Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 8

Finally ~~~ my period came. :p But I think there's a difference in the weighing scale between FF and TF. TF's one makes me heavier by about 0.6kg. Ok la, just a small amount. But it feels so strange to see myself further away from my goal. Please don't think I'm making a big fuss over it... or that I'm deluding myself. I always thought FF's scale weighs heavy because when I was in CF, I was UNDER 50kg already although FF said I wasn't. Sigh. I also don't know la. Follow whatever gym you're in, I guess.

Anyway, since today was the 1st day of my period, I decided to go slow. Ran up to 9.2kph on the threadmill because I was late for Wave class. Not my fault... decided to change the start date to June 07 instead of July 07 and didn't expect it to take so long. And then my membership card also isn't ready as they only thought they needed to prepare it at June end. Can't blame them la. I just hope that the period of time of me showing my IC to the front desk doesn't last that long. Can't be fun for front desk people to keep keying in my IC to see the "updated profile". =\

I made a mistake designing my threadmill run playlist (I have 3). The 1st one is okay, as I blogged about it before. The second one had a couple of rather, un-pumped up songs. Or songs that I thought was pumped up but not that good to run to. Like the Jay-Z / Linkin Park "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" remix. I thought it was good to run to, but it's so not. -__-" For me, the songs that are nice to run to are usually really feng tao / punk rock songs. Today's good run songs were Good Charlotte's The River, Frank Ferdinand's Take Me Out and House of Pain's Jump Around. :)

After that, I decided to go for Line Dancing. What a mistake! Apparently at the end of the month, the instructor will dedicate the class to all the experienced members by having a "review" of all the dances she has taught them throughout the month. So basically there were like 5 unfortunate n00bs like me, and everyone else could do the steps after 1 set of repetition. O_o Oooh.... I'm damn intimidated, but I really like the choreography. Especially for Sexy/Back. The songs for Line Dancing are also really nice to listen to. ^_^ But I'm SOOOO bad at it and it seems like everyone is super duper advanced... *paiseh*paiseh* I keep wondering, why do I find this so difficult and Body Jam so much easier? (Gotta state here that even Jam has a few technical steps that I stumble happily about in too, but I'm 100x more lost in LD than Jam) I think it is just because of ONE item, which is that Body Jam has a lot more repetitions of the steps, and it builds up slowly in the song (like the 'performance'). And you ALWAYS get the easy option first before you get the more complicated moves towards the end. LD is TOTALLY not like that. Straight away you get 3 - 5 8 counts and then you keep doing the steps and rotating round and round (another confusing factor). Wahrao.

But I am DETERMINED to go for more Line Dancing class. The soundtrack is just damn nice! :D And at least I learnt a few new steps today... like "weave". :P

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 7

Couldn't break the spree, could I? FIFTH DAY IN A ROW! This time I went back to FF Consplant because I went shopping for a colleague's gift at Subang Parade. The idea of driving back towards Taipan at 7-8pm (tonnes of USJ-ians headed home on the Federal Highway) just killed me. Made more sense to pop by the old gym right?

I forgot to mention that Jacky is yet another 'new' instructor whose classes I really like. I really don't know if he has been teaching for a long time or not, when I say 'new' I mean new to Consplant, ok? Anyway, any instructor who gives good cues, is enthusiastic and not TOO serious is great in my books. Of course, cannot compare to the 'old favourites' who aside from teaching, always have their own 'special moves' that make the choreography look that much better. *shining eyes*

Anyway, he started the Body Step class with the boards in a vertical position. Scared me man... I thought I entered a Step class or Advance Step class. ^^ So for all the tracks UNTIL recovery I felt like I had *NEVER* done before because I honestly never went for a Step class where the board started out in a vertical position. After that, he reverted to some of the newer releases that I'm more familiar with like, Shake Your Shimmy, Do We Rock (I dunno why, I HATE this song when I hear it on my iPOD, but I LOVE the choreo for Body Step!) and the "Do The Cha Cha" song (the speed step track.... love it! So nice if everyone really cha chas along).

