Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 420

Monday nights.... cherish the back-2-back power classes when they are still around. Starting next week til after Chinese New Year, Terence won't be teaching in Taipan. *gasps of surprise from all his fansies*

Combat on Monday... don't really remember much....
Shake That & Bom Bom Suena for warm-up
Livin' on A Prayer
Power of Love
the "recovery" track from the latest release
Raver's Paradise (??)

I might have forgotten one or two tracks, do forgive. Hahaha! Terence said that I "stole" his moves from Power of Love, cheh! I've stolen it damn long ago lah! :P

Stayed on for Body Attack after that, which Jason Y finally came back. Haven't seen him for one month, he did the latest release, and give it a breathe of fresh air. Hahaha. Seriously, agree with Frances when she asked him if he's on drugs... he's super energetic from start to finish!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 419

Body Combat with Alex C... though I survived (Barely) ATtack with my rotator cuff, it became worse doing BC with Alex C... was so sore and could barely lift my arms to do punches. But it was a great class, back to old tracks, with stuff like Fire, Eye of the Tiger, How Far We've Come. He did Miracle and the two last songs in BC from the latest release, and again he did his Body Attack moves. Lol!!!

At the end of the class, he said that he finds it super easy to do old tracks now, after suffering through the new releases. Do you feel so? Hahhaa. I have to say that old BC tracks are more "fun"... I kinda miss it, hehe.

Anyway, I got this from Teoh from his Facebook. He asked for the Top 10 Body Attack songs for 2009. I will be fair and do top 10 for my 3 fave GX classes - Combat, Jam and Attack! :P

Body Attack
1. Don't Give Me Your Life - Romy Koolhouse (Mixed Intervals from Q1)
2. All I Ever Wanted - Daytripper (Running track from Q1)
3. Something Good 08 - Club4Life (Intervals from Q1)
4. Tubthumping - Smash & Grab ( Plyometrics from Q2)
5. Baby I'm On Fire - DJ Razorsharp (Aerobic from Q2)
6. The Best Is Yet To Come - Hinder (Cooldown from Q2)
7. Fly On The Wall - Dana deWit (Aerobic from Q3)
8. Take It To The Limit - Badlands (Power from Q3)
9. Put a Donk On It - Northern Accelerators (Agility from Q4)
10. Zombie - Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockers (Power from Q4)

[This list damn hard to make because I like nearly all the aerobic, plyo, power and interval tracks... sigh. Also, notice how NONE of the upper body conditioning tracks make the cut, hahahhaa! Lower conditioning, I was tempted Sneakernight. Other notable mentions : Gimme More, Take Me to the Clouds Above, When You Leave, True Faith, Jump, Just Stand Up, That's Not My Name, Bridge Over Troubled Water... damn a lot!! ]

Body Jam
1. Dance Wiv Me
2. Krazy
3. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
4. 75 Brazil Street
5. I Know You Want Me (wanted to put together since it makes the entire performance, but not enough slots, hahaha)
6. Pictures
7. Finally 2008
8. Shake Up The Party
9. Loaded
10. Oye

The year of Latin performance tracks, hahaha. I think 2008 had nicer tracks, hmmm...

Body Combat
1. Numb (one of the best warm-ups!)
2. The Anthem (fast and sweet)
3. Slow & Steady Rush
4. Enter Sandman
5. Desolation Row
6. Tutti Fruitti
7. The One & Only (warm up again, lol)
8. Jump That Rock! (This is not in order of most liked, otherwise this would be #1!!!)
9. Johnny B. Goode
10. Cum on Feel The Noise

The problem with this list, of course, is that I only remember the chorey + song for Attack, the rest is mostly song and vaguely chorey. More on song, so that was the main criteria. Hahahaha! How about u?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 418

TT Attack with Janet, and after studying for one whole week, thank God I didn't screw up the choreography for Put a Donk on It. Hahaha. Yes, I am still TT-ing one track and still the agility track. Kakakakkaa!

