Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 353

Forced to give up gym yesterday due to sleepiness, so today, even though I was sleepier than before, I dragged myself for weight training.

[fill in da blanks]
-- end with 10 minute run at 10kph... felt damn dizzy had to stop

[Will continue this entry tomorrow because really effing sleepy at the moment.]

-- continuation --

Probably a bad idea to leave this alone here for a week, because I truly forgot what kinda weight training I did. It had all sorts, and it wasn't any marked improvement from previous weight training, so I'll just assume that it was the same WTF.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 352

Body Combat - Terence's class. Last BC with new release! Feel a sense of relief as well as a sense of loss. :P After doing the release for so long, no doubt we are all familiar with the moves, and now we go back to mixing the tracks up. Haaha.. okay la, at least no more "push kick". After class, Terence asked me to demo the push kick and drill it til I got it.. hahaha. Then again, not really a drill. Just kick a few times til I got it. I think I practice Combat moves more than Attack moves, tsk tsk tsk!

Since it is the "last time to do new release", I definitely had to go for Body Attack - Jason Y's class! I think that I did the BC new release more times than BA new release... tsk tsk tsk again! :P Well, it was a very enjoyable time with Jason Y, who says he will still mix BA 66 tracks with the old tracks, not just purely doing old tracks next week. Participants from the floor requested no more Track #4 and #9. Hahaha! Killer tracks! I think my quads grew doing this new release... super torturous lor.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 351

Body Combat , Simone's class at Jaya33. Usually don't go for her class because it's at 10am and I can't wake up in the morning. Felt like BA today, but no BA in any of the outlets on Sundays. Come to think of it, number of BA classes have been dropping... but I'll still aim to do 3 BA classes a week ler.

I think on Sundays I'll come to Jaya33 instead... after BC, can go swimming! Yay! Long time no swim. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 350

Went for Body Combat and Body Jam today... was debating between Taipan or Jaya 33. Usually go to J33, but had to go for some dim sum thing with my parents and grand-uncle, so since I would be missing Dance Mania, decided to go Taipan lah....

Alex C's mp3 player ran out of battery after ermm... the 2nd cardio track, which is the 4th song all in all. Just about to start Enter Sandman. Wah, potong stim betul. Worse still, the final solution for this was to do... yoga instead. T______T So I left the class lah. No offense to the instructor (whether the combat one or the yoga one wtf) but if I wanted to do yoga, I would've gone over to the True Yoga side and done Hot Yoga instead.

After that, rejoined for Simone's Body Jam class... body still superbly tired after weight training on Thursday... went home after that. Body Jam, a class that I used to go to to "catch a breath" and for fun is getting too cardio-intense. :P

Friend told me a story that Delon related to them this morning. Apparently got one gung-ho gym member 'in full Nike outfit' went to his class. Since she was dressed so well and was quite active he thought that she was a regular... but he said after half way through, she went behind a pillar to puke. Zomg... and the rest of the members also couldn't continue the class because of the smell...

So I think in relation to that, my BC class today is not bad at all. Hahahahahaa!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 349

Did new release for Body Combat in Alex C's class today! Wheee!! Stamina is definitely back and I'm starting to enjoy the new release more and more. :)

Think my favorite parts are
~ the kicks during Enter Sandman
~ the finale track --- love the song!
~ the turn to the side for the knees during the MT track
~ the kicks during "My Life Would SUCK without you"
~ the high knee runs!
~ the whole fun factor during "Let Me Entertain You"

There's a lot more... the only part I don't like is the push and kick. Hahahhaa. Think the chorey doesn't look elegant. :P

My happiest moment of today is doing the push-ups on my toes for the Right Round track. Yeah babeh.... from now on always on the toes!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 348

Okay, thanks to a friend of mine, he told me I should stop doing high weights and low reps otherwise it's gonna make my arms BIGGER. I only started doing high weights because I wanted to increase strength. Someone told me, higher weights for strength, higher reps for endurance and this is what I have been holding true like it's written in stone. Besides, when I was doing low weights high reps (LWHR, lazy to write so long), I couldn't go beyond a certain amount of weights. Like, I couldn't push myself to lift more because I would know I have to do like 20 reps of the same thing. With HWLR, I could "tahan" for a while and would seemingly progress faster.

