Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 23

Slowly getting my gym mojo back, but not quite. Went for Body Attack with Barney, and he came late. Said that his ipod was running out of battery... something like that. Ended the class 5 mins earlier also cos the ipod died too. (not like I'm trying to tattle tale / complain, just that this has relevance to the rest of the story) But aside from that, class was ok... was only confused during one part where there was 3 side steps - 3 jogs - 3 side steps on opposite side (which has an advanced option of 1 side step, step 90 degrees step, back to side step - 3 jogs - repeat. He still did the latest release for the upper body workout. Til now I can genuinely say I don't know how to do a proper tricep push up. And I cannot look at the instructor because totally no energy to even lift my head up when I'm doing tricep push ups. :D Sad story, but true.

After Body Attack, wanted to continue to do Body Step - also Barney's class. He went off to try and solve his ipod problem... and guess what? I FELL ASLEEP .. muwahhahha!! This is the 2nd time I slept in the gym waiting for group-X class to start. The 1st was yesterday. :P And no, I memang tak malu. ^^ I woke up 30 minutes later, and the class still hadn't started yet! A few people walked off, I think in the end the class was cancelled - not sure because I also walked out. Felt a bit lost, the lazy part of me told me to head on home, but the kiasu part of me rationalised that if I felt good enough to do Body Step, then I should feel good enough to do some toning exercises. Besides, I had already wasted 30 minutes gym time SLEEPING... gosh!

So this is my 'achievements' in the toning area for today :
a. 25 x 4 abductor machine (both) - 10lb / 15lb
b. 25 x 4 leg curl machine - 10lb
c. 25 x 1 leg extension machine - 15lb ( I only did one set because it's very extremely PAINFUL for me to do more than 1 set. I wonder why! I thought the leg extension was working out the part of my leg that was the most muscular... maybe strained it too much during Body Attack?)
d. 25 x 4 leg squats (30lb)
e. 25 x 4 calve extension (15 - 25lb)
f. 25 x 4 tricep extensions (both arms)
g. 25 x 4 bicep curls (both arms)
h. 25 x 4 abdominal crunch (30lb)

=) Cool or what? I could try more machines today because by 7:30pm, there were very few people around, so I could kacau-kacau everywhere. Also saw the Unix/Linux manager at the gym. :P She always wear baju kurung to the office, so I didn't know she's actually lost quite a lot of weight and she looks quite fit now too! She's been in True Fitness since November 2006. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 22

I haven't been gymming often for a good reason! I went to Singapore on Friday evening and only came back on Tuesday evening ... yup, for the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE. You can read about it on my main blog over here. Anyway, I walked a whole lot there, stayed at Rochor Rd and it was near Bugis Street / Suntec City Mall so we walked walked walked everywhere. And of course in Singapore, it was a whole lot more of walking and sightseeing. But don't let me fool you into thinking that I actually LOST weight on this trip. No sirree, we ATE a whole lot as well, and you know what? I think I'm getting quite a hearty appetite, even on days when there wasn't much activity, I was hungry as a horse! My colleagues said, "Hey, doesn't it seem like Leech is eating once every hour ??" SCARY!! And the cycling bit at Bedok Pier got cancelled. -___-"

Also, I carried a slingbag everywhere, aside from my essentials (read: wallet, ipod, handphone, camera, etc), I had a 1 liter bottle there... omg! I had a very bad sore back (right side), so I was silently weeping that I couldn't go to gym til it was healed properly.

So when I came back, I took two days rest, and the back still didn't feel good, especially when I had lots to carry (groceries) and I had to walk a bit of a distance... just a SHORT distance, like from the outdoors parking lot to my office. My back would start throbbing. Even worse is driving for long distances. After about 30 minutes of driving, my back would start throbbing again. You think I worried or not leh?

