Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 279

Choice between Body Attack or Coyote Groove, and since I was feeling fat, decided to torture myself more with Body Attack. Reason I was feeling fat was because I had to work later than usual on Thursday trying to solve a stupid problem in the system. Sometimes I feel very tortured at work because being good at something doesn't result in more money, more gratitude, more respect, more accolades... just results in more work. Plus my stupid workstation had to give me attitude when I was in a rush... fcuk this shit, seriously... Anyway, as I was working late, MrSee decides to "reward" me by feeding me all these Big Apple donuts that were left over from earlier. I had 3 chocolate-y ones! Guilty as sin wei... plus I had a hugeeee sushi lunch....

Luckily made it just in time for Body Attack... it was Edmund's class. He team taught with Daniel again... Unknown to me, Daniel was undergoing some kinda assessment, so Barney was also in the class (trying to look inconspicuous in a corner) and I was wondering why Hazrin was also so free to stay back wayyyyy after his Body Step class! Did stuff like S.O.S, Tutti Fruitti (again!!), The Dong Song (again!!!) and I forgot what else... then Daniel took over for the same tracks I did on Monday - Layla, Heat of the Moment, Chealsea Dagger, etc etc.

Felt like vomitting halfway through because I could feel the donuts swimming up to my throat. Really felt like walking out, but couldn't bring myself to... so I'm way proud that I lasted til the end. :D Of course, I took it slow for Chealsea Dagger and Heat of the Moment... I hate circle tracks when there are soooooo many people in the class.. haha.

All for now.... had an interesting chat with Hazrin after class... an insight to what makes a good instructor! :D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 278

Hmph! I mixed up the times for BC for Tuesday / Wednesday in Celeb Fitness. Hence being too early yesterday and too late today! So I ended up driving back to Taipan, because I have seriously pushed myself a leeeeedle bit too much the past few days, so decided that dance would probably be less stressful than Step Intro with Brancy, right? Anyway, as mentioned, although I love that class, I hate the step boards in Celeb Fitness. >=] My trial period is almost coming to an end --- will only be going to the gym tomorrow and on Friday morning IF the class schedules online are correct. Seems like Celeb Fitness doesn't change the time tables when there's a public holiday... amazing! All the instructors still have to work as per usual? My only regret in the Celeb Fitness trial run is that I didn't get to go for Marcos's Body Combat class. I heard from some bloggers that he's the deemed best Body Combat instructor in Celebrity Fitness... hahaha. Well, we have no fate. :P

Back at True Fitness, went for Anthony's Body Jam class.... he did most of the songs from release # 46. Gosh.. I'm really unfamiliar with this release... I have an excuse! I was in Laos during the launch + 1st month intensive training! :D I totally did not remember a single step for the "Speed Up" warm up... such a pity. I think that song is really sexeh. Only got into the groove for "Party People". Was filled with dread for the "Hollywood meets Bollywood" tracks... gah. I really don't like this performance track, just can't get the hang of it... although I'm.. 5% better than erm, 1 month ago? HAhahah. Oh, but I love How We Do It round My Way for recovery. One of my favorite recovery tracks, along with Lolita... :) After that, he thankfully did the super old performance track.. the one with Get Busy, Lose Control, Hollaback Girl, etc... very "tribal" feel... I like this!

Actually, one track that I miss doing is the Safri Duo one.. heh. I'm starting to like the more cardio-intensive tracks ... yeah, work it, sweat it out!

Ok, before class I met this lady who wanna try Body Jam for the first time... as always, of course I'm really nice to new comers... hahaha. I am just writing this out, because I was explaining the class to her, said that Body Jam is good for sweating, don't diss it just cos it's dance. Then of course, me being a blabber, says, "Ya ya, sweat a lot, can lose a lot of weight." Then she said, "Why you want to lose weight? You're already so skinny." OMG... *faints* Btw, the lady is not fat at ALL okay.. she's a small size / petite lady... so it's like... a thin person calling ME skinny.... HAHAHAHHAHA. I laughed so loud that you could see my tonsils from space. Muwahahahhhaa!!!!!

And after the class was over, I did my monthly weigh-in session... and...
I lost 1 kg since the last weigh-in!! *chorus of angels singing from heaven above*
Now I am 4kg away from my "ideal weight". If you remember, I was almost 8kg away from my "ideal weight" when I started out in December, so within 4 months I have halved it. :) Looking back at my "weight goals" when I started out in January, I gave myself til 30 June to lose 5 kg. So now I have another 2 more months to lose yet another 1 kg.

At first, I was quite afraid that the 1kg I lost this month is due to muscle loss because instead of doing 2 weight training sessions a month, I cut it to one. But a BC instructor told me recently, "Hey Leech, you have toned up!" and again, I was so proud... flying to the sky already. Maybe it's because I managed to do Here I come without 'tou kai' anymore... hehehe. :)

This weight is a little lower (just a little) than my usual one (aka when I did go to the gym, but not as intensively)... so I think it shows. My mom says my forearms are thinner than usual, but Raymond says that my forearms were never fat to begin with. Hahaha. I think my legs look.. not as fat already. Feeling quite happy right now. Let me bask in the happiness that is the numbers on my weighing scale. :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 277

I must be nuts! Hahaha... I saw the Celeb Fitness timetable wrongly, so I thought that I would be only going for Body Combat today. Even that took a LOT of debating, e.g:
+ will I make it there on time? (conclusion : with 5 minutes to spare!)
+ I'm soooo tired, I should go home and sleep (conclusion : I really should, but now I'm still awake and doing laundry)
+ this will be like, 4th BC class in a row... I'm gonna be sick of BC! (conclusion : takes more than that to make me sick of BC. :P *heart*)

In the end, I was too early for BC! I wound up going for Luciano's Dance Mix class... which was AWESOME! Hahaha.. now I regret not going for his class on Sunday. He's a super spontaneous and loud guy, and obviously a great dancer. He's also a major flirt... you can see all the chickas in the class totally in awe of him. :P He also conducts his class "on the floor", and he mingles and walks around so that he can see what everyone is doing, which is great, of course. The dance moves are kinda difficult AT FIRST GLANCE, but actually it's quite simple! All you gotta do is be willing to shake-a-shake-a-shake. :D After that, he even taught us some simple ... ballroom dancing steps! Hahaha. Well, if I ever have to dance with a girl again, I know what to do.... NOT. Them twirls are difficult!

BC with Leo was next, and "learning" from my previous error of changing before the next class (and therefore being late), I decided to NOT change despite my previous ranting on how uncomfortable it makes me. Yeah, it was really downright uncomfortable! Already sweated a whole lot from the previous class, and by 3 songs, my entire shirt was WET. WET I tell ya! So uncomfortable! T___T

Anyway, the songs for today
+Think About The Way.... Mundian To Bach Ke
+ Beat It
+ Baby I'll Let You Know
+ Whatever You Want (niceeeeee!)
+ Behind The Cow
+ How Far We've Come
+ the Muay Thai track from the latest release
+ Black Parade (niceeeee!)

