Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 325

Weirdly, I went to FF Wisma Consplant for my gym session today. *blur*
I entered this lucky draw contest, and when they called me up for a session I was really excited --- thought I really won the 30D passport membership. In the end, it was just a ploy to get me to rejoin. *dush* I don't mind, really... but what kind of sales pitch is it when you invite me to the club for a ONE DAY session, no 1 week (what more 2 weeks.. or 30d as I was hoping for, lol) pass to be able to truly tempt me into a "passport" membership... and expect me to sign up straightaway?

First of all --- the reason why I left FF was mainly because it was more convenient for me to go to the TF Taipan branch. I don't know whether I started gymming more because it gave me a new "spark" at TF, or because of the close proximity of the branch... but it works. Now a lot of FF friends have told me that if I could go to Taipan TF, I could easily go to FF Summit or FF WC. Not really true, because FF Summit & WC is iNsAnE to get to after working hours.

A lot of people say that FF GX instructors are better and an anonymous instructor told me that people say that TF GX instructors are rejects from FF. T___T I don't really believe this is true. In every gym there are good and bad instructors, and it's not to say that when I was in FF, 100% of all the people who taught there were fantastic. I do agree that FF instructors tend to be the more "shining" and flamboyant type lah. Maybe TF instructors are shy to be flamboyant as the members tend to be quieter? Anyway, there's no point joining the club for the instructors if I cannot make it to the club (refer to 1st reason) and there are way fewer classes in FF WC. Last time, they had two studios and I can distinctly remember that the cycling studio doubled up for Body Jam and Body Step as well. Now, only the "larger" studio is used for all GX classes. The other is solely for yoga and spinning. In other words, less BC / BJ / BP / BS classes. And no need to repeat myself - Body Attack is non-existent in FF WC.

I don't know whattttt is the millions-of-dollars renovation that they did last time, the place generally looks the same. I think they changed all the machines to the same ones that is available in TF, and added a few more machines. Yeah, the downstairs weights section is slightly extended.. by about 6-10 machines? Don't know the exact figure. The good part is that the changing room and toilets are MUCH cleaner than I remember and the mats in FF WC are nicer than the ones in TF (time to change? :P)

So basically they call me up at 8pm to chat about the possibility of joining again... and with about 15 minutes of warm-up (running on the threadmill that I can run on at TF) and ONE GX class (more on that later), I am expected to sign up already? Baddddd sales pitch, badddd marketing. Come on, what's the difficulty in giving me a 2 week passport membership to try out the stuff? I was a HOME member last time, you're supposed to convince me to take PASSPORT this time round right? How do I know whether it's *truly* convenient for me to swing by FF Summit / FF Axis / FF IOI if I don't "put it to the test" so to speak? Last time, I remember I told the TF consultant that Taipan was super jammed and not easy to find parking. Why should I switch? With the 2 week pass, I could easily "test" out the gym by going after work from Mon - Fri. Out of the 5 days, I only found it hard to find parking ONCE. How can you expect people to really try out the whole package in ONE day. Scratch that... in about 1.5 hours actually!

Sigh... I know la.. the gym is super famous and doesn't need so much cajoling. They can "take or leave" my business. Bah! And again trying to give me empty promises.. told me that if I signed up now, it'll be cheaper than if I tried to sign up after FF WC switches over to the new Empire building. I asked if then they'll have BA. They also can't answer. Everything also "let me ask my boss, see if we can work something out" but in the end came to nought. Boss should talk directly to me lah! I seriously want to know how they think they can get me to switch by offering me what was essentially a 1.5hrs trial. Which I don't even need to go through the consultant to get since FF WC was having an open day today. -___-"

Anyway... despite all my rantings (just angry that I couldn't get more than a 2hr pass lah.. hahaha).. it was still a good workout day for me. The "warmup" on the threadmill was just running for 10 minutes, but I got a good sweat because I ran at really high speed (for me). Remember how last time I'm gasping and panting at 7kph? (I donno if the measurement is kph or mph or if it's just "level 7"... let's pretend it's kph) And I usually did my threadmill warmup by walking at about 5.5kph? Well, today I pounded it at 10kph... and I finished the last minute at 11kph. If I didn't have my weird knee problem and I didn't have any GX classes to attend, I think I would've pounded it til 15kph or something. I don't know why, I just suddenly had a burst of energy. Haha! Crap! Should've saved it for tomorrow.

