Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 139

Superhuman Fridays:

Body Jam
Jason's class was replaced by Shirlyn, who told us that she understands if we're disappointed that Jason didn't come. Awwwww, but we love Shirlyn's classes too, right? She did a few of my favorites : Mundian To Bach Ke / Snap, Please Don't Stop the Music, Hips Don't Lie, Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Haih, dance classes nowadays are getting sooooo packed in Taipan, barely any place to really "let go" without threatening to kick someone. Especially for tracks like Please Don't Stop the Music. When I first joined Taipan, they told me that the studios are so ridiculously large that they will never be at "maximum capacity", but I see this more and more often.

Please solve this problem, True Fitness!!! :( :( :(

Weight Training
Macho Leech did :
- 20 minutes on the strider
- 16, 18, 20 leg extensions (25kg, 20kg, 15kg. But I think 25kg is too steep to start with. Will lower next time)
- 16, 18, 20 leg curls (25kg, 20kg, 15kg. As above).
- Lunges, 30 per leg, body weight only
- 16, 18, 20 chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
- 16,18,20 High MTS row (12.5, 10, 7.5 kg)
- A horrendous amount of calve extensions at about 20kg. Cos I was so frustrated at the state of my calves that I just kept on with the extensions while frustratingly thinking about how my legs resemble tree trunks wtf.
- 20,30,40 Abdoniminal crunches
- 16,18,20 tricep extensions (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
- 5 minutes on the thigh burner workout with the step machine (can faint wan!)

Body Combat
Adrian said that he would be doing all the new releases, which made me very happy... until he missed out You Can't Stop the Beat. >=( At least there was Jump but I kinda screwed up the choreography, heh heh. AND ADRIAN : WHEN THE DANGEROUS GUY IS IN THE CLASS, DON'T ENCOURAGE DEATH BY DOING A CIRCLE TRACK LIKE Don't Stop Me Now. WTF.

Adrian said something was missing, maybe because the class of 10 people was not loud enough for him. =( But I think it's because he missed out You Can't Stop The Beat. And Piece of Heaven. And boy is the new Muay Thai track horrendously difficult or what? Swing the victim left and right la, knee him la, then elbow him down some more. Wahseh...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 138

I'm so lazy nowadays. Lazy to go to Taipan and look for free parking space, lazy to go for one hour classes when it's so much easier to go home and veg in front of the PC. I keep telling myself not to go for classes because I lack sleep and doing a class half-heartedly and looking at the clock, willing time to go faster is a far cry from enjoying the class and wishing it'll never end.

I only went today because my boss asked :
"Leech, still not going home yet?"
Me : "Er... no." (Sounds hardworking, but I was watching a BB match live which was quite a nailbiter!)
Boss : "No gym?"
Leech : "Lazy to go nowadays la boss!"
Boss : "You must've lost weight recently, that's why you don't want to go!"
Leech : "Actually, I didn't lose any weight..." *is guilt-tripped* *starts packing up bags*

Anyway, I really have to lose as much weight as possible cos I'm going to 3 weddings within the next 4 weeks... and one of them hasn't seen me in about 3.5 years. I don't want the first words out of his mouth to be, "Leech, you have gained weight again!" T___T And I'mma be pigging out in Penang this coming weekend, so I have to negate the pigging out by losing more weight first, hahaha. Craziness.

Well, I just went on Cardio Wave machine for 20 minutes, did all 4 positions (as indicate on the machine). Went up to level 8 already, and didn't feel much stress / pain. Too macho already. I'll try to go up to level 10 and maybe for 30 minutes next time. *brave face*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 137

I am so extremely, superbly, proud of myself! I really feel like my stamina level is back to normal! All hail Leech! Wonderwoman indeed! :D *kononlah*

Teman-ed Pauline again to Taipan... although she has a passport membership she rarely comes here, and she insist on coming to Taipan on Monday for ... *drumroll* Terence's Body Combat class lor. Why so "mm pei meen" to the other BC instructors in Jaya 33?? :P She said that Jaya 33 BC not so much "noise"... sememangnya budak yang suka menjerit. :) Why am I speaking so much BM nowadays? Kerana budak baru di dalam team kami di opis budak Melayu. Jadi, saya pun mula campur BM ke dalam conversation harian saya. Sah bahasa pasar!!