After that, I walked out of the class (before conditioning started) because I was just toooooo sweaty already (was going to write "too wet" but that sounds bad, hahaha), and I didn't have a towel so I didn't want to destroy the mats. Heh. Leo kept saying, "Where are you going? Where are you going? I'm sweaty too!!" when I indicated my shirt. Haha. He definitely was sweaty la. You can see when he does a hook... sweatdrops FLY from his arms la.. omg. The studio was just too hot and stuffy ler. I'm not even really tired (and I did go all out okay... not lazy already), it's all sweat just because of the room temperature. :\

I used to gauge myself by the people around me ... but I think from now on I will judge myself by my own standards. Of course, refer to the instructor, but will set my own limits and then break 'em! I may not be the lightest I've ever been, but I seriously do feel the fittest that I've ever been. :) Anyway, to compare yourself to others - if you compare to those worse than you, it will make you arrogant. If you compare to those better than you, you will feel bitter and resentful. That's from desiderata btw. :D

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 276

I think I'm going mad! Too many Body Combat classes in a row! My arms & shoulders still aching from yesterday's 2 BC sessions, I went to Terence's Body Combat class today as well. Er... of course la! How can miss this class? *gosok* Back to old tracks:
- donno the name of the warm up... but it's new-ish. Like when Adrian just started becoming a BC instructor (isn't it amazing how I have a memory for these kinda things? whahahaha...)
- Shooting Star
- Power Of Love
- Vogue
- forgot the name of the track for Muay Thai
- U R My Phantasy
- Here I Come
- don't know the name of the cool down track, but it's really nice

Muwahahhaa.... Terence said I'm "Very gempak" during the Power of Love track... "SAI MAT KONG"... this track is like "Power of Leech" lah..... hwahwahwahwahahwahhaha... *laugh til can die* Actually, I don't know why I like this track so much also... I think it's just good memories of doing this track with the instructors in FF last time. It was Alvin who "trained" me to jump and switch sides on cue WHILE "vocalising" as well... hahahahhhwahhwahhhwahwha.... Aside from this track, I am "training" myself to become super "Power Leech" for Whatever You Want as well... hehehehe... that will be like... my track... wtf wtf wtf.

After BC... went for Body Attack, which was team-taught by Jason Y and Daniel again. As usual, Jason Y takes the first half of the class, where he did really old tracks... like from when I first joined BA ..ever. Tutti Fruitti, The Dong Song (hahaha, I'm just going by what I heard from the lyrics), etc. Daniel did Chealsea Dagger (again), Heat of the Moment , Layla (again)... but it was all really fun. Super tiring class, but not once did I tell myself, "I feel like walking out". Gradually trying to do harder and harder options, like doing the jump jacks by going even lower, and when jogging on the spot, constantly try to keep the heels to the back... not running like wanna die. Still have to work on the high knees though... and the lunges. I was soooo easily confused during the lunges track because they have 4 options:

(1) - lowest : step and knee
(2) - medium : step & lunge
(3) - high : lunge, 2 shuffles, lunge, repeat ad infinitum
(4) - omg! : single lunges non stop

The really confusing one is #3. I think it works best if you don't think too hard about it, and naturally your body will just move. Hahaha.

There was someone in the class who kinda irritated me today. Was filled with the fire to write about it, but I don't care lah. That person is a total jerk and does not deserve to be in the position he is in today. Seriously, there are a lot of guys in the gym who are j-e-r-k-s.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 275

Spent my "marathon" days at Celebrity Fitness instead of being with the husband (the husband = True Fitness... Celebrity Fitness is my temporary boy toy... kekeke. By the way, the 1st husband was Fitness First. Divorced ady). The plan was actually to do 5 classes, but I wound up doing only 3. Not because I am lazy! (Maybe I am) But because there are seriously no resting periods between classes. It's like one after another without relenting. I didn't wake up early enough to have breakfast and I reallyyyyyy needed to eat. Ate at Sakae Sushi, service is soooooo slow that I ended up taking about 1.5 hours. So I missed the NEXT class as well, so that's how I wound up missing 2 classes.

The day started with Body Combat with Raymond. Gosh, I really thought he was one of the Brazilian instructors as well... but he's just really tanned. Hahaha. Thank goodness he didn't do the new release again, but old stuff like "The Roof is On Fire", "Genie in a Bottle", "Gangsta's Paradise" (remix --- for muay thai), etc. Some of the stuff are really old, and some stuff, I don't even know if he's doing it differently so we have a different / new experience in his class or it's his style or it's from BC release #1 or something. Hahaha. Anyway, it was a good workout... he gives good enough cues, only thing is he doesn't "main" with us participants. Hehehe. But that's nothing new.. it's like the Celeb Fitness style... the instructors are erm.. celebrity mar... Celebrity where got interact with peasants? :P Not to boast or criticise or anything... but there are some people who really are not doing the moves correctly, that even a n00b like myself can see. But they just go uncorrected... yeah, like if MY moves are wrong, I would appreciate it if they can correct us. But I suppose the studio is superrrrrr large and there's a LOTTTT of participants, it's easier to conduct the class from the top of the stage where he can see everyone clearly...

After that was Pole Dancing with an instructor from Viva Vertical. I didn't catch her name.. but apparently it's her first time teaching at Celeb Fitness too. I don't know how long this class has been going on, but not for very long. A lot of people there are still getting the swing of things (no pun intended), so if you're interested, you should definitely join when it's still early days. :) The instructor has a super toned & muscular body... more muscular than some Body Pump female instructors, seriously. And you really need to be muscular to be able to do pole dancing. Like hello, the advanced class has stuff like you gripping the pole with just your thighs (pls don't imagine anything dirty when I say that) , so if your legs are like taugeh, you're just going to get some serious friction burn lah. As it is, the "newbie" step of swinging round the pole is already so frickin' difficult! I managed to do it ONCE (luckily got witness... who made me damn proud when they shouted happily, "You got it!!"), but it was totally a fluke. I couldn't repeat my amazing feat. Hahaha.

Aside from the pole dancing experiments, the rest of the class was somewhat like... learning how to do Coyote Dance, but the more aggressive version. More aerobic. Quite fun. We danced to Right Round. In case you're wondering where the poles came from, the instructor has some "portable" poles which she brings along with her. It takes quite long to set up, maybe that's why this is one of the few classes that have a 30 minute break between the previous class. Anyway, she only has time to set up 2 poles, and even then I felt it was not enough. Wonder what's going to happen when this class gets more and more popular. :D

:: break for lunch , that lasted 2 hours. Ended up missing "Fun Step" which was perhaps a blessing in disguise because that class uses FOUR step boards! FOUR!!! I already had trouble with Step Intro, and that one only has two!! And also missing "Hip Hop" with Luciano, which is a shame, because as I watched the last parts of the class from the outside, it's really cool! But the class tooooo popular ady... super crowded. ::

And then I went back for Body Combat (Delon's class)... he did all the new tracks. He did his class on the floor... meaning he did the same side as us, and erm.. he wasn't on the stage. And he did go around correcting pple's moves... but his class was more intimate (read: smaller) than the earlier morning class, so I guess he had the luxury to do so. As his usual torture-style, he did 2 muay thai tracks, just to punish us. ;) It was the Gangsta's Paradise one again (zomg) and then the new release again. I think the only non-new release track he did was for conditioning... we did the "I am Rocky Balboa" one. Hee... and the cool down was really weird... a song that I've never heard before! It was some kinda version of Fields of Gold, sung by a lady instead of Sting. It was refreshing... but I still prefer Sting. :P

When I walked out of the class, Luciano was promoting his Luci's Mix class after that. He said, "Hey after this you can come to my class, we have some boom boom shake shake shake" as he wiggled his chest enticingly. Hahahaha. Thing is... I did have intention to go to his class after that, but by the time I changed and went in... the class was super packed and started already. T___T Damn I hate how they can't even slot in 5 - 10 minutes to "air" the studio before the class starts.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 274

Today was Jason's last Body Jam class in True Fitness Taipan.... note that it is TF TAIPAN ok... hahaha.. his official last class in TF is in Sri Hartamas ... Body Jam. Supposedly he'll be doing a 2hr class there, so if you want to dance til every bone in your body is sore ("until you crawl home"), then do join him there! I think it's from 8pm-10pm... which even a non-Hartamas fellow like me could make it to... just depends on whether I feel "syiookkk" enough to drive so far on a working day, ahhaha.