Regret that I came a bit too late for Swee's Body Pump class (yes.. nice to see you again!), thought I would go for BC after that. The timetable showed Karen's name, and I was intrigued as I saw her photos from the Miracle launch this year. In the end, it's a guy called Jason who is supposed to add me on FAcebook, haha. Good luck finding my name lah. :P His class was a mix of erm.. the last 3 releases. I was happy with that because I haven't done the latest release in quite a bit, and I'm always a fan of Whatever You Like (is that the title? Forgot liow. the Scooter vs Status Quo one) and Tutti Fruitti. Sadly, the class is super senyap, I just exhale also louder than everyone else. And so few people do the "Tutti Fruitti" hands in the air thing. See I so baik.. I do it so the instructor doesn't feel lonely doing it alone. Nyehehehe.

Wah, but I really struggled with the push ups and triceps push ups.. (it's the horrible When I Grow Up conditioning track) . Mainly because before class, I was doing chest press downstairs while talking to the consultant. I was doing my usual 25kg chest press and I was nagging him about how I should not be expected to sign up with such a pathetic trial period and although my hands were already shaking after my usual set, I had to "maintain" and continue pushing just because the consultant was still around. Hahaha. So how lah you expect me to do push ups normally during BC.

Was shocked after BC when the instructor asked me if I can stay back for a while. You don't know me wan... I'm really scared of getting scolded. And ... he thought me how to keep my guards up properly. Ish Mr Instructor! This is so unfair! Other people don't even have their guards up and I get detention for not having them near enough to my face. *buat drama* Actually, he's really nice lah, and I appreciate knowing the correct technique. :) You will see my form improve after this... hehe! After that chatted for a while, he might be teaching in TF, who knows. (This all depends on Terence, the BCHT). :P

That's all for today... got an early day tomorrow. Need to fuel up for shadowing! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 324

Body Jam -
warm up - Canned Heat + Buttons
1st performance track - Shake Up The Party & Loaded
Latin - Hips Don't Lie and Boom Boom
Recovery - Umbrella
Final performance - Please Don't Stop The Music
Cool down - Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Nice leh!! I'm particularly happy that some of the regulars in front asked Anthony not to do the Bollyjam routine. Hahaha, me no likey it either! Plus, have some knee problem (felt it after the warm up track and I really felt dismayed... ), not that it stopped me from going all out, especially at the final track. Now just need to rest up and don't go nuts til Saturday. ;) I darn love dancing to The Others during the last performance track. I think the song is so cool! :D :D :D

After the class, I did some light weight training (only 30 minutes), mainly concentrating on attacking the arms and upper body. Read the Animal motto - "attack the arms and they will grow like weeds". Oh really, I'm still checking them out... hahaha. I'm starting to get really interested in this "crossfit" thing that I've been reading about. Their workouts are insane!! However, you can't do it in a regular gym cos they just don't have the equipment. But the results are there to show how effective this workout is. I think I have to do pre-training before training for crossfit training. My colleague told me to do more weights! Sigh!!

Did chest press (25kg again)
Fly (upgraded to 21.5kg)
Triceps extensions (17.5kg)
Back extensions (21.5kg)
some free weights - bicep curls, more triceps extensions , blablabla...

