Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 253

Weight training days again... decided to do it only once a week. Should focus on fat burning instead and just do enough to remain toned and not regress into a formless, quivering being. Hehehe.

20 minutes cardio wave
3 sets of abductor (still on the pyramid sets, so it was 35kg, 40kg, 45kg!! But all max 10 reps only. I amaze myself seriously. No wonder my legs are so "fat")
3 sets of adductor (35kg, 40kg, 40kg. For some reason, can't move it much at 45kg)
3 sets leg press (60lb, 60lb, 50lb)
3 sets leg curl (35kg, 35kg, 30kg)
+leg extension machine rosak in ladies workout area... pls rectify this TF!!+

30 sit-ups
1.5 minutes of plank (with alternating leg lifts)
10 sets of leg extension (works the lower abs, or so I heard)
20 sit-ups butterfly style.

Quite a quick workout la... I've been working out 27 days out of March, so understandably, I'm quite... erm... tired? And the entire thing has screwed up my "monthly cycle" if you know what I mean... that's what happens when one exercises too much.

Finally - last day of the month weigh-in ... no change again. Sigh... but I think in terms of being toned up... I think there's more definition in the arms?? (convincing self) And of course, the stamina is definitely there. :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 252

Finally, got to do the latest release of BC with Terence & Lorraine... keke. This is my ... #342395238 class... but still got the "feel" of a new release... syiok! :) Too bad, the guy who came last week and rolled about on the floor when he heard Terence wasn't coming didn't come again to see his hero... hahaha.

Oh, our "warm-up" today is when Terence said they were giving free drinks downstairs, so we had to run 3 flights of stairs down just to get... 1 can of soyabean from F&N. Some more must do some really "zhi bei" things to get the drink.. which of course he didn't warn us about beforehand. :P He said it was "simple things mah, why need to warn?" The action he had to emulate was "Close your eyes and be silent for 5 seconds". Pauline got some true / false question... my GOOD LUCK made me have to emulate "LAUGH NON STOP FOR 5 SECONDS"... T___T And then the F&N people snapped a few pics of my siao lang face... gosh. And honestly, at the end I started to really laugh. Real siao char boh behavior. Laugh til more than 5 seconds. Sigh... but I got one large pimple le... I don't want to take my pic lor... (whine whine whine)

Erm... I kept talking about the latest release relentlessly.. what else is there left to say? Maybe I'm over-doing the latest release, so I think that all the songs are nice and "this is one of the best releases ever!" but now I think BC #40 is going to have a lot to live up to. :P

And I love that Scotter vs Status Quo track more and more.... Here's another cool Scooter track... I want to learn to "dance/ jump" like the guys in the video, check it out!

Haha, I'm also really happy today because I got to "target practice" on Terence .. sampai he said, "I am not your ex boyfriend, you don't have to hit until so hard". Cheh! Last time said that he didn't feel anything when I whack also. Mwahahahhaa!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 251

45 minutes of the latest release of Body Jam, with Zarina & Shirlyn.

I'm getting tired.. too much gym. I can barely lift my legs during the reggaeton.

When can I rest?? Hahaha... I still feel so fat.. wtf.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 250

Woke up late again... T____T So sad whenever I can't go to J33 for my classes... and ended up in Taipan again. Body Combat and Body Jam, as per my usual poison. But it was unexpectedly fun... because for BC we had three instructors... Alex, Adrian and Julian! And Adrian, although not teaching so often as he did last time, didn't lose his technique at all.. still gave good cues and still give clear instructions. Then again he only led for the warm-up tracks. :P :P And pls ler, he said I'm an expert, when I am not, paiseh!

Anyway, I'm really growing to love BC39 more and more.. sigh!! I like almost all the tracks... but of coz, especially for Johnny B. Goode. And the warm-up track.. one & only.. it's sooooooo upbeat & really makes you hyped up for the rest of the class. Sigh, with BC, there are just soooo many tracks that I like. =)

For Body Jam, it wasn't Jeremy, but Zarina! Again, all the new tracks, and seriously am very into the reggaeton and Jive 09 now. Earlier, I liked the "UFO!" block more, and less the other two. Now it's the opposite! Sigh, confused person. :D The only one I still can't get is the body ripple and the scuff-walk, which I cheat by doing something that looks more like a scuff-bounce/jump thingy. Hee. After the class, Zarina said that I "got all the steps already", which is something that makes me superrrrrr ego-bloated because this is just my 2.5 class with the new release. >=p Of coz, she also agreed with me that my body ripple ain't correct, too robotic liows. She taught me the correct way, which I think I can follow if the move is slow, but I bet when it's fast, I'm going to revert back to my robotic chest-slam movement, haha. Anyway, I have the rest of the month to get the correct moves. =D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 249

