Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 38

Cycled on the stationery bike for about 45 minutes. =) Just a quick workout because I had to rush off and...


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 37

I was seriously pumped up to kick ass at the gym, I bought 5 t-shirts to change! Hahaha... but you know la. When you haven't been working out ever~so~often, you lose your stamina. I'm trying to gain it back, but it's an uphill climb. Sigh, some things are so hard to get, but so easy to lose. =\ Sadly this does not apply for fats. =(

I'm getting a bit boring because I don't go for that many classes anymore. I hopped on the threadmill again today. Another 45 minute jaunt, and although I peaked at 8.5kph this time, I was mostly at about 6.5kph /6.8kph fast walking. =( My trainer saw me and told me that I shouldn't run so much as that is what is keeping my calves thick. @_@ So he actually applauds me sitting on my arse on the stationery bike! Well, that's what I'm going to switch to if that's what I will be doing instead of running. :(

Worked out on the upper body and torso this time:
i. 15 x 10 back extensions / glutes (this was pretty painful for me actually... I think I've got an old injury on my lower back after the accident... is that considered old injury, wtf am I talking about...)
ii. 15 x 10 trunk crunch
iii. 15 x 3 abdominal crunch (stopped because the machine was damn awkward
iv. 15 x 8 chest press
v. 15 x 10 lat pulldown (halfway through kena from trainer again for doing it wrongly that's why "no feel". But even after he corrected my got no feel also!)
vi. 15 x 4 bicep curls
vii. 15 x 3 tricep extension (missed out one set because was late for class)

And yes, I went for Body Jam with Tina. Was late and missed the warm-up, but the rest of the class was really fun. We did the Ran Can-Can performance track, which I really love (it has Daddy Yankee's Rompe!!), Crazy in Love (wow the last time I remember doing this track was when I went for Riyo's class in FF), Shake Your Tailfeather (this one I don't like as much, in fact I positively was randomly jumping around but Tina makes it look so EASY and HOT!), a supposedly "dramatic" dance -- never did it before -- called Come to Me which was really fun. Had another "dramatic" dance, but couldn't get the name. Was a sassy Latin number.

Somehow was really tired after Body Jam, so it was heading on home for me. Gah! And to think I thought I'd have the energy to go for Body Combat / Body Step and Jazzercise / Body Attack! *sleepy leech*

Day 36

Everytime I'm hit with the sudden inspiration to gym, something is sure to come up. Whether its period (seriously, women should get cheaper gym memberships because the likelihood of them going to the gym when on the rag is low...), headaches, working on my US visa, blablabla. Anyway, I was very inspired the other day to go to the gym (I'm always inspired to gym on Sundays, I also don't know why), so I headed before random excuse #1342343 took over...

I was pretty late when I arrived (had an outing with Ben earlier), so this was what I did :
a. 45 minutes on the threadmill. Seriously, I've lost all my stamina. Highest I can go now is only 7kph! Wtf happened? I have the lung capacity of a 70 year old who has smoked for 60 years. Was really abashed. Not only that, had this horrible stitch at my side. How to 'cure' stitches ah? I've never figured it out. Sometimes drinking water helps, sometimes I have to "run it off".

b. 1 hour on the stationary bike. Wow, this is the laziest way to work out evar. I could even read my Q&A novel (by Vikas Swarup, I totally recommend it!) and didn't feel the time pass by at all. But felt damn guilty looking at the other people working out on the stepper or threadmill while I was sitting on my arse ... READING. ~_~"

c. Worked out on the lower body!!
i. 15reps x 10 sets of abductor
ii. 15reps x 10 sets of adductor
iii. 15reps x 5sets of leg curl
iv. 15reps x 5sets of leg extension
v. 15 x 10 of leg press
vi. 15 x 10 of low row
vii. 15 x 2 (each) of glutes
viii. 15 x 5 sets of calves extension

I think that's about it! And I had to lower the reps for leg curl and leg extension, otherwise I won't be able to walk the next day! As it is, I felt damn tired that night, but was right as rain the next day! :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 35

Yesterday, I definitely had to go to the gym. I haven't been blogging much because I haven't been going much, simple as that. I don't even want to calculate how much $$ I have been wasting, but believe me, it's really "a series of unfortunate events". Starting with my car accident, then the manager who fetches me to work having a lot of work lately, so he goes back late too, and then me falling sick.