Short while only!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 323

Went for back-to-back sessions of Cardio Wave (Hazrin's class)... didn't really like the first session because the music was sooooo blah. Second session was awesome with tracks like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Crazy in Love, Sonny, etc. Syiok! :)

After class, talked to BAHT (haha, I love the acronym) about the shadowing. Quite excited, but just worried that I won't be well that day. A slight sickness / uncomfortable feeling goes a long way in making your workout that much less spectacular. Anyway, the good thing about BA is that I now know the "flow" of the workout much clearer, this way you can pace yourself. Like, warm-up + mixed intervals --- you don't have to go all out YET (except maybe towards the end of the mixed intervals), for the first cardio track, you're starting to get there, and then you push yourself all the way to the max for the plyometrics, especially when you get to the lunges!

The conditioning track is a great time to recover yourself, and pace yourself during the push-ups / triceps push ups on the toes so that it ends with style (e.g: if you know you can only do 16 push-ups on the toes, then do it at the end so you end with a bang instead of doing it in the beginning and pancit all the way to the end). The running and agility track is again, another good chance to recover, although there are parts where there is some build-up for you to let it all out. Of course, your power shines through during the interval track (again - it's called INTERVAL for a reason --- pace yourself and go all out during the last interval) and the power track at the end.

The only thing is that most people kill themselves during the plyos, and then walk out of the class. Don't walk out... the next track is already helping you to recover!

Anyway, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for a fun shadow session. I actually asked a dumb question to BAHT... asked him if one could just shadow FOREVER... and he said since there's no time limit, technically one can. Hahaha. I say it's a dumb question because nobody wants to shadow forever lah. I think the person you're shadowing also will feel annoyed after a while because you don't want to improve yourself further to go beyond shadowing. It's just at the moment I still feel unsure about myself and want to be "protected" in a way...

Weight training after that --- I met that concerned PT again. He said he didn't call me last week due to an urgent issue that had him going back to hometown. Hmmm.. that's what my old PT told me last time. Is this a normal excuse being used? -___- Anyway, I worked out on my own that day :
chest press - 25kg, 25kg, 22.5kg (10,10,7) - hit 'em hard and hopefully they'll grow like weeds wtf (this is the Animal motto)
incline press - still at 27kg, 27kg, 20kg
fly - still at 19kg, 19kg... tried 26kg for one set only.
bridge - 1 minute
superman chest lift - 1 minute
push-ups on toes - 1 minute
40 sit-ups (BA challenge style .. but I took longer than 1 minute!)
normal sit-ups (30)
abductor & adductor... (weird, at the women's only workout area, I swear I lift 40-45kg, but outside, the machine shows it's only 35kg. 40kg is really pushing it, but in the WOWA, it's like still ok... damnit! weird machines!)
leg curl & leg extension (20-25kg)
back extension (21.5kg all the way)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 322

Yo! I'm on fireeee!!
Back from my usual Monday Body Combat + Body Attack killer combination, and the reason why I'm so excited right now is because I confirmed can shadow someone this weekend! Fuuyoh!!! :D :D :D Of course, I'm nervous, but excited as well. Actually, I don't know what tracks I will be shadow-ing, but I think shadow-ing without knowing what tracks there will be is anyhow better than team teaching and knowing what tracks are coming up. Kekeke. :) I'm so happy! Was so nervous about not having anyone to shadow in the end because I'm so low profile at the gym (wtf) and because I'm the slowpoke who didn't "catch" anyone to shadow last week.

Anyway! Now I'm fired up!! AHahha... I will tell you how things go after the first shadow-ing session. I have a feeling that I'm sure to get scolded... so I'm trying to improve my technique here and there. Someone just reminded me --- RANGE OF MOTION. Omg... must really go all out this time!

Body Combat tonight was Terence's class... old tracks, starting from Man in Motion to Because the Night. After that was Born To Be Wild, Bagpipes, the Hymns circle track where Terence let me upper cut him til my hands are shaking. Hahaha. "Recovery" was Full Metal Jackass, followed by Shake Your Body and ending with one of the more recent cardio finale tracks... forgot the name! Hahaha.

Was actually feeling really out of breath throughout his class. Wondering --- can I make it to Jason's class after this? Shouldn't have relaxed so much the past week!

