Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 164

What satisfying workouts I always have on Fridays. :) On Fridays, my typical routine is Body Jam, Body Step and Body Combat. I was a little late for Shirlyn's class, but only missed the first warm up (Kelly Rowland's Work). She did a lot of really random old tracks.. really never done before type. Like She Wants to Move, er... I don't even know the names of the others! However, she did the performance track from the latest release. This is the 3rd - 4th week in a row I've done it... damn boring already. I remember the first time I did it I felt that it was so difficult, but now I think it's ma - ma- dei only. Hahaha!

Body Step with Anthony was next... he has reverted to old tracks ala Toxic, Candyman, 9 to 5, Independent Women, This Love, Tribal Dance, etc. Wah! Really syiok! :D Oh, and I found out where Anthony works.... I saw him at MY workplace! Hahahha! :D He came for training!

Erm.. last but not least, we have BOdy Combat, where everyone seems to be in mourning because there are no sounds unless you yourself start shouting first. Which reminds me, during Anthony's class, one lady said that his class was very quiet, and Barney's class is usually very lively. I felt very puzzled, because to me, there's not much sounds to be made in Body STep. Maybe that's because I'm not as into Step as I am into Combat. (I only started Step again because PERSONALLY, think that it is the most exhausting & toning-up aerobic class for me) I feel like the opportunity to make noises and "actions" in Combat are so much more plentiful. For Step.. ok la... I will do the funny dance movements and the clapping and all that... but no "hiyakkk!!" sounds la of coz. So I really don't know how to be noisier in Step. :P

Anyway, the point is... UNLIKE STEP, there's so much opportunity to erm... be lively in Combat! But anyway, I don't want to dwell on it since once upon a time I was silent too and I wondered how the creatures who would be shouting away had the energy to do all the movements as well as shout along. Hahhaa... well I guess now I'm one of 'em.

James' class today - We're Not Gonna Take This, The MAgic Touch, U R My Phantasy, You Can't Stop The Beat... more recent tracks, but I'm damn happy regardless because I like The Magic Touch and U R My Phantasy... and of course, this is the 2nd time I got to do You CAn't Stop The Beat... yayyy! I might start liking this more than Power of Love soon, kakakakaa!! But Power of Love more "yeng" la.. esp the switch sides for the speedball part. Hehehe... I am damn kung fu in that part. :P

Hmm... I'm boasting a lot today... guess I will sign off before I irritate too many pple. :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 163

I really don't know where I get my energy for BC, I'm done with the class which I felt like dying in halfway, and was getting disoriented to the max towards the end, but right now I still feel super energetic and feel like I should've stayed back in the gym for Hi-Lo as well. T___T

Terence is back. :) However, most of the tracks he did... I don't know the name. There was Jump for Muay Thai which I'm beginning to realllllyyyy like for an MT track. There was Sweet Child O' Mine which for some reason, I think the choreo is damn difficult. I think it's because I'm used to doing faster back kicks thanks to tracks like Bad, but in Sweet Child O' Mine, it's still very erm... following the beats. Hard to explain. There was Sweet Dreams when he split the class into two which I kinda don't like because it's an accident waiting to happen. Hehehe. Although I do like "Crashed the Wedding" and "Girlfriend". For the jump kick track we did the lunging kick track instead, which is Tribal Dance. Eh, I really like Tribal Dance too. :3 Aside from that, don't really remember the rest of the tracks.

The conditioning track is difficult, but it's good la... I won't do all these complicated conditioning exercises by myself, so let's save the simple stuff to do on our own and have the difficult stuff in the classes. Hehehe. And cool down was When Love and Hate Collide. Wheeee!! I think everyone loves the "kata" for this track.

That's all for today... oh and before the class I did 10 minutes on the Stepper... didn't really feel anything. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 162

Felt a slight strain on my calves, and yes, the muscle there is like "hardened" so that when I walk around I can actually feel a LUMP shaking about inside my calves, wtf. Went for just a simple 20 minute round on the strider on Sunday before heading off for shopping! Hehheh. No recurrences of the "frozen calf muscle" incident, so I should be okay. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 161

Strange workout day for me today... hear me out...

Have been finally getting my bum off the office chair and going to the gym more frequently, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I discover I don't faint right away after one class. Since it's a Friday, I'm always up for my Friday marathons, which consist of Body Jam, Body Step and Body Combat.

