Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 191

Body Combat on Monday, but of course. :)
Terence said, "Hopefully next week there won't be another clearance".
Clearance = Terence doing like, only 4 tracks and then passing over to a BC instructor trainee. I wonder what is the passing rate for BC instructors? What do they look for during the clearance? Does crowd participation / enthusiasm count? Cos I was damn slack today, hahaha.

Anyway, whether there's clearance or not next week doesn't matter cos I won't be around! When Terence comes back from his honeymoon or work or unidentified foreign outings, then I pulak gone. Sigh, damn disappointing. :P

For clearance, the instructor trainee generally does the new release... so we had stuff like Beat It, Let The Beat Control Your Body, the weird esquiva track, etc etc. I really dislike the esquiva track la. I don't really do it properly and Terence goes, "go lower! go lower!" and my legs are already burrrrrning. O_O And when the person next to you moves to fast (from esquiva to the lunge back) then you might get slapped in the face if you, on the other hand, move too slow. I am damn paranoid about getting slapped. O_O

Oh, I didn't know that Church was a conditioning track! But anyway, I couldn't really tell what was going on ffs because there was so much giggling going around. I also donno what the giggling is about, but kinda ruins the mood la.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 190

Sigh... woke up late for my Saturday marathon.. AGAIN. But since they swapped Body Attack and Body Pump, I figured that it was worth it to go in the afternoon and get at least 2 classes. 3 if I was still alive after Attack. Was sooooo glad that I went!

First of all Dance Mania class was super super fun. Danny did a track that I've done before ... it's Rhythm of the Night and I really love the choreography for that song. Kinda sexy, but still works up a sweat! :) I reallllllllyyy like this song, I can't help smiling throughout the class because I'm so happy!!! *cheesy*

Body Attack has a new time slot because Jason's no longer teaching. Instead, we have Hazrin! I was a bit doubtful about re-starting Body Attack with Hazrin because I've gone for his Step classes before (back in FF) and he's quite a strict guy... hehehe. Very different from Jason and his joke-y ways. Anyway, I guess I haven't gone for Hazrin's classes in a longggggg while because no, he's not super strict and no-nonsense. It was really fun and could see that he was really getting every single one of us in the class into the tracks, regardless of whether we are regulars or newbies. By the way, I term myself as "used to be a regular, but stopped for a very long while".

Since I'm not really into Attack as I am into Combat, I can't remember the tracks, but there were a few oldies there... like the "dong song" (is that correct?!!). And old moves like the basketball slide and jump shot. It was really fun lah.... but I kept taking water breaks and after the last song, was panting like a dog. Sigh... really no stamina. But still- --- proud that I managed to make it through the entire class despite temptations of walking out. Eh... new comers also stay all the way, takkan I so siasuey to walk out. :P

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 189

Cardio Wave again, way too late for any classes. Got up to level 13 though...!! But the speed (SPM) was still about the same as at level 11. Couldn't bring myself to push further and maintain all the way. Still, rather proud of myself as there was once upon a time that I would totally be unable to chalk more than 5km on the Cardio Wave machine, and now I chalk up 14km! :) Or is it miles? Whatever unit of measurement they use lah.

On a plus note, I found my "stamp" card already...
On the other hand, I might have to travel for work again. Zomg. So much for harping on why the launch will be on a weekday. Even if it's on a weekend, I can't make it... AGAIN.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 188

It was raining cats & dogs ... but I was determined to go to Jaya33. If not for the classes, then to eat dinner at D'Italiane Kitchen. :P

I managed to do both. :P

First was Body Jam with Shirlyn. Really nice class -- she did all these old songs that I haven't done in AGES. Mostly Latin stuff... I don't know the names. Come On Over --- most difficult recovery ever. She Bangs - super difficult. La Bamba - one of my FAVORITES... why do people not get the squat & turn thing??!! I honestly forgot the rest... but they were all really nice songs. The choreography was difficult too... *gulp*

