Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 112

Raining like mad just when it was about time to leave work. Hate it when there's torrential thunderstorms like that. :( So I missed Hot Yoga, but was feeling a little bit itchy for some exercise (probably has a LOT to do with a beach holiday in the next month!). 15 minutes on the strider and 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine.

You know what, I'm getting pretty used to the Cardio Wave machine. I remember when I couldn't even take my hands off the handlebars. Now I can "float" without holding onto the bars, and heck, I can be standing or squatting or back-to-front on the machine.

What can I say? I'm excellent. :P

Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 111

Yalah, I know I haven't been going to the gym in ages. Barely more than 10 times for January... seems like I'm losing interest in gymming again. I've been going to the gym for nearly 3 years now, n what have I achieved. Okayla, got lose weight... okay la, my body fat percentage is lower. I do feel good about myself ... or perhaps I've just given up and accepted my weaknesses. :P I have been trying to minimise my calves (wtf) and thighs for 3 yrs, but i dun care la... i'm just gonna make them fucking muscular. Should skinny girls or skinny ah bengs ever dare to mock me, i can kick them like a football into the drain...

Damn a lot of internal anger in me at the moment... damn I hate the people who park in Taipan. Today is the 23423523523 time someone double park behind me. Stupid la.. you wanna double park, make sure there's someone in the car, or u are keeping an eye out on your own fucking car. Instead I was waiting for 1423525 minutes... really angry. The guy who came out eventually try to be "nice" and smile and give me thumbs up shite when I reversed out. Wanna ask him to stick it up where the sun don't shine!!!!!!!! -__________________- Damn angry. The other time, one Indian gangster looking guy slowly took his own sweet time waddling out of the store to reverse the car.. and gave me a murderous look because I hornnnnnnnnnn him so loudly. WTF DO WRONG ALREADY STILL DARE TO ACT LIKE I'M IN THE WRONG.

Double parkers... can go burn in Hell!!

Can't think of any creative curses, so I'll stop here for the moment.

Actually, was quite happy in class today. :D
There was someone shadowing Terence, so I was afraid that it'll be all new releases.. well, I think we did 1. Or 2. Forgot already! I just remember the old tracks, erm... Bagpipes, So What, Power of Love (nyehehhee... actually I wanted to faint at this point, esp when he announced he wants to do a circle track! And the reason I'm so tired is... I was on the Cardio Wave machine for 15 minutes before the class started. ^_^ ), Jump, some Backstreet Boys song for conditioning (super didn't do my tricep pushups.. I think I give up la) and "I'll Stand by You" for cool down.

Today lim pei very angry, cannot write in detail.

The end!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 110

20 minutes on the Cardio Wave and I'm back home babeh! Tuesdays rock! And tomorrow is a holiday, happy holiday everyone! :D

Quite tulan... yesterday TWO people... TWO AUNTIES freaking tried to barge in on me in the changing room, like wtf?? Did I not freaking VELCRO the curtain to the wall? There was one feller which was in the midst of TEARING through the velcro to barge in... damn wtf, and then there was one who was like boxing thru the curtain (if she hits someone , then she'll know got human inside.. what a painful - for me - way to see if there's someone).


Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 109

Can't blog much due to trauma & sleepiness! Left work early on a day where there was no point in leaving early as the only class that I wanted to go for starts at 7:45pm anyway. :P So I was entertaining myself, doing leg press here (can still maintain my last weight lifted, unlike my tricep extensions... cannot start at 15kg anymore! pathetic!), 6 minutes on the cardio wave, 5 minutes on the strider....

Then it was Body Combat with Terence... seriously I don't think I can go for his class anymore in the future!! He always helps me with my moves... but .... I don't wanna get killed by the Dangerous Guy who freaking keeps coming nearer and nearer to me unintentionally.
*breathe in breathe out*
Actually Dangerous Guy is quite good ady la... I just like calling him Dangerous Guy because he's damn powerful (and also because of the occasional coming too near to me and I freak out that he's going to punch me in the face). And I'm esp afraid when we have to shuffle left / right. But he's quite considerate ady, moving further back / front when it's the sidekicks.

