Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 173

Arrived just in time for Body Combat because I was too caught up with something at work, ended up leaving late and couldn't go for my 3 class marathon. Honestly, I am starting to feel bad if I leave work early... must be a good example to new team mates...

Poda la!! Who cares about them, next week I'll just leave if I feel like it! ]=)

Anyway, nothing much to say about BC class... it was good, nice, etc... hahaha, I think I'm getting tired of the new release. It's only the 3rd time that I've done it! A few songs that I can now remember and quite like :
- the warm-up (Summer of 69 and I Never Liked You)... nice!
- the chorey for Beat It
- How Far We've Come is a nice song, and it has alright chorey for it
- Let The Beat Control Your Body is a muay thai track quite unlike the normal Muay Thai tracks. I'm getting the hang of the downwards punch... My elbow is way above my shoulder before I pummel downwards now. Correct right?? Super macho now wtf.
- Our Solemn Hour is sooooooooo cool. I was TOO enthusiastic at the part where you suddenly sink down to the knee, so now I have a bruise on my right knee.


AND I STILL DO NOT LIKE SPEEDBALL. And the current speedball track is like, such awkward choreography la!! Speedball, then hooks starting with the back hand.... awkward, awkward. I think the whole upper cut and hook on the same hand is also awkward... bah!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 172

25 minutes on the cardio wave. Levels from 5 -7 ... normal la.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 171

Forgot to blog about Monday night Body Combat with Terence and Lorraine. But before that, did about 10 minutes on the stepper. I think I tried the thigh toner instead of the butt workout... either way it's only 10 minutes so I doubt it makes a difference, heh.

We're still on the new release... and found out from Terence that it *is* all about vampires and all that. He gave a more ... erm... vivid description on where the vampire parts come in. I'm only really feelin' it for We Will Survive and Our Solemn Hour.

Anyway, a really fun class, really started getting the groove of the tracks. Heck, we were even encouraged to sing along for "How Far We've Come". Nice track! Easy to follow chorey too.

I really don't feel very tired after a BC class, even though I swear I go "all out". :P Which is good!! I still have a long way to go before I achieve my target weight... T___T

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 170

Ran on the strider for 40 minutes... not bad, stamina level still there. Did 6.6 miles.. or is it km? I never figured out which metric system the machine is using.

Anyways... that's all. Gotta conserve energy for tomorrow. (Monday night BC! Yeay!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 169

Aloha everybody! I'm back from my working trip in Laos. I loved it there! Seriously, I'm now thinking about the feasibility of living & working in a different country every month. :O Thing is, I like money too much to just forget about commitments and travel around the world. Sigh... but living in Laos was really good! Better than my last trip to Cambodia!

I had serious doubts about being able to complete my usual Friday 3-classes-marathon, but I surprised myself when I did manage to do so! Of course, was dog tired at the end and I am *so* going to have a good sleep tonight. I could even feel butt and calve muscle pain like last time, but luckily it wasn't serious and it was towards the end of the class, so I just worked it off. ;)

Started with the new release from Body Jam with Jason and Clarissa (sp?). I really like the new releases from this quarter! For all 3 of the classes that I went for. Anyway, back to the story about Body Jam.... I can't remember ALL of it, til I do a few classes, but I super loved the choreo for Beautiful People, it is so awesome that we can dance to ROCK tracks, not just the club and house type. :) The tracks seem to require more and more stamina at each release... there's one squat and switch movement (macam Russian "Kalinka" dance) that works your thighs and ass like nothing else. T____T Oh, and one more new move that I like is the one where you jump in the air and attempt to click your heels together. I forgot what it's called, but that one is awesome too. I like jumping! Hahahaa.

Next was Body Step with Anthony. I was sooo lucky to stand at the back, behind these two other members who I think did Body Step training before. One of them, I have seen shadowing Anthony before, the other I tak kenal la. Anyway, so I could easily follow them whenever I got too confused (especially during the "round the world" bits) and I swear, if you looked at our class from outside, you wouldn't believe that the people inside are doing NEW releases. Everyone looks so pro, ok!!!! :3 I really like all the tracks for Body Step... really no complaints. The first track "Here I Come" already gets your heart pumping, and the "Live your Life" track towards the end is just so inspiring. I used to be avid Body Step member, then dropped out because of the "I don't want to make my calves any more muscular than they are" thought. Then joined back because it's honestly and truly one of the better Group-X classes for you to lose weight... I was really scared that I won't get into the groove again because seriously, Body Step ain't easy. But with new releases like these, I think I will definitely be going to Step classes more frequently! :b

Last, but not least, was Body Combat with James. He is so lucky, today he got many new female students, hahaha! Anyway, I was really dog tired at this point, but I was just too curious over how the new release would be. I watched the Les Mills preview before I left for Laos, and I think I must've watched the wrong one or something. They were talking about the theme being vampires, but doesn't seem very vampirish to me also. Maybe I'll go study the tracks later.

Warm up started with "Summer of 69", original by Bryan Adams in case you didn't know. Awesome! I didn't really like the second half of the warm up, but it's still ok. Next was "Beat It" by Fall Out Boy... erm.. it was alright.... ok I don't remember the rest. :x But I know that the choreography was pretty simple.... straightforward... ok la. I didn't really like the whole incorporation of Capoeira into BC, but not like it's a humongous turn-off. (The main reason being that Capoeira really needs a lot of floor space in order for you to do everything properly. It's damn not fun to do this on a crowded floor.. then again most of the jump kick tracks are like that too).

Really no complaints la.. it was a great workout day. It's always good to do new releases for the FIRST TIME with really good instructors... then you feel like you won't mind doing it for the next month or so. If it's not a good class, you end up avoiding that particular class for the next month or so. So thanks all for giving such a great introduction... hehehhee. (Ya ya, today's not the launch, but seemingly a launch to me)