Another Super Sweat Session. ^^ BTW, I called up the consultant at TF and told them I wanted to activate my membership in June 07 instead of July 07 after all. Can't help it, I really like that place now. I hope it's not just sin see hang (hakka saying which basically means you just like something because its new... direct translation means 'new toilet', lol).

Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 6

This is the FOURTH DAY IN A ROW that I'm going to the gym. I think joining this new gym is a good idea la! Totally got my gymming mojo back. The only thing that I'm worried about is going back to FF when my 1 week+ pass expires. Scared that I'll revert back to my 'go once a week' style. HOW!! I'm thinking about calling my consultant up and telling him to activate my membership as at 1st June instead. But then he gave me another 1 week pass for June. Should I just burn it?? GOSH! I'm so stingy, can?

TF is having the launch of the new releases earlier than FF as well. Of course I want to go, but how? It's on June 2nd and I don't have any pass for that day. >=p Anyway, it really shows that the more you exercise, the healthier you feel. This time, no headachey feeling, been sleeping earlier and better (such a good gal!) and most of all, I can exercise longer... more stamina!! Even after my exercises today, I don't feel sluggish or tired out or anything. Fuuuuh... super woman leech! :D

Anyway, lets see... I'm having Java training @ the office, so all my food @ the office is sponsored by the training department. But! I have controlled myself and not pigged out that much. Still, they have TWO tea breaks with LOTS of lovely cakes. Here's the list:
Breakfast : Banana (didn't have time to eat more, as I arrived just in time to work and had to hussle off for training immediately)
Tea break 1 : 3 pieces of malay kueh (they are small ok, I'm not a hog) and a cup of tea
Lunch : Large portion of coleslaw, portion of long beans with chilli, portion of some leafy veggie, 2 small pieces of black pepper chicken slice, 2 tablespoons of some squid thingy that was gross, some fish crackers. (WAH SOUNDS LIKE A LOT RIGHT. But most of it is veggie. ^^)
Tea break 2 : 3 pieces of malay kueh, 2 cups of tea.
Dinner : 2 pieces of Apricot Toastems & 1 tablespoon of acar.

Wah. Ate a lot right. Must cut down on those malay kueh. Incidentally, I have gained some weight, but no worries. It's about that time of the month, so I know I'll put on a bit, which will miraculously fly off after my period. *must not worry*must not worry*

Ok ok.. about the exercise. Actually I thought of waking up damn early and going for a jog in TF before going to work. Well, I woke up early, but then I just went back to sleep. =p Tomorrow must have more will power to get out of bed! Anyway, since I was kinda late for class, I decided to make use of the playlists that I have created on my ipod for my run. Inspired by the Nike "design your run" thing. My playlist contains a mishmash of Billy Idol, Apollo 440, All-American Rejects, Paul Oakenfold, Arctic Monkeys and... I don't know. Ok, stop bashing my music tastes! Regardless, I managed to run at a higher speed for a longer amount of time, so I guess this design your run thing works. Really enjoyed the run!

After a 5 minute break and change, I went straight for Body Combat and was so surprised to see Jun Yin teaching here as well. Hahahah! I'm quite happy that he's here cos as I mentioned on my blog he's one of the better new instructors at FF, and I was thinking, "Hmm.. just when I got used to his classes, I switch over to TF." Well, I think he's been teaching in TF for quite some time... his classes here are much more packed! Anyway, he remembered me from FF (so happy.. muwahaha) and he said, "Eh... I see you here... n there..." muwhahahaa. Thing is, next week he'll see me back there again. ^^

His classes concentrate more on the later releases, the one with the evasive sidekick (some Japanese song, I believe), a lot of other stuff that I seriously never do before / rarely do because I didn't like the later releases of BC and started skipping BC for Step. But I've gotten to like a few of the tracks, like the Muay Thai tracks of the later releases (even though the Muay Thai knees can be torture), U+Ur Hand for recovery, and Bad Reputation for the circle track. Ooh, and we did BEP's Let's Get It Started for conditioning. I used to dislike it because it is SO TORTUROUS... but now, torture then torture lor. I really need to tone up my limbs. Actually, all of me. ^^

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 5

I had a bit of a headachey feeling the entire day, but I still went for Body Step with Ronald. After that... cured again! Wtf. It's like my headaches and such can always be cured with exercise. In chinese, it's like saying it's super "leng" right?