But still I'm damn scared la. I can still remember the look on the lady who kena punched by him... TWICE.

Shit la, I'm a damn bitchy gym member la.

Anyway... the second trauma part was seeing that Adrian attending the class... I thought he "kai dou" already for the operation.. is it a good idea to do BC some more when you have injuries?!!?! When you're feeling PAIN?!?!?! Are you mad?!?!?! Are these polite questions to ask someone?!!?!?

Regardless ... class was awesome as usual. Terence did the first 3 - 4 tracks, Emma took over for 3 tracks, and then it was back to Terence for the Muay Thai, final power track, conditioning and cool down.

Warm up = Behind the Cow and The Killer's Somebody Told Me.
1st Track = We're Not Gonna Make It (this one has kinda nice choreo, I likey. It's from one of the newer releases, so it gives me hope for the new releases. :P)
2nd Track = *forgotten* I think it's an old(er) track. A "boxing" track.

Emma took over for :
Tracks 4, 5, 6 from the latest release.

+ the latest ginga track. ICKY! I HATE THIS TRACK! Nothing to do with the instructors... it's just damn complicated punya choreo and all this weird slow shuffling and then suddenly must knee & kick & ginga so quickly. Crap... I realise that I'm treating BC like how I treat dance classes. To me rhythm is everything, must fit in with the music and all that. When I don't like a song, or I don't like the movements for it, then I just slack off. :D

+ I don't know whether the ginga one is Lights Out or Elevator. Anyway, the "other" one is the one with the punch in front and then punch DOWNWARDS move which is SOOO tough to do! Esp when Terence pointed out that when punching DOWNWARDS the elbow must be pointing upwards .. like your arm must be near your face. *hard to explain* Basically after doing it for two times or so, your arm gets tired and it starts sinking lower and lower until it's resting happily at your waist. =) Must persevere to do things the CORRECT way... even though I'm about 50% slower doing things the CORRECT way. :P

+ Shut Up n Drive where Emma said we must accentuate the kicks and knees and back kicks and such and not do the choreo like we're dancing. :P I admit, I like the choreo for Shut Up and Drive because it's so danceable! But when you have to freaking kick and knee with force, it's quite tiring lor! I thought we were supposed to take it easy for this track! I thought this was recovery!!

The MT track is "Going Insane". Or "Gone Insane". *don't remember* Damn difficult la. Never mind, simply do only. Terence can only restart a track once MAX, keep that in mind people. :P

Last track was fun --- Ride on Time. Eh, this song is damn nice la. Esp the choreo towards the end, switching sides and clapping. =) Die die also found the energy to continue jumping around like a monkey.

Sound of the Underground for conditioning --- kinda died after 2 push ups. This would've been ok if not for the stupid Who's Your Daddy Body Attack conditioning track. Holy heck, my right shoulder has not been the same ever since.

and Breathe Easy for cool down! Pauline would be happy if she was there... nice track for cool down. =)

Got questions to ask instructor after class but too paiseh la, got so many people going towards him. T_T I go find another instructor. T_T

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 108

Blogging this on Sunday, but this is my usual Saturday work out at Jaya 33. No mood to blog much about it (more on that later)... about the work out first :
1) Woke up late for Body Combat, so I SKIPPED it as usual
2) Went for Body Attack where Jason did the entire new release. Just realised the "Who's Your Daddy" song is DAMN nice but all those push ups are BLOODY TORTUROUS!
3) Went for Dance Mania with Danny, and this time we did a really nice choreo & simple to do as well. It's a "tribal" kind of choreo, with fierce and outrageous movements. There were only 6 of us in his class, so we did all kinds of formations ("v", circle, mixture of both, face-offs, etc). It was BLOODY FUN! Please join his class on Saturday, it's really fun and we need more people! :D

Anyway, the sad part is I kena saman for parking at my "usual" parking spot which is near the residential area of Seksyen 13. Bloody hell! Can you imagine residents with more than 2 cars? They won't be able to park anywhere legally! WTF! I'm so mad now. I refuse to pay for that saman. There's no LEGAL place to park near residential area? What if the authorities decide to saman me for parking under the tree outside my house? Should I build a parking spot IN THE SKY to put my car?!!?