During the conditioning track - When I Grow Up... I THOUGHT of doing on my toes... but what the heck.. it was triceps push ups. Can do on the knees also considered good liow. Hahaha. Finally ended with It's All Coming Back... ... nice cooldown song. Long time haven't done it!

Was quite happy with the class anyway because managed to find my reserve energy ("9 tail demon fox... lend me some of your power!") to push myself to the end, even though I could've gone more all out during the circle track. ^^ Also happy because I ~finally~ managed to ask Terence what's the use of the handwraps! Hahaha. He said, "Honestly? No use." I think for instructors to wear handwraps, it looks "gaya" because they are on stage lah... and according to him, it is "to help you keep your wrist in place" (that means.. no punching with a limp wrist. Not that I've ever punched with a limp wrist even though I don't have wraps wtf). I guess I'm just cynical ever since I overheard one lady in FF tell her friend, "Oh, I wear this because my hands get cold in the studio..." (and she wears a singlet and 3/4 tights...).

If you see me with handwraps.. EVER... you can be sure there are weights inside them things!

Went to Jason Y's Body Attack class after this... such a nice guy. He keep encouraging us to shadow him... feel quite shy to do so since I don't know him so well (although I want to). :P *paiseh* Well, I don't know that many Attack instructors anyway. :( In the end, no one shadow-ed him hahhaha... cos there are so many rules to shadowing / TT someone.. I also didn't realise. Luckily others have warn me otherwise I could be unintentionally breaking club rules.

Jason's class started off with Truly, Madly, Deeply and followed up with Wind It Up (hope I remembered correctly). First cardio track was Disco Energy, and I'm really loving this track right now. I like those turning around type of tracks, hahaha. For the plyo, we had The Question Is, What Is the Question. Fuuh! Lunges again! I tell you, my quadriceps scare me...

For conditioning we had this song which is kinda cool / rock... don't know the name but it has one part going, "Who's your daddy??" something like that! --- just found out it's called Dirty! Tried to do on the toes, but couldn't!! Just too "pancit-ed" after Combat conditioning. :P At least now I don't "tou kai" at all. :P Next few tracks - Papa Was A Rolling Stone, I Believe, I Need a Hero. Don't remember the first conditioning track, second one was Sun Goes Down and that *yuck* Chris Brown for the cool down.

All in all.... felt totally energised after Body Attack. I am happy I managed to stay til the end (the 3 female Attack trainees stayed til the end!! Not that the guys cannot make it lah... some have injuries!) and I can see myself erm... improved somewhat after training. Hands always return to the "set position" and trying to keep the back straight, and when running forward, lean in front. Arms always straight out. Etc etc. At first, I was afraid that thinking too much about technique will mean I cannot follow chorey any more, but I'm not presenting so the brain could concentrate more on correcting myself and not thinking of what to say next. Hahha!

Of course, I've still got lots to improve. Want to correct my jump jacks... somehow when I do it without someone to correct me, I feel it's not totally right. There was one time when Hazrin corrected me and "Sitting back down" and knees out ... it was a "feeling" that this was the right movement. I keep at it, but haven't been able to replicate that feeling... sighhhh.

Also, my energy levels are not totally there... during the last track, I could've gone further and higher (range of motion again!)... sitting down and writing this now, I'm wondering why I felt so tired then? I'm fine now...

Anyway, there's improvement lah! Happy with today's analysis... need to work it work it work it! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 321

Went for Body Combat and usually that's that for me on Fridays, but I found out that Danny H is doing MTV Jam instead of Belly Jam today! So I had to go support, hehehe. Long time since I've gone for his Saturday J33 classes, due to a mixture of waking up late + practicing for BA training. Glad to have this chance!