Started with Body Jam in ***'s class. Mm... nice song selection... but I think that *** is new in teaching... so er.. no comments. No doubt he is a fabulous dancer, just that... mmm.. maybe can help teach us to become as fabulous as him also? Otherwise we're all lost?? Hmm.. okie. End-of-story. We had some nice stuff la, like Chelo's Cha Cha, Gasolina, Chaka Khan (damn nice, esp with the finger wagging stuff) , Good Luck (long time didn't do!)... left early to "pa wai" for BC (as usual).

Body Combat with Terence was really fun! He had this dude James to shadow him... oh wait, he was doing his clearance which is different. I think this dude James will make a good instructor... he can speak well... er... and he looks macho... and ... his cueing is good... and he makes corny jokes to make the class laugh. Sorry, at the moment cannot remember what corny stuff was said... I just know that I remembered at that point, "eh I must blog that this dude says corny stuff."

Maybe I'm biased, cuz he did 5 tracks from the new release and zomg, I like the new release veryyyyy much!! :) :) :) :) :) :) So regret going to Cambodia and being unable to do the tracks for 1 month!! That's how much I like it, usually I get sick after doing the stuff for a while, but now I wanna go and find out which instructor likes doing new releases and then stalk them all over Sri Hartamas / Pavilion / Jaya 33 / Taipan. Muwah-haha-hahaha-hahaha!!!

The 5 tracks are :
01a Amazed (Pascal mix) – Dancing DJs feat.Croline Griffin
01b The Hives – Tick Tick Boom
02 The United Vibe – Scooter
03 Piece of Heaven – Wave
04 Jump – Group X
05 You Can’t stop The Beat – Nikki Blonsky
(This is so stolen from the Fitness-Fever forum... :P )

For 01a & 01b (warm up track), I don't really remember much about it. Tick Tick Boom was alright, only because of the synchronisation between the kicks and the beats. Favorite warm-up track is still Stuck on You .T___T

02 is also erm... ok. I think this is the track which has the crazy amount of round house kicks? And then despite not being able to do the kick-and-rest (repeat ad infinitum), Terence thinks it's a good idea for us to challenge ourselves and kick-do-not-rest-just-fold-thy-leg-back-in-kick. T_____T Anyway, it's SCOOTER ok, so I always support Scooter tracks. :P

03 is damn nice!!! I really like the music, and I like the choreography - simple but energetic and easy to work up a sweat! Adrian did it on Friday and Saturday, so this isn't really the first time I'm doing this track. Heh heh heh. I like it!! :) :)

04 is reallllllly cute. And I like the lyrics of this song (oldie! It's a remake of Van Halen, duh. I like Van Halen since I was a kid in the 80s wey!). The whole step-kick-jump back twice - set up again chorey is so cute la. Haih... I love Van Halen I bought their cassette !!! :D :D :D

05 is the best ever, I think I like it as much as Power of Love! I'm sememangnya a fan of Hairspray, so I really like this song. And the choreography is so fun and why isn't everyone as semangat in doing the switch-punch thing. I think they should stamp harder then only got impact wtf.

After that, Terence took over the class. T___T No more new releases for me to try. T___T Anyway, he didn't do old tracks also (boycott). There was Behind the Cow (again, Adrian did it on Friday & Sat also... sigh, I think I can sing the whole song already. Even with the whole, "Alright crew... Introducing... Mr Fatman Scoop... Scooter what's up what's up what's up!!!!") I know la, I should be learning the choreography, not learning the song lyrics, but you know, you can really er.. perform better when you listen to the lyrics. That's what I don't understand, or maybe I'm the weird one here... I know you're supposed to have a "game face" when you're doing BC... like hello, you're supposed to be fighting someone?? But how can people look all sick sad serious when they hear all these kinda lyrics?? Or hear a niceeee song that brings them back in time or makes them feel like dancing yeahhhhh?? Anyway, Pauline doesn't understand why I am smiling all the time in BC, so maybe I am the weird one! I'm only serious / grumpy when :
a. I'm out of breathe / tired already
b. The song is boringzzzzzz
c. The instructor forgets the steps and the weird chorey makes me angsty. (WTF. Anyway this doesn't happen often la.)

Ok, enough about lyrics, I'm rambling.