Some more it's like RM100!!

Anyway, I refuse to pay but I don't wanna wind up with 1000 samans, so I'll have to park at JAya33 from now onwards, which I REALLY am reluctant to do because the stupid parking lot has such NARROW ways to navigate. Seriously... I think a Storm would have trouble going up the slope. Fuck la. Kena saman or get scratches on my car? Wtf.

Maybe I'll just go to Jaya 33 less often... which I LAGI reluctant to do cos I fcukin love that place. *sigh*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 107

I've been deprived of dancing... imagine my joy at the prospect of dancing non-stop for a straight TWO hours!!! Who else would have such a class if not Ronicia! My boss and my senior were not around today, so I dashed out of work at 5:45pm. Was in time for Funky Line, and followed up with Dance Mania (which Ronicia calls "Power of Dance").

What can I say... for some reason nowadays I'm less confident about my movement. Feel like I can't remember the dance sequences and I can't imagine why. But going for her class brought back my confidence because the steps were easy and most of all FREAKING FUN!! I was beaming throughout two hours... so happy to have my dancing shoes on again. :)

My favorite funky line movement has gotta be for Avril Lavigne ft Lil' Mama's Girlfriend. The dance steps are to intimidate and somewhat... to cheer someone on also. It's very nice. And when we do it non-stop around the classroom, it's damn nice. Can you imagine a mob of ladies going after someone and telling them "hey hey you you, I don't like your girlfriend?"

Kinda scary actually. :P

And I love Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan's Dance for cooldown. Did it before in Jaya 33 so was more familiar with the steps here. Again, I like rather "aggressive" kinda dance moves, so this one was nice too. Oh, and the remix Sexyback was kinda fun once we all got the hang of the moves!

Dance Mania theme today was more of ... oldies. We had Footloose, Jitterbug (Wake Me Up Before You Go Go) among other early 2000s stuff like Ricky Martin and Las Ketchup. HAhaha, I had so forgotten the Las Ketchup dance! It's kinda stupid but fun to do.

My legs are aching now... and guess what? More dance tomorrow! Hope Jason won't do any new tracks ady... sick of it! :p

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 106

Cardio machine day ... last week was the strider, so this week I am back to the Cardio Wave machine! Feel a bit sleepy today, so was only on for 25 minutes. Boy can you sweat after 10 minutes! And now I'm able to float without holding on to the handlebars for a grand total of...

2.5 minutes!!

Which is great. Previous record was about 30 seconds. :P

And I've managed to carve away 1kg of the US indulgence weight gain. 1kg lighter than when I first stepped into TF about a week ago. Not bad!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 105

Crap la... after one day of rest, I thought my calf/ankle was right as rain, but after an hour of Combat, it's aching again. God... it feels like my calf/ankle will never be okay again. It's been almost a month! Then again, once upon a time, I thought my left eye would never be ok again and now it's no longer itching the fcuk outta the eye socket. @_@

Taking things easy, only went for Body Combat today. One day... maybe I'll go for Body Attack after that. One day when my leg doesn't feel like you're hammering it when I'm walking.

There was another instructor shadowing Terence today ... her name is Karen. Something about a clearance ... don't know what that means. But she's one of the best combat instructors to shadow him, so thumbs up! Think she pass the clearance without any problems, but then again I'm just a n00b who am I to judge!

Terence kicked off the class with Shake That and ... dunno the name of the follow-up warm-up track. Was conned into thinking we were back to old tracks! After Karen took over, it was BC34 until the conditioning track (reverted back to Twist & Shout) and then back to BC34 for the cool down.

Since this is my 2nd time doing some of the new release and 1st time doing some of the new release, I can give some comments about it...

Namely that aside from Shut Up n Drive, I kinda dislike it. :P Then again, I always hate the new releases and it's only thru constant drumming that I gain an affinity for it. Hey, first impressions right? If you dislike someone the first time u meet them, would u keep on trying to befriend the feller?

