Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 153

Monday's exercises - Body Jam with Raymond. He does some pretty old & unique songs, like La Bamba, which I absolutely adore, but he always gets confused with the direction. I think it's because he's more used to dancing with us on the floor than on the stage. ;)

After that was Body Combat, replaced with Lorraine. She "announced" Terence's reason for not showing up, and all I can say is... CONGRATS! Hehehe... I hope he won't end up like my colleague who upon _____, starts hibernating at home only and ceases all sporting activity. :( Binz, I am talking about you, wtf.

Lorraine's class was uber good, she did a few tracks that I missed doing, like Shut Up N Drive, that one's really good. Anyway, I'm blogging this on Thursday, super forgetful about the tracks that we did. But I remember enjoying myself a whole lot though... except for..

..the part where this n00b in Body Jam totally stamps on my freaking leg because she doesn't know which side we are headed towards. Sigh, if you want to pretend that you are dancing in a field full of faeries and not looking at the instructor's movements at all, then I suggest you buy a bag of shrooms and twirl about in your bedroom instead of endangering MY life. My leg fucking hurts ok!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 152

Went for Body Combat in Taipan since I was unable to wake up to go to Jaya33, haha. Anyway, there was a instructor replacement... er.. okay la, we did a mix of old tracks and the latest release... well... only two comments, which is :
a. "Bad" from the latest release starts with a switch knee. I am sooooooo certain of that ok. I keep missing out whenever we do Bad because the switch knee starts IMMEDIATELY ... so this time when I heard the music, I straightaway oh-so-certainly started with a switch knee. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?!!? THe instructor didn't!! And all the way for the first sequence, he just did the knee and punch. No switch knee! Boy did I look like an idiot, but u know what? I persisted... cos I was so sure that sooner or later he'd realise it's a SWITCH knee and then change, but he didn't, until the second set! WHY!! Wasted my effort to remember choreo.

b. I was happy when he did U R My Phantasy, because that's like, one of my favorite final tracks. Just to note, the final combo is 2 jab, 2 cross, 1 slow upper on each hand, 2 right hook, 2 left hook. End ~ of ~ story!!

Skipped Body Jam, not really in the mood for it, besides Anthony didn't show up, hehe.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 151

Today... I outdid myself... *pats self on back*.
Could've gone to Jaya33 for the "Funky Friday Night" theme, but I knew that there would be tonnes of people, couldn't be bothered. But wait for the "Clash of the Titans" Body Combat... packed also I will squeeze myself inside. Hohoho... and if the Dangerous Guy stands next to me, then I'll be fcuked.

First up... Body Jam. Since Jason would be doing FFN, Kit replaced him. First time in her class, not bad. Did a mix of old and new tracks. Starting to like Work for the warm up track. Then we went to Latin (Don't You Worry Bout A Thing / Let's Get Loud) before going back to the new release for Feedback. Super simple movements, but with attitude, it's a super stylish dance. For recovery we had Anita, and we ended with the latest release's performance track and Beautiful Liar for cooldown.

Honestly, I wasn't feeling very upbeat for gym today. I haven't been getting enough sleep the past few days, and then today I forgot to bring my water bottle. -___- Halfway through the performance track, I felt like fainting!! And I know it's not due to lack of stamina, but because I was still drowsy. Zzz. Anyway, am proud that I managed to finish the class and didn't walk out early. Heh heh.

The old Leech would go home at this point, but since I'm going to the gym less & less, once I'm in I decided to go for Body Step. Same as last week, Anthony was teaching, and he did old tracks! I'm not a frequent Body Stepper, so I don't remember the names of the tracks. There was Superstar, Red Blooded Woman, Pour Some Sugar on Me (one of my fave Body Step tracks) and Do Something amongst the old tracks that Anthony did. I really had fun!