Body Jam with Jason & Clarissa was quite fun, I *think* Jason said to me, "I haven't seen you around in a long time!" I think he said it to me la. For all I know I'm perasan and he was saying to someone behind me. But anyway, he is the one who cancelled the past few classes in Taipan what! And was replaced by Kit. Hehehe. We did the latest release... zomg.. don't like. Sienz already. But the final performance track (the one with "With Every Heartbeat" - Robyn) is good because it *really* makes you sweat. Since I wanna lose weight, should do more high impact Body Jam right? Right!

Body Step was next, with Shirlyn at the helm. Again, all the latest release. Why ah! It's way past the launch, people!! XD But again, no complains because I think the latest release for Body Step has really good songs. I especially like "I Got It From My Mama", "Hot Stuff", "Like This Like That", "Shut Up N Drive", "Let Me Think About It"... too many to name! But I agree with Shirlyn --- don't like the speed step track for this release, way too confusing. Pity, cos it's a nice song ("Footloose"). During the final parts of the class, I started to feel some strain on my calve, but I didn't think much about it because I just brush it off as a bit sore, maybe strained it after doing calve extensions yesterday...

Body Combat time with James, and I surprised myself by still being super energetic. I did contemplate skipping class after the grueling Body Step, but I already missed Friday BC twice! Anyway, James did a mixture of old and new tracks, but more new than old. Hmm.. everyone liking the new releases, hehe. Started with "Thank You" (Dido), which went into "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Forgot what the first track was, but it's one of the newer releases. Then we had erm... something that sounds like "Shooting Star". Erm erm... then there was "Zombies" (gahhh!!! enough with this track!!! I suggest doing "Sexy" - French Affair or "Bagpipes" or "Take A Break"). Geez, it's just 2 hours, but I've forgotten most of the stuff! Guarantee to you it's all the newer releases la! Okay, anyway at the end of the muay thai track, I started to do that "punching down" movement when suddenly my left calve "froze" and I nearly tipped over. It was excruciating! Seriously... tears sprang to my eyes. I thought it was temporary, so I stopped moving, but the pain was quite intense. It was so painful I cannot even put even 1g of weight onto my left leg. T_____T

After a while (30 secs?) then it became better, so I finished the Muay Thai track. Was about to start on the final track when suddenly the left calve froze again. T______T So painful until I cannot even punch properly, sigh.. I had to SHUFFLE out of the room I felt so malu ok. It's not like I can't finish the class... I have the energy! In torrents!! But I don't want to stress the poor calve. When I went out, I met this personal trainer who friendly-ly asked me, "Your class finished?" and I, usually a private person IN REAL LIFE (in blog like blabber mouth only) just blurted out, "I can't...!! My calve... it .... " and I think he could see the pain on my face and he was quite worried ler. So he asked me to do some stretching exercises. At first, stretching the calve was crazy painful. It's like, my mind actually blanks out when the pressure on the calve is too intense. And at one point, suddenly my RIGHT calve also became crazy painful too. T_____T

I was really wondering how I could drive back that night.

But the personal trainer was really nice and he gave me lots of tips... said that I probably push myself too hard on Thursday, and when I started my exercise for today, I didn't do enough stretching. I think the problem is mainly on Thursday... I didn't go and stretch properly between my calve extension sets. :\ Because I didn't know how to. STUPID!

Hmm.. anyway now I'm worried over whether I can go to Jaya 33 for my usual marathon of Body Combat + Body Attack + Dance Mania. According to the trainer, I can feel free to do so, as all I need is a warm bath and some cooling lotion on the affected area to "loosen" up the muscles again. Well, I've already done so and so far, no problems. But should I really go and "stress" it out again so soon? He also said that stress on muscles in one area can affect in other areas too. E.g : stress on calve can cause back pain also.

HAIH... why am I so unfortunate!

See how la... I'll just go for BC tomorrow... if I feel ok, then I'll continue with BA and Dance Mania... *sigh*...~~

Anyway, thanks a lot MANI for helping me out today. You didn't have to, but you were a really sincere & helpful individual... haih.. feel so touched by humanity today. T______T

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 160

More cardio for me! Also, was late to the gym, couldn't go for any of the dance classes.

Had to be satisfied with just 20 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine, and then did 3 sets of calve extensions. Sigh, calves. Why must u look like they belong on a footballer? -__-

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 159

After a very long time of not doing my own weight training, I decided to resume. I remember at one point I look very "fit" and toned... now not anymore. Sigh... all the muscles covered by fat again. -___-

Started off the workout with :
+ 40 minutes on strider
+ 3 sets abductor
+ 3 sets adductor
+ 3 sets leg extension
+ 3 sets leg curl
+ 3 sets leg squats
+ 3 sets of chest press
+ 3 sets of low row
+ 3 sets triceps extension (Didn't do biceps cos machine was taken up, besides chest press already works the biceps, I think.. either that or low row la.. hehehe)
+ 30 sit ups, 20 butterfly style sit ups

Took almost 2 hours for me to complete everything... hahaha, I work out sloooooowly. :(

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 158

10 minutes on the Cardio Wave before going for Body Combat. Level 7 all the way, baby! :P Thighs felt so sore after that, was a bit worried that I cannot make it during BC.