After that was Body Step ... again with Shirlyn. Honestly, the Body Jam tracks that she did had a lot of leaping around, that I felt really tired. Didn't feel like going for Step, but was motivated to, just to collect the stamp for the Triumph voucher thingy. Step class was also nice... after the first few tracks, I thought, "I can do this! Not tough also!" But for the last 3 tracks, I was DEAD. Especially during the speed step... gosh. I could feel the soles of my feet BURNING up. O_O And then I became totally uncoordinated for the finale track... but pulled myself together for the twist knee thing. First time doing it, yo! :)

Anyway, I lost my card for the stamps. :( So in the end I didn't get a stamp for the Body Step class. :( But it did help motivate me to go for Step when I thought that I couldn't go for it, so it has done it's duty of getting me to move my booty. Sigh... I don't know if I should bother trying to get another card or digging through my stuff to find out where I have left the card. If I find it, will I still be as motivated to get the remaining SEVEN stamps??? O_O (Should be six la, wasted, couldn't get a stamp for Step... gahh!!!) COULD I get the SEVEN stamps in TIME?!!?

Oh, and the next release will be in Hartamas... on a weekday. Zomg... why such bad timing?!!? All the classes I like are at 8pm on a weekday. For me to reach Hartamas by then will require speed demon skills driving from the office. If it's Sat / Sun, I wouldn't mind. I was telling myself that I cannot miss another launch. Sigh... why lah TF is torturing me in such a manner...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 187

Left work late, arrived just in time for Body Combat. Replacement of James --- Joey, I believe. There were less than 10 people in the class, but I b-rought it... wtf. Was super full of energy and Joey's class was a pleasant surprise for me. We did a mixture of old and new tracks. I don't really remember the names, but the ones that stuck out for me were You Can't Stop The Beat, Call My Name (or is it Say My Name?), Party Non Stop, and this really erm.. old song. Like, an oldie, but remixed of course. Crap, the song was really nice but I forgot the name of it. Choreo was cute too. Lemme see if I can remember - something like Hook-Upper cut - Hook, sidekick x2.

Anyway, that was a nice track. I think it's my first time doing it? *Blur* It's really nice lah!!

Okay, and then we had the Rocky sit up challenge... omg, I really felt like dying because I ate a hugeee lunch and the cafeteria caterers gave everyone in the company a free treat today... :O~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 186

Went for a 30 minute Cardio Wave session by myself. Now up to Level 12!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 185

Forgot to mention that in my last BC class in November, I *finally* decided to grab this card thingy, whereby if you get 10 stamps, you will get an RM40 voucher for Triumph products. You get 1 stamp for each selected Group X class that you attend. Not like I want the voucher so much, but I thought it would be some kind of motivation. Alex said that it only ends in December, so 10 stamps should be achievable right? The old me could probably fill up the card within 2 weeks (generous estimate).

I only got my second stamp on the 1st of December. Ok, for one thing : they only chose 4 Group-X classes - Combat, Step, Balance and Pump. Out of these 4, I only do Combat the "most" and that's like "at least once a week, MAXIMUM also 3 times, and that's if I'm really shaking leg at work." I tried to do Step at least once a week, but the only Step class that I like to go for is Anthony's one on Fridays. Not to say that the others are bad, just that his class is at the most ideal time. Once I miss Anthony's class, there's no other class that I would go out of my way to attend. And I haven't done Pump in YEARS. Ditto for Balance.

So I'm going to solely depend on Step & Combat to fill up this card. Yeeshhh.. Why not include Jam and Attack!! Like that, I can fill up to 3-4 stamps in a DAY (marathon in Jaya 33, kekee!)

Anyway, Monday's class was replaced by Lorraine. Walked in late, during the 3rd song which was Shooting Star. She also did Jigga Jigga, Power of Love, ... sorry forgot the rest! :P I'm writing this late. But anyway it was a very awesome class... lots of energy from her! :D