Anyway, I felt soooo sad, cos for his last class he did all these weird old tracks that I've forgotten how to dance to. Hahaha. One was the weird "Indian" dance which has tracks from Church, Pump It, Beautiful People, etc. This is my 3rd or 4th time doing it, and honestly don't like the moves for it. Hmph! For the finale we did the Please Don't Stop The Music performance track. I quite like this... but quite kaku doing it after not doing it for sooooo long. But I still like it.... love the jumps. Hahaha.

Su Yee prepared farewell cake for Jason... and one of the members actually bought him flowers, omg. Hahaha. Don't know whether you can see, but she uploaded the pictures here! Thanks Su-Yee... everyone afraid to eat the cake because typical lah.... want to lose weight mah... hahahaa. But it was delicious! :D

After the class, I went for Shirlyn + Raymond's Body Step class, where they did everything from release #71. Haha, I think Raymond is better at teaching Body Step than Body Jam.. :P No offense meant at ALL.. just that I prefer attending his Step classes. Quite enjoyed the class, was surprised that I could make it out alive. I don't want to boast, but I think my stamina levels are gradually getting higher and higher... feeeeeeel the power babeh! :D Anyway, after slacking off by only attending really late classes at CF, it felt sooooo good to be back in True Fitness... some more they had those showers with hot water and high water pressure... lol.

Oh, and I got to do some upper body workout too... since I was too shy to use the ones in CF. Just did chest press & fly. Chest press up to 25kg, fly still at 19kg. Anyway, it's good to press metal again.. hahaha.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 273

Left work late (story of my life), so I only managed to go for G's Coyote Dance class at CF. Verdict? Super "kaku" (stiff) at the start of the class, especially when you know that this is THE class that has the most amount of guys staring from the outside. (Actually, it's a tie between this and Brancy's Belly Fusion class, which is just before this one. In fact, as I was walking around the gym before G's class, I heard one guy tell his friend, "Wei, you gotta check out this class... you have to see the instructor's body!!" Damn indiscreet. ;P)

When I went into Coyote Dance, was shocked to see these girls all stacking STEP BOARDS inside the class... and they were stacking them up with up to 5 "blocks" high so it looks like little tables. I thought I entered the wrong class! Asked a random girl if it was normal for this class to use step boards, and she said that it was only for just this once. It was later used to be STRADDLED with our hips and to er... simulate like... riding a guy. :P Now you know why there are so many mata keranjang people outside the class. :P

Yeah, this class has a lot of hip swaying, bending downwards (imagine showing your cleavage off) and then buka kaki luas-luas kinda moves. I can't even begin to explain how the moves go... but basically it's very sexy and eye-popping. Hahaha. And it's actually the only class so far that I would consider joining Celeb Fitness for. Hahaha! I like the way G teaches compared to the other CF instructors that I have observed so far. At least she doesn't go up on that very "mengasingkan diri" stage... she stays on the floor with us and she mingles with the crowd in order to correct our moves. At first it's intimidating, especially when she stood right behind me, I was so scared she was going to call me in on my kaku-ness, because her style is to straight-out correct you if you're wrong... but she didn't. Maybe she sensed my newbie-ness.. hehee.

Songs that we danced to include Future Sex / Love Sounds, Sexy Can I, Sexy Back, Circus etc etc. Dang, I really like this class!!! Should I join CF just for this class?

Meanwhile, the shower rooms are still pouring out icy cold water with low water pressure. -___-

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 272

Again, left work late so I arrived at the gym way after Body Combat has started. (By the way --- I'm at Celebrity Fitness again. :P ) Spied for a while before deciding to go shopping, they are still doing new tracks! I'm really astonished... I thought Celebrity launched the new tracks earlier as well?

I got to go for Brancy's Step Intro class ... yay to being a n00b again! Not to boast or whatever, but I'm most definitely not a n00b level Body Step-per, so I expected myself to breeze through Brancy's class. I was already shocked when I found that this class, we would be using TWO step boards (how can it be an INTRO class and yet use TWO boards like ADVANCED step!!?). And honestly, I think the step boards in Celeb Fitness SUCKS! It's hard for me to explain how it is like, but first of all, their lowest option is even lower than the normal boards in TF or FF and it's SOOOOO unstable. Perhaps I'm not used to the board, or because it's my first time using two boards, but this is the first time I fell from the board / the board fell apart during the class. Hahaha.. the way I wrote that out sounds like I am a real "heavy" weight who crashed the board, but nothing like that ok. The top part of the board SLID off. Brancy herself said, "Oh.. I think something's wrong with that board.." -__-

Anyway, Step Intro is really more difficult than Body Step... not just because we use two boards, but because the steps are more dance-like... so it's not very standard knees / kicks all the way. The choreo was something like :
Stomp and jump across the board, step with the other leg across and do an "elvis", knee and then jump back across the board. Step around the world, double stagger on the left, double stagger on the right and then step down and mambo with the opposite leg and cha-cha-cha to the next board. Turn and step back and quick step twice, before going to part (b)

Single knee, single knee, double knee and turn to the end of the board. Mambo with right, mambo with left and then stagger 2 times across the board and step down. Then quickly shift left, right, left and knee before going to part (c)

Double knee , touch down, knee & jump! Mambo and two leg curls back to the first board and do the "5" step turn. Single tap, single tap, single tap and turn and JUMP across back to the other board.


I doubt I'll be able to understand myself one week from now! But anyway, it was very difficult getting even part (a) right, but by the end of the class I was enjoying myself playing with two step boards! It can look very elegant, because at some parts, it's a bit like dancing, what with the mambos and cha-cha-chas. Very nice. Enjoyed myself until I fell off the step board. Luckily I fell elegantly too.. hahaha! (Read : not on backside)

Sadly, this class had very few participants... total opposite of BC. I think there were only 6 of us? Brancy said something like, "This class... very soon will be replaced". So sad! Well, I'm only going to be here for another 10 days, so what say do I have right? Hahahha.

So the praises du jour :
a. I really like this Step Intro class. It's challenging, and it's something different!
b. Can I just say that I love, love, love the people who go to Celebrity Fitness? They are seriously the friendliest people in all the gyms that I've ever gone to. I don't know why! Why ah? Why are you people so friendly and nice? When I fell in the Step class, straightaway one lady behind me help me adjust back my step board. And later, these two ladies help people who were carrying their step board parts back to be stacked... and this is not just a one-off incident ler... the last time I got a free pass, I just had this "feel" that Celeb people are very nice gym goers. Hahaha.

The complaints du jour :
a. I saw a cockroach in the locker room today. T____T I killed it with the hangar...
b. The shower room's water pressure! I seriously don't feel syiok bathing in Celeb Fitness... water pressure goes on and off and at one time was just DRIBBLING ... blehkz.
c. I found the changing room.. there's only ONE!! No wonder the ladies prepare to 'mok sai' in front of everyone.. cannot lah... I am still too shy.. kekkee.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 271

So... today was my first day of 'infiltrating' Celebrity Fitness, and I was quite sad...

a. cos I had to work late, so I missed Dance Mix & Body Combat... I could only do cardio! Cardio was on the "Cross Ramp" machine that I talked about (when I went to CF BVII) so it was alright...

b. ... but when I wanted to do weight training I felt sooooo shy. Wanted to work out on the upper body, but the area had soooo many guys congregating there! In fact, all areas for weight training are being monopolied / dominated by the male species. I'm not sooooooo fit and succchhhhh and expert that I would dare mingle with them, so in the end... I turned tail and went home. :P Missed the largeness of my other gym + the women's workout area at this point...

c. I spied on the BC class going on and for some reason, when I walked by, everyone turned to look. Cos I think I was being n00bish and nobody does things like walking pass a studio inconspiciously to spy? Hahahaa! But I have to say that the pple in CF take their BC real seriously! They look really good doing the moves! They move with such synchronisation... it's something I haven't seen in a long time. Hahaha. People moving in sync, and a LOT of people at that. Can't wait to join their BC classes! Although one comment I would have is that they were doing new release today. Don't know if it's only for this particular instructor or for all, but it's been ages since it was released! Go back to the old tracks! Hahahha!

d. When I switched on the shower ... only cold water came out wtf. I don't know if I'm that lucky to pick the faulty shower room, but there you have it. :( And I remember the "wonderful" water pressure in CF SP... it comes and goes... (the water pressure). Quite annoying lah... and after that, I couldn't find the changing room! So I had to change into my clothes in the shower room. No wonder there were so many ladies around me who just drop their towels and parade naked around the room lah.... Sorry, me not enough confidence to do that.. kekeke. I know it's the whole "you have I have also what" thinking, but sorry la... if what I have is truly exactly the same as what you have then why do they have something called SIZES... hahaha.