Mr Jason came late on Friday... like 30 minutes late. After makan-ing into the "rest" period between classes, we still didn't have enough time to do the whole class, mainly because he was trying to 'break down' all the steps, which is really essential since we are all still new to the new release. This was still my 2nd new release class. :) Cindy informed me that he didn't 'break down' the steps last week, so maybe that's why he wanted to do it this round. It was much appreciated because got a better "feel" for some of the moves... especially for the Jive 2009 block.

Anyway, he did all the songs except for recovery & the UFO block... I'm starting to really like the Reggaeton and Jive block... hmm.. Body Jam #48 is really starting to grow on me... :D

While he was late ... (and seriously, only us "hardcore" / "desperate to do Jam" people stay back the 30 minutes to wait for him) I was eavesdropping on these aunties talking... hahaha.. they really have some funny topics. One was complaining about how there was this other aunty that pissed her off. She said that the lady simply just stood right in front of her. So she went ahead and stood in front of her in return, and then "the lady had the cheek to ask me to step aside!" The rest of the members said, "They don't know that you are ______ mah...~~" Hahhaa, so funny! I agree with the sentiment though... although I never got "told off" before.. I don't think got people that thick-skinned. It's already damn bad when people just stand in front of u when you're there earlier (ranted about this before) but if they dare to retaliate, I swear I will release all my stresssss onto them. Don't see me quiet-quiet only ah!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 248

Body Attack, new release again. Very sien because not everyone is doing the "ready-get-set-go" position during the running track. That's the best part sia...~~ Very stylo! :D Even for my first time, I only missed the first cue.. kekeke. Anyway, damn siasuey, started running in the wrong direction some more. Sigh...

There's also a track that Jenny & Jason didn't do last week... now I know why. Cos it's a "split class" track where each side is doing something different from the other person. While 1 side does push -ups (zomgzz), the other side is doing the skating thing. Takkan last week 1-on-1 challenge? Hahaha.

Oh yeah, don't you wonder about those people who are 'regulars' but don't seem to improve? It really makes me wonder.. you do all those classes for what? You don't even get the concept of "mirror image" and you are moving to your own rhythm. Why don't you and all those sama gang with you start your own class. You might say it doesn't "harm" me that they are like that (just treat them the same as newbies), but newbies have an excuse! I have a soft spot for newbies, because we were all once at that point. These people are just old, stubborn and refuse to learn already. Guess what? You are not the instructor.. go follow the person on the stage!! I don't like it because they have NO EXCUSE for being so n00bish and I have to "zhao ku" them when I'm doing my stuff so I don't bang into them. Bah!

By the way, thanks to my labeling system on blogspot, I have found out that the top Group X classes I have participated in since coming to True Fitness is :
Body Combat (no surprises there) ... the surprising part is that it is 30% more than the runner-up, which is Body Jam. However, if you count ALL the dance classes I've ever done to be lumped under one category ("Dance"), then the total times I've done dance classes is more than Body Combat by 7 classes. Hahhaha. (This sounds like a math test, which I'll end up "How many BC classes did I take, compared to Body Jam?")

Body Attack classes are come in 3rd, more than Body Step by 25%. I started Body Attack later too (as in, I never did an Attack class prior to TF)... so I'm very amused by my wonderful statistics.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 247

Finally got to try the latest release of Body Jam with Shirlyn tonight! I've got mixed feelings about this release... some stuff I really like, some stuff was a bit boring for me. For the first half of the class, I felt very... sien. There was samba, reggae, jive and house mixes... I can't really catch the music & I'm really sleepy so I won't go into that. I suppose the biggest challenge for this release is the body ripple (for me). I was just thinking about this dance video I saw recently that had tonnes of body ripples (non stop, and the dancer kept pushing his back lower and lower... but the movement was still very controlled) and I was telling myself, "I gotta practice that move! It's hot!" Mana tahu, now it's in the new release and there's TONNES of it. Ya can't escape!