For Body Combat, it was Alex C on the stage that day... and he did all the old tracks. Don't remember most of the tracks, except for the very fun Symphony #6 at the end. Great cardio track at the end... I love it! New favorite track! Hahaha. Plus with all the drama & singing... crowd participation was great that day! I also tried doing push-ups on my toes all the way during the conditioning (A Little Less Conversation), but could only do it for the first set. Sigh!! I'm now trapped between on the knees being way too easy and on the toes being just out of reach for me. Plus, I overworked myself during weight training the other day until I pulled my shoulder a bit too much. It's ok by now, so I'm going to throw myself into on-the-toes push ups all the way!!

For Danny H's class... we did "Ave Maria" performance track. Very cabaret, very drama!! Love it! It's a great song, very upbeat... I really admire the way Danny H can find all the ~perfect~ songs for dance classes. Sigh... after class he remarked that he hadn't seen me around in a while. Hehhee.. at least he realise! :P Anyway, I really miss his classes... hope I can go to J33 more often! I really miss my gym days!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 320

This is the Body Attack chant (from what I remember) ...
Body Attack is not a dance class!
Body Attack is go go go!
Body Attack is larger than life!
Body Attack is no picnic!

There are more... we were supposed to chant it while doing our warm-ups.. hahaha. Well, it's true, Body Attack is not a dance class... which is why I've missed my dance classes so badly! Hahhaa! Ok, you might think I'm ruining my technique by going for dance classes instead of sticking to Attack / Step / Pump and weight training all the way. However, I have to disagree.. in life we don't just eat only one type of food and forsake the rest. As humans, we like variety!

So after almost 1 month of no Jam, I went for Anthony's Body Jam class... I don't think it will disturb or hurt my Attack technique... after all, for both classes you can do with your shoulders rolled back (hahaha... this is what I'm concerned about in Attack after last week).. have a ~beautiful posture~... :P

Before Anthony's class, I had half hour of weight training. Just worked on the chest press and fly... (chest press now 25kg, fly still at 19kg), then I started working on my back when I saw this personal trainer looking at me weirdly. From just a glance, he looked like my old trainer so I playfully scolded him and said, "What are you seeing! You wanna say something then just say lah!" When he came over, it was really not my old personal trainer, wanted to die of embarassment wei!! No wonder my colleagues say I always "chuen" (action / snub) the wrong people... hahaha.

Anyway, the guy that came over was quite nice la. He said he was looking at me cos it looked like I was doing the machine wrongly. T___T Then he thought I was a newbie because I was using the intermediate machine wrongly. And then he set for me the weights damn light... I think he thinks I am damn weak lor. Like hello, for the back he set about 10kg for me?? There is totally no resistance there. T____T

In the end, he took my phone number n insist on giving me one free trial... which is tonight. He ended the conversation with, "I will torture you tomorrow." Gosh... why so many people want to torture me recently...

Went for Anthony's class... he did the Ran Kan Kan and Sexual Healing block. Surprised that I can still remember the steps wei!! Muscle memory! Recovery was Anita, cool down was Beautiful Liar... all old stuff. :)

After that continued with more weight training - abductor and adductor, low row, push-ups on toes, hover (still can't do prone bridge properly), superman (not the Attack move, the one which works your core), sit ups, leg extensions...

Altogether about 1hr + weight training lah... no wonder I'm so sleepy at work today... sigh!

Guess what? One of the TF trainee already went and ask for shadow! And when I ask him why he's so fast he said we have to be fast. I'm really blur now...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 319

The results! Haih, a bit anti-climatic because so many people at the gym know my results even though I didn't say anything yet (even before I wrote on my blog). :P And worse of all, Teoh (d master trainer) linked my website on his Facebook status... *fainted* I got sooooo many hits that day from Facebook and it was bringing chills down my spine cos you know and I know that my blog is not one of those femes ones. :P So any spike in traffic makes me think that people must be talking bad about me. Greatest fear is the URL being spread among my colleagues...


The result is that I passed Body Attack training. Full stop. More information can be gotten from my main blog, about what happened. Seriously, it's an unforgettable experience. Since I am feeling a bit cheong hei today, let me tell you about my "history" with Body Attack.