I am not good at explaining stuff, so if this doesn't make sense to you, just skip it. Sometimes I even re-read emails that I send to my boss and I think WTF was I talking about? But the reply from the boss will be something very encouraging like, "Good work Leech!! Keep it up!!" so maybe I *do* make sense after all.

(Sorry for digression.)

Anyway, today is weight training day and I decided to go back to LWHR lah... cos the more I look at myself, I'm psycho-ed into believing that my arms are GIGANTIC. HAHAHA. Of course it's not super muscular like the guys in the Animal posters or whatever. But if you compare to your average ah lian then I'm a monster lar. Bakemono... wtf. New list of things that I cannot wear : pls add on anything with sleeves shorter than 3/4s to the existing list.

(Existing list from this entry :
List of things I won't try : tube tops, anything with fishnet whatever, anything super short, tops that are too short, anything with bubble hem, skinny jeans, leggings, cigarette pants, shorts, sleeveless tops NOT for work (because cannot hide under blazer, hehe)... ERM... that's about it. -___-")

LWHR workout today:
a. chest press (20kg, 17.5kg, 15kg for 16,18,20 reps). High reps are always gonna be in those numbers, so I'm not gonna repeat it)
b. fly (12.5kg, 10kg, 10kg)
c. abductor & adductor (30kg, 25kg,20kg)
d. leg curl & extension (20kg, 15kg, 15kg)
e. shoulders (25lb, 10lb,10lb) --- I also did a lot of random free weight exercises that are not worth mentioning. Basically I'm damn frustrated with how little I can do here and I was just simply hentaming everything, and praying the shoulders will suddenly become damn strong tomorrow , hehehe)
f. leg press (50lb,40lb,40lb) <--- actually, not sure whether this machine is in kg or lb...)
g. some overhead thingy to work the back (27kg, 20kg, 20kg)
h. low row (15kg, 12.5kg, 12.5kg)
i. sit ups ... about 60... I just need to do 40 crunches in 1 minute to pass my fitness assessment next time.... (note : this does not mean i did 60 crunches in 1 minute... )
j. 20 triceps push-ups... hahaha.... with proper form and "really going down" (imagining my instructor nagging in my ear... "Leech!! Chest to the floor!!!" Of course, 20 is like nothing la.. but when I think about the times I couldn't even do 1.... this brings a tear to my eye.

I think that's about it... thanks to LWHR, my usual 60 minutes weight training became 90 minutes, and after that, I had to do cardio as well. Ran for 30 minutes, up to 10kph, for about 4.25km. At first, I thought I'm so great, but then I realised that if I ran a 10km marathon, it would take me more than an hour. :O So I think next time I will just start running at 10kph instead of slowly increasing it. After I stepped off the threadmill, I felt like the whole floor was moving and I swayed my way down to the changing room. Hahaha... really dizzy. Guess I'm really gonna have a good sleep tonight. :3

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 347

Belated update. I'm getting quite lazy to write in this blog... cos I only like writing here when I have things to complain. About the gym. :P I didn't really expect people to read this, but first, there were instructors... then there were gym members... haih. Thanks for reading, but if you see me at the gym, pls pretend you know nothing about my blog.

Went for Attack on Monday, and only Attack (Jason Y). Despite thinking of going to Pavilion / Jaya 33 / Hartamas / whatever... ended up in good ol' Taipan. Anyway, I really have short term memory loss, I don't remember if I went to the gym on Sunday. I think I did... but I can't remember what I went there for. I didn't go for any classes...