At the moment, I still feel very kekok in CF, although I try to blend in. I must say, I look sooooo "in the know" when I walk in because I casually follow others.. haaha. And I did get great parking.. right in front of the shopping center entrance. Mainly because it was sooo late (I arrived at about 9:40pm) , how about other days? I don't want to park in Carrefour, I really don't think it's safe to walk over there and into the empty basement at 11pm at night...

Hopefully can make it for some classes tomorrow... otherwise this "infiltration" is going to be sooo boring. Filled with cardio and no weight training!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 270

Monday night shall no longer belong only to Body Combat... for I have found a new love! Hehehe! Not to say that BC wasn't good.. it was fun as usual.. especially with Terence doing the old tracks again. From the start to the end, there was no sign of the latest release.

Warm up : "Shake That" (Scooter) -> Ricky Martin (Bom Bom Suena.. something like that)
Final Countdown
Forgot the next few tracks... :P
Chimes( ??? ) for the circle track. Honestly, the ONLY circle track I like.
I would do anything for love, but I won't do THAT for recovery
Shake Your Body (????) for Muay Thai
Ride On Time for finale..

I know I forgot stuff in between... can't help it as the memory goes. Hmm... it is said that "Shake Your Body" is from an old era... how can that be? I was doing this track when I was in FF. Hahaha. Am I old??? Pariah lah...

After that, I dared myself to go for Jason Y's Body Attack class... today, he team taught with Daniel... and it was a pretty fun class! First of all - no new release tracks except for the running track where for ONCE I ran in the correct direction! Yippieee!! :D :D :D And also because the old tracks he did were really nice, like Layla and Chealsea Dagger... whoa, been real long since I last did those tracks. And last time I used to look soooo clumsy doing Layla cos I couldn't get the hand movements correct, but now I'm like a pro! Hehehehe... okaylah, can see some improvement in my Body Attack after all this while.

Also found a new fave in I Hate Myself For Loving You... super energetic track! Been two used to 4 supermans and then shuffling. This track doesn't give you the chance to "break" with a shuffle! And after that, it's madness in the form of 4 superman + 4 jump jacks + 4 superman + 4 squat jacks. Zomg! There was also this other track we did which I have NEVER done before. It involves a lot of jumping and squatting. I think Jason Y is definitely good at torturing us... hahaha.

Well, I guess it's going to be Monday night Attack for me as well! Hahaha... don't know if I can withstand the torture though... Terence's class ain't a walk in the park, and then going for Attack some more... *wipes sweat*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 269

Woke up late again.. story of my life... only managed to go for Body Attack with Jason. Hahaa, I'm trying to do every single class Jason teaches in Taipan for the rest of the week. After he left already, then regret, yo. :)

Anyway, he did all the latest tracks... it was fun as usual, but starting to miss the old tracks. Sigh... when did I become a BA junkie? :P

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 268

Sigh... so sad... today Jason announced that next week will be his last class in Taipan... in fact.. for True Fitness. He said, "Nothing to hide... just that after nearly 4.5 years, it's time to move on." Well, wishing him all the best and I will DEFINITELY leave work early next week in order to be able to go for his class. :P And after that, Raymond will be taking over this time slot. I will be doing Body Combat (Alex C's class) instead.. hahaha.

We did a mix of old & new tracks... very funny. Jason would mix up the start and follow up of each song. Like the warm-up was "New Day" which transformed into... "Dance Wiv Me" (latest release!). And when we did Jive 09, we started with "Candyman" (confirm & chop I can't dance to this song.. hahaha. Jason said, 'Don't so stress, sister!' because I was seriously horrible and some more standing right in front, hahaha) before it turned into the "Are you Gonna Be My Girl" track. Basically, the rest were from the new release except for those bits... oh and one Latin track from the previous release, I think. And when we did the UFO track (!! yes!! again!!!!), he was telling one long story about how UFOs were coming and the villagers were running away, then learning how to defend themselves. SUPER RESPECT wei!! Can you imagine being an instructor and being SoooOOooooo familiar with the cues that you can cue your students, dance and tell a story at the same time? Flippin' unbelievable!

Sigh.. why is he doing all this extra stuff to make us miss his classes even more!!! T___T

After class, spied on the people doing BC, and met this girl there... haha. Always see her around. She also said that she'll start joining BC after next week. Alex --- expect to see the numbers in your class TRIPLE. :P

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 267

Today, got to try a "new" instructor's class... the replacement for my Thursday Attack classes! It's going to be alternating between Edmund (today's class) and Janet (next week). Hmm... the girls that like to stand soooo near to me didn't come today, wonder why, ngek ngek ngek.

Anyway, I'm not sooooo familiar with BA tracks, so I can't really comment. Only remember a few like Big Girls Don't Cry (warm up), Mercy (which I don't really like), Ghostbusters (nice track for conditioning... very torturous!)... I don't know the rest. It was a good workout though... got to sweat a lottttttt (also because they didn't turn on the AC. T___T Cruelty to the maximum!).

Hahaa, I also noticed the lady who heard that the instructor taking over from Prudent is handsome totally came for his class when she didn't attend BA before this (at least --- not this time slot)... hahaha. I hope she was satisfied.. :P :P :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 266

Body Jam with Anthony... was hoping he would do old releases today, but it was all the new releases! He only skipped the Jive 09 track because some aunty said she refuse to do it, so he did the Ran Kan Kan block instead. I'm cool with that... it's nice to dance to. However, I'm missing all the really really old stuff. Argh. Too much UF- OH! already.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 265

Very sleepy today, slept in the car again once I arrived in Taipan... couldn't help it. Hahahaa. Raymond says that if this continues, I'm going to become the sleeping legend of Taipan... anyway, I thought I would get a quick workout today, but turned out to take quite long...

Today is weight training day, but I was itchy backside and decided that instead of doing the Cardio Wave thingy alone on the 2nd floor, I should go for the Cardio Wave class! Was super blur, and saw the schedule for Wednesday... thought I would be attending Annie's class. In the end, was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually Hazrin's class, and I was early enough to attend the back-to-back Cardio Wave sessions. Honestly, I'm quite proud of myself! Back when I first joined TF, and they had these Cardio Wave class thingys, I could BARELY make it out after 20 minutes! Now I'm like the aunty gang who can do these things back to back... super proud yo! And of course, Hazrin was a tres excellente instructor, from him I learned the difference between putting your feet more towards the "inside" of the step or "outside" of the step. It works different parts of your legs! If you put it "outside" and turn your knees out too, then it really works the outer part of your thighs! See, even turning the knees slightly outwards can alter your performance dramatically! Last time, I believe the Personal Trainer told me that I could anyhow place my feet wherever I wanted. Whatever la, should've known better than to listen to him as he probably can't even last 10 minutes on the Cardio Wave machine. *bitter*

Okay, anyway I think Cardio Wave class is quite nice now la!! Hmmm.. I will go for the class instead of working out alone next time.