However, I couldn't just sit still, and on Friday, I ended up in the gym for Roland's Body Step class. I could've gone earlier, but it was @#$@# month-end + mid-year closing at the office, so I was tied up with some stuff. Felt so emo, because my work could've been done quickly, but due to misunderstandings and what not, ended up leaving 3 hours late. -__-" Anyway, Body Step was good, reverted back to previous releases already. Hey, my favourite warm up track is the If you want to do it, do it right song. It's so catchy and upbeat. Should be everyone's mantra from now on. No point doing things if you aren't doing it right, right?

But I was sooooo out of shape, it's scary! I think I BARELY made it to the end of the class. Must be something to do with the place I'm standing, because a LOT of people quit the class halfway / three quarters of the way through. Must be too stuffy or something. I also really had to push myself, and kept taking water breaks every song or so! O_o Anyway, I'm proud that I made it to the end... :)

Too bad I just didn't stay longer. :P

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 21

Didn't go to the gym yesterday because I forgot to bring my socks! I'm gonna go to Singapore, and it's going to be 4 - 5 days without gym! XD However, we will be cycling at Bedok Pier, so maybe I won't end up feeling *too* fat. I forgot my socks again today, so I actually bought new ones during lunch @ Mines, otherwise I would feel really *itchy* to gym. ;)

I was too late for Body Pump (Seriously! I really intended to go! Honest!), so I ran for 25 minutes on the threadmill. This time ran up to 9.8kph! Woooh! And I didn't feel like fainting / dying, so I really think my stamina has gone up. I can go for marathons and what not! (shyeah right!)

Since I missed Pump, I decided to work out with weights on my own. To the ladies workout area it is! I did:
a. 25 x 4 adductor (both types) with 15lb.
b. 25 x 4 leg press with 30lb
c. 25 x 4 low row with 10lb (or was it 15?)... I realise I need to work the back & tricep too, but no machine at the ladies workout area...)

Then it was time for Capoeira. Although I missed last week's class, I found that I could follow his steps easier. His = instructor (dunno his name, class schedule outside says 'Manobrow', and I don't think he looks like a Manobrow, I apologise if that is indeed his name). There's less students compared to when they first launched it, but still quite a popular class (instructor leng chai mah!). I really need to work on the whole evasive-switch-step thingy. And of course, how the instructor manages to make those wonderfully sweeping kicks while ours are all rather ungracefully executed.

Otherwise, he's damn encouraging, as always. Even though we must look like a bunch of fools to him, he still goes, "That's right! That's great! Excellent!". Wahhh... so bangga. =)

As always, ended the class with the whole cartwheeling practice. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Must squat lower as the starting position.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 20

Yesterday I had to go to the tailor in Carrefour, so it was much easier to drop by Consplant instead of going all the way back to Taipan. Strange, how I used to think it was difficult to find parking in Taipan, but now I feel that its difficult to find (free) parking in Consplant. By the time I was done, I could only go for one class - Body Step with Jacky. So happy! I think I've written here before that his class is great because of his cues, and anyway, I kinda like the new Body Step release! For some reason, Jacky says its not so nice, but I think its quite good. Maybe people just feel weird about the vertical starting position (I know I felt that way too), but I think there's much more good stuff than bad. I've mentioned before which ones I like... the members of the class REALLY need to go and let go and dance during the happening recovery track la. It's so fun!!

Anyway, the funny part was that I went into the class with a light grey shirt, and left with a DARK grey shirt. Amazing! I never sweat so much in a Body Step class before. I think that the instructors in FF motivate me more to "push" further because I usually stand in front, but in TF, I can stand at the back and "tou kai" more. Must be more disciplined... ^^ Either that, or the studios are stuffier in FF so I sweat more. Hahaa. But the great feeling is that after the class, I didn't feel tired, felt like I could go for more classes, but there were no more. T_T