I don't really like the scuffling-kicking walk... it's kinda clumsy, and in today's class, the only one who was doing it nicely was Shirlyn herself. :D

Jive was very nice though... really liked it. And the house track was a bit confusing at first (especially when Shirlyn previewed the entire thing at the beginning to "forewarn" us. ;)) , but I got the hang of it... it's quite nice! And as with all dance moves, pump in a bit more energy, make the movement larger and it looks pretty good. Of course, the drop&snap & point part is still confusing for me, but I think all in all... not bad for a first time.. *self praise cewahhhh*

Ok la, this release... hahahaha. Not the best there is, but not completely heinous. Still more excited over Combat & Attack releases though! :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 246

I started a new weight training style, which will "attack & shock" the body into toning up. I think my previous style was more for performance & endurance training (high reps, lower weights). This time, it's more high weights, lower reps.

- 5 minutes warm up on threadmill
- 3 sets of chest press (25kg, 22.5kg, 20kg) - only 6 - 8 reps each
- 1 set of deltoids fly (19kg) - only 1 set cos I totally hate the fly and I think I'm doing it wrongly cos it hurts
- 1 sets of chest incline (24kg x 3)
- 3 sets of chest decline (12.5kg, 10kg, 10kg)
==== attacking the chest ========
- 3 sets of seated row
- 3 sets of pulldown
==== attacking the back =========
- 40 sit ups
- 1 min 20 secs of plank
- 1 min of alternating plank (1 leg raised into the air)
- 20 oblique curls
==== attacking the stomach =======

Half-heartedly did the triceps, but my entire upper body was feeling a bit wobbly.
I expected to be more tired than this. Maybe 6 reps are just to few? Maybe the weights weren't heavy enough? Thing is, I could barely budge anything higher, so I had to go with something that was just a few kgs more than what I'm used to. Sigh...

Will see how my muscles feel tomorrow. Right now, I'm still fine. I even ended the session with 20 minutes of Cardio Wave. Following Raymond's style of weight training first, then cardio. I think that it was a good idea for today because I had some tea time session, so some food still in the stomach is good for weight training (glycogen in the body for performance) and after weight training (and hopefully when the glycogen has been lowered.. :P), then cardio to burn fat.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 245

3rd time doing the new release, this time with Lorraine. Nothing much to say about the new release that I haven't seen before, but this class had a more 'launch' feel because so many people were doing it for the first time, and the studio was almost fully packed. So many instructors and BC trainees attended it as well.

Great class!

Btw, there's an annoying L.O.A person in the studio... so annoying. :P

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 244

Wow, today I went for Body Attack, and there were only TWO people in the class. And guess what? There were TWO instructors (Jason & Jenny)... so it was like one-on-one training, hahaha. We did the new release (of course), and when Jason asked who hadn't done the new release yet, he made me break out in cold sweat when he said something like ,"Huh... now you will be in trouble. " -___-

To be honest, the first half of the class was pretty easy, but the last track ( the one with all the jump squats and switching sides) and the conditioning track (more lunges) really killed me. I liked the "lunge/squat" position thingy before running around as well.. very gaya and indeed gives you a boost when you start running again. And I like the Soldier Boy song as well.. hahaha. Except that the two instructors were unsure about the steps there and then agreed to "go home and check on the chorey and then sms each other which is the correct move". :P

Anyway, nice release... looking forward to doing it for the next month. :P :P :P

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 243

Today is one of those days when I actually went to the gym on a Saturday, and worked out so little! I attended a fitness workshop @ Celebrity Fitness , BVII. The only workout I did was some light cardio (15 minutes), followed by some leg curls & extensions, chest press, sit ups, tricep push downs. We only had 45 minutes to work out in between the work shop! Anyway, the machine that I used for cardio is LIKE the strider, but it even better cos it has this ramp thingy which can be adjusted (the incline) so that you can work on different parts of your legs, e.g: the quadriceps, the calves, the glutes, etc. Of course I adjusted it til I could work on the glutes and the calves. The machine was very smooth, very nice to use.