After that, I went to do weight training.... legs torture this week!
- > abductor & adductor (@35kg, 40kg, 45kg! OMg.... I am so strong!!!!! But 6 reps for the final one. I think I should stop adding on more weight , duncha agree?!)
- > leg curls & leg extension (@25kg, 30kg, 35kg)
- > leg press @ (40kg, 50kg, 60kg)
- > 40 sets of sit ups
- > 1min ++ of plank
- > 5 minutes of stairmaster to cool down

That's about it. My drama started after my last exercise... when I realised that I don't have my locker keys! I was soooo sad... I searched around all the places I had exercised, and it wasn't there. Searched the locker room as well... nothing. Finally had to admit defeat and go to the counter and first asked if there was any keys in the lost and found. Nothing (as expected). So had to wait around more than 10 minutes for the staff to take the lock cutter out. Okay... I was quite mad because I had to wait around so long, especially since everyone didn't even bother me and I just "hinggap" at the front desk like a ghost. The only one who saw me was Hazrin who said, "Hah you are still around?". T____T And I nearly CRIED pitifully. T_____T In a "Wuuu wuuuu wuuu ~~ I lost my keys~~~ " Hahahhaa.

Anyway, when the lock cutter finally came out... holy shit, no wonder the girl was so unenthusiastic about the prospect of cutting the lock! First of all that, thing is about half a normal guy's height. It's huge. It's heavy. It's cumbersome. Thank God I was using some cheap small lock, cos I think it's going to be sooooooo difficult to cut those heavy padlocks that even TF sells. Before I could go on with the lock cutting business, I had to fill in the "lock cutting application form" which has my contact details and a detailed listing of the contents of the locker. Wah... I felt so berjenama listing everything out ... (for posterity: )
~ gym bag from Nike
~ office bag from H&M which contains - Nokia hp, Guess wallet, Panasonic Lumix camera
~ shoe bag from Nike containing Ipanema slippers....
so on and so forth...

Some more I was wearing my "pariah" gym clothes today... the baggy shirt + shorts combo.. which makes me look like an aunty shopping in a pasar basah. So not matching my locker contents, ahahahhaha!

The girl (Natalie) trudged sadly up the stairs while I raced ahead, eager to get on with the lock cutting business. As she fiddled with the lock cutter, she said, "ERm... can you help me by holding on to the lock while I cut?" OMG. I BELIEVE THAT THIS EXACT PART IS HOW TRUE FITNESS PUNISHES THE MEMBERS FOR LOSING THEIR LOCKER KEYS! It was sooooo scary okay.. can you imagine.. one giant CUTTER trying to get a grip on a tiny lock, and then you having to hold the lock with your hands. Everytime Natalie struggled with the lock cutter, I could feel the thing shaking in my hands and I was so afraid she is going to slip and cut my fingers into two. I think she could see how scared I am so she said, "Haha, don't have to be nervous." OMG... how to NOT be nervous?! *drama*

Finally, the makcik cleaner also tak tahan our ministrations and ended up cutting the lock for us. Hahaha. And I didn't need to hold on to the lock. After that, Natalie checked back the contents of the locker as per the listing I gave... blablabla... see the IC, driver's license... and I even show her that the HANDPHONE has my BEAUTIFUL PICTURE as the wallpaper.. hehehehe!

Felt so bad about the whole thing... cos the lock cutter is soooooo ma fan! It scratched and spoiled the locker a bit.... haih. I have such bad luck with locks in TF. First, I lost my lock and keys... and no one ever returned it. Then, my lock RUSTED and the key got stuck and it took like 30 minutes for me to open it again. Now, I lock myself out of the locker by losing my keys... sigh!!!

Anyway, this is how a lock looks like after getting cut :

And this was what I bought immediately after, at the 100 yen shop in Taipan. I swear, I need to stockpile these things!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 264

Monday night Body Combat at True Fitness! And we are back to the old tracks, not a single new release in sight. :(

- warm up ("Man In Motion" -> "Because The Night")
- Beat It...
- Come With Me
- Bagpipes!!
- Sk8tr Boi (yucks... and Terence restarted this track. First he complains that no one is making enough noise... then he ask me to shhhh.. hahhhaa. So how? All the other people in the class who diam-diam ubi berisi cause me to have to do extra rounds lor. ]=( )
- The "Ring the bell"???? recovery ... quite a nice song
- Party Non-Stop
- The "My Heart Beats Like a Drum" (????) finale
- Dancefloor Anthem for conditioning
- Alicia Key's No One for cool down

Think I missed one or two tracks there... but that's about it lah. Think I'm quite sleepy, so I wasn't too gung ho. Or maybe cos I kena asked to shut up so after a while, it became natural for me to not vocalise anymore during Combat. T____T

Anyway, the main point about me wanting to blog today is!! Because!! Of this conversation (outside the gym studio) :

Person A : "Hello!"
Person B : "Hi! Are you going for Terence's class after this?"
Person A : "Of courseeeeee.. otherwise why do you think I'm standing so proudly here then? Hahaha! I like Terence's class... Terence is good.... he is also good looking.... "
Person B : " . . . . .. "
Person A : "What are you doing, staring at the class schedules like that?"
Person B : "Ohh... I was contemplating whether I should go for Body Attack after this."
Person A : "Wow! So, have you been to Jason Y's class? "
Person B : "No! I was just about to ask you if YOU have been to his class before. "
Person A : "Oh, I've never. His classes are just too late for me. But I have heard that he's good... and handsome... hehehe."
Person B : "Hahahha. Okay... now I'm curious."
Person A : "Whose classes do you usually go for? "
Person B : "Oh, [xxxxxxxxxxx]'s class!"
Person A : *knowing look* "Ohhh... I know about THAT one... hahahaha."
Person B : "Hmm? Why? You like his classes too?"
Person A : "Mmm.. no lah, his classes also too late for me. Well, I just heard that he's okay... his classes have a lot of his fans and a lot of his regulars! Hahahhaa... well, he is handsome, that's why."
Person B : ........
Person A : "His classes going to be replaced soon though."
Person B : "Yeah, with Edmund's classes... how is HE ah? "
Person A : "No idea!"
Person B : "I only know that he's handsome too... hahahaha."
Person A : "Aiyah, why you keep mentioning about handsome wan, I don't care lah! I want to know whether he's good or not!! "

Zha dou! Earlier Person A is the one mentioned so-and-so is handsome or not mar! The names have been removed to protect the innocent! Hahahhahaa... Anyway, seems like the success of a Group X class is determined by whether the instructor (or instructress?? hahaha) is good looking or not. Sigh! But anyway I think so far I've never had an ugly instructor.... hahahaha...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 263

Although I woke up with leg pains, I decided to go to the gym today... hahaha. I told myself to just go for Jam, and if I still felt ok, I could go for Body Attack. I don't know what's wrong with me... from being one of the GX classes that I most dislike, I ended up liking Body Attack a LOT this year, Hahaha.