The Way ... kinda simple. No comments about this one.
The final track is crazy.... 4 different levels of punch / upper cut?? @____@ You have no idea how many times I realised that although I started on the same side as the instructors, halfway thru I find that we have switched (cos I'm slower)!
Muay Thai track is ... complicated.

Another track... forgot the name... quite complicated choreo. Punch in front, then punch down to the side (and the leg must move front and to the side too). Complex complex...

Don't remind me about the jumpkick track... started hating jumpkick tracks when they incorporated capoeira into it. The studio is packed with people, how to do ginga? And don't remind me... I am standing next to that dangerous guy again... He ah... has super power in his moves but no rhythm. Seriously I cannot even feel free to move around coz I'm afraid that if I don't see if he has stopped or not, he might grievously injure me.

Anyway, that jumpkick track is damn confusing la. Got dunno what sashaying to the side and then ginga. Then got knee, kick and ginga. Then jumpkick and ginga. Haiyoh.
Go back to the days of Bagpipes can?

But "Shut Up & Drive" more than makes up for it.... nice song and cute choreo. Hehehe.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 104

I vowed to myself not to do marathon-classes on Saturdays as often. Kinda wastes my Saturday away --- not to say that exercising is not good --- but too much of it can make you get bored with something quickly and you start resenting the gym instead.

Anyway --- my calf is not so strong now - best not to stress it. :(

Right. Went for Body Attack (Jason's class)... my god, by the 3rd track or so I was suffering ady. Even "jog in place" was killing my calf. Anyway, he did the new release for BA... starting to like it more and more, especially Wind It Up. =)

After that, went for Dance Mania (Danny's class) ... first time in at least a month! Omg... I miss this class soooooooo much. I thought Danny already forgot me. T_T And he said that he would be doing an "old song, old routine", so I thought I ought to know the steps, cos I think I only missed a few classes since he started teaching in Jaya33? But it was a song & choreo that I totally didn't know - Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Outta My Head. It was a "robotic" movement kinda dance, quite difficult lor!

To be honest, I still can't remember the choreo, right til the end of the class. :P And the embarrassing part is that at the end of the class, where Danny caters to our "inner performers", he selected me among 5-6 others to dance in position coz supposedly we "dance a bit better than the rest". I was going "wtf WTF wtfFF!!" cos the entire class I was seriously damn behind in the movements - couldn't remember what I was doing and not doing it technically correctly too. :P Maybe he just layan cuz he knows I always goes for his class and if I don't get selected I'll boycott. :P Nah... I was really hoping I won't get selected because I knew I'd screw up...

And of coz the first run-through I screwed up so badly. Kinda forgot the moves after the first 8 counts! :D Kena marah!! :P So then he rearranged us and then he said he'll partner me. -___- Giving me extra pressure la...

But anyway, after that I really forced myself to concentrate (despite my left calf / ankle) and I think was managing to "bluff" my way through the next few rounds. :) And I think it was a decent showing... hehehe. So thanks to Danny for somehow forcing me to learn the choreo and believing in me... *this sounds so kua cheong & dramatic*


This is why I love Dance Mania classes. Incidentally, we'll be having Ronicia in Taipan on Thursdays! Perfect! I did mention that I love her DM classes and now I get to go to her classes too. Muah! :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 103

Good news and bad news for me today!

Good news --- luckily I didn't sign up for True Spa! Turns out that Pauline is already a member, so I can buy packages under her name @ member's price! Mwahhaha!! Here I come Body Polish and Shiatsus. =)

Bad news --- the ache in my left calf / slightly above ankle area is still damn painful! I don't know what's wrong with it, been massaging it daily with Counterpain. Sigh... I really don't know how I'm going to gym if this goes on... like today, I was damn gung-ho and was prepared to go for three classes. I ended up only going for Jason's Body Jam class. *sigh*sigh*sigh* After that, the pain became quite intense that I was limping up and down the stairs. Cindy told me to go back home and not push myself.

The class today was good --- a mix of old and new. Well, practically everything was new tracks until after the cooldown. Now the cooldown and warm-up tracks don't look so difficult after all! Maybe Simone was doing some extra special stylo moves, cos I remember it looked damn complicated. And I still like the disco track --- Chaka Khan/ I Feel For You, and I still love Impacto (although I tried to 'go lower' and it's fcukin painful ok.