I first heard of Body Attack when I was still with Fitness First. When I heard that it was "coming to Malaysia", I was very excited that I would be able to be one of the pioneer students to try Attack (unlike Combat / Jam / Pump whereby when I joined the gym, there are already so many regulars). Reading the description about the program --- it sounded very exciting. The moves promised to be simple, aerobic-based but high intensity and of course, the famous claim that you can lose up to 1000 calories per class. At that time, I was still very much a Body Jam + Body Combat kaki, make that a newbie kaki at Jam and Combat. Thought it would be great that there was a new program where we can all start off as newbies together.

Mana tahu, Attack wasn't coming to Wisma Consplant! That kinda pissed me off, because I was only a home member and I couldn't go to the other clubs at all even to try Attack. If I remember correctly, the solution the club admin told me was to :
a. wait patiently for the renovation of Wisma Consplant (guess what? til now still no Attack at Consplant whut)
b. upgrade to passport membership, which I'm also not willing to do because based on convenience, going to True Fitness is much easier and less stressful than going to Summit after work. No doubt going to Summit on the weekend is okay, but only on weekends? With TF I can conveniently go for Attack any day of the week at either J33 or Taipan branch...)

Anyway, in the end I jumped over to True Fitness, which made Kevin (a fellow friend who I met during the training) say, "Do you regret? So are you coming back to Fitness First?" HAHAHA. Haiyoh. *slaps hand on forehead*

Okay, so then I switched over to TF and I think one of the firssssssttttt classes I ever tried was Attack! Cos it was something that I had been looking forward (until "leher panjang" as they put it) for soooooo long! My first class was Barney's one, and it was very fun!!! Super high intensity as promised, but since I was already expecting that, I stuck through it and stayed for the entire class. The songs were super pumped up and fast, the movements were simple (therefore easy to follow) but STRONG (so it looks good). I remember the first time I was introduced to the "superman" move... made me laugh!

I vowed to go for this class at least once a week, but that time, my stamina level was very low. I couldn't even do back-to-back Combat and Jam, what more asking me to survive Body Attack. Therefore, after my spectacular introduction to this class (after waiting for so long), I stopped doing it. No doubt if you go through my fitness blog archive, you will see that I *did* do Attack... just not frequently at all. I would consider 2-3 times a week as being a "regular", if not more. I wasn't even doing Attack on a weekly basis! More like a... "see whether I am free or not LAH" and "see whether I'm tired or not LAH" basis.

It was only when I went to Laos for work last year, gained so much weight (like 3-5kg?) and I was desperate to lose weight FAST and I really missed my gym. Seriously, if you don't go to the gym regularly, and you find yourself in a position where you CANNOT go to the gym, you will feel filled with regret that you didn't go to the gym more often last time. So I was filled with great resolutions to LOSE weight, to INCREASE my stamina, etc etc. So, I remembered that old saying about losing 1000 calories per class with Body Attack, and I vowed to myself to be a regular in Attack, not just Combat and Jam! :P (At this point, Body Jam is also becoming more Cardio, so don't say that you can't lose weight with Jam.. any form of exercise is good for you , generally speaking.)

Ok ok, so back to Attack... my regular classes used to be Saturday & Sunday Jason Low's class, which then became Hazrin's classes. When I was looking around for more Attack classes, then came across Prudent's Thursday night's classes (which ended up as Janet / Edmund's Thursday night classes). After a few months of this, I finally made myself brave enough to go for Jason Y's Monday night classes (I said I had to be brave enough to go for it because his class was after Terence's Combat class, which probably can make you lose 999 calories per class if not that elusive 1000, hehehe). Tried to add in Peter's Body Attack classes on Friday night, but by then it's Attack for Monday - Thursday- Sat- Sun... a bit insane. Was making myself really tired. But guess what? At least it really helps to shed the weight! :P

I am not saying I love Attack just because it helped me lose weight (although it really helps), but slowly, I liked the moves (esp to songs like "Layla"), I liked the song selections (inspirational, most of them), and actually, most of all, I like how HAPPY people look when they are doing Attack. Seriously, I don't know why, but there are more HAPPY looking people in Attack than in Combat or Jam, I donno why. O_O I'm not insulting Combat / Jam ok, just a general "feel". Combat, I know they don't want you to smile lah... they want you to be macho and fierce! Hahaha. Everytime I'm smiling in Combat, Terence says, "Why Lee Cheng? What did you do wrong now?"

