Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day 129

Did weight training on Wednesday (since forever). It's Sunday now and I'm rushing my packing for Cambodia business trip, will talk more next time. Nowadays been going to gym just to bathe, what an embarassment. Won't be seeing me in the gym for next 2 months. Next time you see me, I could be prancing in to the tune of Mika's "Big Girl (You are Beautiful)". -____-

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 128

Received a call the previous day to try out Bikram's Hot Yoga, omg worst decision ever to join that class. I've gone for Hot Yoga a couple of times (if you follow my blog, you'd know), so I thought I'll be able to handle BHY. I mean, just 30 minutes extra of sauna-ing and stretching, how hard could it be right?

I walked out of the class after 15 - 20 minutes. -___________-

It's really weird, I don't even know why I felt so bad. Temperature wise, I really didn't feel that it was much hotter than Hot Yoga, although it's supposed to be (Hot Yoga is 32+ degree celcius, BHY is above 40 degree celcius... or so they told me). And you know what... we hadn't even gotten to the really difficult stuff like the triangle pose (yes, this is "difficult" for me ok). We did the breathing exercises, and then we did the half-moon poses. It was from the half-moon poses going into the awkward pose that I became really dizzy. I tried to take a sip of water but the sadist instructor BARRED me from doing so. I started picking up my keys (getting ready to get the hell out) and he BARRED me from doing so. I tried continuing but I felt so dizzy and wanting to vomit. I wondered... would he BAR me from vomitting as well? Can he BAR me from fcuking fainting?

In the end he told me to "just sit there", which I did... even then he had a problem with me BREATHING and BAR me from breathing thru my mouth (I admit, I was panting like a dog at this point) and anyway, I was just feeling really poorly. After he had finished whatever he had finished, then only did he let me leave the class with a final slap to my face, "You know in Yoga, you can't just disturb the other participants by leaving the class".

Ya ya... I'm sure they'd love it if I fainted & vomitted in the class... everyone loves drama right.

Later the consultants (still attempting to get me to join) told me that it is "normal" for people to feel poorly during the first class because it's just too hot and there have been cases of people ACTUALLY fainting. Well, I'm sorry... I think I'll just stick to plain Hot Yoga. I know that they have to be "strict" in the discipline and have rules about when to drink water or when to walk out of the class, but I feel that if the person does it quietly, then isn't it less disruptive compared to if someone keeps on doing the poses cos the instructor BAR them from doing things to make themselves more comfortable and then fainting in the end? Sigh...

Anyone else tried this class before? Comments?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 127

Hmm.. I don't know if I forgot to update last week or otherwise. Well, I went to Langkawi for a holiday, so I couldn't gym that often. ^^

Monday night was Body Combat night. I'm starting to become an avid BC member again. I can feel it when I ditch a gathering with my friends to go to the gym instead. =p Any day is ok except for Mondays (Terence's BC class) and Saturdays (Danny's Dance Mania class) k! Maybe Fridays (Jason's Body Jam class)! Standard gymming days. :P

BC that night was quite fun. To be honest, blogging this on Wednesday and I've forgotten everything that we did. But I remember that it was quite fun, albeit a little silent. Why are all the people on the right side of the class so semangat? Everyone on the left is quiet as mice. Maybe it's some kinda psychological thing, whereby quiet people like to go to the left wtf. Theory which must be tested out one day.

Pauline asked me if I gained weight or not... sad! I gained another 1kg when I was at Langkawi. Perhaps I should do weight training regardless of whether I have whittled back down to my "original size before I went to US".