The old tracks today:
~ Don't Stop Movin' (S Club 7)
~ It's Raining Men! (I honestly don't EVER remember doing this track, but it's really fun!)
~ I Need To Know (I think it's Jason's favorite track)
~ Candyman (he announced that it's a track pple don't like. Hahaha! In my class, only a handful of pple can do it properly. Seriously, I super "tou kai" doing the movements. :D)

It was really fun la.. great choice of tracks. Happy clappy music.

Btw, the cleaner came in again for Jason's dance class... muwahahhhaa. Cindy was once again very unhappy bout it. :P

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 102

Today I wanna complain about damn oblivious and selfish people!!!!!!!!!

I went to Jaya33 for classes today even though Taipan had nicer classes (they had Ronicia's funky line class!!) because I had a free back massage from True Spa which I wanted to redeem today. Anyway, it's no biggie because Jaya33 had Alex C's Body Combat class.

I was in the class early... standing in my favorite position - front to the left. Then this old lady came in and she stood like directly in front of me.
If she wanted me to move, then ASK don't just fucking stand like 1 step in front of me.

I just moved away la... cos I was so pissed I couldn't think of a polite way to ask her what the fuck was wrong with her.

Later this regular came into the class and stood a little near to her, so she move and stood even nearer to me.. wtf... in the end I got my most hated position in a class...
directly in front of the instructor
and facing that pillar thing so that I can't even see myself in the mirror..

Shit.. don't want to talk about it anymore.. I can feel my blood pressure rising already.

Seriously --- I don't care if you're a "regular" or whether u are damn kam cheng with an instructor or what-the-fuck-ever. If you come into a class and someone is already in your "regular" place, you don't act like fucking queen of the world and make them switch places. Here's an idea: WHY DON'T YOU MOVE INSTEAD, BITCH!

Anyway, it's not like she was damn good at BC and if she stand in front all of us can follow her... *bitch*bitch*bitch*

In other news .... the class was alright otherwise.
It was a mix class, the 2nd half of the class was from the new release, so I finally got to try it. I really like the recovery track (Shut Up & Drive). It's a bit complicated, but if you do it properly it looks damn stylo ok! :D

The other tracks --- no comment. Haven't done them enough to have a real "feel" of it. I like the cool down though.

The True Spa back massage was pretty darn good! I like the environment --- very hygienic and clean an comfy. Only problem is there's a lot of people being shown around the place so it was quite noisy ---- there's this lady with special loud voice asking questions, how to relax la.

My masseuse was pretty good... she can apply so much pressure that I thought she was stepping on my back! Really felt like she was realigning all my bones. The body oil that they use smells nice and isn't too sticky, unlike the one I got from Jojoba Spa last time (Times Square).

Normal price for the "stress relieving back massage" is RM100... RM50 for member price.

Damn... I'm so easily influenced. I really felt like joining True Spa after a chat with the consultant. Thank God I left my wallet and all that in True Fitness cos I knew that I'm the "easily convinced" type. They offered me this package whereby I pay RM1,500 but I get 18 treatments. The ala carte price of these 18 treatments is over 3k, and the member price for these 18 treatments is still over 2k. If I don't join today, the next time I join, I'll get less than 18 treatments....

The treatments sound quite nice.. they don't just offer massages... they have something called body polish that sounds realllllllyyy good too. It's basically full body exfoliation..

Okay I don't wanna think about this anymore. It's still the first week of the year and I'm already trying to overspend.
I still have to pay for gym, car, parents, my camera, etc etc...
Too many monthly payments as it is already!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 101

Planned to go for a spinning class, but I left work a tad too late. Was still determined to do some cardio workout, so instead of cycling, I went on the good ol' strider. ;)

50 minutes (just like a typical spinning class), travelled 6.3 miles, losing 463 calories. If those measurements can be believed.