Therefore, that's why I was motivated to do Body Attack... to know more and learn more about this program. To push myself further... that's the lengthy explanation about Attack, my introduction to it and the history of it in my life. Hahaha. Terence said I should only do the program if I'm "passionate" about the program. I don't think you can say I'm actually "passionate" about it... I'm more like... very interested in it. Hahaha. I think people who are "passionate" about the program already knows a lot about it, and still wants to know more about it and wants to share it, etc. I am still on a very very newbie level compared to everyone else. :)

Throughout Monday, my colleagues complained about eau de Counterpain in the office... couldn't help it! I was slathering the cream on every 10 minutes or so. Was in such pain that I couldn't walk up and down the stairs properly. Yet, my friend Pauline asked me in this very ke lian manner about whether I would be going for Body Combat that night. T__T She rarely follows me to the gym (long story, but basically her dad doesn't like her to gym at night), and so when she does ask me if I'm going, I do feel obliged to join her.

At first, I thought I would go for Body Attack on Monday IF I could still walk... but since my friend asked, I decided to go for Body Combat, and then go for Body Attack, if I could stand it. Hehehe. Of course I couldn't la!! Most of the TF trainees couldn't do it except for "Superwoman Frances" who went for Step and then Attack. Siao! But was very surprised... most of the trainees did come back to work out on Monday (for Step... why is it that Step + Attack seems to go hand in hand? Most people who do Attack do Step, instead of say, Attack + Jam, or Attack + Combat. Not saying it doesn't exist, it just seems RARE). Really mad people.

Anyway, there was someone team teaching with Terence... I am so interested and curious about these so-called "babies"... last time I used to be quite erm... tak kisah about it. Doesn't make a difference to me whether there is or isn't anyone team teaching. Now I feel like asking them, "So how long have you been team teaching?", "Are you still nervous?", "Why do you want to do this?" ... like, I want to know more about the inner workings of their brain... hopefully they can inspire me too.

Terence basically just taught the warm-up track and then followed up with muay-thai, the final peak track, conditioning and cool down. The rest were done by Jamie (the one team teaching with him - hope I got the spelling right). Well, it was mostly old tracks, no more of the latest release. So sad... hoping can do Tutti Fruitti again, hehe. Also no Back in the UK, hahaha. Mostly the release with Behind the Cow, Don't You Wanna Feel, Zombie, etc. Terence did Hyper Hyper for muay thai and U R My Phantasy for the finale. Warm up was Stuck On You --- still one of the best warm-ups in the history of BC. Hahaha.

Actually, if there wasn't anyone tt with Terence, I wanted to ask him if he could pls do tracks that :
a. didn't have lunges (cos my legs were still in pain, remember?)
b. didn't have split the class tracks... (ditto)
c. not have push-ups for conditioning.. sit-ups can lah...

In the end, all 3 were part of that day's BC, geez. But it was ok lah. Surprisingly could still do lunges, and I *did* go lower when siao Terence "challenged". That guy is crazy, I have no idea how he can do lunges like he's doing alternating SPLITS on the floor. O_O"

The only reason I even managed to survive BC was because I took some supplements before the class. Prior to this, I didn't even think of adding supplements to my workout because I don't think I need it? And I'm not building muscle or really going for endurance. My endurance is au naturel. But now since I need to step it up, I have to start to "terjunam" into this ... sigh...