Lorraine was the instructor replacement today, her class was really full of energy!! Kengzz! :) Some of the tracks we did Bad, Power of Love, the "You stood by me and I stood tall" song... actually, I don't really remember. Only remember the tracks that I enjoy doing, and those are the ultimate 3. :P Oh, I prefer Terence's version of the Power of Love choreo though, no offense. :P

Apparently there are a bunch of pple who are doing instructor training already... hmm.. I envy you guys. :(

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 157

This is a backdated entry, been lazy to keep up this blog... and also to go to the gym. But after enough "motivation", I decided to step it up!

This is just a note to say that I went for Jack's Body Combat class two Saturdays ago. He's awesome, he did lots of old tracks. And when I say old, I mean circa "Addicted to Love" (!!!!), Sexy and so on. Gosh, "Addicted to Love" brings back memories!! First of all, it's a darn corny song, and I remember that Swee used to slide across the floor on her KNEES in the finale. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 156

“Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the BATTLE is started, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance.” - Robert Collier

On the 6th of August, there was a BATTLE in True Fitness, Jaya33... a battle within ourselves to achieve new levels of fitness in Body Combat! Haha, so corny! But the above quote rings true - being mentally prepared to stay all the way is all that you need. Don't worry about your stamina levels or whatever-excuse-you-may-have... somehow somewhere you will be able to reach into your reserves and blaze through the warfield!

The "Clash of the Titans" refer to "Titan" Nicholas and "Titan" Terence. Originally schedulled Alex C to be presenting and I asked him, "Eh, what are you doing here! I thought you are not presenting because you can't make it today." Turns out that he couldn't present because of health issues... zomg. T___T So kesian, hope it all turns out well la. Even a non-health-freak like myself will feel damn itchy-butt if I'm banned from the gym, what more a person like Alex C who makes the gym his second home. :\ Regardless, he also joined in the fun and although he did not present, he was on the floor with the rest of the members for some of the tracks.

Started with Angels - DesertStorm for warm up, before going to Final Countdown. After which was ??? (forgot) and Zombies for the jump kick track. Right after that, we had ANOTHER intense track - Hymns (I think) before going to "not a recovery" Behind the Cow. Omg, so cute, Simone, Alex C, Nicholas and Terence all with the horns on their head (er, their fingers la). Why so comel wan. Anyway, Simone & Alex were right in front of me for a couple of tracks which was GREAT because can copy them and try to emulate them as much as possible. :P Macam having personal BC training. Nyek nyek nyek. Oh yesh, Su-Yee was also there --- but taking photographs for the event. Ohayo Su-Yee, you should've joined us as well!

The Muay Thai is from the latest BC36 release, and I forgot the name of the last cardio track we did, but I remember the song! Conditioning was A Little Less Conversation and we had May It Be for cool down. All in all, it was a really great class, was feeling woozy halfway because there was no air-conditioning at all and the room was PACKED! Sometimes, don't even know what we're doing, just following "muscle memory", hahaha.

Before I went for this class (was convinced to go by Pauline), I was telling her, "Theme class ar? But the them is just 'all black', sure no prizes to give away wan." But there were prizes!! It's a tumbler, a table clock and a nifty notepad thingamajig. Each instructor can give away one prize la... I don't know what's the judging criteria. I think it's er... whoever is in front and who they know wtf. After the first two prizes given away NOT TO ME already, sour grapes Leech said, "Haiyah, never mind la, I think I won all those before la." Pauline was :( :( :(, lol. Then the last prize was given away by Terence and he THREW it at me...!!!

Thank you very much! But I think his present-giving skills is bad bad BAD!!! Hahahaha, did he not see how Alex & Nicholas give the presents away? And some more after that when Su Yee ask us to take photograph he was like wandering away across the stage. I swear, the photo will look like I'm the one giving Terence a present.