Jason Y so funny, said he was scared to do Attack because there were 4 trainees in the class. Aiyah, where got "tou dai" can scare the "sifoo" wan? :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 346

Despite high expectations on going for loadssss of classes on Saturday, I only wound up doing 2 - Body Attack (Edmund) and Body Jam (Sharon T). :] Both new releases, and both the instructors were filled with incredible energy, even though Sharon kept saying she's going to die.. she is still very hyper and upbeat. Haha.

Omg, so malu, during BA I sweat so much, I went out for a toilet break and when I came back someone wiped up the floor. T___T So paiseh...

I'm really really starting to like the new Body Jam release. Before going to Sharon's class, I was starting to feel a bit erm... unenthusiastic about it because I thought the steps were not so nice to dance to... but I've fallen in love again with the mambo extravaganza and the tribal house. :) I don't like the recovery, but ... erm... getting there la. :P

Okay.. hope I can wake up early tomorrow for Pump and Combat. TTYL. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 345

Eeeekk..! So shocked to see Adrian teaching Body Combat together with Alex C at Taipan today. Did the new release, and still confused as heck during the Let Me Entertain You track, but otherwise I am starting to like this release more and more. My only complaint would be that the Muay Thai track doesn't feel like a MT track. I think it's more to do with the song than the chorey....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 344

Went for Body Attack today... Janet's class. Something wrong with either her iPod or the gym's stereo system... the music kept skipping. Sigh... but Janet is such a positive person, she just continued on gamely even though it screwed up the chorey. If it was me, I baling the ipod into the dustbin ady. Kekeke.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 343

Weight training and Body Jam class. Concentrating more on upper body since I think I get enough workout on the lower portion. I do weight training for the lower body like, once every 3 - 4 weeks only. So I worked out on shoulders, chest, triceps and back mainly. Not enough time either as I misjudged and left work a bit too late.

Yes, have been neglecting shoulders, so I'm starting out real low. Like 10lb? Hahaha.. and 8lb in each hand for free weights. Otherwise, for the rest of the machines, I have been remaining at my usual weights. Starting to plateau and my bicep no longer "pops out" as what one of my friend says. Hahaha. I should push harder and increase the weights, hmm.

For Body Jam, it's Anthony's last class on Wednesday nights. He did the latest release... still lovin' it. Hahaha. Except for the recovery. :P

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 342

Stamina is back! I think... even if Terence keeps saying "oh only gone for 2 weeks and now you're like THAT" <--- just trying to be mean, I think. But yeah, went for back-to-back Body Combat and Body Attack classes. And I'm still alive now... just that my legs are shaking right after Attack, hahaha. Combat's new release is not bad.... I have people telling me it's easy, but instructors saying it's hard. After the class, Terence showed how "hard" it can get, with the pull back and push and the lunging front kick done powerfully. I have to admit I was a bit "blur" at this part because I did not know where to go. Hahaha. But the 3 minute track which he said was really hard because there's a lot of high knees are just sap sap sui lah. Hahahha. All Body Attackers would think that, seriously! Other than that... I think the hook and the roundhouse is a bit odd... very hard to do it seamlessly.

So happy because Su-Yee was in the class too and she stood next to me... hahha. Can copy her. :D

After that... was Body Attack... new release again. I counted another 32 lunges during the last track. No wonder my legs are shaking now. Hahaha. Also, all the advise people have given me ... must try and remember because I keep forgetting :
a. posture! (I found out now what's my problem. Although shoulders are back, I tend to tilt my head forward, like a turtle leaning out... hahaha. I gotta remember to push my head back wtf)
b. armlines (also realised my problem here. Last time used to reach out til waist level. I thought I was being so straight, but people kept saying, "Oh it's 'C' arm, 'C' arm.. are u tired?" and I would get annoyed because I was thinking it was so straight. To solve this problem, I aim to stretch arms out to shoulder level (from my pov) , then it'll definitely be the "correct" level)
c. when doing push-ups, remember to keep knees hip width apart, especially when you do on your knees. If you do on the toes, it is okay to keep knees together. THANKS FRANCIS FOR REMINDING ME! I think Hazrin told me too, but I forgot. :P
d. jump jacks, knees turned out, land on heel... I can never get it right 100% of the time. :(
e. posture for ice skate... I tend to lean forward too much. I think I must be imagining myself racing down the ski slopes or something wtf.