Anyway, so I went for Body Jam - Shirlyn's class. Warning to those who want to do old releases already - Shirlyn isn't going to do it! She's going to do the ADVANCE OPTION new release, even for next week. Hahaha, so those who love the new release, you can keep going to Shirlyn's class to get the more difficult moves. Basically from what I remember :
- for the reggaeton, instead of just the side to the step (forgot the name for this already), you step to the right once, step to the left once and then step to the right, step to the front (left side) and then step back out again. I think my description is even worse... don't worry, it's confusing at first but actually this is one of the less difficult "advance option".
- the running man for the reggaeton... instead of just walking back, you walk back for 4, and then running man for 4... I think Jason accidentally did this once, so I don't feel that this is an advance option at all
- for jive 09, the 4 kicks to the front is now 4 kicks in a circle...
- for jive 09, instead of the 3 step run, it's now a turn and freeze.
- for UFO track, there's the B-Boy step up & down, kick on the front leg and jump & clap. Previously no kick on the front leg.
- for UFO track, instead of two elbow down and jump, it's now two elbows down, a turn before the ripple up.

As what one participant said --- so many turns! Hahahha.

After that was a break.... where I went walking around Taipan in the hot sun... macam want to get burnt black. Hahaha. There goes my nights of slathering on Nivea whitening cream. T_T

Body Attack was Jason's class... and it was after my lunch... felt like vomitting, hahaha. Thought that I won't be able to last half the class, as usually I'll feel like dying exercising after eating. But it was surprisingly ok! Yay... my stamina sudah increase. :D :D We did the new release again... yes!! Cos got the running track with the "pose".. hahaha. Although I started running in the wrong direction again... lol. Anyway, it was a very fun class. Jason keeps doing "Body Jam" movements in Attack, hahaha. He will tetiba say, "Euphoria!!" and start shaking his ass ... hahaha. Malu to follow him for this 'advance option'... ^^

Hahaha, and I always 'kena' for doing Attack moves with a Combat style. Like when we are running sideways, I always have my guards up! And Jason once said, "What, you think you are in Combat ar!!" and today during the 4 knees and run-back (final track --- "I need a hero") move, he tetiba said, "What is that Muay Thai knee ah!!" Actually I have no idea what kinda knee I'm expected to do there la, but I don't think it's MT knee la!!

Okay, here's a sign in TF that might make a few of you regulars / experts start to get sexcited... :

Hahaha... someone (instructor!!) asked me today if I wanna go for Body Jam training.... hahahah. I don't think I can dra-mah! or di-vah! as much as the other existing instructors. Of all the instructors to ask me this, Body Jam one is one I totally didn't expect. :P :P :P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 262

Managed to go for Body Jam (Jeremy's class) only... hahaha. What a lazy girl... woke up too late because I stayed up very early (and woke up very early --- only to go back to sleep) because I was looking after my virtual village(s). Seriously folks - never get addicted to online games. Bad for your bank account, bad for your health, bad for your LIFE.

Anyway, Jeremy's class was quite small today... 9 of us. We had mostly old releases except for the "Pa Kum Pa" reggaeton from the latest release. Others were the Mambo cha-cha-cha track (don't know the name), the Bollyjam release, the "In The Ayer" release, forgot the rest! Hahaha. And for cool down, we did Santa Baby again... in his own words... "aiyoooooooo!! why so drama!" hahaha. Quite a cute track la... do it more often! :D

As usual, he says a lot of fai stuff... zzz... during the reggaeton track, when we do the 3 hip rolls + 1 clap, he suddenly said to me, "Show me your backside". CHAU KAN la.... cannot dance already after that... T___T Especially for shimmies and stuff like that... be careful when you dance in front of Jeremy! Hahhahaa... be prepared for his really weird responses! XD

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 261

Body Combat @ Alex C's class ... the class is gradually getting more and more attendees~~! He's already starting to mix the old tracks and new tracks... but there were some really fun old tracks there, so suddenly I don't miss the new tracks as much, haha! The old tracks :
- Walking in Memphis (warm up)
- The Roof is On Fire
- Bad & Sexy (haha, I love this track, srsly)
- one really old song that Ben & I only know as "The Weird Remix of Greensleeves".
[the rest were the new release... ]

Actually, halfway through the class, I suddenly felt a horrible pain around my calve / ankle for my left leg. I was sooooo tempted to walk out, but the class was quite enjoyable and also cos Alex kept telling these new comers, "Combatters never give up." T_____T Hahaha. I know it's silly lah, to stay on because of that, but see... I survived! My ankles hurt like hell now though.. and I'm still thinking of going to the gym again tomorrow. Siao!

Oh, and I found out the "highly super duper advance option" for the hover track (conditioning). Apparently you must do a push up, and then when you "rise" already, you have to lift up one leg (like during the hover)... omg. Can die. I just happily did my "lower option", hahaha.

After class, I'm so happpppyyyy ... because kena praised from Su-Yee... hahaha. So unexpected ler. Now you make my ego sooooooo big. :D :D :D :D :D Since I am shameless. ... I shall write what she said to me... which is... that she liked the shirt that I am wearing today and since it's body hugging it looks good. So... that means ... I look like I got a good body lor!! MUWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. (Conclusion arrived by myself... *still laughing*). Well, of cos I feel *syiok* since I am being praised by the woman who no one would everrrrr in their life deny that she has a hot bod!

See me? See me?? That is me skipping / flying out of the gym studio... hahahahaha!!

My workout goals are slowly being achieved...!!!! Hahahahaha!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 260

I'm so sad! I'm mad, and sad and ... nothing else to rhyme with. So let me just tell you upfront what is making me annoyed. Every month, the GX coordinators will post up a list of "changes" in the GX schedule. Generally, the schedules are pretty static, except when the instructors can't make it and then they have a replacement (due to work load, illness, etc). If Instructor A does Group Exercise AA on Mondays at 8:30pm, generally it remains that way for a really long while. The list of "changes" each month isn't a lot... but this month I got really hammered when I saw two changes that will affect my workout...

a. Jason will no longer do the 6:30pm Body Jam class in Taipan. !!!!!! WHAT!!! Sigh... I guess my quandary over whether I should go for Jam or Combat has been answered... Combat for me from now onwards on Friday lor. If it's not Jason, I don't want anybody else... *Cewahhhh*

b. Prudent's 9:05pm Body Attack slot on Thursdays will be replaced by Janet or someone else I don't remember. (Sorry!) Sigh... guess that means no more Body Attack for me on Thursdays. :P

I feel quite sad about this... cos I just "discovered" his class this year, and so far, it's always been an enjoyable workout. Today we did a mix of old and new releases, btw. I didn't know that they have already started mixing it around. I hope Alex C still does the new release tomorrow for BC. :P Anyway, back to Attack --- yeah, and his classes seem to be even more PACKED than ever... so it's a pity lah, not to have him around. Some more he's such a nice guy... after he announced that today is his LAST CLASS, he so nicely asked me (when I was walking out, and saying thank you), "By the way, I never got your name..." Sigh... if he even comes back to Taipan, surely he would have forgotten me by then lah. T______T And I was FOOLEd by the notice ok! The notice said "For the month of April 09..." and it was labelled as "Temporarily replaced", so I thought it's just for the rest of this month that he won't be teaching. Mana tahu when I asked him, he said, "I don't have classes here anymore" (!!!!!) and "I will be gone for 6 months." (!!!!!!!) Of course, I don't know the reason lah... I guess it's work-related?

So there... the write-up for my not-there-anymore Attack class. This should be useful for the person who found my blog by Googling for "Prudent no more Body Attack class" wtf. Seriously, someone did search for that term and wound up here. Hahaha. So random Google-r, now you know. Come, we cry together.

Also, randomly found out that if you google for "I love True Fitness", I am the ONLY search result that turns up in Google. But if you google the same statement for a rival fitness center, that one has a few pages of results. Hahaha. Come on True Fitness, time to reward your loyal and loving member, hehehe.

