Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 331

Shadowed twice with Hazrin, once in Taipan and once in Jaya 33. But in Jaya 33 ended up only one student, so I ended up doing on the floor, hahaha.

Wasn't my choice to do in Taipan... just told Hazrin I might be going over to Taipan after that ("cakap cakap aje"), suddenly he said, "Shadow with me there la!" Wow! What an opportunity, though I did wonder whether I Would have the strength to go through with it. :D

Both times in the class, same track listing as the one for Combat vs Attack... love those tracks!But essentially did almost 100 non-stop alternating lunges within 20 hours. My quads are hurtin'!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 330

Combat vs Attack

Body Combat vs Body Attack! Something that sounds really good on paper, why not eh? If FF has the 2 hour Body Attack special, surely TF can last 1.5 hours of Combat + Attack! Plus, I'm realllllyyyy into Combat and Attack, as ***** puts it, "You tell me you didn't go, I also don't believe you la!"

Anyway, I swear I will NEVER go to Pavilion after working hours again! Not unless the class is at 8:30pm or 9pm. It was RIDICULOUS going through all that traffic on Friday evening. It ended up taking me 1.5 hours to get to Pavilion through all that shitty traffic (which I don't even know what it's caused by!) and therefore, I missed the first 30 minutes of the class. Perhaps this put me in the wrong "mood" for working out already.

In case anyone wonders about the format of this class, it's about 3 tracks Combat, then 3 tracks Attack. 2 tracks Combat, 2 tracks Attack, so on and so forth. They didn't have running track, but they had the "circle / split class" track for Combat. Only one conditioning at the end by Combat, but we had the mid-class conditioning for Attack as well.

For Attack, the songs were quite nice (I did it again on Saturday / sunday, so the full list for the class is as follow):

~ This Is The World We Live In (warm up)
~ SOS (mixed intervals)
~ Little Don (aerobic)
~ plyometric track with jump squats & alternating lunges --- don't know the name
~ Whine Up (conditioning)
~ Everybody's Free (running)
~ 369 (agility)
~ Listen to Your Heart (intervals)
~ Nowhere Fast (power)
~ don't know the name of the conditioning tracks, but it's really nice!
~ That's My Goal (cool down)

For Combat, I don't really remember most of the release, but it's mostly from the later releases. I remember Johnny B. Goode, So What, Hyper Hyper, Let It Rock... sorry if I missed out any. :)

Personally, I think that Pavilion people are more into BC... because during Attack they look like they are dead! After a quick look through, I can see that Pavilion only has Body Attack twice a week - once on Fridays and once on Saturdays. In contrast, Taipan has BA five times a week. More than 2x Pavilion. So I guess the Pavilion people don't have enough exposure to this GX class? They do look like they are enjoying themselves though, so hopefully next time Pavilion will have more BA classes and introduce more people to this program. :)

Won prize also during the quiz session... actually I was helping the others give the answer (stood at the back some more) but again I inadvertently got the prize. Hahaha. Erm... feel very greedy la, everytime also win prize wan. After that I tried to give my prize to this other guy who was also in the class, but he said he win so many times until his house is filled with True Fitness water bottles WTF.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 329

So finallllllyyy the trainer who I accidentally scolded called me up for the free PT session. Actually... he's super nice and helpful. After the workout he didn't "pressure" me to sign up for PT. I really donno what he gains from it except that he's being nice? Or maybe he will ask me to sign up later? Right now I just think of him as a nice guy lah.. hahaha. At the end of the session he said that I'm "quite strong". Hehehe.

The workout was actually quite simple, a little like circuit training... and at least I learnt some new ways to exercise.
1st circuit :
- basic march on step board (highest level) while lifting 3lb weights straight in front and down x 20
- basic march on step board (highest level) while lifting 3lb weights to the side (shoulder) x 20
- basic march on step board (highest level) while lifting 3lb weights over the head x20
- 20 x abs crunches. Hold your core in, sitting on step board. From side, body looks like a lazy "v"
- 20 x leg lifts... you lie on your back on the step board, then you lift the fit ball up (it's held between your legs) til 90 degrees from your body. From side, body looks like an "L"

2nd circuit :
- sit on fit ball and do alternate bicep curls x 20 (8lb weights)
- on fit ball, and do side raises (10x)
- on fit ball, overhead raises (10x)
- on fit ball, overhead triceps (10x)

Thank you ***** for the workout! :)

After that, we need cardio right? I went for Body Jam, replacement by Caroline. She's the super duper stamina feller. We did the performance track for Chaka Khan and the "street jazz" performance Party Like a Rockstar. Throw in Impacto and Crazy. Don't know the name of the warm-up and recovery (it's from the latest release), but we ended with I'll Be Your Baby Tonight.

It was super tiring to do her class after that workout. Though the circuit training sounds easy, it was difficult, especially the fit ball leg raises.... it really works your inner thigh though!! Thank God Caroline let us choose to either do street jazz or the "womanizer" performance track (the one with the step & freeze)... of course street jazz ler!! Hahaha.. although I forgot that that track is pretty cardio too!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 328

Weight training day! Was a hardcore workout... about 50 minutes of weights and 20 minutes on the strider to finish up. Usually I start with cardio and end with weights, but the colleague asked me to switch it around. Last time my trainer insisted I start with cardio... both (trainer and colleague) have their own arguments. For me, naturally if I start with cardio first, weights suffer. If I start with weights, cardio suffer. Since I am trying to build strength & endurance, I think I should do weights first from now onwards...

chest press - maintain at 25kg, 3 sets
vertical press - maintain at 27kg
fly - up to 21.5kg for 1st set, remain at 19kg for last 2
leg press - about 40lb? or is it 40kg?
abductor and adductor - still around 35 - 40kg
prone bridge for 1.5 mins
the BA "poker face" abs workout
BA sit up challenge - 40 crunches. Then 20 crunches the "normal" way
Lat pulldowns - 21.5kg
-- another back exercise.. forgot what it's called.
Triceps overhead - 14kg for first set, 9kg for last two. Amazing in my eyes as I used to not even be able to do ONE overhead @ 9kg.
Free weights (8lb each) for overhead triceps as well and shoulders.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 327

Monday's Body Combat and Body Attack back-to-back. For some reason, Terence did all the tracks I like... except for the warm-up. Hehe. He's also unnaturally interested in how many layers of clothes I wear wtf.