Body Step class was ok la, so-so. Not to say that the instructor is no good, just that I'm running out of praises already for this place. I really enjoyed the class though because the 3 people nearest to me were pretty good at Body Step. Don't you just love it when a group of you are all pretty good, so when you look in the mirror, everyone is damn sync? Love it~!

I only had wantan mee at Asia Cafe with a watermelon juice for brunch before going to the gym. I only went for one class cos had a lot of other stuff to deal with that day. As at time of writing, still not finish dealing with it yet. ^^

For dinner (couldn't tahan because only ate wantan mee the whole day), I ate INSTANT NOODLES. Muwhahaha. Somehow I feel less guilty if I eat instant noodles than if I eat rice. O_o

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 4

Ok, this time I *reallllllly* did veer away from my diet, but that's because I had to go out with some friends, and I *did* try to make "the healthier choice". You can see pictures of the food on my main blog Completely Random ... catch it while it lasts. I'll update the link when I archive the entry.

Yes, about healthier choices. Like for breakfast, I could've been a bum and eaten fast food again, but instead, I had lai mian and shanghai wantan at C-Jade Express. Healthy right! With a nice cuppa tea. I don't usually drink tea in the office, but I love it at coffee shops and mamak stores. ^^ For lunch, we had Japanese, so once again, no fast food! I had a huge hot pot of cabbage, carrots, pork stomach (?!!?!), tofu and mushrooms. Although it was a big pot, it wasn't filling at all, because there wasn't any rice or noodles.

After that was the whole "ice-cream appreciation weekend", so the 3 of us shared a pint of Haagan-Daz brandied black cherry and orange sherbet. Believe me, if you want to indulge, you might as well go all the way and get the most rich, most expensive, most creamy ice-cream available. =D At least make your sin worthwhile. :P

Feeling guilty, I left the loving couple I was with to their own devices, and ended up going for Body Attack at True Fitness (my new gym!). The class was taught by Barney, and like his Body Step classes, he gives excellent cues, so I wasn't that lost despite this being just my 2nd class. The only thing I really have difficulty doing is the "skiing" movement, because it's REALLY odd. Dunno where the arms and legs are flying also la.

Because I had left my brother at Starbucks, I had to leave after just one class. I'm not sure if I could've done Body Step after that either. Hehe.

For dinner, it was sin sin sin all over again. Again, I chose the "healthier" option, which was the garlic prawn spagghetti (no cream, no cheese), but I have to admit that I sampled my brother's baked pasta as well!

Can't wait til end of July comes and go. Then I will definitely indulge in Pizza Uno to my heart's content!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 3

I am still recovering from my food poisoning-fever-migraine bouts, but today I thought, "Enough of sleeping away my migraine! Let me try to exercise it away!" I have to admit I was worried that I was gaining weight again because after continuously purging my food out, now I am unable to purge at all, if you get what I mean. :$ Poor me.

For my migraine, it seems like I feel much better after eating a lot. Like last night, it was "cured" after eating some sinful char kuey teow and an entire portuguese grilled pari (very worth the RM10). Why am I blogging about food?!?! Yes, the diet is spoiled, but only temporarily. I mean, you can't expect a sick girl to continue dieting right.

I digressed. Other reasons for insisiting on working out today was :

~ am currently on leave and if I spent the day just bumming around I would feel it is horribly wasted
~ my 1 week pass for True Fitness is unused!!! XD

So yes, I went to True Fitness. And I must've looked like such a noob because everyone looked at me like a weirdo as I tramped up and down searching for Studio 1 and Studio 2. :P Yes, my first warm up was walking up and down 3 flight of stairs repeatedly.

I grabbed my headphones and thought of jogging first... turns out there's no where to plug my headphones to... !!!! Was starting to not like my new gym so much after all... but then...