So I had some time to do the Body Fat Analysis test that is FREE in FF for members. I'm not sure, but based on the advertisement in TF, it sounds like you can only get an analysis if you are undergoing Personal Training. :( Why can't normal members get free analysis? How will I know if I'm getting more muscles or not? Like recently I feel like my weight has stagnated... if not for the BFA, I wouldn't know that these past 3 weeks, there *has* been *some small small* improvements, which is losing 0.2kg of fat and gaining 0.2kg of muscle. This kinda analysis, you can't tell from the weighing machine, because to you, you'll think that although you exercise more, there are no changes. -___-

So anyway, now I have 2kg of fat to lose before I attain 20% body fat... which is apparently quite fit ady because "most ladies age 24 have 25% body fat..." <--- instructor's words not mine. Of course, I intend to go lower than 20%... =) Uncle Sat Sau used to boast about his 10+% body fat. Athletic betul!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 19

Did THREE classes on Monday, but it wasn't that tough, not what you think. ;) The plan was to do Body Jam + Body Combat + Jazzercise, but ended up doing Body Step instead of Body Combat as Jam took a bit more time than anticipated and I was already paiseh walking in to Jam late (missed the warm up session). I think I'm getting more and more into the Body Jam new release. Previously didn't really like the pop & lock sequence for Fergalicious, especially all the head movements. I think I can get the sequence for that now. I *think*.

The performance sequence for Ring the Alarm and What Goes Around Comes Around is also really catchy. I still remember how cool it was during the Miracle launch when Azie would be singing, "And I'll be damned 'fore I catch another chick on your arm!". Haha, that's a really catchy line. ;) Anyway, Tina's class was pretty enjoyable, she really tried to hype us up, but I guess it was after work on a Monday so peeps were pretty quiet. :P

Body Step with Janet - back to the old tracks & releases! She only reverted to the new launch tracks when the board is horizontal, e.g: Goleo + Lumidee + Fatman Scoop's Dance and Nina Sky's Move Your Body... love it!). BTW, she mentioned that she was late because she can't find parking space... they should have special parking spaces for instructors! Pity them ya, they also have to rush back from their work place...

Lastly, went for Jazzercise with Natasha Y. I'm so happy to see that there's more and more people who are going for her class! Overheard some auntie telling her friend not to join because it was soooooo simple. So? It's still damn enjoyable and if you *really* do the steps and like what I wrote on my journal --- if you top it up a notch, you can REALLLLLLLLLY sweat a lot. I sweated like mad during the class, but I donno whether it's because it was after Body Step and I was feeling a bit tired already. Anyway, she did the same tracks as last week - I hope that it changes a little bit next time. I do like doing Deja Vu, Here It Goes Again, and most of the tracks, but still... want more variety mar... there's one song that's really nice and VERY taxing on our thighs & legs. It's got a damn nice soundtrack too --- it's called Hawaiian Rollercoaster, hehe.

Oh dear, need to visit the tailor. Don't know which day I'm willing to "sacrifice" my gym night to go to Carrefour instead. -__-"

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 18

Went for Miracle 07 at Cineleisure Damansara @ The Curve. Already blogged about it here, so go there if you're interested to read what its all about! :D Body Combat & Body Jam releases, babeh!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 17

Was emo-ing a bit because I had some stuff to do at work, and caused me to miss my Pilates and Line Dancing. However, that would mean I was just in time for Body Step, which I was planning on skipping. :)

It was a good workout... this time Barney had someone to shadow him - Annie. I've noticed her in the class before, and she's really good. She didn't teach any of the tracks today, so can't comment on how good she is, but I think she'll be good la, she memang Step enthusiast. ^^

No other comments, except I LOVE THE recovery track!! Dance everybody!! Move everybody!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 16

My advice for you today : never ever go for conditioning exercises before a class. -__-" As usual, being my kiasu self, I couldn't just sit and relax before the Body Combat class with Terence today. I just *had* to go and do :
a. 25 x 4 calve extensions (with about 30lb weights)
b. 25 x 4 leg curl (about 15lb)... didn't have time to do leg extension. HAHA. Anyway, I need to work more on my quads anyway. :p
c. 25 x 4 leg press (about 30lb, one set with 40lb... insane!)