But the weight training machines were a bit rusty and hard to adjust. However, I did appreciate the leg curl & extensions machine having an extra "padding" to lock our legs in place when we did the movements. :) So, some things good and some things bad about the place. Oh yeah, it's VERY hot in the gym lah! I don't know why... anyway, I think Celebrity in Subang Parade is nicer... :P

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 242

Managed to go for Body Combat where Alex C finally did the new release. ;p He was accompanied by Julian on the stage. An alright class, got to know the new release more "intimately" (haha), I especially like "So What" now. And I think the track "Come On Feel The Noize" is going to be one of my favorites too. Needless to say, the best track for this release is no doubt "Johnny B Goode". :)

Oh, how come the cool down track is different? It's "It's all coming back to me now" (Meatloaf), I thought it was "I Won't Dance" or something like that? Michael Buble-ish?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 241

I was sooooo tired and sleepy after work today, I swear, I was so scared that I would nod off on the highway. I reached the gym at 8pm.. and then.. shamelessly, parked outside Station One... I SLEPT IN MY CAR. For 45 glorious minutes. :) :) :) When I woke up, it was time for Body Attack, and I was feeling quite excited because Hazrin said that he would be doing the new launch @ Taipan on Thursday (BA was launched yesterday @ Pavilion already). When I walked into the studio, was shocked to see Prudent there! Had to walk out and check whether it's really his name on the board. :P

Anyway, he didn't do the new release - same tracks as last week, but he promised to do the new release next week. :) There was a new guy standing next to me, nearly whack into me during the superman + shuffle + two jumps forward track. But he was really nice about it to me and apologised profusely. I asked him if he was new and he said, "Yeah, how you know?" *in my heart : haha, if not new takkan you would nearly bang into me...* After the class, he said that the class was very fun, so I think he'll be back next week. Anyway, all people who are new in the class should totally admit it when the instructor asks if there are any new comers, so that the instructor can cue them on what each movement means, e.g : superman, flick, knee, kick, etc etc. Haih... why people so shy to admit it's their first time. (On the other hand, I think I have mentioned before that I can vomit blood everytime those people who are so obviously NOT new comers raise their hands... like seriously sickening man!! ADD!!!!!)

Okay, lastly... I found this really nice fitness blog recently... the guy is so called the "Cikgu Fitness" of Malaysia. Me and Raymond (who should be working harder, apparently) went thru his blog for health tips, and he wrote a lot of interesting things in an easy to understand manner. You can check out Kevin Zahri. I liked his entry on the difference between burning glycogen and burning fat. Aside from that, I mentioned his blog cos I'm going for his fitness workshop with my friend this Saturday. Hahaha.. invading another gym. :P

Another post of his that I'm going to comment about here is his review of all the gyms in KL / Selangor area. I devoured that entry & all the comments and I'm really piqued by how many people there are that are obsessed with "the little things" that a gym provides. I'm talking about the towel service, shampoo & body wash, cotton buds, the facial wipes, tissues, hair gel, etc. Okay, this is what I think about the shampoo / body wash --- it's obviously CHEAP ASS STUFF since no gym is going to be that generous to pour in Body Shop stuff for you. I tell you, I only use the body wash soap to WASH MY FEET if I come back from work and I'm rushing to a yoga class. Otherwise, I bring my own luxurious bath stuff to use. Cos my skin deserves better... I'm not going to corrode it with the bodywash provided at the gym. ;P

Ditto goes for the hair gel... if you can't provide me with Vidal Sassoon, don't bother. :P

There are things that I did miss about the 'little things'.. like towel service is a nice-to-have thing, but I don't obsess over not having it because I don't think that bringing my towel is such an awful thing. When I forget to bring my large towel, I have to use my backup shirt / small towel to wipe down instead. Or drip dry. HAhahaha. But yeah, I don't really care. At one point, I was quite sad that TF didn't have plastic bags like FF for taking back the sweaty clothes. But I remember that there was a bunch of people in FF who were petitioning for them to stop distributing the bags to save the environment anyway. So ... yeah... after a while, I didn't even think about it until today.

Maybe I was in a bad branch when I started with FF (bad in the sense of that particular branch facilities, staff, equipment, personal trainer, cleanliness, nothing to do with instructors)... so I don't really get it when people talk about the glory of FF. Recently my company started offering corporate for FF to us.. we can only get "lower rates" if we take their passport / passport gold membership. But when we look at the quoted rates given to us, it's more expensive to go through my company to sign up for the gym membership than if I were a walk-in customer. Some more ask us to pay RM199 for administration fees. All these "fees" can always be negotiated to a big fat zero. Nowadays the consultants are so hard-up that I'm sure you can bargain your monthly payments to a much lower price than what the company is "discounting" for us. Poda lah! And why they sign a deal with FF when I know my very own IT director is shaking his ass on the threadmills in TF? :P

Anyway for me, the main point is not for all these "nice to have" stuff, but for convenience. Otherwise, what is so good about having so many nice things, but you only get to visit the gym twice a week? Hee hee. It's the 20th of March, and I've gone to the gym 15 days out of 20.
(Don't think I'm losing weight though... I suddenly feel very fat today.... sighhhhhhh.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 240

So, I was late from work again, so I ended up going for Body Jam... replacement class by Sharon. I think it's the first time that I've ever attended her class! Previous time was when she was doing the launch with Jason, Shirlyn, Su Lin, etc etc etc.