Do you know how sien it is to come home at about 8pm each day, and by the time I pack and reach the gym, it'll be about 8:30pm - 8:45pm (because Jalan Tujuan headed towards USJ is DAMN JAM then), and then not have much nice classes anymore? At first I was quite semangat and did that... even if it's just to run for 25 minutes on the threadmill. Then I fell sick. And actually til now, the cough is still quite bad. My mom also shocked. Lasted for about 1 month (my sickness).

Well, til now I still don't have my car back. Previous weekends had some other stuff to do, but this Sunday I was free and I grabbed the chance for a LONG and leisurely workout. I ended up working out for FOUR hours!!

Let's see, I started off with a 15minute run on the threadmill. Couldn't really last very long. This time I didn't do a gradual increment. Started at 7kph, then increased to 8, 9 and then 10kph. Wooh! But it was really nice running at 10kph to Fergie & Daddy Yankee's El Impacto. I really love that song! Raymond @ The Office is saying that I'm becoming a feng-tau-er, but then again if that means I don't adore Carrie Underwood, then I'm okay with that. 0:-)

After that, I hurried off for my Body Attack class, only to find that it had been replaced with Hi-Lo with Ambika! Well, no probs there, I've always wanted to try Hi-lo. And yes, that was my first class! I was convincing another lady to join the class, because she was debating over whether she would be able to follow the steps or not. :P Anyway, the Body Balance instructor from the prior class came out to explain what Hi-Lo was and also convinced her to join in the end. The class was quite small, about 8 of us. The regular Attack-ers were MIA!

Don't see why, because as Ambika says, this class is kinda like Body Attack! Erm, let me put it this way, Body Attack is to Hi-Lo what Body Jam is to Cardio Dance. Meaning - in Body Attack each sequence goes with one song, but in Hi-Lo, the sequences keep adding up... can be quite confusing la. It's like the "performance track" in Body Jam! But it was still fun, no harm joining more classes anyway.

I had about an hour before going for my next class, so I decided to tone up. Yes, I've decided to definitely never join Body Pump classes because I always get so intimidated by the amount of weights even the small size ladies are able to carry. Its not like I want to bulk up, just tone up a bit, I think carrying like, 5-10kg is sufficient? Must go and "pik zhi kei" to carry 20kg meh?? Anyway, this is the list of sets that I did on Sunday:
1) 15 x 10 adductor (outwards) - 15 (pls note I don't know if lb or kg... just look at the number on the weights.. haha!)
2) 15 x 10 adductor (inwards) - 15
3) 15 x 10 low row (10)
4) 15 x 10 leg curl (10)
5) 15 x 10 leg extension (10)
6) 15 x 10 leg press (15)
7) 15 x 10 calve extension (10)
8) 15 x 10 glutes (15) (this is such a fun machine to work out on!)
9) 15 x 10 trunk curl (10-15??)

Then it was time for class! Hahaha, I'm surprised I got so many done in between classes anyway. I'm VERY slow when doing sets. Especially the glutes, since I had to do 15 x 10 PER LEG. Anyway, its' really a bad idea to do sets before Body Step, my gawd, I really felt the strain on my thighs! I somehow managed to last until the last power track of the day. Actually, I wanted to walk out during the speed step track, but Roland did "heatwave" which is one of the fun-nest speed step tracks evar. Then again, I really like speed step tracks (walking on sunshine, chihuahua, walk like an egyptian), so there's a high chance that the instructor will do a likable track. =p

When I got home, I thought I would need counterpain, but I was surprisingly macho and didn't even feel much pain.

On Monday, I couldn't laugh (because of the trunk curls) and my thighs ache like mad.
Today's Tuesday and things aren't any better. Well, I can't go to the gym anyway due to a certain monthly ritual. Maybe later la.

The good news though, is I'm getting my car tomorrow! (note : I'm posting this on Tuesday) So that means I'll be back to my gym-bunniness in no time at all. I missed you True Fitness! You even smelled different on Sunday. =p