Why all the leg exercises? Cos I did the arms on Saturday mar. =p Anyway, it was a BAD idea... my goodness, I could hardly concentrate for most of BC, and its a shame. My first time doing the new release (#32, I think), so I should pay more attention. I was super lost, and you know me, when I'm lost, I don't really like the tracks, that I start to write off the entire release. Some more the calve extensions before the class was a REALLY BAD IDEA ok... sometimes really cannot lift my leg anymore, but still have to jump and bounce and kick and what not.

But this new release isn't that bad. There's lots of nice stuff about it, the only thing I didn't like was the cool down (which seems to me like a warm-up... -___-), the conditioning track (I honestly don't know what the chocolate fudge I'm doing...) and the new stances for the breathing. Damn confusing. But I like:
i. the circle track, it really *is* enjoyable. Terence refers to it as the "High School Musical track of BC". :D
ii. the final track ... My Chemical Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade. Gosh, I LOVE RUNNING TO THIS SONG on the threadmill, and the choreo for this track is simple but effective. Damn nice! Love it!~ =D
iii. how they're incorporating capoeira moves into BC. Ok, it's just the ginga, and that track was confusing as hell (I think the music was louder than the instructor who did today's class with Terence, anyway, couldn't hear her properly), but I'm sure that with practice it will look beautiful. :D
iv. the recovery track... soundtrack was nice, simple choreo.

... that's about it. But that's a lot right? I'm usually not enthusiastic about BC, and I really have been losing interest in it. Which means that the movement also not as hyped up and enthusiastic as it was last time. Which means less effective class. Which results in a vicious cycle of having more things to dislike about BC. I hope you get what I mean. Anyway, I'm gonna try breaking this cycle and doing more BC. Thing is, I'm so confused. I love EVERYTHING. I love Body Combat, Body Step, Body Attack (and I'm not boasting, but I think I'm alright in all 3.. :P).... so its very difficult for me to choose which class I want to go to. Currently it's Body Attack because I've never done it before this, so I want to do as much as I can all at once. But Body Attack really tires you out, after Body Attack, I cannot even DREAM of going for any other classes. So yeah, my point is that I really have to plan my gym classes carefully. :) *what a long story*

After BC, I went for a short (12 minute) walk on the threadmill. 6% gradient, 4.8kph only. Not to lose them calories, but just to do something before the Jazzercise class, that didn't involve straining more muscles. Anyway, I just want to say here that I FREAKING LOVE JAZZERCISE!!!!!!! It's right up there with Body Attack for nice new classes that I've tried in True Fitness. It's fun, and its something that I enjoy doing, which is the kinda mojo that I hope to regain for BC. I'm surprised that the class wasn't packed. Maybe because its at an inconvenient time slot (9:05pm - 10:05pm.. people wanna tidur la...)...

But anyway. In case you wanna know what is jazzercise, it's basically just simple dance / aerobic moves to the latest tracks. It's not really pure dance, but there are dance techniques involved. And it's not purely aerobic, because its not as high impact. Basically, it's just hella fun. And its easy to follow too. Today was my first class, but people think I'm a jazzercise enthusiast. :P And what I like about jazzercise is how the instructor (Natasha Y) also has conditioning and toning meshed in together with the choreography. At one point, we're actually lifting dumbbells! Aiyo, damn fun la.