Soooo much to work on. I'll add on more as I go along.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 341

Went to my first Body Step class in about 6 months! Kept telling myself that I wanted to go after the last launch, and today it was quite by accident that I went. I thought it was Body Pump that was the last class for the day, but turned out to be Body Step. Okay lah... hahaha. Which reminds me, I *do* want to do Body Pump again!

Anyway, Body Step's latest release is really nice! I like everything except for the speed step track, which is not as fun as the "Walking on Sunshine" / "Cha Cha" days. :( It has very weird movement... I feel that it's a bit off beat. :( Most of the members also don't like it. But I really like the party track ("Just Dance"), the final power track ("Fire" --- yes the Scooter song) and the track with the half-burpee. Was just talking to my friend the other day about what a burpee was, and Roland said, "Don't ask me why it's called a half-burpee." So here I am to enlighten you all (wtf, me trying to sound knowledgable here).

A full burpee is when you go down on a squat, and put your hands in front of you (like about to do a push-up). Then you kick both feet back (now you look like you're about to do a push-up on your toes), then you go down into a push-up. Both feet jump forward back to squat position and hands are raised off the ground, and then immediately you leap as high as you can into the air.

For the half-burpee being used in Body Step, you only do the squat and push-up, there is no leaping into the air. So that is why it's only a HALF. As to why "Burpee", it's supposedly named after the Lieutenant that came up with this exercise method. :)

Okay lah, I survived Body Step. Now to try Body Pump and Body Combat new release. Think this round they really reused too many songs. In Body Step, there's Just Dance, Hot and Cold and the When You Leave song which is in Attack. Body Combat also has the When You Leave song. What's this man.. hahaha. Only Body Jam has fresh un-recycled songs this round.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 340

Today was launch day for True Fitness... and as I had predicted on my Twitter, I didn't manage to wake up in time for Body Combat. :( A lot of people comforted me about it - Pauline said that the place was PACKED, and later Su-Yee also confirmed that it was so packed that some members had to do BC OUTSIDE the studio. WOW! What a great response to the new release. Olivia and Pauline both said that the latest release is easy, but the songs are really nice.

Anyway, I managed to drag my carcass out of bed in time for the Body Jam launch and the Body Attack launch. Both --- totally happy clappy that I managed to make it in time for! Body Jam launches are always quite a fashion show (maybe because more female instructors!). Sharon T was wearing a top which had very sparkly sequin straps. So glam, hahaha. ;)

The new release starts off with pretty simple tracks. Don't know Saturday at all, so when Anthony asked us to sing along, nobody did lah. Hahahaha. But for Love, Sex, Magic --- whoo! Damn nice. Love the slides in this song. Next performance track is "mambo extravaganza". I'm still having trouble with the arms and the chorey, but it's simply lovely --- can't wait to try more classes with the new release. (My favorite Latin performance track is still the Don't You Worry Bout a Thing / Let's Get Loud one.)

After the "mambo extravaganza" comes the "90s hip hop" performance track, led by Sharon T. I have no idea what is 90s hip hop, but the chorey for this performance track is really nice, even though I don't really like the songs used. After that was a much-needed cool-down with Anthony with Blame It. Gosh... this is probably the only chorey in the release I don't really like because of all the heel and hips. The movement is kinda jerky and not with the music's beat. ("A little off" as how Anthony directs us).