Again, old Leech would go home after Body Step. But I thought, what the hey, I already "tahan" my drowsiness for 2 hours +... let's see how long I can last in BOdy Combat. Besides, James is the "new instructor on schedule" after Adrian left, so I was curious to see how it would go. Honestly --- I didn't have high expectations because I thought he was going to do the entire BC #36 release again. Zzzz.. not that I don't like it, but I have grown afraid of Zombie and Don't You Wanna Feel.

But!! I'm so happpppppyyyyy in James class because he did old releases! And not like #35 or #34.. like way back to the Sweet Child O' Mine and Power of Love days! T3T Okay, I was beyond tired at this point, so I just went through the motions. Lagi don't remember the stuff that we did, but I remember there was also Tribal Dance, Pump It, Trouble for warm up... hehe.

Support James class!! More BC members next week plz. Felt lonely shouting by myself.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 150

Another day, another day of Body Combat! I think the latest release is really good, not sick of it, so despite them still doing the new releases, I don't get irritated like last time. I started going off BC when there was this horrible horrible release... I don't even remember which one it was. Anyway it was super demotivating. Wanted to go for my Jaya33 marathon, but due to my screwed-up sleep cycle, I totally overslept. Had to go to Taipan instead, and walked in late to Alex's class. Hehehe. He said, "Where have you been? Long time didn't see". Or something like that. O_O Wah, how you know me wan.

Still on the new release, the only old song he did was Power of Love. Yeay!!!!!! So happy to be doing this track, especially since he did it instead of the new release "split the class into 2" track. I don't think I can do single lunges anymore! Did I mention that went I went for Step + BC yesterday it was total torture for me to do the lunges? Cos they have lunges by the truckload in Step as well! For this quarter's new release, it's dangerous (haha!) to do Body Attack + BC + Step back to back due to the high amount of concentration on the lunges. T_T

After that , went for Anthony's Body Jam class. Did the new release for the second time, and I'm really getting to like it more and more! Fun class, but super tired. My friend invited me out to KLPAC that night and had to decline. Beauty sleep comes first, heh heh heh.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 149

Just found out that Adrian will be moving over to Abu Dhabi for work, so he won't be teaching at TF anymore for x number of years. :( So sad, whenever I get used to an instructor's class (ie : tracks he teaches, his cues, his teaching style, etc), then they leave!! (Or I leave).

Anyway, his "last class" on Friday was great! Except for "We're Not Gonna Take This", everything else was from the latest release. Eh, and he had this thing of pulling a member of the class on stage to shadow him. I was quite reluctant to do this because I don't think that pple who are not certified instructors should be on the stage. Elitist la. But it was all for fun, anyway I can see why people want to be instructors!! Feeling the energy of the class participants from the stage, pushing yourself to be faster and stronger, everyone's movement together like one single machine... unbelievable! :D Thank you for the opportunity Adrian. :P

Before Body Combat, I went for Body Step - Anthony's class. Was pleasantly surprised to find that I could totally follow all the new tracks for the new release with no problems. :P I guess all that mountain and step climbing was good for my legs after all. :P I'm now back to being a Step fan, totally want to do Step at least once a week. :) :)

Well, that's all for Friday classes, it's great to be back! Been overseas again - been in Hong Kong & Macau. And next week I'll be in Genting for an IT conference. Missing out on too much gym! :(

P.S : Adrian, you should have done the 3rd track with your fiancee instead.. the lyrics are perfect! "You stood by me and I stood tall, I had your love I had it all..." Better than Walking in Memphis!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 148

My calves were aching the whole day, funny place to feel pain right? I climbed 3,264 steps in Batu Caves on Sunday to train for the may-or-may-not-happen KK expedition. Thought my thighs would be dead, but my calves are totally frozen now. @_@ Weirdness! Anyway, I put some Counterpain onto it and it was still pain, was thinking whether I should-or-should-not go for Body Combat today.