Jazzercise every Monday from 9:05pm - 10:05pm from now onwards!! :D :D :D ((goodbye to Body Attack... :P))

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Day 15

Yeah, yeah, despite all my "I will not go to the gym! I need to relaX!" I just couldn't help my self and ended up in the gym today. And its not like I didn't have anything to do. Well... maybe that. I woke up earlier than expected today, managed to finish the stuff I was supposed to do earlier than expected... and then I found out that I could just about make it in time for Body Attack... >=p

In the end, I don't think it was such a good decision to go. The class was great (as always - Barney's class), and I still love the tracks and all that. It's just that I really *do* need the time-off gym! I could barely get my knees high during the runs, and I think that it just doesn't do justice to the new release if you don't do it with ~*full energy*~

After that, I went back to my original plan which was to have a -light- workout. Went to the women's fitness area. Did my 25x4 (15lb) for :
- abductor (the two different types)
- 25 x 3 for the low row (must work them arms!)
- 25 x 5 for the leg press

Took just enough time for me to fly over to True Yoga for my FIRST EVAR YOGA CLASS IN TRUE YOGA. In fact, today was the first time that I went INTO True Yoga (during the consulting, the dude didn't get the chance to show me the place). Well, it was a pleasant surprise, and Gentle Yoga with Sony was a different experience from the previous Body Balance / Yoga class I had at FF. The main reason is of course, that it's more peaceful at True Yoga. Unlike FF where the yoga/balance/tai chi studio is right next to the 'noisy' classes like Combat / Step / Jam, there is NO SOUND AT ALL in True Yoga. Really can relax! Secondly, I think that Sony is a better instructor even though his English is less comprehensible. :P Gentle Yoga is, as the namesake, easier than the normal Yoga / Pilates / Balance, but not TOO simple. The movement is simpler, and they go really s-l-o-w-l-y with lots of repetitions so that you have many chances to get it right. :p BUTTTTTT.. there is still a huge emphasis on correctness, flexibility, stretching and all that good stuff, so you can still sweat doing Gentle Yoga. :p For me, it was totally good, improves posture (I'm sitting straight in my chair now, even though I had back pain maintaining the lotus position in class, which btw is a freaking NOT-AS-EASY-AS-IT-LOOKS position.

Nice class, nice place, nice instructor. Can't wait to try more!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 14

Finally, my body feels so sore that I really really cannot go for gym tomorrow. -___-" It's not like I've worked out a *lot* today, its just that I have been working out non-stop for too long! And I guess I might've stretched my back a bit too much in capoeira yesterday, because its quite painful today. >_< Body Jam and Body Step, both new releases that I've yet to try! Before Body Jam, I did my 25 x 4 abdominal crunches again. Fooh... the abs are feeling sore now. A good kinda sore. Finished the last crunch just in time for class with Jason. He did not disappoint, did the new release (of course). The only sad thing is that apparently its the 4th new release class, and I was only one of the 5 people who had yet to try it. N00b n00b n00b betul. But it was not too difficult, could follow most of the tracks. The trickier ones is the later part of the latin track (where there is a lot of crossovers) and maybe the "most high impact jam performance track in the history of Body Jam" <--- according to Jason la. But that one wasn't tricky, just a bit confusing at first, sure can later on. But I love the other tracks, love the hip-hop flavour for Fergalicious, the recovery track which was simple & sweet (Long Way To Go by Cassie)! I can't remember most of the songs now, but I remembered enjoying all of it... hahaha!

For Body Step, wow, I really felt the fatigue here. But I managed to stay for the entire class. What to do, Roland was teaching, and I love his classes. ^^ I quite like the new release for Body Step track-wise, but I'm still not used to starting with the step board vertically. It's so strange to me. =p But it shouldn't make a difference right. Almost all the songs are nice, but I especially liked the recovery track song. *sudah lupa nama* I didn't quite like the speed step track, because it was some punk rock track, and I prefer choreography like the one for Walking on Sunshine. I thought the last "power" track was too much like the previous release (Do We Rock), with the exception of the guard/punch move. Then again, most of them are similar. -___-" Ooh, and I love the cool-down & conditioning tracks. Conditioning because of the bicep workout (I can actually see muscles on my arms again!), and the cool-down because it's Rob Thomas's Street Corner Symphony. ^^

Aching all over.
But a good kinda ache. ;)

Maybe I'll just go for 2 classes instead of the 7 class marathon I had planned out for tomorrow. :p

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 13

Today, True Fitness introduced Capoeira to their members in USJ Taipan for the very first time. The advertisements around the club were very enticing - "Brazilian martial arts / dance to funky music", or something of that ilk (sorry, I ad-libbed). As expected, the studio was PACKED to the MAX. It was very scary to see the amount of people stuffed into the room. And as you all know, capoeira requires a LOT of space, because of all the kicks and ginga (the basic, fundamental move in Capoeira. Is basically side-step + step to the back, then repeat on the other side. Got a sort of "rocking" motion going on). We could all barely move!