The final performance track was led by Su Lin, who apparently sprained her ankle. SPRAINED ANKLE AND STILL DO LAUNCH WEI!!! Last performance is called "tribal house" and it is AWESOME!! SO LOVE IT! I knew that Sneaky Sound System's Pictures would be fab to dance to, and it was. :D :D :D Love the choreo for it... very aerobic, very strong movement and fun all in all. (Oh yeah, although not mentioned in the rest of my entry - Clarissa and Simone were also part of the launch team. Although just shadowing, really appreciated Simone & Su Lin who stood in front of us, cos they can correct or guide us directly. :) )

After that, rushed for Body Attack launch, led by 4 strong men - Hazrin, Jason Y, Edmund and Peter. Very funny -- Teoh and Alvin Looi from FF were also there to "give their support", but later heard from someone that Teoh being there put the rest of them under so much pressure to perform. I can soooo understand. Hahaha... but it was nice to see Teoh again. :)

I've been dyingggg to blog about the new release since I got the DVD, so here goes :
Just Dance & Womanizer - warm-up and mixed intervals
Initially thought that I would be sooooo bored listening to this for the start of the class because these songs are so overplayed by now. However, when it goes hand-in-hand with the chorey, it's like falling in love with the songs all over again. I think you'll love doing all the heel digs to the tune going "Womanizer womanizer oh womanizer oh you're a womanizer baby!"

Fly On The Wall
First aerobic track, presented by Jason. Haha, I like your "fly pose". :P This is the song that I had to present for BA tuition and I'm so glad I got it because it's one song that I can listen to over and over again. Did you know that the original singer for this song is Miley Cyrus? Hahaha. But I like this re-mixed version way more. I like the transitions from single knees to doubles, to crossovers and then "flying" away. Gotta work on the jump jacks though.

Big Fiesta
Said to be the "killer" track of release #66 because of the sheer amount of lunges that you will be doing. After the class, my friends did say that it was insane, and they are going to do at most, 8 lunges and then do the option (step knee) the rest of the way. Naughty, naughty! Just keep in mind that the "round the world lunges" are only top lunges, you don't have to go all out. And keep in mind that the final round of lunges are 32 lunges all the way. I donno .. I like knowing the total amount of lunges so that I can pace myself. Jason so cute, he said "16 lunges!!!" then "8 more!!!!" then "4 more!!!" and "Last 4!!!!"

This was also something I presented during BA tuition. Hehehe. I think it's better to present this track than to present Chumbawamba, because that one moves soooooo fast. :(

Get Shaky
I admit... I snuck off to the side to do this track (mainly cos I went to drink water as well) and if there are 104 push ups, I did maybe 70? Hahahaha. And I did a lot of options. I did on my toes for only 3 push ups. HAHAHAHA. :D I really hate this track wei... it's just pure torture. And what does getting shaky after school mean anyway?

When You Leave
Another track I thought I would be sick to death of, but I love running to this!! And very cute, the "ha-ha!" clutching tummies action. Now when I'm walking around, I always think, "When you leave, my colors fade to gray." =p Edmund was totally hyper during this track... fuuh!

Wild Wild West 08
A nice agility track, although I admit that I still haven't learnt my chorey for this track. Nyehhehe. I really like the song though. The agility track songs usually don't disappoint.

I Kissed A Girl
OMG, Peter was so hyped up during this track --- love it! When he pulls down for the knee ups and kicks, you can really feel yourself pushing to the limit. Honestly, I don't really like this track, whether chorey wise or song, but I really like the way Peter presented it, even though he ended up making us do single kick drills towards the end. :P :P

Take It To The Limit
Crazy track, lots of jump jacks + heel jacks + tuck jumps + lunges.... insanity reigns. After you survive this track, you feel like you're born again. :P

Can't Get Over - nothing much to say about this track. The movements for lower body conditioning are very similar.

Right Round - nice abs track, with the "circular" oblique and front sit-ups.