FYI, my colleague told me that his gym (in Sri Kembangan) is getting rid of Les Mills programs like Body Combat and Body Jam. OMG, I swear if this gym ever does that, I'm going to QUIT. I cannot fathom group exercise without Combat and Jam! He said the gym plans to replace those programs with similar exercises, but without using the name "Body Combat / Body Jam" so that they won't have to pay for the Les Mills licensing. And since I've recently taken up the notion of having TWO gym memberships, I've been looking around at the group exercise schedules of other gyms, and seriously, a lot of them don't have Body Jam, Body Attack, Body Balance, Body Step, etc! Body Combat seems to be the #1 Les Mills program that they maintain, but Jam is replaced with numerous other dance classes (e.g : "Cardio Groove", "MTV Jam", "Latin Mix" etc which True Fitness also have!... some at least!), yoga or stuff like "Fun Step", "Step 101" and so on.

Anyway... that's all for now... just crapping away. Oh yeah, today I lost a bet with my friend because I was soooo sure Sexy/back wasn't a Body Jam track. Erm... it was part of Dec 06 Body Jam release lah... I have no idea why I couldn't remember it at all! Anyway, now I have to treat someone to a Japanese meal... doh! And the more I think about it... it's a superb tune, of COURSE they would use it for Jam! I think I don't remember it because the steps are not nice / too difficult to dance to...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 259

Weight training session :

a. 20 minutes on the trusty cardio wave (can lose more than 200 calories per exercise!)
b. 3 sets chest press (still at the 'KZ-style', using 25kg, 25kg,22.5kg)
c. 3 sets fly... I'm a n00b! I told Raymond it's too difficult to do this, cos it really hurts my arms and he was like, "Did you even adjust the starting position for the machine" and I said, "You can adjust it??!?!" No wonder la! Anyway, it was MUCH better... 19kg, 19kg, 14.5kg for this one)
d. 3 sets of chest incline (27kg all the way)
e. MTS high row (15kg, 15kg,12.5kg)
f. Lat Pulldown (? Forgot)
g. Triceps extensions (20kg, 17.5kg, 15kg)
h. Sit ups (40 all together)

That's it for the upper body punishment for this week. *phew!*

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 258

Today was a boring day at work. Maybe it's because my "kaki" took leave, so no one to bitch with, and it was also a slow day. I stayed back quite late on Friday to catch up, so I ended up just chasing people non-stop for stuff from morning til 5:45pm. Then I left work on the dot, fly like hell to Taipan in order to get to Body Jam on time. Mana tahu, I mixed up the times, so it was actually a 6:45pm class... which was 15 minutes later than I thought it actually was. Pauline hammering me about this.. sorry ya! :D

We went for Clarissa's Body Jam class... which is the 2nd time that I've gone for her class and first time for this slot. We're still doing the new release, but this time there are "advanced options". Ooh... so I suppose this is a new way to teach jam? Teach the new release for 2 weeks, and then on the 3rd week give the harder options? I donno... just guessing? Hahaha. Either that or all the instructors have been giving us easy options and only Clarissa giving us the tough parts? The advance option made the "UFO" track look cooler (more jumping), but the advance options really confuse the hell out of me for the reggaeton. And since I'm confused, I didn't enjoy it as much, because usually I just like to jump around like Krazy and don't have to think too much about the steps cos they are easy.. hahhaha.

The advanced option for jive 2009 was also nice... instead of just 4 kicks to the front, you turn around while kicking. Can really look like siao lang doing this... not bad. :P Now to do all the advance options, you gotta tune your stamina up to the maxxxx. ^^ I think I'm quite erm.. I don't know what adjective to use --- I like doing the steps which involve turning around. Like the new move in Attack where you kick back in a circle.. that one is also quite cute. I like it.. :)

Anyway, we walked out 15 minutes early in order to "pa wai" for Body Combat. Siao!! And actually, I didn't even plan to go for Body Jam because I thought I would stay back a little later to catch up on work. So... I had to wear the same shirt to the next class. Okay, this is just something off topic, but I am a freak who has to change shirts for every class that I go to. I just feel damn uncomfortable wearing the same shirt after each class. Remember once I said I went for a 7 class marathon in Celebrity Fitness? I bought 7 shirts along to change lor! Is this weird? Cos I once met a girl at TF who said I was weird for doing that... she was like, "Haiyah, you going to sweat in the next class also what... why must you change!?"

I don't know how to answer that... the thing is, I must. Hahahaha. And after today, I lagi feel that what I've been doing all along is good & correct, cos I'm damn not comfortable lo. (This means ... an excuse for shopping! I need more workout clothes! :P)

Erm... Body Combat was Terence's class... still with BC39. Next week will go into mix tracks again. Kinda dreading it but looking forward to it at the same time. I will miss you, BC39! Sigh, two things about today's class... since I have nothing more to comment about him (not good to keep praising pple all the time), I'll talk about some "fai" stuff. 1st of all, he likes to make the girls vs guys in shouting. I can tell you that the only time in his class where the guys would shout louder than the girls (without Terence himself helping the guys to shout) in TF would be when the Dangerous Guy is in the class... cos otherwise, my one voice is louder than all the guys in the class. I'm not boasting or whatever (why would I boast about having a loud voice... I want sweet, feminine, seductive voice ... kekeke), but it's true. Anyway, today I didn't hear him properly when he was cueing the guys to shout, so I lantang out la... hahaha. Anyway, this just further shows... without my voice "Helping" the guys to shout.. they are the sound of silence. :P :P :P

Eh eh I thought got BC trainees in our class today... they should totally be damn enthusiastic types right... don't let the Dangerous Guy steal your thunder guys.. hahaha.

The second part was when we were doing the last cardio track for the day. The combo is 4 ribs(sp?), 2 hooks and 8 jab-cross. Well, dear Terence came in front of me for target practice, syiok betul. He came in during the hook + jab/cross session, so ok la.. normal. Then when it was time for the ribs (sp?) I was a bit hesitant cos ... where am I going to hit? Really hit his sides ar? And I was wondering how is he going to guard himself against that. Then when the beat came in for the ribs, he tetiba go and cover his er... crotch area, so I was like WTF, want to hit there ar.. ok lor...

And then he said (so damn loudly), "BE CAREFUL!! Don't hit there! I NEED TO USE THAT!" What the deuce!!?! Hahaha...

ANyway, I think there's something wrong with my brain programming.. hahaha, of coz don't aim there la, anyhow aim for the stomach, hahahaha. ]=)

All in all... today was quite a funny class... really enjoyed myself. =)
Heck, I think everyone in the class enjoyed themselves.

After the class, I did something very "fai". Pauline told me that when climbing Mt KK, one of our colleagues took off his shirt halfway to squeeze out all the sweat before wearing it again. So after class in the shower room, I squeezed my shirt to see how much sweat would come out. HAHAHAHA. ERm... a lot lor! My whole shirt was wet wei. This is why I recommend changing shirts between classes ler.

Fai or not?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 257

Yeay... today I finally went to the True Fitness Pavilion branch, thus having tried out all the True Fitness gyms that there are in Malaysia. :D I'm a real nut when it comes to trying out gyms... that's how I ended up purchasing a one month membership with California Fitness. Do NOT ask me about it... I think it was standing in the hot sun while the consultant was talking to me... anyway, it's only RM29.90 (and I even demanded for the 10 sen back from the consultant.. kekeke) and you get :
a. a CF towel set
b. one month membership
c. one free PT session
d. two free sessions of mYoga

I'm only interested in items a - c of course.. yoga one.... whatever la. :P

Anyway, I am soooo glad that I live where I live because I truly think that the Taipan & Jaya 33 branches are the NICEST ones under the TF umbrella. Sri Hartamas is erm... only good (to me) for the pantry & the towel service. Even home members in SH agree that the studios there are crappy compared to the ones in J33 or Taipan. Pavilion studios are not bad, and the equipment is definitely all brand new and they have some weird ones which they don't have in Taipan or J33... but I don't really fancy it because of the way the equipment is spaced. Seems put very close together and when I'm exercising, I'm sure the SWEAT from the person next to me will end up landing on me. Kekeke.