Of course, stamina levels are no good. I hit a heartrate of 161 within 10 minutes on the strider. Usually I only reach above 160 after 20 minutes of a good workout! Peaked at 171 and that was that. Thank god for the trusty ipod that pushed me further when I felt like stopping. I've never done 50 minutes on the strider before, so I'm glad that I still have the mental strength to push me all the way through. :) This when I STILL have the slight strain on my left calf (I first started to feel it during the Body Attack launch in DECEMBER) and I'm still aching all over from BC yesterday.

Here comes the Counterpain!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 100

Hmm... coincidence? The 100th day of going to True Fitness lands in 2008. The first day of 2008 that I'm working out. Yessirreee I'm finally back from the forsaken land of California. Only it wasn't forsaken la. I thought California pple are big on fitness and there would be tonnes of gyms all around. Well, there are some , but they don't go around advertising everywhere. The only gym chain I saw there was Bally's (but I didn't go in. Shy. :P)

Since it was also my first day back at work after a 3 week break, I really really thank God that I wasn't swamped with work and was able to make it back to Taipan in time for Body Combat (Terence's class). I thought they'd still be doing the new tracks (I haven't gotten a chance to do BC 34), but today's class was a mix track class... with a LOTTA LOTTA OF MY FAVORITES SO WHO'S COMPLAINING RIGHT!!

+ Angels and Dancing up a Storm for warm-up. Nice!
+ I Need a Hero --- mmm... ok this track is kinda growing on me.
+ Jigga Jigga --- when I have the energy, this is one of my favorite jump-kick tracks. I heard the song on my ipod while I was driving back from work and was thinking, "hmm.. feel like doing this track today, too bad it'll be the new release." =) Sheesh, I have some kinda prophetic vision la, I swear.
+ Crash The Wedding for the track-where-everyone-feels-like-walking-out. And Terence had to make us re-do it... twice? Thrice? Holy heck!~
+ Sweet Child O Mine for recovery. Was a bit lost here, I always have trouble with the going back and front bit. Anyway, a track from way back --- always welcomed.
+ Shake Your Body for Muay Thai. Erm... best MT track ever, hello? =p Die die also can muster up the energy to do the descends/ascends
+ Here I Come for conditioning. Die!! Whatever muscle I have in my triceps and biceps are GONE after the 3 week reprieve. I swear, I cannot even do more than 2 triceps push ups!!
+ Because We Believe for cooldown. Other favorites : When Love & Hate Collide, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (to date, the only BC instructor who did this in the classes I attend is Swee), Breathe Easy (only because other pple get confused with the choreo but I'm used to it so I can action... hahaha!)

I forgot the name of the last track. I'm guessing it's ... Paradise? Dunno.

Anyway, it was a great work out. I was thinking about going for Body Attack after that, but seriously had no more energy. *fuuh* Best not to strain oneself after so much lazing around right?

I weighed myself ... I gained 3 - 4 kg. No surprise since I can out eat my boyfriend 2:1. No joke... now he keeps saying that I'll eat him out of house and home. I don't really feel pressured to lose weight since part of the reason why I KEEEPPPP on going on and on about wanting to weigh less than 50kg is because I wanted to look good for my bf. Since I've already spent so much time with him being FATTER than usual, and he has no complaints, that whatever! I'm going to not give myself so much smack for not exercising every day of the week.

Of course, I still wanna gym because it is FUN... just that I won't keep obsessively weighing myself EVERY DAY. Sometimes I've packed my gym gear and am already walking out of the gym and then I realise that I forgot to weigh myself. I will walk back to the female changing room just to see if I have lost even 0.1kg of weight for that day.

Enough of that!

So 3-4kg .. big deal! I know how to lose it.
And best of all, now I'm SO FCUKING SICK OF FAST FOOD AND PIGGING OUT, I SERIOUSLY DON'T WANNA EAT OUT ANYMORE. To me, the most delicious sounding food is PORRIDGE. I'm not kidding. You wanna lose your appetite, just keep eating fast food for one week.

I had In N Out Burger, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, University Chicken, Pizz'a Chicago, Cheesecake Factory, Popeyes, blah blah blah..

Wait til you see my my main blog when I blog about my California food trip. Can really make you feel like vomiting seeing what I shove down my gullet.