Monday, December 17, 2012

Kickstart Day 7

Made it for Sulin's Body Jam class in J33 today, and it was the new release! Wheeeee!! Body Jam 63!!  I haven't gone for new releases in a long~~long~~ time, so it was challenging to me. How fast can I catch on to the new dance steps? Am I still as "alert" as before to be able to memorise totally new chorey? Thankfully, Sulin is a great instructor as always, and probably have not started the tough options yet... the new release is pretty easy to follow!

I don't have the actual track listings yet, so .... basically starts off with a pretty simple warm-up, although I found the heel pumps a bit tooooo long. Boring lah. The first block is supposed to be really hardcore... I found it tough to do because I pulled a muscle in my inner thigh after all the swimming on Saturday. :X It is really painful for me to do that kick up and sink down kinda movement. However, had lots of fun with the reach out, hand swing, hips a' circling' routine.

Not a fan of Bieber's Boyfriend, so didn't really like the recovery track. Dunno is it my inner thigh problem or what, but I don't look so cool doing the walk, bump, hip shake thing. I just shake my ass anyhow... donno if correct or not, hahaha!

The 2nd block is dunno-ninja-dunno-kick-what... it's very fun! A bit confusing with the kick-step-back, move to right, move to left, and left hand sinks down with a lean to the right... Ok, you can't get what I'm saying here, this is more for my own memory, haha. And omg, all the hands movement and jumping right and left like a frog... I felt like some internal organs are going to drop out! :O

The cool down track was quite nice, a lot of drama with the hands, which the performer in me was revelling in. :)

All in all, not many new moves, and the really high stamina part is the frog jumping mentioned earlier. I still don't think it's as tough as the earlier release with the Beyonce countdown... Then again, maybe they haven't gone with the harder option yet! I don't really like the music selection for this release either. I don't like the remix for Rita Ora's How we Do. The only catchy song I like was the one with the "Reach!" arms. Sigh...

Still, will do it again, cos I really like some of the moves, especially in the 2nd block! However, find all the body "Wave" very tedious and boring ... hmmm.. decisions, decisions. :P