Group X classes in Pavilion also less than in the other branches. Most branches start their first class of the day (on weekends) earlier than 10am (correct me if I'm wrong), but the first class today was at 11:45am. Granted... shopping mall opens late, so the opening hours for Pavilion can't be the same as the others (which open at 6am). But I think the first class of the day can be at 10:45am what... which was the time I came to the gym...

Of course, the main attraction of working in TF, Pavilion is... Pavilion. Hahahhaa! Slurrps... damn a lot of good food and damn a lot of good shopping. Seriously, if I work out here, even on a weekly basis, I will go POKAI because there are just so many nice stuff that I want to buy. Gosh, made a mistake of going into Tangs and then just salivating over all the pretty, overpriced stuff...

But back to today's workout.
We went for
a. Hip Hop (Ernest) - and I quite like the class except for the "face-off" bits because we have to face each other and the other side is doing the opposite actions of us. This will cause confusion le. But luckily Ernest would stand on the same side as Pauline & I (aka first-timers) so we could follow him directly. :P The moves are a bit ... complicated for me (still prefer Dance Mania), but it looks cool la! At first I thought Ernest was very unhappy with the way I was dancing cos he looks soooo angry but later he said that we did a good job for our first time. :D You think so? You really think so??? Cos I think so too... hwahwhaahahaha!! *tak malu* And then Pauline said that Ernest wasn't looking angry, but it's just how he normally looks.. hahaha... *eeps* Sorry ya! :D

If you like Korean music, you should join his class... he mostly likes to dance to those kinda songs... e.g: Lee Hyori's "That Girl"...

b. Body Combat (Kevin L) - or so they labelled. Ended up the original instructor was sick, so it was replaced by this guy who I only know as a BC trainee in Taipan. Well, obviously he has 'graduated' to a point where he has his own classes and is a full-fledged instructor, good for him. Personally, didn't really enjoy his class, but not to say that he's not good! It's just a personal feeling because of the way he 'corrects' our moves.

First of all, why can't you be nice like ____ and _____ or ______ or ______ (dowan to write names lah), they always correct people in a nice way which makes you feel like they are trying to IMPROVE us. The way he corrects people is like trying to hina us. He will go, "what is this??" (and make a weak action). Very menyakitkan hati lor! Actually, he didn't aim this at me, I just feel it. Hahaha. Okay, he did it ONCE. He said I was not punching hard enough, and it was the Johnny B. Goode track, which to me is a FUN track, so I won't go all out for it. And if you want to 'motivate' me to punch harder, all you have to do is stand in front of me and make urself a TARGET so that I can punch you. Then you tell me whether it's hard enough or not!

Secondly, he so-called called this other guy in the class an "expert" but when I compare myself to him... pls lah, if that guy is an expert then you must sanjung me up to heaven already. *rolls eyes* And he was saying like, if we cannot keep up, then we can copy this so-called "expert". If I copied him, then I wouldn't be the extraordinarily great participant that I am... wakakkakaka!! I will have to lower my standard by sooooo much. Hahahahahahhahaa...

Anyway, I'm very very erm... careful about who I would label as an "expert" or what not because to me ... just because someone keeps going for your class does NOT make him an expert. He is just .. at the most.. a REGULAR. And even REGULARS are not GREAT at the class or whatever. For example, all the pple who piss me off when they cannot tell what is mirror image... for some cases, they are regulars too! So it shows, if you don't know mirror image, if you move to your own beat... just cos you are the regular, why should other people follow you ler? That guy doesn't even turn his foot when he makes a hook or upper cut. At most... he's got a good body, that's all...

That is all I have to say.. otherwise, it was an enjoyable enough class today, mainly because it's still the new release. *blek* :Pc

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 256

Hardworking Saturday...
Body Combat (Lorraine) - still BC39. Was very hyper about posting about this "gem" in the gym... but malas to talk about it already. There are interesting humans around in the gym, and probably to this "gem" I am a real bitch too, hehehe.

Dance Mania (Danny) - we did Absolutely Everybody, and I met another "interesting" person today. Who was in Danny's class and erm.. she herself said that she's not good at dancing, so I'm not criticising her or anything. She asked me a question that kinda pissed me off, like, "Oh you join the gym so long already? How come I never see you around wan?" Erm... how the FCUK should I know why YOU cannot see ME? Maybe you "ngan fa"? Is that my problem? Hahaha... but of coz I didn't answer like that. And then said she always goes to his class.. so if I'm a "regular" there then surely she would've seen me. Zzz. The last DM class I went to was 2 weeks ago, and I only "noticed" her because she came in like, when there's 20 minutes left in the class and I was thinking only a person who is DAMN good would come in that late because by then Danny would've thought almost all the steps, and if you come in that late, you should be the type who can "catch up" the earlier steps damn fast. Anyway, in the end, in Danny's own words, she was "dancing to her own style". So.. maybe that's why you don't notice me.. cos I don't do stuff like that... and not my problem you don't recognise TALENT. Hahahhahaa!!

[[ This is said in a tongue in cheek manner... I am not boasting about my own skills.. but really what do you say to a question like that? I think it's quite rude to even ask such a question because you are implying yourself as someone so great and the other person as INVISIBLE. Donno why... you don't notice me, I don't care. As long as instructors notice me, buwahahahha...]]

Body Attack - Hazrin had only 3 students today so he memorised all our names to better "motivate" us. At first I'm so happy to give my name, but towards the end of the class I felt like crying everytime he asked "L**C****" to "go lower", "jump higher", "knees up", etc etc. Hahaha. And then he told Pauline and the other gal in the class not to believe me when I said that he's fierce. So throughout todays' class, he was soooo nice to all of us, tak boleh percaya, hehehehe. And then give us tips at the end of the class... and said that he encourage all of us to train harder and work better on our technique so that one day we can be instructors too...! Wah... so far-seeing. I cannot imagine the day when I can become an instructor... anyway, I've been demotivated about this for so long, I don't even want to talk about it.

Anyway, I'm really happy + proud today because... Pauline joined me for all 3 of the above classes, and tomorrow we will be going to Pavilion! And I'm honestly amazed she stuck thru Attack cos she always says she has a knee problem, but Hazrin so baik.. gave her all the low impact options and she finished the whole class and seems motivated to join Attack more often. And she liked Dance Mania too! Hopefully can tarik more people to Danny's class.... just that I don't know that many people. (Anti-social mar...)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 255

Wheee... Body Attack on Thursday! For some reason, the class was super packed today! Did Prudent go around the gym "recruiting" people to go for his class? I'm still enjoying the new release... perhaps I *shall* go to Jaya 33 and do Hazrin's class... I know he will be more torturous than Prudent.. kekeke.

Today I realized what are the type of people that I dislike QUITE A LOT .... OLD people who are "tehhhh". My God... so old already still not yet matured? :P

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 254

My legs are a bit ache-y after yesterday's weight training workout, so I decided to not just laze at home, but go to the gym anyway for a light cardio session. 20 mere minutes on the threadmill, gradient 7.5, at 5.8kph. Light light light workout. Hope I feel better tomorrow because I wanna go for Attack!

Decided that I ought to do:
at least 3 sessions of Body Combat a week
at least 2 sessions of Body Attack a week
at least 3 dance classes a week
at least 1 class of Body Step a week
at least 1 weight training session a week

Yoga ought to figure in there some place... see!! If I don't go to the gym 7 days a week, how can I accommodate all these!?!!