For Muay Thai, we had Super Trooper??? I don't know, that's what Terence said. Anyway I kinda like this track for all the descending elbows and ascending elbows and elbow to the left elbow to the right and what not. Song wise.. meh.

Conditioning... some weird tribal song... tak tau.
Because we Believe for cool down. Before we started this, Pauline said, "This is my favorite cool down". Eh, I thought it was Breathe Easy? :P :P

Anyways.. after class Terence said that I should work on my upper cut. Honestly, I think my upper cut is very macho already, but he said that I should loosen up my shoulders, then it can work the entire body, not so stiff. Haih, I am afraid I'll end up looking like I'm dancing, but of coz I must listen to the boss. Just don't laugh when I try it out in the next class! :O

Haha, and Adrian & Terence are both obsessed with doing stuff that tones up the butt. Adrian describes it as "Do until the butt like cement" (ROFL) and Terence er... I'm going to ad lib here, said, "Do until you slap one time, it shake 3 times only then will stop." SO DESCRIPTIVE. O_O"

Supa long entry.... going off to watch The L Word now. Thinspiration!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 136

Teman-ed Pauline to Body Combat with Adrian in Jaya 33. She said that she kinda lost motivation to go to the gym ever since she switched from FF to TF and I'm like "NoooOOoooo..." The whole plan was that once she switched, then LT & husband, Pauline and myself can gym together, syioknya. Never really had any gym kaki, so the idea was pretty appealing la.

That's why I insisted she go for Adrian's class that morning. As luck would have it, I woke up 30 minutes before the class starts, then rush like a madwoman to Jaya 33. :P Luckily I was EARLY! The magic (and scariness) of my driving! :D

Adrian's class was pretty good... as usual, mix of the latest release and stuff from BC 33. He did the Here I Come track again... omg, again couldn't lift my leg properly. Think that I am doing something wrong la. Cos for the right side, it's always A-OK. When it comes to the left leg, cannot tahan AT ALL. T___T One-sided work out for me. :P

After that, was aching all over from over-exerting self on Friday, so I went back. Aiyoh, I'm psychotic la. I felt soooo bad for missing Body Attack and Dance Mania that I crept around the gym stealthily. As if takut to bump into any instructors who might catch me cutting class wtf. Bodoh!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 135

Wow, I'm so impressed with myself *praising self to high heavens*... my stamina is back... for sure! :P

Body Jam with Jason. His class is also super packed... and I was unfortunate to be surrounded by n00bs at the back... totally don't know how to dance and don't know how to "zhao wai". Cannot dance freely, cannot really go all out also. :( But I'm still really happy because I got to do the performance track from the new release! High impact aerobics, but simple movement. Ok la, not one of my favorites. :P We also did the Safri Duo song again... damn I love it! Can really sweat a lot there. Jason really did a lot of high impact tracks today. Kononnya he ate a lot and wants to shake it all out or something. Oh yeah, and we had Scandalous too. Who doesn't like Scandalous!!

No choice but to spend the next hour doing weight-training. I know la.. people say that after weight training you cannot go for cardio again. But due to weird schedulling, I'm forced to do it now or never. Started the weight training with 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. Damn I love this machine! I can really feel all the fats in the thighs being shaken out wtf. And toning the butt as well (when you lean forward, almost 90 degrees). Anyway, it's my favorite machine of the moment (beats the strider). I feel like doing 15-20 minutes on Cardio Wave ~every day~!!!