Okayla, the end. I love True Fitness! Ever since I join, I got so much free stuff! :P So much free stuff until I can give away to my friends. (I gave the present to Pauline since I already have all the prizes... can give away new gym bag next time? The zip to my current bag BROKE. :c ).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 155

Went for Body Jam with Kit yesterday. I am really starting to like Kit's classes...!! And I'm really glad that she has taken over the Monday evening slot. Walked in a bit late for the class because of work, missed the beginning parts of the whole The Trouble With Me performance track. :( Luckily could catch up easily as that is one of my favorite tracks! Pauline walked in after that to PCD's Don't Cha, and then we did the same performance track we did the last week, ie : Dance Floor / Get Busy. Glad that Pauline also enjoyed herself, said that she felt great that she was able to follow even though she hasn't been gym-ming for the past month. (Her house undergoing renovation... long story).

After that was Body Combat with Terence and Lorraine... hmmm... Pauline told Terence that she had a friend who is worried he will stop teaching BC after _______. And he suspected that the friend is myself... instantaneously wtf. And he said that he has been ________ for more than 1 year and not stopping. :3 Well, it's not like I made it up about instructors who are ________ and stop teaching... I have a colleague who after _______ became the #1 "loh foo" in the office. Cannot do this, cannot do that, cannot even go for company annual dinner because of _______. O_o It's not like his case is so uncommon, I am just wary of all males who have _________ after that to stop all social life wtf.

Warm up and the first track were from the latest release... felt quite zzzz, thought that Terence was going to do more new tracks than old. After that we had "the remixed Greensleeves", Power of Love (as Terence said... I'm very lucky, kekeke), Black Parade, Bagpipes, Jump for Muay Thai, YMCA for recovery, Sound of the Underground for conditioning and Because we Believe for cooldown etc. Yay! I especially liked YMCA and Black Parade... mwahahha, now I know the correct way to punch someone in the ribs! :D

Oh, and the "remixed Greensleeves holds dear to my heart because I remember going to the gym for the first and last time with Ben and he did this track. I was saying, "Eh, I just realised this is Greensleeves."
"Now only you know? It's the f*cked up version" <--- Ben Hahahahah... so even though I found out the name of the track, I still call it "the remixed Greensleeves".

After class, went to McDs cos Pauline wanted to collect the Olympic glass that they are giving away with their "Gold Medal Meal". Met some other Combat enthusiasts there... who recognised me and were so happy to recognise me .. hwahhaha... What does that even mean. Anyway, they have this realllly cute baby boy... so cute! Want to cuddle him! :D

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 154

Started the day out with my usual 3-classes-in-a-row on Friday. :) Happy to say that I don't feel tired at the end of it all, a little sore in the muscles and feet, but otherwise it's like I could go on and on. =) Friday's Body Jam class was replaced with Kit again, and she's another instructor who likes doing old tracks and not just latest releases, so what can I say, I'm in love. =p Actually, there was one track which I think is from the latest latest release - Run It. I swear, it's my first time doing it! It's quite difficult la, all this pop&lock stuff. Haih, but at least we got to do this pretty old performance track that has Sean Paul's Dance Floor, Get Busy along with Bobby Brown's Humpin' Around and all. I LOVE THAT PERFORMANCE TRACK! Dance instructors, please do it more often, it really gets the crowd goin'. :)

After that was Body Step with Anthony & another shadow-er. I think Body Step has a lot of new trainee instructors, every week Anthony has someone new shadowing him! Again, we did a mix of old and new... and he did Do Somethin' as the finale track again. Hehehe, I'm so familiar with that track that I even know when the "throw glass" action comes in. :P

Last of all was Body Combat - James class again. OHAI Mr Dangerous Guy... you see when I come in late to the class I freaking stand at the back when my "regular" place is taken up. I don't freaking stand 1 foot away from you.

I don't wanna bother about that DG guy already la, I don't know why he irks me so much! See him in the class makes me feel T____T already. Did I mention that his DG antics also made him stamp on my foot recently. I am so unforgiving, once I kena I cannot even feign a smile and say "that's alright" because it's NOT. Cos I know that he wouldn't have hit me if he had a sense of rhythm and was following the timing and not trying to show off by punching fastER than the choreography. I mean, that's not the point! !!! ! ! ! ! !

Anyway, class was really good, James does all the old tracks. *heart*
You know how rare it is to find such an instructor. And he *doesn't* forget the chorey?
Cue another instructor : "Cannot remember the chorey then don't do that track lar, do something else." Nah, not I say one, your own sifoos also say so.

But not James!! Support his class!! The tracks we did that day (some which I still can remember la):

~ Full Metal Jackass (great song! hahaha)
~ Bagpipes (haih, the days when the class members yelled along with "LISTEN TO MY BAGPIPES!" are gone gone gone)
~ Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Ehehe, I can't remember anymore.

Anyway my gym entries are getting bitchier and bitchier... sorry la, looks like gym is not a good place for a stress reliever for me.