Anyway, it was a fun class... did the last release (with the exception of "Good Luck"), not the latest one which was being launched today as well @ Pavilion. :) I realised that this is only the 2nd time I've done the Samba De Janeiro track. I really like the song though! Anyway I think I was being too "syiok sendiri" in the class since Sharon had to say "helloooo hellooooo" to me so many times. What did I do wrong? :( :(

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 239

Weight training day!

-> 20 minutes on cardio wave
-> 3 sets of abductor (30kg, 25kg, 20kg)
-> 3 sets of adductor (30kg, 25kg, 20kg)
-> 3 sets of leg press (50lb, 40lb,30lb)
-> 3 sets of chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
-> 3 sets of seated row (20kg, 15kg, 10kg)
-> 3 sets of triceps extension (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
-> total of 40 sit ups , and 20 oblique curls on each side

((Actually arrived late at the gym, so I thought of doing 15 minutes of cardio wave, but it was toooooo easy. So I increased it back to the usual 20 minutes. :P))

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 238

My goal (which I proudly wrote about on Facebook...) this month is to work out 25 days out of the 31 days in March. It's now the 16th, and according to my blog, I've gone a total of 12 times. I think that's ... not bad. But that also explains the counterpain, aches in my legs, etc. If there wasn't any nice classes today, I would have skipped the gym and forgot about my 'proud' declaration on Facebook. However, as Mrs C would say... "keep yourself busy!" and I have been keeping myself busy.

Today's class is Body Combat (Terence + Lorraine again)... wah, very syiok class. Lots of old tracks, but Terence was in the mood to say a lot of weird things, which cause me to laugh and laugh and can't even do the movements properly. T___T Haha, which reminds me... one instructor said this during Body Jam and I laughed like mad, totally forgot all the moves (totally kejang and stunned and then ROFL-ing):
(During a shimmy session) "Hey you! How come your one so big but when you shake it doesn't move one? Fake one is it!?" *sendiri ketawa damn long* "Look... even my one can shake!!" *points at his own chest* WTF moment wei! Directed to one aunty behind me, who probably because of her bustiness didn't shimmy shimmy shimmy as much as the rest of us. Sigh... don't la spout out random stuff like this... cannot tahan laughing.

Then there was another instructor who said this before a conditioning track for Combat:
"I got a letter from the gym because one of the members complained that I touched her butt. Ain't no touching of the ladies butts man... I've got my own." HAHAHA WTF. I wonder who wrote the letter... cos I kena before, but I don't think it's like something hamsap la... the instructor was helping me with my triceps push up... you shouldn't lift your butt up too high...

Anyway, Terence was in that kind of "mood" to say random stuff like that. But I can't remember what... something about the armpits of the guy standing behind me and also the way some of the ladies in the class shouted... (trailing off shout... what happens when you are full of gusto and then you realise that you're the only one shouting, so you trailllll off. That happens to me all the time, hahaha). Anyway I laughed all the way. (When not making pained faces because my legs are seriously... patah-ed).

Warm Up track : Shake That -> Bom Bom Suena
1st track : Surrender
2nd track : I Need a Hero
3rd track : Power of Love
4th track : Call Me - (Spagna! Nice! But not my era, hahaha. I'm still young. :P)
5th track : One of the newer MT tracks, but I don't know the name. Popular one la... I quite like it also.
6th track : Black Parade
Conditioning : Not Gonna Get Us
Cool Down : Our Solemn Hour

I might've missed one or two here or there... but you get the general idea... it's all old tracks. Luverly..... thanks!! :D :D :D

Anyway, I had a fun time using Terence as target practice, but sadly for me he says that I didn't hit the target at all. T__ T Cheh!