Lots of comments... I will try to remember all...
* need to be more "fun" since this is the agility track
* need to learn voice contrast (because at the last block must hyper hyper a bit, cannot just all the way hyper, or in this case, all the way like happy happy only)
* too much precueing (in my defense, this track is a bit confusing, so I spent more time on precueing, and threw all my set-up cues in the first block... but I think I should find a happy medium la... )
* better posture

Out of all this, the repeated sin is my posture, but that's a really bad habit from young, and I am finding it hard to correct, but of coz, I will... Right now I'm trying to emulate the guy with the best posture I know, who is my manager Mr Lee... hahahhaa.

Guess what? I TT with the BA HT next week.. and I graduate to TWO tracks! Hahahhaa! And it's not running and agility... it's interval and POWER!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 417

Told myself to lay off the left arm because rotator cuff was in pain, so I decided to do weight training.

Halfway through, couldn't resist and decided to do some floor exercises, with push ups on toes, tricep push ups and stuff...


Pain again.

Really don't know how going to do Attack TT on Thursday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 416

I was a dumbass and went to the gym to do weight training even though I knew I had some kinda problem with my rotator cuff. I did with "correct form" this time around, but it became even worse, after Sunday, everything went downhill. It was so painful that I couldn't even sleep at night...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 415

Did 3 classes, and I was very happy because they were all very nice.

Body Combat - Alex C's class. Did new release for the last time. Sigh, goodbye new release, I'll miss you. The most memorable part of his class is that when he did Miracle, halfway through he started doing Body Attack movements! Hahahhaa! I didn't know Alex C also likes Body Attack. Apparently he did it a lot last time, even considered taking BA training. Awww...

Body Jam - Zarina's class, and she did the new release too. Before the class started, I told her that the first half of the class is nice, but I didn't like the last part. Anyway, not bad... despite being only my 2nd time doing the new release, can still follow. Hahaha. Got good teacher mar... *sayangs* Okay, I really like the Latin performance track, and now I like the last performance track too! Don't know why I hated it last time, but I guess there are some things you need to listen more and more to let it grow on you. And how can I forget, I really like the One Minute Man recovery track and the I'll Do Anything For You cool down! :)

Body Attack - new release with Hazrin! Hahaha.. he made me go on stage to do the plyometrics track - Rock It. Gosh. I know I like lunges, but to do it all the way on stage, got a bit of pressure, but of coz, didn't die. Lol. *proud of my strong thighs wtf* I feel bad cos he asked me to do the finale track and track 10 as well, but shadow is one thing but last minute do on stage is too much pressure for me and I cannot live up to it. :( So I felt very bad after this class.... :( :( :(

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 414

Went for Janet's Body Attack class... she did the new release, but partially taken over by Ryann hahaha. Actually, I don't really remember what I did because I'm blogging this more than 1 week late. Think I've grown too old to document this.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 413

Despite saying that I will go for weight training at the free weights area, I still keep going back to the machines. I must be BOLD and use my damn workout gloves, otherwise am I buying it to hide it in my bag? -__-

-> chest press @ 35kg now
-> fly @ 26kg
-> shoulder press @ 45lb
-> assisted pull ups @ 21.5kg
-> lower back row @ 30-35kg
-> abductor & adductor @ 50lb
-> leg press @ 70-80lb

Right now doing Brazilian crunches for 8 crunches, set of 5. It's very exhausting.
I do 75 "C" crunches
Tricep push ups look good only if I plant my feet firmly against a wall.
Push ups on toes are ok. Been doing it more and more frequently. I'm ashamed whenever I admit to someone that it's only something recent that I picked up. "What is push-ups if not on the toes? What other option is that? On the knees? What's that?" Hahahaha.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 412

Body Combat, latest release with Terence Tan!
The airconditioning in the studio wasn't working, so we had to do without! The gym was a sauna, and the floor was filled with sweat drops... yucky!

Couldn't do Attack after that. If Combat made the studio a sauna, Attack would've made it... a flood area.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 411

I worked out in a random gym in Singapore, did weight training and running for 25 minutes at 9-10kph. :) My friend said I made a Sg pervert uncle's day because the guy was sitting directly behind me, not working out and just looking for 10 minutes. After that, he just walked out of the gym! Fail...