I'm Yours - relaxing cool down. Very overplayed song, but becomes fresh again in this LM class. :P

All in all, very nice release. Seriously. Go try it now! Can't wait til Monday to try BC #41. According to Olivia, the left side of the class is now very quiet without me to shout. HAHAHA. ORLY? Then Imma be bringing it this Monday. My obnoxiously loud voice, that is. :P

After BA, Alex C asked me when's my turn for launch. And then pulled my ear when I said I cannot cos I'm so lousy. T____T Fine then ... launch in 2012... see whether I can make it or not, hahaha. Anyway, really happy because got free shampoo samples and more muesli and cereal after the launch. Kekeke. :P

Talked to Alvin.. or attempted to. Cos he doesn't want to talk to me after I have switched from FF to TF. (He actually said that, I'm not making this up). Wah if I stayed in FF I would have never gotten to try BA lor (since I was home membership WC) .... so there's some pros and cons in this world.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 339

Went for Body Combat (Julian's class)... she taught mostly from the last two releases. So happy to finally be doing BC!!!!! This is my first class after one month! :D Thanks for doing nice tracks like Tutti Fruitti, So What and Whatever You Want. :)

Remember TF peeps... launch is tomorrow! :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 338

Went for Caroline's Body Jam class today. She did the first few tracks from the Krazy / Dance Wiv Me release. Followed with Pa Kum Pa and Waters of March. Recovery with This is How We Do It Round My Way.

[Blogging late, so I don't remember much, hehe]

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 337

Went for 20 mins cardio wave class with Hazrin. Before that, worked out 10 minutes warm-up on cardio wave... so altogether 30 mins!

Weight training :
-> chest press 25kg, 20kg, 20kg
-> incline chest press - still stuck at 20kg. Can only do like 4 reps on 27kg. How to skip to the next stage when there's nothing in between. How can they expect me to jump 7kgs just like that?
-> fly - still at 19kg, and the reps were sucky. 10 reps, but was totally knackered
-> triceps extensions - 19kg!!
-> triceps extensions (2) - 15kg
-> some back machines... forgot the names
-> low row : up to 30kg!
-> abductor and adductor : still at 40-45kg
-> leg curl and leg extensions : still at 20-25kg
-> leg press : still at 50 (don't know if it's lb or kg, hah)
-> 80 situps (various styles) -> tight crunch (like BA training), normal situps, butterfly style, leg scoops.
-> 1 minute plank

Haha, I know my workout is pretty random. I was just trying to "attack" the different parts of the body in as many styles as possible.

Ended the workout with another 15 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 336

Didn't sleep the entire night due to ... God knows what. Went to work by 5.30am cos I wasn't doing much at home, just tossing and turning. So only went for a 1 hr Body Jam class (Simone) after work. Super fun... lots of old tracks, from the I Like The Way performance track, Fergalicious pop-n-lock performance track and the so-called "Cha-cha heels" track (dubbed by Simone), PCD recovery and a very weird old track for cool down. NEVER DONE BEFORE wan. Hahahha.

Hazrin tried to catch me for BA tuition again, but seriously lack of sleep. Think I would've fainted if I continued.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 335

Fuuh... just finished Body Attack tuition... wanted to die, but towards the end... I THINK... THINK my stamina is coming back... *wipes sweat* I am soooooo lacking in energy that I'm seriously thinking about skipping the upcoming launch. When I told that to Ryan he said, "No stamina means you should go for launch! Get the stamina back!" and I replied, "What for go to launch with no stamina and just memalukan diri in front of everyone. " -___-

But I'm just being a super negative creature.... I definitely will go for the launch... and I will do my 3 favorite classes as usual. :) For those who are interested, the launch is happening this coming Saturday (12th September) at Jaya 33. The classes :
a. 9-10am : Body Balance (Alex & Purdey)
b. 10.15 - 11.15am : Body Combat (Terence, Nic, Kevin)
c. 11.30 - 12.30pm : Body Pump (Grace & Jason Y)
d. 2.00 - 3.00pm : Body Step (Peter, Hazrin, Anthony, Roland)
e. 3.15 - 4.15pm : Body Jam (Sharon T, Anthony, Sulin, Simone, Clarissa)
f. 4.30 - 5.30pm : Body Attack (Edmund, Jason Y, Peter, Hazrin)