Body Jam with Jason was so cool! Awesome, nice, wonderful, fun .... so many fun tracks! Seriously, it's like ```all``` the tracks he did was from my 'favourite tracks' list. He did the Gadjo (So many times) + T Mousse (Horny) performance tracks, the Bollyjam track, Sexy (forgot who sang the song), Marc Anthony (I need to know)... and for cool down we had I don't feel like Dancing by Scissor Sisters. I liked how he asked the entire class to form a line for this part (so it really looks like 'line dancing, haha') and the studio could actually accomodate it. Muwahhaha! And everyone there was so nice. =)

Felt so happy and upbeat after his class, and first time I sweat *that* much for a Jam class. Went for Body Step after that but walked out after 30 minutes. *paiseh*paiseh* But anyways, I thought it was a huge improvement considering that I used to go for only one class and I always felt like... ~meh~ after a class. This is like, getting my gym mojo back... feel so incredible now wey!! Yeah, and after that I ~really~ didn't have a migraine anymore!

Can't wait to go back tomorrow! Toodles!

P.S : I've been a bad, bad girl diet-wise, but my weight has stagnated. It's ok considering that I'm constipated and still recovering from illness right? Heh! Good excuse! I had a McValue Filet o Fish today. That's how bad I've veered from the path of under-50-kg. :D

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 2

I've fallen sick, and I'm helluva mad with myself. I've been dying to go to the gym today because its one of the few days that FF has Body Combat, but instead I've been visiting the toilet diligently. Just this morning I thought to myself, "hey, I don't think I've gotten SEVERE food poisoning before". Usually after a couple of trips to the toilet for a few days solves it. But today I went to the toilet 8-freaking-times and at one point was totally burning up. As Raymond puts it, anything you do 8 times also will be sien lah.

Yes, I don't feel bloated, but this is one of the few times that I wish the food I consume STAYED in my stomach a little longer. *urk* Can feel another trip coming up.

Since I knew that the food I was eating wouldn't 'stay' for long, I ate 6 sweets and 3 pieces of heavenly, hedonistically, decadent chocolates. Mmmm mmmm.

Breakfast : Oats with low fat milk, coffee with low fat milk, apricot cereal bar
Lunch : Wah Tan Hor
Dinner : Pear, 4 slices of Toast'ems.

Yum yum.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 1 : To Be Below 50kg!

I weighed myself today. I am 51.5kg. Technically, it seems like there's not much left to go to be under 50kg (49.9kg is under 50kg, no?). But I've been stagnating here for so long that it seems like it's beyond my capabilities to go lower...

Yeah right, that's what this blog is for! I'm going to diligently follow my progress for the next 1.5 months to ensure I don't lose to that "I need to lose 30kg" Babiben! Muwhahaha! XD

Yesterday I went for Body Combat with JY, then did some leg toning exercises, namely :
~leg extension (25 x 3)
~leg curl (25 x 3)
~calve extension (25 x 3)
~abductor (both) (25x3)
All at 15lb! Poor me!

Today, I've been having horrible stomachaches, so I couldn't go for Body Pump, the day that I was SUPER EARLY at the gym (miraculously - no jam!) and ended up just running for 25 minutes. Again, reached 9.2kph, but that's my limit. Then cycled for about 8 minutes before stomach started acting up again...

MOst girls I know LOVE to go to the toilet multiple times a day to do their business because apparently you feel less bloated after "downloading" everything. Ya, but it makes you feel super weak too. I could cry because inside I know I can go on for Body Jam, but I just felt so "lembik". =(

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a microwavable container so that I can bring my own lunch to the office. Healthier options, of course. I suspect the "food poisoning" is thanks to the cafeteria. It can't be the copious amounts of green tea that I'm ingesting right? It's supposed to increase my metabolic rate, not my bowel movement. =((

Breakfast ~ oats with low-fat milk, coffee with low-fat milk
Lunch ~ sausages & fishballs (Steamed), kangkung, 1/2 plate mee goreng (argh! but I love the cafeteria's mee goreng. nyumms)
Dinner ~ steamed chicken with salted fish, HUGE portion of kailan in oyster sauce, tomato & steamed fish.

Wah.. sounds damn healthy. I'm on the right track! :D