Weight training -
a) Adductor (25kg, 20kg, 15kg)
b) Abductor (25kg, 20kg, 15kg)
c) Chest press --- omg, so malu! I thought I was setting the weights at 15kg, but I didn't see that someone had put an extra 5kg weight on top! So I was pressing 20kg and wondering how come I'm suddenly so pathetic? I could only push once... then tahan for 10 seconds... push once ... tahan 15 seconds, etc etc. When I realised my mistake, I could only stare at the weights and feel like killing myself. Thanks to the "strain" of working at 20kg, later even at 10kg I was feeling miserable. Hahaha, and then Su-Yee saw me suffering. T____T
d) Low back row (something like 26kg, 24kg, 21kg).. I don't think I can do this in the future. It leaves my lower back feeling really painful!
e) MTS High Row (for the back) - 15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg... ok la. But didn't work my back that much. More on the biceps!
f) Calve extensions (50lb, 45lb, 40lb) - my calves which used to be so muscular now look purely FAT. Oh how I have degenerated.
g) Abdominal Crunch (50lb, 40lb, 30lb) - gone were the days when I can do 100. Now I did about 50 only.
h) Bicep curls, shoulder extensions (front & side) - I WAS SO ANGRY OK! Some guys took over the bicep & tricep machines and they weren't even working out! They were just sitting there watching FOOTBALL. @#$@#$@# So I used the free weights in the women workout area --- 3kg only la. Not much impact, but the next choice was 8kg which is just too much... !!
i) Another 5 minutes on the new Stepmaster before Body Combat starts... it's a pretty cool machine. Can tone the thighs and butt!! Maybe I'll try this for a longer period another day!

Lastly but not least:
Body Combat!! Heh heh heh. This is only my third class since I came back... I'm an embarassment! I thought Adrian will take-it-easy since there were so many n00bs in the class... yeah right! All the songs so high-energy and wtf...we did the evasive sidekick track. Until now I'm not sure of the chorey! But damn cool la, we had Behind the Cow (the track that always makes me geleng kepala because Scooter is soooo random), Girlfriend, The Roof is On Fire (hah! Who says Adrian doesn't do old tracks ah!), U R My Phantasy (whoever gave this special request, I thank yer!), Here I Come (damn difficult!! my leg cannot move at all also! Cos doing the lower back extension, it works your glutes already, and the abductor (or adductor, can't remember) also works your glutes. This was like, yet another glute workout?!?! My butt also like just wanna curl up and die la.

Anyway, cool class!! Makes me love Body Combat again. Now very hyped up to go for Saturday's class in Jaya 33 (usually taught by Delon, Pauline told me Adrian is replacing, kekeke if I go for it it's like stalking wtf).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 134

Was late for back-to-back Funky Line & Dance Mania, so I worked out for 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine, before going for Dance Mania (Ronicia). Her classes are ALWAYS superbly packed! Super support from everyone else! Ha a lot of fun, but can't remember what songs we did! Ended with a "partnering off" to the tune of various Thai songs. One of them was re-made by the Chinese group "Grasshoppers". Forgot the name!

Next week is black & white day - white top & black pants. Please remember! She says we will be doing songs like Hey Big Spender! Does that sound delicious or what? :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 133

Do- do you got a first aid kit handy?

I went for 3 back-to-back classes on Saturday. Am I right to say that the stamina-filled Leech is BACK IN THE GAME or what!! :D :D :D

Started with 45 minutes of Body Combat with Delon. =) *happy*
Then 1 hour of Body Attack with Jason that I was initially not sure whether I ought to attend or not. On one hand, I need the exercise. On the other, I was already quite whacked from BC. Anyway, I went for it and I'M SO GLAD I DID! I LOVE BODY ATTACK! It was a GREATTTTT workout and I really pushed myself to the max! :) Thumbs up to Jason for making it an enjoyable class!

And finally... the class I miss the most wtf --- Dance Mania with Danny H. Ooh, got miss your loyal student or not wtf. -__- We did samba, which was really, really fun... love all the chorey... and there's more "loyal members" in the class now. =) I think classes on Saturday are going to be much much more fun after this!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 132

Well. I've not been any more relaxed after working in Cambodia.. things have been... happening. Hence I can't leave on-the-dot and rush for my fave classes anymore. Some how managed to make it on time for Dance Mania (Ronicia's class!). As usual, it was absolutely fun and I had a blast shaking, shimmying and jamming away to the various songs. Among the head-bopping and body-pumping songs we had :
~ Livin' La Vida Loca
~ Impacto
~ Tambourine
~ Dance (Fatman Scoop, Goleo)

I can't remember! Hahaha... anyway I've been eating a lot recently because one after another of my team members keep treating us to lunch. :) On the up side, I've been saving lots of moolah because of that AND giving my tastebuds a treat. On the down side, my weight keeps yoyo-ing up and down! Sigh... need to starve self la...