Anyway, for tuition, as I had been harping on and on about... I had to "present" the aerobic and plyometrics track. Wah, I really died at the end of my presentation. The plyo track this round is said to be a killer, but I think that it's easier to present than the last round's one (Tubthumping). For most of this release, they kept mentioning, "Instructors do not need to speak much". HAHAHA.

Yup... and had more teaching on the technique... sigh. After training, I told myself that I would drill myself on the technique in the gym, but I haven't gone to the company gym ever since the training is over. I have to clean up my technique a LOT a LOTTTTT ... haih... don't know how to say also. Pokoknya, I have a lot to do. :) Pple who keep asking me, "Oh when are you starting to team teach"... the answer is : "I have a long way to go." Please don't ask me anymore... malu also to keep saying it. :P

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 334

Trying to get my stamina back up again... practiced track 3 & 4 for tuition in the women's only workout area. Hello.. the gym weirdo is back, muttering to herself and doing cardio in the middle of all the machines wtf. T___T

After that, did some light weight training --- chest (fly + chest press + triceps extensions), back ( two different machines.. don't know the name) and sit-ups.

Fuuh.. really dying. Don't know how I'm going to survive tuition also. T____T

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 333

Met up with my friends for dinner, so could only get in a short workout. Also, been leaving work late because I'm trying to catch up with stuff (after long holiday marrrr). So, was only on the cardio wave machine for 35 minutes. :D Tried to learn my chorey for tuition as well... was assigned track 3 & 4... sei mou.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 332

Today is my first day back at the gym after a 3 week break. ~oh my God~ My colleagues said that I didn't gain weight during this holiday (usually I pig out during my long holidays, heh!), just maintained. But the stamina totally went downhill! Well, it was to be expected since I didn't exercise at all during the trip. The most that I did was walk from morning to evening in high heels which would then lead to limping from morning to evening in flats. ;)

The point is, my stamina is really low... my body feels weak... and then I received the insane BA Release #66... FML.

I wish I could say that once I got off the plane, I headed straight for the gym. No ways... I had a lot of other stuff to take care of. Yesterday, I could've gone for Jam, but I actually forgot to bring my gym bag wtf. And I managed to get this super premium spot right in front of the gym. T___T

Today, I forgot my lock.. and when I tried to pay for the lock, the staff in TF looked high and low for change. In the end, couldn't get any change so they said I can just pay later. Wah... so baik. :)

Anyway.... yes... today's BA class. It was taught by Jason Y and he did the whole of BA #64. A release that I really like... but seriously, by the end of the plyometrics track, I was DONE. I really do not know how I managed to force myself through the rest of the class --- but I can tell you that I was definitely not performing well. WAs barely holding on to BA position, what more with all the other stuff like full range of movement, strong movements, etc.

It is DEVASTATING to know the extent of how my stamina has fallen.

I really have no idea how I'm going to do my BA tuition this coming Sunday. I'm supposed to present an aerobic track and the plyometrics track. The good part is --- I am getting better at reading chorey notes and memorising chorey. Yay me! That's the easy part though.. sitting on butt n listening to music and reading notes only mah (with small movements to mark the step). Presentation time? DAmn scared... and I haven't had time or space to practice. And with my stamina in shit shape like this??? ARGHhhh...

To those BA lovers... watch out for release 66... it's CRAZY.. hahaha. It will really push you to the limit!! I really like the warm-up and intervals, and I bet you'll love the aerobics track. Well, that's all I'll write for now... will say more after the launch next Saturday. :)

Meanwhile, wish me luck trying to push my stamina back to decent levels... sigh...