Can't wait for the release of Body Combat #39! Pauline and I are wondering (calculating.. kakaka) whether we can 'fly' to Pavilion in time... but I don't want to take the risk... besides, I don't want to go and wear my "pasar malam" gym clothes in Pavilion... paiseh! :D

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 237

Went to Sri Hartamas TF ... for the first time! Well, there are some things I like about the place, and others which ensures that I won't keep going there again and again. Which is fine by me, cos it's not really that convenient. Once in a while is ok though, cos there are some nice eateries in Sri Hartamas that I can try out while I'm there. :P

Went for Body Step (Hazrin's class) and it was really fun. Well, what more can you expect from a Head Instructor's class, ekkeke. We did some fun tracks like Another One Bites The Dust, Cha Cha, I Don't Feel Like Dancing, Do We Rock, the "I'm coming up" song, quite syiok la, haven't done Body Step in a really long while.

After class, bumped into Hazrin at the pantry, and got to dig out lots of info from him regarding the new release. He seems quite sincere (ahahhaha!!) in saying that the new release for Attack & Step are good, so I'm feeling quite positive about the first quarter's launches! Good news also in the form of him saying that the next quarter's release will most likely be in Jaya 33 and Taipan again... yay!! :D

He's also very funny... told me, "You'll love the new release of Attack... a lot of push ups!" T____T And when I complained that I have zero upper body strength, he said that the body will acclimatize itself after a while... hopefully la. In my case it's been years and years and still soft like tofu. T___T

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 236

Whoa, I was thinking to myself that I should write about Body Combat... whether the new release would be nice or not. But guess what? I already managed to try the new release of BC!!! Hahahhaa!! Same time as those pple at California Fitness? I won't reveal where I did the new release, but suffice to say, I had no idea what was going on. I thought I was doing some tracks that I somehow or other did not manage to do because I was away on work in another country, or some bloody oldddd tracks.

My opinions on the latest release? Most of them are not memorable, but there are a few here & there that I would not mind doing for one whole month! YAyyyyy.. that means I'm motivated to do the new release and I won't "menghilangkan diri" from BC for the duration of the new releases.. hahaha.

I like the lower body workout track, So What, Johnny B. Good and the Scoooooooooter song. Hahaha, Scooter songs are the best! :) I think the cool down track is really sweet and has me in a bubbly, upbeat mood. :)

Then I went for Dance Mania (Danny's class)... we did this really cute song. Very cheery and girly... ahahha. I have no idea what the song is called... Danny said it's a Thai song, but all this while when I heard it being used for commercials, I thought it was a Korean song. Sad to say though, there are many times throughout his class where I blanked out what the next move was. Sigh.. no dance mojo today. ...

Until I went for Body Jam (Jeremy's class) back in Taipan! Woooohhh.... I am surprised I managed to remember the chorey for most of the stuff! From
Canned Heat -> Buttons
Hips Don't Lie Latin trackzzz
In The Ayer performance block
Shake It Up / Miracle block

Damn I love alllll the songs today!!! O_O
Don't regret driving back all the way from Jaya 33 back to Taipan. Although I hated driving to Jaya 33 this morning because there was a longgggg jam. Can you imagine, a 15 minute journey turned into a 45 minute one! Grrr!! Hey, you don't know how to drive, then don't drive on a Saturday morning ok!! Totally spoil other people's mood. Sigh...

For the cool down song, we did "Santa Baby", which was my first time doing it. Gosh... such a slutty dance... hahahha.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 235

Finally back to Body Jam on Fridays, with Jason. I decided not to take Body Step class for the next two months or so until Anthony is back, haha. Wonder why there's replacements now... and for so long? Anyway, there's really no reason. Just using Anthony's absence as an excuse instead of admitting to my fear of Body Step. It's come to a point where I think Step is much more difficult than Attack. How else to explain why after so many years of Step, I'm still at the lowest board level? :P

Jason's class --- I only remember the "main" blocks. Latin track same as the one that Jeremy did last week. Not a fan, because there's too much turning around. And I can't get used to the contrast between the quick alternations and then the slow mambo. Then again, it's only my second time doing this track. :)

After that was the Chaka Khan block... I quite like it except for the cutesy steps at the beginning which I need some time to get used to. The 3 step-knee thing though... I like it a lot. :D Very cardio track, love it!

Recovery was B-U-D-D-Y. No comments on the song... I like it, but I still prefer Livin' a Lie or Umbrella or Anita (?? is that the name of the song? The one with Prince singing?) .

Final block was something that I've only done before ONCE. Before the track started, Jason asked me if I remember the steps. Definitely NO. I was so blur at first, was wondering what release this was. It was only when he jumped that it hit me that I have done this before once... I remember I quite liked it when it was first released. However, I was standing at the back of the class, so couldn't really enjoy myself. Today, I was in front, so I really felt happy.. can run and jump hahahaha. And it's the block with Toca's Miracle. Yep.. pretty recent release.