I saw on the gym signboard - "Lose 5kg in ONE month" and that's really tempting isn't it? Especially since I gained that amount in TWO months? But--- it is losing that amount of weight doing Bikram's Hot Yoga which hells no am I willing to put myself through again. How to lose the 5kg la? By fainting all the way? T____T

Day 131

I'm semi proud of myself because tonight... I gymmed for 1.5 hours! :D I'm slowly trying to bring back my stamina, which is in "atrocious" shape right now. Imagine my shock on Monday when my heart rate went up to 178 on the Cardio Wave...!! Totally out of breath and that was only after 5 minutes. I used to be steady at 160+, and I could go on for 25 minutes! Sigh.. those were the days (wtf, just 2 months ago only).

Tried to ease myself back into the cardio-happy person I used to be ... started with the Strider for a glorious 35 minutes! I tried the "fat burn" workout, but it was insane!! Ended up to manual adjustment... at level 7. Which is not bad... the fat burn workout starts you out at level 9. Please note that even in my "glorious days" I stagnated at level 5 because I didn't want to bulk up my calves. Now I reckon that muscular calves are anyhow better than fat calves. Poor me!! So many people calling me fat! Sigh!! Is it so obvious... tiu...

After that, I was dithering over whether I should go for Body Jam or not... ended up saying "what the heck, I just won't blog for today" and joined Jeremy's class. For a 9-10pm class, it was so packed! Was quite surprised and honestly scared of public humiliation if he did the new releases... thank God they have reverted back to the old stuff! We had Goleo & Fatman Scoop's Dance for warm-up, going in to a latin track which was from very very long ago (don't know the name). After that was another latin track in the form of Don't You Worry Bout A Thing / Let's Get Loud. At this point I was super enjoying myself... hehe! Cool down was one of the newer releases.. honestly forgot. Performance track was Please Don't Stop the Music which was awesome! Fuuh, was pushing myself to the limits at this point, but I could actually feel myself shrinking...! (Buat drama). Ended with Beautiful Liar. :)

All in all, a superb, great, wonderful class! Hehehe! Too bad not enough shouting, especially during the first latin track... haih. My friend who recently joined TF also said that TF people have not learned "the joys of shouting".. hahaha. C'mon Tee Eff!!

Weighed myself and was pleased to find that I'm 1kg less from 5 days dieting and 2 days working out (shit, sounds sooo lazy).
I am now 4kg away from my "weight before I went to Cambodia", and 6kg away from my "utmost desirable weight to have". :( :(

If you know me, I think you can guess how much I weigh now lor, tiu.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 130

Oh holy mama... I'm a big bouncing ball of FAT!! How did 3 years of gym shoot to hell in 2 months?? WHY !! WHY!!! The temptation to sign up for personal training is biting at me again. However, I will give myself ONE MONTH to become the full-of-stamina Leech that I know I am. Sigh... so disappointing! And I hate the fact that I missed all the latest releases. Like "You can't stop the beat" is such a nice song in Hairspray ja?? I wanna know how the choreo in BC is for that ja???

Story today :
Went for just HALF of a Body Combat class because I was too busy waxing lyrical about my misery in Cambodia (I kid, I kid.. I am such a GREAT storyteller because everyone was laughing at my stories about how I psycho-ed the vendors). Anyway, once I went in, I saw that I had missed the super nice "Calling from Tokyo" (I like the song, don't really remember the chorey). I went in right at Jigga Jigga, omg! Like, first song also have to do jump kick and all already. Was half dead after that and could feel pains shooting around my body. @_@ But noooo.. did they let up after that??? The next was the circle track / face off track... arrrgghh... got jumping and all that some more. *dies* Then there was recovery (thank God!!) but then it was MUAY THAI!! ARGHGHHHHGGHH.

Somehow when they started playing the last cardio track, I became quite semangat. Probably because it was a familiar song. Forgot the name, I'll have to refer back to imeem to get the name...

Sound of the Underground for Conditioning, and May It Be for cool down. I hate the cool down la... and I stood way on the right hand side of the class... so cannot see anything being done. I am relegated to super n00b level and I HATES IT.

Just to burn off the extra fats that is the burden on mind, I went on the Cardio Wave machine for 15 minutes. Glad to say that I didn't faint / feel like fainting, so I guess perhaps 10% of my stamina level is still there!

Haiyoh, pls keep up the gymming spirit Leech!! How else to get super hot bod.. wtf wtf. T___T