The whole "It's Terence's class, so you must go!" logic went through, wahliau, typing it out here makes me seem like so "pei meen" to him. Guess what? He didn't show up! -___- Purposelyyyyy went some more because next week I'll be going to HK so I'll miss classes again. I always end up missing other people's BC classes, although one of my favorite GX classes, end up doing it once a week only. :\ Anyway, his replacement was James, the dude who last time Terence did a clearing test / assessment / whatever with. Hmm.. ok la.. pei meen, don't walk out of the class... wtf. :P

It was a really good class, just a bit quiet. I totally slacked during the "Don't You Wanna Feel" track except during the lunges. I did the lunges properly... and was surprised that I didn't keel over and die. I've been doing too many lunges dey!! Since I'm more familiar with the tracks (sendiri praise sendiri), I can pinpoint more clearly which ones I like.

As before, still like the warm up of Walking in Memphis - James Bond theme.
Still like Born To Be Wild.
Think I'm all kinds of awesome in "Magic Touch" (Sendiri praise sendiri again).
Think Zombie is still pretty difficult, because of timing issues. The chorey just doesn't feel right to me la.
LOVE "Bad". I think I was super recovered by this point, dunno where I got the reserve energy from, hehehe.
Party Non-Stop is an AWESOME Muay Thai track! I love the whole kick-and-ginga sequence, even though the beginning has the punch-downwards thing which I'm still not sure whether I'm doing right or not. James didn't try to break my arm showing me like Terence. Anyway, I look macho.
Good to me is ok... a bit boringzzzzz towards the end because I'm not a fan of trying to make my arms fall off my doing speedballs and then punching non-stop.

And I adoreeeee the World in Union 95 cooldown track. =)))))) It's sooooo nice. It's sooooo uplifting. =)

Ok, I'm happy, there's a new instructor who I don't hate now. =)

[[ hahaha, not like I hate any instructors la, disclaimer disclaimer ]]

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 147

Okay, I ended up waking up late and missing Combat + Attack. My legs really cannot take it anyway. T_T Had to go to Desa Kepong to get my camera back as well... so that's why. I have good reasons! Not simply wanna miss classes... hehe.

But I went for Danny's Dance Mania classes... omg.. so long didn't go for it. T_T So glad I went. It's classes like todays one that make me sooooooooo addicted to Dance Mania. :) He did Rhythm of the Night. LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY.

Haih, I wish he repeated the "entire performance" a few more times. ^^

Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 146

I skipped 3 days of gym ... due to work I think. And watching Beauty & The Beast. :)

On Friday, was thinking of going for Body Jam in Taipan, but because of work, I would be late. So I thought, why not go to Jaya33. They have Body Jam too at a later time. The slots for GX classes in Jaya 33 is not bad either... maybe I'll start coming here on Fridays next time. :)

Ended up late for Body Combat in Jaya33 as well, but thank God (more on that later). Did just Cardio Wave for 20 minutes at level 7. Gradually getting back the stamina levels. ;P

Went for Body Attack with Kim. OMGZZZZ new Body Attack tracks are killer. SO MANY LUNGES some more. If I went for BC, definitely cannot take it for Body Attack. T___T There's only one track that I realllyyyy like for BA, and it is You can't stop the beat. Hahaha, I just love the songs in Hairspray! This is my first time in Kim's class, and she's a really good instructor. Hmm.. wonder where else she teaches.

Finally .. it was Body Jam. Got to try the new release... and it's not bad at all! Lots of very aerobic and strong movements, so you really get to sweat a lot in this new release. Sorry to those who like salsa / latin.. none of that! I don't like the warm up (Kelly Rowland's Work), but everything else after that until the performance track (gila babi difficult) was quite nice. The "voodoo drop" track is very high-energy, but once you get the hang of the movements, it's damn nice when everyone performs in sync. Oh, and the "line dancing" like track is also fun , hahha. I think I'll be able to do it better after a few more classes. :P

Legs aching like mad now.
Contemplating Combat / Attack / Mania on Saturday... :P