I think I like that performance block! The whole dip and then switch routine looks quite stylish, especially with the follow up "sweeping" arm movements. Very cool lah. Want to practice more so that it looks more polished, but starting next week they'll be practicing the new releases for 1 month! Already read from one Jam instructor's blog that the new release is not so nice. Then there was another one who said it was sooooo nice pulak, so I don't really know who to believe. Hahahha. Both instructors I haven't attended their classes religiously before, so I don't really know their "style". However, I saw Sharon & Jason practicing the moves before Attack on Monday and I think the dance for that swing number is pretty cute!

Anyway, just rambling. Talk so much for what, just 1 week more and the truth will be known, lol.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 234

Finally, I get to go for Prudent's Body Attack class. It's different from Hazrin's classes for sure... for one thing he nicely allows all of us to do the easier option. Hahahaha! If it's Hazrin he will be pointing out all the people who he deems as "regulars" and say, "HEY! HEY YOU!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! JUMP!!! JUMP!!! " etc etc.

Anyway, I sememangnya didn't do the "easier" option even in Prudent's class. *action* Nyek nyek nyek... although I have to admit that some times the high knees don't look very high. Omg, I just teringat how I kena tembak by Hazrin during a high knee run. He held his palm up to his waist (where his high knees reach), which was like... near my shoulder?? And he expect me to be able to do high knees that way up? When he saw me struggling, he commented, "You're short". T___T

Well, as usual, I'm not very sure of all the songs in Body Attack, so I can't comment on the track listings. Just that I felt like everything I did today was for the first time cos I've never done those chorey before. Oh, and I like the circle / running track for Toca's Miracle. Nice song! Simple chorey! I like running when there's no requirements for it to be high knee / heels to the back / etc. :D

Sigh.. I want to say something extra here, but I think I'll keep it to myself, hahaha.

It was a good class! Can feel the legs aching pleasantly... think I'll get a really good night's sleep tonight. And I still feel energetic enough for Attack on Saturday! :3

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 233

Left work really late, late for yoga, late for classes. Sigh.
Just 30 minutes on the strider, with the "hill climb" set. "Cascades". Not a bad workout, my legs are aching now... but it's time for funnnn!! I need to go for some dance, combat or attack classes now!! Nowwww!!!

Day 232

Weight training Tuesdays :
a. 20 minutes on the cardio wave
b. 3 sets of leg extensions (25kg, 20kg, 15kg)
c. 3 sets of leg curls (as above)
d. 3 sets of squats (50lb, 40lb, 30lb)
e. 3 sets chest incline (24kg, 17kg, 17kg) <-- something like that, don't remember
f. 3 sets of seated row (?? forgot)
g. 40 sit ups (normal style), 20 sit ups butterfly style
h. 3 sets of triceps extension

I don't think I'm getting a proper back workout. Nowadays the machine which really works the back is totally taken up by buff guys who I'm afraid to ask if it's my turn yet. :(

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 231

Woke up late. Only managed to go for Body Attack today, which was team taught by Jason & Hazrin. !!!! Two of my fave Attack teachers... *gosok* Hahahhaa...

Sadly, they did most of the tracks that I've been doing religiously ever since I started going for Attack classes again... hahaa. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun, and despite doing the chorey so many times I can still get the cues wrong (e.g for that "Brazilllll~~~!!!" track). Dunno la, I miss the days of Layla (even though I always got the arm movements wrong... well, I want to practice!) and erm.. I can't remember! But I like tracks with L-shape crosses and lots of jumps into the air!!!!!

Surprisingly.. I'm still alive after the class... and I feel so "awake".... hahaha. I guess I miss gym loads after being sick for so long... (ie: 3 days.. hahahaa).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 230

I'm really not following my own schedule... hahaha! Another weekend, another weekend of NOT going to Jaya 33. :( I keep waking up so late, and honestly, it's all these damn computer games. Ok, I swear I'm going to wean myself off these addicting things. But the other cause is my troubled tummy --- still not fully recovered from my food poisoning.

So, I only went for Body Combat (Alex C's class) and Body Jam (Jeremy's class). Alex C did mostly new songs. *frown* But it was nice also lah, cos there was stuff like Bad, which I haven't done in AGESSSSSSS but like doing because I so remember it starts with a switch-knee, hahaha. So everyone else will be blur but not me! Muwahhahahaa. ^_^ Damn perasan wei!!