But nobody budged an inch... everyone had to stay to see what the whole deal was about. I also kiasu, I tried capoeira before (and the music was far from funky... it was like Balinese prayer music) and wasn't impressed, but wanted to see what TF had to offer.

I have to say, that the guy (Mr Quek? Quack?) was really good. But he was a bit too advanced for us... seriously til now I have no idea what the steps were. And because of the space limitation, I don't think it was a good idea to have all those fancy kicks. (But if no fancy kicks, how many other moves left to teach?) As it is, I kicked someone's hand... twice. Damn bloody terrible wei.

The music was much nicer than the capoeira class that I tried at Celebrity Fitness. Yeah, it's definitely funky! The best part about the class was at the end, when he let us learn how to do cartwheels (small-small only... must wait til arms muscular then only go and flip around), and then do bridges. ^^ Wah, back pain now.

Anyway, it was an alright introduction, will definitely be back next week. Am I wicked for hoping it won't be as popular next week? Need. More. Space. Didn't get to sweat much this round. Luckily I went for a run on the threadmill before the class (up to 9.2kph again!) and then did 25 x 4 abdominal trunk crunches. Yummy. =)

Signing off,

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 12

I finally went for a Cardio Wave class... its only 20 minutes long, but holy shit, really feel like fainting half way through! Since I'm a n00b, I totally didn't feel like it worked out my arms as much as it should have (during that stretchy stretchy session), but my legs feel damn weak after the 20 minutes. In hakka, we call it 'nyon'. :p However, all in all quite enjoyable (love the track selections) and aim to be able to actually stay on the cardio wave without grabbing onto the handles for dear life.

Wish I could've stayed longer, but I left my handphone at work, and if I didn't double back to get it, I would feel like I'm missing a limb or something. T_T Will work out tomorrow morning!! XD

Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 11

Can I re-iterate how much I freaking love the new release of Body Attack? Or how much I freaking love my new gym for that matter.

Today I went for Body Combat (last week was Jun Yin) and was surprised to find out it is actually Terence's class. ^^ Gosh, so many of the 'old faces' from the old gym over here as well. Was expecting the new release of BC, but he 'accidentally' ended up doing the old releases. Oh well, that's good anyway I don't have high hopes for BC new releases. And I'm happy that Terence is in TF because this means that there will DEFINITELY be someone who will do the old releases from way back when. Yay!

After that, was debating over going for BA, and ended up going! Wow, can't believe it myself, I actually took the non-lazy solution! XD Anyway, I saw that it was going to be Barney's class, and I really enjoyed his class (with Jason) on Sunday, so I decided to go again. Wooh, I really love the tracks, from #3 onwards. And now I can do that ice-skiing -lookylike thingy already! =D *proud of self* Wei, its a big improvement considering this is like, my 4th - 5th Body Attack class... I'm like not so n00b there now. =)

Okay, that's all for today. Grrrr.... weight - go down!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Day 10

I've discovered my new fave instructor at True Fitness. >=) Jason! Hehehe. His Body Jam classes are damn nice and enjoyable AND have "higher impact" than other Jam classes. And I just went for his Body Attack class on Sunday, and you know what? The class felt like the actual LAUNCH of Body Attack itself! It was that fun, that interactive, etc etc. Of course, he had Barney there as well, so the "mood" of a launch just stuck to me. ^_^ Seriously damn nice class, wish every week was that good. And in case you couldn't tell, the new release of Body Attack is DAMN nice. However, not as difficult as the previous release... maybe because they didn't introduce any new moves.

