a nice machine to work the triceps! The back pull or something like that. *happy*

Erm, there's some other fun-ner stuff that happened, but all in all an ok workout. Found out some things about myself that I'm quite proud about, like him asking me to run at 8kph for 5 minutes and that was just a breeze for me (esp since now my highest is 9.4kph). I remember struggling for 6.8kph with the FF Personal tRainer last time. :) And yes, my legs are outta control, but that's because I keep working them out, thinking the more I leg curl / leg extend/ calve extend/ leg press, the slimmer they will get. Now only I know I am only succeeding in making them bulkier and SCARIER. Poor me!

Ok, I know I don't update this much, but I *have* been going to the gym, and I will blog here more often. TTYL!