But Alex mentioned that he doesn't like the chorey for that circle track... Hymns or donno what. He said it was too repetitive. Hmm.. which Combat tracks do you like or dislike? :)

Jeremy's class ... sigh... I'm so sad. I had to stand at the back. :P For the first half of the class, he did one of the newer performance tracks... the very "Indian" inspired one with Church, Pump It, Beautiful People, etc. This is like... the second time that I'm doing this track? Yeah, I stopped gym for long periods at a time last year and it ALWAYS happened during the launch of the releases, so that when I went back to the gym, they would no longer be doing the newer releases. Hahahha.

(Digress for a bit: Talking about releases, who's going to the launches @ Pavilion? I am NOT. Why is it always on a weekday night? Super inconvenient wei... and besides, not feelin' the theme. ;P)

However, after the very difficult track, we then had Livin' a Lie which I never really got the hang of the 3 steps but which I really like anyway cos I think the song is realllllyyy nice. :)

After that was one of my favorite-st performance tracks ever --- the one with Sean Paul, Gwen Stefani, Bobby Brown, etc. Sigh.. really miss doing that track.~~ Super energetic and fun & funky moves! :D

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 229

Am still recovering from viral food poisoning, so I decided to take it easy today. Cycled for 25 minutes using the "RAndom Hill" program on the stationary bike... tried to keep to a constant RPM of 100, but let's be honest... on those steep climbs, I went down as low as 70.

Felt like killing the total n00b next to me who kept saying to the chick next to him, "What's this? I totally can't feel anything!". Saw that he was cycling at level 3 and his resistance chart was totally flatlined.


Get a clue?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 228

Wow... one week felt so deprived of Body Combat, and now I feel like I'm doing too much of it. O___O Terence's class today... but sadly he did mostly new tracks. T___T Except for I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) and the theme from Rocky + cool down & conditioning. The rest were all pretty new right? Best Damn Thing, I Will Survive, some tracks from BC 33.. (I think)... that's all pretty new...

Hey, I think I really like the Pump It track for conditioning now... it's really painful but I much prefer a lower body workout than a triceps workout. :P
(But I want firmer triceps... how leh!?!) .

Anyway, the class was really fun... it's nice to see more and more people starting to "make noise" in the class. I usually stand in the "quiet section" aka where there are no instructors / people who underwent BC training... but they are also starting to "heat up" already... :D Pauline, I told you to come for Terence's class!!!

After class, this lady who I talk to occasionally was announcing all the way down the stairs, "I liked that very much! Ooh, I love it!"

Me : "Er.. you're talking about Combat? Just now?"

She : "Yes! Mm.. I just loved it!!"

Hahaha.. isn't that wonderful? People singing your praises all the way down to the locker room. Kembang-lah, Terence. ;)

After Combat, I went on the Cardio Wave for 15 minutes. This is a new technique (rolls eyes...) taught to me by my fellow gym enthusiast / colleague Raymond. He said that if I had not enough time to do a full workout, but I find that my results have plateaued after a while, I could just top it up a notch ---- just a notch --- by working 15 - 30 minutes extra after classes. Felt rather tired today, so I just went for 15, but if the machine is anything to go by, that's another precious 134 calories lost... hahaha. So who knows... maybe lama-lama jadi bukit! :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 227

Time for weight training!

20 minutes on cardio wave.
3 sets each of abductor & adductor (30kg, 25kg, 20kg) [Increased weights!]
3 sets of squats (50lb, 40lb, 30lb)
3 sets of chest press (15kg, 12.5kg, 10kg)
3 sets of seated row (19kg, 17kg,14.5kg)
30x sit up
20x butterfly-style sit up
1 min 5 secs of plank! (increased 5 secs... slowly trying to extend til I can do plank... infinitely hahaha)

Okay, today I found out that the chest press actually works the TRICEPS and not the BICEPS as I thought. So now I have no idea what I am doing that makes my biceps get more and more defined and my triceps hanging like a fat person's chin wtf.

Also, monthly weigh-in session... found that I neither lost nor gain weight for the month of February. That's kind of demotivating... but I prefer to think that I lost fat and gained muscle, so it nullified the weight. I do feel better about myself and I swear I did lose weight compared back when I had to work overseas. So it's all good. :)

Let's see what March brings. *positive*