Warm-up : Apache Rocks The Bottom!
2nd part : Somebody Told Me
1st cardio : Livin' On a Prayer
2nd jump kick track: Jigga Jigga
2nd cardio? : Mangas Verdes
3rd cardio? : How Far We've Come
Recovery : YMCA
Muay Thai : Raver's Paradise (Wtf.. now only found out the name)
Final power track : Back in the UK
Conditioning : Here I Come
Cool down : Red Warrior & May It Be

Seems like there's a whole lotta tracks that day. O_O How come ah! So many tracks! Madness! Eh, Terence you have to do the alternate option for Mangas Verdes --- chest pump instead of clapping. Kekeke.

Frances shadowed Jason on Monday, so we did release #65. Hahaha.. the problem with doing this release is :
a. we are very familiar with the tracks
b. so we tend to go all out
c. but because we are familiar with the tracks, we tend to dread what is coming next

Honestly, think #65 is one helluva crazy release. Damn difficult. Both the Tubthumping and Jump! Don't know how I managed to finish the class with "High Energy!" also. Sigh.. wish to shadow Jason one day, but his list of shadows is neverending!

New track listing for BC #41 :
1 Dragostea Din Tei (DJ Ross Radio Mix) O-Zone
1 My Life Would Suck Without You Kelly Clarkson
2 Music Is Pumping Radical Rhythm
3 Slow & Steady Rush Random Attack
4 Enter Sandman Spock
4 Boom P.O.D
5 Ballroom Blitz Dave & The Extras
6 Let Me Entertain You Bodytronixx
7 Desolation Row Krakaw Kreativ Kollektiv
8 What Do You Want From Me (Squad E Remix) Cascada
9 Right Round Flo Rida feat. Ke$ha
10 Halo Beyonce

New track listing for BJ #50
1 Saturday (Fedde le Grand Vocal Mix Main) Cunnie Williams feat. Monie
2 Love, S#x, Magic Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake
3 75, Brazil Street (Original Club Vocal Mix) Nicola Fasano vs
4 I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) Pitbull
5 75, Brazil Street (Steve Forest & Paul Simon Mix) Nicola
6 I Wanna Rock DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
7 Voice Of Freedom Freedom Williams
8 Set It Off J. Williams
9 Blame It Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain
10 Pictures (Tonite Only Remix) Sneaky Sound System
11 Suburban Knights (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Mix) Hard-Fi
12 Finally 2008 (Kam Denny & Paul Zala Remix) Denzal Park
13 Spotlight Jennifer Hudson

Holy sh*t! Calle Ocho! Love, s#x and magic! Pictures! (I've been hearing this track for at least > 1 year ... got it off iTunes.. hehehe) Blame It! Can't waittttttt!

and of course...

New track listings for Body Attack #66
1 Just Dance De-Grees
2 Womanizer Skipping Crew
3 Fly On The Wall Dana deWit
4 Big Fiesta Beat Bandits From Outer Space
5 Get Shaky (Ian Carey Vocal Mix) The Ian Carey Project
6 When You Leave CJ Murry
7 Wild Wild West 08 Party Playaz
8 I Kissed A Girl Space Jammers
9 Take It To The Limit Badlands
10 Can't Get Over (Short Disco Mix) September
10 Right Round Flo Rida feat. Ke$ha
11 I'm Yours Jason Mraz
Bonus Rise Again Rhythm Twins

Will be interesting to see "Womanizer", "Just Dance", "Wild Wild West", "I Kissed a Girl" and "Right Round" being used for Attack. And of course I think Jason Mraz for cool down is totally suitable. :)

BTW, anyone going for the Attack vs Combat theme class in Pavilion this Friday? See ya there! It's supposed to be something like 2-3 tracks of Attack, before switching over to another 2-3 tracks of Combat. Repeat til "someone passes out". :P

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 326

My first shadow session! So exciting! Thanks to Hazrin for letting me shadow him. :)

Actually, was a bit nervous before the class was due to start, as he said it was a weird slot in J33... not many regulars. By 2:05pm, there still wasn't any students, so we had ample time to practice the warm-up and mixed intervals. Finally, after waiting with bated breath, two people came in to the class --- and they were both new comers! Later, Jenny came in as well... so not only could I look at Hazrin for guidance, could also look at her. :) After the class, I asked the new comers what they thought about it and they said that it was fun and they'll come back next week. :D *phew*

Of course, made a few mistakes here and there because I'm still not used to starting on the "instructor side" and I'm also not as familiar with old releases as with other GX classes. There were a few that I'm really familiar with, like Everytime We Touch, but that's already the second last track... hahaha.

Felt really fun and happy to do on the stage. :) I was really pumped up and thought that I showed ~energy~ on the stage.. but of course there's lots of places to improve on.