And the cool down for Body Attack is Meatloaf singing that Celine Dion All Coming Back song. Barney said, "Wah, this one is very dramatic" and proceeded to make a few hilarious "dramatic" poses. Lawak betul. But yeah, it's a very "dramatic" cool down, I love that song Meatloaf!

Was debating between going for Body Step or otherwise. Regardless, there was going to be a 1 hour break in between, so I decided to walk around the gym and scout out new stuff to try out. Finally managed to find the darn Female Only workout area, and I loves it! XD Firstly, they have the abductor machines there, and if you're like me, sometimes you do get weirded out doing the abductor and opposite you is another guy working out. -___-" So here I was free to do my thang. Besides, despite being a female only workout area, there were only a few ladies around. Maybe its Sunday, and usually there's more. Anyway, there was lots of space for me to walk around, and try the machines there. After that, found the leg press machine which I am also too shy to use outside. Managed to do 5 x 25 leg press (btw, for almost all machines I use 15lb only for legs, 10lb for arms), feels damn good. And finally finally managed to find THE perfect machine for my arms... the LOW ROW. Mwahahaha! It's a delightful machine to tone up the biceps and chest, not as intimidating looking as the other arm machines. Well, after a few months of this, let's see if people say my shoulders are as broad as a rower's. ^^

After I had exhausted the few machines in the female workout area (its not that large. The "guys" workout area downstairs is much bigger, but to be fair its not only for men, but they are so hulkingly muscular that I don't dare to go in, and I think MOST females don't dare to either), I decided to use the other machines outside. However, I guess it's a Sunday and most guys there are having some kinda routine, so when I use a machine (and I take a while to adjust, try, adjust) they give me a look of annoyance that has me scurrying away. So with the exception of the calve extension machine that I'm REALLY familiar with, I didn't get to try anything new. :( Sigh! Why am I not pretty enough for guys to offer to teach me how to use a machine huh!! :P I always get the evil eye instead. ^^

After all the toning and maybe, running away from hulkingly muscular guys, I decided to go home and miss Body Step. Le sigh! Well, tonight will be a 2 - 3 class marathon to make up for it.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Day 9

Whoa. I think I just love True Fitness that little bit more. On 30th May, I changed my start date of my membership from July 2007 to June 2007. Of course, my membership card was not ready because they thought I would only be coming in a month later. I was really worried that they wouldn't have updated my profile quick enough (after I requested, it wasn't an instant database update, they just submitted a request for change for me), and then when June comes around, I'd still have no card, and my profile still reading July 2007 would mean they won't let me enter. Long story short, today I went there with very low hopes of my profile being updated (I am so used to nonsensical dilly-dallying) and I'd have to meet their operations manager again and this time ask him to give me a copy of the request for change form or something so that I can actually gym.

But guess what? Not only was my profile updated, my card was ready! Super efficient man!! So today I super-worked-out.

I :
~ ran for 25 minutes on the threadmill up to 9.3 kph. Yes, up 0.1kph! And the narcissist in me loves running facing the mirror so I can see how hot I look when I'm sweating. *koff*
~ went for Body Jam with Farah (another one who I knew from FF..!!). The class was ok, not too difficult. The most tough track would be the Yeah hip-hop track, because of the kick-swerve-jump-kick move which can be tricky when you're going damn quickly. ^^ Otherwise I was super happy with the song selection, which includes the performance track for The Trouble With Me / I Like The Way You Move / Flashdance (???), etc. Simple, but fun tracks.
~ went for Body Step after that with Roland (I think it's Roland). Another good class with good cues, nice track selection (Dance Dance is now my fave party track, Walking on Sunshine - confusing but nice if/when you get it right!, Pour Some Sugar On Me - who can dislike Def Leppard!, Do Something, etc etc).

Thought of going for Body Combat after that, but my toes were hurting like hell. Wonder why! -__-"